Monster iCarPlay Wireless FM Transmitter/Charger for iPod
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Product Description

Monster Cable iCarPlay Wireless FM Transmitter for iPod w/ DockConnect AIPFM-CH-PS - With Monster iCarPlay Wireless for iPod you can tune in and power up on the road. Simply plug the iCarPlay Wireless Charger end into the 12v outlet (cigarette lighter) in your car and plug the other end into the dock connector on the bottom of your iPod. Select an FM station on the iCarPlay Wireless, and find the same station on your car stereo; pick your favorite song on your iPod and you're ready to roll. Your Music transmits wirelessly to your car stereo using FM radio frequencies. Monster Smart Digital Charging technology rapidly charges your iPod, and then switches to a trickle charge to optimize its performance. You'll never have to worry about running out of power while using your iCarPlay Wireless.

You already love your iPod. But think how much better it would be if you had the ability to use it in the car. Monster Cable's iCarPlay wireless FM transmitter gives you just that: great sounding, wireless access to your entire multi-gigabyte collection of tunes, right through your car stere's FM radio. At the same time, the iCarPlay charges your iPod to keep the music playing.

Plug the iCarPlay's charger end into the 12-volt DC outlet (cigarette lighter) in your car and plug the other end into the dock connector on the bottom of your iPod. Select an FM station on the iCarPlay (choose from 88.1, 88.3, 88.5, 88.7, 88.9, 89.1, 89.3, or 89.5), and find the same station on your car stereo. Then pick your favorite song on your iPod and you're ready to roll. Your music transmits wirelessly to your car stereo using FM radio frequencies.

Monster Smart Digital Charging technology rapidly charges your iPod, then switches to a trickle charge to optimize its performance. You'll never have to worry about running out of power while using your iCarPlay wireless transmitter.

  • Plug the iCarPlay Wireless charger end into the 12v outlet (cigarette lighter) in your car, and plug the other end into the dock connector on the bottom of your iPod
  • Select an FM station on the iCarPlay Wireless, and find the same station on your car stereo
  • Or pick your favorite song on your iPod, and you're ready to roll
  • Your music transmits wirelessly to your car stereo using Fm radio frequencies
  • Monster Smart Digital Charging technology rapidly charges your iPod, and then switches to a trickle charge to optimize its performance
Customer Reviews:
  • Great while it lasted
    I have owned this product for approximately a year and a half. I got it for free from my brother who works for Goodwill Computers. He had previously given me several other ipod fm transmitters that had worked terribly, and I was thrilled when I got this one that not only worked well, but charged my ipod and did not require batteries. I used this charger in many cities throughout Texas and took it on several road trips to New Mexico, Louisiana and one all the way to Mexico City and back and the whole time it worked great with minimal static on occasion. Last week I lent it to a friend for a weekend trip and I believe it may have been yanked around because now it does not seem to have a stable connection with the ipod and isn't picking up channels well. I got online and was shocked to discover that this adapter costs $85 new and while I was pleased with the performance of the product, I have yet to decide if it is worth that much for a year and a half of use....more info
  • Not compatible with iPod Touch 2nd Gen
    Followed directions for using the cable. Upon connecting it to my iPod Touch 2nd Gen, the iPod displayed a message that the unit could not be charged. I called Monster and they said Apple revised the interface and I needed to purchase the Monster iCarPlay Wireless 250 instead if I wanted my iPod to charge using the FM transmitter. Will now be going to get this other unit. ...more info
  • GREAT for music, SO-SO for Podcast with Talking Only
    This is a great product overall. Music sounds really good and it's awesome to be able to charge the ipod at the same time. I've been listening to some podcasts of people just talking and the static is much more noticeable. It's a bit distracting at first, but you get used to it. I would recommend this product. Signal becomes somewhat weaker (more static) near bridges, overpasses and tunnels obviously....more info
  • Monster iCarPlay
    Great product, this is the 2nd one I purchased since my daughter liked the 1st one I have and wanted one. It is slightly different than the first one(mine) since mine has only 3 stations to tune into on the FM signals. The 2nd one(hers) has 10 stations to tune into which gives it more range if 88.1, 98.1, or 107.9 are taken. Around town these are great, out on the highway you may get some interference, but that goes away as you change the frequency to one of the other setting. Highly recommend this product!...more info
  • Unhappy user
    Considerably overpriced and less than adequate. Sorry guys, this one is a looser. How about a refund?...more info
  • transmitting fm
    this item works well when you are park i use it when working around the yard. when driving fades in and out alot just alright....more info
  • wireless FM transmitter/charger for IPOD
    This was a gift which was well received. I do know the shipment was fast.

    ...more info
  • Great FM transmitter & Charger!
    This transmitter and charger works great! I bought this transmitter last year for my daughter. Her boyfriend liked hers so much, he asked for one for Christmas. It is very easy to use and works very well. ...more info
  • Monster Transmitter
    If you are looking for a device to play your Ipod music through your car radio, then ideally this would be the perfect gadget. Unfortunately, the Moster icarPlay wireless FM transmitter does not fit the bill. Tuning to the prescribed open channel limited by your geographical area can result in barely audible sounds. The static and bleeds from other channels makes this piece of technology worthless....more info
  • I was surprised
    This came with my IPOD. I was sceptical. Previous FM transmitter I owned was a PITA. I had to change the frequency to a clear spot on the band and it worked greaT. Now my wife will stop giving me what for because I'm wearing earphones while I drive....more info
  • Not Good
    This product is not as espected, the quality is not good, it got damaged after few uses....more info
  • Great for me
    I read some of the reviews for this product, and it sounds like it does not work for everyone, but I have had no problems with it. I picked this up on black friday for 30$, and have enjoyed it since.

    The presets worried me at first, because there is a big radio station in the presets range, but the transmitter had no problem on several of the 8 choices. When I plugged it it, I heard absolutely nothing on the station until I turned on my ipod (by this, I mean the transmitter completely went over anything that was on that station).

    Great product from my experience, but others might have issues if they can't find a good station....more info
  • Monster iCarPlay
    I have tried several of these type units that allow you to play your ipod through the FM transmitter and this is by far the best. It gets the best reception day and night. The previous one I had, the iTrip, you had to hold the unit against your ipod or else it would have by static interference. Not usually the safest thing to be doing while driving. Also, the iTrip didn't work once the sun went done, it was very frustrating. I haven't had any problems with any of the Monster products I own and highly recommend them to anyone.Monster iCarPlay Wireless Plus FM Transmitter/Charger for iPod...more info
  • It does the job
    This product works well as advertised. However, it has problems one should be aware of. There is a choice of about 10 FM frequencies to use. There needs to be more. If I am away from a large city, I can usually find one of the frequencies that does not have a strong signal that interferes with the performance of the ipod. However, when I am in the city I get marginal performance at best. Sometimes it is not usable. This needs to be resolved before I would consider this product a finished solution....more info
  • Do NOT waste your money!!
    This is a piece of garbage. What a waste of 70 bucks!!! It did not work at ALL. Constant static, no way to fine tune. It has the look and feel of something you'd find at the bottom of a cracker jack box. Go with the PodFreq by Sonnet....more info
  • Don't bother trying this product - it is a piece of junk
    It is an absolute piece of junk. I usually start with it unplugged, scan through all the frequencies available, locate and take note of the ones with the weakest external signal, and start my trip. Well, in a 15 mile commute, I can't drive more than 5 minutes without having to try to find another station where it has less interference. It simply doesn't work.
    ...more info
  • May damage your ipod
    After two years of owning the icarplay, and not being terribly impressed with it, I am finally giving it up. It has worked terribly in all but the most remote of locations, and it frequently cuts out of one channel of my stereo. But I just found out today that it has RUINED two of my ipods!

    I replaced my old 30g ipod video about three weeks ago, because my computer stopped recognizing it. It was out of warranty, so i had to buy a brand new one, full price, etc. Then, two days ago, the brand new 80g ipod classic also stopped being recognized by my computer! This was a very unique problem, and it was strange that it had happened twice to me.

    I took it to the mac store, and the genius desk guy concluded that power surges via the Monster had fried the motherboards of both ipods. Now, this may have been in part due to a problem of my car, I don't know, but I plan on NEVER hooking anything from a cigarette lighter into any electronic that I value.

    In the end, it would have been not much more money, and ultimately cheaper, to just get a cheap car stereo with a 1/8" audio input, which is what I plan on doing with my new (3rd) ipod. And I will have way better sound quality!

    This piece of junk is highly NOT recommended. Expensive, poor quality, a pain to use, and possibly dangerous to your ipod.

    ...more info
  • This purchase is good
    The sound with this cable is good, but i'm think that was better. However is good if you don't have any posibility to ear in your card your music. ...more info
  • There has to be a better way
    This gadget works as well as it can. But going through an FM frequency
    is not very clean. One gets all kinds of interference. There has to be a better way to connect an ipod directly to the sound system of your car stereo....more info
  • Decent Product
    Not outstanding, but not horrible. It does what I expected, but it doesn't blow my hair back. I think it was worth the money I paid for it, I would buy it again if I had it to do all over....more info
  • It's ok
    I bought this the other day and it works but with background noise the whole time it is being used which after a while it bothers me so I will be looking at a different way to connect my ipod to my radio....more info
    This product worked horrible. The static was louder than the music and there are not enough stations to choose from....more info
  • A great purchase!
    This product was not only cheaper than numerous competitor stores, but I received the item in 3 days and didn't pay any shipping. I recommend this site to anyone, and the products are legit and work wonderfully. Definitely will purchase more from them....more info
  • Durable Simple and functional
    Monster cables are built more durable, with stronger connectors than other brands, that is why they call them monster cables.

    This cable is very simple to use, and uses a small led light to indicate the frequency. It is also less than half the price of the more advanced cables that have come out recently.

    It works fine with the iphone, (with the iphone in "airplane mode" i.e. phone part off).

    I have broken 2 kensington fm transmitter products by dropping, spills etc, but this cable has lasted over a year including travel and still works fine.

    It has above average signal strength.
    ...more info
  • Worked like a charm in NYC and NJ
    I bought this for a road trip in Tennessee, we wound up wanting to try on a short trip to NJ from Brooklyn. Worked like a charm. Even though some of the reviews communicate that this doesn't work in urban areas, I can't think of a more crowded radio space than NYC, and it blew out the other radio stations. We only had one spot of static on a bridge, other than that-- clear as a bell.....

    Fantastic... love it....more info
  • Just pain OK.....
    Purchased the iCarPlay months ago and really haven't been blown away by its performance at all. I would have to guess the level of static you recieve all depends on your area, but I can't get a clear station anywhere in my town. Seems to work best out in the middle of knowhere or while traveling on the interstate. Went ahead and hardwired the Ipod thru an EXT on my cd player and that seems to be the way to go. Its a pretty easy install but even if you need to have it installed I would say its more than worth it. ...more info
  • Monster FM Transmitter for IPOD
    It is an OK product. It does get somewhat static as driving around Washington DC area. ...more info
  • Pretty Satisfied
    I like the icarplay very much. The only thing to make it better would be better reception. It is very neat and easy to use in my car while driving....more info
  • 4th one I purchased! Still Great!
    This is the 4th cable I have bought from Amazon. The first was for myself, 2nd for my sister and the 3rd & 4th were for friends! Everyone loves them and has had no problems with them!...more info
  • Not Worth the Money
    It gets awful reception. I got better reception with a transmitter that came as a freebie with my iPod!...more info
  • wireless fun
    The icarPlay Wireless FM Transmitter could also be called iBoatPlay.
    We purchased above item to use on our Sailboat while cruising Central America, playing music or listening to language lessons (while standing watch) or any other time! Simply plug said item in to an outlet, tune your radio to designated frequency, adjust your speakers to where you wish to hear the sound, and than enjoy. (I think that qualifies as a: "1-2-3" installation unit). ...more info
  • Solid Performer- Most of the time
    I have been using my iCarPlay Wireless for about a year and a half now. I have had no problems whatsoever with the battery in my iPod as some have mentioned. The only problem I have is that the low end of the FM band is pretty crowded where I live and this often has me searching for a usable frequency. Some frequencies seem to work better depending on the time of day. I am getting a car in about two weeks that has an auxiliary jack (Yea!) but this product has been a reliable stop gap. If you are looking for a wireless transmitter, I would recommend this product, but remember- it is a compromise. A direct input is better....more info
  • Not my bag
    Thi Icar comes with preset fm stations. Now that's nice in theory ,however, if those preset stations arent able to pick up a decent signal, you're basically screwed. You'll be able to sit there and switch around those presets but you're not able to search for other signals. Also, the presets are all 88.x something stations and if you live in an area with normal to heavy broadcasting, chances are that these frequencies are already in use.

    This happened to me, living in miami and none of the presets were able to play more than 1 min of a song without interference from another station.

    To add insult to injury, the thing broke within the first 24 hours I had it. Niice....more info
  • Not worth it.
    The lack of any channel selection isn't worth the cheap price. I ended up having to buy another product to meet my needs....more info
  • The Best Available
    Quick, Easy, Reliable, and sounds good too. I've never had a problem with this. I originally had a Belkin one but it was a bad fit for my car and several others (hard plastic allows no flexibility). If I were to buy another iPod adapter I would buy this one again. I tried to go cheap the first time and it was a waste of money. ...more info
  • Awesome!
    Love it! Has made my life so much easier and I've bought one for all of my family....more info
  • Pluses and Minuses
    Uses the exisiting stereo system in one's car and sounds good when using an existing blank FM Channel. I appreciate the ability to program three diferent FM stations for selection, and to change the site location when in a different city. However, in any big city such as Chicago, one will find that there are no blank FM channels, and thus the sound from your iPod tends to be fighting with any adjacent FM stations. If the cable could use a stronger signal to over ride any existing FM signal, that would be beneficial. ...more info
  • Pretty Good
    Works pretty well but radio options are pre-set. I live in a large metropolitan area and still get some high pitched static regardless of which of the 8 options I choose. It is intermitant so not a huge problem - other than that it works great!...more info
  • Steer clear
    My iPod will no longer work even when plugged in. I've learned since this purchase that car charging devices will ruin an iPod battery. As you know iPod batteries can not be replaced. At least not the version I have. Find another way to play you tunes in the car....more info
  • Its not as good as they say
    I got this as a gift for Xmas and it says that its also a charger and it doesnt charge my ipod at all. And when trying to listen to music it sounds like im listening to an AM station. And sometimes even sounds staticky. When it works it works ok. But not as I expected. And since it was a gift and I already threw out the packaging I probably wont be able to get it replaced.
    can someone tell meif this is compatible with the 2nds generation ipod. The new "RED" one. Maybe that could be the reason....more info
  • Awesome Transmitter!!! Way to go Monster.
    I purchased the Monster FM Transmitter for my wife for christmas. Once i installed it in the car and plugged her Ipod Nano to it the real magic began. This transmitter has EXCELLENT reception and sounds great. I would HIGHLY recommend this MONSTER FM Transmitter to anyone looking for the BEST transmitter money can buy. This product will not let you down....more info
  • Works great when it works.
    We travelled from San Diego to Yosemite using this Monster Cable a-IP-FM-CH iCarPlay Wifeless FM Transmitter for my iPod. It worked great through LA, and about 100 miles up the I5. The rest of the trip did not have any open stations. Older models of this transmitter would allow you to override the pre-selected stations if needed. I did not see this capability on my model. We could not use our iPod at all about 200 miles around Yosemite....more info
    This is the best FM transmitter I have ever owned. It is that simple....more info
  • best in class
    this fm transmitter is the best in its class, the least static of any other device like it!...more info
  • Most Excellent
    I owned an itrip in recent years that was wireless and it was terrible. The reception was very staticy and not clear. This one has very clear reception and the sound is great. I live in the Atlanta-Marietta area and it works like a charm....more info
  • Not particularly impressive
    Living in an urban area may have affeceted its performance, but the sound quality just wasn't there, there was always a background hiss & poor reception....more info
  • Does What Is Expected
    I think it works fine. No, the sound quality isnt perfect but its what you should expect with a transmitter like this. And yes sometimes you start to pick up a radio station so you need to adjust what channel you set it on. But it does what you should expect not a lot more....more info
  • Just what i wanted!
    I love this little thing. It works great. My only complaint is that there are only a few radio stations that it can work with. It has a nice, clear sound and strong signal otherwise. ...more info
    Oh I love this !! I got it in the mail yesterday and used it this morning on my 40 mile treck to work and it was wonderful!! The hookup and scanning was automatic and so very user friendly. What a dream and the connection and all was great and as always with this company the looks and style and quality is always there. That is why I went with Monster Cable to begin with. The cost may be a little bit more but who wants to monkey around with junk after all you bought an "Ipod" .

    Great!...more info
  • Pleasantly surprised!
    I have purchased three chargers/transmitters before and have always been disappointed. Either they only had 3 stations to choose from (which were not availabe in all areas) or they were so bulky I would hit them when changing gears in my car. This is perfect. The Monster Cable extends only 1/4 inch from the plug in and has 10 stations to choose from. No, it doesn't have a handy cradle to sit in, but the cable is long enough that you can sit the IPOD in a cup holder, dash or console. I am going to buy another one for our other car!...more info
  • Wireless FM Transmitter for IPod
    i love the wireless great and its fun to have such a variety of music in the car....more info
  • Great 4 your iPod
    I bought this product because my 2006 Tacoma did not have an IPod input. I wanted to listen to my IPod in my car and didn't want to buy a new stereo deck where I wanted the factory look and was low on cash. $50.00 for this transmitter is worth the money. I don't get too much static; however, there are times when it does get static and gets annoying. I recommend this product. ...more info
  • Best FM Transmitter for iPod I've used
    I've used the iTrip by Belkin, the TunecastII by Belkin, and this Monster iCarPlay for getting my tunes to my car speakers. This is the best design and works the best of the three. I like that it can charge my iPod and that the transmitter itself is inline. The signal seems to be decent enough, though of course it crackles sometimes or you hear a bit of static. This gets more pronounced the louder you make it.

