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Product Description

The Linksys Wireless-B Internet Video Camera sends live video through the Internet to a web browser anywhere in the world! This compact, self-contained unit lets you keep an eye on your home, your kids, your workplace - whatever's important to you. Unlike standard "web cams" that require an attached PC, the Internet Video Camera contains its own web server, so it can connect directly to a network, either over Wireless-B (802.11b) networking, or over 10/100 Ethernet cable. The advanced MPEG-4 video compression produces a high-quality, high-framerate, 320 x 240 video stream.The Internet Video Camera's unique form-factor and wireless connectivity allows you to mount it on a wall nearly anywhere, or slip it into its included stand for desktop use. Once it's connected to your home network, you can "see what it sees" from any PC in the house, while the video stream is secured from the outside world, hidden behind your Router. If you want the video to be visible from outside your home network, you can open an appropriate port on the Router, and then create password-protected accounts to manage access to the Camera, or leave it wide open for the world to see. The SoloLink DDNS Service (trial sign-up included) lets you access your Camera using an easy-to- remember "name", even if your home Internet connection uses a dynamic IP address.You can also turn on Security Mode, which tells the Camera to send you an e-mail message with a short video attached whenever it detects motion in its field of view. You can then log onto the live video stream if the situation warrants. The included Viewer & Recorder utility lets you record the video stream to your local hard drive, "live" or on a predetermined schedule.Let the Linksys Wireless-B Internet Video Camera help you keep tabs on your world.

Unlike standard web cams, that are anchored to a PC, the Linksys WVC11B Wireless-B Internet video camera has its own web server. It can connect directly to a computer network over a Wireless-B (802.11b) connection or via a 10/100 Ethernet cable. From there, it provides MPEG-4 video compression for a 320x240 video stream that can be sent to a web browser anywhere in the world. It also works well as a monitoring or security device to keep an eye on your home, kids, workplace or just see whether the squirrels are getting into your birdfeeder. Other features include time stamp and text overlay, the ability to connect up to 4 users simultaneously, multi-platform support--TCP/IP, SMTP (e-mail), HTTP, and DHCP .

Of course, the video stream itself is secure behind your router, but you can always open an appropriate port on the router and use the SoloLink DDNS (a trial version is included with the camera) to give password-enabled users access to the camera, or simply leave it unsecured and open for public use. Additional security features include WEP encryption up to 128-bit.

There's also a Security Mode feature that sends an email with a video attached whenever its motion detector senses something in the line of vision. Then you can capture the images onto your hard drive. The camera is wall-mountable or can be attached to its stand for desktop use. Its Windows-based setup wizard makes get ting started easy as well. The unit measures 3.35 x 6.10 x 3.15 inches and weighs just over a half pound.

See a comparison diagram of the different wireless technologies.

Wireless networks are rapidly becoming more popular and coming down in price. Since they don't require cables, you can use the devices anywhere in an office or home, even out on the patio. There's no need to roll out an Ethernet network cable to each room of a house; you can network anywhere -- without wires. Outside of the home, wireless networking is available in hotspots at coffee shops, businesses, airports -- great when you're on the road and need to get some work done. For convenience, wireless networking is the answer.

What Wireless Standard is Right for Me?
Now that you've decided to create a wireless network, the next step is to figure out which wireless standard to use.

Basically, a standard is a set of specifications for a device. All devices that follow a specific standard share operating characteristics, such as the radio frequency used and maximum data transfer speed.

For wireless networking, there are three standards to choose from at this time:

  • 802.11b
  • 802.11a
  • 802.11g

To learn about the differences between the standards and select the right one for your network, click here for an easy-to-understand chart.

  • Sends high-quality live video to your 802.11b wireless network
  • Built-in stand-alone web server
  • Security Mode automatically sends email alerts with images upon motion detection
  • Supports up to four simultaneous users
  • Compatible with Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, and XP
Customer Reviews:
  • no joy
    I bought the camera to use with my wrt54G Linksys router as the reviews I'd read said the chances were best if you had the same vendor equipment. I set up the wizard to try and find the camera wireless but no joy. I'd read the wired hook up was a way to start and it found the camera. The problem came when it asked for an admin name and admin password. ????? I called tech support and wasted an hour an one half and still don't have the unit on line. I was told use admin for the name and password both....more info
  • This is a great little cam!
    It seems that only the people who have problems write reviews. I'm here to say that I had this linksys cam up, configured and viewing in less than five minutes. The new 802.11G model will make a 640 pixel image, but I think that if you are sendng between two DSL connections- the best you will get is 320 anyway (with any frame rate). OK, the low light picture isn't great, but under normal conditions with light filtering in from the windows, it's perfect.
    At the current price under $100, nothing competes with this camera.
    If you want to use it outside (weather protected) get a small neutral density filter from your camera shop and attach it to the lens. Conclusion?: This thing is big fun and totally usefull in remote monitoring places from any web browser in the world. (note: it will be easier to set up the www browser viewing if you have a linksys router)...more info
  • Horrible product, Took me 3 Days to Setup this damn thing.
    I work as a technical assitant for more than 3 years. I am a software developer; point is I am very technical. And I could not figure out how to setup this product. I chat with Linksys techsupport for 3 Days !! Yes !! Unbelievable !! But I did. I own more than 5 different Linksys products they all are nice and works fine... just had to plug and play.

    But this product sucks.... as hell.

    I gave two star.... because finally it got started working but has many issues with camera and its software.

    I would not recommend this camera look for something else....more info
  • 1997 Technology ...Today?

    The WVC11b is a GREAT camera...for 1997.
    Perhaps it's too harsh to inflict this camera with the standards of a 2005 user, yet it fails miserably at being anything useful, other than a novelty in this modern age.

