Belkin F8V3080 TuneCast II Mobile FM Transmitter
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Product Description

BELKIN F8V3080 -- Listen to music from your MP3 player through this dedicated FM stereo receiver. The BELKIN TuneCast II FM Transmitter connects portable music players to your car or home stereo using FM radio waves. Includes a Belkin Mobile Power Cord that connects to your car's cigarette lighter to provide extended power while you're on the road Color - Gray

The Belkin Portable Music TuneCast II FM Transmitter puts music from your portable music player, CD player, or PC through you FM car or home stereo. All you have to do is plug the TuneCast II into the headphone jack of your player or computer, tune your stereo or receiver to any clear FM frequency, then enjoy your music experience with more sound and fewer wires. An automatic on/off function turns the TuneCast II on when an audio signal is detected. If no signal is detected for a period of 60 seconds, your TuneCast II switches off, lengthening battery life while simplifying your life.

The system features four programmable memory slots and a Belkin Mobile Power Cord that connects to your car's cigarette lighter to provide power for the transmitter. Two AAA batteries are included, and an LED light comes on to show you when the TuneCast II is running low on power.

  • Turns your FM stereo into an MP3 broadcaster
  • Program up to four station presets; automatically turns on and off
  • |Operating range of up to 30 feet; transmits on FM channels 88.1MHz-107.9Mz
  • Mobile Power Cord connects to car's cigarette lighter port for optional battery-free operation
  • Universal accessory for all digital audio players compatible with 3.5mm mini-jack
Customer Reviews:
  • Not worth it!
    Pro's: NONE

    Con's: My tape player works better than this! Don't get this product unless you want to end up returning it at a later date....more info
  • Turns off and on randomly
    Absolutely terrible product. It started to randomly turn off and would not turn back on after only a month of having it. Big waste of money. Get a transmitter that connects to the bottom (dock connector) of your ipod instead....more info
  • Eh....
    If this is the only solution for listening to whatever it is you want in your car, go for it, but a better investment would be another car stereo with an auxillery port + cable. No static with that setup. I'm sure static is a problem with a lot of these transmitters but like I said, why bother with one of these when you get a much better solution like the afformentioned....more info
  • Alright for the price.....I guess
    I was a little surprised when I saw what these were going for online. I found mine at Walmart for [...]. I knew right from the jump it would not sound as good as the many others that sell for upwards of [...], and Boy was I right. The sound quality is less than par. I did mess around with location in the vehicle and that did help a little. I'm planing on adding a longer cord since the one it comes with is ridiculously short. I heard this will greatly increase performance as the cord doubles as the transmit antenna. All in all, if your looking for a cheap way to get sound into your CD player and have no input jack, this will work. Barely...more info
  • Works but sounds terrible
    I have to agree with a better portion of the reviews on here.
    It works but the sound is terrible - muffled & alot of background noise.
    I gave it 2 stars because it does function but would have only given it 1 star for the sound quality alone.
    Find something else. ...more info
  • Inexpensive and the quality of the transmission reflects it
    I bought this item due to the cost; it's very inexpensive. This was the first time I had purchased an FM transmitter so I didn't know what to expect. The reception is terrible and the sound quality extremely poor. I returned it the next day in part because the batteries died within an hour. I would suggest spending the extra money and getting better sound....more info
  • not worthy
    I bought this because it seemed a good price. The second the scratchy sound came through, I thought two things:
    1- my fathers advice- it's better to buy the best thing once, than the cheapest thing twice
    2- why would I have spent so much on my ipod and then so little on this?

    just return it and get the best thing you can afford....more info
  • Works for me!
    The Belkin TuneCast II works for me even tho I read alot of reviews to the contrary. I will be the first to admit tho, that I live in a rural area and so don't have a problem finding a frequency that isn't in use. It probably isn't the best tho for a metro area....more info
  • Don't buy breaks after few months
    This worked fine until one day out of nowhere it just stopped working. So now I am looking for another suitable FM transmitter. These things should only cost pennies and come with a recharable battery. If you buy this product be prepared to buy a new one in a few months. Look at the difference between how many bad reviews it has compared to the good ones. Your not too smart if you intend on buying one. Save your money for other items....more info
  • Just horrid
    I bought this at the same time as I purchased my Zen Plus. I actually bought two of each, one for the wife and one for myself. No matter which station I select, the signal is bad. I placed it outside, next to the antenna, no deal, static was louder than the music. I have two vehicles I tried both tramsmitters on, a Nissan Versa and a Chevy Venture. Ended up buying wife a new stereo for the van with aux front input and bluetooth for the phone from info
  • Belkin TuneCast
    I bought this item on an idea to enable the GPS to interface with the Harley radio while using sat radio. Works like a charm and allowed me to pocket $400.00+ over the commercial applications. (any $$$ helps) I since then have recommended to a fellow rider and he has purchased one. The product works well!...more info
  • Could not be a worse product.
    I returned this the day after I bought it. I know sound quality is never perfect with transmitters, but this was beyond terrible (and I've used them before, so I know how to pick a good station!). I couldn't even listen to it. It also just kept turning itself off after a few minutes! If you're going to buy a transmitter, spring for a good product. ...more info
  • Belkin Tunecast II
    Well, this was a lesson in shopping before you buy...I found the item cheeper in Target, but wasn't able to cancel the order even though the item hadn't shipped and wouldn't for almost a week, nor had the charged been put through my bank yet.
    Additionally, when I got the item, the quality wasn't that good and the volume has to be turned up to max to hear your music (the same MP3 sound just fine when used with a plug in tape player adapter without cranking the volume)
    So all and all I wasn't too happy with this purchase, but hopefully I learned a lesson....more info
  • It works so well, I bought two
    Aware of some negative reviews, I bought one for myself. It works very well in my Dodge van with the Creative Zen Stone Plus that I use mostly for listening to downloaded audio books. I power it from the cigarette lighter and don't keep AAA batteries in it. I plug it into the lighter socket, which is only a foot or so off the floor of the van, run the cord up over the rear-view mirror and over to the driver-side sun visor. I keep the Belkin and the Stone Plus tucked up there between the mirror side of the visor and the inside of the car roof. The van antenna is in the right front of the car, so it's only about three feet from the Belkin cord to the car antenna. The sound quality is good, and for over a month I've had no trouble whatsoever. The sound quality is very good, with little noise or static. I then bought one for my son (this time at Walmart) after testing mine in the Honda Accord he drives. It works well in the Honda, in which the radio antenna is on the left rear fender, about 6 to 7 feet away from the Belkin cord. He now uses it with his Ipod and is delighted. I don't know why others had trouble with this Belkin device. He and I have had no troubles. It's a fine product. ...more info
  • Belkin F8V3080
    Item worked as described. Hooked to radio in my car for better reception on XMS after market radio kit....more info
  • Aggressively unlikeable
    This is the single worst piece of electronic equipment I have ever owned. I wish I'd seen the reviews on amazon before I'd bought it. Where to start? It eats batteries like mad, and no, you can't use rechargeable batteries with it; I tried that first. The only other option is to use the car adapter, which doesn't fit the hole on the unit. In fact, I thought I was using the wrong adapter at first. When mine did work, the FM signal was very weak and loaded with static. And that gets me to my last point- it broke after only a few uses. Trust me, it was a mercy killing. Belkin's other units might be better but I sure won't be finding out....more info
  • It kinds of works; but too easily interferred
    It works as long as the music is played in high volume. However, it still can be interferred quite easily. Upgrading the car radio with one that has a line-in is a better idea than using this device.

    Jay Chan...more info
  • Eats batteries, shuts itself off
    I bought this to use with my Creative Zen Vision M mp3 player, not as a car unit (I already had one) but to use in my office at work so I could play my MP3 player through my boombox speakers.

    It has been a real disappointment. Batteries don't last long, and even if I put the transmitter right next to the boombox (theoretically making the signal as strong as possible), the Belkin unit shuts off after a few minutes and I hear a lot of hiss.

    What a waste of my money!...more info
  • Not Very good
    I was so happy to get this until i used it it almost never was able to clearly broadcast a signal always static and distortion no matter what station, battery life, distance to antenna, volume on the ipod. the battery life was also very poor. i went through 2 of these and both of them i hated and did not last long i have yet to find a good one except my friend uses the iriver one and it seems to have a clear signal but the auto off is a con and there are no batteries which would be a nice option ...more info
  • City Blues
    Good on long distance travel, but difficult to find a frequency that is not being used because of all the local college stations on the low end of the FM dial in the NYC metro area. Works great outside of city perimeter....more info
  • Poor reception
    I just hate it when products are being advertise as good as what they say, but except this one. I use my zune with this belkin for my car and i cant barely get frequency and songs stops....more info
  • It fried 2 Sansa mp3 players - Belkin refunded
    I received a new Tunecast II for Christmas and connected it to my Sandisk Sansa. I tuned it in to the best station (v. disappointing range) and when finished I turned my Sansa off. The Tunecast remained plugged into the Sansa. The next day I went to turn the Sansa on and it was totally dead. Changed batteries, etc., but it was dead. Belkin took it back, exchanged it, and sent me a check for the Sansa. They were good about it. When the new Tunecast II arrived I plugged it into my daughter's Sansa (just like mine) and it fried that too. Really. Belkin has just sent me the forms to replace it. I told them I didn't want a new one, just a check for the device and my daughter's Sansa. Bummer....more info
  • belkin f83080 fm transmitter
    nice unit good price, only problem is you have to have empty channels on your fm radio - i find that I-5 near seattle is full - so check your fm radio spectrum first ...more info
  • Not as bad as everyone says
    I was hesitant at buying this becuz of the bad reveiws, so i bought this at walmart so i could return it easy. Its not as bad as everyone else said, most of the time. This doesnt seem bad in certain areas as much as randomly starts to be static for a few minutes and then is fine again. Its not so much static as a humming in the background. 80% of the time this works great and is only $20 so you cant expect miracles!

    Edit: Dont buy it. It randomly stopped working on me....more info
  • Static noise in your music
    I live in orange county ca. I tried all available FM frequency.. still I got static noise when I listen to music in my ipod....more info
  • Unusable, unless you don't mind a lot of static
    I would like to know how the people giving this little gadget positive reviews were able to get this to function well. I have attempted to use the Belkin with my mp3 player several times in three different cars, and have not been able to get it to produce sound without an unacceptable amount of background static. I will often get some reasonably clear sound for a few minutes, only to be followed by loud, irritating static that often overpowers the sound of the mp3 player. I have not been able to fix it, no matter how many times I change the radio station or adjust the volumes on my radio and mp3 player. Perhaps it is just incompatible with iPods.

    I'm very disappointed with this product and would not purchase it again or recommend it to anyone....more info
  • It deserves no stars because it is junk!
    I was hoping that this might let me use my MP3 player on our drive to Florida later this year, but it is not worth the money. Granted, if the volume was turned all the way up on the MP3 player, I could hear the song on the radio, but it was always with static in the background. It didn't matter what channel it was tuned to and Belkins website that told you the best station for your area, was way off too. Most of the stations they had listed had strong signals already broadcasting on them! Save your money!...more info
    I bought a Belkin TuneCast II in the south of France, at the beginning of a two week driving tour of Italy. Belkin is a well-known brand and I made the false assumption that a company like Belkin would not actually SELL a product if it didn't actually WORK. I found out very quickly that I was wrong--and that I'd be listening to a lot of bad Italian radio for the next two weeks--instead of the custom playlists I had spent hours perfecting on my iPod...

    This thing is a total t*rd. I am sending mine back to Belkin as we speak. I suggest that everyone who has bought this product return it to Belkin to take advantage of their "limited lifetime warranty". The more expensive it is for them to sell this cr@p, the less likely they will be to do it again in the future! (in theory) :)
    ...more info
  • Not very clear sound
    I've tried this numerous times, and it just does not get good reception. I only tried it in the car, so I don't know if it would work in a home situation. Don't waste your money. ...more info
  • Works great! Give it a shot and see for yourself
    I was a little concerned purchasing this product after all of the mixed reviews but I really wanted to listen to my mp3 player through my car stereo (no auxillary input in my car). Well... I'm very pleasantly surprised with the results. The sound quality is excellent and I couldn't be happier. I didn't even have to try any different stations because the Tunecast starts up on 88.1 FM and that radio station worked perfectly for playback and there was no interference whatsoever!!!

    My setup is as follows:
    Car: 2008 Dodge Caliber SRT 4
    MP3 Player: Microsoft Zune (30 GB, 1st Generation)
    Location: Madison, WI
    Station: 88.1
    Power Supply: Rather than using the AAA batteries, I use the DC power cord that comes in the box and plug it into my cigarette lighter.

    *** Look, the bottom line here is that this product is going to work for some people and not for others. Radio stations obviously vary depending on location and several other factors related to your configuration and mp3 player also come into play. I say give it a shot though, if it doesn't work for you then return it, no harm done. And if it does work, well then you can look forward to listening to some of your favorite tunes in your car anytime!!! ***...more info
    This product is absolutely terrible. I've tried it in every state from SC to WI and never got it to transmit a clear signal. It's weak. If you enjoy static its the right choice, but if not dont buy it. ...more info
  • Powerless
    I live in an area with many FM stations. I'm constantly channel hopping to find a frequency without a radio station overpowering the Belkin transmitter. It's also very susceptible to static from overhead power lines. Occasionally I can clean up the signal by putting my hand over the transmitter to shield it somewhat. Currently I'm looking for an alternative device....more info
  • Very bad product!
    I had this product for my first Mp3 player and it could barely find a station in my house, using it in the car was a joke. I would not reccomend this product to anyone....more info
  • Very disapointed With this unit!
    I hate to write derogatory reviews, but by doing so I just might keep someone else from wasting money on this device. 1. Poor sound quality. Very poor. 2. on/off switch is a joke. Be prepared to insert new batteries each time you use it....more info
  • Not powerful enough - didn't give clear signal
    I bought this to replace a GE unit that the wires keep breaking on, but this unit doesn't have enough signal strength to provide a clear signal. I was so disappointed I returned this unit, and am looking for a new unit....more info
  • Poor range.
    This unit works as advertised, however there is not much range to the FM transmitting. You have to put the FM Receiver right next to the FM Transmitter to hear the sound clearly. You can not receive the signal clearly across the room. ...more info
  • This sucks; don't waste your money
    I own 2 of these. They both have broken with the same exact problem. The power connector cable stops sending power to the device. The same thing happened to the headphone piece of the cable, now I can't even use it with batteries. When it worked it was just ok, mainly because of the short length of the headphone cable. What a waste. I am sure there are better models out there....more info
  • Not very useful
    I purchased one of these and it had a range of maybe 6' if it was held up and turned just right. I took it back and exchanged it thinking that it may have been a defective one but the second one was just as bad. It worked in my car only when I held it in just the right position. Just not good....more info
  • Works Great!
    I don't understand why all these people are giving this product a bad review. If your having bad interference it is not because of the product it is because the station you have it on is broadcasting. I'm happy with this product, It works just fine....more info
  • Bad in city; good on the highway
    The reviews condemning this product are pretty accurate. In the city, this thing barely works, if at all. However, outside of the city, it worked great, with almost no static.

    If you travel over the road frequently, the Belkin TuneCast may come in handy, but if you rarely leave your city, find something else.

    ...more info
  • cheap but crappy
    very weak transmission power, the sound is opaque and now it doesn't work with the power adapter, i want my money back!...more info
  • Belkin FM Transmitter
    This product is adaquete. it uses up batteries quickly. It would be great if there was a electric power coord for it. Use in the car is good!...more info
  • Dosen't work!
    If I hold it in my left hand in the exact center of the steering wheel it will work sometimes. Placed 4" from the antenna it dosen't work. Batteries last, maybe 4 hrs.
    Too bad I like Belkin stuff on the whole....more info
  • not as good as manufacturer claims
    This item does transmit through automobile radio, but it is not easy to find a radio frequency that does not experience bleed-over from nearby frequencies, probably due to low output wattage from the Belkin FM Transmitter. Consequently, there is a lot of noise and static and it is somewhat annoying. When travelling, it is necessary to re-tune to different frequencies sometimes every 5-10 miles due to bleed-over. It is not much better in a stationary situation, either. I would not purchase this again.I wish I would have had the opportunity to test it prior to buying. A cassette adapter is much cleaner sound....more info
  • iPOD transmitter
    This can transmit on any frequency. A must for LA. I just drove to Idaho Falls and back and had to change the default frequency for 3 different cities. It takes only a few seconds. I didn't have to buy any batteries because of the CLA. This does reduce your MP3 quality to FM quality but you didn't have to go through the expense and time to hardwire your iPOD into your car did you?...more info
  • I don't recommend this item at all.....i'm dissapointed!!
    I'm pretty dissapointed, it doesn't work at all, it is almost imposible to tune the device, i have tried in both home & car audio systems, and the experience is awful....terrible sound!...more info
  • Not good in the car.
    I have bought several FM transmitters, each time hoping that the newest one will be better with newer and more advanced technology. Nothing really beats a wired connection like a separate input jack or a cassette adapter. Perhaps it has something to do with the FCC limitation for the strength of output signal. Lots of static and intermittent reception. There are also a lot of interference while driving your car particularly in cities as opposed to driving in a more rural location.
    There is no problem if you will use it only inside the house or not going mobile. You can choose one perfect spot and leave it there and you get a clean reception.

    Good reception in the house
    Digital Readout
    Portability. Wire wraps to itself.

    Get a wired connection if you drive a car.
    ...more info
  • Convenient
    This player is extremely convenient if your car's stereo/radio does not have a plug for an MP3 player or a tape deck where you can put a tape adaptor for your iPod. Simply turn your iPod on, plug the Belkin transmitter into the iPod & tune your radio to the same frequency your transmitter is tuned to. The Belkin transmitter gives you the option of all the FM station frequencies to choose from. The display also lights up in a greenish color so you can see what you are doing in the dark. If you place your iPod on the seat of your car you may have some problems keeping a good signal & toggling between frequencies while in the car can be tedius & not only annoying but dangerous while driving. I have found the BEST place to place the iPod & transmitter in order to keep a good signal is on top of the car's dash directly above the radio. It must be in this spot to keep a good constant signal. So far neither the iPod nor the transmitter has slid off the dash while driving. You have to make sure you use a frequency that is not being used, or a very weak FM channel, either one. You can also use this transmitter with a portable radio/cd player/tape deck. Same directions as before, then place on top of your portable radio & the signal is the same, however I have found with my portable radio that some songs appear as if they are not being played in stereo. Use with a portable radio at your discretion. Useage with a car's stereo is perfect, this little thing is convenient. It takes 3 AAA batteries & comes with an extra cord. The regular cord is connected to the transmitter & when not in use it wraps back around the transmitter & snaps into the top of the transmitter so you don't have a wire hanging down all the time when stored somewhere. Great product, allows you to listen through your car's radio. When traveling long distance you may, however, have to keep toggling between stations for obvious reasons....more info
  • Good Product
    Bought 3 of these for christmas 2007. They are very nice. Digital tuner is a big plus. They work very well as long as you can find an unused channell on FM in your area. Might be a problem in big citys. Where I live these baby's rock !!! Also good for watching movies on laptop computer cause speakers are weak. Just tune in the radio and plug in the Belkin. Belkin makes a very good product. The tuner will turn on as soon as it recognizes audio input. There is also pre set stations programable....more info
  • Audio quality is disappointing
    I bought this because I want play my mp3 player in my car. I commute through the new york, new jersey area so I knew before I bought it that it might struggle against the megawatt stations that dominate the FM frequencies here. It does struggle, but I have found a few freqencies that are passable. I planned on removing the built-in attenuation to get a better signal, but I'm not sure I'll bother anymore.

    The killer for this product for me is the audio quality. It is nowhere near as good as a decent FM station, better than a cell phone connection, and maybe better than AM. My car has a stock stereo in it with pretty average sound, but I wasn't willing to take the additional hit to sound quality so will find another way to listen.

    I guess it depends on expectations whether this is a great product or one for the back of the cupboard. It certainly worked as it said it would, I just expected better sound quality....more info
  • Poor range, needs to go outside of 88.1 FM
    I'm returning this device, which I wanted to use to broadcast audio from my TV over FM.

    Unfortunately, you can only tune it to 88.1 - 107.9 -- it would be more useful if it went outside that range (where there aren't any FM radio stations), especially in the 87's.

    The critical limitation is the range. The range in the product description is 30 ft. I got about 5 feet, and that was with static. I only got a relatively clear signal at about 6 inches. I tried a number of stations.

    Very disappointing....more info
  • Bad reception....
    I don't recommend this ones, because it doesn't give a good volume on your receiver....more info
  • Cheap and it works (sometimes).
    I guess I am a little picky when it comes to sound quality. I have a line in on my car stereo and my mp3 player sounds great. My wife's car doesn't have a line in so I need to use a FM transmitter to get sound to the stereo but didn't want to spend much too much. Well I didn't expect too much from this transmitter and I'm glad I didn't because I would have been disappointed. It does transmit but it doesn't sound great and suffers from interference often (I don't live in a big city I wouldn't even bother with this if I did). I did add a longer line in cable, 6 feet, and that seems to help some since it basically increased the size of the antenna. But my wife isn't picky about sound quality so this is fine for her, you get what you pay for!...more info
  • bad signal
    I'm i little disappointed. I use it in my car mainly, and the signal is very weak. And it was so hard to find a frequency free, maybe it has to do with it.

    One good think, is easy to use....more info
  • Its a piece of junk
    Its not like I expected digital sound out of this thing, but I was able to get a somewhat clear signal, and all the features worked fine(Auto-turn on, etc).

    But, after about a week or so, it just died. Switched out batteries, with and without the DC adapter, nothing. And from what I read, I'm not the first person this has happened to. Very cheap, very unreliable. Buyer Beware. ...more info
  • Don't even consider this one.
    Despite many tries, and some "help" from the Belkin website, this transmitter would broadcast on only two frequencies. On both of them, despite the transmitter being no more than 4 feet from the antenna, the volume was very faint and had a lot of static. Its performance was worthless. I'm very sorry I bought it, and I can't in good conscience sell it on to someone else....more info
  • Horrible sound quality, cable to short
    I also used this to listen to my Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra, in my 1999 Chevy Cavalier (stock radio has no CD, no cassette, no audio input).

    My antenna is in the back of my car. To get the best quality reception, the transmitter must be as close to the antenna as possible. The cable that goes from the device to the MP3 player is only a few inches long. You do the math. If your antenna is in the back and you want the best reception, you have to leave your MP3 player in the back seat window. That means no changing songs or anything on your player. If you're going for a long drive and signal strength on radio channels will change frequently, you'll have to stop the car and climb into the back seat every time you need to change the broadcast channel. Hardly practical.

    To add injury to insult, even with the device as close as possible to the car antenna, even in a rural area with a wide range of empty FM channels to choose from, I could never get the device to broadcast at an acceptable quality. I'm not a audiophile or anything, I don't care for high fidelity, I can't tell the difference between 96kbps and 512kbps MP3s, but this just horrible. Every few seconds huge amounts of static would cut in.

    ...more info
  • Awesome Product, But....
    This is an awesome product as it works great as long as you can install a wire antenna which requires opening the unit and soldering. Otherwise the effective working distance is far shorter than advertised. The auto on/off feature is certainly a plus and there are many frequencies to choose from. ...more info
  • Good Stuff
    When I first test it I was really disapointed because I could not get a decent sound, not even next to the antenna of the radio, I though that the transmitter was a scam.

    Later on, I tried again and voila! It worked. The problem was that the transmitter relay on the ipod volume for the transmittion power. This means that in order to get a clear sound you need to set your ipod volume to the highest.

    Summary (with the max volumen):
    * Must be close to the receiver.
    * If is on range, the sound is clear.
    * Easy to use
    * Do not use the iPod battery for transmittion

    I'm giving it 4 stars because the transmittion power is not controlled on the transmitter device but on the iPod volumen, and because of that, the transmittion range is not what I would have expected....more info
  • Weak transmitter
    Just returned mine to amazon. The transmitter is so weak that you literally have to have the device touching your antenna if you want no static. Putting it within a couple feet will get you sound but it will be riddled with static. Anything further than 3 feet and your pretty much SOL. This is a far cry from the transmitters built into something like a Sirius or XM tuner. Using batteries or the 12v adapter makes no difference, it's still utterly useless. I would definitely not recommend this product....more info
  • Not a good product
    My FM antenna is in the rear of my car, so this little mechanism does not put out a strong enough signal. Too bad! ...more info
  • Pretty swell
    This works pretty well, I sometimes get interference, but i just change it to another channel...more info
  • DIsappointed for having purchased this
    My Amazon purchases has always been like this ,I bought a brand new motorola cell phone which is a duplicate one & recently i bought the belkin FM tranmitter which doesnt work,It gives lot of disturbance...more info
  • Not Worth the Money
    Hell for bad engineering would require the designers to operate the equipment they designed poorly for eternity. For the Belkin TuneCast II, the engineer would drive from city to city and have to keep using this device to listen to the iPod.

    Looks good in the blister pack, but neither well-engineered nor well-manufactured. First one I bought wouldn't turn on. The second one worked except that it's autostart feature when the iPod audio started never worked and the batteries seemed to run down while switched off (both auto-off and auto-on were advertised features).

    The reason I'm returning it though relates to safety on a trip. To get it working in the car involves too much fiddling: plug power into lighter, power into iPod, transmitter into iPod, press both tuning bottons at once to turn it on and hope it stays on while one finds a clear channel on the FM radio (which changes during a trip), press the mem button twice to store in memory, start iPod playback, move transmitter as close a possible to radio for stronger signal, etc. Too much fiddling required.

    ...more info
  • Would not work for me
    Purchaed this product at a store, not here; however, the reception at any freq was very poor. I could hear the music--somewhat--but lots of interference. I returned it for a full refund, and will try another product. Sorry, but it didn't work for me--I wish it had....more info
  • it works!!
    i read the customers reviews about the tunecast before purchasing it and was a little skeptical about buying it. first off i live in milwaukee, wi and the product works great. i use it with my creative zen sleek. i've used it on three hour road trips and through out the city. i've only encountered a little bit of static once when going through a different city (green bay). i've only been using the car kit with the tunecast and have never tried batteries because a) why would you when it comes with the car kit and b) it would be a total waste of money. i am really impressed with the tuncast have no regrets buying the it and urge those other skeptics to give it a chance....more info
  • Good for rural areas, not as good for cities
    This is a great option if your car does not have a tape deck (if it did, you could use a cassette adapter).

    Many of the negative reviews on this site appear to come from people who live in major cities like New York and Los Angeles. This product will not work very well in major cities because there are no spots on the FM dial that do not have stations broadcasting on them.

    If you live in a smaller town or rural area where there are not as many radio stations, you should not have a problem finding a station where you can play your music without interference.

    The Tunecast takes two AAA batteries. You can simply buy four rechargeable AAA batteries and switch them around as needed (so you always have two in the Tunecast and two charging).

    As others have recommended, using the DC adapter will give an extra boost of power that helps a lot.

    I recommend this product if you (a) do not have a tape deck and (b) do not live in a large city.
    ...more info
  • works fine but at low volume
    good: quick to set up: you just plug in the cigarette lighter adapter, and choose a frequency (where the radio is normally quiet), turn on ipod or other source, and you are done. Also great is that is automatically turns on when you plug in a (playing) source. With the cigarette lighter adapter you don't even have to install the included 2xAAA batteries. You can also pick and store more than one frequency in case you are drivng far and start to get interference with a different area's local radio station.
    not so good: you have to turn up the volume on the ipod to max, and the radio also to almost max ... After a month, I don't use mine anymore, having bought a cable (Nyko Stereo Link for iPod) now to connect the ipod digital audio straight to the aux input on the back of my car stereo head unit....more info
  • great little device
    this device works pretty good so far. cant say anything about the battery life, but we shall see

    we got noise and static free reception to the radio in our car by putting this device up by the visor and tuning to a higher freq, i think it was 105.1, came in as good as the radio would on other channels and near cd quality sound

    great buy, great price. the only thing keeping it from getting 5 stars is the short cable length to plug into your mp3 player (or other device)...more info
  • Too much static
    Most times I can get electronic products to work right out of package but so far, have not had good success with Tunecast. I am getting too much static on most frequencies and the range seems to be limited....more info
  • Don't waset your money
    This worked ok* for about 4 months but just recently it has begun turning itself off after about 60 seconds. I tried it in several different cars and it does the same thing in each. I'm going back to Belkin to get a replacement (only because they will not refund me).

    * The reception is average to bad at best. As several other people mention, the device will not go to the very low frequencies which would be nice. If you live near a major city, good luck finding a frequency that will work for you. ...more info
  • Unworthy of a paper weight
    I am ashamed I even purchased this product, as I investigate products fairly thoroughly. My wife needed something to listen to our mp3's in the car, and this was an inexpensive option, so I decided to give it a try. Our local market (Seattle) has many radio stations in the area, thus it is difficult to find a free/clear station for the unit. Even so, once the car radio is tuned to a free channel and adjusting the unit to the appropriate station, the quality is extremely poor. When driving, it's affected by interference of all kinds and thus does not work well. Holding the unit sometimes helps, but who wants to do that? You may find this device to work in rural areas, but I would caution anyone wanting to use this device in a city of larger size. I would not recommend this device to anyone and have returned it in hopes of getting something back versus throwing it away. I did like the fact that it has a battery and cigarette lighter option for power, but that's besides the point. If I may, I'm going to recommend a more expensive option, the mobileblackbox, just add dot com to the end of the name....more info
  • Not good in cities with lots of radio stations
    I live in Atlanta, where there are radio stations on virtually every point on the dial. Unfortunately, I cannot get a good signal with this transmitter. At this point, I'm thinking about another stereo altogether.
    ...more info
  • piece of junk
    Just got the the transmitter today and went to the car to try it. You have to hold it in the perfect spot just to get it to work. Basically only works line of sight. When it does work a low constant static is in the background. Find another transmitter that has more power. I would NOT purchase this item again.

    Don't waster your money!