    I think this is the safest for car use. The iTrip is a nightmare because you have to change the station through the iPod. So if you're taking a car trip (I live in NY but went to college in MI -- that's a 12 hour drive) and signals are coming in and out and you need to adjust, you really can't do it safely with the iTrip. The Tunecast is a bit better, but that runs on batteries (the optional charger/power supply that I got for it didn't work). Also, you can tune into any FM station with the up/down buttons, which is good, but you really only need the lower stations. The iCarPlay has 8 frequencies it can transmit over and only 1 button. Though I feel limited by the 8, I don't think going higher would help because there's more congestion. I like the single button because there's no confusion whether you're going up or down and you can press the button, then easily tune the radio up a notch. The other limitation I see is its iPod specific (uses dock connector) whereas the Tunecast just hooks into the headphone jack and it only works in cigarette lighters so you can't use it without a car (or something else with that power source). But considering I bought it to use in my car, it does what it should and does a decent job of it....more info
  • Worth the money
    Product is definitely worth the money.

    Very easy setup - plug and play!
    Easily readable what station the fm transmitter is set at
    Works great - great clarity - almost CD quality if your car's sound system is high end.
    No cradle, so one has to leave it in the cup holder.
    I will caution you that performance will vary according to your car's sound system. Works excellent in one of my cars even in crowded city ares, in my other car there is lot of static in crowded areas, and performance is fine on highway.

    ...more info
  • VERY disappointed
    When I first recieved this item, it functioned "OK". It worked every now and then. Lots of static and interruption. After having it only about a month or so, it started to fall apart... literally. All of the pieces came unglued and the item was forever destroyed. I had high hopes, but it turned out that it was just another cheaply-made transmitter. Not worth the $60 I paid. Very disappointed....more info
  • Great Ipod Transmitter
    I have Itrip and another one and this Monster cable transmitter is the best! Easy to use and like a charm....more info
  • nice to have, but the audio quality is really shaky
    I set my radio's second set of FM preset buttons to the first six available settings on the transmitter -- that saves me a lot of time if I need to switch off an occupied channel. Here on the East Coast, most of the frequencies this unit offers are in use somewhere.
    Overall the unit functions just fine. But as other reviewers pointed out before I bought the unit, it is coming across the FM frequency band and quality would degrade. Well, they were right. Still, I use it and am able to hear many more podcasts since I have an hour commute in both the morning and evening. So I am getting use out of it, but I don't like listening to music on it .. the quality really does suffer....more info
  • Must Have Item - Monster Cable
    If you have an Ipod and you do not want to have to buy batteries to play music in your car, then this is the product for you. I love my monster connection, because it charges my Ipod, plays the music in my Ipod with quality sound (if you are tuned in to the right station - no static) and I never have to buy batteries again. What more can a girl ask for, when it comes to listening to music. Good bye Belkin and Hello Monster Cable. ...more info
  • Less static than itrip nano, but still way too much
    I purchased an itrip nano that did not work at all, exchanged it for another that functioned ok, but it was super static. The shhh static you get when on an empty station with no ipod plugged in was only muted somewhat when the ipod was pluged in and playing, way too much static. So i tried the iCar, less static, but still an awful lot. too much for me, and i'm not too picky it think. The interface is ok if you are in the same city, but you can only play from one of three presets. if they are all full as you travel, you can choose any station, but you have to make it one of your three presets first, a bit awkward, i would need to pull over for that. I could live with that, but I returnd the monster icar because it's still way too staticky for me...more info
  • Easy to use, but has static
    It's a great idea and works well, but signal seems weak from the transmitter because of occasional static and low volume - not magor issues though... Still makes ipod easy to use in your car....more info
  • Works Good
    It works really well, and is easy to use. There's a little static here and there, but just hit the button and change the station and it's better. Very easy to use. ...more info
  • Still waiting for refund of this product
    Item worked fine,but it is NOT wireless as advertised.It doesn't compare to the Griffin FM transmitter,which by the way IS wireless and therefore much easier to use.Plus,it sounds a whole lot better,too.
    P.S.: I am STILL waiting for my refund for this particular item.It's been several weeks and I still haven't received anything.What's going on?
    Please,let me know ASAP.............Thank you...more info
  • Best Value of the FM Transmitters
    I've done a lot of research and agonized over which of these FM Transmitters to buy for my iPod before finally buying the Monster version, and I am completely satisfied. I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg for something that doesn't work great. I'm convinced that this is the best valued of these transmitters because it works well with near CD quality and you can get it for under $50. I took a 6 hour car trip right after buying this product and it worked beautifully. I had to change stations a couple of times during the trip, but never had a problem finding a clear station to use. It's also easy to use and it charges my iPod quickly. The only reason I don't give it a 5 star rating is because of occasional static in a very radio station busy Washington D.C. area. However, it works nicely for what I need it to do, so I'm a happy camper. And, just so you don't think I only write good reviews on Amazon, I'm off to write a bad review next....more info
  • Finally, a good transmitter!
    I had bought the Griffin RoadTrip last year to use in my car. See my review of that for more details, but I found it too top-heavy to stay put, not to mention that the sound quality wasn't that great. This one is compact and delivers great sound quality (for what it is - remember you can't expect Bose-quality sound from something broadcasting over FM!). I highly recommend it....more info
  • Go for a separate transmitter & charger
    I bought this product thinking it would be convenient having the charger and wireless transmitter in one product, but in hindsight I regret the purchase. The product works fine, but unfortunately you can only use the transmitter when it's plugged into the car lighter plug. Which means you can't listen to your iPod and charge your cell phone at the same time if you've only got one lighter outlet. You also can't use it as a transmitter outside your car, if so desired. Lastly, with only eight channels, I find it's sometimes hard to find a clear station with no noise/interference conflict with radio stations (especially in cities). If I were to buy again, I'd choose a transmitter that supports significantly more channels....more info
  • Nothing but static
    Even in the least populated areas of North America (Canada), I got mainly static. I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna with a standard manufacturer's radio/DVD player.

    Very frustrating and a waste of money. ...more info
  • Not Bad!
    After reading glowing and scathing reviews for this product, I wasn't sure what I'd find. In DFW area, only one of the frequencies works on the iCarPlay Wireless FM Transmitter for iPod. This is probably a negative is that the frequencies are already programmed. But, it works well enough. Some hissing and needing to turn the volume up on the stereo. I also attribute that to bad files uploaded to my iPod and a crappy stereo system. This product is definitely worth the money. ...more info
  • BUY IT!
    Oh man this cable is amazing. I've had it for 2 years now and I have NEVER had trouble with it. I use it in all three of my cars...a toyota minivan, a bmw x5, and an audi a6...all work beautifully. even when i travel out of town like in the appalachian mountains, it works! i just hit the little red button and switch the radio station.

    ive bought one for my uncle...he loves it. i bought an ipod and the monster cable for my grandfather, and he loves it. and no my grandfather does not like technology.

    it's perfect...and if you have an truly is a must....more info
  • awesome
    i've been using this unit since Sept 2004. (its June 2006) It was a great buy, at over $50+ at the time. Signal is a bit weak, compare to to other FM transmitter(not necessarily for ipod). One day I was driving on the freeway listening to my ipod through this unit, and suddenly i was listening to someone else's transmition. even though it was brief, it demostrates the signal's weakness. it doesnt bother me much, because it only happened once....more info
  • Excellent product!
    I'm very pleased with my iCarPlay. The sound is not perfect but I expected that. It works as advertised. If you are considering buying one be sure to compare prices. Best Buy was way more than twice as expensive as Amazon....more info
  • Wouldn't recommend it
    I bought this for my new video iPod to listen to it in my car (a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix). I bought it because several friends SWORE it was the best FM transmitter I could use with my iPod. No, it's not! It has 10-preset station choices. The reception was not satisfactory. I was always hearing static or interference on any choice.

    I am returning this item to Amazon. I purchased the Griffin Road Trip from Circuit City instead, and I'm much more satisfied with it. I get crystal clear iPod sound 95% of the time with it, so I'd strongly encourage you to spend the extra money!...more info
  • worked well until the ipod connector broke
    I purchased one of these about a year and a half ago and liked it -- it was easy to use and I could find a static free empty frequency in Tucson although I did have some challanges with changing frequencies and static in the Phoenix area (not the transmitter's fault).

    Just recently the plastic split casing of the FM transmitter's cable that connects to the iPod just split apart and disintegrated -- unable to put back together. The connector has never been mistreated or stepped on. It still works, but to use it would leave exposed wires etc out and it won't lock into the iPod without the connector shell piece.

    I'll probably replace with a new model of Monster's transmitter since it did work well.

    So for this one I'd have to give Monster 2 stars (4-5 stars for the function of FM transmitter and 1 star for the lack of quality of the cable connector)....more info
  • A lot of static !!!
    I have been using this transmitter for more than 6 months. I live in the Los Angeles area and lately, I have been getting a lot of static while using the transmitter. The pre-set stations of 8 are definitely not adequate. I hear so much static that I can barely listen to the music. Really annoying! Would not recommend this transmitter, since its forcing me to buy another FM transmitter. ...more info
  • Unsatisfactory product for my car (BMW)
    I purchased this device to play my Ipod in my car (a BMW M5). The reception was really terrible. Not recommended, at least if you have a 5 series BMW. Apparently the car antenna and this device don't talk to well to each other, despite the positive comments from other reviewers. ...more info
  • Almost a winner
    The unit worked as advertised, but in the SF Bay Area, the FM pr-sets are inadequate
    ...more info
  • depends on your car radio..
    I bought two of these, one for me and one for my stepson. It works beautifully in his car, but I get a lot of interference when I use it in mine. My car radio is a higher end unit with a better tuner than his. Like I said, I think it just depends on the radio in your car. ...more info
  • Works Well
    What can I say, other than that it works. I live in the heart of the Twin Cities Metro and it works fine. Yes, I do encounter 'pockets' of static - but switching to another channel usually clears that right up. Other than that, it works just fine ...more info
  • Very unhappy
    Tried in 3 cars, all the frequencies nothing worked well, severe distortion. Shouldn't have bought it...more info
  • Monster ICarPlay
    This is the first "extra" I've purchased for my new Ipod, and it's somewhat disappointing. Sound quality varies from pretty good to bad depending on where I am at, and switching channels doesn't seem to help. ...more info
  • Monster Cable iCarPlay wireless packs a powerful punch as promised
    I am quite pleased with this wireless fm transmitter for the ipod. Living in a rural area of massachusetts, I have found that the transmitter delivers excellent quality reception for the ipod in my car. I couldn't be happier. No problems here!...more info
  • Great...Minor Criticism
    I bought this I really have nothing else to compare it to. It works good. Supplies power to my iPod Nano while charging at the same time. I have one preset station that I use continously. This station (without this transmitter plugged in) emits a radion station pretty poorly. When the transmitter is plugged in, I rarely hear the other station (usually hear it only when i drive by the radion station on the other side of town). Some static is heard in certain conditions. Overall impression is pretty good. I'd be interested in testing out the iTrip...but I think I made the right choice here....more info
  • Works pretty damn good!
    From what I've used of the product so far, it works pretty well. There is hardly any static and the music comes in very well. I haven't used it in remote areas yet, but I would rate the product as very good....more info
  • A Major Disappointment
    Had I written this review in the first 2-3 weeks of owning this iCarPlay, I would have given it full stars. HOWEVER, 4 weeks into it, this Monster Monstrocity has deceided that it will only play for about 15-20 minutes at a time. The light in the power plug end remains lit, but all lights on the transmitter itself go out along with the sound. It must rest for awhile before it feels ready to work again. It must have a union contract! ...more info
  • Works okay for what it is - the design doesn't work great in my car
    First of all, having had another FM transmitter (the airplay), this one seems to work much better. There is still some distortion that comes with the technology but it meets the need for long road trips (I rarely use it for around the town driving). I have to believe that using the car as a power source probably helps in the strength of the signal.

    The part of the design that is a little annoying is that the plug end has a large button feature with the Monster M logo on it. This feature makes it a little difficult to work in the family car (VW passat wagon). That car's lighter is reset within the ashtray and because of the diameter of the button feature being so large, I have to force the ashtray one way while biasing the plug in the opposite direction (it makes me a little nervous that I will eventually break the ashtray housing). I may have to take a file to it to give a little more clearance....more info
  • works well in some cars, not at all in others
    This product works very well in my 1999 Subaru Outback, but not at all in a 2006 Outback; there, the static far exceeds the signal. There's no visible antenna on the 2006 car, so hard to guess where to position the unit to improve the sound quality.
    (Holding the cable and turning yourself into a big antenna helps marginally. :-)

    Bottom line - it isn't the unit's fault, but it may not work in your car. ...more info
  • The best transmitter
    Don't waste your time buying anything else but the Monster Cable iCarPlay Transmitter. It is worth every penny. My husband and I purchased two other transmitters and returned both due to static and songs cutting in and out. Once we purchased the iCarPlay we have not had any static problems. The music is so clear that you would think it was playing directly from your car radio. I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • Great buy, great transmitter
    I recently purchased an iPod Nano, and read a few reviews of the iTrip Nano and purchased that first. Huge mistake as the reception was pathetic and after tweaking it for a few days I just could not live with it. A good friend of mine had the iCarplay and it worked well for him so i purchased it here as with the new one out this trasmitter is a great buy. Plugged it in, and EVERY station that i tried works fantastic even if there is a strong signal on that station from the radio broadcast. I live outside of Philadelphia and the radio stations are packed but this item works like a charm. I love it and highly recommend it. Sound quality is not that of a CD but for how simple it is to use and it charges your ipod you cannot go wrong. 5 stars from me....more info
  • monster cable for ipod
    Disappointed in the quality of the cable because you ahve to physically hold the cable in in order for the ipod to play the music!...more info
  • Monster
    This product worked great from the time of initial installation.
    I read some of the horror stories and some of the favorable reviews and decided to take a chance. I have been using this product since October 2005. ...more info
  • The Monster has no clothes
    This device works to an extent, but there is lots of static and sometimes it switches to the radio station. Sometimes you lose the signal entirely depending on where you are driving. It sucks. I am bringing it back and getting the tape deck device. Only buy this if you don't have a tape deck in the car....more info
  • moster cable
    i received this item on time from Amazon and i was happy with them, but the product isnt what i expected. the reception is not so great i get alot of static. i am not pleased....more info
  • Very nice
    I live in Cupertino, CA. This thing works like a charm on stations 88.7, 89.1, 89.5. The only time I hear slight static is at the beginning of the song and then it fades away. To be honest, the sound is close to CD quality on my stock radio (99' cavalier) I was expecting fm radio quality and when i hooked it up it totally blew me away. Awesome product by Monster. Two thumbs up....more info
  • Don't spend any more time looking for something cheaper
    Don't spend any more time looking for something cheaper - I already did. This device is the way to go. I've had for a month and it works like a charm. And best of all, nearly NO STATIC!...more info
  • Buy if you love the sound of static!!
    Sound was fuzzy at best with all frequencies - avoid this product....more info
  • Works great!!!
    I bought this since I use my iPod Mini on my Bose Sound Dock at home and wanted to listen to the songs in my vehicle. While it doesn't match up to the Sound Dock, it's flawless in that I do not hear any static in the transmission.

    I live in Orange County in California and tried all presets on the Monster iCarPlay, except for one preset that had some static, three presets work just fine.

    It charges the iPod while in use, and when the ignition is turned off, it pauses the iPod's current song playing and lets the iPod go into sleep mode.

    I recommend for anyone searching for an inexpensive, but reliable, way to play their iPod through the car's FM stereo system....more info
  • so far so good
    I purchased this product for my son as a gift. So far he has had no problems and he is enjoying the product....more info
    I bought one of these for myself a while ago and couldn't praise it enough. I live in Orange County and rarely come across interference. I have since bought two more -- one each for my sister and brother in LA who love it as well. Definitely the transmitter to get!...more info
  • Not enough frequency choices
    I live in Los Angeles and find that the none of the preset frequencies work well. There are many radio stations in this city. For crowded radio areas like LA, you'd be better off with transmitters that allow the full FM spectrum to choose from, such as the iCarPlay Plus.

    On the good side, the product looks great and I love the how everything is integrated into the compact design....more info
  • Works great
    This is a great little device and I have never had a problem getting great reception no matter where I drive, cities or out in the boonies. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Works great for me.
    After reading all the comments, I was worried about ordering this. Luckily my desire to use my iPod in my car and a friend who had one advice, I ordered it.

    The instructions say find a station with little or no signal. In my area 88.1, has a station with an excellent signal... I plugged in the Monster iCarPlay and there was no bleed over. My iPod played very well. There was a little static, and I noticed on one track I could hear the same hiss and crackle that I hear when playing it on my CD player.

    It was definitely worth the money....more info
  • This product rocks!
    I bought this FM Transmitter for my iPod so I can listen to it when I drive tractor (since they don't have any CD players), so the day my iPod came in (it came after the FM Transmitter did) so the next day taht I went to work I tried it out, and I've never heard such a good quality of music through that radio. In other words, this product rocks. If you want quality, buy either this FM Transmitter, or the newer one that Monster make now!...more info
  • Great idea - TERRIBLE quality
    I was so disappointed at the quality of this device. What a great idea for a product - combine power and transmit to an FM receiver.

    HOWEVER - the device works terriby.

    1) The connector that plugs into the bottom of the ipod was loose and sometimes I got only one channel unless I wiggled it just right.

    2) The FM transmitter quality is TERRIBLE. I have or have had three basic transmitter devices in the last 5 years. All of them work better than this one. You would think that being adjacent to the radio and on the same wire as the radio power supply that it would work well - but it doesn't. The sound quality is fair when you can get it to transmit (you have to hold it just right) but there is an extremely high level of hiss or white noise in the background that will drive you crazy. Can't stand it.