    This camera REQUIRES the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or above. That is understandable in 1997, but not in 2005. Many people now choose to use stable and robust broswers such as Firefox, Safari, and Opera.
    ONLY PC USERS can view this camera stream. Even then, it must be viewed through a horrible web interface served from the camera itself.
    If you think CYBERSPACE is new slang and LOVE Internet Explorer and poor image quality...this camera is for you.
    If you want a flexible webcam which allows you to use the video content in a myriad of useful ways...pass this one up.
    There are much better choices to be found.
    ...more info
  • Why wireless
    This camera may be great for online video sessions but my intention was home servalance. As long as there is good light it works fine, medium light you can see figures w/o detail, dark forget it....more info
  • An options if low on budget
    This is my first purchase on this kind of video gear but not the first Linksys adquisition. I can count at least 5 Linksys product around my desk right now. I though that in spite of beeing a bargaing I would have gotten an excelent product as Linksys usually do. I certainly would not recommend buying this camera if looking for a home or office surveillance or monitoring option. The resolutions is good, but only with a very good indoor light. Don't even think about point it to the outside windows since it contranst and bright auto control are almost useless in this condition. After set up (wich has to be done exclusively with the included CD) the image windows is very small and cannot be resized. As a conclusion, buy it only if you cannot afford a better one or if simply you don't need something better. I give one start since it work (with several limitations) almost out of the box....more info
  • Good camera
    This is the first webcam I have ever bought and I must say that it was very simple to install and to use.Using a router allows you to have access to the cam from any computer using IE. Take half a star because you can't record using IE, nor does it allow to record more than a few seconds when using the motion detection...but overall this is a good webcam. ...more info
  • Linksys WVC11B Wireless-B Video Camera
    The Linksys WVC11B Wireless-B Video Camera is my first wireless webcame purchase, therefore I had to call Linksys tech support for assistance in wireless setup. The tech support has been very helpful, and I was able to have the webcam up and running within one hour. The camera works great for home use, but the resolution can be better. The maximum camera resolution is (320X240). Since then I added a D-link 900W webcam to my wireless network. The setup for my D-link camera is quite different from the Linksys webcam, so I called D-Link tech support for help. I had to call several times and waited more than half an hour each time to a reach tech support staff. One of the tech support does not seem to know how to deal with my setup problem. Although the D-link webcam has a higher resolution (640X480), the Linksys webcam has a better picture quality....more info
  • cheap, efficient webcam
    The linksys wvc11b wireless video camera has it advantages and disadvantages. It's major disadvantage is the inability to handle the range of light intensity from night to daylight. At both of these extremes you are likely to either have a completely black image, or a completely white image. However, if you plan on using this camera in a constant artificially lighted environment (no sun involved), the camera can be easily tweaked for a good image.

    There were three things that attracted me to this camera: Its support for WEP and builtin network card, and the motion sensing technology to automatically send emails via smtp.

    I struggled to get the mail feature setup, only because my mail servers required SSL. The linksys wvc11b does not support SSL. So after going through 4 different email servers, I finally was able to send emails through optimum online's smtp server.

    This camera is great for indoor monitoring, of say doorways and hallways. Expect to place the camera no more than 15 feet away from the object you wish to monitor, otherwise you will lose distinguishable characteristics in image quality.

    The camera is a good entry level security cam for the home user. Features that I hope will be added or improved include: SSL support for emails, greater resolution (currently only 320x240), light variation enhancements, and longer video clips sent in emails.

    Would I buy another? Yes....more info
  • Excellent Product
    Good image, good service SOLOLINK. Now i can look my kids all the day from my work. ...more info
  • I agree with the rest of the reviews this equipment is terrible.
    Some of this may have been my fault as when i talked to an agent on the online chat I was first told that this camera could be used for security and a pc camera for video conferencing. I found that not to be the case after asking trying to confirm at the end of the chat.
    The video quality is absolutley terrible, grainy is an understatement. Word to the wise, dont waste your time on this product as the other reviews were completely accurate. Shame on Cisco for offering such a qwarky product no matter what the price may be
    ...more info
  • OK cam but NOT a security CAM
    I have been playing with this for a week; not sure if I will keep it.

    I feel the image is OK, 2.1.3 firmware helps the auto brightness issues. For using as a cam that you would watch all the time, it's OK. Requirement of Internet Explorer is hugely annoying. Use of Media Player format is annoying. Lack of still images is crippling.

    Since most people want this type of cam as a security cam, that is where one would think the software would shine, but instead, that's where the software is crippled.

    You cannot email still images upon motion detection, only 2 to 5 second videos. The idea is that you will see the email arrive, then connect to the cam live and "see what is happening". Said video emails must be 2 min apart or more! Useless for security/ taking a quick snap of someone checking out your car/house/driveway whatever.

    SSL connection to SMTP servers is also not supported, so you had better hope your ISP doesn't require SSL, as many do these days.

    I have a domain already, so have not tried their $20/yr service; if you have 1/2 a clue, getting the cam shared on the 'net for free is trivial. Perhaps there were issues with earlier firmwares but it all worked well for me (I am pretty capable though).

    Things that are acceptable to me:
    image quality- pretty decent for color cam, for the price (8/11/05 well under $100)
    refresh rate- not bad, I can see my plants waving in the wind outside, things like that.
    image brightness- the gamma adjust is OK, for the area of my house/yard that I have the cam pointed at anyway.

    Features that are unacceptable:
    it's just not useful for a security cam due to:
    -lack of still images via email upon motion detection
    -lack of scheduling of times when you want motion detection turned on (it's 24 hrs a day or nothing)
    -lack of support for SSL connections to SMTPd
    -emailed videos are too short to be useful- you'll likely miss the action
    -minimum 2 min interval between emails upon motion detect is too long to be useful

    If you want to put this up to watch constantly, it should work for you. If you want something to put up as a security measure, that will be a useful log of activity around your place, this cam really won't do that, despite the "feature set" that makes it seem like it should....more info
  • A Decent Performer for the Price
    I was looking for an inexpensive camera that would allow me to see who is knocking at my front door. With that purpose in mind, I installed the software on my computer and then bolted the camera on the ceiling of the garage, overlooking the front door.

    My network consists of a Linksys WRT54GS router, a Dell laptop with a Linksys wireless adapter, and a Dell Dimension desktop with a Linksys Speedbooster adapter. I had no trouble in getting the camera to work with my equipment.

    The image from the camera is not very good. However, it is more than sufficient to be able to tell who is standing at the front door.

    I realize that this camera was not designed for outdoor use. I am sure the 90+ degree heat and the high humidity that we frequently experience will shorten the life of the unit. However, I have had the unit for almost two months, and so far, no problems.

    I gave this camera a good rating because, when price is considered, it is definitely a good value. Also, it seems fairly durable and well-made for such an inexpensive product. ...more info
  • Good Camera for the Price
    OK, so the camera doesn't have pan and tilt features or audio. But its also about $100 bucks so if you're using it for monitoring a pet from home, or other functions that don't require a fully functioning security camera, it works great.

    Also, keep in mind that there are free Dynamic DNS services available that accomplish the same thing as the SoloLINK service. So the $20/year that you would fork over for the service is not really required.

    My only issue is linksys's customer support. My suggestion would be to chat with them on their website, rather than to call, as they seem to have habitual problems with their phone system (e.g. me getting randomly getting disconnected). The language barrier that exists with foreign call centers also tends to be mitigated somewhat if you communicate via chat.

    I give it 4 out of 5 stars because of the support issues....more info
  • Not for everyone. Very specialized.
    This camera is good, IF you meet all the conditions, AND you want to pay an annual bill. You must use Windows. You must use Internet Explorer. You must modify your router settings. You must subscribe to Linksys' DDNS service. This service, Sololink, costs $20/year currently. You can get much cheaper (free) DDNS, but the camera only works with Sololink.

