Technuity L91BP-8 Battery, Lithium Aa Photo Battery
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Product Description

All of Energizer e2 Lithium batteries' advantages combine to make them the World's Best AA batteries in high tech devices. First, they are the longest lasting AA batteries in high-tech devices, bar none. Second, both the Energizer e2 Lithium AA are 33 percent lighter than their alkaline counterparts. The increased portability afforded the user make them ideal for travel and situations where every ounce counts. Third, Energizer e2 Lithium batteries perform well in extreme temperatures, allowing digital cameras, flashes, CD players or MP3 players to work from the Arctic to the Sahara. Lastly, Energizer e2 Lithium batteries have a shelf life of up to 15 years vs. 7 years with ordinary alkaline, guaranteeing that they will perform when needed.

  • Power lasts up to 7-times longer than similar alkaline battery
  • Battery chemistry and construction differ in the two systems. Energizer e2 Lithium batteries are built in a spirally wound construction. This design helps the battery meet the high current drains of many of today's devices
  • Since lithium is a very active material, it provides a great deal of power relative to the amount of material used. Lithium is not considered a heavy metal
  • When powering a device, you should only use a lithium battery with other lithium batteries - not compatible for use alongside an alkaline
  • This battery is not rechargeable
Customer Reviews:
  • Long-lasting for digicams
    These specific make and model of lithium batteries seem to be the longest lasting in your typical digital camera. I've discovered that not all lithium batteries are the same. Look for this EXACT model of lithium battery; other Energizer lithiums I've tried are not quite as good in digital camera use....more info
  • Match those batteries with the correct application for best results
    The Energizer L91 Lithium AA cell is a fantastic power source. For high-drain applications, it offers great advantages over ordinary alkaline cell and rechargeable NiMH cell. However, it is also very expensive as a disposable battery. So it is important to recognize the strength of L91, and use it only in applications that give you the best results. Otherwise you'll be wasting your money.

    According to data sheet published by Energizer, the capacity of the Lithium AA cell (L91) is 3000mAh. This number remains nearly constant with load current. In comparison, the ordinary Alkaline battery (such as the Energizer E91 AA) is rated as 2800mAh, but only at a very light load of 25mA. At a heavy load of 1000mA (typical for a digital camera or flash unit), its capacity drops to below 1000mAh. This number gets even worse at low temperature. At zero degree C and 1000mA load, the L91 can provide about seven times more energy compared to the E91. This is where the marketing claim of "Last up to 7 times longer" comes from.

    When used in a digital camera at room temperature of 25 degree C, the L91 is more likely to last 3-4 times longer than alkaline. This is enough to justify its price, which is also around 3-4 times higher than alkaline. However, in low-drain applications (such as smoke detector, wireless mouse or remote control) alkaline cells will last just as long at a fraction of the cost.

    The L91 also contains much higher energy when compared to an ordinary rechargeable NiMH cell such as the Energizer NH15-2500. This is partially due to its higher terminal voltage of 1.5V, which is 20% higher than that for NiMH.
    Energy stored in NH15-2500 : 2.5Ah * 1.25V = 3.125Wh,
    Energy stored in L91 : 3Ah * 1.5V = 4.5Wh (44% higher).

    Higher terminal voltage for L91 is especially advantageous in digital camera applications, because your camera flash will recharge up to 20% faster. An added benefit is that the L91 weighs only 14.5 grams (0.5 oz) each, compared to 30 grams (1 oz) for NiMH. So your camera becomes much lighter.

    The NH15-2500, like all ordinary NiMH cells, suffers from rapid self-discharge problem. If you charge up a set of those cells and leave them in your camera for a few weeks, you're likely to be greeted by 'Low Battery' sign when you try to take a photo. The new generation of 'ready-to-use' NiMH cells such as SANYO eneloop and Rayovac Hybrid solved this problem by having very low self discharge rate. But they have lower capacity of only 2000-2100mAh.

