IQinVision IQEYE3STARTER Megapixel Network Camera Starter Kit
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Product Description

The IQeye3 Megapixel Network Starter Kit MODEL- IQEYE3STARTER VENDOR- IQINVISION FEATURES- IQeye3 DPTZ Camera Starter Kit Megapixel Network Camera Starter Kit includes everything you need to begin producing amazing 1288 by 968 images. It includes a varifocal lens, power supply, cables and POET power-up-the-ethernet. This kit is ideal for integrators who want high-quality network video and offers pan, tilt and zoom with no moving parts using standard web browsers. Using the included POET you can power the IQeye3 over standard CAT5 cable. The superior quality of the IQeye3 progressive scan images means crystal clear, digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom. Multiple users can view different parts of the same scene simultaneously, and can even Pan/Tilt/Zoom in archived video! Advanced features include bandwidth throttling, privacy zones, infinite crop windows, day/night mode and more. Save installation costs when you power the IQeye3 over the Ethernet with IQPOET. Offering up to 50 frames per second, the IQeye3 fits in standard enclosures for indoor/outdoor use. * Need help selecting lenses ---> try * The IQeye3 is an intelligent imaging system with leading edge performance and a 1.3 Megapixel color imager. Capable of over 1.8 Mpixels/second JPEG performance and able to run custom "C" applications, the IQeye3 is a serious tool for application providers and networking VARs. * Very low power requirements and flexible network connectivity make the IQeye3 perfect for deployment in a wide variety of environments. Industrial packaging and the optional IQpoet (no power cable, power over Ethernet) make the IQeye3