Outdoor Clear Dome with Heater/Blower Mount for SNC-RZ30N Network Color Camera
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Product Description

The SNC-FDP8C2/SY is a non-pressurized, outdoor, pendant mount, clear dome housing equipped with a blower and thermostatically controlled heater. The input power for this housing (including the camera) is 50 watts at 24VAC. The housing is manufactured from a high-impact UV protected engineered plastic with a UL flame rating of 94VO. The dome is made of a thermoformed, optically clear, cell-cast acrylic material and is also available in a tinted dome version (model # SNC-OD8T2). The dome is held in place with a minimum of 3 fasteners and a safety cable that is provided to hold the dome while servicing. Access to the enclosure is from below with 3 captive fasteners, used to press the dome against a sealing O-ring. A twist-off feature allows for the final removal of the dome. This unit is equipped with a quick-release bracket at the top for easy installation and quick removal. An optional wall mount bracket (model # SNC-WM20G) is available for applications requiring a wall mount.