    ...more info
  • Its okay
    You need to 1st find a radio station that you can use the frequency on, while I can hear my music there is static in the background. It drives my husband bonkers and I just learned to live with it. I haven't taken the time to see if there is any other frequency to use...would I buy it again? In a word NO....more info
  • Mobile Transmitter doesn't transmit
    This thing is so bad, it can't be used as a paperweight. Just thinking about how weak the signal is and the constant static interference, I can't help wonder if Belkin paid people to write positive reviews? I've seen $80 dollar iPod fm transmitters do a Whopper of a job, but now I understand why this things less than $30. I'm really considering paying $xxx for an auxiliary cable that hooks directly to my speakers so I can actually LISTEN to my Creative zen, not fuss over it....more info
  • First FM Transmitter
    This is the first FM transmitter I've ever bought, and I was impressed by it. My car stereo's antenna is missing, so I expected some static, but with the volume all the way up on my Sansa, it acutally didn't sound that bad. I'm assuming once I replace the antenna for my car it will sound perfect....more info
  • It worked for me
    I got this Item along with the portable DVD player 3 years ago and it still works. My kids were watching movies on the long trip to canada, the sound was so great, That I had to stop and watch some sceene with them. It works in my older car with outside antena, and it is even better in new Honda where antena is in the glass. If your device has line output use it, some of the headphone outputs distort the signal

    It works best when on the power adapter. Sometimes I had to switch the channel while passing big city like NYC, and sometimes the quality depends on teh position of the transmitter in the car. But I always was abl to find a good one. I did recomend this thing to few people and they also were pleased with their results. ...more info
  • Too much static, not worth the price
    This product had alot of interference when I tried it and we decided to return it within a day. The static in the background is quite annoying....more info
  • Ho Hum ... All FM transmitters stink I keep banging my head on a wall with this technology. Getting your iPod to work in your car should be simpler. WAIT! It is! Just not using FM transmitters to do so. A cassette unit is much better but if you don't have that, there are alternatives such as CD Changer Emulators that replace your CD changer with the iPod (this is good, trust me) I did this and I love it.

    I do not love FM transmitters. They *NEVER EVER* work folks. I used this one cross country and it was a 30-40% success. So that was a lot of frustration and static for many hours. GRRR...

    Save your money. The unit wasn't bad and it functioned like it should have but overall this technology should be dead by now. Gimme a break!
    ...more info
  • Died After 1 Hour of Use
    Received this as a B'day present from my son, used it once for an hour, sound was OK but not wonderful. Went to use it a second time, preparing for a trip and the sucker is dead. Tried new batteries, read the manual, fiddled with the batteries again, played with the buttons some more, nothing. Zip, Nada. I don't have the receipt since it was a gift, so Belkin won't fix or replace it. I remember back when Belkin was a premium brand name. I guess those days are long gone. ...more info
  • This thing is GARBAGE
    I just received this transmitter and tried it out. I have never heard this much static in my life. Have you ever been in your car listening to the radio and one of your favorite songs is on but the reception starts getting weak? As you drive further and further out of town the reception gets worse and worse until you reach the point where you want to change the channel even though you are listening to one of your favorite songs. Well that is what using this product is like. The reception is so bad you won't even want to use your MP3 player. Do the smart thing, buy a cassette adapter. If your car does not have a cassette deck you would probably be better off buying external battery powered speakers than using this junk....more info
  • The absolute worst!

    If I could give this transmitter 1/4 star I would. That is how awful this thing is. I noticed that some people gave it glowing reviews and I can't for the life of me figure out how. This thing delivers nothing but static, and bad sounding static at that. The signal goes in and out constantly without reprieve. After I used it the first time I tried to make my myself believe that perhaps the crappy reception and bad sound quality was a one time isolated incident, and gave it multiple chances to change my mind. NOPE. I ended up hardwiring my ipod into the car, which in hindsight is what I should have done in the first place.

    Most recently I tried using it in my girlfriend's car on the way back from Florida. I was 1/2 second from throwing the thing out of the window. It's junk. Period. Forget it. If you buy this you'll be sorry. Belkin should be ashamed of themselves for offering such a sad item.
    ...more info
  • Weak Transmitter
    I helped a friend with this model on her car. I've had bad experience with an analog tuning FM transmitter before, but another friend had good results with a digital tuner, so I thought this would be better, as well.

    The package looked promising. Digitally tuned frequencies, without a preset channel, plus you can save 4 of the frequencies in memory. Comes with batteries and 12 Volt car adapter, so you can use either. The audio cable is very short, which means it has to sit close to the MP3 player, but the adapter's line is long, so it's not too big a deal.

    The volume was really low from the transmitted frequency, and there were lots of static. Tried going through all the frequencies available, and could not find a frequency where the static didn't overpower the music coming through, despite having set the MP3 player's volume to the max. My only conclusion is that the signal from the transmitter must be very weak.

    Maybe if you used it in an area where there's not much being broadcast through the airwaves, this product might work better, but at least in the greater Los Angeles area, there doesn't seem to be a frequency where the TuneCast II can overcome the interference from existing broadcasts....more info
  • low end electronics
    these wear out immediatly with any daily use. The wires seperate from the broadcast pod, resulting in static and eventually failure. Do not buy this product. Not worth the money....more info
  • Love it so far
    Because I saw some negative comments,it really surprised me when I heard thse sound it produced in my car. Love it.At least it works very well in east Toronto.Someone suggested using the power from the cigarette lighter.That might be the trick.It sounds better than most of radio stations, so far....more info
  • Poor - No reception at all
    1st I had trouble turning it on. I realized you have to have the volume of your MP3 player about middle volume or more. (Or press and hold both buttons for 2 seconds - not obvious.) Then I could not get a signal at all on my home boombox. I only wanted to listen to audio books, but the only way I could hear any music at all was to place the device so that it was touching the attenae, at the very end, and even then it had a lot of static. It had brand new batters from the package too! I'm returning it. I live in NYC....more info
  • It's okay but not great
    As a muscic lover I am not crazy about using it, because it is staticy whereever I go (city, small city, country) so I can't really ENJOY the music. So out of the box I would not recommend it, but you might be able to fiddle with it, but I haven't done that yet....more info
  • Best FM Transmitter for the price.
    I have tried other FM transmitters in the past(far more expensive than this one)and i have never had them work as good as this.This transmitter sends a clear signal accross a large room and even comes in clearly through walls.The ONLY real problem you will run into is when using it in a moving car.You will find yourself constantly changing the channel for a clear signal,but this is the case with most FM transmitters and you will most likely find some dead air in your area to fill in without much of a problem.This is a good product at a great price....more info
  • Terrible
    I could not get this product to work (turn on) to even see if it was compatible with my Creative Zen MP3 player (60 GB). I called their "Tech Support" # in the instructions & stayed on hold for 20 minutes. I finally hung up (never did make contact with them) & returned the product through Amazon. I would not recommend this product for anyone. ...more info
  • It works - but its signal is weak.
    I have been using it for about a month to listen to mp3 audio books in the car and on the jam box. Works with the jam box great because you can place the transmitter next to the radio antenne. In the car however, I can't get a clean signal anywhere inside....more info
  • Don't buy this item
    Very poor performance. Signal is very weak. You have to turn the volumn to maximum....more info
  • No problems for me
    Was worried about all the problems listed in the reviews with this product, but decided to get it anyway. Have used it in multiple cars and locations and it has always worked perfectly. I think it is a great option!...more info
  • short battery life
    The batteries run out too fast. If you do buy this item, I suggest purchase a large pack of batteries so that you don't run out. Go to walmart or target and get like a 48 pack of AAA batteries or sumthin for like 12 bucks. Other than that, the product is good...more info
  • Not very powerful transmitter.
    Not a comparative review, so I'm not sure how other similar items work, but I purchased this product with the plan to transmit music from my PC to my hi-fi
    one floor below but almost directly above..

    I live in the NY area and I'm guessing there are just too many FM transmissions, so it was very hard to find a free slot to use.. but even on the ones that seemed to be "free" - I got a lot of static on the transmission that made it unpleasant to listen to music....more info
  • This product works well.
    The Belkin transmitter is a decent device. It works well for its price. The only fault that causes the rating to slip three stars instead of five is that the lighter adapter connection became loose only after a few uses. On occasion when lightly touched or when riding over a small bump the transmitter fails to transmit due to connection loss. Other than this it is a good device....more info
  • cheap!!!
    Less than 2 months and it's broken. When it did work it was static laden,and reduced the volume level of the car stereo....more info
  • Not great
    I got this as a gift to use with my Dell DJ. The batteries never lasted so I tried to get a car adaptor plug for it. The guy at RadioShak said the thing was set up funny and the plug was not big enough for its capacity, so pretty much forget finding one. I agree with everyone else's comments regarding static and constantly having to change the station as well, but thought that was just what you had to deal with in all transmitters. It might be worthwhile paying a little more for one- maybe the quality is better....more info
  • What do you expect
    FM transmitters just don't transmit a strong enough signal to give you an uninterupted clear signal to your radio. So, I guess for now this is as best as it gets. I don't use this product anymore (nor my ipod) due to this issue....more info
  • Good business
    Great product, good business, but I had to buy the TuneCast III eventually ;)...more info
  • It was nice while it lasted...
    I enjoyed being able to listen to my MP3 player until the transmitter died the 2nd month I had it.
    I'm not sure if I will invest in another one any time soon....more info
  • Waste of Time
    This product is a complete waste of time... the signal is complete static. I had a radio right next to my computer and I got a little sound that was overpowered by static. This was a complete disapointment on all levels. Do not bother buying this product....more info
  • Poor performance. Not worth buying...
    I purchased the Belkin from a local store. I installed a new battery and hookup was easy. However, once I got it all setup the signal strength from the unit was very weak. In order to listen at a high volume I had to turn the unit all the way up as well as my car stereo up to about 95% which I have never done before. Since I was maxing out each there was a considerable level of distortion. And on top of that you must be careful to turn it back down so when you switch back to FM use the speakers aren't blasting. I give this a thumbs down!...more info
  • FM station interference in large cities
    I bought this transmitter to listen to my mp3 player while driving to work. I live in the Boston area so there are many radio stations that overlap with this transmitter. I tried this transmitter for 1 week and couldn't find a FM channel that didn't overlap. I recommend that you skip this transmitter if you live in a large city area with radio stations on almost every channel. It just won't work....more info
  • Transmit range SUCKS, but works for close distances
    If you're going to use this product in a car, or if you place your portable MP3 player and this unit CLOSE to your home boom box, stereo receiver, etc., it will work well. However, if like me, you want to transmit your desk PC's MP3 music files to a boom box outside the house, or my stereo receiver on the other side of the house, near my patio (I run outside patio speakers from this stereo receiver), forget it. The FCC currently only allows for very low output transmit power (50 milliwatts or thereabouts?) on these devices, and the compromised antennas on these things don't allow for good range. It would be great if the FCC allowed for more output power, let's say 100 milliwatts or more, as well as better antennas, so these devices had greater transmit range. The FCC needs to change the laws regarding these devices so the consumer can benefit better from increased range!...more info
  • Not worth it
    The concept is really great and I was really looking forward to it. I used it in my car to listen to audio books. The biggest problem with it was that I had to turn the volume all the way up on my radio and still couldn't hear the book. It is possible that this wouldn't be as much of a problem with music, but for me it's worthless...more info
  • pretty handy
    I use this both in my car and at home to play my MP3 player through the stereo. It works well and I use an extension cord for the wire to get maximum signal strength...more info
  • Greate for country side not for big cities
    This product is great in the country side of my country (Dominican Republic) where there is free frecuencies, but in big cities (like Santo Domingo and Santiago) there is not free frecuencies to use the transmitter.I gave this product 5 stars because the product is great the ugly part here is the medium (fm) or better said, the country regulations....more info
  • Works fine indoors with careful tweaking
    First impressions at an arbitrary FM frequency were that the sound quality was not that great. Background noise was quite apparent, and the unit had to be placed very close to the FM receiver to give a reasonable sound quality. However, after experimenting with FM frequencies and using full volume on my ipod nano, (with the ipod EQ setting on loudness) I obtained a pretty good sound, sounding better than FM and only slightly inferior to DAB sound. The ipod did need to be placed very close to the Pure Evoke 2 DAB/FM radio I was using and using a higher than usual volume on the radio. I'm now pretty pleased with it as it does exactly what it says it does, no more no less. Not a bad price either....more info
  • An FM transmitter that works
    In a nutshell: This product does what it's supposed to do.
    If you are reading this you are probably thinking of buying it because your car doesn't have a cd/cassette player (like my 1997 civic). Be aware that the sound you are getting is FM quality, which for me is enough to listen to my music while driving to work.
    -Cheap solution for a radio-only equipped car
    -Turns on automatically when it detects music from the MP3 player.
    -Can transmit to any frequency in 0.1MHz increments (find a frequency not in use in your area for the best sound)

    -Connector cable to MP3 player is extremely short.
    -Has cigarette lighter power, but still requires batteries!

    Bottom line is that it works just fine if you don't mind having less than perfect quality sound....more info
  • its good but
    I use it a lot and it dose work better than most fm trans, but still has quality issues and static in the back ground every so often....more info
  • Piece of junk
    Here's the technical dope. Not enough FM deviation. This translates to a very low-volume signal. You have to turn your radio volume up so high that you're getting as much noise as signal. No matter how close you put it to your radio or antenna. Totally unacceptable. Tried a second one before giving up and getting my money back. I gave it two stars because it does work and if you have a very, very low-noise radio you might find it acceptable....more info
  • Just the Ticket
    To keep this brief, the static is about the only problem with this product but I found that if you try enough frequencies and mount the TuneCast as high as possible in your vehcile, you will be fine. The static on mine is only slightly more noticeable than the static I have on my radio and, for me, that is more than passable....more info
  • I don't know
    I don't know what some of these reviews are about.
    When I got this product, I wanted it to work. I wanted it BAD!
    and thats how it works... BAD.
    roughly 4-6 inch range (static included at no extra charge)...more info
  • Horrible reception
    The reception was horrible unless the transmitter was actually touching the antenna (we tried it with the house stereo). We attempted it on lots of different channels and after many tries, we were able to find one channel that the music was audible, but still not good enough to listen to for very long. We also tried it in the car, but it wouldn't pull in at all enough to listen to on any station. It notes that it works up to 30 feet away but best within 10 feet, but doesn't work worth a dime unless it was right next to or wrapped up in the receiver. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS ONE......more info
  • pleased
    This product is good for the price. I've used it almost everyday since christmas and haven't had any problems with performance. The only quip i have is with the wires. I know the wires are required but they still look messy in my car. Other than that, great product for the price....more info
  • Waste of money
    Reception both in my house on 2 different stereos and in 3 different cars was all equally abysmal. There was always static and I obviously couldn't find a good station. I live in a suburb of Denver, and although we have quite a few radio stations, I was expecting it to at least find one good station. I gave it 2 stars because the interface seemed to work well and set up was easy....more info
  • A pile of cheap junk
    Had 2 of these, both were free or just about free. Both broke within a day of first use. Just as well I did not actually buy them! ...more info
  • Terrible tool for MP3's
    I received my initial Tunecast Transmitter as a gift. After two uses the unit stopped working. I returned it to WalMart and the same thing happened again with another one. The cost of this item is no chump change, you'd think it would be of better quality....more info
  • Decent...after modifications
    I bought this product and was not satisfied at all with the range/quality it gave me. I googled the FM transmitter and found a site explaining how to open the case, disable the current antennae and add a new one. I followed all the steps and installed a longer wire for the antennae with moderate work. The performance boosted tremendously. I can now overpower all other driver's signals when they pass me, and I work in downtown D.C. I dont know why Belkin decided to go the route they did with the ant., but the product has MUCH more potential. Unfortunately, 2 weeks after modifying the transmitter, the car charger for it broke and I am having trouble finding a replacement (using the batteries would not hold up past 3-4 days)....more info
  • Do not buy this item
    I purchased this FM Transmitter since it was linked to the Creative Zen Mircophoto device - while it does allow you to select any FM frequency to broadcast to your radio - it also appears to broadcast an unbelievable amount of static. This is a piece of junk....more info
  • Not worth it
    The device works, but the quality of the music is so bad that you won't be able to enjoy it. ...more info
  • Doesn't last very long
    Didn't have mine for too long (a month) it just quit working!!! ...more info
  • Belkin TuneCast II Mobile FM Transmitter
    This transmitter works well. The only problem with it in my area is that the transmitter only goes down to a frequency of 88.5. I end up getting interference because almost every radio frequency 88.5 and above here is used or gets some reception from nearby stations. When I travel to an area where the frequency is clear, the reception from the transmitter is awesome....more info
  • Just a bit better than "don't work at all"
    I had some pretty bad experience with Belkin products in the past, so I am not sure why I decided to (1) ignore my past experience, and (2) ignore the reviews of others here on Amazon. Call me dumb. Now, I hope you won't make the same mistake.

    It's not that the product doesn't work at all. You will be able to hear something in your car, but the quality will be so bad that you'll quickly give up on this product. And my expectation wasn't high: I haven't even tried to listen to music; I was just listening to audio books and podcasts. I wasn't hope for hi-fi, just for something audible and pleasant. But that was far from it.

    Alex...more info
  • No worth it!!
    It works but sound quality sucks. if you like good sounding music dont waste your money!!...more info
  • Does what it says
    This device works exactly as described... no surprises. Overall, a darn good product....more info
  • Nice device.
    Very nice device, works well, although the one minute shutoff feature is a little annoying, it can be worked around. Worth the money....more info
  • this is a piece of junk
    I've owned several of these FM transmitters and this one is by far the worst. First time I used it, its signal was just too weak. Then I couldn't turn it off and had to take the batteries out! When I went to use it a second time it never worked. Unfortunately I threw away the packaging and can't send it back. Horrible product, buy anything else!...more info
  • Works exactly as advertised.
    I've had nothing but success with this transmitter. Hooked it up to the car, hooked it up to my iPod, set the stereos tuner and set the transmitter. Music came through loud and clear. I do not regret this purchase....more info
  • Very disappointed - Expected better quality from Belkin
    I've used similar products to this before, so I'm familiar with the way this should work and what kind of quality you can expect in the music quality. I'm sorry to say that this Belkin transmitter just doesn't match up to other products. I tried using this with a nice JVC radio and only got static when the device was less than a foot away. I then tried it in a car and got a faint signal covered mostly by static.

    Like my title states, I expected better from Belkin. The concept is good, the features are great, but the implementation lacks something very important: quality....more info
  • Poor product - Not fit for its purpose.
    Disappointing product from Belkin!! Transmitter was weak and very directional, both with batteries and with power supply.

    Hiss was unacceptable, and when I walked around room / turned around, the interference became worse. I have tried another FM transmitter made by a different company, and the results were much better.

    Mine was returned within a few days for a refund....more info
  • works great for me
    For my application, my home, this is a right on device....more info
  • good
    this is my second transmitter and it works pretty good for me with my sansa c250 I really don't have any complaints alot better than the dynex I had watch was a real problem ...more info
  • Belkin F8V3080 TuneCast II Mobile FM Transmitter
    Does not work very well with my Sienna FM Van...more info
  • Dissapointed
    Why put the ability to tune to any FM station into a product that cannot transmit a clear signal to an antenna mounted on the front fender of an SUV?...more info
  • not very handy
    i liked it because it has battery and lighter cord included, but the cord to plug to your mp3 is too short, and you have to put it almost on the fm receiver to make it work...more info
    As many others, I was warned, but still decided to give it a try :(
    The transmission volume is low, the sound quality is poor, and it generates a lot of noise. I got it for listening to pre-recorded talk shows and it couldn't handle even that.
    To back up my opinion: I listen to Sirius satellite radio via the FM link, and to me that is how the FM transmitter should work.

    ...more info
  • FM transmitter
    In my area the transmitter picks up too much interference causing sound distortion while listening to music on my car stereo....more info
  • Unusable in the Suburbs
    I thought I couldn't lose with its ability to tune anywhere on the band. But in suburban Chicago there wasn't one frequency with usable reception. ...more info
  • Belkin F8V3080 TuneCast II Mobile FM Transmitter
    Belkin F8V3080 TuneCast II Mobile FM Transmitter is easy to use, turns on automatically when it senses an input. Easy to change frequency, which is good, because the signal is easily overpowered (bad)....more info
  • no good
    its a piece a junk! It barely works and when it does the signal is weak and the music quality is very poor....more info
  • Simply does not work
    If you live in a large metropolitan area (I live in the San Francisco Bay Area) this device simply will not work. There are just too many FM stations in the area to make this thing work (something they should be telling you in the product description). The sound quality, when it works, is terrible at best.

    Spend a little more money and buy one of the Sony cassette adapters. They work great....more info
  • Don't bother, poor sound!
    Short story...
    My 1st one broke after one month, Belkin sent a new one(I had to give a credit card number and pay for shipping big deal)

    Easy to use, poor sound. I've tried different MP3 players, FM receivers, batteries, frequencies, luck. Sounds a little worse that Am radio. More muffled. Good luck!...more info
  • Would give it five stars, but......
    the input cord to the mp3 player is cheaply constructed and comes apart from the unit. The cord should have a fail-safe, secure reinforcement there. That thoughtlessness makes this product a zero when it could have been a hero....more info
  • not impressed
    After reading the other reveiws I thought this item might work ok for my needs. I listen to audio books on my way to and from work. I was willing to give up a little sound quality in trade for convience. Up untill now I have not been able to find a channel that will stay fairly clear for my whole trip. I have given up on using it, and reverted back to my cassete style converter. I dont want the distraction of trying to retune this unit while driving on the highway.

    As others have said, this would work well in rural areas. If you are close to or commute to a larger city then expect problems....more info
  • Uselss POC
    Too much static. Lots of channels but none of them worked without the static. (You must find a channel that is not already used in your area.) Got it for my wife who likes to listen to audio books on trips but she didn't like the poor transmission quality. Must be a defective design. Will never buy Belkin again if this is their idea of a quality product....more info
  • It was horrible
    I bought this device with a little scepticism because I either saw a really good review or a really bad review. I tried it anyway, expecting maybe a little fuzziness in the reception or decreased volume. I did not expect, however, for the device to not work at all! I put batteries in it, it did not turn on, even if I manually turned it on. I then plugged it into the car cigarette lighter, it still did not turn on. I was very disappointed! I don't know if it was a bad pick or if they all just suck. Spend more money on a good one. ...more info
  • Great Product - Working Right Out Of Box
    This is a great product by a great company. I use a Mac, so I pretty much use all Belkin stuff. Peace...more info
  • I love it! (Okay, a slightly different version, but still..)
    I have the Belkin TuneCast I Mobile FM Transmitter (which is basically the same as this, but doesn't have the screen on front and what not). And I have to say, for those that say it doesn't work at all or has crappy sound quality. It has worked wonderfully for me.

    I have a '99 Chevy Cavalier (it doesn't even have a tape deck, just a basic radio) and I wanted to figure out some way of listening to cds in the car and came across the FM transmitter. After buying it, I was a little worried that I was wasting my money but I got it, tried out a few cds while riding around town and it works great. Ever since, I'm in love with it... I'm very pleased with this product and would highly recommend it....more info
  • Fizzled out in less than a year
    When I first bought this, I thought it was great b/c you could use it with batteries outside of the car. However, the product kept fading out, turning off in the car if you touched the wire. Finally, just stopped working altogether. I've only had it for about 9 months....more info
  • Low quality, not worth the money
    I am highly familar with car and consumer electronics, and I have to say the Belkin F8V3080 TuneCast II Mobile FM Transmitter is the biggest piece of junk I've seen in a while. It does not broadcast well in almost any car, period. Other devices work well [I tried a couple similar devices to compare them] in two of my cars, and had no problem. Don't waste your time, or money, on this piece of trash. It's cheap, and you get what you pay for....more info
  • Top Notch
    Some static in home use, but not too bad. In the auto where the antenna is much better, it works exactly as advertised. Audio is clear and crisp. The entire radio frequency bandwdith is achievable with the transmitter....more info
  • Works great once you turn up the volume
    I was very frustrated at first. I didn't think it worked, and thought I had a dud. But, I turned the volume up on my Zen Micro and then the Belkin detected it, then turned on automatically. It works great in the car! Just adjust the volume using your car stereo and not the MP3 player....more info
  • I Was Warned
    In spite of less than sparkling reviews from others, I have it a try. I have no idea where the FM antennae is on my Expedition. It's probably embedded in a window somewhere but this Belkin only works well if I hold it up to the windshield near the mirror. Anywhere else and it's too noisy to enjoy. I chose this because some of the higher rated units had to be plugged in to a lighter adapter and I wanted something I could use where there was no 12vdc plug
    I can't see this being of use unless you live where there are only a couple of FM stations on the air. Otherwise, you'll get bleed through unless you tape it to the radio in the right position. In my car, it's essentially worthless. ...more info
  • Great product
    For the price and functionality this product is perfect. To those who had problems with static, I suggest hanging the transmitter from the rearview mirror. That eliminated ALL static, even though I live in a major city. ...more info
  • static
    The item works. I just don't care for all the static. The stations don't broadcast it like a cd, that's for sure....more info
  • So Far So Good
    Only used it a few times, but it seems to work well....more info
  • Convenient, but lacks full Audio Range and is weak
    + This little transmitter is fun and conveniently compact.

    - The human ear can hear audio frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz. (Google: Human Audible Range) However, this little transmitter clips the audio range it is transmitting down to 50Hz to 15Khz. (Google: F8V3080 Audio Range) Resulting in horrible low-end and high-end sound reproduction.

    - Signal amplifier on this little unit is so weak that if it isn't sitting on my dashboard in my car while transmitting my car stereo will not detect the signal at all. With it sitting on my dashboard I can receive a scratchy, weak signal.

    This little unit is fun, but not what I was looking for. I ended up just throwing mine away as the store I purchased it from wouldn't take it back....more info
  • Item
    Don't know much about the item because it was a gift that was given to someone. I did not use it, but the service to get the item was fantastic....more info
  • Works as expected
    Worked really fine. Meanwhile you get much cheaper toys even in europ ...more info
  • Tuner
    This item works wonderful. The adapter means I will never have to replace the batteries....more info
  • satisfied
    this product has been giving excellent performance till now.
    especially the bass response was awesome.i bought this product seeing its large range of frequency response.that means what you give it is what it transmits. it has a car adapter so no need of any batteries. this has a variable frequency selection unlike other ones.and for 20$ it's a very good deal.r...more info
  • It does what it is supposed to
    The Belkin TuneCastII is a decent product, with some quirks. For example, to use the battery power, the device needs to have the power cord unplugged, a less than obvious requirement. You can set it to any station, which is surprisingly a step beyond some of the tuners I've seen, and it also sets to even decimal radio stations too.

    If you can have your radio on but your antenna retracted, that is your best bet for getting good reception. And may even allow you to drive through multiple states without needing to reset the frequency. I made it from Baltimore, MD to Providence, RI this way without needing to touch the tuner.

    I bought this for a Creative ZEN MicroPhoto. It would be a far more convenient device if it could charge the player you are using while broadcasting. You can buy tuners that do this for iPods, that plug right into the data port. I imagine the ZENs don't have this ability, but I also imagine that you could make something that plugs into both the USB port and the audio jack that would both charge the device and allow you to listen to music in your car, without needing two cigarette lighters.

    Oh well....

    All in all it does what it is supposed to, but its nothing all that special either. ...more info
  • Best Deal In Town or Out
    Works like a dream!
    Just what everyone needs
    And VERY VERY Affordable...more info
  • Good value for the money
    I saw that this item had had very mixed reviews and so I thought twice about buying one. However it was cheap and there didn't seem to be anything obviously better so I went ahead anyway.

    I'm glad I did as I've had no problems at all with it - the reception was good and so was the sound; although neither was excellent. I did not have to make the antenna modification discussed in various reviews. For the money paid it was excellent value.

    One important point is that here in Connecticut, the FM band is full of radio stations and I could only find three frequencies that were 'clear'. The ability of the Belkin to tune to any required frequency was absolutely necessary - I see that most other transmitters don't. ...more info
  • static everywhere
    I tried lots of stations, adjusted volumes, adjusted device location relative to my antenna and still, though I could hear the audio, the static was intolerable. I returned it....more info
  • Belkin FM transmitter
    A very poor transmitter. Not worth the money. I have to turn my IPOD volume to max and the car stereo volume to max in order to hear anything. Not a good product....more info
  • Good hardware
    Good sound and has not broken yet under hard use in a small car...more info
  • Doesn't work 80% of the time
    I have tried this unit already in three different cars and all at different places in the car and works only 20% of the time and some. Maybe I have a bad unit, I don't know but I sure know it's not has good as I heard that what it should be. I had my cars wired up direct to the radio now so all I have to do is just Plug in my Ipod and Bingo! Clear and loud like a BELL....more info
  • Not so good for me
    I had this unit before I tried the iRiver 100 AFT (which by the way is fantastic). Basically, on my 20 minute commute into work, this thing was worthless. Lots of static, interference and bleed over from other channels. I tested both units on the same frequency 88.1 and the iRiver blew this out of the water.

    Check out the iRiver before you decide and see which one may work better for you. My Zen and I urge you....more info
  • can't get it to work
    I can't get this thing to work. If I can get it to turn on, which is still a problem after two sets of batteries, there is so much static that I can barely hear my book on tape. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't, and I can't tell what the difference in conditions is. I'm going to get an FM module installed in my car stereo. ...more info
  • Not so good
    Well, it does what it is supposed to do: it is an FM transmitter, but the signal is really poor, in fact, if it is not placed near the receiving radio you will not be able to receive the signal. I tried with all the available stations and even in a city where there were only one or two radio stations and still the signal was really bad. It only works if is placed right next to the receiving radio.
    I would not buy this thing again.
    ...more info
  • Review of Belkin FM Transmitter
    Overall, I was very pleased with the product. The only problem that I encountered was finding a station on the radio and matching it with the Transmitter and my MP3 Player. I had thought that any clear FM station matched to the same channel on the transmitter would work. It didn't work quite that simply but once I got it going it worked very well....more info
  • Disappointing product
    Yes, this product marginally does what is claimed; however, understand that reception will be poor and full of static, and your speakers will cut out. At one point I honestly believed that I blew a speaker until I had the same problem with the unit in a different vehicle. Maneuvering it into just the correct position to get reception in all speakers reminds me a lot of the old style "rabbit ears" we used to use with our televisions. I have experience with three separate units, all bearing the same result. I don't know of a better quality product of the same type, but don't think this will be comparable to listening to your mp3 player using headphones or any other traditional method. It is more similar to trying to get decent radio reception from a place where the transmitter is 2 hours away. ...more info
  • Great if you like AM radio
    I had to give it one star because the music did get to the radio. I heard more static than music. I don't live anywhere near a big city so interfering stations weren't the problem. I says to keep the unit close to the radio antenna and I had it two feet from it and still static. I am not going to buy anything else from this company. Pure junk....more info
  • Very good for suburban areas
    I live in a suburban neighborhood that has plenty of stations available. The Tunecast is a powerful transmitter and emits full stereo performance into my car stereos. I just tune my radio to 88.5 and the same with the Tunecast and the tunes role out. I have yet to drive into any city areas with it but there's only static for like 5 seconds if there is any at all.

