Minox Leica III-F Black 8x11mm Sub Miniature Classic Camera w/15mm Lens (Minature edition) - USA
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The miniature format Leica IIIf. MINOX has faithfully recreated the original on a scale of 1: 3 and the result can be seen for itself. Even at first glance, this photographic jewel, set in a fine wooden case, is a little sensation. But the inner values of the Leica IIIf Classic Camera also shine through. It uses the well-known MINOX 8x11 mm film and is not only fully-functional, but also achieves excellent photographic results using the Minoctar 1: 5.5/15mm lens (3 lens elements in 3 groups). And thanks to the optional flash unit, you can even take photos with this miniature camera in poor light conditions.

Customer Reviews:
  • Minox Leica III-F Black 8x11 Sub Miniature Classic Camera
    Excellent picture quality and east to use. The camera is obviously very portable, it can fit in a pants or shirt pocket....more info