    You CAN NOT view outdoors. I was thinking they meant you can't PLACE IT outdoors, but no, you cannot aim it toward sunshine. It will email, but won't FTP to your website. ...more info
  • after 1 year
    i have had this camera for over a year and never have been able to get the sololink service to work. i recently took one last shot at it and spent many hours with not so great tech support. like many others i have found it works fine for an intranet, but forget actually getting the ddns service to work. i even have gone so far as to try and sniff the packets to try and figure out why it is not working. the camera it self is not so great and the image quality is on the low side. it does not work in bright or dim light so it is really only appropriate for a normally lighted room. i broke down and spent the money for a toshiba web cam and in less than an hour i had it working on the web. the picture quality is much much better than the linksys. i love my linksys products as they are always on the leading edge, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. i do not know if the "g" version is better, but this camera is really limited to a role such as a baby monitor (if the lights are on). ...more info
  • Found a way to use outdoor.
    I now have both DCS-900W and WVC11B. Many people complained about not being able to use outdoor. But a little thinking solved the problem. I used an old sunglasses lense and tape on to the webcam, and now I have a nice outdoor webcam.
    Here are the differences between DCS-900W and WVC11B.
    They both have motion sensor, but DCS900W can only record the motion sensed video to PC, while WVC11B can email the motion sensed video to specified address. The DCS is very sensative while WVC will delay 3 seconds before starts to record the video. DCS can record a few minutes of video while the WVC is limited to max of 5 seconds video after motion is triggered. I guess because of email file limitation....more info
  • Nice toy, poor camera....
    All of my network products are Linksys & I probably will continue to use them b/c of the exceptional customer support. This product is a great idea but it doesn't function as you would expect. The video frequently freezes & then when it continues you see some of what you missed in a sort of fast foreward mode untill it catches up. I wanted to set this up for a friend to use as a nanny cam. It is really unuasable for this. B/c of the freezing & speeding up it would be hard to tell if the nanny was playing with the children or abusing them. Additionally, the video does freeze... sometimes more than a minute at a time.
    I used it with a Linksys B router. I will probably upgrade it to G or N soon but I thought that this camera would probably funtion about the same as Linksys' G Network cam b/c even B-wireless is faster than my cable internet connection. I haven't tried the G yet, but I expect it is more stable (b/c G-networking is more stable).
    Really only usable as a toy in my opinion....more info
  • Linksys - nice products, frustrating support.
    I recently picked this IP camera up for cheap. I wanted to compare it to some other options for a home security thing I'm working on and then, ultimately, send it on to my folks in FL. Anyway, it says right on the box that it will only work in Internet Explorer 5.5 and above. Fine. Most products that say that ultimately *do* work in other browsers (MAC's Safari for example), but the manufacturer, for whatever reason, don't want to support other browsers. But I suspected that might not be the case with this unit since video playback (especially live streaming) is very platform-centric and would probably not work on the Mac. But, since I do have PCs here as well, and this will eventually end up in a completely PC household, I figured I'd give it a shot and see what's what.
    As has been my experience with most Linksys products, setup was quick and relatively straightforward. And no, it wouldn't work on anything besides WinXP or Win2K running IE6.0. Linux with Mozilla - nope. OS-X 10.3.7 with Safari - nope. OS-X with Internet Explorer - nope. Okay, I expected as much. BUT, I figured I'd drop a line to Linksys to see if they had any future plans to support other browsers. This is where 'Amabelle Jao' joins our story. Below is the transcript from our online chat:

    Jao, Amabelle: Hi, my name is Jao, Amabelle. How may I help you?
    Ed: Hi. I was wondering if you had any plans for making the WVC11B work with any Mac browsers (specifically, OSX10.3x-Safari)?
    Jao, Amabelle: it will only work for IE 5.5 and up
    Ed: I know that, but do you know if anything for the Mac is planned or in the works?
    Jao, Amabelle: we don't have any updates yet on for macintosh
    Jao, Amabelle: because its not supported
    Ed: I *know* it's not supported, that's why I'm asking if it will be supported at some time in the future.
    Jao, Amabelle: it will only work for IE 5.5 and up
    Jao, Amabelle: not on macintosh
    Ed: You mentioned 'yet' for the macintosh, so does that mean that you may in the future, or that you don't know?
    Jao, Amabelle: it will only work for IE 5.5 and up
    Ed: Jao, I was kind of hoping for a yes or no answer...
    Jao, Amabelle: i want a pony for christmas

    And on it went for another hour or so without becoming any clearer than it was in the first 30 seconds...

    Linksys, good products, stupid support people.

    Anyway, for what it is (an entry-level IP wireless camera), it does a good job. The video is pretty bad and you'd be hard pressed to get a prosecutable image with it, but for seeing whether or not someone is in the backyard or if the kids are watching tv, then it's fine.

    The included software works okay, but is rather clunky. I've also experienced inconsistent performance from the automated recorder program.

    I'm going to check out the D-Link wireless IP camera as I've heard that it uses Java and WILL work on any Java-enabled browser. SO, if you just want a toy-thing to play around with and you exclusively use a Windows box with Internet Explorer, then this is your boy. Otherwise, I can't recommend....more info
  • Not a real web cam
    I bought a Linksys WVC11b thinking that the $50 more I was spending than if I had bought a Dlink DCS-900W would be justified since Cisco owns Linksys. Cisco essentially built the internet, right? I thought it would be the most solid network performance. What I discovered is that the images the can only be viewed on machines running Windows, no Macs, no Unix, no Linux, just windows. The box said a PC was required, but I thought, "It's a webcam! Surly that is just for configuring it." Nope. Linksys states in on their support site, "You cannot view video on a Macintosh." I admit Macs are a small part of the market, but for $50 less you can get a camera that showes it's images on ANYTHING running java, even a phone! The camera is very well built, but a webcam should work on the web, not just in Windows....more info
  • Product Review: Linksys Wireless - B Internet Video Camera
    Executive Summary  The Linksys Wireless - B Internet Video Camera (WBIVC) is a compact, network connected camera with promise.  The combination of camera, web server, and wireless integration into a single platform is highly appealing for installation flexibility and cost savings.  However, the WBIVC fails to deliver reliable remote connectivity with a platform failure (cold boot to resolve) occurring about every three days.  This could easily eliminate the product as a selection for users who wish to leverage network connected cameras as a security monitoring device during weekend getaways, jaunts to the Islands, or extended sabbatical travels.  Rated Don't Buy 

