Crosley CR49 Traveler Portable Turntable, Tweed
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Product Description

CR89-BT Portable Turntable - Crosley Traveler portable turntable- Stack-O-Matic record changer technology- Stacks up to 6 records at a time- Belt driven turntable- Fully automatic return tone arm- Plays 7, 10, and 12 inch records- Plays 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records- Diamond-stylus needle- Dynamic full range stereo speakers- Adustable tone control- "Suitcase" design with handle and clasps- Tweed with brown trim

Enjoy a whole new level of LP independence with the Crosley CR49 Traveler. Inspired by the original portable turntables of the late 1950s, the belt-drive unit is versatile enough to play all three common speeds--33-1/3, 45, and 78 rpm--so you're not restricted to any one part of your vintage record collection. In addition, the table's tweed-colored suitcase housing includes a pair of built-in, full-range stereo speakers, in effect turning the Traveler into a LP boombox (though without the battery power). The effortless portability makes this a great turntable for traveling, visiting friends, or simply enjoying albums in the garage, basement, or other secondary rooms. The case is stylish, too, with a vintage appearance that beautifully complements traditional furnishings. The Traveler even comes with an adjustable tone control, adding to its versatility, along with a diamond-stylus needle. So whether your tastes run to classic jazz or modern rock, savor your vinyl in style with the Crosley Traveler.

The Traveler measures 17 by 7 by 11 inches (W x H x D) and is backed by a 90-day warranty.

What's in the Box
Turntable, diamond-stylus needle, 45 rpm spindle adapter, user's manual.

  • Classic belt-drive turntable with integrated tweed-colored case for listening to vinyl on the go
  • Built-in, full-range stereo speakers; plays 33-1/3, 45, and 78 rpm speeds
  • Classic vintage appearance inspired by original 1950s portable turntables
  • Adjustable tone control for audio flexibility; includes diamond-stylus needle
  • Measures 17 x 7 x 11 inches (W x H x D); 90-day warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Great looks, cheap design
    I bought this turntable specifically to play old 78's, but at that high speed, the turntable seemed to shake. Plus, the tonearm is cheap plastic. After just two weeks of light use, it completely stopped working and I returned it to amazon. I picked up the Numark PT-01 Portable Turntable instead and it works great. It doesn't look retro, but it plays records great, which is the most important thing anyway....more info
  • Retro looks, terrible sound.
    This turntable is certainly one that looks good if you're going for that retro look, but it's sound quality is almost unacceptable. It's nice that it can play 78's, as I've inherited some of my grandmothers old 78's, but for anything else, it's not worth it. The overall sound is tinny and a poor representation of vinyl's potential. I had motor problems not long after I received it; it kept stopping in the middle of a song, sometimes with enough force to send the stylus scratching across the record surface. I don't know if the motor was overheating or what, but it was unacceptable, and it certainly is not good for the records. I would recommend spending a few more bucks and going with a lower-end Technics or Rega instead of this, if you're looking for good quality sound. If not, and retro looks are all you really want out of this turntable, this is the turntable for you....more info
  • Almost Perfect
    This item is a wonderful machine for educational programs. It has settings for all three speeds. Unfortunately, the cord and adapter do not fit inside. We had to sew a bag which attaches to the carrying handle in order to keep the cord with the product. Seems kind of labor intensive for something we paid so much money for....more info
  • yup, i like it.
    it's not top quality, but i wasn't expecting that.
    it works well.
    the tone knob is key, use it to get better sounds.
    yup, i like it.
    if you want a cool looking, but totally not authentic BUT USEABLE record player, this is an OK choice.
    Im not disappointed....more info
  • Save your money !!!
    Please save your money and do not buy this record player. I tried one at Rite Aid and brought it back. Horrible sound, crooked tonearm, cheap vinyl cover, etc. Nothing like the quality of older record players like the Webcor. Not worth half the money. Forget the older look and buy a quality Numark PT01. You will be happy you did....more info
  • not good
    this product was of absolutely no use to me, when it arrived screws were missing, and it did not spin the record. unles you plan on spinning the record yourself, this would not be my first choice....more info
  • Great!!!!
    I just got this item's Excellent.the sound is great...everything is!!Great Record it!!...more info
  • Great Retro Piece
    This item is great! It travels with you, and you can play your LPs wherever and whenever you like. Fun and cool....more info
  • A Real Disappointment
    I feel bad that I have to give this product one star, but it's a reflection of my experience with it (and ironically, another reviewer has just posted a review reflecting a similarly bad experience).

    I was looking for a record player on which to play my old 45's, which I've just taken from my parents' house. I liked the look of the Crosley, and it came fast from Amazon.

    The first problem was that the sound was somewhat tinny. I wasn't thrilled about that, but I would've lived with it.