    My only advice is to make sure that you have at least a few stations available in your area before buying this product. When it works, it works very well....more info
  • Works great if I hold my MP3 player straight up in the air while I'm driving!
    After setting up the Tunecast II Mobile FM Transmitter to my MP3 player, static and a low frequency hum was very apparent on any station I tried to sync to. I thought it was my player so I switched to a CD player with the same results. I found I could increase or decrease the static and low frequency hum by moving the MP3 or CD player so that the cords from the player to the Transmitter were at specific angles. The Tunecast II works great if I hold the player around the area of the rear view mirror. Of course the blood runs out of my arm after awhile and I may eventually need rotor cuff surgery but I saved money by going 'cheap'. It's great to read all the 'tech' reviews but I'm simple, either it works or it doesn't and in my opinion, it doesn't....more info
  • Just doesn't work well

    This thing barely works, I have been using this in my car and it is constantly having reception and static issues.

    When it is not staticy it's auto-on feature just decides to turn off in the middle of playing and has to be manually turned back on.

    I really can't think of anything good about this device....more info
  • Wire design is poor
    Got one a couple of years ago when my new car did not have a cassette deck.

    Big problem -- the insulation at the plug end (that goes into your iPod's headphones jack) just doesn't hold up. It comes out, and the wire starts to break, making performance unreliable. I even got a replacement under warranty from Belkin, but I'm pretty sure I'm out of warranty now. I recommend reinforcing with electrical tape at your earliest opportunity, even before it shows signs of breaking.

    In NYC, pirate radio stations tend to interfere very badly.

    Replaced with an iRock recently. The coiled wire seems to be a better design, although stations are limited to 87 or 107.1 .3, .5, .7 or .9. it's also subject to interference, possibly relieved when I move it away from the iPod (and its hard drive).

    All in all, Belkin does have many good features....more info
  • Utterly Useless Junk
    Just got this thing and it is wretched. The main problem is that it will NOT tune to a frequency below 88.0. Most cities only have 87.9 and lower free of broadcasts and bleed over. Since the Belkin will not tune below that, all I get is static or some local station and never my MP3 player.
    I've tried using it with both a 3rd generation Apple iPod and a Creative Labs MUVO. It's equally pathetic with both. It also has an "Auto On" which is supposed to turn the unit on when it detects the audio from your player. Yeah, right. It never turns on, and the manual ON/OFF switch won't power it up either!

    I'm returning this to Amazon and switching back to headphones. It was tempting to throw it out the window of my car and drive over it repeatedly, but I need the 26 bucks too much. Still, this thing is such a disappointment it is tempting........more info
  • Convienent, simple, small, fair price. Audiophiles move on.
    Got an iPod Shuffle 2nd generation as a gift (!!!) and needed a way to "plug into" my car CD/Stereo. Since the iPod Shuffle second generation is so tiny and only has a phone-jack output as opposed to a USB port or the like, I needed something somewhat simple - so I spied the TuneCast.

    *Does not come with a cigarette power adapter (can use 2 AAA batteries), but does come with a DC adapter cord for use with the power adapter that is sold separately (seems kinda pricy though, and doesn't appear to work with the 2nd generation Shuffle). Luckily I just so happened to have a cigarette adapter that plugged into the TuneCast perfectly.
    *Transmission output is just a bit weak (FCC restricted?) Works better on the dash.

    *Flexible radio frequency options. As far as I can tell it can pretty much transmit on any frequency.
    *Would probably work with just about any audio device with a headphone jack.
    *Is simple to figure out.

    Of note:
    *Live in a somewhat rural area.
    *Never used it with the batteries, so can't speak for that.
    *Required me to turn up my iPod to 100% for best audio to noise ratio. High frequencies seem a bit washed out. I suspect that is due to having to turn up the iPod all the way.
    *Experienced some static, but seemed to depend on the station. In my case this was not disruptive.
    *Volume is a slightly lower than radio stations so be cautious when switching if you have your stereo cranked.
    *If you are expecting CD/MP3-quality, you need to look at some sort of wired solution. In my case this isn't an option since I don't have a cassete tape player. Bottom line: There's a reason HD radio was invented.

    Bottom line:
    Convienent, simple, small, fair price. Audiophiles move on.
    ...more info
  • TuneCast II is a bust
    I got a TuneCast II and tried to set it up with my home sound system and could not get consistent reception in any part of the FM range. I tried again with my entertainment center and got the same result. Tried it in the car and again the same results. I then called Belkin and they sent me a new one, which worked exactly the same way....more info
  • Exceed Expectation!
    I was worried because so many reviewers have problems with the product. As first the sound quality was not good, but then I tuned to a better channel, made the source volume largest and put the transmitter close to the windshield . After that it works well! I tried MP3 player and laptop. No problem at all.

    Of course the sound quality is not as good as CD plus stereo, but it definitely provides the best radio-level output. I like the dual power design because sometime I need to charge my laptop in car. One drawback is the lenthg of the cord. If the source is from laptop, it's hard to put the transmitter close to the windshield....more info
  • avoid if you live in or near a major city
    Like other fm transmitters I have tried, this one leaves much to be desired. Living in a major urban area, I was unable to find any fm channel that did not produce significant static and generally poor sound quality. Product is easy to use, but I consider the sound quality unacceptable. ...more info
  • Satisfied customer
    Unit's range shorter than expected, but I feel that I got what I wanted, and paid for. Shipping and delivery were great!...more info
  • Good features, bad quality
    I'm really disappointed with this product. Even though it has some good features like auto switch and dual power system, the output signal is too weak and sounds terrible too. Definitely this unit doesn't worth the money I paid for it....more info
  • Nice unit
    Nice unit, I can recommend it to everybody. I'm using it daily, and I am very happy with it....more info
  • Terrible product for the car
    I haven't tried it on a stationary radio yet, but in the car this device works very poorly. Even after switching the stations trying to find the setting that works best, the static comes in and goes out continually drowning out the music. An aggravating little thing that makes you want to just toss it out the window....more info
  • Good Product
    This product is a very good product in terms of reception while you have it connected in your 12v connector, it does not perform well if you have it on batteries only.
    On the other hand the cable that connects to the receiver got broken with the use after aproximately 6 months of use. This I believe because of the continuos movement of the receiver and the MP3.
    Anyway I purchased another one. ...more info
  • Belkin F8V3080 TuneCast II Mobile FM Transmitter
    Worked really well, but i don't like that there is not an on/off switch. When it starts receiving a signal, it kicks in after a 10-15 second delay. If it does not get a signal for 10-15 seconds, it turns off. Since I mostly listen to MP3 audio books, I want to hear every word. If I ever pause the player, my radio starts with the static soon after. Then I have to turn the radio off or down. To listen again, turn back up or on. Then when I press play again, I miss 15 seconds of story, and have to fool with rewinding while driving. Sometimes it was a little staticy, but this is inherent to living in a large city where nearly all frequencies are used, not really a sign of the transmitter quality....more info
  • Completely useless
    It simply doesn't work! You will get a lot of noise, it's almost impossible to identify what song you are listening! Don't buy this thing...
    ...more info
  • As good as an FM transmitter will ever be.
    Lots of the criticisms written here are true for any FM transmitter. Sound quality depends on how crowded the radio dial is with stations and your ability to find an empty station to tune into. This belkin is great in that it does not restrict you to 2 or 3 stations like most other devices do. You can transmit on any frequency that works for you. I played with it for a few days, and set the memory to a few stations which are unoccupied in my area and it works well. It eats batteries, but it also comes with a car adapter to minimize that for when you are driving. The flexibilty in chossing any frequency for transmission is worth the price premium over other devices....more info
  • Great once you get to know it.
    This product is compact in my standards and had decent radio reception before I customized it. In order to get a good signal, one must first find a truly free station. The lowest end and high end are the best ones. Also, in order to reduce static, place the ipod at a high volume and turn up the radio. Thirdly, you can go on google or your preferred search engine and learn how to modify this product to get the best reception that can be used on any station. It involves the antenna and its replacement but is fairly simple to do....more info
  • gets horrible reception.... grrrr
    Do not recommend this product!!!!! I have a Sandisk mp3 player and it does not transmit quaility sounds! ...more info
  • The best for someone who doesn't know much
    When I was shopping for one fm trasmiter for my IPOD I read many reviews. Some people said that this was a terrible product. I am not much of an expert in sound gadgets, but I believe that this products is very good. I live in a county next to New York City and the sound in this county is pretty good. When I travel to the city I encounter some interference because there are so many stations in there, but I just change it to another station and it works good enough. Sometimes the sound is not perfect, I guess that for those who want perfection they must get a products that connects directly to the car stereo, but for those of us who are more humble this delivers good enough sound. It actually works much better than I expected....more info
  • Disapointed
    I was disapointed in this product. It seemed to work great at first but soon wouldn't work at all when plugged into the charger. The only time I was able to get any signal at all was when it was running on batteries. Odd. I switched back to an older model transmitter that seems to be working fine....more info
  • Buy this now!
    Perfect! It does run on batteries, but an ac adapter cord is included. I use rechargable batteries, they are definetly worth the investment! Now, Energizer makes battery chargers that are adjustable, so you can charge AA, AAA and more in one!...more info
  • Great Deal!
    This was a surprisingly good investment. My only complaint was that the volume can be low at times but some fine tuning with the radio station usually helps. Furthermore, the ability to use it was the car adapter or on batteries is a great option! ...more info
  • Pretty pathetic
    My older Belkin FM transmitter, with 4 FM settings, was much superior to this one, until there were too many FM radio stations in it's range for it to be effective in the home.

    This rascal has poor battery life and extremely poor signal. It's no-static range seems to be 2 feet - really!

    Don't waste your money....more info
  • Works better using cigarette ligther charger
    The reception on the car radio gives off a moderate amount of static using the transmitter WHEN you use batteries to power up the transmitter. However, for some reason, if you plug the transmitter into the cigarette lighter jack, the reception is virtually just have to jack up the volume (either from the radio volume or your MP3 player itself). Transmitter works well in general when transmitting through a free standing portable radio. ...more info
  • Good value, but not good for long drive
    Its good value for home use, but on the drive you get lots of disturbance....more info
  • Belkin transmitter
    I found it to be good, radio frequency can often be poor until you find a weak radio station to transmit to. I don't like the auto on and off, sometimes slow to turn on. Overall, I think these transmitters are helpful to use in certain situations and this one seems to work well enough....more info
  • Great reception
    Overall, a great FM transmitter and lightyears ahead of the Griffin Nanotrip.

    + Good sound quality with little static on many frequencies.

    + Runs off ubiquitous AAA batteries and doesn't drain IPOD. Can also run off DC.

    + Can be adjusted to even or odd frequencies.

    + Simple interface, easy to plug in or unplug.

    + Will work with any device that outputs through headphone jack.

    + Good price

    - Not as slick looking as some IPOD transmitters....more info
  • Review of Belkin Portable Music TuneCast II FM Transmitter
    Great item for my Dell DJ!...more info
  • Poor reception
    This product received poor reception in the city. I had to return it....more info
  • Works fairly well.
    We purchased this unit about 2 months ago. It is my second FM transmitter - my prior one was an off brand product. Initially, I was somewhat disappointed with the Belkin. Any level of external transmission on a station causes distortion - this is a problem when driving through a city as channels drop in and out. The saving grace of this product is 1) you can tune in almost any FM station and 2) the easy controls for changing stations. If one finds the right channel (keep trying!), the product works well, but it does take a lot of trying. If you are in a city, you may have to change the channel several times as you drive.

    I have always powered it off car power as opposed to using the batteries.

    I haven't had a problem with the unit automatically turning off. We use this only with our portable DVD player. When it is working well, the sound is good though it may not be stereo....more info
  • could work better
    Not as clear a signal as I had hoped for. Have to be patient and move unit and MP3 around until you find sweet spot. I found dashboard, immeduately above radio best. Still have to get lucky w/ channel you choose even in rural areas. Unit that slips into cassette deck provides cleaner signal....more info
  • Average
    What can i say, it works but not the way it should, the transmitter could be stronger the signal isn't so strong so it makes a bit of interference sometimes, i live in a big city so i was hours looking for the best station so it didnt have interference, this could been avoided if it has stronger signal.
    Other issue is that the output volume is a bit low i normally set my mp3 player volume to max or if not i'll hear the noise radio makes when u crank up the volume, like a buzz....more info
  • Horrible Reception....Not Worth a Penny!!!
    I live in New York City and none of the free(?) frequencies work for this peice of garbage.
    I spent almost five hours searching for any frequency that would be tolerable for me to listen to...but could find none.
    Some were better than the others in terms of the amount of noise you'll hear. But, none were bearable enough....
    In short, this garbage isn't worth a penny!!!
    Don't make the same mistake that I made.
    Save your time and energy and shop for something else....more info
  • Decent transmitter with flaws
    I used this transmitter in my car with my mp3 player for about a year until I bought a CD player for my car.

    The quality was good when it sent out enough signal, but normally about every 8 minutes or so I would have to put my hand up to it or move it to a different spot so my car could pick up the station. Occasionally a random radio station would fade in, but only for about 2 seconds. That only happend when I drove to a certain place, so it was pretty rare.

    The battery life was good to begin with, but gradually started to decline. This, and probably a few other thing's I've complained about, could be due to the fact that I left it in my car on more than a few hot summer days and cold winter nights.

    Now the device is completely dead, but it has been about two years since I got it, and at least a year since I stopped using it.

    If you're thinking about buying such a device now, I'd suggest getting a newer one. Just remember that it has to be pretty close to your car antenna. I had mine in my front seat, and that was close the limit of it's reach (antenna on the back of my car) with good reception. Also, take good care of it. Don't leave it in the car in extreme temperatures. And be aware that it will slide around in the car if you don't secure it or have a holder for it. I used my drink holder....more info
  • ripoff cheapo junk from Belkin
    two days after fresh batteries were installed, it fails again

    the car charger (cig. lighter adapter charger) is a P.O.S. too

    buyer beware!
    the unit does NOT charge your mp3/digital audio player either...more info
  • Worst FM transmitter ever
    I bought this FM transmitter from Future Shop following the recommendation of the sales agent. This good looking gadget turned out to be an absolute noise/hiss maker. Not recommended. I returned it the day after....more info
  • Works in some cars, but not all
    I used this with my iPod in both of my cars. It works perfectly in my '89 Oldsmobile; excellent reception, clear sound quality, no loss of signal. However, when I used this in my 2000 Toyota Avalon, the signal was faint and I had to move it around to try and pick up the signal. I certainly couldn't pick up the signal without having to hold the transmitter up in midair. I certainly am not going to drive with one hand while holding this with the other. The only difference among the cars that I could note are that the Oldsmobile has an old-style whip antenna in the rear, while the Toyota has an antenna integrated into the rear window. So I guess that may be the thing; I really don't know. One other thing to note is that this is a battery hog. I went through a set of batteries in just one week of light use! I would simply recommend that you try different transmitters before settling on one....more info
  • The expectation was higher..
    I had a high expectation for the FM transmitter.
    What I didn't like: 1)RF power (transmitter has to be pretty close to the receptor - radio); 2) The sounds come with too much Bass; 3) Low life for the batteries
    What I do like: 1) an option to use the power cord while you are using into the car
    ...more info
  • worked great, broke, company replaced immediately
    I have used these kind of transmitters with little success. I have found in my area the ones with fixed choices for FM stations were not available and there was terrible static. Either because you can choose your own station from all FM stations with this model OR because this is just better, I don't know, but using my Creative Zen Micro photo 8GB and this little device, the sound was great. BUT it stopped working immediately. Thanks to a great warranty, I returned it (my cost) and they replaced right away. Have not used the new one enought to know if the first was a fluke or a pattern. I think I like it alot....more info
  • The best thing since sliced bread!
    i bought this for my fiancee for his birthday, and he absolutly LOVES it!
    he tells me that its one of the best gifts he has ever gotten.
    ...more info
  • Great Product, But You Need The Auto Kit As Well
    I replaced my 3G iPod with a new 60GB 5G Video iPod earlier this month. The lack of the 3G's accessory connector on the 5G model meant I had to buy another FM transmitter, but after trying an updated iTrip from Griffin (which was only acceptable 1-2 ft. from the antenna) I decided to give the Tunecast a try. I had read similar reception complaints about the Belkin model here on Amazon before I bought the unit, but considering I already have a Belkin Auto Kit (charger with amplified audio port for 1/8 headphone accesories) I figured the two working in conjunction should alleviate the issues outlined in the comments here. I was right!

    Using the digital Tunecast or any FM transmitter in a saturated radio market like Dallas-Fort Worth is a crap shoot at best, with 99% of the stations filled with cross over interference from adjacent stations you're lucky to find just one frequency among the US approved range available on the Tunecast (the iTrip allows for an International mode with access to those few stations below 88.1). Using the Tunecast by itself, plugged into the headphone port of the iPod results in a decent quality sound and reception, perhaps a 3 star raiting at best, but the real magic happens when you plug the Tunecast into the Auto Kit's amplified port. I'm now able to listen to my music with wonderful clarity (as much as a FM transmitter can deliver) and even overpower local stations, which means the combination of the Auto Kit and Tunecast eliminates the interference from adjacent frequencies.

    So, if you get one of these transmitters invest in an Auto Kit as well....more info
  • Be sure to get a FULL frequency transmitter like this one
    Before the Belkin, I tried 3 other FM transmitters that had 4 preset frequencies. None of them worked AT ALL. Maybe it's the area I'm in (large city, lots of FM stations), but the interference on the other units was horrible. I finally tried the Belkin and am much happier with it. It's not crystal clear like a radio station, but I get very little static and background noise. I can also change the frequency if weather, etc. interferes.

    June 2007: I've had a year to use this product now, and I would lower the rating to 3-4 stars if possible. Reason? Because the batteries do not last very long at all before I begin to hear more static (i.e. lose some signal power). I've found that I really need to use the cigarette lighter adapter for power. With it, though, I have no problems....more info
  • Completely useless
    I bought this to use in the car with my Creative Zen Vision M. I already have a portable Sirius Satellite Radio that slots in a holster in my car and broadcasts through my car radio using an FM signal. The Sirius works really well with sound quality that matches that of most FM broadcast radio stations and I expected the Belkin to be similar.

    It is not. The sound quality ranges from pathetic, through absolutely unlistenable to no signal at all. Anyone who has rated this higher than one star is deaf. I tried it on my home stereo system and the quality was only marginally better.

    Don't waste your time on this - better to spend the money on portable speakers. Mine is going back tomorrow. ...more info
  • It works like a charm ONLY IF you are willing to mod the TuneCast
    I just purchased one from Fry's Electronics few days ago and it is the HP version of the TuneCast II. (Same spec. and the only difference is the HP packaging) It was on sale for only $14.99 prior the CA tax. I figure it's worth to try since it is so darn cheap! Here is the verdict based on my usage in Bay Area, California.

    Well, I do hear lots of static just like people here who gave 1 or 2 stars in Amazon review no matter how I tune it to different frequency or FM channels. BUT... there is one easy way to make the Tunecast works the way it suppose to be and it is very easy.

    Then I got back home and google the subject of "modify TuneCast II" and I found out some people has already found a way to improve the transmitter by adding a piece of speaker wire.
    Well, instead of buying a new speaker wire which cost maybe another 5~10 bucks, I just decided to try out with my old mobile earplug. I cut out the earplug's connector and carefully remove the plastic shield to reveal the copper wires for approximately 1~2 inches then taped that copper metal wire into the TuneCast circuit board. Please follow the jiggybyte instruction. It is the first search result if you google "modify TuneCast II"

    The bottom line: Do not buy this product if you are not willing to mod this tunecast because its original antenna is very weak for transmitting the signals. If you think you can mod it, then this TuneCast is made for you. I like mine very much after the modding. ...more info
  • Works all right, but didn't last long
    It works as described. I found it slightly annoying that one had to reset the frequency on the transmitter every time one started the car, but that was a minor annoyance.

    It lasted about three months without trouble. Then it started being somewhat unreliable. Sometimes it would come on, and sometimes it wouldn't. I found that jiggling the power cable would sometimes get it to start, and that it ran on batteries reliably (although the signal seems weaker with batteries). Finally even jiggling didn't work, so I opened the device up and found one of the wires was apparently loose inside. Jiggling it allowed me to keep the device working for a few more months. All together it lasted about eight months. I ended up buying a device that allows my iPod to connect directly to the car stereo (if you own a Mazda, check out If you own a different kind of car, there are other solutions, such as ICElink)....more info
  • Good Enough
    The sound quality on this is as expected. Radio frequency equals radio quality so don't expect any CD quality. The only problem I had with this transmitter was that everytime i move it around the car or even select tracks on my ipod, i get static on my speakers, so make sure you dont move it around too much. Plus my power adapter just died on me for no apparent reason. (Around after a year of using.) Overall, i think the product is okay, but I would suggest you first look at transmitters that connect to the cigarette lighter and has a gooose neck attached so that you won't need to move it around too much....more info
  • Battery Life
    Using the 2 AAA batteries alone, the life of the transmitter is not great. But in the car, used wiht the included car power adapter, the product works great. There is a difference in volume when switching from battery to adapter power. I have no complains as to the trasmission quality....more info
  • Simple and effective
    I got this FM transmitter so I wouldn't have to change discs when on a long road trip, and it works pretty well. As always, there are moments of mild static (unavoidable with transmitters), but it's pretty reliable with decent sound. Transmission sounds better when you transfer speaker sound more towards the back of your car - the mono isn't as obvious. My only complaint is the automatic turn-off: it's very frustrating to have to constantly turn the transmitter back on when scanning for stations! It takes more than ten seconds to find a good non-station sometimes! On the plus side, I like the fact you can scan from 88.1 to over 100 to find an empty channel....more info
  • Nearly Useless
    This item is nice in that it is easy to use and offers many options as to what frequency you want it to broadcast on. Nice.

    But it is powered by two AAA batteries. Do you have triple-As around the house? Do you want to start stocking them? Why?

    Find a system that plugs into your cigarette lighter. Like the Griffin Technology RoadTrip FM Transmitter & Auto Charger and Cradle for iPod ...more info
  • Better than expected...
    I read the reviews for this item and was skeptical, but it seems to work great. The auto-turn-on-from-audio-input option is great.
    The sound seems fine.. although I will admit that I don't have a musician's ear.
    The only complaint is that the car/cigarette-lighter adapter turns off from the slightest touch... but turns back on a second later.
    Otherwise I'd give it 5 stars. Very satisfied....more info
  • It's a piece of crap!
    I bought this FM transmitter for a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles to use with my iRiver mp3 player. The FM transmitter only provided acceptable transmission in small sections of Interstate 5 where there are very few FM stations. While in the SF or LA area, the Belkin FM transmitter were broadcasting more *hiss* than music. Stay away from this piece of crap and save yourself some grieve!...more info
  • don't waste your money
    This is a piece of trash. The quality of the transmission is terrible, while the piece of electronics works. Never mind what freq you tune it to, it is noisy, noisy, noisy. On the other hand it did not last that long. After a few months of use it died. Doesn't work either with the bat's or with the cigarrette lighter adaptor it comes with. The people at Belkin should do some more work before going to market with a piece of electronics like this. Never heard of someone using an i-trip complaining about their piece of equipment....more info
  • Don't waste time or money
    This thing produces a clean (and therefore, acceptable) sound only within 1 foot of the stereo. But the most important drawback, apparently unnoticed by many, is that it plays MONO! Even though on my stereo's display it says "stereo", the sound is mono. Just plug in a set of headphones into your stereo while using this transmitter, and you'll know what I'm talking about. For music, this thing is useless, and I'm taking it back....more info
  • Good quality
    The signal strength of this FM transmitter is by far the best that i have seen. The people on here that give the crappy reviews, well it is because they more then likely do not know how to properly use the device. I have yet to hear static or white noise, all I hear is pretty good sound quality, and I am on to only like variable bit rate music in the 200-300 ranges. These people that say it is bad, really just need to learn how to use it. ...more info
  • Broke after 2 months
    It worked fine for a while. The static wasnt too bad as all the other reviews say. Then all of a sudden it wouldnt turn on. Changed the batteries still wouldnt turn on. Dont buy this shiz....more info
  • It works, and sound is OK.
    I have had this little unit for about a month. It took awhile the find the right station "88.7" for me but now that I have I get a fair sound. Battery Life is about 8 hour's tops. I only use this cause I wanted to make use of my in home XM SkiFi in my new VW. If you really like clean clear music all the time this is not for you. But no FM transmitter that I have found will give you the sound you get from CDs....more info
  • It serves its purpose
    The Belkin TuneCast II FM Transmitter is alright when it is working properly. Sometimes it takes time to turn on even when it is connected to the mp3 player and the music is playing, but you can turn it on by adjusting the volume of the mp3 player. Overall its a good product and I would reccomend it....more info
  • Better off with a cassette tape adapter
    Playing through a home stereo: The sound varied from very poor to a slight hiss in the background.

    Playing in car: Even though the transmitter was within a foot of the radio, no frequencies could be found that gave anything other than a very (very) low output signal from the MP3 player. Also had pops and clicks from turn signals, etc. If you've ever heard a tv station over the radio - this is much worse. Horrible, simply Horrible.

    ...more info
  • disappointed
    disappointed at how often you have to change the frequency when travelling and the short life of the batteries. still gets the job done but only if you're patient....more info
  • Crystal-clear connection
    Only complaint: aesthetics. Take a look at this little product and you'll agree: someone was asleep at the drawing board. All MP3 players are getting slimmer, smaller and brighter, but this big badboy looks (and feels) like a horse pill. It's plain 'ol black without a very bright display ('specially in daylight), and doesn't do much for the eyes. It's as if companies are only designing their cool-looking products for iPod. Everything else goes generic. I use a Creative Labs Zen Sleek 20GB, which is...well, sleek, and this transmitter is like the Volkswagen Bug of accesories. But also like the Bug, it works beautifully. No static, no near-station radio frequency cross-over, crystal-clear signal. Plus it has battery backup, in case you're not in your car and can't use the cig lighter power supply. Doesn't recharge the battery though, but I've yet to need to replace the batteries after roughly 12 hours of live use and four months of them being installed in the unit. If Belkin offered a Zen Sleek specific model that performed as well as this one does, it would definitely get all 5's!...more info
  • Worth the buy!
    I really love this device. It allows me to use my MP3 player on any radio as long as I am able to find the right radio station. The only problem that I have found with it is that in my car, I am not able to get a clear sound as I am on a stereo set. I believe this happens because I am not able to put the transmitter close enough to my antenna, which is in the back of my car, not the front. Overall, it is worth the buy!!...more info
  • Weak FM Transmitter
    Have found the transmitter to have very poor range compared to other units. In my auto it only works if placed on the dash near the external antenna. In my home, only works if placed within a few feet of the receiver. The other unit I have for an Ipod and portable DVD unit works excellent from anywhere in my vehicle and up to 20 feet without interference in my home. ...more info
  • Can't hear over the white noise
    I just got this today, and in addition to having overpaid for it at a local retailer I can't hear anything over the white noise. I put my radio right next to it to make sure I had the dial on the right station, and even right next to it I still get an incredible amount of static. It doesn't seem to matter how low or high I have the volume on either device. I just wanted it to transmit from my computer to my home radio/stereo so I could listen to an AM station at night. The static seems to drastically reduce when I am physically touching/holding the transmitter, but I don't know why and obviously I am not going to sit there and hold the stupid thing all night. Good luck....more info
  • Belkin TuneCast II FM TX
    TX'er boardcasts with little to no white nosie. It is used in a Honda S2000 where there is very little space, so the TX'er can be placed in the glove box or stashed in a side pocket in the car. The aux power cord is a nice backup feature if the batteries deplete and there is on spare handy. A great little device for the amount spent on it. ...more info
    Wanted something easy and inexpensive to play my nano in the car. This works just fine, despite the fact that I live in the New York Metro area and unused radio frequencies are few and far between. Seems to work pretty nicely on 106.5. Also seems to work much better with the adapter than the batteries, and really likes to sit right on the dashboard in front of the speedometer (particularly when using batteries).
    It'll do till I buy a car that I can plug the ipod directly into....more info
  • It's OK
    I was really excited to open the box and get this set up. Through a week of use I have found that it consistently gets static, no matter where I put it in my car. Additionally, it's kind of a pain to keep switching stations when you are in a populated metro area that has a lot of radio traffic. The idea in theory is excellent, I wonder if it can be perfected a bit more though....more info
  • Works great for me
    No problems with this unit at all so far. Works great, easy to find a station it tunes in good on, the memory presets are very handy. Only thing that takes it down is the auto-shutoff. It would be great if they could incorporate a little switch to toggle it. Otherwise it shuts down on tracks that have "secret" content after a while of blank stuff....more info
  • Excellent sound quality, transmission a little weak
    The digital tuning and auto-on features are great. The four pre-settable transmission frequencies save time, both in subsequent tuning and in remembering where clear frequencies are in my area. There are only two drawbacks. First, the transmission power is a bit weak. If I am running the unit on batteries, I have to put it (and my MP3 player) up on the dash to get a good signal to the radio. If I power the unit with the car power cord, that cord appears to act as an antenna and boost the unit's transmission efficiency, so I tend to run it off the car power cord. It would be nice if it had been designed not to power down automatically when run on the car poser cord, but they apparently didn't think of that, so even on the car poser cord, a minute after you pause your player, you will get a blast static out of your car radio if you haven't remembered to turn it off....more info
  • Didn't work for me
    I don't know why, but I get a lot of static using this. Part of the problem is that there isn't a lot of free radio spectrum where I live, and the unit will only go down to 88.1...more info
  • Does the job, isn't that what counts?
    Never having used an FM transmitter before, my expectations were high. I was looking forward to clear, radio-quality audio from my MP3 player. I knew it wouldn't sound as good as a direct link, but I was hopeful that otherwise, this would do the trick.

    Well, it mostly does.

    Since the original-equipment CD/tape-deck in one vehicle doesn't like our tape adapter (not sure why, but it spits it out after a few seconds, even though the tape spindles are geared together to move with the tape transport movement), and has no other auxilliary input, FM transmitter is our only option.

    The basic features work just as advertised. The unit comes with a lighter-socket adapter (don't confuse this one with Belkin's other "iPod-compatible" version, the F8V3080-APL, which does NOT come with a lighter-socker adapter), and powers on and off with the signal source as it's supposed to. Memory presets, digital tuning, all work as expected.

    Some "unadvertised features" I came across though:

    * Yes, you can manually power on the unit rather than relying on the signal source to do so. However, it only stays on for so long, even if you later turn on the MP3 player. About five minutes after you turn it on manually, it WILL turn off. If the source device is playing, it will then detect that and turn back on automatically. But it is a little annoying for it to turn off like that. What if that was my favorite song?!? :)

    * Yes, it can tune to .1 Mhz increments, both odd and even. However, as I realized when using this in our cars (all of which have digital tuners), you can only receive on the odd .1 Mhz increments anyway (at least for North America radios...maybe elsewhere in the world this is different). So, that feature isn't nearly as useful as it might seem. Analog tuners, of course, can be selected to even incremements just fine, and while I haven't been able to verify that, I would think that this *could* help in areas with congested frequencies.

