Azden 100UPR Wireless Lavalier Microphone System with 10BT and EX-503
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Product Description

The Event Series UHF is small and lightweight and is not 2, not 10, but 63 Channel User Selectable! It is crystal controlled and PLL synthesized, uses 9v batteries, with a True Antenna Diversity System. The receiver has headphone output with volume control, 1/8" mini jack output and comes supplied with a mini to mini output cable, and power On/Receiving Signal LED, with a metal belt clip & velcro included. The transmitter is supplied with EX-503 Omni Lapel Mic, and optional lapel and headset mics are available. It features a Power On/Receiving Signal LED with a seperate standby switch for muting audio, and a metal belt clip for the transmitter.

  • 63 Channel user selectable (794-806mHz)
  • Crystal controlled and PLL synthesized
  • Uses 9v Batteries
  • True Antenna Diversity System
  • Headphone Output with Volume Control