Fujifilm USB DRIVE 1 GB SINGLE BOX 2.0 ( 25910310 )
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Product Description

The Fujifilm USB Drive lets you take all your important stuff with you no matter where you go. It's big enough to hold your photos, documents, presentations, MP3s, videos, and more yet small enough to fit in your pocket.Best of all it's easy to use. Just plug it into any USB port and you're ready to go; no software, batteries or electricity is required. It's a disk and drive all-in-one so you can easily take your life from home to work to school, or wherever!Safely store all your PC and Mac files on your Fujifilm USB Drive. When your Fujifilm USB Drive is full, just delete the files or back them up onto any of Fujifilm's high performance media such as Zip disks, CDs or DVD discs.