    * Speaking of which, I did discover the reception of the transmitter can be spotty. It works pretty well, but the position and orientation of the transmitter do affect reception. Also, a frequency that seems fine in one place may not work so well somewhere else. I found that in one nearby town, there is highway information AM transmitter that affects the reception of this unit. I was able to find a different frequency at the other end of the spectrum that worked better, but this does mean it may require a fair amount of trial and error to find just the right frequency (especially in an urban area where the frequency spectrum is already fairly congested).

    All in all, I have yet to run into a situation where I could not fiddle with the transmitter enough to get my audio clear as I wanted. But it's not "plug and play". Anyone buying this should definitely expect to spend a little time learning the quirks related to configuration, and the radio environment in which they live....more info
  • Useful and good product
    This is a very good product. Very useful when you are travelling in a car. If you are reading this before buying your first one, don't go for the cheaper one which has only 4 frequencies. This product gives you more control on your FM frequencies....more info
  • Not That Great
    I was expecting something a little better. I wanted to get a good one for my creative Zen Micro, as as we Zen users know its hard to find good products for us. The quality was not good, and very staticy. I bought it and it cost 50, and immedaitly returned it. Hpfully something will come around in the future. My guess is to hold off for a dramatic price drop....more info
  • Not impressed
    The first one that I bought quit working after four hours. Also, it didn't come w/ a cigarette lighter adapter so I had to buy one from Belkin for $19 (I did this before the transmitter quit working).

    I sent the unit back to Belkin ($7 in shipping), waited over two weeks, then got the new unit (which came w/ a power adapter). It's supposed to turn on automatically when the MP3 player is turned on, but it doesn't. I have to turn it on manually.

    The way that it's designed makes it hard to mount cleanly in my car (Ford Explorer). The cord from the transmitter to the MP3 player is about 6 inches long. I had to buy an extension cord at Radio Shack.

    Sound quality is not good. The music sounds like it's coming from an old AM mono radio, regardless of the FM station setting. At first I thought the problem was with my stereo, but when I play a CD, it sounds normal.

    Overall, I wouldn't recommend this. I'm going to buy an iRiver....more info
  • FM Sound Quality is Poor / On Off Operation is Confusing
    I found the operation of this device somewhat confusing. It must have seemed innovative to the designers to remove the on/off button and have the device sense when it needs to turn on, but it makes for more confusion rather than a better experience. For example, if the car adapter is plugged in, but the car isn't running, the device won't turn on, even if your mp3 player is connected and playing. However, the biggest reason why this item is sitting on my shelf is sound quality. It is simply not good enough for me to enjoy my music. This issue is not specific to the Belkin model, but to FM transmitters in general. Be warned before you buy one of these that if you are at all picky about hearing an mp3 sound like it's coming out of a crappy radio, you should look elsewhere. I recommend getting an auxiliary input installed into your car stereo if you can afford the extra expense....more info
  • Very good
    it's a very good option to get your mp3 player in the car....more info
  • Best Product
    This is an amazing product. I have tried other FM transmitters before, but this one outperforms all. The sound quality for this one is better than any I have used. Moreover, it is only $29.99 with a car charger for a "battery free" operation, something you will not find in the store.

    Here are few tips on making this product work better for you:
    1. Keep the transmitter as close as possible to the car antenna. If your car antenna is in the back, get a headphone extension cable to place the transmitter in the back seat or behind the driver's seat. Closer it is to the antenna, better the quality.
    2. Use the weakest signal in the area you are traveling.
    3. You might want to try few weak channels and save them in the transmitter as it allows up to 4 preset channels. This way, if you are in the car and one of your preset channels is stronger that expected in the area you are traveling, therefore resulting in a poor quality, you could quickly switch to another channel from the trimester's memory.
    4. Keep the volume level in your CD player or MP3 player to medium.

    ...more info
  • Doesn't work in Berkeley
    When I do get a signal in Berkeley,CA - it's full of static. It goes in and out - way annoying and very distracting from the road trying to tune it to no avail. Can't compete w/ all the radio signals. I've tried tuning it to every FM channel available. It did work on my road trip out to Anzo Borrego Desert and even in Riverside area, in a very spread out suburban area. I got too much static in Huntington Beach, CA, a suburban community about an hour south of LA.

    i guess the other option for car listening is a tape-deck adaptor or portable speakers. i'm looking into buying some kind of audio deck for my car that i can plug ipod into directly - if it exists, I imagine it costs a lot....more info
  • Simply doesn't work! Save your money.
    When I tried the first version of the TuneCast it didn't work at all. TuneCast II connects, but if there is a radio station in North America that uses any given frequency, your TuneCast signal will drop. I've tried dozens of channels and none work for more than a few minutes. Unless you get no stations or static at all somewhere in a very remote part of the country, this product simply isn't strong enough to provide consistent signal. It surprises me they are still selling them. Good idea, very bad performance!...more info
  • With some extras it will perform close to cd quality!
    A previeouse review spoke of buying a 6 ft 1/8th stereo sheilded cable at radio shack along with a female/female stereo to stereo coupler. I decided to go with his advice and now I can drive all over the place with mabey a hair off of cd quality with my bekin tunecast II. Giving to the fact that I got the belkin off of ebay for only $15 dollars and the cable and coupler costed me about $10, it was money well spent. Now I can listen to my Zen Touch in the car.

    I give it four stars because when I go under certain traffic lights and intersections I get some static. However other than that its great!

    Note: I have had a lot of succes with 87.9 wich could be good or bad for you depending on where you live.
    ...more info
  • Belkin FM Transmitter
    My friend gave me as a Christmas present. It's a great concept, but I'm disappointed with Belkin's performance. First of all, the cable is too short, and kills 2AAA battery really quick (need rechargeables), and the quality is just not there. The sound quality is the biggest disappointment. I consider myself a big music lover and i expect good enough sound quality. I put my volume at 16-18 for CDs, but I have to turn it up to 25-26 for Belkin to have the same volume, and it still isn't anywhere near the same quality as CDs. ...more info
  • Great warranty, geat sound
    I've tried this transmitter in both the city and country and had perfect results in both locations. The car adapter made a cross country trip perfect but it's nice for even short drives. All you need is to click the saved preset station and press play and you're all set. It works equally well practically anywhere in the car and I've had very little trouble with static. The sound quality isn't perfect but I was surprised how good it was considering all of the complaints in reviews. Also, considering Belkin's warranty the price is good if you don't buy it for the full suggested retail. I recommend it. ...more info
  • Exactly what I wanted...
    The device is very easy to setup and use. My car has the antenna built into the window. This seems to be no problem. I use it with my Pocket PC to play music and recorded radio shows using Voice Command for selection control. I use a headset (bluetooth) when out of the car then just plug in the Belkin and continue with the show....more info
  • could not imagine that it would be so bad!
    I have a good 8-speaker Bose sound system in my car, and recently I started looking for a way to connect my mp3 player to the sound system. A cassette adapter leads to a loss in the sound fidelity, with a worse sound quality than the FM radio, and my hope was that an FM transmitter would work better than a cassette adapter. I borrowed a Belkin TuneCast II transmitter from friends for an evening. They use it in a Nissan ALtima, and often complain that the quality is not too good (but they do not have a cassette player and have no other option). Well, when I plugged it in in my Acura, it was not just bad - it was outright horrible. I suppose, the part of the problem is that the cable which connects the transmitter to the player and to the car charger is used as an antenna, the output RF signal level is quite low, and a lot depends on how close the transmitter can get to the outside antenna on the car. In my car, the radio antenna is on the roof in the rear of the vehicle. With 6 to 8 feet and a metal roof between the Belkin transmitter and the antenna, the qulity of the sound was horrible. First, the volume was low. Furthermore, the base frequencies were hugely exaggerated, while trembles were lacking altogether. It sounded like a poor AM reception. The qulity could not be improved even if the high frequencies in my mps player's equalizer were maxed out, and the bass level of the car sound system were reduced to a minumum. The cassette adapter sounded like a dream in comparison. I could imagine that this adapter could work somewhat better in a car with a different location of the antenna, and those who have a basic sound system or low level of expectations would perhaps find the sound quality acceptable. For me, it was a huge disappointment. I am so happy that I did not buy it!!!...more info
  • Terrible: Complete Waste of $$$$ MONEY
    Even when standing close to a radio, the signal is week, fades in an out. At first I thought it was just the battery, so I switched that, same result, very poor performance. I also switched the radio I was using, result, poor performance. I have an FM transmitter that comes with the XM Roady Radio, so I was expecting similar but not exact performance from this Belkin product. Sure the two are not exact comparisons because one runs off of DC power and the other runs off of battery power, but still, the XM Roady transmitter out performs the Belkin when I have the XM Roady transmitter transmitting from my car parked outside in the garage, and the Belkin is 3 feet from the same radio.
    ...more info
  • Worth the money
    Works very well in the car, but may not be the best tool for the home stereo. Very much dependent on the type of antenna availble on the home stereo receiver.

    Troublesome to manually turn on/off...more info
  • Not very useful
    It is a very clever idea behind this device but it didnt really live up to my expectations. The sound quility is poor at best and if you live in a big city like me youll end up trying to tune the station all day and not hearing any music.
    I give it a 3 just because at least you can make it kinda work in some places and i guess all other similar devices have the same flaws....more info
  • Good when it lasts, very flimsy connection to the ipod
    The signal is strong and the unit was relatively easy to use. Bu because of the design of the output jack, the system only lasted 6 months and the output jack was pretty much in pieces with the wires showing after this time. This unit is now unusable. Do not buy. ...more info
  • Poor qaulity Item
    I live in the Northeast where the tempature goes below zero a great deal. I bought the Belkin transmitter to play my MP3 player through my existing auto stereo. The first unit worked a couple of days then died, I returned it and got a new one and it also died. It wasn't the batteries as I replaced them, it might have been the cold weather but it simply should not have occurred. The unit is just junk and repeated effrots to get help from Belkin was for naught.
    A better choice is the IRiver AFT100 Mobile FM Transmitter, which requires no battery, has a blue backlight so you can easily see the frequency, and is close the the same price as the Belkin. It has withstood a couple of months of extremely cold weather and is still ticking. It is the better buy, you will be much happier!...more info
  • Works GREAT!!!
    I love this product! The cassette player in my car does not work properly with cassette adapters, and I needed an alternative way to listen to my music. My friend recommended this product to me. I plugged it in, tuned it to a weak station, and instantly started playing MP3s from my Pocket PC through my car stereo. There was NO static, and the sound quality was significantly better than it was with the cassette adapter. I highly recommend this item!!...more info
  • Too low signal
    I've just used it 4 times: three cars 1 home stereo, just to probe it doesn't work. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Correcting the reception on the belkin
    The belkin is very nice cosmetically, but like it's competitors, provides poor transmission. If you look at any of these units, there are no antennas! This is the problem. A good antenna is 1/4 of the wavelength you are trying to transmit or recieve. In this case, about 2 feet for FM. Here is the solution. If you can solder, a BIG if, open your belkin, and solder a 2ft long wire of wire-wrap quality to the antenna solder point. It is one of the solder points the plug is soldered to. MAke sure it is the right one. There are solder points for left, right, ground, and antenna. Choose antenna. Let the soldered wire hang outside the unit. You will be amazed by the improvement. Find a friend to do it for you!...more info
  • Can't recommend
    Only buy this fm transmitter if you don't really care if it works. It only works intermittently and when the thing works it doesn't work very well at all. ...more info
  • Worked Great, While it Worked
    I got this as a gift about a month ago and I've only used it four or five times and it worked great. The sound wasn't bad and I never had any problems getting it to power up. I haven't touched it in a couple weeks, went to use it today and it won't turn on. I've tried the power cord, the batteries, new batteries. I made sure my iPod was fully charged and I tried a whole range of different stations on two different stereos, nothing.

    So it worked as good as I expected it to, it just didn't last long. I would not recommend and I will not buy another....more info
  • Acceptable at best
    I received this FM transmitter as a gift, and it is adequate. My wife and I used it to amplify audio from our laptop for watching DVDs on a trip. It works okay, but there is a considerable amount of static in most geographic locations. Most of the time you can switch the frequencies to avoid heavy static, but it does take time to do this and a small amount of static cannot be avoided. If your vehicle has a cassette player I STRONGLY urge you to get a cassette adapter instead of this FM transmitter. The cassette version is the same as it pugs into any standard headphone jack, but it eliminates most if not all of the static, because it's wired instead of transmitting through the air and competing with radio stations. Overall, this FM transmitter will do in a pinch if your vehicle doesn't have a cassette player. Just don't expect more from this product than what I've described....more info
  • Not good in car.
    Works acceptably in the house but you have to turn and twist it, even when its sitting 2 inches from radio, until it gets good reception, reminiscent of old TVs & aluminum foil. In the car its completely useless....more info
  • A Good FM Transmitter - **also info on turning it on**
    Got this for a Creative Zen Nano and at first I could not get it to power on as someone above mentioned. I then realized that it will power itself on when you have music playing through the headphone. It also will auto-power off when there has not been a signal for about a minute. All in the interest of conserving the (2) AAA batteries (the unit comes with 2 Duracells).

    Ok, so now you don't think you have a dead unit! Now for the rest of my opinion :) I think this thing does a decent job when compared to any other FM transmitter - always remember to not go too high on the MP3 players volume because it will start to break up the sound. The other reason to not raise the MP3 players volume is that this runs the batteries down faster. So use the volume on your car radio and you should do well.

    One downside is that it only goes down to station 88.1 (unless there is an international setting - check the instructions) I have found that 87.9 or 87.7 get the best signal because only about 4 percent of the country uses these two freq.

    In conclusion, $40 is $40 and you can spend it how you see fit. I would say this unit does a fine job for anyone who has some experience using other FM transmitters (like the iTrip for iPods). If you're still stuck on getting the thing to power up, you might do well to buy a tape cassette adaptor (remember those?) and you'll get a much better sound and only one annoying wire :) Some newer cars also have a AUX socket in the back of the radios where you can connect a wire (double headphone jack looking thing) ans then you just connect your MP3 to that.

    Sorry for the somewhat off-subject opinions, but I know why I read these and sometimes it's to find another solution! good luck!...more info
  • Disappointing
    Rather poor quality sound; less then a regular FM station. I'm kind of surprised it was brought to market at this quality level. I'm taking it back. PS It is kind of clever .. powers up when audio signal is rec'd....more info
  • DOA
    Got the thing as a gift, popped in the batteries and..... nothing... It didn't turn on. Went through the manual, replaced the batteries...tried everything I could think of, but alas....


    Thanks for ruining Christmas, Belkin....more info
  • A little tweak and it works
    Caveat: I plan to return my unit to try the C. Crane FM transmitter because it has much higher battery life (and because I don't want to buy the optional Belkin car charger since this defeats the purpose of having wireless transmission).

    That said, this unit worked perfectly after a simple 'tweak.' I noticed that I always got some noise if the home/car stereo FM station matched that of the Belkin Transmitter. By accident, I figured that if I maintained a difference of 0.1 the reception became perfect and of CD quality. For instance, if there is a free FM station at 89.10 then I tune the Belkin transmitter to 89.10. However I then tune the car/home stereo FM station to 89.20. The results are simply amazing!! Try worked for me and I really, really like the music quality.

    My only worry about the unit is that it sucks up battery life and so I'll test the C. Crane FM transmitter which supposedly has 120+ hours of battery life. Otherwise with my tweak I am very comfortable using the Belkin unit and might get another if the C. Crane unit does not meet expectations.

    I'll keep you posted......more info
  • I DO NOT recommend
    when the batteries are fresh the sound quality is not bad

    drains batteries fast (after a few hours)
    Cord frayed soon after purchase
    ...more info
  • Not ready for serious music listening
    1. Battery life is short. 2 AAA batteries lasts about 4 hours only. Definitely need a car adepter. But if you do, you are no longer wireless. Might as well get the connection kit.

    2. Cord is short. Since the connect slides in and out to easily, moving the ipod or the transmitter usually unplugs the system while driving. Not ideal.

    3. Reception is okay for audio books, but not for music. Driving in downtown streets usually gets a lot of static noise....more info
  • would be perfect, except for...
    ...the cord leading from the headphone jack on your mp3 player to the transmitter. It lasted all of 4 weeks before the rubber sheath at the male adapter pulled loose and the grounding wire frayed. At first this had no effect on the sound quality. However, soon the inside insulation on the (white and black) wires started to peel away. When they touch, this will not work. If they come close to one another, this will not work. If the ground touches either the black or white, one of the stereo channels will go out. Luckily I have some experience with small guage wiring and a trip to radio shack straightened this out. Nevertheless, I expected more.

    When it is working, aka as soon as you get it, I would recommend wrapping some electrical tape at the base of the male adapter (the part that connects to your mp3 player) otherwise expect to spend some time and money getting it fixed.

    With that said, this does work well. I put double sided velcro tape on the back of the unit and use it to hold onto the dash. The step function is a must if you live in a medium to large size city. Beware! In some large cities there are no open frequencies! I live in Charlotte, NC and I have a hard time finding stations that are free, especially near down town. But, with out rewiring your car stereo, this is the best you're going to get. jay fnord&-)
    ...more info
  • Simple Static Solution
    Belkin TuneCast II Mobile FM Transmitter
    I agree static is an issue, after I connected a 6ft extension cable the static issue was fixed. I recently took a road trip, from PA to GA. This Belkin TuneCast II transmitter was used the whole way and its performance was great. I only needed to change the setting about 4 times due to static from a strong FM Station. Also during local driving no freq. changes are needed when using the extra cable connection.

    These extra parts were purchased from radio shack.
    Radio Shack parts cost approximately $12 for both items. Even with the need of the extra parts I would recommend this Belkin TuneCast II transmitter as a great solution.

    Radio shack 6-Ft. Shielded Cable, 1/8" Stereo Plug to 1/8" Stereo Plug
    Model: 42-2387 | Catalog #: 42-2387

    1/8" stereo female/female jack about 2" long.
    ...more info
  • Disapointed with range
    I have been using this product in my car for about a week now. I only recieve decent reception when then transmitter is placed on the windshield directly next to the FM antenna (About 6 inches away). Sound is still full of static (with power cord) when transmitter is placed on center console. The power cord must also be used to prevent static. Without it, the battery dies quickly and reception is high in static. It is even slightly static when placed next to the antenna. This product is not worth the money. Also, beware if you have thick metal windshield wipers. The radio signal skips when the wipers block the signal of the transmitter. I would highly recomend the Iriver AFT 100. I just purchased one of these. It is about the same price and the sound quality is static free anf far superior. ...more info
  • If you bought it, take it back. If you didn't, get the VRFM7!
    This is completely worthless unless you feel like being a human antenna. I took it back and bought the VRFM7 and have been much MUCH happier! BTW, the VRFM7 doesn't use batteries; a HUGE plus!...more info
  • don't buy this
    "broadcast" quality is real bad (lots of static)
    range is REAL bad (you have to put it right next to your antenna!)
    worst part however is that you will have to change frequency every few miles or so... as soon as another station comes in range of the frequency you're on the fun is over and you will have to go look for another frequency on both the transmitter and the radio.. All this messing around is plain dangerous while on the road!
    Do not buy this, it just does not work....more info
    Do NOT buy this thing. I know all FM transmitters are sketchy, but this is especially so. And for the price, it's should be bit better than the rest. I have tried it in an explorer and grand cherokee, both with stock radios, on pert near every channel, and you can't escape the static. I've found that if you put it touching the front of the radio, you get ok sound. Sometimes. Total piece of garbage. ...more info
  • Something approaching worthless...
    I purchased this product with the misunderstanding that I could broadcast my iPod Nano , and receive the signal with my car stereo. I wasn't expecting stunning audio, but I was looking for something a little more than static. Sadly this was not to be the case. This thing simply does not work in my car... unless I have all the doors open, then it works very faintly if I am actually holding the unit using my body as a makeshift antenna. Now It doesn't take a genius to realize that this is not a tenable driving position.

    Oh well, I figured I could make use of it around the house. Once again, nigh worthless. If I put my iPod on top of my stereo, and tune it to one of a few frequencies, then and only then can I get it to work.

    So for me, and my intended usage, this device does not perform as expected.
    ...more info
  • Sounds worse than an AM station w/ poor reception
    I had high hopes for this device. I really wanted this to sound ok but, it sounds like a faint AM station. If it was possible to give this item zero stars I would....more info
  • Holding up in Iraq
    I recently purchased this transmitter after the first one I ordered failed to ship. After my failed attempt some of the other guys bought some online and when they got here we were pleased though we dealt with static and poor quality. We're in the middle if Iraq however so anything is better than nothing. After mine finally came we gave it a try and in every way this transmitter was the best. You can choose any station to broadcast on (choose one not used by a regular station) and it had crystal clear sound. I could draw power from the vehicle which was a majoy upside. When not in use I usually keep it in my cargo pocket so it won't get stolen or lost. The downside is I work in all kinds of places not friendly to fragile equipment and after getting kicked around, dropped and other abuse it still works as it did out of the box. Remember these companys can only make them so powerful without having to register them with the FCC so don't expect to broadcast music through your house. It's best used to play music over a car stereo in my opinion....more info
  • Wow does this burn the batteries quickly!
    This product has good frequency reception, however, it burns through batteries like a kid eats candy on Halloween(I use mine about 30 minutes daily and I replace the batteries every week!). Also, the automatic on/off function on mine does NOT work...I must manually turn it on and off. I like it, but it doesn't work as well as the packaging said it would....more info
  • Piece of Junk.
    I consider myself a fairly tech-savvy person; I was IT director for a small company for a few years. But I could NOT make this thing work for more than a couple of seconds at a time. I live outside of Detroit and do a lot of driving around the state, but it didn't matter whether I was in the city, on the express way or out in the middle of nowhere. It also didn't matter what radio channels I used. At every frequency, and in every location, I had considerable static.

    Now, I am not an audio-buff insisting on perfect sound and balance. I drove an old car with a crummy stereo for a long time so a little static doesn't bother me. But I'm not talking about a little static here. I mean it was TERRIBLE. I could hardly hear the music at all, especially on a song with any subtlety (live Rob Thomas accoustic tracks, for example). Sometimes it would clear up for a second or two, maybe while I was stopped at a light, but as soon as my foot touched the gas pedal my music was gone and the static became loud and jarring.

    This was extremely frustrating while trying to drive and I could have easily gotten into an accident while fiddling with the stupid thing. That's why I don't listen to the radio, and why I wanted to use my MP3 player in the car in the first place - so I could listen to continuous music without even having to change CDs. Anyway, this thing doesn't work at all. Total piece of junk.

    From what I've read about equivalent products, FM transmitters seem to be a bad idea in general. I don't have a tape deck, so I'm going to get a mini-speaker I can plug directly into my MP3 player, circumventing any need to involve the car radio. Brookstone has a "Mini iTopper" that seems to be a good bet, for about the price of this transmitter, and seems compatible with non-iPod MP3 players (mine is a Dell DJ and aside from the car problem, I LOVE it)....more info
  • OK in car, has limited use elsewhere
    I've read a lot of reviews where users could not get this to work in the car. It works great in my car, although there are only 2 frequencies that work well. Its effectiveness in the car may depend on external variables such as the position of the car's antenna (front or back) and geography (more urban areas will have less open FM space) - not just the strength of the transmitter (that is my own speculation).

    Even though it works very well in my car, I gave it three stars because it does not work with any other applications such as home stereo. The concept is great and it should be able to work anywhere but its use seems to be limited for most users. ...more info
  • Frustrated and disappointed
    I bought this item after reading several good reviews. I recently bought a Creative Zen Micro and I am extremely happy with the product and was looking for a way to use it in the car.

    Whatever you do, do not buy this product.

    Following all the instructions, after a week I have finally given up and will be returning this to the store of purchase.

    There is constant noise when transmitting which at times becomes extremely distracting. The overall quality if not even as good as a normal FM radio station. At one point I had the transmitter sitting on top of my stereo right next to the receiver and I still had to deal with background static.

    I also had issues with the transmitter shutting down unexpectedly in the middle of using it. ...more info
  • Do Not Waste Your Money
    My first attempt with the TuneCast II was with my Bose Wave Radio which provided decent sound quality. Considering that the Bose has a very weak FM antenna, I assumed the TuneCast would work great in my car.

    The next morning I used the TuneCast on my way to work. I tried nine different stations with "weak" signal strenght -- something hard to find in the Washington DC market. In each case, the TuneCast provided an extremely quiet transmission with constant interuptions. I actually got better results from stations which had a moderate signal -- opposite of what the manual suggests.

    I then tried the TuneCast that night in my wife's new Highlander which proved to be just as frustrating. You basically have to hold the TuneCast in your hand to get a decent signal for a few minutes -- after that you have to search for yet another station as the fuzz over comes the broadcast.

    I have friends who own similar products from Griffin and Monster -- and they all couldn't beleive the poor quality from the TuneCast. Don't waste your money on this product. Go with another vendor. ...more info
  • POS - Not at all satisfactory
    Tried everything to make this little "gem" work... Finally admitted defeat.
    * Unacceptable weak signal
    * Lots of static
    * Great in theory - sucks in reality
    Agree with other poor reviews - cord is too short, even with "extra" antenna - poor reception, not acceptable for music or audio books....more info
  • power problem
    The full FM spectrum is a nice feature. The lack of rechargeable batteries makes it almost useless in any situation outside of a car or near a battery store....more info
  • Much better options out there
    Used to have this one till the input cord started crapping out. Was never fully satisfied as it took some contstant adjusting around the car during most of commute. Decided on a new one and picked up the Griffin iTrip. Superior to the Belkin as the signal is much stronger and cleaner. Plus no cord mannagement issues. Highly reccommended...more info
  • works great, no problems, very happy.
    What more can I say, it does exactly what it is supposed to perfectly. I had the older Tunecast I and used it for awhile but it had problems, lots of static and you could only tune 4 stations (and the power wasn't so good since it only used batteries --- this one has an adapter you plug into the cigarette plug in your car); this one is lightyears ahead of that. Highly recommmended and a good deal too....more info
  • pretty dissapointing
    The range is TERRIBLE! I had the idea that I could plug my laptop and broadcast to my home stereo (under 7 feet). Guess not......more info
  • At first, it was mediocre at best
    With either a Rio MP3 player, or an Ipod Nano, I did not recieve a very strong signal. The sound was never crisp, no maater where it was placed in the car, and seemed to me to add some bass that wasn't needed. (maybe that was just me) Then, the plug that was used to insert into the headphone jack broke under light use. (the rubber base around it was way to flimsy. Also the amount of cords this item is equipped is a bit ridiculous. My dash looked like it was wired for a bomb. I would not recommend this product, especially since I have purchased an iriver aft 100. Clean sound, ease of use, and more visually pleasing....more info
  • Very good item, very good price
    Am using this successfuly with my corolla FM player to listen to my audio lectures on tape using a walkman. Very good quality most of the time. Very few instances when i get disturbance, but still no worse than any other radio station. Overall very satisfied and the car charger is a plus bonus to keep cost of batteries down.
    Go for it....more info
  • Works - if you can get it within 15 inches of the antenna
    I had bought the product to be able to listen to XM online at home in other rooms away from my PC, but it's pretty useless one you get beyond 12-15 inches away from the antenna. This one's going back to Best Buy, unfortunately....more info
  • Poor reception, worse battery life
    I bought this item with moderate expectations. I know the sound quality will not be the best from a device like this, but I did expect it to work. In 2 of the 3 cars I tried it in the reception was poor unless it was held in a specific position. In the other car it could be placed in the glove box and worked with no issues. I should mention that all of these vehicles had rear mounted antennas.

    The battery life was also dismal- I used it for a couple hours in the car that it did work in, and put it away for a couple weeks. I attempted to use it and the batteries were on their last legs. I will get another FM broadcaster, but another brand and one that can be plugged into the vehicle for power.

    I expected more performance and battery life for the price, and returned it.
    ...more info
  • It's exactly what I was looking for
    I'm an almost non-stop intercontinental traveller also driving a lot once at destination. . Was real tired of pulling along my CD's bags, CD player, bricks and stuff. I heard about linking MP3 players (not an Ipod, I simply hate them) with FM transmiters. Honest didn't had a clue this was THE solution. Got my Belkin TuneCast II FM a few weeks ago and I'm really pleased and happy with the results. It took me a while to get familiar with the subtleties of fine-tuning to the car or hotel stereo but once it works it's fantastic: My favourite music and audio books available 24/24 worldwide... Awesome!

    Why haven't I rated 5/5 stars: when no cigarette lighter is available, (hotel rooms) the batteries are gulped down at an unbelievable speed.

    If you're the kind of guy spending hours on end on your own, a Tune Cast will make your life a lot easier. ...more info
  • Works very well
    The FM transmitter works very well in my 2005 Cadillac Deville. Car came without a tape player, only radio and CDs. Small battery cassette tape player plugged into Belkins FM transmitter give excellent sound quality thru car's radio speaker system. Now I can still enjoy the tapes I have enjoyed over the years....more info
  • Fine promise ... not lived up to
    I bought this little gizmo in the vain hope that it would do what it says in the description.

    It works - reasonably well - if you are at home and not movinga tt all - but frankly I don't need it there.

    It doesn't work well once you are in the car. It works best if I hold it up in the air between the front seats - hardly practical if I am driving!

    Unfortunately it didn't live up to it's promise....more info
  • Don't bother buying the Tunecast II FM Transmitter
    This is a crummy product that you won't enjoy using. I didn't. It's hard to keep the transmission on one station - fades in and out and the broadcast of your ipod will often have a background of continual static. PLUS it goes through batteries like crazy. Maybe every 4 to 5 hours. I hated it and gave it away to a stranger. I bought an ITrip which is about 2/3 the cost and works like a charm and needs NO batteries. The Tunecast sucks. It annoyed me bigtime....more info
  • Works less then OK for me.
    I bought this in great anticipation of listening to my music instead of all the commercial crap of regular radio. I paired it with my Creative Labs TX FM Muvo. The Belkin transmitter works in that I can assign a station and hear playback from my Muvo. My two disappointments are that the reception seems rather weak and the cable is not long enough.

    On headset, the max I can play my Muvo is about 27-30 out of 40 volume level and that level is quite loud. For the Belkin, I have to crank my Muvo up to 40 and then crank my radio way up to hear any audible playback. But at those volumes, I also get all the crack and hiss in the MP3s. My car antenna is about 6ft away from my center console. Also, when I drive into the city, the signal easily gets stepped on by the general "chatter" on the airwaves no matter what station I choose.