    3) You can program in whatever frequency you want on the device, but when you unplug the device or turn off your car, it forgets the frequency and goes back to the default frequency! What good is that??? You have to go back thru the programming sequence each time you turn the ignition on or unplug the device!

    I tried the device on two ipods and in two cars with same results.

    I'm taking mine back to apple store tomorrow!...more info
  • It's okay - but not worth the money
    Alright, so I bought the video iPod and then I needed an adapter for those rental cars that don't have tape players, so I bought this.

    The sound quality is average at best and if your car has an antenna in the back of your car then you won't get any reception. It feeds off the antenna - so if you buy this, make sure the antenna is on the front of your car.

    I thought my iTrip was better than this but it won't work with the iPod video....more info
  • It is exactly what it says it is!
    This product does what it is suppose to do; give you the ability to play your iPod in the car for very little $. Does it have some static, of course, FM transmission is not ideal, but it is easy. Read the review of low stars so you know what to expect before you buy so that you will realize FM transmission is not a digital broadcast, but a good cheap alternative until cars come stock with iPod plugs.

    If nothing else it is a good car charger too!...more info
  • I live in thye biggest city in the world!
    so far for a month this item had worked perfectly!!! ...more info
  • Avoid this product
    The Monster Cable is the worst electronic device I have ever purchased. They could put 100 FM channels on this device and they would all have static. I tried every way imaginable to make this device work with my iPod mini and even tried several different vehicles but the end result was......static! Please save your money and buy a cassette adaptor instead. The cassette adaptor will not be CD quality but it will sound a heck of a lot better than static with music in the background.

    Avoid this product like the plague! If anyone from Monster is reading this, please use this as inspiration to make a quality product.
    ...more info
  • Bad Reception
    I was very unhappy with the reception of this icarplay. There's another product out there that let's you manuelly program any FM station you want. Rather than like this one that only let's you use stations 88.1-89.9...more info
  • iPod Transmitter
    This unit makes it possible to listen to your iPod through your car stereo by tranmitting through the radio. Does work, however often times you will hear background static, especially if you area has a lot of radio station in the 88.1 FM through 89.5 FM. Here in the Nashville area there is a station on every channel. This unit does keep you from having to burn CD's and is convenient. Only powered by car adapter. Would be better if car it came with multiple options for powere source....more info
  • Dissatisfied
    To be honest I was very unhappy with this purchase and returned it to Amazon for $$$ back. I was also disappointed because I just got my iPOD and was very impressed with it and loved the idea of using it in the car. The reception was terrible wherever I went -- in the country or the city. I friend of mind tried to warn me to get a direct car tape player adaptor but I was foolish and didnt listen. The technology needs a lot of improvement before it is going to catch on. Do not buy this product!!...more info
  • inconsistent
    I was given the Monster iCarPlay FM Wireless FM kit for Christmas shortly after I got an iPod mini. I've used it in both the Phoenix, AZ area (where my girlfriend lives) and in the Portland, OR area (where I live). In the Phoenix area (in my girlfriend's '02 Accura TL), this thing seemed to work marvelously. I was incredibly impressed with the crispness of the sound. However, in the Portland area (in my '01 Honda Civic), the performance is rather inconsistent. Perhaps the Portland area radio stations tend to populate more of the lower frequencies, so it's harder to find an open frequency. Particularly in areas where there are big highway interchanges and/or big radio towers nearby, I tend to hear a lot of interference.

    I really put it to the test when I drove from Portland, OR to San Francisco, CA for Thanksgiving (about an 11-hour drive). During the drive, I had to switch frequencies more than a handful of times. Of course, the sound quality was much better as I drove through more rural areas. As I enterred the big cities, specifically SF, it was almost impossible to find a clear signal, but once I got out towards the suburbs, it was a little better. It was also interesting that as I passed big 18-wheeler trucks, I could hear some interference. I was wondering if perhaps their CB radios were running on the same frequency....more info
  • What a piece of SH!T
    It used to be that the solution for questionable engine noises was to TURN THE STEREO UP.Well, the excess white noise broadcasted from this bad boy oughta' do it! Of course, good luck in actually enjoying your ipod throught it! Christ...It'll mask that out for ya too! WHAT A JOKE...WHAT HAPPENED TO APPLE'S INTEGRITY???...TO EVEN HAVE THIER PRODUCTS ASSOCIATED WITH SUCH JUNK!!!I'VE TRIED 2 DIFFERENT MODELS OF MONSTER'S TRANSMITTERS.
  • Poor sound quality
    When i was looking for an FM transmitter for my i-pod, I knew that the sound would not be digital quality, but I was still extremely dissapointed by the sound quality of this product. Of the ten channels to choose from I could only pick up the i-pod on two of them. The two stations that did pick it up had horrible sound quality (static and hollow sounding). I know FM transmitters aren't perfect, but this one isn't even close....more info
  • A nice add on
    I purchased this primarily to listen to podcasts while in my car, and it fulfills that function more than adequately. It is easy to use, and I have had little difficulty using it in Atlanta and Boston. As others have noted, these devices work better in rural areas. Also as others have noted, it is no substitute for a CD nor, in my opinion, a "real" FM station; however, if you do not mind that the music sounds "thin" and the infrequent static in parking garages, certain bridges, etc., it works well. It does quickly charge my iPod. I do not regret buying it....more info
  • Later versions are a better selection
    The product works effectively when one of the eight or so FM stns are open...otherwise you receive screeching noises and other disconcerting sounds. It is my understanding that later versions enable you to select ANY open FM stn/number (i.e. 87.9 always seems to be open but I can't select that stn with my current pdt)... ...more info
  • Impressive power
    I bought the iCarPlay because I'd just purchased an iPod mini and was looking for a way to be able to play it in my boyfriend's car. My car has a cassette deck, so I already had a cassette adapter for use in my own car. I'd heard that the cassette adapters had better quality anyway.

    After using the iCarPlay on a 2.5 hour trip, I found myself very impressed. At first, I was worried -- every station I could choose from seemed to have some sort of signal coming through. As soon as I turned the iCarPlay to a station, however, it managed to completely outpower whatever weaker signals I had been receiving. The station was completely quiet and ready for me to broadcast.

    Does it produce CD quality sound? Of course not. It's an FM transmitter, so the best sound you can expect is what you'd hear on any other FM station on the dial. But I was pretty impressed with the quality that I did get from it -- I think I may use it in my car instead of the cassette adapter. I like how the iCarPlay uses the dock connector instead of the headphone plug -- it broadcasts independently of the iPod's volume, so you don't have to worry about messing around with the volume on the iPod and on the car radio to try and find the best quality.

    As for needing to change the frequency often, I found that I only had to change things twice during the entire trip. I expected this to happen, since I started in Rochester and went through Syracuse. I never seemed to have much of a problem finding a clear frequency to use, however.

    My only suggestion is to make sure that you unplug everything when you turn your car off. I remember reading a review before I purchased this that mentioned the iCarPlay turning itself off when the car was off -- this didn't happen in my boyfriend's Cavalier. The red light stayed on and my iPod continued charging once the car was off. I usually like to unplug everything and hide it when I'm getting out of the car anyway, so this wasn't a big deal for me.

    If you live in a larger city, you may want to consider getting the newer iCarPlay -- it lets you select from a wider range of frequencies and only costs a few dollars more (the ability to select from more frequencies is the only difference between the two). But if you live in a medium-sized city or smaller and are looking to save a little money, this iCarPlay is a great option. Although I've never tried another FM transmitter, I can't see how any of them could be any better than this one....more info
  • works great
    I always wanted to play mp3 in my car because cds get robbed. I use the icar hooked up to my ipod and it works great...more info
  • icar fm transmitter
    i was very frustrated with the bad results of this transmitter, of the stations available, only one was'nt occupied by a staion already. and then it sounded like a fm station with bad reception. very disatisfied....more info
  • looks nicer than it works
    I wanted a wireless connection to my car radio for my ipod and the monster cable looked good at first. The first thing I have to say is that for the price it's not all that great, it's actually a cheep looking thing. I expected the monster cable to be able to run off the ipods battery like other accessories for ipod, and that if I wanted too I could also use it on a home stero system, but that was'nt the case, in order for it to work it has to be pluged into your car lighter, so it was'nt as versitile as I thought it would be. Also the sound that plays through the car stero using the monster cable is not that loud and kind of muffled. I have one of those audio tape connections in which a thing that looks like a casset tape with a wire coming out of the tape deck connects to my ipod headphone jack, and it sounds much 10 times better then the monster cable, so I still use my tape connection thingy insted. It too bad becase when I go into my wifes car, who has a better stero system in her car but only has a cd player, I have to use the monster cable, which makes the sound in her car sound worse than the sound in my car. I know that this is not the case with other wireless fm transmiters for mp3 players. My friend has a transmiter for an mp3 player and it sounds loud and clear. The only good thing I have to say about the monster cable is that it charges my ipod as well, but if I wanted just a car charger then I would have bought that insted. ...more info
  • Fast Delivery
    got it faster than expected and product worked better than I thought 5 stars all the way around...more info
  • Finally a FM Transmitter that works
    I have tried 4 different FM Modulators (Transmitters) to use with my I-pod, and this is the first that could transmit 'strong' enough for living in Boston. In fact, this unit is so strong, that you can broadcast over a station that has faint music, something I found the I-trip, the I-tunes, and a whole host of other units couldn't do. Remember though, it still won't be as good as CD quality. With the other units I tried, I could get the music to work for a while, but as soon as I drove just a little ways, I would have to find a 'cleaner' (more static) station- even just a hint of reception would throw the music off....more info
  • Love it
    Product works flawlessly. Got it for a great price and am very pleased with it. Live in L.A. and fears of channel interference were unfounded....more info
  • Works as intended
    This is a very useful attachment. Transmition is strong and clear. It is easy to change the FM station one wants to use. The iPod charge is a bonus....more info
  • iCarPlay Works Great Given the Right Conditions
    iCarPlay works great in regions where there is little congestion of radio stations in the 88.X FM frequencies. The built-in charging feature is a nice addition and great when driving long distances. In areas like New York, the reception becomes less satisfying since there is static and other signal inhibiting sounds. But you can still hear the music. I end up hunting for the right frequency with the least amount of disruption which is a pain especially when driving. So I like the device but the right conditions need to prevail for it to be totally enjoyable....more info
  • Not bad
    Works great because I don't have a cassette deck in my car, but sometimes you have to play with the channels to get a clear signal. I like the fact that it charges at the same time and is pretty unobtrusive....more info
  • Best Car Adapter Available
    This adapter has total ease of use with its combination of charger and fm transmitter in the same unit. Its nice only having to plug one unit into your ipod, and its size makes other units seem inferior. If you run into static, its simple to switch to another fm station with one click.

    If you are looking for an fm transmitter for your vehicle, don't pass this one up. The price is just too right and it outperforms all others....more info
  • Excellent Quality
    The quality of sound was superb. A few things that you might want to consider before purchasing:

    1. The device comes with present 8 FM station selections (88.1, 88.3, 88.5, 88.7, 88.9, 89.1, 89.3, or 89.5), which means the assumption that one of the 8 FM stations should be unused (and no other close station interferes). I've tried it in North America and internationally and had no problems with it. You might want to check if at least one of the 8 stations is unused before purchasing. I don't think this should be an issue but worth making sure before you buy.

    2. You will not be able to use the device unless you plug it into the cigarette lighter. This could be an issue if you use other devices in the car such as a cell phone or pocket PC charger or if you want to use it outside a car, like on a radio or stereo at home. Some other devices will give you this flexibility but will deprive you from charging your iPod.

    Due to this, my use of the product is a bit of a hassle since I charge my phone using the cigarette lighter (the phone stand is based on the cigarette lighter). Besides that, I am extremely happy with the product when I use it.

    3. There are some devices that include a stand for the iPod (stand is based on the cigarette lighter). The price is similar to this product but I am not sure about the quality. Explore your options and find what fits your needs....more info
  • Just ok.
    I'm happy that I can use my iPod in my car, but maybe our area is not the best place for an fm transmitter. I'm often changing the stations to find a clearer station, and when the station is clear, the sound is muffled. I have a '98 Nissan Altima with an aftermarket stereo and pretty decent speakers. My husband has '04 Ford Escape with a stock stereo and speakers, and it sounds much better in his car. I do like the fact that it charges the iPod while you use it. Works well enough for now....more info
  • Works Great!
    I live in Sacramento,CA and the icar play works perfect for me, aside from a little static. But it is a FM transmitter....more info
  • A pretty good solution.
    The Monster FM Transmitter works well except that it allows the user to select from only eight stations. Sometimes they are all taken, at least to some degree of signal strength, so that it makes it difficult to stick with one station....more info
  • Excellent iPod accessory
    This is unbeatable as an in car IPod accessory. The reception is clear and crisp. Only complaint is that the connector can be difficult to clip on or off the ipod....more info
  • I need some information!
    Please i need to know if monster cable icarplay wireless FM trasmitier for ipod it serves for a plam livedrive mobile manager or other cable please let me know (...)...more info
  • Good assuming you have a clear channel
    I like the idea of a charger and FM transmitter combined in one. I travel constantly and I am always in different cities with different rental cars. How much you enjoy this product will depend greatly on where you live and what you drive. The sound quality depends on the car radio, in some cars it is very good and in others the signal is too weak. Depending on the city you're in you may or may not find the presets correspond to a clear channel. For that reason I reccomend buying an FM transmitter which allows you to use any station instead of a handful of preset ones....more info
  • Great product, highly recommended!
    I was given this product as a gift, and absolutely love it. I know there are tons of reviews (mostly positive) already written about this product, but I enjoy using it so much that I really wanted to add my 2 cents worth.

    I found that the sound quality is pretty good - I have a pretty standard Pioneer CD player in the car, nothing fancy. The range of transmission settings is adequate for driving around the city or the suburbs - ie no interference from existing radio stations. There is the occassional static breakout, but that is usually when I'm driving over a metallic bridge, which usually wrecks havoc with the radio stations anyway. Sometimes I need to change the setting but this has not happened very often.

    The charging feature is a great bonus, especially as I don't have a car charger for my iPod. I have heard that it's best not too charge the battery too often, to prolong the batter life, but sometimes it comes in very handy.

    And perhaps the one thing that makes this such a cool product for me, compared to other similar products on the market, is that the Monster cable has a cool colour scheme that matches very well with my U2 iPod. I know this is a minor point when it comes to product quality, but it was something I was quite happy about.

    So if you are thinking of uncluttering the car from all those CDs and enjoying your iPod while driving, you should give this product a go....more info
  • Works very well and easy to use
    I have heard some stories about buying the FM transmitters because they just don't work well or have lots of static. I have to say that since I have had this ICarPlay I have had no problems with the reception... its sounds really good. Not as good as digital, but most people won't know the difference.
    ...more info
  • monster i cable play pluss transmitter for ipod
    This item is great but make sure you get the correct one as Amazon does not do a very good job with there ad there are two models the better one is called ''pluss''and amazon does not put that in there ad you can programe your own radio stations with pluss. The other has eight presets. Sorry Amazon....more info
  • Nice investment
    I had heard good things about the Monster iCarPlay and I have to say that it lived up to the hype. The cable worked perfectly on our 10 hour road trip to our vacation. I loaded my ipod with music and podcasts and just turned it on and it kept us entertained for hours. Great product, easy to use and not only did it allow us to take our ipod on the road, it charged it too! ...more info
  • Works well, but....
    This is a great product, however, if you live in a large city like Los Angeles, most of the FM frequencys are TAKEN! Makes it difficult to find a station you can use with good reception. Maybe it will be better for long road trips....more info
  • Must have for any iPod owner
    I have always been stuck listening to poor radio stations and endless commercials while driving my car, but the Monster Cable iCarPlay Wireless FM Transmitter has erased this problem forever. I drive a 98 Chevy Cavalier with no CD player and a tape deck that doesn't work, and so this FM Transmitter was the perfect tool to allow me to listen to what I want to in the car. The device is very easy to use and has some great features. The fact that it charges the iPod while in use is wonderful - you can take long car trips without your iPod's battery draining - and I find myself never using the wall charger at home anymore.

    The most amazing feature is the power of the transmitter itself. I can sit in my driveway and tune my car radio to 88.1 (one of the iCarPlay's possible presets) and clearly make out a radio station. When I turn on the iCarPlay though and set it to 88.1, the station goes silent and I can set my iPod to play whatever I want. There have been a few times on the highway when the signal fills with static, but it is very easy to quickly change the preset and find a clear channel.

    The overall sound quality is great, not quite CD quality but far superior to FM radio or even cassettes.

    Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone who would like to listen to their iPod in the car and who doesn't have a fancy Mercedes to allow them to plug the iPod directly into their radio....more info
  • Just Ok
    This monster cable has preset FM stations. I have found that the presets don't work very well in my area. The monster cable that allows you to set the stations is much better....more info
  • Great device
    It has great sound compared to an iTrip or Belkin iPod accessory. It has CD quality sound. ...more info
  • A Real Home Run!
    I purchased the Monster Cable iCarPlay Wireless FM Transmitter for iPod for a long vacation road trip. It arrived the day before I left, so my first experience using it was heading east on I-40 in heavy traffic. It was a snap! The only problem was seeing the preset FM station numbers on the iCarPlay. Once I stopped to refuel and set the second bank of FM presets on my radio to match those on the iCarPlay, all was well. I traveled nearly 2000 miles through both urban and rural areas and never had a problem finding a clear frequency. Using the presets on the iCarPlay and my radio made the search quick and painless. This is an excellent addition to the iPod for those who want to listen while traveling....more info
  • I love my car even more now.
    I never thought I would be an iPod person, but when I was given an old one by a friend I suddenly became very attached to it. I use it as an extra hard drive when I edit larger projects, and of course, I use it for music.

