Peach Premium Cuts: Hidden Cameras
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Product Description

Can she see you? Be very quiet, don't make a sound, because you are about to spend some quality time behind the lens of Peach's HIDDEN CAMERA. Take a peek inside, and you will find a host of beautiful women doing what comes naturally when they are behind closed doors. It's a closet voyeur's dream come true . . . and remember, she doesn't know you're watching . . . or does she?

Customer Reviews:
  • Warning! Retread
    Won't belabor this review. This is pretty much standard Peach, in terms of babes, quality & "pink". Think greatest hits - but more like greatest "misses". Its serious retread of average scenes from Peach DVDs you've seen if you've seen any 6 Peach titles.

    Not bad, but I've seen it before. They should give you a better 'heads-up' on these and let you know which DVDs they're cannibalizing beforehand....more info
  • It's good...
    It definitely could have been better, hotter and more teasing. But then it would fall into the "hardcore" category. However it is not bad to have it and on the other hand you dont miss much if you dont. This is the kind of thematology that really cant be fullfilled in the soft porn area. That's why scenes are not allowed to evolve to full extent. Nice girls in there, but dont expect to see detailed full scale action of what the ladies are doing when alone... ...more info