    The other disappointment is the short cable on the jack that is used to plug into the MP3 player. I prefer to keep the Belkin in the center console connected to power outlet and out of sight. Since the cable is so short I have to bring it out of the console to reach my Muvo, or put them both in the console where I can't see/control them.

    I see other people get good results with these but it was less then OK for me. If I hadn't foolishly thrown away all the packaging and paperwork, I would have definitely returned it....more info
  • Belkin Portable Music TuneCast II FM Transmitter (F8V3080)
    Wow! Fast service.......but I still don't know how to work it. Either it is not a good product or I am doing something wrong. I can hear a little bit on my receivers, but even that is terrible. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 3. I went ahead and bought a cable from DFX to directly connect my pc to the stereo receiver and it works great, sounds as if I have actual cd's in the stereo. Just run it under the house and no one knows it is there....more info
  • A slew of problems makes this product unacceptable
    I had heard many good things about the Belkin TuneCast II, and when it first arrived I was pleased with it, for the most part.

    However, a month has gone by since I purchased it and I have discovered quite a few things wrong with it that have completely turned me off from considering ever purchasing another Belkin FM transmitter.

    First, the auto shut-off feature, while in theory is great, does not work as it is supposed to. Only 25% of the time does it acknowledge the fact that it is recieving a signal from my iPod and shuts off after 60 seconds. I can turn it on manually and the signal will be fine but it will still shut off after 60 seconds.

    Secondly, it's battery components are pretty terrible as well. I can put fresh batteries in it and it still won't detect those and turn on. (Even manually)

    I had emailed Belkin's customer support about these issues, and a month later have not recieved a response. Not a good way to keep a customer. Try elsewhere for FM transmitters....more info
  • Not so good...
    I bought this after being sold on my friends Belkin FM Transmitter, he had an older version where you had to pick one of 4 FM stations.

    I thought this newer version would be good because you can pick whichever station you want. Unfortunately, this newer version doesn't have a unique on/off button--you have to press two buttons and if you don't press them at the same time every time, then you end up programming a station instead.

    IN addition, what's worse is that it turns off after 5 minutes of play if you leave your mp3 player going uninterrupted. It's an auto-shut down function that in theory, would be nice so that you don't run out of batteries if you're not using it, but in practice, this contraption will turn off if you don't mess around with the buttons on your MP3 player frequently.

    Trust me, if you use your mp3 player as a stereo, these small problems end up being a big old pain in the bum. Imagine your blasting your speakers, listening to tunes, and all of a sudden the FM transmitter shuts down and you have FM hash scratching sounds at a mega loud volume! ack!...more info
  • There are much better options for a little more money
    I bought the Belkin TuneCaster a year ago. It worked fine but died after less than 80 hours of use. Something went wonky and it couldn't recognize that the iPod was sending a signal--it would shut off after 60 seconds--so frustrating and not fixable. Now, here's the confessional part: despite all the awful reviews, and my previous bad experience, I succumbed and bought another Belkin a couple months ago. My deranged thinking was, 'It's a great price and I really miss hearing my iPod in the car. After all this time, they're bound to have worked out the glitch, right?' WRONG. The new Belkin worked fine for about 40 hours of play this time and then fried out in the exact same way. Do yourself a favor, get a Monster Cable iCarPlay. It's twenty bucks more but it broadcasts a really nice sound and after 40 hours, it's still going strong....more info
  • Biggest piece of crap ever
    I heard good things about this FM Transmitter, but I was highly disappointed. I bought it for my ipod. The first one never worked, so I sent it back and recieved a new one. Then the second one worked well (with some static) for about a week then it wouldn't turn on again like the first. Then I tried it again with a third...same thing. It may be a good product if they didn't quit working. Just because there is a warranty doesn't mean it is going to work. Do NOT buy this!...more info
  • worthless piece of junk
    The directions require that a radio "needs to be tuned into a weak signal"
    Problem is I have a digital receiver at home and in my car that only locks on strong signals.
    Removed the antenna from my car hoping that might be a work around.... still no go.
    Ended up returning it for a refund.
    Can not recommend this item at all....more info
  • I works alright
    Thre sometimes that it does not turn on by it self but it been great. ...more info
  • Awesome product for the money
    Very impressed with this. With the included car adapter, the reception is even better....more info
  • Alien noises
    I am highly disappointed with the transmitter. I expected the sound to be of similar quality as the CD changer in my trunk that also uses a transmitter to play through a radio station. The TuneCast II, however, was of much worse quality. Distortion abounds. Alien noises are heard especially when music is fading in or out. Also, static is really a problem. I expect that the transmitter should give a clear signal to my car stereo when in the car; that's certainly within the 10' radius. Reception was even worse when using the batteries instead of the D/C adapter.

    On a positive note, the transmitter does allow a broad range of stations to be used....more info
  • Great for the first three months
    I am on my 2nd Belkin transmitter. Two things keep me from giving this product five stars: 1) you go thru a lot of batteries. 2) eventually either the left or right channel go out due to chord integrity. My 2nd one is one its last leg, and to get both left and right channel output I have to flex the chord around and find the "magic" spot. Other than these two issues, it is a cheap and handy product....more info
  • Couldn't get it to work
    I have been trying to use this product with my Toshiba Gigabeat F20 MP3 player (like an Ipod photo only cooler). Unfortunately I just couldn't get the thing to come through my radio. The instructions seem clear, and I tried a lot of different frequencies without success.

    I wouldn't recommend this product.
    ...more info
  • Disappointed
    This FM Transmitter is really a disappointment... It works okay for rock/metal, but if you try playing any clean music, you're going to hear static. The best option is to stick with CDs or buy a direct-in for your car's audio system. I hope this helps in your decision to buy or not....more info
  • good, but....
    overall it's a good device and very usefull if it works as supose to work. But the output radio signal is low so you can hear a continuous background noise low or strong and sometimes with different tonalities depending of the device position....more info
  • Hoping for better
    1) Battery powered or use power adapter in vehicle
    2) 4 pre-sets to choose from and you determine the 4 pre-set stations

    1) Even after carefully selecting the best stations and having 4 pre-sets from which to choose, there is still occasional but regular low level static which is disappointing. I have not tried other options to know if it would be eliminated with another FM transmitted or if something to do with my vehicle creates alot of static.
    2) The cord from the MP3 player to the tunecast is fairly short so if you pick up the MP3 player to adjust anything, the FM transmitter dangles in the air which seems to place alot of torque on the wire coming out of the player.

    ...more info
  • Works, for a while...
    I have a Creative Zen Touch and wanted to be able to listen to it in my car without spending a fortune on a new sterio. The sound isn't CD quality, but that's to be expected, over all still better than nothing at all. The one problem I've had with this device is the poor wiring. Not shortly after a few weeks of use, the wire connecting to my mp3 player seems to have split or "frey" internally which causes the left and right speakers to occasionally fade in and out when the wire moves. Secondly, the AC adaper has basically stopped working all together forcing me to use batteries which last only a few hours worth of play.

    My advice, if you're planning on listening to your mp3 player everyday for the rest of it's life, either spend $100 bucks to have a jack put onto your existing sterio so you can plug the player into it directly, or buy a new system all together for $250+.

    I loved this device, but now it's just a pain in the ass. ...more info
  • belkin tunecast
    considering the price is a good unit...the only trouble is in trying to adjust the volume on the i-pod and the radio in the car...have to put the i-pod volume all the way up and then the radio fairly loud so there is on some songs an element of distortion...don't know if this is also a problem on the i-trip. The add-on of a wired connection between the Belkin unit and the car's power is a must because as a stand-alone unit the Belkin will absolutely eat batteries. For my purposes (long boring trips in the car) it is really a fine unit, but if you are looking to boom boom your sound system this unit may not be for you....more info
  • great for travelling!!
    This little device allows you to select any fm frequency so it is especially handy when travelling through cities where the airwaves are full. Good deal for the price! ...more info
  • I am using an "Original" iPod
    Since my original iPod does not take many of the later unit's accessories, I was not expecting good results. My car antenna is in the rear, so I thought, oops, quite a stretch for this little guy. But, it surprisingly worked pretty well. If the audio sounded good on the iPod, it sounded the same on the car. I use the car power exclusively, the batteries died the first day, but I was experimenting quite a bit. The tough part is finding weak or open frequencies... I settled for weak, since open changes by the mile. Overall, it's worth the price!...more info
  • Well designed
    As FM transmitters go this is a good one. All FM transmitters are subject to fade and require station changes if you travel far, but for normal commuting this one works well. You can select any broadcast frequency you want in .1 increments. It turns itself on and off when an input signal is turned on and off so you just have to turn your MP3 player on to get it to turn on with minimal delay. If you keep a battery in it, it will turn back on to the last station you had it set to and has multiple memory locations for other stations. I've only used it while powering it with the cigarette lighter adaptor, so it's possible that it doesn't broadcast as powerfully and work as well when powered by batteries, but the sound quality is generally quite good with the power adaptor....more info
  • So far so good
    I have been using the Belkin with my Dell DJ for the past month or so and it has delivered as advertised. I do occaisionally get some static interference on cloudy days when the frequency I selected picks up weaker FM broadcasts that would normally be lost on clear days. The sound is good enough for the commute to and from work. My car has in-window attennas instead external attennas, so that may be why I have not had some of the sound/reception issues others have noted in their reviews. I would recommend this product for folks who do not have the option of hardwiring the MP3 player into their car's stereo....more info
  • Disappointed!
    While the unit works well when it works, I have been having problems with it in that it somehow looses a signal and powers off. This problem seems to be connected to the power cord as working with just batteries doesn't create the problem. Even with fresh batteries and then using the power cord results in this problem. I drive 80 miles a day to work and back, unfortunately the AAA batteries don't last very long. ...more info
  • Useless in urban areas
    The local FM transmitter is a great idea, but in a typical urban enviroment, it turns out that the radio spectrum is simply too crowded for it to work well. This is true for the Belkin as well as all other similar products that use "unlicensed" (i.e. low power) transmission. I bought this product for use on my daily commute, and was disappointed with the performance. It also did not work well at home. However, on a long road trip, in rural areas with few radio stations, it worked fine. The features (battery/car charger included, full spectrum tuning, auto-off) make this unit convenient to use. Caveat emptor....more info
  • Underpowered transmitter
    I wouldn't give this awful fm transmtter to anyone. When the cars radio does recieve the tranmission the quality is terrible, but most of the time it picks up noise and a little of the transmited signal no matter which frequency is selected. Very poor gaget....more info
  • not satisfied
    I've had this item for a little over six months now. It started out where the transmitter would just turn off randomly every couple of times I used it. Now, it turns off on average 1-3 times during each song. Also, you have to hold the plug in the ipod to hear out of both car speakers. What a waste of money!...more info
  • Easy to use, louder would be better
    This device is good in general.

    Only complaint is that it could be louder. I am perfectly aware that no device will make CD quality sound but the volume I got after trying everything is just average....more info
  • Great when there's no interference.
    This transmitter is small, easily portable and works fine as long as there is absolutely nothing in the FM dial you choose. It also has quite a good range. Better than others, according to friends who have other brands. It uses two AAA batteries, and these do not last too long, so if you're in your car it's better to use the charger that comes with it.
    It's a great way to share your music and not have to be plugged with your earphones....more info
  • Muy Bueno
    Este producto es fundamental para quienes quieren oir su musica de su mp3 portatil en el automovil. Muy sencillo de usar, inclusive tiene varias memorias para distintas emisoras, por si alguna de las seleccionadas tiene interferencia pues es muy sencillo cambiarse a otra. Ademas sirve para oir la musica no solo en al automovil sino en cualquier radio, en la oficina o en la casa. Simplemente se le ponen un par de pilas AAA y eso es todo, cuadras tu emisora y a disfrutar de la musica...more info
    I needed a way to connect my mp3 players to three different cars, and I found the Tunecast II to give quite satisfactory sound quality (better than a cassette at times). This is dependent, however, on your location and the number of open stations on the dial (as with any FM transmitter). Get the car adapter for an extra $10, you'll run through batteries like crazy. The adapter has a tendency recently to come out when I hit hard bumps....more info
    The problem with these devices is the low output signal. They are very weak, by regulation. One way around this is to use a better antenna. Since the unit has no antenna, it is using the cable to the music player. If you buy a long extension for that cable, you get a longer antenna. I've used this solution with this Belkin unit, and another, really weak unit. I've also found the Belkin prefers 12volts, but maybe because there is another cable and more of an antenna through that cable.

    The extension is just a plug and a jack, but it has to be the standard 1/8" stereo jack. ...more info
  • Batteries run down, cord frazzled
    I've had this adapter for about 2 months now... I don't use it all that frequently - primarily for long car trips. On just about each time that I've pulled it out to use it the batteries have been dead. After the first time, I made sure that I turned off the adapter, so I know that it's not from something I did. I also just realized that the wire covering stuff (the stuff that protects you from getting an electrical shock) has pulled away from the unit - exposing the wires. Sooo, I'll be taking this product back for a refund (and getting a wireless one instead) and can absolutely not recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Okay but could be better
    I've been using this for most of a year. Its gets me by most of the time but there are two frustrating things that I wish were better.

    The signal strength into the radio is marginally adequate. In FM radio terms, its often not quite enough to fully quieten the radio. This seems to be a common problem with most of these devices, not just the TuneCast. I run it from the car power. That seems to give a slightly better signal than when it runs on its own batteries. I suspect this is due mostly to the power cable acting as an antenna. I recently bought a new audio player (a Creative Zen Nano). I used to run my old player (Audible Otis) from the car power but the new one only runs on its own battery. The signal strength seems more of an issue now probably because even the player power cable was acting somewhat as an antenna before. Like lots of cars, mine has the antenna at the back which probably doesn't help. I've even considered mounting the Tunecast discreetly on the back shelf to be close to the antenna but a second problem makes that difficult.

    If you run it from car power, it always resets to the default frequency (88.1 MHz I think) when its turned on. Its has four memory channels that can be preset. They remember their settings when the power is off but the device does not return to the same memory channel. 88.1 is not good for me so I have memory 1 set to a reasonably clear frequency. To turn on, I have to hold the power button down for a few seconds then hit the other button to change to memory 1, then wait a few seconds for it to move frequency. It will turn on automatically when it receives audio but it still needs the memory change which means missing the first few seconds of audio. I listen to podcasts and audio books so that can more more of a problem than with music.

    The TuneCast is probably as good as any of the others but I'm seriously thinking that my next purchase will be a new car radio that has an aux input. That would solve all this....more info
  • Terrible reception
    No matter what I did, or how many "help" reviews I went to online, I could not get any clear station. I live in the country! I can't imagine trying to use this in the city....more info
  • Don't Suggest for Car Use and Car Adapter Creates Hum
    (1) Tried to use with portable DVD player in auto. I live near two major cities and FM channels were full. Reception was fuzzy with static and volume was low. Tried different freqs with same results. At least it allowed me to pick any freq. Ended up stopping at a Target and buying Sony Car Cassette adapter which worked flawlessly in my Toyo Sienna. High tech is not always better. Did try at home on home stereo and it worked OK, but at home I could use audio cables for best results.
    (2) Tried 12VDC adapter in case AAA batteries were issue and started getting terrible audio hum. Disconnected adapter and hum went away. Suspect adapter did terrible job filtering noise from car's power system. For me adapter was useless.
    (3) Returned for credit. PS - When returning something don't use the preprinted label where they deduct shipping from refund. Post Office weighed and would have charged $3.00 shipping. Amazon charged $5.14. Would have been cheaper to pay my own shipping....more info
  • FM Transmitter
    I initially thought this device would charge my Zen Micro, but this one will not. It works really good though, it has batteries that you can carry the device anywhere and still have tunes. It works best with the device plugged into the cigerette lighter, although there is a little noise or hum from my alternator that bleeds through. Overall I'm very pleased....more info
  • Not bad for cheap modulator...
    I picked up one of these and must say it isn't perfect. I have a dificult time picking up a clean station to use. But, that has more to do with my location than anything else.

    A lot of people complain about the sound. I think most are not using it properly. You should always have the sound on your source at a mid to low setting. This prevents the modulator from being overdriven (distortion). The reciever is the power amplifier, and it should be used to increase the volume of the music, not the mp3 player.

    Also, the antenna, being internal to a 3.5" device is much shorter than optimal. Longer antennas work better for lower frequencies. This is why your cordless phone from the 80's had a 4 foot antenna, and your new 2.4GHz phone has one about 1", if you can even see it. That said, higher frequencies, and close proximity are crucial to clear sound. If these are taken into account. It should provide plenty of enjoyment....more info
  • takes some fiddling to work
    Got this instead of the IRiver b/c this one is not car-only. I found that broadcasting at higher frequencies work better, but there are sweet spots such as 103MHZ working better than 107MHZ, depending on the environment. At 88MHZ, the range was practically 1', if you take your hand away. Quality-wise, it adds a little static and loses much of the treble (adding SRS effects on my mp3 player was unnoticeable).
    Bottom line: i'm getting a $99 car stereo upgrade that plays mp3 cds and has a line-in....more info
  • Poor product
    I just received this product. I tried numerous different frequencies and they all had static and distortion. It was only transmitting about 16'. I realize that this is not a 500.00 FM modulator, but I expected better for the money. A 10.00 adapter works just as well. It -- might -- work in a car a foot or so from the receiver. Otherwise, don't waste your money....more info
  • monjo
    this is the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen. If you're going to spend $30 on something it should at least work without static! I would give it ZERO stars if I could! Don't buy it! I'm sending mine back...more info
  • Good idea, but didn't work well
    The basic layout and listed features of the product are good but I couldn't get it to work without excessive static. I tried it in two cars on several different frequencies and in several different locations in each car. It also picked up a whining sound that varied with the engine speed. Finally returned the product....more info
  • Great
    Had a 5 hours trip to Houston, great to keep kids watch DVD and listen audio from car speakers, also play m3 thru' CLIE to speakers....more info
  • Works great, sounds nice, well worth the money!
    It works great straight out from the box, very low static, has backlight, easy to use, for just 30bucks, just go grab one for yourself! ...more info
  • Highly recommend (or maybe not)
    I highly recommend this product, but only if you know what you're getting. FM Transmitters do not provide CD quality sound. That said, I've been using my transmitter for a month or so now and have no complaints. I've taken it on two 1000+ mile trips and, while it was sometimes difficult to find a good station to use, was quite pleased with the transmitter's performance. During my daily commute, I have a single station that provides excellent reception the entire trip. YMMV, however, particularly if you live in an area with TONS of radio stations (NYC, Boston, Washington DC).

    EDIT: After using this product for a year now, I have to rescind my endorsement. I have already had to replace the device twice due to the stereo cable shredding. Wouldn't be such a problem except it happens right at the termination (can't just twist the ends of the cable back together)....more info
  • Very poor audio quality, very distorted
    I have been using one of these for a few months and also have an older iRock model.
    The Belkin is a very poor product. The FM aspect of it is fine although it sometimes difficult to find an unused station, but the audio quality is really terrible. It distorts very badly and sounds pretty much like a clipping overload much of the time. Even at its best it is bass heavy and treble light and sounds as if it may have an impedence mismatch as well. With much music, it is unlistenable to.
    The audio quality is very far inferior to the older and cheaper iRock.
    ...more info
  • I would have given it NO stars if I could!
    It's not like me to complain, but this gadget is absolutely horrible! No matter what station I try, or where I position the unit in a car (I tried several different cars, American and foreign) it still hardly works. I'm lucky if I can get it to play at all, much less be clear. It does nothing but crackle (sometimes very loud) most of the time. I can get the same effect from a box of Rice Krispies for a lot less money! Do yourself a favor, and skip this item. Go for a cassette adapter or some other wired option. You'll save some money, along with your speakers and your ears!...more info
  • Very Disappointing
    My expectations were not high. But a range of less than 3 feet (unless you hold it in your hand to increase range) is simply unacceptable.
    Then there's the quality of the sound. Horrible! No highs, no lows. 'Muffled' best describes the sound.

    I'm taking it back first thing in the morning.

    --Dan...more info
  • Fantasic, probably couldn't be better
    I got a Samsung MP3 Player (YH925GS). Problem, my microsystem has no line out, and uses wires to connect to the speakers.

    So, I needed something to connect to my microsystem, because who wouldn't want an MP3 player blasting out 200 something watts?

    The cassette adaptor was a thought. Then I realized how dumb I was even thinking about it, because the microsystem has the cassette door shut. So, the FM transmitter was the only option.

    I felt shakey about this, because if you went to Tucson, you'd see that our station numbers are pretty spread out. 89.1, 90.5, 91.3, 92.1, 92.9, 93.7, 94.9, 96.1, 97.5, 98.3, 99.5, 102.1, 104.1, 104.9, 106.3, and 107.5. If you look at those station numbers, you'll see a fairly big gap between 99.5 and 102.1. With that said, placing it on 100.7 made it perfect. The sound was not clear. Here's the thing, it doesn't matter how far apart stations are, it's the clearness of the station you're using. However, I did find very clear signals at 90.1, 91.7, 106.9 (so that was the techno music I heard down the street), and 107.7. Just go to your radio, and skip down stations and find one that has only fuzz and no station interferring. That's how you can tell if this will work or not. If you can't find a station with only fuzz and no interrference, your unfortunately gonna have to buy a normal cassette adapter. Though, if you find one or some stations with only fuzz, like I did, then this will work excellently.

    Instead of placing it near the microsystem, I put it too the test. I placed it directly in the center of my apartment, checking to see how well the signal was. Well, as it's advertised at 10 feet, I got 12 feet...and I didn't test it further. So, a walk outside, realizing that I got it up to 40 feet. Then yet, I don't live directly in Tucson, I live about 15 miles away from metro Tucson, which may be a reason of why this worked so well. People living in urban-ish areas probably won't even get 30 feet, but it's worth a shot.

    Overall, if you own an MP3 player, you HAVE to get this....more info
  • Works Perfectly!
    I've been using this in a very noisy urban area (Cleveland, OH) for about 2 months and haven't had a single problem with it yet. I've only tried the frequency 88.1 because I've had no reason to switch to any other frequency. It works on every side of town, including downtown driving and long distance freeway driving without ever cutting out or getting staticy. Great product for the price and the ease of set-up....more info
  • FM Transmitter not powerfull enough
    Works well, powers up automatically when MP3 starts, but It has to be close to the radio to transmit without noise...more info
  • Doesn't work with MP3 Player
    I bought this FM Transmitter so that I could listen to my Creative MP3 Player in my car. The sound is quite clear if I plug it into the output of my PC's sound card. But when I plug it into the MP3 player, I have to turn the volume WAY up (on both the MP3 player and the receiving radio) and I can hear a little bit of music along with a lot of static. The MP3 player works just fine if I plug it directly to my headphones or stereo. So basically this is useless for me so I returned it. The sad part is that this is the recommended FM Transmitter on Creative's website so you'd think they'd pick something that works......more info
  • A so-so product
    I received this transmitter as a gift in February. It worked great for the first month or so. After that, the reception was so-so. I tried using other radio stations and changing the batteries, but that really didn't seem to help. Shortly after that, the transmitter only worked if I pushed the end into my iPod. It seemed to not be making a connection with my iPod. Then it stopped working completely. I went to the Belkin website and got a return authorization to send it back to the company and they sent me a new one. There were no questions asked; it was a very simple process. I just registered my complaint and Belkin emailed me the RM# to write on the box when returning my defective product. I am now using the new trasmitter Belkin sent me. It also worked great for the first month or so, but now it turns off after a few minutes of use. Since there is a lifetime warrany on the product, I could return it again, but I have a feeling the next one I am sent by Belkin will only work for a short while and, once again, I will have to return it. ...more info
  • Works For The First Week Then Dies
    I thought this was a great idea until after I had it for about a week. Then the reception started going bad; I switched stations to no avail, and then it decided to stop playing in one of my speakers (not the fault of my speakers, I used this in my mother's new truck and it did the same thing after a couple days). Very Frustrating!!!!! I'm off to buy a cassette adapter (iTrip sounds nice but also sounds like it eats alot of batteries).

    Oh and the Belkin drained my batteries quickly b/c the sound was always so low I had to turn my iPod up almost the whole way,a nd then my stereo up almost the whole way.

    Buy something else! DO NOT get this!!!!...more info
  • Not worth for price Tag of $30+
    I bought this product in much anticipation after readding a lot of tech description & reviews this wknd mainly to hookup my Sony Vaio laptop's music in my Sony Home theater whcih has Radio also.
    Sure setup was easy and quick. Look & feel of the item is also pleasant but quickly all these Pluses turned in to minuses with the Bad sound quality. Transmission produces so much noise and few times all of a sudden transmission was dropped, surely i had turned radio's volume high and all of sudden it bursted in to loud noise that my 2 year old daughter started crying...
    After setup if you come in way of transmission or move the product to find better reception it kills the whole joy of listening stereo sound... its a nightmare.. avoid this for home use...its supposed to be working perfectly with in 30Feet i even tried 1 feet....then GAVE UP.
    It may be good for Car with in close range...more info
  • rip off
    I am very disappointed in this Belkin product. I purchased this tuner in January, and it stayed in my car. I never took the device out or handled it very much; thus, it was fairly stationary. By the end of May the wires in it were pulling out of the casing and the tuner stopped working. Belkin doesn't offer a way to replace only the wires....more info
  • lousy reception on most cars and most places
    In Austin, not which isn't an especially large city, there is not one frequency with absolutely nothing on it. There were a handful with a minimal signal. Choosing one of them, the Belkin sounds like I'm listening to a really distant station -- closer to AM than FM. I don't demand audiophile quality from a device like this, but I can't get good reception on any station. Also, remember that, though many radios have automatic search for strong signals, none (that I know of) can automatically find a signal-free channel, so every time you change cars or drive out of town, you have to manually find a new station -- if your car stereo works at all with this piece of junk. Save yourself the cost of return postage to Amazon and buy something else....more info
  • There are other fish in the sea
    I bought this transmitter when i bought my iPod because, at the time, it was rated the best. However, I have come to the conclusion that it is not the best buy. Although, this transmitter gets decent range, the sound quality is terrible. The worst thing about it is that the batteries do not last long at all. It has a charger port that draws 12 volts, but it only hold two AAA batteries giving a maximum charge of 3 volts combined, making it vastly underpowered without a charger. Plus it is kind of awkward to handle because of the wire. I just recently purchased an iTrip transmitter and I love it. If you're trying to decide, I would buy the iTrip, it's cheaper and it plugs directly into the top of your iPod drawing on it's batteries....more info
  • Draws excessive current and has poor reception
    I'm always looking for a good quality FM transmitter to play my MP3's or whatever and came across the Belkin tunecast 2. This is a cool toy, the fact that it has a phase locked loop and can be tuned anywhere in the FM band with a big radio station sound. The question is how about the battery life and how far will it transmit?

    They claim it lasts up to 10 hours so when putting in a new set of AAA batteries the current reads about 100 milliamps then as the batteries drain, goes up to maybe 200 milliamps then quits as the voltage drops from 3 volts down to 2. Those AAA batteries are quite small and could be gone in about 4 or 5 hours at this rate but this has not been tested. D size batteries would work much better.

    Another bad thing is the 1.5 milliamp continuous current drain while it's off, which would drain the batteries if left sitting in storage in about 3 weeks. They would become totally drained and would eventually leak and ruin the unit. You must remove the batteries whenever it's not being used even if only a few days. It might as well not have a place to put the batteries with a problem like this. Off should mean completely off.

    There is an external power jack for automotive use marked DC input 12V 200ma, a total of 2.4 watts. Are they lying? You won't quite need a diesel generator but the battery from your Intel Centrino laptop might not be big enough. Connecting a 12V source with a meter shows it's only 41mA. Not the 200 as marked on the unit. This is still allot of current. It will operate on 7 to 14 volts into the jack.

    The signal strength is a little lacking too and even at only 30 feet away gives fading and static. Why is the signal so week this close to the unit? The FCC states only 150uV/meter at 10 meters is allowed so I'm guessing any more power than what this has could not be FCC certified and sold at retail outlets nationwide. The FCC regulation also states that you can have up to 300uV/meter at 10 meters for shorter periods. Adding an external RF amplifier or simply attaching a separate wire antenna might increase it's range. There are already to many wires laying on the car seat but for home use this might be OK.

    The older gray colored versions of the Tunecast 2 lose their memory settings and reset to 88.1 Mhz when power is lost. so if there are no batteries inside all memory settings will be lost each times it's unplugged from it's power source....more info
  • Poor performance, drains batteries
    The unit works okay except....
    It drains batteries. It constantly drains 1 mA even when off. That means a fresh set of alkalines will be 50% drained after a month even if the unit is not used. When on, the current drain increases to 80 mA. The result is generally 4-10 hours on NiMH rechargeables.

    Range is poor. It is almost impossible to get good reception in my car near a city. Although it claims to cover the entire FM band, my unit did not produce a signal at frequencies above 105.5 MHz. Probably a manufacturing defect.

    On the plus side, it remembers four frequencies even after batteries are removed....more info
  • Excellent if you can find a clear station, not bad if can't
    I first started off using this in Birmingham, AL where there aren't any 100% unused station frequency. The Tunecast performs decently. It's clear about 95% of the time with some brief mild (but annoying) static while driving. However, on a recent road trip in rural areas where there aren't many radio stations, the Tunecast was brillantly clear. You can't expect 100% clarity from any FM transmitter if you live in a populated area. The Tunecast does make it easier than most transmitters since you can tune it to any radio frequency. ...more info
  • Cool idea, but the technology's not there yet
    I picked up one of these to give it a try in my car. I'll be returning it for a refund.

    When it's working well, it sounds great. For me, that only happened for seconds at a time, usually while holding the transmitter in my hand trying to remain perfectly still. Most of the time it would have some audible static. Especially driving around/under power lines.

    I used it in my car in the Los Angeles area. That said, this region is bathed in radio waves. Hardly channel on the dial doesn't have a radio broadcast on it, and you can hear the channels mixed with static on most of the in-between channels. Whether the TuneCast II would work someplace more isolated, I don't know.