    I was also given this monster icarplay thingy. It is amazing. I never have any problems with it and the sound comes through crystal clear.
    If you live in the LA area try 88.7 as a station. Your car becomes your own private auditorium.

    I highly reccomend this over the cheaper Apple products. ...more info
  • Monster cable
    This is well worth the money and amazon is a really good price. Shop'll buy it from amazon and it works great!!...more info
  • Monster iPod FM transmitter ROCKS
    Bought this Monster FM transmitter for my iPod mini based on Monster's reputation and negative reviews of similar products. I have been using it for over a month, and I have to say it works great. I love it when a product exceeds my expectations!...more info
  • Woked great, urban and not
    I bought this for a road trip after reading the reviews, confident that in the middle of nowhere, it would work fine, but worried that it wouldn't in the city. It worked fine, even in downtown DC and near Baltimore. When another station was in the way, I'd hear a little static, then push the button to change the frequency, seek up on the radio, and keep driving. If you weren't on a road trip, you might only have to change it once. I used the iPod's wired remote to fast forward and pause, and hid the iPod away.

    I'd recommend it, though its effectiveness may be sensitive to the car you drive and how its antenna is wired.
    ...more info
  • Poor Audio Quality due to Constant FM Interference
    I live in LA and have been using the Monster Cable iCarPlay Wireless FM Transmitter for iPod in my Ford Explorer for several weeks now, and have decided that the it is not usable. On the good side, it is a nice compact, integrated design that keeps your iPod charged while in the car. On the bad side, it only has eight FM frequencies to choose from, and here in LA and Orange Counties, that's just not enough. I travel from Irvine to the South Bay to Santa Monica, and I would constantly hear a hiss or other annoying interference. Worse, as I move from one part of two to another, I have to fumble with the iCarPlay and my car radio to switch them to a new frequency. And this doesn't seem to be a problem just here in LA and Orange County; the interference is prevalent at nearly all times when traveling down I-5 to San Diego. So, for populated areas, I cannot recommend the iCarPlay....more info
  • Worthless to me
    How well this works must depend a lot on your car and where you live. I have a 2003 Accord and live in the suburbs of a mid-sized city, and this is useless. I could only get a signal from it for 2 of the channels, and it was very faint and full of static. I returned it....more info
  • Killed my 30gb Ipod Photo
    Worked well for a month. Then one day I connected it and my Ipod shut off completely. I unconnected and Ipod still wouldnt turn on. I looked at the dock connector and it was black on the IPOD and on the cable....more info
  • Good charger ... and that's about it.
    This item works very well as a charger, but the FM transmission is very weak. The problem is not in the signal reaching the radio, but in the volume; I have to turn my radio volume up at least twice as loud to hear the music equally as well as the radio or a cassette. Belkin makes a product that produces much more volume, a fuller sound with more low-end sound, as well as being able to digitally choose any FM frequency.
    I don't care what kind of car you drive, this product does not work as well as some others....more info
  • Genius solution to use Ipod on car travels!
    Genius! Genius! charge and transit mp3 to radio!...more info
  • Poor Quality
    Display quit working first day. Unit was replaced. Display went out on second unit after few hours. Finally, second unit quit working altogether in just a few days. ...more info
  • Use Cassette Slot if you have one
    This FM Transmitter has 8 FM channels to choose from. Perhaps because I am between DC and Baltimore, none of them were totally free of programming. Using the best, still left some background noise. When playing soft music, I had to turn up the volume so loud that the background noise was a real problem. I was very disappointed. Upon further research, I discovered that I could use a cassette adapter instead, and was amazed at the improvement in sound quality. In addition to no background noise, the signal through the cassette adapter is much stronger, so I do not need to turn up the volume on soft music.

    The cassette adapter does not charge the iPod, so my FM Transmitter is now just a very expensive car charger. I should have researched these accessories before buying. ...more info
  • Definitely a good purchase
    I am completely happy with this product, I was skeptical at first but I have found that with little adjustment my ipod works perfectly in almost any area, this is definitely one of the best purchase I have made, worth every penny!...more info
  • Flippin sweet!
    Damn, this thing is a breeze to use and it sounds fantastic! I've used it in three cars now, with no problems at all.

    Hooray!!...more info
  • This item barely works, horrible quality
    If you live in the Seattle, WA area, DO NOT purchase this product. All of the 88.* fm stations are occupied by another broadcasting station, and the reception from the transmitter is extremely poor. I tried this unit out in 3 separate cars, with some success but it was like listening to a poorly broadcasted radio station. In my dad's Lexus LS 430 the unit did not work whatsoever, and in my 2000 Mustang the unit worked off and on but with constant fuzz background noise and the volume on my stereo had to be turned up 50% more than usual.

    I would not recommend this product, and I am going to return it. I plan on finding another unit that will let me select any radio station to choose, and hopefully I can find another that has a stronger signal. I gave this item 2 stars simply because if you wanted to vaguely hear the music from your iPod the Monster iCarPlay will half-a$$ the job for you.

    I do admit the device is a great idea, car charger/FM transmitter for your iPod, but the lack of quality simply outweighs the benefits of an all in one device....more info
  • Look no further!
    Tired of confusing reviews that seem to conflict where all of these types of products are concerned? Allow me to simplify the whole thing. On your particular vehicle, where is your antennea located? Do you have a front-mounted antennea, or a rear-mounted one? If your car's radio antennea is in the front, almost any of these types of products will stand you in good stead. Why? These things have a very limited range in which they can effectively transmit. If however, your car is like mine, with a rear-mounted antennea, (mine is embedded in my rear windshield) you need a superior product to do the job. What constitutes a superior product? One that plugs into the docking port of your iPod rather than the headset jack! Monster iCarPlaymeets this requirement! i had previoudly tried the Arkon-250 and it just sucked. The Monster iCarPlay gives me a wonderful sound, and the only time I experience any static is when I am in an area with a lot of bumper-to-bumper traffic, or a large amount of high-vo;tage power lines. Even then the static is tolerable. The only concessionI have made is clipping the iPod to a sun-visor so that the transmitter reaches the antannea in my rear window. Laying the iPod on my front seat is simply not an option. Hope this helps!...more info
  • This is as good as it gets
    I lived with the iTrip for a while and I must say that it wasn't a pleasant experience. I have two cars, one with a cassette player and one without. If you have a cassette player in your car, do not even consider FM transmitters; cassette adapters produce much better sound. (By the way, I tried Bellkin, Panasonic, Sony, and Maxell. Maxell is the clear winner, no contest. It is the cheapest one as well.)

    For the car without a cassette player, I tried the Monster Cable iCarPlay, and what a difference! I can finally concentrate on music, not the FM noise. It is much more powerful than the iTrip for sure. Interestingly, iTrip works better with lower bands, while iCarPlay works better with higher frequency. (In NYC area, 107.7 is the one, while iTrip worked ok with 87.7)

    One nice bonus is that your iPod will always be charged when you use this product, though I have no idea what that will do to the battery in the long run. Doesn't frequent re-charging shortens the lifespan of a battery?...more info
  • Well worth it!
    I drive a Mercedes CLK 2002 for which there is no IPOD compatibility and no tape deck. I have a 6 CD changer in the boot, which is excellent but for the heat in Kuwait, where I live. I always ended up leaving CD's in the car and that ruined so many of them.
    Along with my IPOD, I got the FM transmitter, not expecting superior quality or anything, but it's been EXCELLENT!
    No static, no significant loss in quality. I'm very impressed and would recommend it to everyone!
    Sure, it would be a bit painful for anyone living in the states because it has just 6 presets, but other than that, it's an excellent alternative to the tape adapter....more info
  • Only order if you have the "right" car!
    This may be a great product. It may be a total piece of crap. Most people will never know because it was apparently designed by someone who'd never actually been in a car. Many cars cigarette lighters (or more politically correct "accessory power ports") are designed to sit inside the ashtray or under a dashboard. The genius who designed this product decided it needed an enormous fat knob on the end of it to support the "monster" logo. This knob guarantees that you will never get the charger to seat properly. I own four cars and I couldn't place it in any of them. Save yourself the hassle, money, and time and avoid this ill designed piece of crap....more info
  • Not too shabby...
    This product is an extremely good idea. In fact, I wish that I could have selected 4.75 Stars. The iCarTrip could benefit greatly from the use of a bigger transmitter. I have to battle with a little bit of fuzz even when the selected station is 'blank.' It still sounds better than when I use my old tape adapter. I am not sure what is in it now, but increaseing the capacity a milliamp or two could really boost performance.

    It is really easy to use, and I love the fact that I can keep my iPod charged all at the same time, It is really beneficial on a long road trip. Sure, the battery life says 12 hours, but that is without backlight functionality, and changing the songs frequently. Also, I do not have to bring my AC adapter on vacation... one less thing to leave in a hotel room.

    Plus... more and more cars are coming out without a tape deck. The tape deck can be $225 more in some cases. $48.87 is a lot easier on the ol' wallet!

    To conclude... Nice work!

    (My apologies for typos)...more info
  • ICarPlay
    this transmitter works perfectly in my car. no fuzziness or anything, crystal clear sound. i absolutely love it, a great decision to play my mini in the car. ...more info
  • Just buy a tape adapter
    Very poor sound quality. That's all there is to it. Great idea, but unless you are in an area with very few occupied stations, my bet is the sound quality will be very unsatisfactory. Buy a tape adapter, I use one now with great success, and if you need to charge your iPod while driving look into the iGo system or something like it....more info
  • Mixed results - not worth the money
    I'm using iCarPlay in a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder. It works fairly well IF you're in an area where the radio station frequencies are not in use but if I turn on my AC, heater fan etc. I get annoying static sound. In some areas, clashing with radio stations is a big problem. Trying to switch to other frequencies while driving probably isn't the safest thing to do either. The "volume blast" when turning the car on, mentioned in other reviews, is also a major negative.
    Overall, I just don't think it's worth the money or aggravation. Will probably return it and try a cassette adapter until a compatible, decent price system comes out to allow direct integration with my factory Bose car CD system. ...more info
  • Great accessory for all ipod lovers!!!!!
    Very easy to use, I get great sound and you have 8 different stations to select from. It also has a great look, lights up in red so it's easy to see when driving at night!...more info
  • it more than gets the job done
    I've had the iCarPlay for a month now and am thoroughly enjoying it within its limitations. I move it between 4 cars and a RV trailer. It seems to work best with the car with the worst radio (poor reception on weak stations). The car with the best reception sometimes picks up static from the iCarPlay's limited number of frequencies. The best surprise was when I tried it with the radio in my RV trailer. The trailer is an older model with only a cassette player which limited my music choices/playing time. I plugged the iCarPlay into the 12v accessory outlet and now I can use the trailer's stereo system with my ipod. A plus is that I can charge my ipod when I use it; the only negitive is the limited number of frequencies I can use (8) if there is weak station conflict. One reviewer wrote that he had to play with the ipod volume control, I don't understand this since it is disabled when I plug it into the iCarPlay
    dj ...more info
  • Results vary by vehicle
    I live in New York, as some other reviewers who have posted reviews. And I can say that the worth of this product seems to vary based on which vehicle it is being used in...

    I purchased this transmitter based on some very positive reviews after having tried some of the others available (the Belkin and iTrip models). None of the others I tried seemed to be able to transmit over the weak stations available in New York.

    So it was with crossed fingers that I plugged this one into my car. And I was very pleased when this one worked GREAT. Really. Even weak stations (New York has very few empty stations) worked great.

    And then...I had to rent a car when mine was being repaired. Needless to say, I expected to be able to play my iPod just as I had before in my own car...the thing is I couldn't. It didn't work at all....I don't know if it is because of the position of your antenna, or where you have to plug the unit into your car for power, but I didn't get the great results of my own car.

    So I now understand why some people who live in the same area can come up with different results...

    It may very well on what kind of car you own....more info
  • Works like magic for me who lives in a big, big city.
    first I bought the itrip thingy magingy and that did not work at all. So I returned it and bought the icarplay based on reviews I read right here. Well it works like magic straight out of the box. I can hear it loud and clear. I love my icarplay and believe it is the one to buy if you want to play your itunes in your car. Wow! I got the bose system for my home and that is an awesome sound machine, I'm donating my stereo equipment now. All I need is my ipod, the bose system and icarplay. I'm done.
    ...more info
  • Not so great really. Might not even be good
    This is the first FM transmitter that I have ever owned. I listened to one other one, which performed no better than this. I bought this particular model based on recommedations that it sounded most like listening to the iPod from headphones. The persons that wrote those reviews must live in more idealic places than I. Mine works, but it is not enjoyable. I have discovered that I have to make a careful balance between the iPod volume (roughly 75%) and than turn the radio up way loud. If the iPod volume goes higher, feedback comes over the car stereo. If it goes lower, you'll never hear it no matter how loud you turn your stereo. This is a real problem when you turn off the iPod or if you get back into the car without having turned off the radio. You will be deafened. If you unplug the transmitter from the iPod you can produce varying amounts of static on the radio by shaking the wire from side to side or EVEN just grabing the transmitter in different places. Frequently static plays into the programs from the iPod and generally seems to make a clopping sound like a horse just rode through my back seat. One good perk I've discovered: IF the horse starts walking and picks up to a full blown run before blarring static over the radio, it means a cell phone is ringing near by. Save a few bucks and buy something cheaper; you aren't getting anything more with this (except that horse phone trick)....more info
  • Taking music with me is great... and that's no lie!
    Three of the stations available on this product are "free" (i.e; full of static) in the Southern California (Orange County) area, and this thing worked great on all three of them; two better than the other. It sounds fantastic; not CD quality, but since my iPod is playing mp3's and not CD's I didn't expect that. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars instead of five is because I *do* have to turn the radio up in order to get the correct volume (volume control on my iPod mini is disabled when this is plugged in), and after you get used to that, switching stations to get a traffic report or something will tend to blow you out of your seat if you're not careful.

    This was incredibly easy to use; find the right station on your radio and click the button on the iCarPlay until it matches, and here comes music! One thing that was extra-great was that pulling the cig adapter out and re-seating it resulted in the iCarPlay going back to the previously selected station, so you don't have to fumble with it every time you plug it in.

    But the main reason I bought this was due to a negative review here from last week that called anyone who liked this a liar. That cracked me up; I've used that sort of over-the-top reaction as a barometer before and anyone that clueless probably has no idea what they are talking about. After receiving my iCarPlay, that thought was vindicated. I am convinced his problems arose because he couldn't figure out how to install it, or possibly how to turn on his radio. Of course, my 5-year old had no problems...

    As an added bonus, I received it less than 24 hours after I ordered it, even without selecting expedited shipping. Being able to charge my iPod mini while I listen to it is awesome, especially on trips where a USB port is not available for charging. Highly recommended, but watch the volume if you switch away from the station your iCarPlay is tuned to!
    ...more info
  • Too Much STATIC!!!
    I live about 30 miles south of Indianapolis and no matter what channel I select there is static! The quality of the sound is very poor. I'm now looking to somehow hardwire my ipod into my car. My advice is pass on this one unless you don't mind constant static....more info
  • I like it
    After reading all of the negative reviews, I was very apprehensive of the product. However, when I plugged it in; I was pleased with it. It does have an FM radio sound; not CD quality sound; but your technically listening to the radio. I live in an extremely Metro Area... Few miles from NYC so every station is occupied on the low end of the dial... but the Monster Cable is still able to transmit the signal.
    ...more info
  • Don't Believe Them!!
    Any reviewer who claims to live in an urban area and says he gets great results from this product is LYING. Beware of retailers or manufacturers submitting reviews. I live in the NY area. Every possible bandwith is occupied. This solution does not and cannot work. Even in a rural area, where a response is possible, the sound is brutal! Worse than AM radio. DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON THIS. I'm bringing mine back. I now believe that a hard wired approach is the ONLY workable solution. Reviewers who say this sounds great must still have 8 track players....more info
  • H20music
    If you like the sound Quality of your ipod degraded 30 to 40 %, then this is the item for you. The signal is not clear, there is static on all bands and the tone is basically marginal. Save your money!...more info
  • Not for the KC metro area
    Great product, but not for the KC metro area where all of the stations are used. Wish I wold have checked first. Works great, however, outside the metro area where I planned to use it the most. I will probably upgrade to the new version....more info
  • Works well in Boston
    After being quoted $350 by my dealership to instal a vendor
    approved adapter I've decided to take a chance and give the
    iCarPlay a go.

    I've been driving for few days with this setup and everything
    works well. There really isn't anything empty on the radio in
    Boston area but 2 frequencies (89.3 and 89.5) have relatively
    weak signals and as such are are prime candidates for iCarPlay

    I drive close to ~130 miles daily, mostly Boston North and West,
    and so far the quality of the transmission was more than
    adequate.I did not have to change the frequency, in fact the radio is
    memorized on a new favorite station, 89.5. The only problem spot
    is Ted Williams tunnel, I think Massport is jamming all the radio
    broadcasts there.

    4 stars because there isn't a way to switch it off; once
    iCarPlay is plugged in it is on untill you yank it out from the
    socket. Given that it is lit like a Christmas tree it isn't safe
    to just leave it in the car, it does attract attention.

    Note about shipping:

    Not sure why, but even though the amazon claims this product is
    available within 24 hours (as of this writing), it took full 2
    weeks for this order to go through, not counting the actual
    shipping time. You may be better off driving to local BestBuy and
    getting it there since the price differential is minimal....more info
  • Decisions, Decisions.....
    Three months ago, after doing some reading in the web regarding this subject, I went to BestBuy looking for a system for my car. At that time I had narrowed down my options to either the Griffin iTrip FM transmitter for dockable iPods or the Moster Cable iCarPlay wireless FM iPod transmitter/charger but was not totally sure so I decided to ask for advice to a salesperson at the store (bad decision) and he recommended the Monster product.

