Window Peepers
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All real and uncut spy cams! Colleg girls, ex-girlfriends, house wives,sexy neighbors,hot, wet panties, and much more! Do not get buster Window Peepin, GET THIS DVD!!

Customer Reviews:
  • This Sucks!!!!
    I bought this thinking to myself, "Self, maybe this will be good." Well self freaking lied to me. This dvd really sucks. First off it shows the same girls over and over just in different outfits. And oh my god, how can they not know somebody is looking at them. One girl actually sees the guy and covers her eyes with the book she is reading. Give me a break people. Oh and one scene a girl uses the bathroom and doesn't even wash her hands. That totally grossed me out. Do yourself a favor and don't order this dvd. You will be thanking me for sure. Oh yeah if I could give this dvd negative 5 stars I would....more info