Ikelite Remote TTL Slave Sensor
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The unbelievable capability of this sensors is providing wireless TTL slave operation within 1/10th of one f/stop precision. The sensors are turned on automatically by the strobe ready light. The #4100 TTL Slave Sensor can be used with any Ikelite TTL Substrobe except the Digital strobes, and requires replacement of the included batteries after about 50 hours of "on" time. This sensor will be tripped by any underwater strobe from any manufacturer, but can only be attached to and operate Ikelite Substrobes. Sensitivity adjustable for triggering up to 15m (50') from the strobe connected to the camera. Slave Sensors providing cordless TTL compatibility were introduced to the world by Ikelite in the mid nineties. The best performance is achieved by putting the sensor in a small housing that can be aimed at the strobe attached to the camera, assuring the sensor will not be confused by the flash it controls. Strobes that utilize a built in slave sensor aimed at the subject can only provide TTL control if used with a considerably brighter primary strobe.