    > Integrated camera, web server, and wireless into a single platform.  This is an exciting combination because most network connected cameras require the camera and web server to be connected to an unintegrated, expensive 3rd party wireless base station for connectivity to a remote wireless access point.  The additional hardware will easily extend the entry price point from $200 to $300+ 
    > The docking stand is sturdy and has exceptional wire management built-in to the base.  The actual wire management scheme reminds me of a wall mounted telephone where RJ cables slither through S turns holding the cables in place
    > Input plugs to the camera are easy to reach while being connected to the camera and clearly marked for input type, for example, power and LAN
    > Four green LED lights indicate Ready, Activity/Link, LAN, and Wireless status
    > Software installation from CD ROM was straightforward and similar to other network connected cameras, for example, AXIS 205 
    > Image refresh rate is sufficient while on the same local network mirroring live versus image with an unnoticeable delay 

    > The camera's quality is poor in low light conditions producing distorted pixels and grainy output, for example, an indoor room with no lights on with sufficient sunlight produces blurred images
    > The camera's manual adjustments (left to right, up and down) are flimsy and have me concerned one more adjustment may break the camera free of the base station
    > The camera's manual focus adjustments had no real impact on the viewable image
    > During the camera's configuration, Linksys defaults to port 8282 and does not provide a sufficient means of making a port reassignment after configuration has been complete.  This could become problematic if multiple WBIVC's were installed on a single network
    > Green LED light for Activity/Link does not change color indicating the WBIVC has disconnected from the network when in fact it has.  This gives a false sense of security everything is okay when in fact the WBIVC is offline and requires a cold boot
    > The image's text indicating time and a personal message is limited to a small number of characters, single lined, and unreadable.  You would be better off not using this feature altogether
    > When accessing the camera from a browser, it is difficult knowing which URL to share with users of the camera.  When accessing by IP Address alone, 192.168.0.x, one is presented with a Linksys welcome screen with a number of options to select from.  This would be very confusing for a new user to network connected cameras, for example, a grandparent
    ...more info
  • BAD buy compared to Hawking Technology NC320W
    I'm kicking myself for getting the Linksys WVC11B! Sure, the setup is a breeze, and the camera works flawlessly, but don't actually try to use this as a security or video camera! You can't adjust the video stream or the file format, it forces you to use Windows Media at an unusable 1.4Mb per minute stream! So unless you have about 100 hard drives don't try to record video (even of a still room), and don't expect useful features (like fast forward!) while playing it back in WinMedia.

    FEATURES Hawking Technology HNC320W has that Linksys WVC11B doesn't: MPEG video compression (for small file videos easy to playback), motion sensitive (so a still room video is always a small file), powerful video editing software, Mac/Linux compatibility, all browser compatibility, up to 16 cameras viewed at once, powerful control panel with many more features.

    The Hawking HNC320W was even reviewed better by Laptop Mag: info
  • OK Camera, but WVC54G will be better.
    I purchased this camera for a specific purpose. To be able to check on my pets when I travel. I have a DSL, and a Static IP, and with help from the Linksys support team, I was able to configure my Linksys Router to allow IP Forwarding to this camera. You really need to download the latest firmware from Linksys, because the release that came with my camera did not produce the best video. Now, its pretty good. I am using it with a 54G WAP, and it works very good. Setup up was not all that difficult, and Linksys support was very good. I like the feature that if the camera detects movement in the room, it will record about 30 seconds of video, and then email it to you. Gives you good peace of mind when you are away. Linksys is releasing a new model which Amazon does not have yet, it is model WVC54G that will be faster, has sound, and have a bigger picture. So I will buy one of these to replace this camera, and use this one someplace else in the house for security. If you are like me, and you have pets, and you have a pet sitter coming into your home. This is a pretty good way for you to check on them and your pet....more info
  • Okay setup horribly limited and poor support. DON'T BUY!
    This thing sucks, plain and simple. First of all, I ignored the CD and the two pages worth of documentation and went right to the Linksys website, since I am tired of old firmware and outdated software. I downloaded the latest stuff (finding the camera is a chore, it's under the "Specialty Products" section, it's the only camera Linksys makes).

    Setup took about 15 minutes at most, the reason is, there is almost nothing to set up. The camera gets detected easy, you set supposed image quality and a few other odds and ends (WEP encryption if you want) and you are done (unless you want to use the Sololink service).

    I bought this camera because it had motion detection, I wanted to be able to enable that when I left my home so it would record 20 minutes of video on my hard drive whenever it detected motion. Guess what, it can't. I can't turn it on and off, I can't record to a hard drive on detect.

    First I tried to find this info on Linksys' website, their Knowledge base has about 30 questions and answers on this product. They have no additional documentation, none. It's not even listed on their "Product Pages"!

    I am currently sitting on Live Chat, it's been over two hours with this guy (the first one "hung up" without a single reply). This camera doesn't support Microsoft's WDM or VfS so you can't use any other software "because it comes with software." Yeah, well the software sucks. The support sucks (all I keep getting now is "One moment please..." every 20 minutes or so). Linksys does not support this thing and it probably won't do what you want anyway, find another product (the AXIS 210 seems a better choice, but costs around $400)....more info
  • Don't waste your money.
    I read the mixed reviews on this product and hoped for the best. I have been a long time fan if linksys because everything I have ever gotten from them worked very well for me, for what I need it for. I thought that this camera would help with security and would be fun to watch the cats and the house from work. I was really excited. Well the camera showed up, and it was very attractive, and very easy to set up. I didn't like that it only used WEP and not WPA, but I could have lived with that. The major problem that I had with it, and the major complaint is that the picture qualty is terrible... This is not a 140 dollar camera. I didn't have it out for 5 hours before I printed out my return label. Look at Axis lan cameras. A little more expensive but you can view their cams on the web and see what you are getting. Hope this helps you save some time and money....more info
  • waste of my time
    1) It doesn't capture still images. Only video. To get stills, you need to do a manual screencap, and then manipulate that image in a picture editor. This is the most basic thing you can expect of a camera, and this one doesn't do it.
    2) Poor video quality.
    3) Not only will it not do still image capture, it will only record in microsoft format video files. I didn't buy a $175 internet camera so that only people with a particular browser running a particular OS on a broadband connection can see it.
    4) I didn't have a hard time configuring it, but I do happen to be a computer expert, so I can't really judge....more info
  • Nice little camera
    I see a lot of reviews saying it's hard to set up. Now really all that hard. Picture is real nice. All features I tried worked fine.
    I had it set up in about 1/2 hour, after fixing a typo I made.
    One hint is to wire it in to your network to set it up before going wireless. That way you can connect with it for sure the first time, for your setup. Very happy with it.
    One thing that I would like to see is the option of creating your own webpage in the camera rather than the built in page.
    That would allow you to tailor it for your application....more info
  • Only if you have time
    The camera does works but is very difficult to set up and administer. Also, Linksys tech support is among the worst I've ever used. I used the camera for about 9 months, but finally threw it out because I just couldn't bear to waste any more time on it....more info
  • unbiased comment
    if you plan to see your kids or your pet or your office on the Web , then DON'T BUY THIS CAMERA !

    if you want to see your kids or your pet next room , it is ok .