    He claimed he had one in his car and he loved it. He also highlighted the advantage of charging your iPod while you listen to your music.

    About the same time, my son bought the Griffin product and he has been using it since then.

    Well, I began using the Monster system for about 6 weeks and then switched with my son and began using his Griffin gadget and after gaining experience with both products I can say the following:

    1) Because the Monster Cable system has only 8 pre-set FM stations you can use to send your signal to, you have to make sure that there is at least 1 free FM band in the city where you are using this product. If not, you are out of luck. Here in Indianapolis, after much work I found only one FM band that is not being used by a local station so I got lucky and my system works fine. The Griffin iTrip FM transmitter for dockable iPods has much more flexibility since it allows you to tune to any of over 100 FM stations in your FM dial.

    2) Even if you find a "clean FM band" to use your Monster Cable FM iPod Transmitter/Charger, you will find that when you are riding your car using the system, you will hit some spots where you will pick-up considerable interference or "static". I have not yet lost my iPod signal when this happens but this situation is quite annoying. For the Griffin iTrip FM transmitter for dockable iPods this problem seems to be much less significant (but not totally absent as they claim in their manual) and this seems to be related to the fact that they use digital technology (versus analog technology which is used by competing products) to beam the signal to your FM radio and this apparently makes the quality of the signal better, stronger and cleaner.

    3) The "Charge while you Play" feature is quite a plus for the Monster Cable product. The gadget does charge efficiently and very quickly and it keeps your iPod battery fully charged at all times. For long trips this is quite an advantage that the Griffin product does not have.

    4) The price of the Monster Cable product is considerably more expensive than the Griffin iTrip gadget. At BestBuy, where both, my son and I bought these products, the Monster Cable iTrip product was $69.99 while the Griffin iTrip was $39.99.

    5) Don't forget that another difference is that with the Monster Cable product you have a cable connected to your iPod all the time and this takes away flexibility and makes it very visible in your car. The Griffin product is wireless and thus there is no connection so you do not need to worry about hiding it when you park your car in oublic places.

    In summary, these are two innovative products that allow you to listen to your own music in your own car in a practical and flexible manner. If you are mostly going to use this equipment in the city, while you comute to work and back to home and willnot make long car trips, save yourself some money and some headaches and get the Griffin iTrip FM transmitter for dockable iPods. On the other hand if keeping your iPod charged at all times is a must or if you make long, long trips on your car and want to listen to your iPod during these, consider the Moster Cable iCarPlay wireless FM iPod transmitter/charger. ...more info
  • Fabulous little device
    After reading the reviews on many websites, I decided to give the Monster iCarPlay a shot. I live in a very congested area of the world (northern VA) and wasn't sure that I'd be able to get a clear radio signal without static or other broadcasting.

    I have been VERY impressed with the results so far. I have travelled about 1000 miles in the past month and have yet to not be able to use the iCarPlay. Sure, every now and then I'll have to switch frequencies but it's easy to do and at least one other channel is clear so my listening music is never really disturbed.

    It's compact, easy to use, and portable. Best of all, it really works!!!...more info
  • Works flippin' awesome!
    I think the person who had a bad experience with this product may want to get his radio in his car checked out. I had the same problem with my old radio, and it turned out it was the radio's fault, not the wireless transmitter. Now it works perfectly, and even in big cities I'm able to find a well-working radio station for my ipod. I would highly recommend!...more info
  • Totally worth your money
    I recieved the transmitter and was a little wary of how it may preform due to other reviews. However, I was quite suprised.

    I drive a subraru outback wagon, and it works really well in it. The packaging does say that some tinted windows contain metal that will interfer with transmition.

    I just followed the very simple intructions, I plugged in my iPod Mini, plugged in the carlighter. Set the station on the transmitter, and tuned in my radio.

    I feel that if you didn't know any better you would think that you were listening to the radio and not an external device. The quality is very good.

    The packaging also notes that bridges and tunnels may distort tranmittion. I did catch alittle static going over a bridge. But nothing horrible, (1-10, 1 being the least it was 1.5) and was gone once I was off the bridge. Definatly worth your money, very easy to use, compact with easy to manage cable. Great purcahse would recommend to any of my friends with iPods who are interested in a fm transimiter/charger....more info
  • Works fair
    It works as advertised, but there is a faint hiss and mixed static in the background. It reminds me of when you are traveling and your are just starting to lose the station. The signal is weak, but listenable.

    - Solid and well built feel
    - Easy to use and set up
    - Signal strong enough to even overcome active stations
    - Listenable

    - Sound is only fair most times to good sometimes. If you are looking for cd quality sound, you will be frustrated.

    I gave this 2 stars because I had somewhat higher expectations. Based upon the reviews here I hoped the sound would have been at least consistently good. However, having a slightly static laced collection of hundres of songs is still better than good reception from the local FM stations. This limited endorsement is not so much a testament to how much I like this item, as it is to how much I hate local FM radio.

    I will keep this item only because I can't stand to listen to the local FM stations any more. I tried the portable XM radio MyFi to improve my channel selection. I found that I couldn't get an adequate signal on that without rigging up antennas to my car, which I was not willing to do. In short, this arrangement was my last option....more info
  • Radio transmitter + Car charger = one very happy customer
    I was deciding between this and the iTrip. While the iTrip has a smaller form factor, I had heard that FM transmission was touch-and-go. So I decided to spend a few extra bucks and go for the Monster.

    What I like about the Monster iCarPlay:
    1) Car cigarette lighter charger built-in. No more road trips ending in silence due to the iPod's weak battery life
    2) 8 radio stations to choose from. The first station I chose worked and all the others come in at different levels of clarity. I found 3 of the station options worked without any background hiss or static.
    3) Simple cable form factor is easily tucked away out of sight
    4) Works great with the Belkin TuneDok Car iPod Holder...more info
  • The best of the iPod FM transmitters!
    I have been using a wireless iTrip FM transmitter for the past year or so. But I found that when traveling I need to change the channels that the device transmits on frequently and this is not easy to do on the iTrip. I also found that I had to turn up the volume on the iPod quite high to get it to play well which drained the battery more quickly. This device solves both issues. The Monster Cable iCarPlay has a switch that easily changes channels and a backlit display to easily identify the channel. It also plugs into the cigarette lighter so power drain is not an issue. In fact after a long plane ride it is great to recharge the battery in my rental car. It is not wireless, but the performance is worth the trade off....more info
  • The only accessory you need
    I bought three items for using my iPod in the car - this is the only one I needed. I live in NYC area and can easily find a station which receives and plays my iPod clearly. Best yet, it charges the iPod at the same time and more quickly than it charges on the base at home. Highly recommend it!...more info
  • Monster iCarPlay
    Just received my Monster Cable iCarPlay today. I had my doubts that it would be any better than the Belkin it was replacing. Unless your vehicle's sound system has a cassette player, or is iPod compatible, there is no other alternative than going the FM converter route. I was pleasantly surprised with both the ease of use and the sound quality. I have not experienced any of the static mentioned in some of the other reviews. Audiophiles beware - although the sound quality is very acceptable, do not expect perfection. You are converting digital to analog and some degradation is to be expected ...more info
  • A strong option
    I've only had the iCarPlay for a couple of weeks. I purchased it because I was having very bad luck with my old Belkin FM transmitter (the one before they added the LCD display). The iCarPlay's major advantage to me was that it was a single piece (rather than buying a car AC adapter plus a transmitter) and that it drew power for both the iPod and the transmitter from the car. I've found that the battery-based FM transmitters are fine for a few weeks, but start to degrade quickly once the batteries start to drain.
    The iCarPlay seems to have a strong, consistent, signal. It's a bit softer than the regular broadcast FM stations, so I usually have to turn the radio up slightly while I'm listening to my iPod, but it's certainly not a problem.
    I've found that 88.9 works pretty well in Lincoln, NE... but I've noticed one or 2 occasions while sitting in traffic that I'll fuzz out. Actually, I'm wondering if I'm getting conflict from someone in another car. Overall, signal (once you find a somewhat clean channel) seems very good.
    Only 2 quibbles with the overall design of the device... the first is that it's a bit difficult for night driving because the channel numbers are not backlit, and it's very difficult to see what channel you're on (if you're travelling long-distance, and need to switch channels as you move in and out of different broadcast areas). As the LED's are so bright, it can even be difficult to see the silk-screened channel number even when you're using a map-light in the car. The second minor problem also sits with the LED's... the bright red LED's, and the glowing "Monster" logo on the AC adapter may advertise the presence of your iPod to thieves (as I tend to leave the adapter plugged in to the "always on" outlet in my car, and don't always unplug it when I leave the car). Partial laziness on my part, but a minor criticism.
    All in all, a very good product, and I recommend it....more info
  • Great peripheral
    Great idea and sound execution. I've had mine for over a month now, and the only problems I've encountered are occasional signal losses due to a large number of FM radio stations in the metro area in which I live. I love that it charges the ipod while playing as well......more info
  • Awesome product!
    I've tired the belkin FM tuner and ended up having to return it twice because it wouldn't turn on and I had a lot of problem with it. So I ended up splurging and getting the monster one, and it works EXCELLENT! I get great reception with it and it hasn't failed me yet!!! I would def reccomend this product to anyone who has an I-pod and wants to listen to it in the car! ;-)...more info
  • Buy some mini-speakers instead
    I read all the technical information on this product, but I should have waited to read these customer reviews! The product does not work in the LA/Orange County area; there is too much interference from other radio stations. The customer service rep at The Gig Store (the vendor of this product) told me that they have had many returns because of the interference problem and they don't intend to market it to urban areas!
    I am extremely disappointed in the product and would not recommend it. However, I've discovered that a pair of mini-speakers attached to your iPod not only works much better but costs less.
    ...more info
  • better than others but still sucks
    I live in nyc and i tried a couple of other fm transmitters that were horrible, although this one is better it still works like crap. Lots of static and it just doesnt work well. Im actually buying a tape adaptor which by reviews states works better and is like 45 bucks cheaper!!! so i dont recomment it....more info
  • Check the left side of your FM Dial before ordering.
    Before you order this, check the frequencies 88.1,88.3,88.5,88.7,88.9,89.1,89.3,89.5,89.7 and 89.9 on your car's radio in the area you plan to use this. If you have anything more than light static, you won't be happy with the sound due to other interference. If you can find a clear channel, then the sound is OK.

    The LED indicator is fine in daylight, but it's hard to see the frequency markings on the device at night.

    ...more info
  • Better than i could have imagined
    I read alot of problems with FM transmitters, but that Monster had the best of them. I fully expected to have some degree of interference in the NYC area. I was totally shocked to find out how well this porduct works. Of course there is a small amount of static that jumps in and out, although infrequently. Also, the bass does not sound as good.

    Bottom line, however, this product works great in my BMW. I heard from other BMW owners that Monster is the way to go....more info
  • Check your radio before ordering....especially metro areas
    I recently purchased this product along with the 20GB iPod, as I was tired of constantly having to swap CD's in the car on the way to work. And forecasting several trips to Tahoe this season, I knew I wanted to have continuous music on my journey.

    The product has several stations to select from, however, being in a metro area, all but one of them is actually occupied by a very strong local station signal.

    Before buying the product, I recommend checking your radio dial to see if you have heavy stations from 88.1 to 89.5. If you've got a heavy station on all those channels, this product isn't going to provide the best performance. As the product manual says it's tough to compete with a 50,000megawatt transmitter :).

    I was able to find one station that was mostly unused here, 88.5. It has some background static, but no music or talking. As soon as I plug the device into the ciglighter, there is an audible pop on the radio so I know it's broadcasting. I did follow the instructions to increase the treble on my stereo for best results, and it does help.

    Because of the way it connects to the iPod, I have found that adjusting the iPod volume does nothing to the transmission. You'll need to use your radio volume to change it accordingly. In between songs you'll probably hear some static too, as if there's a strong signal around you, it will bleed in.

    This morning I noticed that I got quite a bit of interference when a large truck drove by...perhaps from their CB/radio system, but I can't be sure.

    Aside from these things, which frankly I consider minor compared to swapping 50 CD's, it was well worth the purchase, especially if you do not have a car with an iPod dock, or a tape deck (if you have a tape deck, you can get the tape accessory instead of this one, and you won't have to compete with radio waves).

    Enjoy!...more info
  • Rarely Works
    In the few areas where one of the FM Bands is open it woks great. I live in the SF Bay Area and I have interference on every frequencey at some point in my commute. I also drive I-5 to LA all the time and can't go more than thirty miles without having to change frequency....more info
  • Works Perfect
    I know that some reviewers had problems but here in Denver, CO it has worked perfectly at all times. I would recommend it. I bought it for 49.99 and it's a great deal to have the charger capabilities also....more info
    This is a neat thing and it works as long as I am not in Chicago or near Chicago or driving through the suburbs around Chicago. Unfortunately, this is where I LIVE, and so this is where I am trying to use this. So far there are no un-used FM stations that are reliably un-used! So it may work for a half hour or it may not work at all, or....whatever. Very disappointing since this is the area I will be traveling where I would want to use it. Nothing diminishes road rage quite like listening to Jimmy Buffett....more info
  • Works fine in Pittsburgh
    Full review:

    I see both positive and negative review on any FM transmitters. I think it depends on the tuner loaded on your car and where you use it. It may give you interference with local stations. I live in Pittsburgh, PA and I definitely recommend it if you are my neighbor. One day, I drove from Pittsburgh to New York City with this. Of course I had to switch the band sometimes, (but not often at all), but I could comfortably enjoy the music through out the 6 hours+ driving. It worked well even in the middle of Manhattan. Well, I did my best in writing this review with my own experience. I say go for the cassette ones if you have doubts. But this FM transmitter is worth trying! (Read my DAIGOEXPRESSED blog for more :) ...more info
  • Not a good item
    In Philadelphia you cannot get a clear station. It is static throughout the majority of the city. Not a good item if you live in a big city. ...more info
  • Good item. Used in multiple vehicles in multiple cities!
    I picked one of these up about a week ago because I knew I would be driving a company owned car on an extended trip. The car didn't have a tape deck, so I was frightened at the prospect of being witout my iPod Photo for the week while in the car. I took a chance on this item because it has both the FM transmitter and the charging unit together, and I've been pleased as punch all week.


    --Works as advertised with no problems. It's a very simple cable, and it's easy to plug in.

    --Easy to change the broadcasting station if and when you do travel into an area with a strong signal on your chosen station.

    --Sturdy construction that I think will stay together for a while

    --Will overpower all but the strongest broadcast signals.

    --Solid lock on the broadcast signal. In other words, there's very little drift onto adjacent frequencies on the radio dial.

    --The carger works well. Definitely slower than plugging the iPod into the wall, but the car charger works just fine.


    --The connector on the bottom doesn't want to release all the time when the two little clip buttons are pressed. I did some studying of the thing, and it appears that the little prongs are retracting all the way, so I'm not sure what the holdup is. If I just pull a little, it comes out. But I'm afraid I'm loosening something on the iPod when I have to do that.

    --With only a few frequencies to choose from, it can be a little tricky when you're driving to hunt for an open frequency. I've found it easier to tune the radio to an open frequency that corresponds to one offered by the iCarPlay and then hit the button on the iCarPlay until it selects the same frequency. This is easier than pushing the button first and then tuning the radio only to find that the new station is being used.

    --It's a little expensive for what it does. I noticed that there are two entries on Amazon for what appears to be the same unit. I chose the less-expensive one, and it seems to be the identical unit that is advertised for almost twice the price.

    --There's no way to turn the FM transmitter off. So if you just want to use it for a car charger, you're still sending out radio waves. Not a big deal, but I could see how it could potentially cause problems if your head unit is particularly prone to interference.

    --I did have some kind of ground loop whine which was fairly loud play through the speakers when I connected a cell-phone to its charger in the second power outlet in the company car. Moving the cell phone around creatively in the car seemed to lessen the whine, so it might have been the cell phone causing problems and not the charger.

    Vehicles tested:

    --Jeep Grand Cherokee

    --Ford Aerostar

    --Chevy Impala

    Cities tested:

    --Cleveland, OH

    --Charleston, WV

    --Lexington, KY

    --Dayton, OH

    --Columbus, OH


    --I'd probably rate this at 4.5 stars if I could. But it's more 4 than 5. Overall, I'm pleased....more info
    I just got my ipod mini, so of course I want to take it everywhere especially in my car. I have been deciding on which FM transmitter to get, after doing 2 weeks worth of research I picked the icarplay FM transmitter and I have to say that I was septical at first, but it sounds great. The only thing that I did not like was that it doesn't play it through my radio in my house, and also I wish there was a holder it came with because I really don't have a place to put it in my car. It will do the trick for me though. I am very happy with the sound quality....more info
  • Really a great deal
    Wow, this thing is a real steal of a item of the price. The list price on and is around $75. It's here for $50. I did not have and iTrip, but I did just have a Belkin radio iPod tuner, and this passes it up by a mile. The Belkin, first of all, uses two AAA batteries that ran out on me in less than two weeks, and I hadn't even used it that much yet. The iCarPlay CHARGES your iPod, not runs it down. Plus, many people are saying that it doesn't sound good and so on, but did u really expect to get cd quality? This is the best radio transmitter out there right now, clearer than both of the ones I have heard in the past. You can't go wrong for the price, just make sure your cigarette lighter socket works before buying it or it will be wasting your money....more info
  • Fell apart after only 2 months of use
    Because we live in an area with very few radio stations, we have not experienced problems in finding a suitable station. Since moving to this area, 8 weeks ago, this device has been used twice each day, five days a week -- for a one hour commute TO work, and a one hour commute FROM work. In other words, roughly 80 uses. For readers unfamiliar with the product, it's important to point out that the extent of handling during a single use is plugging this product into the bottom of an iPod at the beginning of a trip, and unplugging it at the end of a trip. Not exactly heavy handling.

