Ikelite Auto 35 Point and Shoot Camera w/ Underwater Housing
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The Auto 35 system provides good underwater photographs automatically. Compact, lightweight and trouble free, complete with a full frame motor drive 35mm camera at a realistic price. This is a well-designed rugged system, not just a colorful "point and shoot" camera.The maintenance free housing includes a special internal lens for optimum photos underwater as close as 2 feet from the housing. Camera installation and removal is fast and simple. Compact and lightweight, the Auto 35 features a built-in handgrip with lanyard, accessory shoes, and sportsfinder for easy framing.SubStrobe A35 is an external strobe that enhances photos by helping to eliminate backscatter. This combination includes a special SubStrobe A35, a rugged aluminum mounting tray, molded rubber handgrip, and quick release Strobe Arm II. The solid tray provides ballast to achieve neutral buoyancy for the system. The SubStrobe A35 is twice the power of the SubStrobe AQ/S, is only 4.5" long and a mere 1.3 pounds. It assures five second recycle time and almost 300 flashes from 4 "AA" alkaline batteries.