    Bottom line: If you need AA batteries for a long hiking trip, then L91 is obviously your best choice. For most other situations, I recommend using low self-discharge NiMH cells for lower operating cost.
    ...more info
  • great for flash
    nothing in the digital camera world drains the battery faster than the external flash unit for dSRL. my flash (Canon FX430) takes 4 AA batteries and requires changing perhaps every so often. since 4 AA batteries are kind of heavy to carry in my camera pack, and since the flash unit is absolutely crucial in photography, i cannot afford running out of battery on it! ever since i bought these batteries however i had the peace of mind that my flash won't die on me, period. the peace of mind allows me to take as many flash photography as i want without any mental burden. i know every time i turn it on it will be ready to go. amazing....more info
  • Whole new world
    Wow! I'm probably going to change the way I look at batteries from now on. We stuck two of these in our Sony digital camera and put two more in the bag to use when these ran out, and went on vacation for two weeks. I'm not sure how many photos we took in two weeks, but after culling out maybe 50 that we didn't want, we wind up with 206. Many of these were taken using the flash. During the trip, I downloaded the pics to my laptop about 3 times directly from the camera, and that also takes a bunch of power. Since the trip, there was a social occasion where my wife took perhaps 20 pictures since she got conned into being the staff photographer.
    After all that, the camera shows the battery as fully charged!!
    We're about to go on a 18 day trip to So. America and what I'm going to do is to take the camera with the used batteries still in it, and take a spare pair. I WAS figuring on having to take my charger with an adapter plug which would have been just one more thing to lug to Peru. Not now.
    I just ordered some more for the future. I doubt if I'll ever use rechargables again.
    Yes, these are expensive. In my humble opinion, the cost is WAY outweighed by the convenience.....more info
  • Pay for themselves
    I gave some of these to a friend to try, and she and her son loved them:

    "The set I used in my digital camera (while I don't have an exact hour time to provide you with), lasted much longer than the
    rechargable ones I am using. I can't explain it because I
    didn't think they would be that different. The rechargable
    ones seem to go really quickly and then I have to keep an
    extra set (or two) with me when I remember. The game boy ones have lasted longer as well per Matthew."

    I think they are well worth the extra price since you don't need to buy batteries as often....more info
  • Pricey, but worth it
    I tried these batteries in my calculator. I always end up leaving my calculator in my car where it gets cold, and soon the batteries die. It's a habit I can't break, so when I read that these batteries resist cold temperatures, I tried them. They lasted much longer than regular batteries. My sister also tried them in her digital camera and was impressed....more info
  • Well worth the extra cost
    I used to go through Batteries like crazy in my digital camera. In fact I had gone back to my old film camera for many occasions since this had become such a problem. Got some of these E2 battaries before Thanksgiving, they were a bit more expensive, but well worth it. Normally I would have gone through at least one (and very likely 2) set of alkaline batteries , but these are still showing strong even after very heavy use. Give these a try, you wont be disapointed!
    ...more info
  • Best non-rechargeable batteries ever used
    These batteries are just awesome! I wasn't sure at first to invest on these because of the higher price tag. But now I thank myself for switching to e2 Lithium. Yup! My Canon A80 runs and runs and runs without a need for battery replacement. I am just surprised because I always had to carry atleast 2 sets of batteries as spares before. Not anymore.

    I just bought 3 multipacks to use in my wireless headset, mice, even kid's toys too. Thanks to Energizer for yet another reliable product....more info
  • These batteries are great!
    I usually use rechargeables for my digital camera but was in need of batteries one day so I bought these. They lasted sooo long! I was shocked. These are well worth the money. My rechargeables don't even last this long. I'm definately hooked!...more info
  • These Batteries LAST!!
    With all of today's high-tech items and gadgets, regular batteries just don't cut it. These batteries, last so much longer than regular ones! They are great for ipods, handheld game units, PDAs, mp3 players, portable dvd and cd players, camcorders and especially digital cameras! With Energizer® e²® Lithium batteries you can take up to 600 pictures, whereas with regular batteries, you would only get about 80 pictures!

    Even if you only use the rechargable type batteries, its smart to keep a pack of these on hand when you are out because once that charge runs out and you can't recharge on the go, you are stuck.

    I thik they are the best brand out there to put inside all our expensive toys and gadgets!...more info
  • Are used batteries cheaper?
    I see the "buy used" buttons - anyone try the used batteries?...more info
  • Long-lasting
    As a student who is very involved in clubs and organizations, I always want to have my digital camera at hand to capture unforgettable moments with my friends or the places that I visit.

    When it comes to cameras, digital cameras are the worst with battery power. When I first got my camera, the pair of double A batteries that came with it only lasted an hour. I then bought a brand new pack later, and those also were unusable within 60 minutes.

    This was going to be a major problem. I bought a pack of special Olympus Lithium batteries (very expensive and hard to find at the time) which lasted, at max, two and a half weeks.

    Finally, I found a pack of Energizer Lithium batteries. I stuck them in my camera and expected them to last about five days. To my surprise, this pack of four batteries lasted me a whole month of road trips and hang-outs.

    These batteries are long-lasting, reliable, very light, and inexpensive. I was very satisfied with the performance of these batteries, and I hope this review helped you in your decision or search....more info