    *Wireless is ok.
    *Video Quality is acceptable.
    *SoloLink is a mess (linksys ddns service).
    *Setting up for http Access is a mess (well, it doesn't work with my linksys router)

    if someone has already put this camera on the web , please contact me, (take out the 3 x's), I will appreciate it....more info

  • Novices beware!!!!
    In theory this camera should have been the fore front of wireless camera technology because every other product released by linksys is Grade "A" high quality. This camera however does not perform worth a damn. It does nothing it is supposed to do especially if you don't have a degree in Computer Science. The Linksys DDNS service doesn't work right the camera does not e-mail the way it was promised, I am an IT professional and I can't figure out why the damn thing won't work Stay away from this product it will only cost you hours of problems and in the end just get filed in your junk drawer...more info
  • A Cool Toy that is fun to play with
    First off, as others pointed out, if you a looking for a professional level camera for a business or real security, this is not it. Among other limitations, it only supports 4 active video connections, no sound, no remote pan/scan movement, no autofocus, limiting software, and most important the picture quality is only so-so.

    But for a gadget guy like me who can't resist a stand-alone wireless video camera to play around with, it works great!

    The stand-alone part means it has it's own little web server built in, so once you get it up and running, you don't have to leave your PC on. Anybody can connect to it with the limit being needing to use Internet Explorer as the browser.

    The installation was pretty painless; I uploaded the latest firmware from the linksys website, and it seems to work ok with minimal fuss.

    The only thing I can't seem to get to work correctly (yet) is the sending of the alert e-mail when motion is detected (I think it doesn't like the format of my e-mail address and the name of my smtp server). Going to play around with that a little more before giving up.

    The only other issue for me, is the video screen that gets shown in the browser is not customizable - it's basically a big logo for Linksys and Cisco with your video in the middle.

    But as a toy/gadget to play around with it works great....more info

  • Decent Value for the money...
    I do not for the life of me understand why people are trashing this camera here. Yes, there are cameras out there with better resolution. Yes, there are cameras that do this or that better. But let's be real folks, you weren't expecting HDTV resolution for the money, right?

    First, Linksys clearly states that this is an INDOOR camera. That means OUTDOOR use is not indicated for this equipment. Second, installation is a snap, and folks, there IS a way to install the camera using only wireless if you look at the manual on the CD or bother to download it from Amazon or Linksys.

    Make sure you are using version 2.10 or later of the firmware, and you should be good to go. I have had the camera running for several days with no glitches or problems, and the image quality (which I set to "Very High", as the stream will adjust itself for slowpokes) is good enough for most uses. If you have no web servers in your LAN, you can enable the UPnP function of the camera and redirect port 80 in your firewall and you can avoid the expense of the SoloLink service. Alternatively, there are a bunch of services out there that do the same thing free of charge.

    A lot of people whine and complain about this camera but the fact is that from what I can see most don't have the patience to read the instruction manual, can't configure it properly, and have overly high and otherwise erroneous expectations of what it can accomplish for the price. Give it a try; if you dont like it, return it. I'm keeping mine!

    (...)the camera works like a charm! No freezes or lock ups, and ALL features work as advertised, even the security email option.

    I don't understand why so-called IT professionals have so many problems with this camera. Installation and configuration are VERY EASY, and there are not very many things you can change to screw things up. My original advice stands: Try it, if you don't like it return it. Good luck!...more info

  • More of a toy than anything
    Just got this cam in the mail yesterday. Setup is pretty painless but the included software is strange. I was not aware that this camera wouldn't work pointed out a window. I tried for 3 hours to fix the crazy light balancing thing. It was even a typical overcast rainy day here in Portland and the cam picture was completely white from too much brightness; strange! The video quality is average. You'd expect it to be a little better for $200. Save yourself some money and use instead of Linksys' SoloLink solution. Works like a champ!...more info
  • Disappointing features and performance
    Yeah sure, it is an easy setup out of the box. So what.... Once you are done with that easy task, the camera is about as lame of a piece of hardware as I have ever seen. The camera cannot be pointed outside - the brightness controls wont handle it. Sololink is basically a waste of time and money, even when it does work, which is not often, it is very glitchy. Just use IP monster or for free - and they work. The camera is a cheap toy that is not really ready for actual use. Save your money or spend a bit more and get a real camera....more info
  • Very good Product for the Money
    I did not have any problems setting up this camera, nor have I had any problems with it since I got it a few weeks back.

    The picture is not the best, but it is as decent as any inexpensive web camera you would buy for use with MSN messenger.

    The motion detector works as expected. My wife and I like to keep an eye on our dog when we are away from the house, and this little appliance lets us view live video from wherever we are, or get an email snippet of a video (5 secs max) if the camera is set up to do so.

    The complaints about only working with IE, well, I don't have a problem with that. I am not suprised that Linksys chose to market this product to a browser that is on 90% of the machines in the world. Second, I can only expect that people setting this up don't have a feel for what needs to happen in the setup process and the correct way to get it to talk to your wireless, or wired network.

    This is a great little toy for the money. Hopefully, better picture and sound will accompany the next version....more info

  • Skip this product, complex with no support worth discussing
    I have to assume from other reviews that if everything goes well you can get the camera to work. But if you have problems it is ridiculous.

    The software installation told me in a popup that it could not find a camera while the screen underneath told me it found one. The popup recommendation to read the manual requires you to restart the setup program all over again as it exits when you try to back up to get to the manual. Very thoughtful.

    But it doesn't make much difference as when you get to the documentation it is all but useless if you're having problems.

    So you try the LinkSys site and find it as barren as the manual and as helpful as the installation software. It is stunning in it's absence of any meaningful depth for understanding and troubleshooting the wireless network connections.

    Some product manager made a decision to send this to market without even minimal proper support. I hope he/she will also be held accountable for all the ill will this is bringing towards LinkSys.

    Not at all reccommended unless you feel really, really lucky. Save your money for towards better from a company that cares....more info

  • Great camera, great picture.
    I find it odd that there are so many bad reviews on this camera. I purchased this camera and the d-link internet camera and the linksys is leaps and bounds better.

    The picture quality is great and the setup and management is swift. I was up and running in just a few hours on my linksys network and I can now easily watch videos of my home from any internet connection.

    I had no idea it would be this easy. I am totally impressed and will be buying several more for the office, vacation homes, etc.

