Canon Visualizer w/ XGA Resol
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The Video Visualizer RE-450X takes imaging to new heights. Featuring razor sharp XGA resolution, advanced automatic exposure and zoom control, and a powerful 12X zoom, the RE-450X gives educators, medical technicians, legal professionals, and business people the ability to display high-resolution images suitable for presentation. Ideal for Distance Learning, Telemedicine, Presentations, 3-D Imaging, and Videoconferencing, the RE-450X provides easy, flawless performance.The RE-450X can effectively capture and display documents, 3-D objects, photographs, slides, and X-rays. Twin fluorescent lamps provide uniform light to view even the smallest detail. In addition, the RE-450X has an innovative feature that optimizes the clarity of white paper documents. Beneath its base, lies a color-corrected light box, perfect for viewing slides and transparencies. With the press of a button, a high-quality still image can be temporarily stored in memory, and displayed on a projector or monitor. A compact, folding design makes the RE-450X portable enough to carry anywhere. All necessary controls are located on the front, making adjustments quick and easy.