SPECO DVR-X1 Single-camera Digital Video Recorder with 40 GB HDD
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The SPECO DVR-X1 Single-camera Digital Video Recorder with 40 GB HDD is a cost effective DVR that can store hours of video on a HDD (hard disk drive) without image degradation or tape-swapping, making it an ideal replacement for aging time-lapse VCRs. Easy to set-up and operate, the DVR-X1 allows activity detection and multiple recording modes, making it suited to single-camera systems involving round-the-clock security surveillance.

The SPECO DVR-X1 utilizes MJPEG compression with four recording modes and selectable quality levels that allow a maximum recording resolution of 720 x 240 effective pixels. This unit comes with an internal 40 GB HDD (hard disk drive), and allows event searching by date, time, and alarm. The DVR-X1 features a watch-dog function that returns the DVR to any pre-power-outage stage, and recording continuously or by alarm, schedule or activity detection. The SPECO DVR-X1 includes a BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman) composite video input, with two BNC composite video outputs for connecting to monitors or additional DVRs, as well as an alarm input and output for connecting external devices. The DVR-X1 is compatible with both the NTSC and PAL TV system formats, runs on 12-volts of DC power, and has a real-time full-screen display.

Technical Features:

  • Compression format: MJPEG
  • Video inputs/outputs: 1 BNC composite video input, with 2 BNC composite video outputs
  • Resolution: up to 720 x 240 effective pixels
  • Storage space: internal 40 GB HDD
  • Power supply: 12-volt DC
  • Dimensions: 16 x 10 x 2 inches (W x D x H)
For ongoing surveillance or monitoring systems requiring video storage and retrieval, the SPECO DVR-X1 deserves serious consideration. With features that add valuable functionality to your single-camera surveillance system, the DVR-X1 operates as a stand-alone unit that is not dependant-upon, or susceptible to the same security risks as, a PC or laptop.

About Digital Video Recorders
A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) takes video signals from security cameras and converts the video stream into a digital format for storage on an internal hard drive. A DVR also provides a user interface to remotely manage many functions of the video files and cameras, including motion detection and pan/tilt/zoom features. At a minimum, a DVR should allow multiple users to view multiple cameras remotely. Effective video compression is one of the most important considerations when looking at DVRs. The most common video compression formats used in video surveillance are M-JPEG and MPEG-4. While proprietary compression technologies may provide superior quality, their lack of compatibility with Windows-based operating systems may become an issue for archival purposes. Issues of frame rate, resolution, disk size, motion detection, compression ratio, and camera noise all affect the storage capacity of a video surveillance system. High resolution is ideal to capture details, while high frame rates are needed to capture events. Frame rates of less than 20 fps tend to be jerky, while rates of 20 - 30 fps can be adequate for most surveillance needs.

  • One-channel DVR with 40 GB internal HDD
  • DVR uses MJPEG compression format
  • DVR is compatible with both PAL and NTSC TV system formats
  • Features four recording modes and selectable quality levels
  • Includes 1 BNC composite video input with two BNC composite video outputs