Meade MA 12mm Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece (1.25"), Wireless
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Product Description

This 1.25" modified achromatic (Kellner) eyepiece has a built-in cordless illuminator for use with any make or model telescope and/or off-axis guider. The cordless illuminator has an on/off switch with an integral brightness level control. It uses two 1.5 volt LR-44 button-type alkaline camera batteries or their equivalent (MR-44, SR-44, 357, etc.). Batteries are included with the eyepiece, but are not guaranteed to be charged when received, as the batteries are supplied by an outside vendor and are not covered by the Meade factory warranty. It may be necessary to purchase batteries prior to use. The eyepiece has a dual crosshair reticle. The top of the eyepiece rotates to focus the crosshairs sharply to match your eyesight. For guiding tolerance purposes with your particular scope, you can calculate the area of sky subtended by the small central box formed by the dual crosshairs by aiming at a star near the celestial equator. Turn off the scope drive and count how many seconds it takes for the star to drift from one side of the box to the other. One second of time equals 15 arc seconds of sky. The eyepiece has a soft turndown rubber eyecup for eyeglass use.

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