    About a week ago, one of the buttons became loose and fell off, but the device was still usable with patience. This week, it disintegrated completely, and is not at all usable. For the price of this product, especially compared to similar products on the market, this is cleary unacceptable.

    I'm appalled at the poor quality of this product, and hope readers find an alternative that was manufactured with longevity in mind. ...more info
  • Very good, but not perfect.
    I am very pleased with how the monster icarplay works, but the sound just is not 100%. It works well and I have hardly any interference in my reception, but the sound is just a little off. BUT it sounds better than any radio station I have heard....more info
  • Good but one little problem
    I have to take one star because the unit has a design flaw. The part that lets you select what channel to use is iluminated by a very bright red LED light. The problem is it is so bright and badly placed that it's impossible to red the numbers of the channels on the unit when you are driving in the dark.
    MONSTER INC> if you are reading this, in version 2.0 you better put the light behind the numbers so you actually read them in the dark.

    Other than that this the best transmitter I have used so far....more info
  • Terrific little product
    The Monster Cable iCarPlay iPod Wireless Transmitter is an easy solution to power for the iPod and use with a car's radio. It is small, easy to use and effective. I wish it had a greater range of channel selections, but what it has works fine.
    The Gig Store provided excellent service and really fast delivery....more info
    I haven't heard about this cable before but once I went in to an electronics store and the seller told me about this and I was like "really?? can I see it?" because I bought before the cassete you use to also listen to your ipod in your car but then I thought it wasn't very useful because new cars only have cd player so I thought "how am I gonna listen to my ipod now?" so as I was telling you the seller showed it to me and expalined that it was wireless that the only thing I had to do is to plugg into the dock of my ipod and into my car and the signal will automatically catch the music and transmit it, I couldn't believe it it sounded to easy but I bought it right away, when I first used it I was afraid but I only sync the streo station with this cable and it worked perfectly.

    So I should reccommend it A LOT because it is very useful and now you will carry your favorite music in the palm of your hand instead of carrying cd's other thing I liked is that while plugged it charges your ipod so don;t worry of going into a 4 hour trip ha ha. the signal is perfect it sounds like if you were listening to actually a CD....more info
  • You are very pretty but I just can't make myself love you.
    Dear iCarPlay,

    It's over. I'm sorry. I tried to love you, I really did. You are so beautiful but that is not enough. When I first saw you I had to have you. Already in a relationship, I figured the price I'd have to pay would be worth it. I was wrong.

    At first I looked past your little flaws. You were too quiet, so I adjusted my listening volume so I could hear you better. (Some guys really listen.) This worked for the most part but in your quieter passages there was a background noise that was very noticable. You were so elegant I thought I could live with this problem. Then one day when the noise could not be ignored, I spent some time with my first love and our mutual incompatibility become so pronounced it could not be ignored.

    Please don't be sad. You are more elegant than any I have met before. But you are better suited for someone who is constantly rocking out; living life at a volume where your buzzing will be drowned out. I'm going back to my first love, slightly homely but with a stellar voice, who shares my musical interests....more info
  • Static on every channel in urban areas...
    While this device was well intended, the limited tuner frequencies poses a problem in urban areas with many stations.

    I wasn't able to find a station that was crosstalk-free in Seattle or the San Jose Bay Area. The charger worked well, but ultimately I'm MUCH happier with a car charger and the Griffin iTrip.

    ...more info
  • Don't buy if you live in NYC
    This product has basically been relegated to an in-car charger for me. I mostly have a very difficult to impossible time finding a clear channel in the the new york city area despite the fact you get 10 to choose from. I bought a cheap cassette adapter and it works infinitely better. The iCarPlay now just keeps my iPod charged on long trips....more info
  • Best one that I have seen
    Let me start off by saying that I purchased the DLO FM All-in-One cradle from Best Buy for $99. This thing is a huge piece of junk. I could tell right out of the package that it wouldn't last. One week later and I was right. What garbage!!! Then I traded it in for this Monster cable one for about half the price. This thing works great and I have had it for about 3 months now. Some times the reception does get a little fuzzy but if you just switch to another of the preset radio stations you will be back to rockin' in no time!! I live in Detroit and it works fine here. I have also used it in Dallas Tx. with no problems either. I could see running into problems using it in NYC or the Washington D.C. area, but hey those places are way too overpopulated with people/ radio stations anyhow!! One last thing, I have a friend that has the iTrip. This one works pretty good as well, but I think that this Monster Cable one is the way to go....more info
  • Far better than iTrip
    We purchased immediately prior to a long road trip. We had horrible luck with a borrowed iTrip in our Chevy Tahoe and were reluctant to spend any money on this Monster item. However, the road trip is over and we have been EXTREMELY HAPPY with the Monster. Sound was flat at first, but increased the treble on the stereo and it sounds at least as good as any FM station.
    --Make sure to consider a version with the mini-plug if you want to use with any other products like a portable DVD player. (We hadn't thought of that before...but not sure if the quality would even be as good as it is on this one.)...more info
  • Exceeded expectations
    Simple to use and produces acceptable sound quality. I live in a metropolitan area and had no problems finding a station. I have now had the product for over three months and it continues to function well...we even took it on vacation and used it in our rental car with no complications.

    I recently tried to help a friend of mine who purchased the iTrip and after trying every station on the iTrip to no avail, I hooked up my cable into his car and it worked perfectly. He is returning his iTrip for a iCarPlay transmitter and I continue to be satisfied with my purchase....more info
  • Works pretty well, but not perfect
    If you don't have a cassette player in your car, this thing will do the trick, but it doesn't always work perfectly. In certain cars I bring it in, it works really well, but in some cars I have a little bit of static to deal with - even set on the most clear station. Still, it allows me to listen to my iPod in the car even though I don't have a cassette player, and when the static comes through, it isn't so bad that I can't deal with it. If you won't be able to deal with a little static on occasion, you may not want to bother with this item....more info
  • PHOENIX Rocks with the iCarPlay!
    I LOVE IT! It took less than two minutes to set up, including time to rip open package, tune it and the radio to 88.7fm in Phoenix, AZ and presto -- Its the most wonderful time of the year and I'm blasting holiday tunes in my car that sound better than the local radio stations. The only thing I had to get used to is not wrapping the cord around my drive shaft!! Just a little patience solved that one....more info
  • Too much static on every station...SAVE YOUR MONEY
    I live in the suburbs of Long Island, NY and there is constant static on each of the iCarplay's alloted stations.

    Even when I drive to the Delaware Water Gap, passing through rural NJ farmland, there is constant static on each of the iCarplay's alloted stations.
    ...more info
  • Not Wired, but the next best thing.
    I have used the TransPod and the Monster unit. Both have driven me to the Dension OEM wired connection that uses OEM changer connections to your cd changer and allows you to control it with your head unit. That is a truly amazing product and will produce amazing sound out of the pod. Though at nearly the cost of a pod, it's a bit pricey.

    I used the TransPod which has great range. I drove behind my friend on a road trip both on the same channel and I had my own Pod Radio station. He could go about 10 car lengths before the signal broke up. Problem was that the fuse kept blowing, it's a bit cumbersome and bulky and seemed to get in the way. It allowed you to dial in any signal but it did suffer from static and a tinny sound. I had to use the trebble reducer EQ setting or the sound was horrible.

    I replaced it with the Monster unit and I'm overall very happy. I don't need it in my car anymore but I drive for a living and I use it in my work vehicle. You will find that some areas are better than others but overall it is very good and the sound is much better than the TransPod. It's also very compact. The 8 channel thing hasn't been a problem because the only channels it might conflict with, NPR in the Bay, are channels that you don't want to hear and don't have a great signal anyway.

    I believe it's probably the best FM transmitter out to date. It is truly a car unit though as it can't be used without the cigarette lighter power, unlike the ITrip. Though if your not in your car you shouldn't be using an FM transmitter anyway, your cheating yourself out of much better direct connect sound....more info
  • Great product, but it depends where you are...
    Living in Orange County (between San Diego and Los Angeles) meaning the airwaves are tight. When commuting between cities which I do on a daily basis I have to change my frequency about once every 30 miles or so, but locally there is no problem. Sound is perfect.

    One trick. If you have a car with a removable antenna and are willing to give up your radio 100% while using your iPod (I drive a Nissan 350Z and the antenna unscrews and screws back on easily), you shouldn't have the frequency issue I described above.

    This is my third transmitter and I like it the most. It doubles as a charger, and volume is controlled entirely by your car stereo - that is changing the volume on your iPod has no effect....more info
  • Save your money
    If you live in a city with a crowded FM band (which would be most major cities), you will be very disappointed. Of the 8 possible frequencies, the Nashville area has stations on 6 of them. The two remaining frequencies sound like very distant FM stations... or possibly pretty good AM stations. AM quality is not what I was expecting. If you can pick up more than a couple of stations between 88.1 and 89.5, look elsewhere....more info
  • No need to be skeptical of this product.
    This product works great. I have had it for about a week now and have no prblems with it at all. The only thing you may want to do is play around with the settings on your car radio as well as your Ipod for maximum sound quality. ...more info
  • Don't throw away the receipt.
    This item will either work really well or awfully for your iPod. There are a lot of factors which will affect its performance, but if you're lucky enough to have them all, it's a great product. It charges your iPod, delivers crisp sound and higher audio levels than cassette adaptors and is nicely designed.

    However, if you live in an area where the lower FM frequencies have already been used by radio stations, this will not work well. It will also not work well on certain radios, for some bizarre reason. I used this on an Alpine and it worked fine in the area I live in. Later on I had to rent a car while my car was in the shop and the car stereo was a Clarion - at that point, the Monster Cable just freaked out and refused to broadcast from my iPod without deafening me with static.

    Also, when using it and it's been performing well but suddenly static starts to interfere, check that the device isn't being covered by something. Jiggle it a bit and if you can, put it on your dashboard. That seems to help the signal catch on more solidly.

    This may or may not work very well - it's definitely a case to case basis. My suggestion is to give it a shot - the fact that it charges my iPod while in the car is a huge plus for me - but keep the receipt just in case.
    ...more info
  • Awesome
    Excellent excessory for the iPod. Works perfectly with a custom Alpine CD player/tuner AND it charges the battery. It will be quite useful for long-distance driving.

    This is in a major urban area, with Classical, Country and Tejano (or all three if you're lucky) stations abound on that region of the dial, and it doesn't have conflicts.

    The cigarette lighter plug and the station picker both have a sexcellent red LED glow, which makes them easy to find in the dark....more info
  • Monster doesn't usually let us down, but........
    Did a comparison with this Monster iCarPlay Wireless and the iTrip by Griffin. The iTrip, at half the cost, was a much better, clearer sounding unit than the Monster one. The nice thing about the Monster one is that it has a built-in charger, but that is about the only thing. The 8 presets that allow you to tune in for wireless aren't very good, seeing that here in my area, 89.5 is a fairly strong radio station so the frequencies around it get bleed out from it. Only one of the 8 frequencies that you can choose from worked, but still, alot of static. This was tested with the car not moving, so I can't verify what the quality is like while driving. I went with the iTrip by Griffin Technologies, which allows the user to choose from ANY station on the FM dial, not 8 pre-selected ones like the Monster allows....more info
  • Doesn't Deliver as Promised
    Sleek styling, nice use of LEDs and textures; an elegant looking product that combines a charger and FM transmitter.
    Unfortunately, it works well only when vehicle is not moving. Sound quality while driving is more like AM radio or a poor quality portable phone, with static, interference from other radio stations, and a whine that increased with engine speed. I could not find a channel among the 8 choices that worked well....more info
  • FM radio transmitter works fine!
    Considering that it's an FM transmitter, the iCarplay performs fine. I have tried it in about a half-dozen different vehicles and there were no problems that could not be attributed to the FM spectrum, which I have no control over. The sound is comparable to FM radio sound, because it is an FM transmitter.

    For iPod owners who regularly drive fleet vehicles like ambulances or police cars, or often rent cars, the iCarplay is a great option for iPod listening. You just plug one end into the cigarette lighter outlet, the other into the iPod, and use the one-button adjustment to find a station to broadcast on. I program the car presets to the iCarplay frequencies so that I can switch around easily.

    The left-of-the-dial frequencies that the iCarplay uses are often assigned to noncommercial or university stations. I found that on I-95 in Connecticut, where there are a bunch of noncommercial stations, it was hard to find a good clear station to transmit on. I don't see this as the iCarplay's problem, however.

    Pros are intuitive operation (just one button cycles through all frequencies, and it's always on when plugged in and the motor is running) and light weight. The cons are the FM-quality sound and the possibility that depending on where you live, you may not find a clear station. A direct line in or cassette adapter is a better sounding option, but not every vehicle has a cassette, CD player, or line in. I'm perfectly happy with the iCarplay, given its limitations, and I can't see why you wouldn't be.

    Other reviewers' complaints about the unit's sound or the lack of available frequencies don't directly address the iCarplay's feature set. Other features not included are electric frying pan and steam iron, but grumbles about the iCarplay's poor performance pressing my shirts or frying my breakfast should be immaterial to your purchase....more info
  • FM Transmitters Are CRAP
    If you want to use your IPOD in your car, invest in a head unit that has AUX IN plugs. Don't waste your time or money trying to make these devices work-especially in an urban area. ...more info
  • The monster has no teeth
    For a company with a sterling reputation like Monster Cable, I would have expected a better engineered, more well-designed product. First off, the device is manufactured out of cheap lightweight plastic that feels as if it could disintegrate in your hand. The design is interesting, but in no way attempts to blend in with the iPod's form factor. Although the charging and power supply aspect work fine, the transmitter sounds terrible on my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee's factory installed FM receiver. The audio output is weak and has much static, which worsens in heavily urban areas--when driving in San Francisco, for instance, the device is utterly useless. This is perhaps exacerbated by the fact that the transmitter only offers six possible output frequencies at the low end of the FM spectrum. Other units have an unlimited selection of output frequencies that could potentially work better in cars like mine. Try one of them instead....more info
  • Inconsistent Performance
    In theory, this is a great product. It does vary in performance GREATLY depending on the car you use it in, and the geographic location.
    The charging is great - listen to your IPod all you want in the car, the battery gets charged, who can ask for more?
    The sound quality of the FM transmitter is very inconsistent. Im my car, and in a brand new rental car that I tried it in, I got a lot of static, especially when the music volume was relatively low. In my wife's car, almost no static at all. Go figure.
    Also, geographically, in radio dense areas - I get more static. On a drive in the berkshires, none at all - clean reception.
    so not to confuse - I still think the product is good. I just wish it was more consistent, and that the FM transmitter was not limited to 8 frequencies, which in dense areas almost guarantees static...

    ...more info
  • Great for rural driving, but...
    Recently, I decided to take a road trip from my home in the San Francisco Bay Area up to a tiny little town called Fall River Mills, around 5 hours north. I wanted to take my iPod, as there are very few worthwhile radio stations once you get on I-5 past Sacramento. I bought Monster Cable's iCarPlay transmitter largely based on the feedback from Amazon customers. I compared it to the iTrip and Belkin's FM transmitter, and the iCarPlay seemed to get more consistently positive feedback from Amazon customers. I should also say that an employee at one of the Apple retail stores told me that none of these units works really well, which I suspect is an accurate and honest assessment.

    Installing the iCarPlay and my iPod in the car was a snap, and getting the best frequency of the preset options was fairly simple as long as the car wasn't moving. Once the car was moving, it was difficult to know what frequency I was switching to because of the small print on the control, particularly while driving at night (I hate taking my eyes off the road even for a split second, as I'm sure most do). You make the switch on the control, then have to tune your radio to the appropriate station and hope that it will be static free. That part of the iCarPlay seems like it might be an accident waiting to happen. If you're going to drive with it regularly, and don't mind switching from frequency to frequency, I'd suggest preprogramming the iCarPlay's frequencies into your car stereo's memory so that you can switch at the push of a button.

    I got significant amount of static on all of the preset frequencies when driving through densely populated areas - like San Francisco. However, once I left the greater Bay Area (probably a bit past Fairfield on 80 East), the static disappeared and I had clear music virtually all the way out to my destination near Mount Shasta, which is close to 5 hours away. It probably wasn't CD-quality audio, but it was good enough that I didn't notice the difference. I did have to jack the volume up a bit, but beyond that I was impressed.

    The end result to me is that I'm pleased that I bought the Monster Cable iCarPlay. I'll keep it in my car for long road trips, and I know I'll be happy to have it on those occasions. However, for day-to-day driving in the Bay Area, the static will be too much of a hassle and I probably won't bother....more info
  • Weak Transmitter
    It worked as stated, but occasionally static is heard. This occurred on all pre-set FM stations. I think the transmitter needs to be stronger or some other solution is needed to avoid static....more info
  • Delighted by iCarPlay
    I use my ipod primarily for audiobooks and I was getting annoyed by having to listen to 2 books at a time -- one on cd's while commuting in my car and another on my ipod while exercising etc. I had had a bad experience with an fm transmitter some years ago, so I wasn't sure one of these things would work for me. On the other hand, I also wasn't quite ready to invest in the ultimate ipod accessory -- a BMW or Mini with ipod plug-in feature.

    After doing a lot of research -- reading articles in various magazines and user comments posted online in several places and talking to sales people and friends -- I chose the iCarPlay for 4 reasons. 1) It seemed to have the most favorable user comments; 2) it had pretty good reviews in magazine articles I read; 3)it recharges while in use by plugging into the cigarette lighter (the big problem with the fm transmitter I had before was that it sucked power out of batteries so fast as to be nearly unuseable); and 4) it plugs into the firewire slot of the ipod, not the headphone slot, which apparently makes the reception more robust.