    One note: Make sure to update the firmware on your router and camera....more info

  • Get a Veo Observer Instead
    The editorial review failed to mention that this camera is terrible. The quality is poor, the interface is poor, and the feature set is lacking. The Veo Observer offers much better performance and value at a lower cost, and adds pan, tilt, and zoom. There is no competition here. I made the mistake of thinking this thing was a PTZ camera. Even if it was, I would have still returned it - it is that bad - even at $200. One good note - the setup was painless. Too bad 1 star is the lowest rating possible....more info
  • Not Worth the Money
    I purchased this camera to monitor my house while at work. It has a built in motion detector, but does not detect motion very well. I have the sensitivity set to "high". Unless it is extreme motion very close to the camera, it will not detect. Cannot make out images in low light conditions. Ok, for letting the grandparents see the grandchildren online, but not for security....more info
  • IE Only
    Linux user? Mac user? Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox user? Go away. Linksys does not want you. This unit is advertised as an 'Internet Video Camera'. It should be called a Microsoft Video Camera. You can only view the streaming video in Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser (it uses an OCX plugin). No other browser will work. If you use windows and one of the many other newer, more up to date and still actively developed web browsers, the only way you can view the video from the camera is to install the Linksys viewer/recorder software on the PC. Pretty much defeats the purpose of being able to view the video from any computer on the Internet at any time (like say from work or an Internet Cafe or even a friends house.)...more info
  • Sololink is not the only dynamic dns service available
    everyone should try dyndns for free dynamic dns service info

  • Fun and useful
    Read the instructions and you will be very happy!

    You will not have the problems related by other reviewers as long as you follow the step by step instructions. The entire process took about 15 minutes and is well worth it.

    It works fine as long as there is adequate lighting. Great way to keep track of your pet at home while at work!

    Do not get it for using outdoors. The package states that this is only for indoor use....more info

  • Not Happy
    Not happy at all with this product, I expected more from CISCO. It is not possible to use this camera for outside viewing unless it is in low light conditions. The motion detection is very unreliable, works maybe 50% of the time. The camera runs extremely warm (no ventilation) and needs bounced often. It is on its way back to Amazon soon. This camera is not ready for the market, I rate it a do not buy!...more info
  • I'm keeping mine!
    When this camera first came active on the Internet, we were happier than Howard Dean after the Iowa caucus..."FIRST, we're going to watch the pets! Then the driveway! Call the relatives! YeeeaaAAHHHHHHH!

    I am sorry to hear the other reviewers were not impressed. Perhaps the expectations were too high, but where else can you buy a wireless web camera with a built-in web server under $200?

    We have had it up and running for two weeks without a glitch. The picture is fine, in fact, my cousin is still on dial-up and it is the best picture she has ever seen. You have to set the picture quality to "very high". With good light conditions the picture quality is excellent, almost video camera quality.

    We are definitely buying another camera and recommend this highly...more info

  • Ok, when it works
    The most expensive mistake I've made in a while, and I've come here for the express purpose of trashing it.

    My WVC11B appears to lock up daily. The lights stop flashing (stay steady) and you can't connect to it. The only solution is to unplug and replug the power supply. Besides being extremely annoying this invalidates the whole concept of the product. (In my opinion of course, not Linksys apparently.)

    Unfortunately for me and other victims the company has not yet bothered putting up a support page for this device. In fact it's not even listed in the support section's list of devices and a search for "camera" yields no results. Through the product description you can find the link to downloadable firmware (in tiny print in the top right). When I go there I see the firmware hasn't changed since 2 months before Christmas when I got it. Oh well.

    When it does work it provides acceptable results but nothing extraordinary. The camera is about "X-10 camera" quality (nothing to brag about). I'm also dissappointed with the "very fast" streaming mode, as it doesn't seem to be much faster than "fast" or any of the slower modes. The two above qualities conspire to make it very difficult to focus, which I had to do since it came out of the box terribly adjusted.

    To its credit it is well built. Which will just make the act of destroying it that much more rewarding.

    Since it's sort of a unique product at this time it's hard to give it a qualitative rating. So I give it a 1, since it only seems to be function about 1 hour after every reset.

    I'm terribly disappointed in this new Linksys/Cisco alliance if this is any indication of things to come....more info

  • Camera Not Ready for Prime Time
    This product shows a lot of promise. But right now it is only for people who really like experimenting and have the time to spend holding for customer service (somewhere in China). After working fine for a day, I entered my SoloLink address (for which I paid $19.95 for 15 months) and no connection could be made. The purpose for buying SoloLink service is to have SoloLink identify the current IP address. But the IP address SoloLink is finding today is always constant. Therefore, no link. No remote viewing of the streaming video.

    If you have ZoneAlarm, you will have to turn it off when you enter "View Video". Otherwise you get "Server Not Found". After you get the remote viewer operating, you can turn Zone Alarm back on.

    In order to set up the camera initially, you have to hardwire the camera and your computer and your router. The instructions don't explicitly tell you this. A wireless set-up won't work. Although after you set it up, you can go wireless.

    Even though my camera cannot be viewed over the Internet at this time (I hope this is temporary.), the camera dutifully sends me emails with camera image shots when movement is detected.

    The camera overexposes daytime outdoor scenes. I solved this problem by placing a sunglass lens over the camera's lens. However, as the sun sets, you can't see anything because of the sunglass lens. But, this is no loss since the camera without the sunglass lens produces almost no images at night unlike many digital cameras which work great in low-light settings.

    Linksys customer service agents say that XPs come with the net viewing software (netcamplayer.ocx), but my Dell desktop did not. I had to transfer the file from my laptop to my desktop.

    I do not recommend the purchase of this camera if you are looking for something that works out of the box. Wait until the camera is upgraded by Linksys-Cisco. I own stock in Cisco, but am worried about the future of the company given that they put this product in the marketplace when it was not ready....more info

  • Unsuitable for almost any Webcam task.
    Don't buy this product. It is not ready for sale, and does not perform even the basic functions of a web-cam.

    1. Uselessly narrow range of acceptable lighting conditions.

    I am pointing it out of a window to monitor our construction site across the road. The image is usually completely over- exposed. Even over-riding the 'automatic exposure' I can not adjust it to properly expose a normally bright outdoor scene.

    On the other hand, it has almost no low-light sensitivity.

    On a dark day with heavy overcast sky we can get a reasonable detailed picture, but most of the day the image is a useless washed out white and all night it is a dark black square.

    2. The SoloLink DDNS remote access service does not work.
    You have to pay for it before you can find out if it will work!
    Even after following Linksys's instructions on opening a port on my Linksys firewall and 'successfully' registering the camera, it is unable to communicate.

    3. Unstable. System hangs/crashes every few days.
    Requires a cold-boot of the camera to restore LAN browsing.

    Save your time and money and give this unit a pass....more info

  • Returning the Web Camera
    Normally I do not write reviews. But this time I am making an exception to keep someone from making the same mistake I made. I purchased the product on 1/31...hooked it up and it worked although the picture was somewhat grainy. I had to wait till 2/02 to sign up for the SoloLink internet service and did that for the 19.95 annual fee. So far I kind of liked it. Then I could not get the service to pull the web page...after 2 hours on the phone with a very nice lady it came down to that my cable modem to my Sat. Dish provided its own IP address so therefore unless I get the Sat company to allow the LinkSys router to provide the IP address I could not use the product. Needless to say I did not do this and just let the camera sit on the shelf operating. Today 5 days later the camera broke. I am returning it and went to cancel the SoloLink service and guess what no refund! So wait the 90 days before you sign up and make sure you are satisfied. What a terrible business ethic. Shame on you Cisco Systems....more info
  • Useless product
    I have worked with several types of networked
    cameras, the panasonic versions are cheaper and
    better, though they too have shortcomings, you
    can overcome.