    Someday maybe we'll have a pocket-sized piece of FM transmitting equipment...but I don't think we're there yet....more info
  • Poor performance and then died
    I purchased one of these in the middle of April. The first problem I noticed was the volume level from the transmitter. I needed to increase the volume on my fm radio to twice the volume level I normally used to play other broadcasts. This caused other interference to also amplify. The second problem I noticed was with the battery life. The batteries died after less than 4 hours of use. It uses 2 AAA batteries which needed to be replaced a couple times a day. The third problem with the unit was when it died three weeks later. I can't say I'm sorry to see it go. My experience with this unit is that it has very poor performance and it will not last. Do not purchase this unit. ...more info
  • DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!
    I have had two of these and both have broken within the first month of use. The cord is the only thing holding the tuner to the player so it puts alot of wear on the wire. The wire has come disconected inside the casing on both of the tuners i had. ...more info
  • Easy to use, effective, versatile
    Small, convenient, and super easy to use. I have hooked it to my computer in the spare room, then played music through my stereo in the living room. I have used it with my PDA and my cell phone. Some stations are clearer than others. You have to tinker with it a little to find what works best for you. It is IMPORTANT to realize that you may need an adaptor to get it to fit the various equipment you may be using it for. I BELIEVE it uses a 3.5mm plug. My cell phone and PDA have 2.5mm jacks, so I was kinda disappointed when I got it in the mail, then had to wait 7 more days for the adapter to arrive before I could test it out. Don't expect it to be amazing and you won't be disappointed. It works well enough. -Rex...more info
  • Just not what you think you'll be getting
    If you already have an adaptor that will allow you to play your mp3 unit through the car's cassette player, use it. I expected this to equal that in sound quality, and it's not, not remotely. And by the time you add the power adaptor, you looking at about as many wires as you had before. I found the sound quality to be poor, and unless I moved the wires JUST RIGHT, I could not get the radio to pick up the stereo signal....more info
  • Good cheap solution for home audio distribution
    I bought this product after ripping all my CDs to MP3 so I could use my PC as a jukebox and listen to it in other rooms. At a fraction of the cost of WiFi media solutions, it certainly does the job. It's obviously limited to radio sound quality but pretty much matches the quality of local stations as long as there's good reception.

    I do wish the signal could be a little stronger, but of course it's legally limited. Mounted on the wall with an audio extension cord split from my front computer speakers and plugged into a universal AC adapter, it reaches the rooms adjacent to my office containing my PC, but needs a pretty hefty antenna to pick it up clearly two rooms away. Can't complain much about that since it's designed and advertised for use in a car. The signal itself gets stronger as the volume of its source increases, but there's a fixed limit at which the signal starts getting clipped, severely reducing the sound quality.

    The availability of the full spectrum of FM is nice since I do live in a larger town of 250,000 with several radio stations. I found the preset function useful for storing several dead spots on the band to quickly switch if there's any interference.

    I did use the unit briefly in a borrowed car while mine was in the shop. It performed fairly well, but it occasionally faded out in certain areas, and I definitely would prefer a tape adapter. It does the job adequately if there's no tape deck available, but I feel that it truly shines when in a stationary setup as in my house....more info
  • It does what it is supposed to do.
    I bought this so I would be able to listen to my Creative Zen Touch in the car.

    -Full FM spectrum
    -Adapter for Car
    -Auto power on/off
    -4 channel presets
    -It works

    -The adapter cable is long compared to the cable that connects to the headphone jack.
    -Depending on how the device is positioned, you can get a good signal or a bad signal.

    I must say, the pros outweigh the cons on this device. As far as I'm concerned, as long as the music plays out of my car's speakers without static, then it is good....more info
  • Works fine but power hungry
    Bought this to replace a similar item (iRock) that did not have auto-power-off, thinking my batteries would last longer since I no longer would run them down forgetting to shut the stupid thing off. Well the auto off works great but I am going through batteries MUCH faster than I did with the old unit. Other than this the unit works fine, but I am going back to the iRock....more info
  • First one broke, second one working
    I bought this of Amazon because the price was good and I needed an FM transmitter for my MP3 player and DiscMan. The first one I received just would not auto turn-on. It would turn on when I manually turned it on, and even the sound quality was acceptable. But then it would turn-off ever 60secs or so. I believe the problem was that it could not recognize the signal coming to it.

    So I exchanged this for another and that one works beautifully. It turns on Auto, turn-off Auto. I don't have to worry. Also the car adapter comes handy as it saves the battery power. The good thing is, there is hardly any distortion in signal between the switch from battery to car adapter.

    Pro's: Good quality, auto-on and off, well priced, not very bulky.
    Con's: The first piece didn't work (had to replace it), the cable is too short and makes the unit hang with the mp3 player.

    I would say its a good buy under $40. At the low price it would be difficult to find something better....more info
  • It does the job quite well indeed.
    Now, in all honesty, my first choice would have been a cassette adapter, but alas, my car tape deck does not work. So, instead of spending lots of money to either fix or replace the tape deck, I opted to try an FM transmitter.

    I did quite a bit of research before deciding on the Belkin Portable Music TuneCast II FM Transmitter as this was my first time buying such a device. Even with all the information I was able to gather, I was a little doubtful of the quality I would be getting considering the fact that I was going to use it mostly near an industrial area, which also happens to be somewhat near the Pearson International (Toronto) Airport. And going by some of the reviews here, there were apparently some problems using it in congested areas.

    To my surprise though, the little transmitter worked quite impressively! Very rarely did I ever get static or noise. I certainly wasn't expecting crispy clear CD quality sound, but I am definitely NOT disappointed at all with what I hear. (And I'm sure I could probably get even better sound if I fiddled a bit more with finding frequencies, but since I'm usually driving when I have the transmitter on, I'd rather not do that. =P)

    Going by the reviews I read here and other electronics sites, I'm not sure if I have the car to thank for that, or the strength of the frequency I chose, or simply the fact that I have the transmitter sitting in the cup holder directly below the radio/tape deck. (Or maybe it could even be a combination.)

    Quality aside, the only thing I could mention that I have a problem with is the sensitivity of the connector (I'm not sure what you call it) that connects to the headphones jack of the portable audio device. For me, the connector is connected to the remote of my discman. If I move the remote, it sometimes causes a bit of fuzzing and noise from the station I'm using even though I'm not moving the transmitter itself.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with the Belkin Portable Music TuneCast II FM Transmitter....more info
  • Its ok and convenient
    I can say for what I paid, it was worth it. I only got this thing for $17.00 and it works pretty well. It was pretty hard for me to truly find an open "quiet" station though. Surprisingly enough 100.0 FM was what I came to choose. It's probably because there is a huge break in the radio stations between 99.1 and 100.7. It's crystal clear in between songs. If I would of chosen the TuneCast one with only 4 freq.'s then I would not of gotten that "quiet". Now I know from what others say about static being in the background during quiet moments of a song. When I chose a station that is .4-.7 away from another there is a small amount of hiss in the background but even that is nothing to get annoyed about. There is so little you can barely notice it. Even if you listen to the regular radio, I know even at quiet moments in between commercials and songs there is the slight amount of static that every one talks about. You can hear it on the strongest station here 102.9. I don't think it's anything to worry about and it doesn't bug me all that much. Although, I set mine right next to my stereo antenna and listen. If it bugs you that much I suggest you get a Tape adaptor because those things work well but don't have as good audio quality. I like using my TuneCast II with my stereo, I'm just unhappy about the fact that 10 - 30ft only applies to a large open room not a house. You basically lose all signal traveling room to room. I can get a much better signal from an AM Transmitter throughout a house.

    +Positive Qualities
    +FM Quality Sound
    +Small & Portable
    +DC Adaptor
    +Choose From Any Station 87.1MHZ - 107.9MHZ

    -Negative Aspects
    -Noticeable loss of clarity after less than 10ft
    -3in Cord
    -No Antenna
    -Works average in cars

    I don't really use it in my car much. But when i do its not that bad. As long as you have a quiet station and can set it within a pretty close distance of your antenna, you should be fine. This is when you hear the slight "hiss" in between songs. As I said before, it's nothing that bad. I would say, get it used! You will be much happier you did. Best Buy charges $50 and that's too much. Also, don't go with anything else. I have a Radio Shack Fm transmitter and its horrible. Distorts base, and the antenna makes it terrible as well because you constantly have to move it. Even indoors, right next to the stereo! The TuneCast II is good for anyone without a tape deck in their car and someone who enjoys better audio quality than a tape adaptor. ...more info
  • Wasted money
    I'd like to say that this unit is worth the price. I'd like to but I can't.
    It doesn't perform as advertised. I couldn't get it to work with my home stereo and after fooling with it for almost an hour I gave up.
    The Monster Cable is a much better buy, not to mention the fact that it gets the job done with much less hassle....more info
  • Best transmitter I've tried - but has some shortcomings
    This is the 3rd (and hopefully final) FM transmitter I have tried over the past couple of years. So far, it has given me the best performance. I own a Pontiac Vibe and live in Cleveland, and there are very few open frequencies. But I was able to find a couple that work. The big thing for me in getting this was the range of frequenices. My 2 previous transmitters were limited to the 4 low-end frequencies. If you do get this product, I would STRONGLY ADVISE you to use the included DC adapter, because the signal degrades quickly when you're running off batteries. It makes a major difference in my experience.

    So why only 3 stars? Well, the included DC adapter just stopped working after about 3 months. So I had to buy a replacement. And now the display on my unit is starting to flicker, so I'm getting worried it might be next to go. Also, when running it off the DC adapter, whenever I turn my car off and it loses power, it loses it's memory. So everytime I turn on my iPod, it goes back to 88.1. If you run off batteries, it retains your last frequency, but not off DC...but like I said, you really don't want to run this thing off the batteries....more info
  • Disappointing
    Diappointing for several reasons:

    1. Very finicky. Sound quality changed depending upon these variables: position of the unit relative to the radio/antenna, battery power, volume of the iPod.

    2. It burns through alkaline batteries.

    3. The DC cigarette-lighter-adapter did not work!

    4. All those cords and cables are a huge mess! It would have been much better to get an FM transmitter that attached to the iPod (or MP3 player)....more info
  • Unfortunately a worthless accessory
    I really looked forward to giving the Belkin transmitter a try. The concept is perfect - a totally portable music library accessible anywhere. I thought of all the places I could play my music, home stereo, both cars, workshop, office. My first try was with my home stereo. I could hear the music, but the quality was less than sub-par. The next day I hooked it into my car system, the sound (noise) was even worse than in the house. I have tried a variety of frequencies with no luck on any of them. Since I live in a fairly rural area of PA, I can't imagine it is a problem with competing signals. I am extremely disappointed in this product. Not having this option really limits the versitility of my Dell DJ30. Save your money, don't buy this product....more info
  • Works great with many practical uses.
    I just purchased the TuneCast II last week, and so far have been 100% pleased with it. I took it today all around the city (Little Rock) which had plenty of competing signals and it came in great, even when I had it under my seat inside a bag. This has saved me the cost of buying and installing a car CD player.

    There are a lot of practical ways to use this thing besides in the car. We are using one at church for the hard-of-hearing. A real professional broadcasting unit runs aroung $800 for the simplest kit. I'm sure it would be higher quality than this, but cost was a factor for us. We are connecting an output from our PA system to the transmitter, and then giving some of the elderly small radios with earbuds so that they can hear everything better. It doesn't have an extremely long range, but for a small auditorium, it does the trick....more info
  • disappointing (updated June 2005)
    This device SEEMED easy to use and very stylish, but in a major metropolitan area, very frustrating. Find a "clear" frequency? Doesn't exist. Even when i find a frequency that delivers tolerable sound, I still get frequent buzzes and static.
    UPDATED: I've found that performance improves greatly depending on where I put the tunecast in the car.
    UPDATE 2: The automatic on/off has become a real problem! 4 out of 5 times it won't turn itself on when you start the ipod. I've found I have to remove and reinsert the batteries into the tunecast, to "reboot" it, before it will play. Sometimes I have to remove and rearrange the batteries 5 times before it finally starts to work. It's reached the point where I want to toss it out the window some days....more info
  • Useful, but success depends on terrain and receiving radio
    As many have already written, the Tunecast's function and form-factor are all quite nice. Two-way power (battery, DC cigarette lighter connector), station presets, and auto on/off are just a few features that make this device flexible and simple to use. How successful you'll be depends more on external factors than the Tunecast itself. In particular, low-power FM transmitters of this sort are subject to the availability of open frequencies in your locale, as well as the sensitivity and selectivity of the receiving radio. Further, with DC providing a better signal than battery power, the relative location of your car's cigarette lighter and radio antenna - how easily you can locate the Tunecast near the aerial - can also make a difference.

    So far, I've tried this in four different cars and found highly variable results. The worst was a rental car (a U.S. make with a stock radio-CD player of some sort) on which consistent, uninterrupted reception could not be produced without locating the Tunecast on the car's rear deck, right underneath the rear-window antenna. Even then (and out of reach from the front seat) I frequently had to switch frequencies to stay locked on the signal. At best, in a Subaru, I was able to place the Tunecast on the rear seat (with the DC adapter plugged into the front cigarette lighter) and leave it on a single frequency for a 4-hour drive that included several large urban (that is, broadcast radio rich) areas. In two other cars I've managed good reception, even in dense urban areas, but had to fish around for new frequencies as broadcast stations came into range.

    The failure in the rental car failure (for which the Tunecast was initially purchased) was very frustrating, and almost caused me to toss the device away. Having now found medium to excellent success in other cars, I'm convinced that the Tunecast is a useable and useful accessory for an MP3 player, but will not provide consistent performance across all terrain and car radios. When it works, it works well, and it's a lot cheaper than an iPod-enabled BMW!

    A few final notes on frequency selection: FM frequencies below 92 MHz are reserved in the USA for non-commercial broadcasters. These stations are typically lower power than their commercial brethren; many are used as spot fill-in repeaters for religious programmers. These low-power broadcasts are typically easier to override with the Tunecast than high-power stations found further up the FM dial. Outside of the major radio markets you will often find unused frequencies in the non-commercial band.

    Lastly, if your receiving radio can tune in .10 or .05 MHz steps (most FM radios tune in .20 MHz steps), you can use the Tunecast's .05 MHz step to find a frequency between US stations (which are .20 MHz apart on odd-tenth frequencies such as 90.7, 90.9, 91.1, etc.). If you're radio has the selectivity to reject adjacent stations, then using an even frequency such as 90.8 may provide useable results, even if there are stations on 90.7 and 90.9....more info
  • Works excellent with 12vDC
    I recently bought this FM transmitter to feed Tamil mp3 songs to the Car stereo via its FM receiver as mp3 format is not generally acknowledged by almost all car CD players in the US. [I don't know why?]
    I tested this piece in 3 cars on our recent Longweekend trip to "Death Valley, California" connecting with a Sandisk 1GB mp3 player/Sony CDman and found the following observations. Overall this transmitter is an excellent piece and workmanship.

    1. It is driven by both 2 AAA battery as well as Car 12vDC .
    2. you have the whole spectrum of the FM radio bandwidth from 88Mhz to 108Mhz in steps of .1Mhz
    3. In 12vDC mode it performs really well for a range or 25 feet, good stereo and hi fi transmission, it really outmatches a real FM station.
    4. It has auto off when the mp3/CD player or the Audio source is stopped for more than 30 secs.
    5. Compact and light weight and the 12vDC adaptor wire is lengthy enough.

    1. The 2AAA batter is not worth in place where there are lot of FM stations with stronger signals. So its better to forget about this choice. [Probably use it as a AAA battery storage for your Sandisk 1gb, if you were using one :P]
    2. The main trick is to find out a frequency which doesn't have a FM transmission or a very very week signal at your location as your car travels and to set this equipment transmit at that frequency.[In San Francisco 105.5 doesn't have any Station so I was sticking to this frequency.]
    In a country like US, FM stations almost block the whole FM spectrum [88MHz-108Mhz] so you would end up your frequency interfered by an approaching strong FM Station signal, which would drive you nuts [like a cat thrown in water] inside the car with those amplified [surround sound :P] FM noise due to mixing of 2 signals. So you have to often look for a frequency which doesn't have signal. but this is not the fault of the device. It actually gives you this cat and mouse option. There are some transmitters which has only 4 channels and what would you do if all the 4 have an existing FM station with strong signal.
    3. As a Mp3/CD Player, This FM transmitter and some wires are involved, it would look like a web near your gear box, if your vehicle doesn't have enough room at the dashboard.
    4. if you do not save the FM frequency in the transmitter, every time u start the engine, you have to repeat the "setting up" operation again and again.

    Tips:- Its a team work of your mp3/cd player, This FM transmitter and your Car FM receiver. If any one goes wrong in this equation you will end up in surround sound noise :P. To get the maximum performance out of it.

    1.Set the correct frequency [and keep on looking for it as you travel to new places, you would find some near 105Mhz, generally]
    2. Set the volume of the mp3/cd player to 75%. This makes your signal stronger and will defeat the week signals [if something comes up as you go] trying to noise the equation of this team. This also drains your mp3/cd player batteries. So have enough batteries handy.

    Hope this helps, Happy Listening :)

    Sadly this equipment is prohibited in India and I shall use this on all my US trip....more info
  • a great accessory
    For the price this item is a great accessory for a car without an MP3 player. It took a bit of time to find the best station(s) to tune up so that it would give the best sound. While some may not be thrilled with the sound quality, it is still very good and very easy to use and one avoids the cost and time of installing an MP3 player....more info
  • Not good enough
    I bought this product thinking that it would be nice to have an FM transmitter for the long trip between my house and school. Well, I wish I would have thought about it. The FM signal is weak. The sound quality is sub-par, the tuning doesn't go low enough, and the lcd screen is dark and hard to read. If you have a cassette player, buy the cassette apapter. You can get one for less than $10. Don't spend $30 on this unless you really need it. And even then, consider buying a brand name iTrip....more info
  • did not work for me
    It's a very nice product but it's very difficult to maintain a steady signal perception in big cities. It's probably because of the powerful radio signals. Another problem; while listening if you lost the signal for some reason then you hear a very disturbing noise which can easily scare you. It's good for stationary use (home or office)....more info
  • Value and convenience
    I bought this to play music from the burgeoning collection on my pc through my hi-fi. Simplicity itself to set up, the sound is acceptable - ideal for casual listening or programming an evening's music when entertaining. Admittedly not suitable for 'serious' listening, I found this solution excellent value for my purposes.In a domestic setting (less than ten feet between equipment),interference is negligible. If you're in doubt as to it's suitability for your needs, in my view it's worth a try, at the price....more info
  • Very Disappointing
    I don't know what I was thinking when I bought this. I guess I thought that somehow it would be better than using a cassette adapter. What a mistaken notion! I admit that I didn't do much research on these things before buying one. I first heard about them about a year ago and thought, "Less wires, cool!" But I didn't buy one because I was contentedly using my cassette adapter. Then I lost my adapter and after several months of driving around listening to the radio I decided it was time to bring the old mp3 player back into the car. So I splurged on the Belkin Tunecast II.

    I should've just bought another tape adapter. Here's why:

    1. Poor reception. So far I've used the Tunecast II in three diferent cars and I have not been able to maintain decent signal reception in any of them. I've tried various frequencies, various volume levels, various positions throughout the vehicles. Some combinations of the aforementioned variables work better than others, but in my experience none produce sound quality anywhere near as good as using a plane old cassette adapter.

    2.Batteries. The Tunecast II requires two AAA batteries to operate and they run out quickly. When they do run out you have to interupt your driving to either swap in a new set or plug in the power adapter. If you're using the adapter your mobility is as limited as it was with a cassette adapter, the cordless appeal is lost and you're stuck with the worst of both worlds- no mobility and poor sound quality. But why do need mobility in the first place? The only time I use this thing is in the car; how much mobility does a person need while they're driving a car?

    3. The cord. There's a three inch cord that connects the unit to the earphone jack in the mp3 player. I didn't see this as a big issue untill it developed a short near the earphone end. Granted, this may be my fault for leaving it wound up in my coat pocket for several days, but maybe not. In any case the signal now varies from satisfactory to very weak and I have to fiddle with the cord while I'm driving to maintain a strong signal. Very annoying.

    I can't see a good reason to own one of these. The sound quality is poor, the mobility it offers isn't very necessary and it adds another set of batteries to have to worry about. I guess if your car doesn't have a cassette player and you just have to listen to your mp3 player while you're driving then this type of unit is your only choice. My sympathies. I'll be purchasing another cassette adapter real soon....more info
  • 3rd FM Transmitter I've Tried - Strong Signal
    This is the third FM transmitter I've tried using for my 10 MB iPod, and it's by far the best, if somewhat ugly. Here's my FM transmitter odessey:

    First I tried the Griffin iTrip, about a year ago (early 2004). The product looked nice, but didn't work due to a very weak signal. It sounded like an AM radio signal transmitting from 50 miles away. Painful. Also you had to download some tones to make the iTrip download on a certain frequency -- very inconvenient -- and you could only change the frequency by going through a complex set of menus -- unsafe when driving.

    Second I tried the iRock. Looked ugly and had as weak a signal as the iTrip. Plus it only let you select one of four channels.

    The Belkin TuneCast II solves most of the above issues, including the most important: signal strength.
    + Signal is strong enough to transmit over weak FM stations. Important when you live in a city and there are no free sections on the dial. For instance, I set it for FM 89.7 from home in San Francisco, on which you can hear KFJC, broadcasting 40 miles away in Los Altos. The TuneCast broast a clear signal, wiping out any trace of KFJC's signal.
    + Signal is strong enough to work anywhere inside the car. Indeed, it works well with a 25 foot radius of my car's attenae. Hopefully I won't be stomping on someone's listening experience when I'm at a stop light!
    - Downsides: plugs into the iPod using a short cable, which isn't as slick as the iTrip. I can't speak for battery life, since I've only used this for several minutes.

    Overall, I'd recommend this product. All iPod FM transmitters seem to suffer from some kind of issues. No one has built the right design. Next to such a well-designed product as the iPod, these design flaws are all the more obvious and frustrating. But the TuneCast II does the job well enough.

    *** UPDATE ***

    If I could, I would rate this one star. (The Amazon user interface doesn't seem to let me do this.) Here's why: when I tried out this product (and wrote the above review), my car was in the garage. It worked great in there, but as soon as I started driving around town, I started getting a lot of interference fading in and out and could not find a frequency that would stay clear if I drove more than a couple of minutes.

    I instead use a cassette tape adapter to play my iPod in the car, and it works much better....more info
  • wouldn't recommend purchasing
    This device worked for a few months, then the "auto-off" feature kept activating; it appears that the wire connecting the device to my mp3 player had a short in it. In addition, the DC plug auto adapter didn't fit well in my car and the other end fell out of the TuneCast quite easily.

    As for the actual audio quality and all that? I appreciated the station pre-sets. I found that the device was much more reliable powered from the car than from the batteries....more info
  • Workable, with a bit of effort
    After reading the reviews I was a bit trepidacious about this item. It seems like a lot of people have difficulty getting satisfactory performance, but I really wanted to be able to use my mp3 player in the car so I grabbed one with the expectation that it might be marginal. Sure enough, out of the box it had pretty poor FM reception in both of my cars. I moved it around in the car and tried various 'blank' stations, but the unit would dropout and could be static-y even when reception was relatively good. Moving it around in the car has a big impact on performance, so the problem is pretty clearly just low transmistter power competing with big city radio interference (I live in the bay area, which has a LOT of radio stations). As an engineer I'm generally OK with working around the limitations of a gadget but I found this product pretty trying in its virgin state.

    So I decided to see what sort of 'enhancement' it would take to bring it up to snuff. My first approach was based on the observation that the physical size of the device was too small to get decent antenna performance at FM wavelengths. I guessed that the cable to the mp3 player might be functioning in part as an antenna, so maybe adding an extension cord would improve the transmission efficiency. So I got a 6 foot headphone extension cable (the smallest one at my local store) and used it between the player and the transmitter to stretch out the antenna length. That pretty much solved the problem for me. I spread out the new 'antenna' by tossing the transmitter in the back seat, put the player next to me in front and it works much better and I'm happy with it now. It works well in both cars and the quality is more than good enough for my audiobooks and pop music. I use rechargeable batteries in the unit to avoid having to plug it into the lighter socket, and I generally just disconnect the player and leave the transmitter in the car - it turns itself off automatically 60 seconds after I disconnect the player....more info
  • Not worth the money
    I have tried this device numerous times in different cars with NO luck. I can't believe how badly this product worked. I love my iPod, just wish I could find a tuner to use it in my car.

    What a waste of money...more info
  • Does not deliver
    I gave this unit every chance - I tried in two different cars, with two different players, in various positions, on and off the car charger. But the output was awful. Where it came across at all, it was quiet and static filled. The slightest bump would cause it to lose the signal and the extremely loud static that followed - my radio being turned up so high to hear the music - was jarring.

    Don't buy this product. I don't know if there is a better option out there, but in my market - Columbus, OH - it was impossible to make this work. Plus, the cord is too short. (a minor parting peeve - had it actually worked, I'd have made do.)

    I'll be returning this today....more info
  • Broke after 2 weeks
    I just bought this, and the wire broke! It just disconnected from the jack! That's freakin' jacked up! I mean, yea, it has great range and everything, but how can I use this if it doesn't even work if I connect it to ANYTHING?!?!?! Just my thoughts...more info
  • poor sound quality, lots of static
    I tried this out for a day and am going to return it. When you can balance it in the exact right position on your dashboard so that it is as close as possible to your car's antenna, you can get poor quality music... for a few seconds. Then you go around a corner, hit a bump, or even just roll forward a few inches, and all you get is static.

    I tried this in my car and on my home stereo. I tried it sitting in my driveway, moving the TuneCast all over the place, and also driving around. I tried lots of different frequencies, different volumes, holding the TuneCast or setting it down... the only thing I didn't try was a tin foil hat for it, but somehow I don't think it would have helped. The sound is at best inconsistent, never good.

    I can't believe people pay anything for sound this bad. I'd honestly rather have silence in my car than try to listen to the noises my radio produces when I turn this thing on....more info
  • Doesn't Work
    I've wasted over sixty bucks on Belkin in trying to listen to my mini iPod in the car. The TuneCast is great if you enjoy listening to static, and the cassette adaptor is great if you appreciate the value of listening to your music from only the left speakers....more info
  • Excellent Transmiter
    I bought this in a search to avoid traffic with an annoying radio station and I found this at amazon at excellent price. This works, don't say it doesn't you just have to look for the 5 stations where you can hear clearly and then put them in the preset on your belkin and your car radio and that's it when 1 has a little interference just change it, take note that you have to pay monhtly to get a radio station for yourself so dont complain if for 30 $ you get a little sound in the back of your tracks. About the batteries it's perfect that it comes with a car charger, the only thing is all the cables all around. ...more info
  • Worked as advertised
    I researched the available devices to transmit songs/audiobook files from my iPAQ to my car's FM radio and made the somewhat informed decision to buy the Belkin TuneCast.

    Executive Summary: it works (for me) as advertised. Less than 5 minutes from prying open the packaging to successfully transmitting and listening to MP3 files on my car's FM radio.

    The reviews of this device seem to warn about difficulty finding an available station and volume/distortion problems. Let me be specific about my usage in order to describe the reasons why I didn't have any problems.

    First, I think there are several earlier "editions" of this device. This may account for some of the variations in people's satisfaction.

    Second, I live in New Mexico. There is lots of empty spectrum on the FM dial, so interference was not a problem I had to address.

    Third, the Belkin instructions (and several reviewers) make much of the need to back off on the volume on the transmitting device (iPAQ, iPod, MP3 player, etc.) to avoid distortion. Again, in my specific experience using an iPAQ 2215, sound quality was actually better with volume on the device at maximum. Your experience may vary due to the unique electronics of your particular device.

    I'm a happy camper with the TuneCast II. Now instead of hauling 12+ CDs of an audiobook in my car, I simply rip the audiobook files @ a bitrate of 8kbps (which makes tiny files that are of sufficient quality for voice recordings) to an SD card and transmit them from my iPAQ via the TuneCast II to my FM radio. Woo hoo!...more info
  • An excellent companion for the IPOD
    Its really excellent. The sound quality is as good as one can expect (FM quality). It works with any radio, expanding the possibilities for using the IPOD.

    Es realmente excelente. La calidad del sonido es tan buena como lo que se podria esperar de un radio FM. El hecho de que trabaje con cualquier radio aumenta las posibilidades de usar el IPOD en diferentes situaciones. Adicionalmente puede ser utilizado para cualquier aparato de sonido portatil...more info
  • Works like a charm
    Just had this product for a day and I love the simplicity and performance. Very easy to use and excellent sound quality. ...more info
  • Nothing but good things to say
    I purchased my Belkin TuneCast II about a month ago to use with my new Creative Zen Xtra 30GB and have nothing but good things to say about it.

    Let's get one thing out of the way first: I suspect that an old cassette adapter would be easier to use and would probably give better sound. However, when I bought my car, I opted for the CD changer instead of the cassette deck, so that's not an option for me. If it were, that's the route I would have gone.

    So, here's what I like about the TuneCast:

    Installation is a snap. Set up is a snap. Daily use is a snap. Hard to imagine how it could be easier.

    Finding a quiet enough frequency was the only challenge. I live in a major metropolitan area and never really appreciated how crowded the FM band is. However, I did finally find one. This brings up a hugely beneficial feature of the TuneCast - it allows you to use any frequency on the FM band. If you have a transmitter than only has 4 or 5 preset frequencies, you may be out of luck.

    Some of the reviews here bash the battery life of the TuneCast. I wouldn't know abut battery life, because the TuneCast comes with a lighter-adapter. My car, like many made today, has multiple power outlets, so I just leave the TuneCast plugged in. I suppose if I was in and out of different cars all the time, this might be a hassle, but the fact is that I'm not - I drive one car 90% of the time.

    Some other reviews mention noise, interference, and poor sound quality. My experience has been that, as long as you can find a quiet frequency, the TuneCast sounds pretty good. Granted, my car sound system is not a true audiophile system, but it's not bad either. I will say that there are parts of town where the TuneCast sounds better than others, presumably because of background interference. However, overall, I'm very pleased with the sound quality I get.

    Overall, I am very pleased with the TuneCast II. If you can't go with the cassette adapter option, this is, IMHO, your best bet....more info
  • Good if you don't care what it sounds like
    This product is sub-par in every possible category you could put it in. I don't know who these people are who rate this product high, or for that matter what type of sound quality they put up with on a regular basis. Put plainly, this product sucks, don't waste your money. There is not only a constant hiss, but the music comes in and out and the music from the radio mingles with it every once and awhile. Oh, and if the device wanders to far from the reciever when you round a curve or something, the reception might go completely out and you will be greeted by the loud shriek of static at whatever volume you had your radio set at. This thing is a better value in a garbage can than in your car....more info
  • A very poor product
    I have tried this product on 4 new model cars with better than average quality radios, tried many stations, new batteries and tried it with MP3 and CD players. In all cases I found the sound quality to be so bad I cannot use the product. The sound lacks top end (treble) signal, is distorted, sounds muddy and suffers from interference. It is extremely poor. I realise the sound will not be as good as the original but the amount of degradation is extreme.

