Smell of Our Own
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The Hidden Cameras deliver their enthralling debut album 'The Smell of Our Own', & with it, tread the boards between The Polyphonic Spree & Pet Shop Boys. Described by frontman Joel Gibb as, gay (meaning happy) church folk music, his songs have drawn wide acclaim for their fearlessly explicit but remarkably touching examinations of homosexuality. This is symphonic folk-pop that recalls Belle & Sebastian or Morrissey with a Phil Spector production, with the lyrical wit of The Magnetic Fields. Cavernous & cathedral-like, there is also deeply spiritual imagery that weaves comfortably around the erotic & romantic themes. This Japanese release features 12 tracks including 2 bonus tracks, 'Heavy Flow Of Evil' & 'The Dying Galatian'. Copy Controlled. EMI. 2003.

Japanese Version featuring Two Bonus Tracks: "Heavy Flow of Evil", and "The Dying Galatian".