    The Linksys, a name I love and have used much
    of their networking equipment, has some problems.

    The biggest problem for me is that though the
    marketing info says the camera comes with a web
    server, that is a deceitful statement. You cannot
    view this camera with any browser, you have to have
    special software plugin through IE.

    There is no way to access a jpg or bmp or gif or any
    image file ... this is unforgivable. This is a blatant
    attempt to force the users to have to subscribe to
    their Internet service. It is thievery as far as I
    can see.

    The image quality is not good, and needs light, but
    it would have been acceptable to me if I could view
    it, or access if from the internet on any browser.

    The wireless worked well, and was easy to set up, but
    this baby is going back tomorrow morning, and I have
    to say, Linksys knows better, so this is a sign to me
    that Cisco and Linksys are just out to suck your
    wallet dry.

    The new cheapie on the network block is going to be
    Hawking Tech, and I am wondering if they will come
    out with a network camera anytime soon.

    I will now have to buy another Panasonic - NON-wireless
    network camera to monitor my front door. I expect
    better, and if Linksys would come out with a firmware
    upgrade that would fix these shortcomings, them I would
    gladly keep this white elephant, for over $200.00.

    Sorry, I give it a 1/10, would say 0, but it will work
    for some people....more info

  • Poor Image Quality, HW/SW Unstable, Networking Issues
    Am on my second unit. CCD camera sensor died on first one within a week of indoor use.

    Second unit has problems as well - locks up/has to be restarted constantly. Seems to be overheating, because if I power cycle the unit all the lights are on - must wait about 10-15 minutes to get it back and operational.

    Am unable to view cam image from my local LAN when cam resides across a Linksys wireless ethernet bridge. Other devices across that bridge are fine, so it seems a problem with the unit. I had hoped to use several of these across the bridge but obviously this isn't going to be possible.

    Image quality is terrible. Grainy, and out of focus, even at highest quality settings.

    Software limitations prevent you from easily embedding your camera window inside a custom webpage, and even then it seems you might only be able to do it from IE (the cam stream is delivered to a custom ActiveX control).

    Spotty documentation, which is typical of Linksys products....more info

  • not bad at all
    I bought this cam from compusa and have really liked it, if the room is not well lit it is a little dark and grainy but in the right light this cam looks great and the speed is really really good. I would like to see linksys make it move or even a fish eye lens on it. Being able to control the brightness from the office while the cam is at home is a really neat feature.

    I see big things comming from this in the future, and for $20 a year I think it is a real bargin. I am using the v2.10, maybe the others were using the older versions.

    Worth a try if you ask me....more info

  • Soup cam. Spare yourself the pain, wait a year
    I really wanted to like this camera. Make sure your store accepts returns.
    Router- Excellent
    Router Software - Pretty good
    Camera Software -Barley any features

    The picture is like looking thru a glass of soup.

    Indoors is dark and murky most detail is lost. Pointing outside, all is a white wash. It was not meant for outside anyway.

    Must use Internet Explorer to view from internet. Uses an Active X control. Not Java.

    The software is very limited. You can only do a couple of things - email or record a video. Does not store or send snapshots. I did not bother testing motion detect. as it can't see much anyway. You can make a couple of color adjustments and motion sensetivity adjustments.

    The networking works fine, but you have to reboot the camera after changing settings- instructions did not say this- hours of frustration.

    Wait a year for this technology to become usable....more info

  • She's going back...
    Linksys got a few things right like the wireless connection and the support for DNS. However, the camera itself is weak. The lense is the size of a pin head so need I say more about lighting problems. I expected a lot more from a camera that was almost $200. I'm sending it back for a refund. Dissapointed enough to write a review!...more info
  • Not a great choice
    I bought this camera to view activities in a datacenter. While the packaging specified compatibility with various Windows platforms it did not make it clear that the image can ONLY BE VIEWED FROM WINDOWS PLATFORMS USING IE. So, the center managers Solaris box could not view the image and my MacOS X workstation could not view the image. When I viewed the image from a Win2000 box the quality was horrible, very grainy even in a well lit area. I have ended up connecting an Apple iSight to one of the rackmounted XServes in the center and using getting a much higher quality image for considerably less money. I really expected better of Linksys. One star is being kind....more info
  • Fun&cheap, but better products are out there for serious use
    I just bought this, but sent it back. It is easy to install but it has very bad image quality and instable operation. I have to restart the camera every second day or so as it seems to hang. The support people at Linksys (after 45 minutes on hold!) said that his was a known problem, but that there will be a free of charge update coming out. Yeah right. Not suitable for remote montitoring or security, in other words, but fun to carry around in the house and play with.
    Instead I bought a AXIS 205 camera which at the same price has better image quality, twice the resolution and is STABLE. No wireless yet though......more info
  • Nobody's sweetheart.
    I really tried to like this webcam, but it's just too finicky. For instance, everytime my ISP flickers and I wind up with a new IP address, the camera has to be restarted. I'm sure there's a work-around, but I cannot stomach the thought of even 1 more minute on the phone with the Linksys support folks this year (they're nice enough though).
    The image quality is not great, and the focus ring is a joke. There is of course no automatic iris adjustment, so while it's set to record comings and goings through the front door, there's an amazing sunburst effect on the recording anytime anyone opens the door. Also, it needs full ambient light to see anything, so I basically need to leave the foyer lights on 24-7 to make it useful.
    I had planned on using 3 of these to monitor all the entryways, but I think it's just not practical....more info
  • Great camera. Easy setup. Recommend.
    Set it up in about 10 minutes right out of the box. I had it working on my Wi-Fi net perfectly. The image quality was adequate, and it offers several options on resolution, quality, etc. All in all, a great little toy for the price!...more info
  • A decent value
    I installed the Linksys WVC11B internet video camera yesterday and got it to work quickly - I did not need to download any firmware updates. (Also, I checked on Linksys's website - it appears that Amazon's inventory ships with the latest driver.) This camera costs about half of the D-Link DCS-2100+ after factoring in all the rebate offers for both products. I have a Linksys 54G wireless network at home and so configuring the camera was fairly straightforward. I had some problems with changing the login/password on SoloLink from the default admin/admin - but that might have been a temporary glitch with Linksys' website, it works fine now. For most home users, I would imagine changing the camera's login and password and restricting access to only specified users (password protected) is the way to go. You can do this through the SoloLink website.