    Finally, I used a Marantz Stereo Tuner as a sound source into the Tunecast. This tuner provides magnitudes better quality sound than a car stereo or MP3 player. Using this source, I could directly compare the same radio broadcast directly on my car radio and then the same station via the Tunecast by changing the radio station. Again the Tunecast quality was terrible compared to the car radio.

    This is a totally useless product; I can never use it....more info
  • An Absolute Pleasure
    I found the Belkin Tunecast II after a brief period of trial-and-error with some of its cheaper competition, and was immediately and overwhelmingly impressed by the difference a few additional dollars can make. The first set of Transmitters I'd purchased ran around twenty dollars a piece, both sent out a weak signal that forced me to crank my car stereo's volume to the max, both limited the available number of broadcastable stations, and both were extremely sensitive to movement. The slightest nudge would almost completely disrupt the signal, sending waves of static throughout the vehicle. The difference between these cheaper competitiors and the Tunecast II is similar to that between night and day. Not only is the sound quality pristine and the volume acceptably loud, but the unit itself is much more forgiving to motion. If you hit a bump on the road, the Tunecast won't punish you with an onslaught of static. That's not to say I never heard the first hint of interference with this model, because you'll still run into a bit of noise here and there, but it's nothing that can't be fixed by simply moving it another half inch.

    Probably the biggest positive the Tunecast has going for it is the broad range of stations it offers. Rather than offering four or five low-frequency options, the Belkin model gives its users the choice of almost every station in the book. This was a life-saver during our twenty hour holiday drive, as new stations came in and went out as we passed from state to state. If the signal starts to weaken, even in the slightest, clarity of sound is never more than a few presses of the button away.

    I'd read bad things about the battery life in this model, and stocked up on AAA batteries as a result, but that wasn't necessary. I'd estimate we got about six or seven hours of use out of a single pair,(conveniently packed in-box with the unit itself) and probably could have stretched it even further if we'd listened in one single, long stretch. The Tunecast II does a good job of getting the most out of its power source, automatically shutting down after one minute's time without detecting a signal, and while that may sound annoying, in practice it's really quite useful. The only difficulty I found was in manually powering-up the device, as you must simultaneously hold both the "tune up" and "tune down" buttons for a solid five seconds, but once I discovered that it would automatically turn itself on when it detected an input, the problem never again affected me.

    In short, this is a great little unit that did exactly what I needed it to and surpassed all of my previous expectations. Don't waste your time with the cheaper models, this is the way to go....more info
  • Quite satisfied
    I found this product to be very effective. As long as I keep my iPod volume medium-high and turn up the volume on the car stereo I find the sound quality is good. If the iPod is too loud there is distortion. I'm pretty happy with the purchase, have taken it on 5 road trips and so far so good. Plugging the unit into the cigarette lighter makes for better sound quality I find, rather than relying on the 2 AAA batteries to power it up.

    I do have to say that it's awkward, with the unit hanging from a short cord from the iPod itself...but I think that's the only thing I'd change if I could....more info
    That's right folks, take your great mp3 player and reduce the sound to mono with a nice hiss. Didn't they get rid of that in the 60's?. I had to open it up and add an antenna to even make it work at all, search "tuncast mod" for that. Very disappointed, go to cruchfield for a wired in solution or the transmitter from C Crane may be the only choice that works....more info
  • Quick and dirty
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but no FM transmitter will provide the kind of sound quality you get from a gizmo that goes in the casette player. That said, if you want to play your iPod (or anything with a line-level signal and a 1/8" plug) in the car or on a friend's stereo, the TuneCast will do it. But between songs or when you turn the volume up above dinner-music level (unless I'm doing something wrong), you'll hear the hiss and buzz that I got on every frequency I tried, even when I placed the transmitter right up against the FM antenna of the intended receiver.

    I'm back to the cassette deck gizmo. Thank goodness I didn't throw it away when my portable CD player died....more info
  • Belkin Tunecast II > iTrip
    This is a true story.

    This morning, my dad came and took my girlfriend and I skiing. He was lamenting about the fact that his iPod was broken, so we couldn't listen to it in the car.

    "Good news!" I said, pulling out the iPod mini I got as a Christmas gift. "I've got something that will work instead."

    "Really?" Dad said. "You're iTrippin' now?"

    "No, more of generic iTrippin'," I replied, taking out my brand new Belkin Tunecast II.

    Now, the only chance I'd had to try this little gadget out was at home on my girlfriend's crappy home stereo. It worked, but not extremely well. I was also a little worried about the reception in the car my dad was driving because the antenna is broken - like, literally broken in half. It's duct taped together and at the rear of the car. I wasn't too optimistic.

    We set the whole works up, hit play. The thing didn't start up with the audio from my iPod mini as advertised, but hitting both the channel buttons worked fine. We placed the whole works on the dashboard... and we had quality music all the way up to Mt. Baker! My dad liked the setup so much that he thinks he wants a Tunecast INSTEAD of the iTrip he already has!

    Now, I live fairly out in the sticks (Bellingham, WA), but due to our location we get a fair bit of radio noise from Seattle and Vancouver, BC, as well as from our own radio stations. I haven't tried it out in any real metropolitan area yet, so there's that.

    (edited to add) I just realized that the station I was running my Tunecast on is actually a pretty high power radio station in town. In fact, it is the local Christian Rock station. The fact that I can highjack it from inside the car makes me extremely pleased....more info
  • Bad purchase
    Terrible product. To play at a volume where you can still have a converstion requires you to turn your car volume up to 3/4 of the max. Most of the time it has static. Sounds like mono instead of stereo to me. If you spent more than $25 on your car stereo, you care about music too much to buy this thing. A cassette adapter may eventually wear out, but it provides amazing sound compared to this thing. If I can't send it back, it's just going in the trash....more info
  • Updated review -- disappointed even after second unit
    (1/7/05) I just purchased the Tunecast II. It worked fine with the batteries. However, the mobile power cord they sent with the product was apparently a dud. I called Belkin's tech support number. All in all, it was a waste of time. I was hoping that they would just send another power cord, as it was a brand new unit. Instead, I got suggestions such as perhaps the fuse in the power cord was blown or maybe there was an extra ring on it that I needed to take off. It was such a hastle, that I am simply going to return the product to Amazon. Due to the hastle with the power cord and the poor customer service, I rated the product two stars.

    UPDATE (1/18/05): I decided to give the Tunecast II another chance. I now understand many of the other poor reviews I've read on this product. Unlike my first Tunecast II, which worked only using batteries, this one worked with the power cord. However, the sound quality was terrible. There was a constant hiss on all stations. I could easily hear the sound from the dvd player, but I'm not that picky and didn't think I could tolerate the background noise. Apparently, this is a problem that some units don't have; still it took my ratings down a notch. Although I could not change the rating with the stars above, I would now rate this product ONE STAR....more info
  • Unacceptable volume level
    I may have purchased this item before it was ready. If so, BELKIN take note and send me a new one!
    This product is unusable. I wish I had taken the time to return it. The modulation level is SO low that I could not listen comfortably even with my radio turned up to FULL VOLUME. Either the signal is far too weak, or the modulation is insufficient. I am an electronics engineer, so I know how to select a clear channel, adjust volume levels, etc. I tried it with SEVERAL input sources and radios.

    Either way, it was a TOTAL WASTE of $30, and never worked for me. The features are GREAT, but mine DOES NOT WORK, not even at 6 inches away. - Paul info
  • Good for what it is...
    I recieved this unit along with an iRiver H320 for Christmas. The FM transmitter is simple to use, just dial the frequency that you want, not much else to it. It included 2 AAA batteries but they might be dead as mine does not power on unless its plugged into the cigarette lighter attachment. I was somewhat dissapointed with the soundquality. I had expected more from these types of units. But after reading reviews of competing ones it seems this is the nature of FM transmitters (except for some specialized ones that arent portable). Compared to an FM station the TC II is slightly muddy and flat. A quick check of the specs shows that the 50hz-15k brandwidth is probably the culprit.

    Now that I have come to terms with the limitations of these units I am happy with using one. I tell myslef to just imagine I'm listening to a college radio station or something similar, only that it's playing the music I program. So don't expect CD like quality but at the same time its deffinatly worth the convenience. One other small complaint is that there is a small high pitched nosie present inbetween listening to tracks. It's a little annoying but not too bad. Maybe one day I'll installed an AUX input but for now the TC II is a nice workaround to getting audio into a CD only stereo....more info
  • enough for me
    Sound quality and wide range of frequencies is enough for me. I just started to use it and I don't have any complaints yet....more info
  • don't throw away your money
    this is beyond any doubt the worst piece of electronics I have ever had the misfortune of purchasing. In all the times I have tried to effect it to function, I have been unsuccessful! it has never connected to my cars fm tuner, no matter what I try. I have tried on at least 4 times to get this thing to work( each time following the instructions to the letter. and wouldn't you know that with all the research I did on the internet, I now find that there are many many reviews about the poor quality of this device. I have also had problems with other belkin devices I have purchased, including a usb hub! I have come to the conclusion that belkin is the bottom end of electronic proiducts. I'm almost convinced that the stuff belkin puts on the market is of the lowest quality. please do your research, before you purchase this product. read personal reviews, such as those on the bottom line is: I was so excited about being able to play my songs from my mini ipod that I short changed myself by purchasing this device. there are many brands on the market, so do your research carefully. you'll be happy you did in the long run! good luck, and by all means if you buy one of these devices, please take tthe to writte a review. this is the only way we, as consumers, can cut through the hype and get the products we want. q1uality for our hard earned dollars. I wish you all well , and enjoy your portable music device to the max! happy new yearmy name is lawrence wolf of portland,O R and \I purchased my tune cast from a target store. i have since learned that griffin and monster cable sell these devices (for what its worth!
    i PU ...more info
  • Good if you don't expect the world.
    People either give this 1 or 5 stars. Me, I'm in the middle. Here's why:

    * Sound quality is average at best. A little better than AM, because it's still stereo. Unless you have a top end car stereo that you play really loudly and zero road noise, it'll do.

    * If you run off batteries (and it eats them quickly), you will get more noise and static. Always just plug it in.

    * If you don't have a cassette adapter in your car, don't have any choice but to use the FM transmitter option.

    * A quick scan of the reviews didn't offer any comparison to Griffin iTrip or Monster iCarPlay. (The reviews for both of these on the Apple site list similar problems to the Tunecast reviews here).
    * HOWEVER, both of these products are sleeker for the ipod user. The 3inch cable on the Tunecast stores well, but when using it, it is awkward. It will basically just hang there loose in your car. When you add the mandatory cigarette light adapter, it's even more messy.

    * I use mine instead of AirPort Express/AirTunes at home. I just plug it into my Mac's headphone jack, an AC adapter and play streaming internet radio or iTunes throughout my house. Yea, it's cheaper, but so is the sound quality. Can't do this with the iTrip or iCarPlay because of the connectors.

    See this review for other tips on best sound quality:
    "Best FM Transmitter Out There - A Review of Four, November 5, 2004
    Reviewer: L. Dai"...more info
  • This works perfect! =)
    I got this from a relative as a present for christmas, I use it with my iPod mostly in my car. Personaly I don't have an antenna but my radio is set so that I can put both my iPod and the transmitter under it, it works perfectly! Also a friend of mine could recieve my signal in another car up to 10 meters before the signal cracked up. The only thing I could have wanted was a longer cord and better battery capacity....more info
  • Great Product!!!!!
    I think this FM transmitter is supurb!
    I live in NYC, and I have no problems finding an open station.
    This thing is a marvel at a reasonable price, especially when you consider the options it has.
    1)Choose from any Frequency, not just ones the company feels you should use.
    2)Dual power supply(batteries or car plug)
    3)4 programmable presets.
    4)Lighted LCD screen for night use.
    5)Auto on/off feature (helps to save batteries)
    6)Compact and good looking IMO...more info
  • don't expect hi-fi
    you will get something a bit better than AM radio quality out of this thing. this is the second device of this sort which I purchased, and the first one which is a "name brand." The other model I tried only had 4 frequencies, the belkin is a definite improvement in that it has the whole range of FM frequencies available and also the cigarette lighter plug is a nice feature. The other model I tried was battery only. I got it for about a usd JACKSON after a rebate. at that price it's worth keeping as a novelty if nothing more. would love to hear about an option to get something more in the hi-fi area, even the old-school "fake casette" deal with a wire would be ok to me - I'm less concerned about wireless and more concerned about sound quality....more info
  • Terrible sound, nice package
    This is the worst FM modulator I have used and owned. Sounds
    worst than FM radio on the radio....more info
    I am a serious audiophile. I love loud and clear sound. I bought this thinking that it would have higher quality sound than the cassette adapters not to mention it would be more convenient. I was WRONG! This is a waste of money. I strongly recommend purchasing a cassette adapter as they offer a much higher quality sound. Don't even waste time thinking to buy this item. It is a total piece of [...]. In case anyone is wondering, I live in a suburb of LA and we have a ton of radio stations out here. This thing is useless anywhere near a big city. I'm not sure how it would perform in the middle of nowhere, but in my experience, it was a waste of time and money. Two days after I bought it, I returned it....more info
  • It works but not GOOD for CARS
    The Belkin Portable Music TuneCast II FM Transmitter (F8V3080) is good because it comes with a power cable (it can also use batteries) and will shut off on it's own and can go through many stations instead of 4 to broadcast over. I had a iRiver MP3 player and got the belkin so I could play it in my car but as I drove the station(s) got stronger and my music sounded horrible ... very low and staticy. So basically it was worthless to me and I returned it. It might be good to broadcast over other equipment in a stationary environment (ie. laptop, radio @ home) but I cannot real say because that is not why I bought it. So because of that and the fact that my MP3 player did not work with a cassette adaptor I am returning my mp3 player as well. Get yourself a Panasonic MP3 Discman SL-SX430 and a cassette adaptor and live it up!...more info
  • I can sing to myself better than this........
    I started off using the Belkin unit with 4 pre-set stations and no ability to tune it to other stations. All 4 stations were in use so off I went buying this unit. I found 2 spots in the frequency range with no other transmissions. The reception is extremely poor at both these spots. Stopping close to another car/wall makes matters worse.

    I think that the transmitter strength is not up to doing the job in an SUV. This was the bigest waste of time and money. Like somebody well known recently said: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on you"...more info
  • one star is over doing it
    This thing worked good for about the first week I had it. Really if you got a tape deck in your car just the old tape with the headphone cord attached to it. It will work a lot better. They are alot cheaper ant the sound quality is much better. The sound quality will be poor because of the fact it a compressed file that is then being transmitted through your car where it can be interfered with by almost anything, Cell phones, two ways, and other radio stations. Also, the best thing to do is go to a custom install shop and for about 120 bucks they will put something in your car that directly connect though your antenna into your head unit so all you have to do is hit a button and there's a direct connection from your player to your head unit. Bottom line these things suck...more info
  • Don't believe the complaints...
    I just picked up a new Prius car that didn't have a cassette player so thought I was stuck. Can't mod the car to get direct iPOD connection since sound system integrated and was worried with all the bad press about FM transmitters I'd have to get external speakers.

    I've been totally impressed with this unit. Has an FM range greater then my receiver and 4 custom FM preset that let you pick clear channels to use. Unit is small, easy to use, and comes with AAA batteries and a cigarette adaptor. Works great and I think the sound is every bit as clear as the cassette adaptor I was using before with the iPOD. With auto on/off - it's a deal...
    ...more info
  • Only buy if you live with the cows!!
    Pricey item with no guarantee that it will work in your area. If you are in a metro area, it's practically impossible to find a frequency without a signal. The concept is a great idea, but unless you are in more of a rural area, pass on this item and get the Sony cassette adapter (much better value)-they make one that has a spring loaded tension that gives great quality sound through your cars sound system. I also highly recommend Belkin's car adapter- it plugs into the lighter and charges the battery while you play your iPod. I picked up a "splitter" (most dept. stores or auto parts supply)for my lighter that gives me two sockets to plug in - allowing me to plug in my radar detector AND my iPod- a sweet combination for road trips!!...more info
  • Good--Quality About what you'd expect
    The Belkin TuneCast II is good as far as FM transmitters goes, it does what it's supposed to. Sound quality could be better but about what you'd expect. I wish it produced a stronger signal, but there may be an F.C.C. deally there.

    The few problems I have includes that it seems to work fine with little static for a while(couple days), and then I have to switch to a different frequency for a while. Could be just my area, though (DFW).

    Also, thinking about soldering an antenna to the circuit board, b/c for whatever reason, Belkin didn't put a long one in (there actually is about a 3-inch antenna that runs with the signal wire, but this isn't long enough).

    Also, the 3-inch wire that connects the transmitter to the MP3 player is not nearly long enough.

    Other than that, good product.

    BTW: Apparently Belkin's paying attention to SOME feedback--the new models (including mine) do have a backlit display....more info
  • Mediocre
    For anyone who cares about sound quality in their car, I would suggest buying a cassette adapter to go with this item. This works fine in a pinch -- we are able to pipe the tunes onto the radio at a hotel -- but for traveling on the road, it is no-go. When traveling, clear stations are a moving target, which causes interference and having to constantly change the station (annoying when you are just trying to road-trip in musical bliss, which is why I spent the dough for an iPod in the first place). Also, living in a big city, it is hard to find clear stations to broadcast to. The Memory button sticks down when pushed just a little too hard. But the cord wraps up nice and neat, and it looks sleek. Do follow the tip of trying to find the station first, then turn on the transmitter; it seems to work. This would be an okay purchase for backup-broadcasting (such as at hotels or other people's houses), if the price wasn't so steep for the quality of the product and sound. This should be a $15 max. product. ...more info
  • Poor recommendation
    This product worked for only a short time before I began to experience problems with it. It doesn't transmit clearly and in order for me to hear both speakers at once I have to wiggle the cord where it inserts into the IPod. I would not recommend this item at all....more info
  • NOT ready for prime-time
    I tried THREE units, and each was DOA in some way, shape or form.

    The unit is supposed to auto-power on on a source signal. It didn't.

    The unit is supposed to power-on by pressing the two right-hand buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. It didn't.

    The ONLY way I got power at all on any of these units, after swapping batteries, etc., was to plug it into the car adapter. this was fine, but the unit would loose it's settings the moment the car was shut off.

    If you can get one of these devices to actually function, they do a reasonably good job, though with medeocre quality, and limited range.

    But, until Belkin can remedy its quality control issues, I would avoid this product like the plague....more info
  • Easy to use. The sound quality is bad.
    This is a easy to use plug and play product. It works but the sound quality is not even close to the FM radio. I get static all the time. It sounds like I am listening a radio station 120 miles away. I would not recommend this to anybody unless you just want some background noise in your car while you drive. ...more info
  • Good functional product, easy to use and works great!
    Just played with this tranmitter for a couple of days, and I just feel I like this one. No major complain yet. There is no doubt that it's worth the money I paid. I found a lot of frequencies to use(Houston area), and the quality is impressive.

    --very easy to use;
    --very light and compact;
    --almost full range of FM frequencies to use;
    --adjust frequency in 0.1 Hz step;
    --automatically shut off when player is off;
    --three memorized frequencies;
    --comes with the handy car adapter, a plus!
    --large LCD display;
    --works great!

    --volume is a little weak, has to use FM radio to adjust volume if source player does not provide enough volume. This usually will increase noise.
    --LCD is not backlited, so it's not to easy to see under bright or dark conditions....more info
  • Does Its Job!
    I went into buying a transmitter very skeptically. I was convinced by others comments it would sound no better then and am radio. But I did very much want to use my ipod in the car, so I gave it a try.
    This Belkin does its job. I found a clear station and I don't get any interruptions. The sound is good (fm quality) and I can now have any song I want at my finger tip. It's a shame thought it hangs off the side, not as pretty as some other models but it's a small issue.
    I am not and audiofile and i'm not as picky as some people, but i'm very happy with my purchase.

    #8 months later... stopped explaination...more info
  • Works Great!
    I was skeptical having bought a cheaper device in the past, which made a lot of static. This one works great! No noticeable static. Sounds great, highly recommend it. Great price too.

    ...more info
  • Terrible sound, terrible battery life
    Maybe the Belkin TuneCast II FM transmitter will work fine in remote areas with few FM stations. I've tried to use it in Chicago, central Illinois, Tampa and a few other areas. It was impossible to find an open frequency that would play without any interference. If you manage to find one with a minimum of static, it's only a matter of time before you get some while driving.

    I had a similar experience with the Griffin iTrip, but the iTrip required that I locate a control tone on the device and play it in order to change FM frequencies. The Belkin was superior in this respect, since you select frequencies on the transmitter without interrupting your iPod playlist. This is crucial, given how often you have to change frequencies to avoid interference.

    Battery life was also a significant problem. The issue was when I wasn't using it -- if I shut the TuneCast II off and put it away for a week or two, the batteries were always drained when I tried to use it again. If you aren't using it daily, you'll need to think about removing the batteries when you put it away or purchasing the car outlet adapter.

    It was possible to get a clear signal when holding the TuneCast II in my hand. It doesn't make for the safest driving, however. An antenna would probably have helped. For me, the TuneCast is useless and never worked satisfactorily. Be certain you can return it if it doesn't work in your area, and consider one of the more expensive transmitters like the DLO TransPod or the antenna-equipped Sonnet PodFreq....more info
  • Cheap, But Not the Best Solution
    I live in Boston and found a decent frequency with which to use the Belkin Tunecast 2. I actually received the best sound from a frequency that had slight bleeding from another station (go figure). It was impossible for me to find an interference free frequency. Even with the best frequency, I can always hear some extraneous noise during quieter parts of songs. It also took a bit of driving around before I found the best frequency. A station that worked well in one part of the city had problems in other areas.

    The main problem with the Tunecast 2 is that it usually sounds slightly worse than the strongest local FM stations. I don't consider myself a huge audiophile, but I can tell the difference between a good quality MP3 and an FM broadcast. There's no reason for me to maintain a collection of 192 kb/s VBR MP3s if I'm going to play them at FM quality.

    Another minor annoyance is that the Tunecast 2 doesn't keep track of your last preset station; every time you turn it on, you have to hit the preset button.

    From an audio quality perspective, the Belkin Tunecast 2 is probably the worst solution for playing an auxiliary source through your car stereo. Even tape adapters sound better. Before you resign yourself to this option, check into getting a new head unit. I was surprised to find that, Aiwa has a surprisingly inexpensive line of in-dash CD players with a front auxiliary port. However, for someone without a tape player, looking for a relatively cheap solution, the Tunecast 2 is your best bet....more info
  • Useless near a city
    I live 20 miles from Boston, and it's impossible to get good, static-free reception from this transmitter, even when the transmitter is mere inches from the radio. There are only a few frequencies that don't have stations on them, and the interference is still too much. Plus, a frequency you thought was free can suddenly become occupied when the weather changes or your position changes slightly. Once, I had a station appear in an "empty" frequency just by moving my car three feet, backing out of a parking space. And when I drove through the heart of some cities, this FM transmitter was completely drowned out.

    I've switched to a cassette adapter. The fidelity is at least as good, and, unlike FM, there's no static at all (ironic smile)....more info
  • Does the job. Much better than DLO or Monster.
    I tried the DLO Carplay and the Monster Transpond. The DLO is a good idea. Everything-charger, transmitter, and holder-in one. Unfortunatly, it just doesn't work well. There is CONSTANT static and whining, no matter what station you choose(I tried them all). The Monster cable transmitter was just awful, poor sound, cheaply made, and also constant backround clutter. After returning these 2 I went with the Belkin unit. It's easily the best of the bunch, with pretty good sound and signal strength. As long as you go into this NOT expecting CD quality sound, you won't be disappointed. There's some bottom-end and a little more top-end missing from the sound. It's obviously not the highest quality sound, but it's certainly passable. Worth it to listen to whatever you want in your car at any time. On another note, I can DEFINETLY recommend the 20GB Ipod. Wow, what a great product. ...more info
  • Best FM Transmitter Out There - A Review of Four
    First of all, all FM transmitters cause noise on the receiving end, if you turn volume up enough. And don't expect the sound quality to be better than your FM radio itself. It will be worse. If possible, use a wired option such as a "cassette connector" for car. That said, wireless transmitters do offer convenience, and some are better, while others are worse, depend mostly on unit's output power, range, and station selections. After trying out 4 of them personally, I found station selections to be the most important in getting good quality sound on your radio. Hence, the Belkin TuneCast II is the best out there. As far as I know (in the price range I search), it is the only one on the market that offers full frequency digital tuning (Arkon offers transmitters with full frequency analog tuning - SoundFeeder 150x).

    Here is a summary of my review on the four transmitters I tried.

    Belkin TuneCast II:
    + full frequency digital tuning with 0.05 stepping
    + 4-station memory
    + dual power (battery and DC)
    + auto on/off
    + good output and range
    + LCD display
    + cord storage on unit
    - USB power will be nicer, as I have my own USB2DC adapter
    - LCD not lighted

    iRock 400FM
    + dual power (battery and DC)
    + good output and range
    - only 4 preset stations
    - dangling cord
    - kind of ugly

    Arkon SoundFeeder 250
    + good output and range
    + cord storage on unit
    - only 8 preset stations
    - battery power only (spec claimes 60hr, but I seriously doubt it as others with similar battery could only last 10-13hr)

    SIIG Music Adapter Pro
    + dual power (battery and USB, could be tripple if you have your own USB2DC adapter)
    + ok output and range (volume is kind of low)
    + lighted LCD
    + cord storage on unit
    - claimed to have 9 preset stations with autoscan, but it was so hard to operate that I could only verify 5 stations through manual stepping, and autoscan does NOT pick up the best station
    - battery compartment very hard to open
    - DO NOT BUY THIS, even though it looks good, and has good spec

    Here are some personal tips on any FM transmitter setup:
    1) If your radio and transmitter allows 0.1 stepping, choose an even frequency station such as 88.40, since very very few stations broadcast on even frequecies.
    2) Make sure your MP3 files have loud enough volume, so you don't have to boost your MP3 unit or radio's volume too much. High volume magnifies noise. There are many software out there that fine tunes MP3, including volume.
    3) If you have to boost volume, boost MP3 unit's volume instead of radio's. High radio volume causes more noise.
    4) Always make sure you have new battery or are using DC adapter. Low power forces you to turn up volume, and it in turn causes noise.
    5) In general, songs fair better with these transmitters than solo instruments, as noise could become more obvious on the later.
    ...more info
  • Pitiful range, bad sound quality
    I bought this wanting to play music from my laptop on the car stereo during my commute to school. Even in the car, the sound was fuzzy and the limited range was prohibitive (as in it wouldn't even work from the backseat haha).

    As far as I can tell, my problems weren't due to interference from other stations. There weren't any radio stations within several megahertz at least from the station I was using (90.3 in Waco, Texas).

    I also tried it out on my cousin's iPod in Austin and we got the same thing - lots of interference....more info
  • Good Idea. Execution weak.
    This is a great idea, but I have been unable to broadcast using this device without a lot of static. Even with the device only a couple of feet from my FM radio, there is still static. Thanks, but I will have to find another way to listen to my MP3s....more info
  • Expected more...
    I expected more from this device. I couldn't even get FM radio quality. My best local stations sounded better (I used it in my car)

    If you live in a big Metropolitan area, I don't recommend to buy this transmitter. In my case I couldn't find any frequency above 88,7MHz that was clean enough to get good quality. The spectrum is packed with stations, only the first four frequency slots were available but for some reason I got a lot of noise.

    Even in those frequencies the quality was very low, so I returned the product.

    I bought a cassette adapter and the sound is MUCH better than with this transmitter.

    I will use the cassette until I have money to buy a head unit with auxiliary input.
    ...more info
  • Good, if you have a few minutes
    I think this is a really awesome product. I bought my Tunecast II like 6 months ago at a Wal-Mart because I was afraid of Amazon's return policy. That was a mistake. Good product, no need to return it. I live in Tulsa, oklahoma, so there are like 5 frequencies you can hit between stations. For example, 87.5 and 87.0 has 5 frequencies in the middle.
    First of all, find the biggest gap between radio stations in ur city, and use that one. Mine overrides tiny, cheap stations anyhow. It does hold it's memory places unlike previous people have said, but I just keep mine on 88.1. The auto off is a great setting too. Anytime it has music playing in it, it's awesome.
    I have had to compromise a bit with it. I have a proffesional stereo at my house, receiver, 5 cd player, infiniti speakers, a nice system. I also have a powerful antena. The thing will reach between 2 ft. and 15 ft. depending on battery life, and the moon cycle. (It's kinda random when it wants to work great or not)
    When it's in my car, it totally blows though. I have to hold it behind my seat, or i noticed in my lap works sometimes. I DO HAVE A PLAN THOUGH.

    Some of you might watch G4 Tech TV. Anyhow, They found a way to get into Ipod's version of this product and put an antenna on it. That way, driving down the street, you can even overcome very powerful stations and basically hack the radio. If you have an IPOD i RECOMMEND THIS. Someone writing a review explained how to do that for this system. I didn't wuite understand it, but I have a techie friend who can xplain it. I'm gonna try that and hopefully, I won't have to baby my transmitter to work.

    It's impossible to get better than FM quality on this, so if you want a lot of quality, this might not be for you. I love my quality, but I like convenience alot more. I took this to my swim team weight training, and we hooked in all kinds of gadgets and blasted it over the PA system in the gym. Pretty cool it em also if you are driving with friends. You can all listen. Will plug into anything with a headphone jack. For example, guitar amps and stuff. My friend has a toy piano, and we hooked into my transmitter, he played the demo that came with it, and we rolled up to school blasting some dumb song. You can do almost anything. again, HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED if u have time to put in the antena.

    Oh. 1 more thing. It's not as bad a battery guzzler as every1 says. Besides soemtimes weak signal strength, I have one complaint. It doesn;t tell you when you have low batteries. But I've been using it almost every time I get in ym car for a month now, and I've only changes batteries once (my cigarette lighter is busted).