    At the time of ordering, I regarded my purchase as an expensive risk. My biggest concern about iCarPlay was that it has only 8 preset settings to choose from, while some of the other brands had a full range of settings. I live in the Boston area, where the airwaves are chock-a-block.

    I am happy to report that I have been delighted. I plugged it in and it worked immediately and has been problem free with constant use ever since. I've had almost no trouble with reception. Very rarely (once every couple of weeks) the reception will falter for just a second, but not so long that I miss anything. I've tried all the settings and they all seem to work equally well. I sometimes drive down the Mass Pike to the western part of the state and there, too, I have had great reception the whole way. And I've had no problems at all with power, the recharger works very well so I can always plug in the headphones and continue listening as soon as I park the car without worrying about battery life!

    I thought about buying some kind of holder for the ipod in my car, but I'm glad I didn't. The cord on the iCarPlay is quite long enough to reach the cup holder built into the console of my car and it works perfectly as a place to put it. All in all, I'm delighted with my iCarPlayer and highly recommend it.

    ...more info
  • My rough experience had an anti-climax
    I wrote a bad review soon after I figured that I could never use the monster cable in my car.

    Recently, around end of March 2005, I gifted away the unused monster cable to my friend who was going back to India, thinking he could use it over there. To my surprise, he tried it here and it worked for him. It turned out that I had an iPod case that didn't let the monster cable to properly connect to the dock port and all that I got was a hissing noise! The case was the real monster that upset the monster cable!

    This is just an example how careful we should be while choosing iPod accessories - not all of them work in co-operation!
    My earlier review:

    I bought this soon after buying my first iPod, with great expectations, and connected it to my new Honda Accord V6. I was totally disappointed since the FM transmitter was unable to play the music from iPod. It successfully blocked out the FM radio frequency but wasn't able to broadcast the iPod signal. I din't want to give up and kept on trying as I was curious to see if it worked outside the bay area. No luck! I settled for a wired FM transmitter for my Honda for around $130, fixed by a local car sound mechanic.

    I was still optimistic that I could use this as a simple iPod charger for the car but that also was a limited success. Since there is no way of shutting the FM signal on iCarPlay, it kept on creating humming noise on the car radio which otherwise worked very well with the wired FM transmitter.

    In case you buy it, ensure that it works upfront... If not, just return it. I have been reading numerous complaints voiced by other users. So, you may do well to skip this product completely....more info
  • Brilliant!!
    I initially bought a Griffin iTrip mini for use in London, UK and it was awful. Someone recommended this to me and it is absolutely brilliant. The quality is excellent, and the ease of use is unparalelled (no need to install anything on the ipod itself - works straight out of the box). If this can work in London, where nearly every frequency is taken up, this can work in any city in the world!...more info
  • Good signal... when you can get it.
    I live in central New Jersey, which counts as both the suburbs for New York City and Philadelphia. You can imagine then, that our airwaves are pretty clogged up. Commuting from New Brunswick to Princeton, as I do, I find that I constantly have to change channels on my transmitter -- and my car stereo -- just to eliminate the static. Visiting upstate New York, however, there was absolutely no problem. My iPod came in loud and clear. This is definitely something to consider when buying any FM transmitter, though it's my understanding that this is the best of the bunch. So I'd recommend it, but only if you live in an area with minimal radio interference. In that case, go with the cassette adapter (if you can) or see about getting it hooked into the auxilary input....more info
  • Better than any other FM transmitter I've used
    I've tried the Belkin Tunecast II -- the cable developed a fault and the right channel started going in and out. The power cord would sometimes also disconnect too easily. I also tried the Arkon Sound Feeder -- terrible signal lock problems.

    The Monster Cable one, however, is very nice. It seems to transmit a more powerful signal and it comes in loud and clear. The sound is better than the other ones I've tried, too. It's a bit expensive, but you get what you pay for. ...more info
  • Awesome FM Transmitter!!
    I highly recommend this product! It's very easy to use and charges your iPod while whether or not you're using it when driving. I previously tried a different FM Transmitter for my iPod, and it just did not compare. The sound quality is great, and the chance of static is slim to none. You can't go wrong with this! :)...more info
  • Great sound, easy to use, can use in both cars
    The tape deck in my husband's car, and the one in my car are different - one feeds the cassette in sideways, the other feeds the cassette in with the tape edge facing the unit. So most cassette adapters wouldn't work in both cars. This FM transmitter works in both cars with no problem. Sounds great, AND it charges the iPod at the same time. Wonderful.

    I understand that a direct link into the system with an AUX input, or even a cassette adapter sounds better (and you don't have to worry about radio station interference, either), but I thought this sounded great, and changing the stations when needed was easy to do, and I haven't had to do it often....more info
  • **Excellent product, even in urban area (Wash, D.C.)**
    I live just outside Washington, D.C. so the airwaves are cluttered with stations. Despite this, I find I can usually (around 90% of the time) get very clear output with this device. It's even better on a longer trip to a less urban area.

    It's probably never "crystal" clear, but you really wouldn't notice given the other ambient noise of driving.

    My car has a single CD player only--no cassette--so short of some wince-inducing surgery on my BMW's electrical system, this is pretty much the only option for getting the iPod to work in my car.

    Plus, since this ingenious product charges the iPod too, you can emerge from a trip with a full battery. Can't ask for much more than that!

    Be patient with trying to find a few stations that work, and don't try to do this in traffic. It'll demand your full attention. After some initial frustration i was ready to throw the thing out the window, but once i got the hang of it, ah, sweet iPod bliss!!! My error was in looking for "empty" stations on the dial. Turns out that the transmitter can bump even a clear transmission, so try all 8 options before you settle on a few reliable ones.

    I wholeheartedly recommend the iCarPlay for those without the cassette-adapter option. It's an absolute no-brainer for $70....more info
  • Excellent product - keeps cable clutter down to nothing
    I really like this product because it really is a single cable that runs from your car's cigaretter lighter/12-v adaptor to the bottom of the Ipod - there are no other cables or adaptors needed and you Ipod is both boradcasting and charging at the same time. I bought this to replace a Belkin adaptor used to charge the Ipod AND an Irock FM transmitter (usually running off an adaptor) that plugged into the top of the Ipod. This all-in-one transmitter is just a lot easier to use, with only one connection the Ipod and no need to switch diffferent devices in and out of the 12V adpator. Another plus is you alway have a chaged Ipod ready to go. I live in a big city with many radio stations, and although I pick up some broadcast signal on each of the perset stations, the FM transmitter almost always gives me a perfectly clear signal from the Ipod. This is a great piece of equipment....more info
  • Good product; limited frequency choice is a problem
    I like the product and it's very easy to use. However, it only has a few choices for frequencies you can use to transmit from your iPod to your car stereo. In Portland, OR where I live, there are a lot of strong stations broadcasting on those frequencies, and that causes a lot of interference. If it had more frequencies across a broader range from which to choose, this would truly be a 5 star pick....more info
  • Too much interference
    I live in Southern California and gave this product a good try, adjusting everything I could to get good sound. I wanted this to work. (I have a 2002 Subaru Outback VDC with a McIntosh sound system.) There was way too much interference. In the quieter parts of music I could hear static, and in the louder parts the sound was muddy. ...more info
  • Literally - Plug and Play
    I was in a hurry when I received this item from Amazon -- and had just enough time to open the package, grab the item & run to the car so I could get to work on time. It literally took less than a minute to plug it into the 12v outlet, select a station on the unit & then find it on my car radio - and then hook it up to my iPod. I was good to go. Amazing reception & completely user-friendly.

    While the reception will probably vary depending upon your location, I experienced no reception problems within a 50 mile radius of where I live in SE Wisconsin (using the 88.3 frequency.) Goodbye ear-buds, hello surround sound. I LOVE this unit!...more info
  • bought it while on the road
    And this product delivers, had no problems all along the california coast from SF to San Luis Obispo. I love that it charges your ipod while in use. AND that you can change frequencies if you want with just the touch of a button. The itrip looks cooler, but I did not want to bother with batteries.

    This is a must have accessory -- I have an inMotion speaker for casual ipod use inside the house, so there is nothing better for the car. While some other transmitters don't restrict you to 8 preset stations, one of them at least is not easily switchable on the road. This just requires a press of the red button to automatically search for the weakest existing station.

    While driving south esp along the coast there aren't as many stations, you get significantly more static and have to switch stations at least 3 times if you are making the drive to Tahoe from the Bay Area. If your car lets you, I found that lowering the antenna improves iCarPlay reception. It was still pretty much useless around Sacramento and the Central Valley with such low power that you have to turn the volume way up high and it sounds awful. Wish our car stereos had an aux input.

    An ipod is so much nicer to use on the road than XM or Sirius in your car, they don't let you switch easily from your toddlers favorite Raffi to your or your spouses favorite music mix. I no longer have to burn CDs before trips!...more info
  • So much better than the iTrip
    I tried using an iTrip several times, the signal always faded in and out. We live in San Francisco, which somone else has already mentioned here is horrible for these transmitters. My poor daughter would spend our entire car ride holding up her iPod to the radio in a feeble attempt to better the sound. Got the iTrip, opened it up, plugged it in and off we went. Sound is more than adequate (a slight hissing can be heard between songs, otherwise it's impressively clear). And best of all, the iPod isn't dead when you get home. And, if it ever should trip over a radio signal, we can just change the frequency while we're in the car, which you can't do with an iTrip. Much better product!!...more info
  • works perfectly
    This product has worked perfectly for us. Short of a real car kit, I think it is the quickest way to connect your iPod in your car -- plug in one cable and you're listening to your music and charging the iPod.

    One recommendation: put your car antenna down (so you can't receive area radio stations). When we do that, there is NO hiss at's as good quality as FM can be.

    We looked at the other possibilities (the iTrip was 2nd choice) but found they would require too much settings adjustment or cable plugging each time we wanted to use it....more info

  • It's great for what it is.
    Pros: 1 cord, powers the IPod while transmitting sound, looks good, sounds very good in almost all neighborhoods, connects with dock connector instead of headphone jack.

    Cons: a bit of hiss in some neighborhoods (particularly in the heart of downtown Chicago).

    There is a Monster Cable FM transmitter that uses the headphone jack. It's 20 bucks cheaper but it doesn't power the Ipod and the static from it is so bad. If you want a good FM transmitter, the Icarplay is the best you can get....more info

  • Classy Convenience
    I wanted to play my iPod through the car stereo but I don't have a tape player, so I started shopping for a FM transmitter. I looked at several solutions and decided on the iCarPlay from Monster because of the built-in charger. The DC adapter (which plugs in the cigarrete lighter) charges the iPod but also provides power for a stronger signal from the FM transmitter.

    One tip: Pick the station you want to use BEFORE you plug in the iCarPlay. The station numbers are printed on the transmitter and you can just scan through all the channels on your radio to find the one that has the weakest signal or is just static (no FM station at all). Then plug the transmitter in and set it to the same station as the radio. It works great for me!...more info

  • Simple and easy!
    I have been looking for an easy and simple FM transmitter for some time. Finally decided on this one from Monster Cable. It works great and charges the ipod at the same time. Every product should be as this - plug and play, no software install and fuss required....more info
  • it's great!
    i'll try keep it short here... this thing works great. some knucklehead kid at the Mac store tried to tell me it was no good and to get the iTrip, so i got that and started walking to the parking lot. got to my car and was about ready to rip the iTrip box open when i see that there's a CD inside. the iTrip needs to be set up with software! that's weak! i want plug and play. so i rolled back to the Mac store, exchanged the iTrip for my original choice... the Monster iCarPlay. plugged it into my cigarette lighter, set it to 89.1 (empty frequency for L.A. people!) and bad-bing! it was on. it has eight manually switchable frequency choices. the thing charges my iPod while i've got it on, too! the iTrip DRAINS your iPod... which we all know is a bad thing by now. keeping the pod charged is a constant challenge, eh? many other similar devices require their own batteries. this is an all in one solution. had it six months now. remember... it'll never sound better than the best FM station you've ever heard. once in a while you'll hear a little static for a few seconds. a straight "line in" would obviously produce better sound. but for those of us who don't want to or can't deal with a line in wiring job... this is your answer. i'm a former record producer and the FM quality sound is just great to my ears. the bad... well if you are driving long distance you will eventually run into a radio station that occupies the band to which you have it tuned. so you've got to switch channels... which is EASY on the Monster... if you are not driving the car. i believe on the iTrip you've gotta reprogram the darn thing on your computer to get to another frequency (not sure about that though). anyway, this works great for me especially since my GM car has a stock Delco stereo system that has no standard line in plugs. Open the box, plug it in, set your station with the easy interface, and you are rollin' with tunes in less that a minute! Plus, if you have another car, or are riding in a friends car, you can just take your Monster iCarPlay and your pod with you and subject whomever to your fabulous taste in music!...more info
  • Not practical in big cities
    I bought this to play my ipod through the car stereo system. I live in the LA area which has many radio stations even at the lower frequencies. It was difficult to find a signal that consistently worked. And even when we were in an area where we could use the frequency, the sound quality wasn't that great. I ended up returning the transmitter and buying the $20 Sony tape adapter that you can use with regular portable cd players. It works great....more info
  • Finally found a good solution
    iPod: 3rd gen, 20 gig
    Car: 2001 Mazda Protege, stock stereo/cd player unit

    I bought this device from an Apple Store just before a road trip from Westchester, NY to Washington, DC. I had previously been considering taking the car in to a car stereo place to have somebody run a cable from the in-dash stereo (which has a button for MD/Aux) so I could plug in the iPod directly, but after using the Monster product during my weekend trip, I don't see any reason to bother.

    I am thoroughly satisfied with this device, despite it's higher price compared to some other options such as the iTrip and the iRock. I previously owned a 2nd generation iPod, for which I had a cigarette lighter adapter/charger and the iTrip. For less money than the Monster product, I could have bought a PocketDock (to enable me to use the charger with the 3rd gen iPod) and a new iTrip, but I chose to try out the Monster iCarPlay (despite the terrible name), and I'm so happy I did. Here are some issues to consider when buying a car kit for the iPod and my take on how the Monster iCarPlay performs. First let me say that I'm assuming that the cassette adapter route is not an option (if you have a cassette deck, the decision is even more complicated, but I don't know anything about cassette adapters because I have only a CD player in the car):

    1. FM BROADCAST FREQUENCIES -- The iCarPlay offers 8 options toward the bottom of the FM spectrum. I was able to use 89.3 with very satisfactory sound quality all the way through to Baltimore, despite traveling through a series of major radio markets, including New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. From a user interface point of view, the iCarPlay features red LED indicator lights that clearly communicate to the user which FM frequency is being broadcast - and there is only one button to press to scroll through the options - nice and simple. Compare this with the iTrip, which requires the user to download a playlist of "tracks" onto the iPod that are used to tell the device which frequency to use, a system that not only requires stoppage of music to change frequencies, but also results in the iPod occasionally playing a bizarre series of beeps during random play of the full Library due to the fact that the frequencies are encoded in the form of tracks in the iPod's music Library. I'm a big believer in the benefits of a hardware-based rather than software-based solution, especially after the time that I forgot to re-sync the iTrip frequencies playlist when I changed the music on the iPod, rendering the iTrip unusable on the next car trip. The iCarPlay is ready for use right out of the box - no software to install or data to be transferred to the iPod. Ever.

    2. iPOD-ESQUE ESTHETICS -- Here, the iCarPlay falls short, but I don't care that much (I don't use the iPod ear-buds either - I never found them comfortable), and I think the iCarPlay is nice enough looking on its own merits. My main concern is the usability and the efficacy of the product, and it is great in both regards.

    3. POWER/BATTERIES -- One of the best things about the iCarPlay other than the sound quality is that it is an all-in-one solution, charging the iPod and broadcasting the FM signal at the same time and through the same port on the iPod. No batteries to change in the transmitter (compare with the iRock), and no leeching off of the iPod's own power, however little it may be (compare with the iTrip).

    4. CONNECTIONS -- As mentioned above, there is only one point of connection with the iPod for both charging and playing: the dock connector port in the bottom. I like this because the performance of the FM transmitter is independent of the volume level on the iPod, resulting in one fewer thing to worry about. By comparison, the iTrip requires that the iPod's volume level be set within a recommended range for best results, even to be able to set the broadcast frequency. The iCarPlay's use of the dock connector also has the advantage (I'm speculating here: I haven't tried this) of leaving the top of iPod free for using the in-line remote or another peripheral, such as a voice recorder.

    As a final detail, I'll point out a feature that may be unique to the iCarPlay. When you turn off the car, the device stops charging the iPod. What I was delighted to discover is that when this happens, the iCarPlay sends a signal to the iPod to pause itself. This is simply good, smart, considerate design - it takes the onus off the user to remember to pause the iPod to avoid having the iPod battery run down for no reason.

    One last issue to bear in mind is that the iCarPlay is really just for use in the car (or on a boat, or anywhere with both a cigarette lighter socket and an FM radio). One advantage of the iTrip or iRock, is that they can be used to play the iPod through *any* FM radio, such as in a hotel room. I am willing to give up that bit of flexibility in return for the numerous other advantages I've found in the iCarPlay.

    I don't usually take the time to write reviews on Amazon, and especially not of this length, but I am so pleased with this product (and aware of how confusing the decision about which FM transmitter to buy can be) that I felt compelled to share my experience. The iCarPlay is an effective, supremely easy-to-use solution for those of us with no cassette deck and a desire to play our iPod through our car stereo....more info

  • useless around san francisco
    Just got the iCarPlay yesterday, and I am already ready to return it. I am sure it is a great idea if you live in the middle of nowhere, but in San Francisco there are radio station on almost every channel and you have to change frequency every 5 minutes.

    I thought I could use it for my commute to work, but I end up spending way to much time making sure I have a clear signal...

