Veo V710000 Wireless Observer Network Camera (802.11b)
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Product Description

Connect the Wireless Observer to your network and you're ready to see and hear what's happening when you're not there! Accessing the camera is as simple as surfing the web, just point your browser to the camera's onboard home page. You'll find everything you need to view, listen to, and control the camera from anywhere on your network or even over the Internet!Total peace of mind when you're away!

  • Digital output, 24-bit color
  • On-chip MJPEG compression for faster video
  • Built-in web server
  • Captures audio with internal or external microphone
Customer Reviews:
  • Used as nanny cam
    I researched nanny cams for a full week stait and came up with this as the best package. I am able to watch my aby from my desk at work. The camera is not hidden, but looks like a motion detector and has pan tilt and audio features. I was able to very easily hook this up internally (so that it would work in my house), but in order for me to get it to work from an outside network, I needed a computer expert to come in and set it up. I emauiled the seller a few times and got an auto reply, but he/she never got back to me. The cameras work pretty well for the price and I feel safer having them in my home. The picture quality (as long as there is light in the room) is satisfactory and the audio feature is great....more info
  • Great for indoor / Terrible for outdoor
    CONS :
    - Be careful, use it only indoor. Dont expect to use it outdoor ! If its sunny day, you will see nothing.
    - You cant upload image to a FTP, you will need the new model (and more expensive) Veo Wireless Observer XT.

    PROS :
    - quite easy to install
    - remote function is great
    - nice design...more info
  • It really works well!
    I've had this for 3 months now. After taking a little time to set-up (especially figuring out how to use the IP re-direct service) this camera has worked flawlessly. I have the motion detector and know when someone is in the house through email. I can even see these on my treo! I can then log-in, view, listen and pan without any difficulties. It is on my "secure" wireless network at home and I haven't had to do any resets like I've had to do for other products. For this price, you can't go wrong - just don't get frustrated if you have to read a little about dynamic IP addressing and wireless networks. The only improvement I would make is to allow video clips to be sent when motion is detected....more info
  • Cheap and efficient
    Setup's a toughie, no doubt, but I bagged the complex manual and went right to the telephone tech support. After a 15 min. wait, they walked me through the setup in about 45 mins. Works great and compared to other systems its cheap.

    Note: For remote viewing you'll most likely need a web portal that will offer a "static" web address. will do it for 25 bucks a year....more info

  • Forget internet access
    One other reviewer praises the ability to watch his kids in the other room. I agree the camera is useable for this. However, access over the internet for me, so far, has been impossible. I have jumped through all the hoops such as firmware and software updates, followed the very specific instructions supplied by veo for my linksys wireless ap/router, and tried using a different port than 80. I have tried and tried but now must face the fact that I cannot recommend this product in it's present form. A good idea but does not perform as advertised. Something better will come soon I think.

    Some pros: Motion detector attachment works well although you can only send the resulting email snapshot to one address. This means you cannot email your phone as an alarm and at the same time have the snapshot sent to a remote computer that burglers will not be taking with them when they leave. You get either a virtual alarm or an email snapshot. Not both. I would think veo would have thought this through and could have easily had this feature.

    In closing, obviously I had some idea that I could use this camera for security monitoring over the net. This has not been the case for me and I am not a total amatuer. I usually work stuff like this out.

    Oh, and dont let me forget to mention that there is NO telephone support of any kind and my email went unanswered....more info

  • Finally an awesome 802.11 Networking Camera
    I hooked it up to my Linksys wireless network and I can now see my kids in the play room while I am working. Very easy to install, I was blown away with the remote pan and tilt features....more info