    But more seriously, the turntable would usually shut off before the 45 was through playing (about 15-20 seconds before). It was supposed to stop automatically, but when the record was done, not before. I called Crosley to see if there was anything I could do, but they said that the problem was internal and would have to be repaired. As much as I didn't look forward to having to go through the process of returning the phonograph to Amazon, it didn't make sense to keep a machine that stopped short before finishing the record, so I sent it back to Amazon.

    If I decide to get another record player, I'll probably try a TEAC model. ...more info
  • Total Junk
    I purchased the Traveler turntable (tan) for my 14 year old's birthday and was really anticipating her taking it out of the box. I was so disappointed to find that 1) it was made of cardboard and not very sturdy, and 2) the first time she lifted the arm to activate the turntable it either broke or was already broken. I spent an hour on hold with Crosley waiting for a technician (this was all during her party) and finally gave up. I'm really glad we bought it through Amazon, because Crosley was awful. It took them 2 weeks to reply to my email asking for a return merchandise number, and then I was told I'd have to pay for shipping (it weighs 16 lb) before I realized I could return it through Amazon. The Amazon return was great, no charge to me at all. And I *always* use my Amex b/c you can return anything if you use that card.

    This is not worth $125, I'd say $40 or so at the most for the quality (or lack of), assuming the turntable would operate. My husband went to Big Lots and found a great reproduction (old-looking) with turntable, CD, and radio for about $70, and it works great....more info
  • Retro and Fun
    I bought this for my son who wanted to play my collection of old LP's and 45"s. He thought it was a great item and loved it. Shipping was Amazon's usual: speedy and reliable....more info
  • Awesome, Not some shiny new item trying to hard to look classic.
    Finally a record player that doesn't have that phony retro look with a cd player built into the middle of it. Simple, portable, loud, great sound, easy to use and if I need a new needle or something I don't have to try to get lucky at a garage sale. I gave it to my wife as a birthday present and she loves it. This is coming from someone who will stop on the side of the road and pick up someone's old KLH or whatever is sitting on the curb and take it home and try to play records on it, no matter how bad it sounds, A real purist she is. But she loves this little baby. Oh yeah, the price is right too....more info
  • Abysmal
    I purchased this unit for fifty bucks and still overpaid. Only bought it to listen to some old 50s and 60s vocal 33s I own, so wasn't expecting very much. The sound quality is just terrible-so tinny I couldn't listen to it. I'd recommend a good vintage 60s or 70s record player over this one. Avoid this and if you must buy, get a cheap remaindered or refurbished one....more info
  • greatest purchase!!
    I have been long wanting to purchase a new turntable & one with a retro flare...THIS IS IT! I have been giddy ever since opening the box and playing record upon record! I love my Crosley CR49-TW Suitcase Style Turntable!!!...more info
  • On 78s, Blows Away My High-End Stereo!
    As you would guess from its price and its source, this nifty portable player gives mediocre (but pretty satisfactory) performance on LPs, and does a little better on 45s, but it is simply amazing on 78s (manufactured from the late 1890s to the mid-1950s, petering out just at the dawn of rock-n-roll). I have no idea how this can be, but it is flat out true that my ancient 78s sounded better, richer, fuller, and far more enjoyable, on this sub-$100 player (at Rite-Aid, no less), than on my high-end stereo equipment. True, the very weakest link in my real system is the Thorens 180 turntable I use for 78s, but that alone can't account for the remarkably low surface noise and sheer listening pleasure to be had from these shellac geezers as played on the Crosley portable tonight (I just bought it, while my wife was looking for floss and nail polish). There's also something palpably magical about sitting in front of this tan beauty that seems to make the music better -- maybe these old records were intended to be played on these machines, and they only sound right this way. I do remember listening to my very first 45s (with the big hole in the middle) on something very like this player, when I was about 4 years old, staying with my cousins at the Jersey Shore in the 1950s - I was hooked on music from that moment. Probably because the overall fidelity is on the low side, the ear seems to adjust immediately, and "fill in the gaps" in the sound in a much more pleasing way than when listening to laughably more expensive and more sensitive equipment. I tried 78s from a variety of eras - from a 1907 one-sided Victor recording of a long-dead quartet singing "God Be With You Till We Meet Again," to a late-40s pressing of Bull Moose Jackson's "Bow-Legged Woman" on the King label (pretty rare, but I could see and hear that the needle was not doing any damage to the grooves - in contrast to what the original 1950s portables, with ten-pound tracking force, did to records (turned them into grey powder after the second or third play)). Every 78 I played on the Crosley just sounded more musical than on my Conrad Johnson/Pass Labs/Quad megasystem. Go figure. And even the fussy Mikey (Michael Fremer of Stereophile fame) would not be too displeased at the decent build quality and floating plinth and arm - a tiny nod to high end 'table developments of the past 25 years. Highly recommended!...more info