Crosley 1950's Princess Phone - Pink
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Product Description

It's little, and it's lovely and you probably remember it in your sister's bedroom or at your mother's desk. The original desk phone was redesigned with this smart new look. The Princess, introduced in 1959, was compact and attractive. Featured in a variety of colors, including pastels, this unit had a smaller footprint to fit in those not-so-big spaces. With it's rounded edges, sleek lines and fashionable stylings it quickly became a favorite.

  • Rotary Dial Fashion Plate with Push Button Technology
  • Flash/Redial
  • Ringer Volume ON/OFF Switch
  • Tone/Pulse switch
  • Earpiece Volume Control
Customer Reviews:
  • The princess
    This phone is well made. It takes me back when i was a teenager. Days long gone lol I highly recommend. ...more info
  • Cool Phone!
    I wanted a pink phone and this one looks great on my desk. It takes some getting used to to use a corded phone again. The hand cradle feels so big, but that's just because it's not cordless.

    Overall good phone!...more info
  • Daughter loves retro princess phone!
    I purchased this pink Princess Phone for my 28 year old daughter for Christmas and she was tickled pink. I think it was her favorite Christmas gift. She loves it! Was everything she hoped for....more info
  • She's A Princess
    For the past 2 years, my wife has been after me to get her a Princess phone. After 2 years of not taking the hint, I finally broke down and ordered her a pink princess phone. I waited until the 13th of December to order the phone, with hopes that it would get here before Christmas. The estimated delivery date that I was sent was the 24th of December, just in the "Nick" of time. It actually came on the 20th, so I didn't have to sweat after all. After I gave it to my wife, I was worried that it wouldn't be what she wanted. Boy was I wrong. I guess she had wanted one of these for a long time, because she instantly plugged it up and started using it....more info
  • Beautiful pink princess phone
    Crosley Pink Princess Phone CR59 PL

    I guess the only good thing about getting older is that you can get those things you wanted so badly as a young girl but there was no extra money for such luxuries in our household. I would watch Patty Duke and the other young girls in the 60s on their phones on our black & white TV and wonder what it would be like to have one of my own. Our phone was a dial wall model in the kitchen.

    This phone is heavier than todays phones, more cumbersome, no extras, but oh is it beautiful. So here I am, a 50+ disabled women in a bedroom with roses, Victorian furniture and, yep, a pink princess phone. Patty Duke's got nothing on me now!!...more info
  • Princess Phone - Pink
    Cute, reminiscent of original princess phone. "Its little, it's lovely", but IT DOES NOT LIGHT!!! Disappointing!!...more info
  • Not the original but a good copy
    It is a nice copy of the Princess Phone. It does not have the lighted dial nor are its edges as finely rounded as the original but, those days are gone so we make do with what's left....more info
  • Decent phone not as heavy duty as the original
    I got it at my local Target for roughly half of some of the prices on here....more info
  • Royal Ring
    I love the princess phone I ordered on Amazon; it was the perfect addition to my castle (condo)! It arrived amazingly fast and has served as quite the conversation piece by visitors to my new home. It is a soft, subtle pink and literally has a nice ring to it....more info
  • Princess telephone in pink
    The phone was exactly as I anticipated. An exact replica of the princess phone I had for my daughter in the 1950's. It looks as if it was a rotary dial, but indeed is pushbutton and modern techn ology. It's the best....more info
  • Pink princess phone
    Again, the same comments as with the blue version of this phone. I love it. The color is nice and it is comfortable to use. It appears to be well made and the small size allows it to fit anywhere.A fun bit of whimsy and nostalgia since I had a princess phone back in the '60's!...more info
  • Pink phone
    Item was shipped and received very quickly. Item arrived just as represented. ...more info
  • wonderful product!
    I bought this for my Grandmother and it is exactly what she wanted. It is heavy and durable-a really well made phone. And there are a lot of cheapy,flimsy reproductions out there. Definately worth the money....more info
  • Great Telephone
    The Crosley 1950's Pink Princess Phone is a great telephone. I love the looks of it and it works beautifully. I would definately recomend this product....more info
  • Delivered in original box
    I was dissappointed when this phone was delivered. It was not packed in any protective box, just shipped in the original box. I bought this item as a gift and it is virtually unwrappable. I have no idea if the phone works or not, but don't be suprised if you order this phone that it may be damaged. ...more info
  • Pretty in Pink!
    It looks so beautiful in my daughter's pink room. The phone works great, and seems heavy and sturdy enough to last. I think this was a great price. I have seen it at much higher prices. I was very happy to find this at such a great price, as I was looking to buy this phone for years....more info
  • Love My Princess
    I just wish it had the dial-pad backlight, like it's original prdecessor. But it's SOOOO nice to use a phone that actually has some heft and doesn't feel like it was made by Fisher-Price....more info
  • Dead on arrival
    I got this phone purchased for me off my wishlist and it arrived to me broken! We contacted customer service multiple times and had no response. This really sucks because it is a very cute phone, but BEWARE. ...more info
  • Delightful!
    I was skeptical of ordering this online - however I was pleasantly surprised when I received the phone, it is great, it is a Real Phone, not these modern plastic faux chrome phones that have no personality. This phone has plenty of personality and the ring is also authentic. The only reason I did not rate this a 5 star is that I wish the dial had a light in it - that lights up at night - my original princess phone had that and I just loved that feature but all in all - you princesses out there will love it!!!...more info