    I agree with the other reviewers regarding -

    Pluses: Easy configuration (at least within a Linksys wireless network), small form factor, reasonable price (after rebates), own web server feature is cool.

    Minuses: Poor-to-average video resolution, no support for audio, it would be nice to have a wide-angle lens accessory, poor brightness control/sensitivity, no remote pan/tilt/zoom capability, doesn't use 802.11g, cannot be viewed from Netscape, works with Microsoft ASF format under Internet Explorer. The D-Link product does not have some of these minuses but it costs twice as much.

    For my home network, I have noticed that the DHCP-based router does not change its IP address unless it is power-cycled. So, you may be able to access to camera from the internet by typing in the router's IP address in your browser followed by ":port number" without the need to pony up the annual $20 for the SoloLink service. Anyway, Linksys (Cisco) offers a free 3-month trial subscription to SoloLink, which allows you to pick an easy-to-remember domain name.

    I have not tried recording video as yet, but I came across some complaints about that feature not working too well. This feature is not important to me.

    A comment about brightness and video resolution - the automatic brightness mode is adequate for indoor use. To be fair, Linksys advertises this product to be used indoors only. The camera defaults to medium quality video resolution, but I see no reason not to set it to high resolution (1 Mpbs). If the remote viewer cannot receive this high bit-rate, the ASF-based viewer will automatically compromise the image quality....more info
  • Only OK-Poor Brightness, but easy setup
    I purchased this and have used it for a couple of weeks now... The though of an 802.11b camera was great since I utilize 802.11b and g within my house. I have a large house and cabling is impossible.

    This cam sets up very easily. I set up the link to Linksys via their fee service.

    My only gripe is the poor, and I mean POOR, contrast of the cam. Unless the room is well lit, everything will be too dark. Even adding a table light to the room means you'll only get the light and all else will be dark.

    Outside, as others have said, is totally impossible. It'll just be a white blurr.

    For those who can understand photography terms and principles, it also is a slight telephoto and it should be a 'fisheye' lens so you can see it all. I'd guess it to be about the equivalent of a 60-70mm.

    Fix these items and you have a great cam. If these are not an issue to you, it's a great cam and a fairly good price...more info

  • Great Functions - Not so great resolution
    Purchased this camera in hopes of having a high quality camera to display images over the web.

    Setup was a snap. I have a WRT54G wirelss router using 128 bit encryption. The minute I plugged it in and changed my wireless settings it was working.

    This is a great camera, except for the fact that you can't change the HTML pages it uses when displaying the video.

    Also, the picture is not that clear at the highest resolution setting. It is comprable to my Logitec Webcam I paid ... for.

    The plastic it is made of is quite cheap and I have already broken a non-critical piece while turning the camera head, so beware.

    Still, this is a great price for a camera with it's own built-in webserver!...more info

  • WVC11B network camera
    not recommended. can't be used outside as there isn't a brightness control (another user suggested taping sunglasses to it). very cheap feel and look....more info
  • No .JPG support yet
    Like it and it works well except it is truly an Internet Video Camera only i.e. it cannot take a picture as a .jpg. Support says a firmware update is coming. Also, the Windows app for scheduling recording is useless. Just use it through a browser....more info
  • An amazing little gizmo for fun, security and more!
    When I purchased this product, I figured I'd have a nice little "oh wow" gadget. But after setting up the camera, which took 6 minutes (and only that long since I have a 128-bit password on my Wi-Fi network) I was amazed with all it could do. By entering the camera's IP address into my browser (like I am able to view real-time video, program the camera to E-mail me a .asf format video if it detects movement and even change the network settings.

    A special application can also be installed on your PC that allows you to set up scheduled recordings (in case you want to check on a baby sitter, or handyman) or click a button to instantly record real-time video on the camera.

    This camera is amazing and I'm enjoying the "oh wow" factor as I continue to find excellent real-world uses for it in my everyday life....more info

  • UPDATE-Brightness control is very poor.Integration is great!
    Nov 2003 I wrote the 1st review on this camera. Finally, June-July 2004, there is a Firmware upgrade to Ver 2.13 which NOW solves the problem relating to brightness control. Now, the DSN service isn't working for me. Still a bunch of fun, and neighbors love to watch their houses.

    I like this product a lot, despite some problems.
    The brand new Linksys WVC11B Wireless-B Internet Video Camera is an amazing little product. The reputation of Linksys (now owned by Cisco) is number one in my book. Every component in my home network is Linksys -- cable modem, router, switches, print servers, etc., including the new Linksys WAP54G Wireless-G Access Point purchased in part just to accommodate this camera... so it was natural that I'd wait for Linksys to produce and purchase a "Webcam" that was wireless and contained its own web server. The 802.11x protocol is 'b,' but I wish they had used the more modern 'g' standard.

    The camera installed without major problems, although I did download and burn in newer firmware (to V2.05, then to V2.10) to see if things might improve. I also had to update the firmware on my two-year old "wired" Linksys BEFSR41 Router in order to get the menus necessary to poke a port open to the outside world.... easily done.

    The biggest almost fatal problem is that the picture it too bright when the camera is pointed outside. I tried setting the image brightness to manual, and had to turn it all the way down to 0 on a scale of 0-64, and even then I taped a pair of sunglasses over the lens to make the picture more visible. The automatic brightness feature is useless outdoors. This is the biggest fault of this unit. Inside the house, the camera seems to work fine. I'm hoping future firmware upgrades will correct this flaw... as of 12-03 there have been no firmware upgrades above V2.10. My final solution has been to tape two sunglass polaroid lenses over the lens, and flip either one or both down depending on how sunny the day is - argh!

    The Linksys/Cisco Sololink service to manage a domain for users with dynamic IP addresses at home works well. I liked the included free 90 day trial well enough after the first day to purchase a two-year subscription for about $40.

    I wanted to mount the unit on a tripod so I could easily aim the camera at different points, but there is no camera mount. You can either place the camera in a little stand (included) that sits on any flat surface, or you can hang the unit anywhere you are willing to nail in two nails (like a picture hanger).

    For the price (sub $200) this unit can't be beat. As expected, at this price range, you sacrifice remote-controlled pan and tilt, and the lens is of fixed-focal length, so there is not even any manual zoom. If you are like me, you will be pleased that you bought this unit, in that, for a low cost, you can experiment with a wireless video camera with its own built-in web server. You may soon be frustrated, however, that your camera can't "see" outside. To be fair, Linksys says that the camera is not to be USED outside, but why can't it even look throught the window at an outside scene?

    Buying this unit is like buying your first inexpensive digital camera. At first you are amazed at what it can do, especially for the price... but, after you have some more experience, you begin thinking about how nice it would be to have higher-end features and better image quality....more info