    I am returing it....more info

  • Great Item Depending on Where You Live
    I have been using it for a month and it works fantastic where I live in Tucson,AZ where there aren't any stations that use its frequencies. However, it is almost useless when I go to Phoenix,AZ which has all sorts of stations using its frequencies. Driving across Phoenix I have to hunt for a frequency about every 10 minutes and often times there is no good station to be found. However, it is very sleek and easy to change its transmitting frequency when you run into a problem.

    The sound quality of the item is fairly good(when you find a good channel). It is much better then any other FM transmitter I have ever heard with sound close to that of a regular FM radio station. However, the signal is still of coarse somewhat weak, especially in the bass range. You will have to boost the bass and decrease treble and mid ranges somewhat to get a decent sound. However, even then I find it is still to weak to play some music that needs a lot of bottom like some hard rock, electronica, and hip hop.

    Also would like to add, that while it does not match the ipod exactly, it looks sleek and great with the ipod. It looks great as a bridge between a car with a gray/black interior and the ipod.

    My main problem with it though, is there is no way to make it not charge. I am not sure but I believe this limits the ipods battery life since portions of the lithium battery would be burned out quicker. It is my understanding that you should always completly drain a lithium battery of power before re-charging so that the battery life decreases evenly. Using this device makes that impossible.

    The other problem is that it will only work in a car since it draws power from a cigarette ligther. You will have to buy an apadter then plugs into a wall outlet if you want to use it at home....more info

  • Good Stuff
    I got this product for my new iPod (3rd Gen.). The positive things about this product are:
    1. Looks good
    2. Easy to be used and be programed
    3. Perfectly fits the iPod
    4. This may be the best thing about it, It Does NOT need any battery or does NOT use the iPod's power instead! It gains its power from the car!
    BUT there is only one "negative" thing about this!
    1. You have to put it some place good so it can synchronize with your radio perfectly or you'll have some parasites instead....more info
  • Good Quality, Good Signal, Good Design
    This is a top-notch, easy-to-use product which, from all I've been able to gather, functions far better than other iPod-compatible FM transmitters that are on the market right now. As with anything going through the airwaves, it has been no surprise that I've picked up a little bit of static on occasion. Generally speaking, however, the iCarPlay has delivered very clear, full-sounding audio (noticeably clearer than an average radio station), and I love the fact that it plugs into the iPod's dock connector, keeping it charged while also getting the best audio signal for broadcast. And of course, you can't beat the fact that the Monster logo on the 12V adapter and the radio tuner glow red when plugged in.

    Worried about finding an unused station in your area? Next time you're in your car, just check the FM stations that iCarPlay can use: 88.1, 88.3, 88.5, 88.7, 88.9, 89.1, 89.3, and 89.5. In my experience, even if one of the stations is receiving a weak signal, the iCarPlay shouldn't have any trouble blocking it out.

    Someday, our cars will all be Bluetooth-enabled so we can pile in our innumerable gadgets and they'll all connect to one another, creating a brilliant and convenient array of functionality and convenience. In the meantime, the iCarPlay FM Transmitter appears to be a great option for most everyone with an iPod (with dock) and car with FM radio tuner....more info

  • Disappointing Sound
    I was bummed to find that no matter what channel I tuned the iCarPlay to, the sound was quite static-y. For anything but very loud music, it's intolerable. Since some people seem not to have this experience, I suspect that it has a lot to do with the quality of the FM tuner in the car in which it's used (some are inherently better at tuning in weak stations, rejecting the weaker of two "competing" stations, etc.). I'm returning the iCarPlay, and springing for a deck with an auxiliary input for my iPod....more info
  • Works well - even in big cities
    I was hesitant to buy the iCarPlay - I had an FM transmitter several years ago and it was miserable. I was afraid I'd get in an accident while fiddling with the dial. The iCarPlay, however, has present stations, making it easier to change the station should you pick up some static.

    That problem doesn't happen often though. I live near Washington, DC, and rarely have to change the station because of static. Sure, the quality isn't as good as if you have a direct line-in port on your car stereo or a cassette adapter, but for those of us with plain ole CD players, the iCarPlay works well. It also does a great job of keeping your iPod charged.

    Another plus is that the cord is long enough that you can pretty much put your iPod wherever you want. I also read some great reviews of it on the Apple message boards.

    It might take you a while to get this product, however; I was on the Amazon's waitlist for over a month before I found it elsewhere and cancelled my order here....more info

  • iCarPlay wireless
    Easy to use. Sound is perfect. Great product! A+...more info
  • Does what it is supposed to do, but so do others
    This FM transmitter does what it is supposed to do, but so do all the other FM Transmitters. For example, the Belkin transmitters (ranging in price depending on features) broadcast the same quality for about half the price. The quality cannot exceed that which would be seen in a 96 kbps mp3 because of the inherent limitations of FM radio. That is the same quality that all FM Transmitters broadcast at.

    So know going into your purchase that if you buy an FM Transmitter for your mp3 player or cd player that you will be limited to radio quality output. Secondly, know that if you are investing in the iCarPlay that you are paying for the name, the size, and the cigarette-lighter plug.

    Knowing that information, I'll leave you free to make your own conclusion and decision....more info

  • Terrible - A total disappointment
    I bought this because it was supposed to be so much better than the Belkin model. "The best transmitter Apple's ever seen" yadda yadda. Frankly, it's absolutely not worth the money at all (and wayyyy over-priced). I hate to say it but it's pretty much useless. Constant static. Constantly switching stations only to find more static. I actually returned the first one I bought because Monster tech support said it was probably defective. They sent me a second for free and it soudned exactly the same. Completely useless....more info
  • Need to hook up your iPod to your Car? Get this product!
    I tried the iTrip, I tried 2 other Belkin products, none of those worked as well as this transmitter from Monster. Very easy to configure (hit the red button to get the frquecy you want) and it is powerful enough to block out the local stations on any frequency in my area, which are quite a few. It also charges up the iPod, which is great.
    Sound quality, absolutely amazing!!! I have mp3s on my iPod and not like I am expecting CD quality or anything, but the bass and treble are fantastic. No static what so ever. 3 people at work got this transmitter after they heard the quality of mine. Keep in mind I have pretty nice stock head units in my cars. I would rcommend this!...more info
  • Junk
    This is possibly the most frustrating piece of junk ever sold. I bought this for a long road trip, and believe me, by the end of the first day, we were ready to run over it, put the car into reverse, back over it again, and repeat. Not only will you constantly be switching FM stations, but the interference and white noise will drive you completely bats. The problem is that in most locations 90% of these frequencies are being used by other stations, so the iPod signal fades in and out. Either get some portable speakers or buy the cassette adapter.

    Conclusion: Monstrously Irritating and Annoying...more info

  • if this is the best I'd hate to hear the worst
    I tried this in both of my vehicles and the "hiss" is to much for me to handle. At times it sounds great then it gets overtaken by the hiss for no apparent reason. This can happen just sitting in the driveway without the vehicle running. I bought this becuase it was a charger and FM transmitter in one which is a great feature. But it sounds like I will be going to the cassette adapter for better sound quality....more info
  • No warnings about car compatibility
    I can't tell you how well this product works because I can't use it. I did a lot of research about FM adapters before I bought this one and no where did I see a warning that it might not be compatible with all cars. I have a 2000 Saturn SL2, which does not have a cigarette lighter, but just a power outlet (which I have used for phone chargers and other things). This iCarPlay power plug does not fit into my outlet. It is simply too large. So here's a gentle nudge for Monster to disclose which cars its product will work with....more info
  • Best FM transmitter out there
    I have gone through several FM transmitters to get my iPod music to come through my car stereo. This is by far the best in signal strength. I live in Manhattan which has a very crowded radio spectrum and crushes most FM transmitters. I originally bought the iRock when it first came out but quickly gave up on it because of the amount of static as well as short battery life. I then bought the iTrip and got better spectrum choice but still had a fair amount of hiss and static from the weak signal. I then went out and bought what was supposed to be the best FM transmitter by C. Crane and Co ($80.00) according to Wired Magazine. Suprisingly, this was no better than the iTrip. Out of desperation, I finally bought the iCarplay after reading numerous reviews on it. When I plugged it in my car, it was very obvious that the signal was much stronger than the other transmitters. On empty frequencies it gave a very clear signal without any static. On frequencies that already had a station, it would actually suppress the outside signal. In addition to its signal strength, the fact that it runs both the transmitter AND the iPod off the car's lighter socket it hugely helpful. When you are on a long trip, you never have to worry about stocking up on batteries or worse trying to replace them while driving. I calculated that I must have spent in excess of $140 before discovering the iCarplay. If you are thinking of getting a transmitter for your car, this should clearly be your first choice....more info
  • Good as any FM trasmitter can be
    Couple things to note:
    - You have it plugged into your car to power the transmitter (Doesn't use iPod battery power for transmission).

    - I use this on my commute in a major metro area and find that I have to change the channel while driving often. Yes, there are stations 88.1, 88.3, 88.5, 88.7, 88.9, 89.1, 89.3, and 89.5 (or stations are bleeding through 2 or 3 point channels).

    - I get a lot of noise with more vocal, ambient, or softer music. But if you listen to Rammstein or Skinny problem......more info

  • Great technology, sketchy construction
    Monster cables have a great reputation and I needed a way to take my iPod on long car trips. It works great when plugged in, perfect clear signal, easy to adjust. However, I have trouble plugging and unplugging it in the car lighter, and even worse the plug into the iPod almost refuses to release. I have to press really really hard on the release buttons and yank to get the cord out of my iPod. This is a problem since I take my iPod with me every time I get out of the car. In short, they need to work on the details a little. I'm definitely keeping it, but also definitely keeping the warranty and return info....more info
  • It works, is easy and looks cool.
    Besides giving good sound quality, it is very easy to use. Plugs the ends, find the station and enjoy. The signal is strong enough to use the radio's search function to find the iPod. If a station is using the frequency, push the red button on the transmitter to move to the next frequency and find it on the radio. Very Simple.

    I know it's the kid in me but I also like the red glow from the button and end that is in the lighter socket.

    Only complaint is that I wish it was easier to read the frequency numbers on the device at night....more info

  • Little Piece of Gold
    I have tried every kind of FM transmitter you can buy and they have all been unnacceptable. This one is more expensive but it actually transmits enough power to eliminate static at volume. There is some static when there is no volume but the music hides it so it's fine. The fact that this one charges your i pod as well is enough to sell me....more info
  • A great product from Monster Cable.
    The Editorial Review and the "best FM adapter yet" review cover the bases well. The only conclusion I feel needs reinforcing is that this is a great solution for those who DO NOT have the option of directly plugging into their car system (the optimal solution). As a FM transmitter, this device is simple not capable of providing the sound quality of a "line in" digital feed, but WILL reproduce the sound quality of your best-reception FM station. This also means, however, that if you like your music at high volume levels as I do, a small amount of FM static may be amped up during the spaces between songs and other quiet moments.

    Also consider where you will put your iPod during driving. I have a convenient cup holder, and the cord length seems ample enough to reach just about any storage space in the driver/front passenger area of the car, but you may want to consider some sort of stand to protect and keep the iPod secure (I seem to remember seeing a cupholder stand for the iPod somewhere).

    ONE DESIGN NOTE: The top of 12V plug is slightly smaller than a silver dollar and approximately 1/4 inch thick, so if your 12V receptacle is in a cramped, recessed space, near a lip in the dash, or your dash slopes outward near the receptacle, you may run into problems getting the unit plugged in.

    Overall, this is a good solution and a good product that performs as advertised and is easy to use, with the quality you expect from Monster Cable....more info

  • Best FM adapter yet, but it's still an FM adapter...
    Of all the ways to plug an iPod into your car stereo, an FM transmitter is the worst, sound-quality-wise. A good line in to your aux input will, without exception, yield better sound. However, if this is too daunting a procedure, or if you lack a standard aux input (or the ability to add one -- my situation), the iCarPlay is an excellent product. I have used the Belkin Tunedock, the Transpod, and the iTrip, and iCarPlay manages to be the best solution among them.

    Compared to other FM transmitters, the iCarPlay has a number of design advantages: It is powered from your car's DC adapter (a.k.a. the cigarette lighter plug), so you don't have to worry about batteries (as with the Belkin transmitter). Unlike other transmitters which are car-powered, this one also has a pass-through to recharge your iPod while it plays. The iCarPlay and Transpod are the only two products which provide this sort of integration.

    Controls on the device are simple: A button switches between the available frequencies (which are limited, so if you're in an area where all the low-band FM stations are taken up, you will get very poor quality sound), and a red LED notes which frequency you're on. The LEDs are bright enough to let you (barely) read the station on the device at night. Other than that, you just plug it into your car and into your iPod and control your iPod as normal.

    Physically, the iCarplay is adequately well made, but for such an expensive product, it feels a little too "plasticy" for my tastes, and seems that it could easily crack if abused. Compared to the flawless and solid plastics of the iTrip, it seems downright chintzy, although certainly no more so than the Belkin adapter. The iCarPlay's longish cable proves to be an advantage, as you can pick up the iPod and change songs, without losing transmission. I wouldn't mind a longer cable, but already, the 3' or so provided sometimes gets tangled up on the shift stick, so I'm not sure that would be ideal. The cable is long enough for most use.

    Signal strength is excellent, better than any other transmitter I've used, and it can usually overwhelm the transmission of any not-quite-received stations, and even makes a good effort at coming in over a local FM station, although the interference is severe when it does this. There's a certain amount of FM "hiss" when it plays, which seems more pronounced than that of other transmitters (particularly the iTrip which has an amazingly clear transmission, but a comparatively weak signal). The hiss isn't enough to bother me, with my poor factory stereo speakers, and again, if you're really serious about audio quality, you'll use a line in of some sort. Placing the transmitter as far away from the radio as possible (the DC jack in the hatchback of my Subaru -- a good 6'+ away) did not impair the signal quality.

    In the end, the iCarPlay offers an elegant and practical way to play my iPod in my car. It's priced a little high, but there's only one other device that comes close (the TransPod) and it's even more expensive and, to my mind, less useful. Still, for $70, you can easily add an aux jack to most stereos (except car factory stereos), and for a little more you could buy a low-end head unit with a built-in aux input. But, if you can't stand to take your dashboard apart, this will get the job done and do it with a minimum of fuss....more info

  • Best FM adapter yet, but it's still an FM adapter...
    Of all the ways to plug an iPod into your car stereo, an FM transmitter is the worst, sound-quality-wise. A good line in to your aux input will, without exception, yield better sound. However, if this is too daunting a procedure, or if you lack a standard aux input (or the ability to add one -- my situation), the iCarPlay is an excellent product. I have used the Belkin Tunedock, the Transpod, and the iTrip, and iCarPlay manages to be the best solution among them.

    Compared to other FM transmitters, the iCarPlay has a number of design advantages: It is powered from your car's DC adapter (a.k.a. the cigarette lighter plug), so you don't have to worry about batteries (as with the Belkin transmitter). Unlike other transmitters which are car-powered, this one also has a pass-through to recharge your iPod while it plays. The iCarPlay and Transpod are the only two products which provide this sort of integration.

    Controls on the device are simple: A button switches between the available frequencies (which are limited, so if you're in an area where all the low-band FM stations are taken up, you will get very poor quality sound), and a red LED notes which frequency you're on. The LEDs are bright enough to let you (barely) read the station on the device at night. Other than that, you just plug it into your car and into your iPod and control your iPod as normal.

    Physically, the iCarplay is adequately well made, but for such an expensive product, it feels a little too "plasticy" for my tastes, and seems that it could easily crack if abused. Compared to the flawless and solid plastics of the iTrip, it seems downright chintzy, although certainly no more so than the Belkin adapter. The iCarPlay's longish cable proves to be an advantage, as you can pick up the iPod and change songs, without losing transmission. I wouldn't mind a longer cable, but already, the 3' or so provided sometimes gets tangled up on the shift stick, so I'm not sure that would be ideal. The cable is long enough for most use.

    Signal strength is excellent, better than any other transmitter I've used, and it can usually overwhelm the transmission of any not-quite-received stations, and even makes a good effort at coming in over a local FM station, although the interference is severe when it does this. There's a certain amount of FM "hiss" when it plays, which seems more pronounced than that of other transmitters (particularly the iTrip which has an amazingly clear transmission, but a comparatively weak signal). The hiss isn't enough to bother me, with my poor factory stereo speakers, and again, if you're really serious about audio quality, you'll use a line in of some sort. Placing the transmitter as far away from the radio as possible (the DC jack in the hatchback of my Subaru -- a good 6'+ away) did not impair the signal quality.

    In the end, the iCarPlay offers an elegant and practical way to play my iPod in my car. It's priced a little high, but there's only one other device that comes close (the TransPod) and it's even more expensive and, to my mind, less useful. Still, for $70, you can easily add an aux jack to most stereos (except car factory stereos), and for a little more you could buy a low-end head unit with a built-in aux input. But, if you can't stand to take your dashboard apart, this will get the job done and do it with a minimum of fuss....more info

    MONSTER ROCKS ! I have been thru 3 other iPod to FM devices of other brands and they all sucked, I used them a few times and gave up for one reason or other: Too weak a signal , Too many wires etc they were just not worth the hassle. Now at last I have my ALL my music in the car. This produck works really well is simple & elegant. I DO wish they had configured the cord length a bit differently but then every car is going to be different, maybe if they used plugs and you could swap the location of the sender unit ? NOW I need a male Firewire to new iPod dock adapter so I can use my old school iPod in the car too.


  • Works great
    I originally had the I-Trip which did not provide the best reception on my car stereo. The iCarplay provides excellent reception and I do not have to worry about running low on battery power. Also with the iCarplay you do not have to store any preset stations on your Ipod. With a click of a botton you can change the frequency your Ipod is transmitting....more info