The Reporter Wireless Driveway Alarm
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Product Description

THE NAME ON THE PACKAGING AND BASE UNIT HAS BEEN CHANGED TO CHAMBERLAIN!!!The Reporter Wireless Driveway Alarm System detects and reports human or vehicle motion near any location needing notification or protection like driveways, business entrances, garages, and barns. This remarkable outdoor motion detector and alert system can also be used to monitor boats, RVs, trucks, mailboxes and much more.The Reporter driveway alarm security system and driveway monitor includes one motion sensor and one receiver. Up to three additional motion sensors may be purchased and added to each receiver, allowing you to cover a total of four different locations at once with four distinct beeps. You can also purchase additional receivers and set the motion sensor to alert multiple receivers simultaneously. Do not settle for lesser quality imitation driveway alarms and motion detectors. The Reporter is the original wireless driveway alarm and is 100% made in the USA. Product Features: * Waterproof motion sensor assembly. Weather shield included to protect motion sensor from the rain and snow. * Receiver features sound control and has an output to trigger external alarms or bells. * Sensor operates on 4 "AA" batteries for up to 2 years. Receiver plugs into the wall but has an optional battery back-up. * Microprocessor code-learning technology eliminates false alarms, receiver responds only to motion sensors assigned to it. * One motion sensor can communicate with multiple receivers in larger installations. * Compact size driveway monitor- sensor and receiver each measure less than 4"x3"x2". * 100% Made in the USA! The best motion detectors in the market! * Complete one-year warranty and toll-free tech support.

  • System includes one passive infrared motion sensor and one receiver but additional sensors and recei
  • Extremely easy to use and install- sets up in minutes.
  • Amazing range: the motion sensors have a 30-ft detection range and can transmit a signal to the rece
  • Motion detector detects humans and vehicles but ignores small animals.
  • Does NOT require a direct line of sight between the motion detector and receiver. Unaffected by tree
Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent Deer Detector
    I bought this unit a few months ago specifically to let me know when deer are in my front yard. I mounted it to a tree 10 feet away from the salt lick/feeder which is about 70 feet from the house. When it didn't pick the deer up consistently, but was triggered by squirrels, I lowered it from about 3.5 feet to about 2 feet off the ground and pointed it very slightly above horizontal. It now triggers every time the deer come around with no false triggers from smaller animals.

    One thing not mentioned in the Product Description is that the receiver unit has a relay with connectors on the side. The relay can support up to 120V 10A. This can be used to activate many other devices for various purposes. The most obvious would be a louder (or different) alarm or a lamp. However, with some imagination and a little electronics know-how, you could activate a camera or (the opposite of what I use it for) a noise maker to actually scare off the critters.

    The Reporter does a good job and seems to be reliable. A friend recommended this unit and has been using it to detect deer on his property for 2 years. And, just like the manual states, he hasn't had to replace the AA batteries in the PIR sensor during that time.

    One negative: About 2 months after using it, the receiver died... or so I thought. I was about to try another AC adapter, when I decided to check the 9v, back-up battery. The battery was dead. When I took the dead battery out (or replaced it with a fresh one) it worked perfectly. It seems that the B/U battery doesn't last long and if it dies, the unit can't be powered on. Solution: Do not use a B/U battery.

    There may be similar devices with more features (choice of alarms, volume control), but they will cost more. For the price, I am very pleased. I'm sure if the deer knew how often I've enjoyed watching them (which is one reason I put the corn out for them) and knowing when they're around, they would be pleased with it as well!...more info
  • Good Product-Works well
    I ordered this item due to a side driveway that I was unable to see well.I installed one sensor at the driveway and one near my back porch.This worked just as stated and was so easy to hook up.It seldon picks up animals and the couple of times it has a large dog was near the sensor at my back steps and I wanted to know that was happening anyway.

    Overall I doubt you could find a better system for the price range.I did have a small problem with the shipping conditions but Amazon responded and handled that quickly.I do wish there was a way to adjust how loud the alarm sounds.During the day I dont need it quiet as loud as I would turn it at night to wake me but thats not a major issue....more info
  • Love it, love it.
    Am on my second one in six years. Lightning took out first one along with many other electronics in my home : (

    We have it on our farm 400' or so from the house and can tell if anyone pulls in at night and even FINALLY caught stray Tom cat that was sauntering in and using our cat door to eat all of the cat food. The alarm picked the cat up at 3 AM. Wouldn't feel safe without it. Highly reccommend it. No false alarms. ...more info
  • A very high-quality US-made electronic product
    My driveway is 800 feet long, windy, w/ 10% slope at various spots. To complicate things further, there are lots of trees in between too. The Reporter works like a charm out of the box. There are a few extra features that are only mentioned in its manual. My only complaint is that its base unit (the black box) is extremely ugly w/ those assymetrical curvy design. A plain angular black box looks much better than that. But function wise, this is flawless. I look forward to getting 3 additional sensors so that I can monitor more areas....more info
  • Terrible Performance - Junk
    I may have the only bad one ever made. Setup as per instructions tested it in my garage with clear line of view. Started 15' from the entrance and walked into the garage. Unit did not go off until I reached to pick it up. I could have stolen everything in my garage without a beep. I had sensitivity set on high and changed range from 15' to 30' still no difference. Construction/design very cheap. I have seen kids toys built 10 times better than this. If I could get a dozen today for free I would not take them....more info