Lorex SG7940 Time Lapse Recorder with 40-hour Real Time and Digital Shuttle
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The Lorex SG7940 Time Lapse Recorder with 40-hour Real Time and Digital Shuttle is an advanced Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) for use in most any surveillance or monitoring system. With four selectable recording modes including alarm, panic, repeat and timer, the SG7940 allows up to 40 hours of real-time recording on a standard T-120 tape. This unit features a long-life ball-bearing Capstan motor that provides 250 to 800-percent longer life than standard time-lapse VCR's, a built-in rechargeable back-up battery with up to one-month of coverage, and power-loss memory for the most recent 35 events. Complete with easy on-screen programming via an included remote control or the front panel, the SG7940 includes five selectable recording options and a digital shuttle with six selectable settings, making it an ideal solution for round-the-clock security-surveillance applications.

The Lorex SG7940 utilizes a dual-azimuth four-head rotating helical scanning system that provides 300 horizontal TVL (TV lines) of resolution in black-and-white and 250 horizontal TVL in color recording. This unit operates on the NTSC color TV system and includes a multitude of alarm and series input/output, panic input, end output, warning output and switch output connectors. The SG7940 uses a standard BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman) with RCA coupler video input/output connection, and a standard RCA audio input/output connection. This VCR runs on a multi-voltage range of 90-250 volts, and has an operating temperature of 41 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Technical Features:

  • Scanning system: Dual-azimuth four-head rotating helical
  • Video input/output: standard BNC connection with RCA coupler
  • Resolution: 300 TVL for B/W and 250 TVL for color
  • Back-up power supply: 1-month battery
  • Operating temperature: 41 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dimensions: approximately 36 x 29 x 9 centimeters (W x D x H)
The Lorex SG7940 deserves your consideration whether you are protecting your home or small business. For those requiring an economical recording solution that is easy to implement, the SG7940 is an ideal solution that provides a long run-time and a rich feature set that provides you with valuable functionality.

What's in the Box
SG7940 recorder, remote control, and owner's manual.

  • Longest-life ball bearing capstan motor provides 250-800 percent longer life than standard time-lapse VCRs
  • 40-hours of real-time recording, and digital shuttle with 6 selectable settings
  • 5 selectable recording options, and four selectable recording modes
  • Built-in rechargeable back-up battery (up to 1 month), with power-loss memory (most recent 35 events)
  • Easy-to-use on-screen programming via remote control or main panel