    In conclusion, Buy this. If you're really scared about returning somehting to Amazon, and paying the restocking fee, you CAN go to Wally World, but you will like it. Go through 8 - }...more info
  • Simple idea, great effect
    I wanted to stream music from Musicmatch On Demand on my PC to a couple of stereos in my house for a party. I started playing the station, plugged in the Belkin adapter, tuned the two stereos to the default channel (88.1 FM), and I had instant music. It was perfect, since I could select any music I wanted from my PC (internet radio, MP3 playlist, whatever) and hear it in stereo around my house. Granted, the quality of the sound isn't "CD" quality, but I think that is more a limitation of music over the radio rather than the Belkin unit. Overall, pretty impressed. ...more info
  • Super clear sound
    I can tell you why not some other FM transmitters.
    1 They dont use dual source of power (battery and car lighter adaptor). This does. It uses AAA cells or Adaptor that comes with it)
    2. There are some available for $20 trust me if you want sterio sound you cant be happy with them. I borught two and returned both before I brought this one
    3. $20 one give 88.1 to 88.7 Mz on FM in 4 or 5 presets. The range is hardly enough. Static noise will kill sound quality completely. Infact it would sound as AM instead of FM. Belkin has broader frequency range and extreemly clean modulation. If you have protable mp3 players like ipod or any expensive CD player that produces good sound, one this is an ideal choice.
    4. Auto power on and off. This means it will automatically switch on and off with the player. $20 one have flimsy switch. This means if you forget to switch off AAA batts will be dead soon.
    5. Latest observation (after quite some use) drains battery fast...more info
  • It works pretty good.
    Just got one of these.
    I have to say. This one is very good compared to my old $20 analog model. This one just lock the channel in place. My old one just jump around. The sound quality of this Belkin is pretty good. It ain't no CD but it ain't bad either. It is loud and pretty clean with my RIO S35 Sport. Sometimes it has static noise but it is not that bad. I find that it is best to tune to a frequency with a weak station rather than a frequency with only static. If it is a frequency with static, you will hear alot of noise. If it is a frequency with a weak station, I guess the "modern" radio will lock on to the Belkin instead of the weak station. I think this is up to your car radio. When I try it the first time, I can hear both the weak station and my music at the same time. And then all the sudden, the car radio just cut off the weak station and lock on to the Belkin. Pretty cool....more info
  • Works, but not very well...
    Having pretty much abandoned my minidisc player since I began driving a car with a built-in CD player, but not wanting to have my minidisc player and all my discs go to waste, I wanted to get something to enable me to use the player in the car. I've used cassette adapters in the past, but most of them aren't terribly sturdy, and don't hold up to all the use I've typically put them through. (Since I don't like to leave cassette adapters in the player - in order to preserve the pinch roller in case I do actually want to listen to an actual cassette - the cord connecting the adapter to whatever portable player I'm using typically wears out after a while.)

    I'd been interested in the idea of one of these little FM transmitters since I first read about them a couple of years ago, but never got around to it until now.

    I'm probably going to go back to cassette adapters, because this unit really doesn't work all that well. At home, its 10-30 foot range is actually more like 3 inches - yes, inches. Anything beyond that, and there's more static than music, regardless of the broadcast frequency selected.

    In the car, things are better, but still far from good. First, there's just way too much static, especially when you consider that the transmitter is IN THE CAR AND NEXT TO THE RADIO. The background static is not too bad if the music is loud enough, but there's still enough to be noticeable, as well as some crackles (random, not indicative of an overloaded signal or distortion) here and there. I'd actually encounter less static if I were to just pick a radio station and listen to that. Sort of defeats the purpose of the whole enterprise, methinks.

    Second, the unit just does not put out much volume. Even with my minidisc player at maximum volume, I still have to turn the car radio up twice as loud as usual to get a listening level I'm comfortable with.

    Third, even though the transmitter is sitting in the car and next to the radio, if it's not in just the right position the reception won't be clear. And any little movement - such as, I don't know, putting my hands on the steering wheel - affects the reception.

    In short: Good idea, bad execution. Weak signal, limited range....more info
  • Weighing in a second time (experienced review)
    Having used the Belkin for a month now, here is an update to my last review with a more comprehensive rating.

    Tradeoff in quality for quantity
    There is a tradeoff in quality for quantity. Although you can get more tunes on your mp3 player vs. CD, you cannot get CD quality. At best, you can only get great FM sound quality.

    Things that hamper FM quality
    Weather - Changes in weather bring out better reception for radio stations on channels that were empty for you one day, but that are now inhabited by a commercial station, ruining your previous beautiful reception. Fix - Find another free channel.

    Part-time stations - Some stations broadcast only a few days. If you get their channel empty, it may not be on say a Thursday. Fix - Find another channel

    Volume of song - Raising your volume on your mp3 player may cause distortion. Another problem comes from my music production experience. Todays music is highly compressed or limited. A tune from the 80's may not distort while a tune compressed today will distort. Fix - lower the mp3 player volume, or if you are like me, normalize your tunes below 91% to avoid the distortions in the tune.

    High background hiss - this is usually due to the mp3 player volume being too low. Fix - Increase the volume of the mp3 player if you can.

    Best Reception occurs when

    You have batteries in the device and run the device via your car lighter. As soon as the batteries die, expect a decrease in reception and replace them. I don't know why, but the batteries seem to support the power of the car lighter enough to be noticable when they die. And they do die as if being used.

    What you can expect

    Expect at least good FM quality music (that is, a decrease in the clarity of frequencies in the ear ranges of 250-8k vs. CD quality.

    Expect to change channels from time to time and more often if you travel long distances over 1 hour.

    Expect some background noise between songs. The device filters this out during playing, but not between.

    Expect your ears to adapt to the quality with a certain disdane for differences in mp3's qualities which are noticable in FM quality.

    Expect yourself to love the freedom of variety and fair quality you get with your mp3 player through this thing to actually wonder if it's worth the time to burn and swap your CD's in your CD player anymore just for that awesome sound.

    If you want variety now and can't wait for technology to give you awesome sound then this is your device....more info
  • Nice but not so nice
    At first I had problem with the item because you have to have single on in order for it to turn on and if you turn it to low it turns off i found this product was nice but was such a hassel to hook up in the car. It never rember the radio station that i had on so many wires in the car. I order another turner that is made for my mp3 player that has everything in one...more info
  • Works Perfect!
    I live in detroit and most of the FM stations are full, But this thing worked PERFECT! I use it with my iPod and without it I think I would just die. I am VERY glad that I bought this....more info
  • Don't expect much...
    You have to really want or need to hear your audio stream through an FM radio to justify buying this item. It basically does what it is supposed to do, but there is a constant whistle in the background. Also, there seems to be an inconsistent output level as the volume rises and falls. As long as you keep the Tunecast within a few feet of the radio and in some cases orient it's position just right, then the sound quality is listenable. Even at that, a scratchiness is usually present along with the whistle. Living in a metro area with very little empty space on the FM band is likely part of the problem. At least the digital tuning, with 4 settable frequencies, is a plus.
    If music clarity is important, then forget it; find another way. If, as in my case, the purpose is to hear speech off of an MP3 player or by way of a 900Mhz receiver, and you get a price marked way down from list, then it could work for you. ...more info
  • Sound comes out distorted, weaker then the iTrip
    Ok, I had a first generation iTrip with a second generation ipod. When i sold my ipod i sold my itrip with it.

    I then purchased a blue mini and decided to get another FM transmitter.

    My options were, itrip mini, monster cables icarplay and the Belkin TuneCast II.

    I decided NOT to go with the itrip since i wanted something better and new. The iCarPlay looked good. It also plugged into my mini from the dock socket which meant the sound should come out good plus it charged my mini at the same time. But at over 50$ and the fact i could only tune to a handful of stations i decided not to risk it. I finally settled on the TuneCast II. The regular white version costs 28$ on amazon while the black version which came with a powersupply for it cost me 31$.

    I read the review on ipodlounge and felt it would do me good. The reviews on amazon though made me duobtful. People were complaining about the sound quality. I figured.. they must all be wrong.

    A week later i received my TuneCast. It was a nice package, came with batteries and the car charger. Right away i plugged the power cable in and connected it to my mini. I live in Kuwait and 90% of the frequencies are empty here. So i have the freedom to choose any frequency i want.

    At first the sound was too low. I decided to raise the volume 3/4 of the way as i was used to with the itrip and still it felt weak but any higher and the sound would start to distort. I decided to raise my car volume and right away i noticed something. The bass was pretty full and deep. With the iTrip the bass always felt weak but with the TuneCast i actually had to decrease the bass by a notch on my car sound system so that it became normal.

    Listening to the song, something didnt sound right. I decided to change the song, still something was weird. I put Nirvana unplugged and i realized what the problem was.

    The TuneCast was distorting the vocals. Its not related to the volume of the mini, i lowered it and i raised it and no matter what i did the vocals were getting distorted, as if it was passing through some kind of device that digitised or added noise to the vocals. Whatever the case whatever song i played, trance, alternative, R&B.. all styles various songs there was this weird slight distortion in the vocal range.

    I tried my best to ignore it but it was anoying since Nirvana Unplugged for example didnt sound unplugged anymore.

    Second problem was the static, unless you listened to the music lound u would hear static. I changed the frequency to numerous ones and i kept hearing static. Also this was while i was driving so it wasnt from any local source around me. With the itrip worst case if the static got really bad i would fiddle with it a bit or hold it and the static would clear but with the tunecast nothing i did affected the static.

    any pluses? well its definetly A LOT easier and much much more practical to change the frequency using the TuneCast.

    In conclusion after using it for 2 days i ended up giving it to my sister. She is using it in her car with her mini and she seems happy with it. I think I will probably getting the itrip next....more info
  • Good, but still not perfect
    I agree with the other reviews that this product transmits an acceptable signal, and is a good solution for those without a tape player. The Auto-On feature is a nice addition, but it's rendered useless because the unit doesn't remember the last station you were on, even if you have it programmed in one of the memory slots. When it turns on, you still have to fumble with the buttons to tune it to a station or memory slot. ...more info
  • buy the expensive one
    This product was horrible. I had been warned about buying a cheap fm transmittor but figured it would be okay. I tried every single station and all of them had a ton of static and you were barely able to hear the music. Once i found a station that I could atleast hear some music, it would go in an out. Waaaaste of money....more info
  • Great Tuner!
    I was very pleased with my purchase! I have an iRiver MP3 player and my mother has an iPod so we wanted something that would work with both players. The instructions with this transmitter are not a lot of help, but the unit worked great with both players! I travel on the NYS Thruway a lot and it worked very well without any static. The only time I really noticed static was in the city areas because of all the poles, etc. In the suburbs and on the highways it's great. So my advice would be to think about where you're going to use this the most and go from there. The cord is small but we put the transmitter and my MP3 player in my car's ashtray and they stayed put and were close enough to the radio to not cause excess static. Since I don't smoke it's not a big deal! :) I also used it with my stereo, my TV (which has a radio) and my alarm clock and it worked great! The alarm clock had the best range. I've also seen people use cell phone holders to hold their iPods to their dash and let the transmitter hang since it doesn't weight that much - this may not be an option for everyone - just a suggestion....more info
  • Good Idea But Bad Performance
    This is a neat, handy little gadget but it failed to perform to my expectations. The sound quality is terrible. If you like listening to FM stations with lots of static, then this is for you. Otherwise, stay away. Far away. If you must try it out, please buy from a local store and NOT online because you will want to return it and online purchases are a pain to return....more info
  • Awesome Transmitter

    I picked up one at Circuit City for 40 bucks. Later was for 33 at ecost with shipping. It's A great to have for any of your Player device. Be it MP 3 player , CD player, or Laptop for long trips. Imagine playing all your MP3 tracks in your car which only has a Radio !!!
    Simple to use and works on the Car's cigarette lighter thus no batteries consumed while in the car.
    The range provided is not that high but it is perfect for the car.

    This one just rocks with my mp3 tracks with the Creative Rhomba !

    Have fun go buy one ,
    ...more info
  • Works great!
    I picked the Belkin Tunecast II up a few weeks ago before driving cross country from Brooklyn to Wisconsin (about a 14 hour car ride). I had recently bought a Rio Karma mp3 player and wanted to use it on the journey. Having just got back from my trip, I couldn't be happier with how the Belkin performed. I was driving a 1994 Saturn SL2 with a Sony Xplod CD player and placed the Rio/Belkin devices on the passenger seat where they would be in easy reach if I had to change the radio frequency. Surprisingly, the Belkin was tuned to 88.3 without incident for my entire journey through New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin (including several major cities such as New York, Newark, Chicago and Milwaukee). I was expecting a lower sound quality filled with the occasional burst of static, but that was not the case. My entire car ride was static free and the music could only have sounded better if I had brought along my CD collection. Needless to say, I'm very happy with this purchase and recommend the Belkin Tunecast II to anyone considering an FM transmitter for similar purposes. A word of caution: as another reviewer pointed out, different cars may have different antennae/shielding issues so you should probably test this product in your car before buying if possible....more info
  • Needs an external antenna
    This unit requires two things to work well.

    (i) The unit's internal Rohm FM transmitter IC needs a good level of audio signal to drive the stereo encoder, otherwise you will hear a lot of channel noise in your radio speakers.

    If your MP3 player does not play very loud in headphones then you will be disappointed. An iRiver 790 MP3 player is an example of a loud unit and the TuneCast 2 then produces a pretty good noise free stereo signal.

    (ii)The only way to get a good hiss free signal in your car radio is to cut the internal wire coming out of the unit's internal ANT connection, and then extend it with 27" of external flexible wire. The signal is still well below FCC limits for unlicensed transmitters, and now will work well with car rear window antennas and also provide a good stereo signal through at least one house wall.

    The digital Phase Lock Loop is rock steady and the ability to set to any frequency is absolutely essential in a busy metro area. The ability to remember any four frequencies is good for long commutes.

    ...more info
  • Good as one could expect...
    I bought this product because I broke down and bought an MP3 player as most people who look into FM transmitters. For the price, iTrip and the TuneCast II have some of the better reviews, so those are the two I narrowed my choice down to. The reasons that I picked TuneCast II over some other transmitters are:

    1. Price: Comparatively to other players of the same audio quality the price isn't too bad.
    2. Reviews: People had good things to say about the TuneCast, better than most other FM Transmitters
    3. Ease of Use: If using this with an iPod, this product allows you to use your iPod's remote and the transmitter at the same time, something the iTrip does not allow. (In all fairness though Griffin warns people of this on their website.)

    However while the quality is good, if you buy this product do not expect to listen to it on anything with a small antenna such as a small radio, etc. I tested this and found the transmitter will not work if more than about a foot away, which is to be expected. However if you use it with a large home stereo or car with a good antenna, it works well. If given the option though, buy the model that comes with the car DC adapter, this product consumes batteries fairly quickly.

    All in all though, it does what is advertised. I can not give this product five stars though because while good, you'll be pleased but not ecstatic....more info
  • Belkin TuneCast II
    I just recieved my TuneCast II today, and after reading many reviews it seemed unreliable, but too late it was allready ordered, and I have a 15 day return period anyway. So I just recieved it this after noon, and I must say these people that are having issues must be submiting propeganda for other companies, lol. I just set it up to my Seal Spf-150 MP3 Player, and it works beautifully. Im in South Florida too, in between Miami and Ft Lauderdale, the air waves are crammed. I just managed to find a small pocket of fuzz on the radio, tuned my transmitter to the frequency, and vuala, Im getting a very clean signal, seems of great quality. It's stronger then I expected, I had this setup in my bedroom, and just for measure brought the transmiter to my kitchen. Given I have a 1 bedroom apt, it is 20+ feet away from the radio, and still is clear. By the way, this was an digital alarm clock, w/ analogue tuning, and no external antenna.

    I had even went as far as emailing someone to see what their experience was. I can assure you it's a fine product, Belkin has made a good first impression on me.

    The only questionable factor is battery life, I havn't had it long enough to test. But with my power supply inside, and the car power adapter it came with, it will not be an issue.

    Best...more info
  • Best Mobile FM Transmitter I could Find.
    I recently took a long driving trip and this little device worked great. The sound quality is much better than what you can get with a tape deck device. It is easy to get a good transmition with the full range of frequencies, just tune the radio to a station with full static and then set the mobil transmitter to the same station and you're done. I didn't have any difficulties using this product, even in large cities....more info
  • very satisfied with purchase
    i've never written a review of any of the products i've bought from amazon before, but i felt pretty compelled to write one about this.

    if you consider the price and utility tradeoffs for this transmitter, its of good value. of course you can't expect to get cd quality transmission from this, but it works pretty well for the most part. the only bad thing i've found so far is that even on stations where i get the clearest signals, there is some static in the background. this static is only audible when a song is at a quiet part or when there is no song playing so it isn't as bad as you may think. other than that, the sound quality actually kind of surprised me. btw, i live in los angeles where almost every station has some sort of signal, which is also why i am surprised that the product works as well as it does.

    overall, i am pleased with my purchase and although i haven't tried any other fm transmitters out there, i would recommend others to buy this if you can't use a cassette adapter....more info

  • Horrible
    Based on other consumer reviews, I thought this upgraded version of TuneCast would perform well -- but not perfectly -- in my car. It didn't.

    The device couldn't broadcast my Ipod clearly on any station. The static-filled music came through very weak no matter what I tried.

    The problem may be that the car antenna is located in the back of my Audi A4. Looks like I'll have to plug my Ipod casette adapter back in when I drive this turkey back to the store....more info

  • Not exactly the best buy
    I got this at first very excited that i would no longer have to use what is now consider old a cassette adapter. I was gunna use this fm transmitter for my ipod but as soon as i started using it, i realized this product wouldn't be as good as i thought it would be. I tried probably 10 different radio stations even ones when there's no real broadcasting for. But the quality was horrible. You could hear the static in the background even with the volume reasonably low. I immediatly took it back to best buy and thank goodness got it refunded. I know i am one of the few people with this problem and it seems others don't have the same problem i did. Maybe i didn't do something right but for me this product didn't perform well for what i had to pay to get it. I'm still fine with my cassette adapter even it's consider out of style now ;)...more info
  • Works well with audiobooks & a digitally-tuned car radio
    I purchased this product to listen to audiobooks in format while I drive. I recently drove round-trip between Portland and Corvallis, Oregon (about 85 miles each way through a variety of surroundings: urban and rural, hilly and flat). When I started out from Portland, I found an empty frequency on my car radio - it helps a lot to have a digital tuner - which worked just fine for about 60 miles, when an FM station interfered. On the way back, I found a station that worked for about 75 miles going back to Portland.

    I saved the two frequences in both my "FM2" group of car radio presets as well as the Tunecast II presets (it holds up to four) to save the two frequencies that I found. So, I am basically satisfied.

    On the other hand, when I first tried the Tunecast with an analog-tuned inexpensive clock radio, I found the experience a bit frustrating, and gave up after a few minutes, partially out of frustration, and partially because I got it to use in my car.

    The audio quality is just fine for audiobooks on the factory-standard car stereo system in my car. I cannot comment on music quality.

    The power supply cord that plugs into the dashboard 12V socket is a nice feature, since it saves batteries. The Tunecast II and its power cord store easily in my glove compartment when I am not using them.

    All in all, I am quite satisfied with my purchase, and recommend this product for the scenario that I described. It is well worth the purchase price....more info

  • Great Product
    I purchased this product with some skepticism because I have bought FM transmitters in the past and they really haven't performed that well. I plugged it into my MP3 player and it sends a perfect signal. The sound is so clear, I fell as if I am listening to the radio but I get to choose what song. I would recommend that this product be used on a lower frequency (88.1, 88.3) and so on. Once it gets to a higher frequency it starts to compete with major radio stations so there is a little back and forth between the two. All in all I would recommend this product to anyone that is interested in a FM transmitter....more info
  • UPDATE- I rate this 1 star instead of 5
    (6/20/04)I wanted to get a transmitter for my car stereo since it doesnt play mp3 data files and it doesnt have a tape player (so i couldn't use a cd player with a car kit). i wanted a way to connect my mp3 cd player and my mp3 player to my car so i decided to give this product a try. the problems with the reception are minimal and i live in san diego cali. you can tune it to any fm station that has a weak reception in your car or home stereo. i use it on my home stereo as well and it works great. i highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to play mp3s in their car or home stereo. you just have to play around with it for while unitl you find a station that is right for you, but this wasnt a probelm for me at all. i use 88.1. hope this helps!


    I wrote a review on this product about a year ago. It worked fine for the first months but I stopped using it because it was inconvenient (bad reception at times in the car and didn't have a good place to put it while driving). I started using it again recently and to my dismay, it is not working the way it used to. On my home stereo, sound comes out from only one speaker (problem I've read about with other users on this site) and the reception cuts on and off no matter what station it's on or how close the transmitter is to the radio. I guess this kind of device is not meant to work for longer than a few months. I really want my money back but I can't return it to the store anymore. I can only exchange it for a new one from their website but what good is that if it's just going to keep breaking down. It worked so well at first; I thought I had invested my money well. But now, I regret buying it. If you don't mind spending money on something you know will break down after a few months, then buy it and see if it works for you (from what I've read, some don't even work well from the start). Bottom line: look into buying something else.

    ...more info
  • It works
    It does exactly what it is supposed to do. I added an extension to the input and it works great. The volume is a tad low, but it works in the car and works in the house. I am in the NY metro area so just about every fm channel is in use, but this does not seem to be a problem. A short coming, to be picky, is it can only broadcast from 88.1 to 107.9. Many radios have 87.9 or even 87.7 which are not in use so would be great for this device. But as I said, it does what it is advertised to do and does it well....more info
  • Just what I needed
    I bought this for my laptop so I could play my iTunes jukebox remotely through my surround sound when entertaining company. Not only did it work excellent through the surround, but I found that by locating my laptop in a central location in my house, I could simultaneously broadcast to every stereo in my home (1100+ sq ft) - with great sound quality. With this unit, you can broadcast on ANY FM STATION, and set as many as 4 presets for quick access. The only thing this unit is missing is a USB power option so I wouldn't have to worry about replacing batteries....more info
  • It's a good idea but...
    I started off with the Belkin Tunecast. Since I live in metropolitan New York, just about every station is used, including the four that are available on the tunecast. I therefore decided to upgrade to the Tunecast II. To my dismay, this was not much better. There is always a constant static behind my music. If you spend time sitting in the car and finding an unused station and adjusting the car and mp3 player volumes you will eventually get a good enough signal. However it is not perfect and although I am not at all happy with the product, I am forced to keep it because my car does not have a tape deck to use a tape converter. Oh well....more info
  • Difficult to use. Doesn't over power competing stations.
    I purchase the Tunecast II because I thought it would be an upgrade to my irock 400FM. Guess again. It was very difficult to use and the signal strength wasn't as good. It didn't lock on in stereo if there was any signal at all on the underlying station and there was a lot of static. Also, there was a constant beeping tone that was transmitted along with the signal. Very annoying. It didn't save the last station setting and it took for ever to turn on or off automatically. I returned it. It wasn't worth the extra money....more info
  • Unhappy user
    Even though you can set the FM frequency to anything, it sounds totally aweful. I tried to use this while driving in different parts of New England and the result was uniformly disappointing....more info
  • Works like a charm
    Plugged it in, plugged in my 6 GIG archos MP3 player and tuned to a empty station - Sounds Great. I've got a big ole truck and there was absolutely no quality loss in the transmission. Played it for over an hour and no signal drift. Also really like the feature that it turns itself on when the mp3 player starts. Only need to hit one button.

    I've read other reviews where people had problems, but this is not one of them....more info

  • Works but disappointing sound quality
    While the Belkin TuneCast II is the best FM transmitter for portable audio I have tried, the sound quality it transmits to your FM radio is still very disappointing.

    On the plus side, as others have pointed out, it's really easy to use, and it can be set to any FM frequency. The memory function is a bit complicated, though. It can be powered by either 2 AAA batteries, or the included car DC adapter.

    But in the department where it should perform well, it fails. Although it does give better, cleaner sound than the other devices I've tried, it's much worse than a typical FM radio station. Even on a clean frequency the sound you get is teeny and muffled. BTW, the manual says you should leave the volume on your portable audio at mid-level, while in fact you'll find yourself having to crank the volume all the way up on both the portable audio player and the FM radio.

    I'm keeping this despite being unhappy about it, since there's no other alternative....more info

  • still not ready for prime time.
    Disappointing reception, and poor audio quality....more info
  • It works better than you might expect...
    I've owned this for over a month and I have to say that this is better than I expected. The problem with the last transmitters that I bought and immediately returned was that I had to constantly readjust the frequency every few minutes (NOT a good thing when driving in rush hour traffic). With the Belkin it took me a day to find the best frequency and so far I haven't had to change it yet. The 4 presets are helpful during long trips.

    Please see the other reviews for the technical stuff.

    My complaint is that the connecting cord is too short. I easily corrected this with the purchase of a 6ft extension from Radio Shack. Now I'm able to place the transmitter & MP3 player in seperate but more convenient places.

    The sound is better than other transmitters. It is a bit expensive but I think it's worth it. I haven't had to return it and I don't plan on doing so....more info

  • Cool device
    This thing works great with one exception. And this is just my experience. In the car, for some reason it works better with the AC adapter. I don't know why because at work I use it with my Boombox and it works fine with the batteries....more info
  • Less than satisfactory
    I had been looking for a good FM Tuner to use with my Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra. I had heard good reviews about this product so I picked it up. Now, I wasn't expecting crystal clear CD-quality sound, but I was expecting something listenable, which explains my dissatisfaction with this product.

    The product is easy enough to use. You plug the Belkin into the headphone or line out jack of your player, then find a poor quality radio station, tune your Belkin to it, and hit play. The Belkin can run on 2 AAA batteries or off your car's cigarette lighter. My first problem with it, is that the cigarette lighter adapter would not fit securely into the Belkin. It fell out at the slightest touch, as the hole in the Belkin was just too big. I either had to tape it in their, or had to run off the batteries, which run down surprisingly quick.

    My next problem, is with the general size of the device. The cord that connects the Belkin to your audio player is about 3 inches long, which means you have to keep it right next to the player. You can't attach it to your dashboard or anything like that. It made it very awkward to change the song or skip through something on the player because I had this tuner hanging down from it.

    My final, and biggest problem with the player is the poor reception. I tried it with three different vehicles, and two different MP3 players. I tried every single radio station I could find. I tried every tip I found on the Internet to get good quality. I adjusted the volume on the player and in the car. I turned on the radio first, and then the player, and vice versa. I just couldn't get a decent sound from it. It would sound okay for a few seconds, and then static.

    Something to note, is that the poorest quality station won't always give you the best sound. I sometimes found that I received the best sound from a station that I could somewhat get a broadcast from, even though the manual tells you to look for the weakest stations. The other problem is that if you're in your car, the signal strength of the radio stations change depending on where you are, so the sound quality is going to always vary. I also found that I could only get real good quality when I held the mp3 player and Belkin in my lap, and held onto it. As soon as I let go, I get a little bit of static. The range for this thing in a car is realistically about 2 feet.

    One thing I did get a good reception with was with home stereos, where the quality was decent enough to use. But this was pretty pointless for me because I can simply plug in my mp3 player directly into the stereo anyway.

    Bottom line, if you can live with sub par quality and don't mind the awkwardness of the Tuner, this is probably the best tuner you will find out there today. Unfortunately, that doesn't account for much until technology provides for better reception in the future....more info
  • Works as advertised
    I bought this and am not disappointed, because I wasn't expecting a whole lot. It works much better with the power adapter than with batteries....more info
  • One of the best little FMers out there.
    I used to have an old-school iRock FM transmiter in my car to play my MP3 player through, but good as it was, it only ran on battery power. In the long run, that's a real drain on the wallet.
    I found this little baby about 3 weeks ago, and for the money, I'd say it's worth just about every penny. It works every bit as well as the iRock (if not better), and it will probably last longer too.
    Here's the rundown:
    --Works on ANY unused station on your dial, from 88.1 to 107.9 MHz. (The iRock could only use four stations on the low end.)
    --Four presets. You can store up to 4 stations in the memory and toggle through them with the touch of a button.
    --12V DC power adapter. The TuneCast runs on batteries as well, but this is a moneysaver in itself. And with an automatic on/off, you don't even have to remember to turn it off when you leave the car.
    --Compact. The iRock is about the size of a laptop mouse. The Tunecast's size is about 2/3 of that. With the help of a little Velcro, I was able to "hard mount" it neatly out of the way of everything.
    THE BAD:
    --When the Tunecast powers off, it doesn't remember the last station it was on when power is restored, even if it was a preset. It goes back to 88.1. Little bit of a pain when I'm taking off in the car, but a quick touch of the memory button, and I'm back in the groove.
    --Nothing ugly about it. It's an all around keeper for sure.
    All told, I'm very happy with this little tuner. If you want to travel with all your tunes, I think this is the way to go. Sure, it's a little pricey, but you get what you pay for....more info
  • The best I've ever used
    It's simple and it works.

    Once I got mine I immediately went through and setup 4 stations that seemed to work well (from all over the spectrum). It was pretty painless and actually did it while waiting in traffic. Who'd a thunk I would find a use for that 3rd bank of station presets on my car radio too (who needs 18 stations I always thought). I matched up the first 4 pre-sets to those I programmed into the transmitter so it's pretty easy to switch through them when one breaks up a little due to my changing surroundings while in the car.

    For the most part the 4 that I chose seem to work very well but since my commute takes me from Boston proper out to the sticks (well beyond the burbs) there is a bit of fluctuation. Not a problem though as I can step through them all without even missing a beat.

    Great product if you live in an area with a bazillion stations and having only 88.1, 88.3, 88.5 or 88.7Mhz to choose from just won't cut it....more info

  • Top quality for top price
    Yes this is one of the most expensive of the mini FM transmitters commercially available, but I think one of the best. I previously purchased a SIIG Wireless Audio Link Pro, mostly because you could power it through a USB port. I returned it a week later. The think had very poor broadcasting and the package was misleading. It claimed 87-107 FM frequency when in fact it was actually 87-89 and 106-107 only.
    Now, why tell you this? Because the Tunecaster II is everything that one was not. It gives beautiful tranmission power. I was able to get clear reception on my car stereo within one minute of having the thing out of the box, even living in the Boston area. Secondly, this item will allow you to select a frequency from 87 to 107 within the FM band, ANY FREQUENCY!!! The cheaper $20-30 transmitters only have a very limited bandwidth, making it difficult to find a frequency without competition from station broadcasters. Plus, with 4 programmable save settings, you can find 4 different "optimal" frequencies and program them in for quick scanning if the frequency you are currently using suddenly starts getting crowded. Although it does not have a USB plug to power it (instead of the included batteries), it does have a car adapter to power from your lighter or accessory plug, which is almost as good....more info
  • Great sound from my IPOD in a Metro area!
    One of the biggest disappointments with my new car was the lack of an input jack on the stereo. I had looked into buying a new head for my stereo, but soon realized this was out of my price range and didn't make sense w/ my stock speakers.

    I began looking at FM modulators/transmitters because I wanted to listen to my IPOD in my car and I do not have a tape player. I just purchased the TuneCast II and began using it. It works wonderfully! I haven't heard any static...or any of the problems normally associated with a FM modulator. I don't live in the middle of no-where either. I live in the large metropolitan area of Kansas City, MO (over 1 million people).

    I don't know how well this would work on the East or West Coasts...but out here in the Midwest, it worked excellently! Excellent sound quality, little to no interference....more info

  • Couldn't be happier
    Like some other reviewers, I too was skeptical before buying this, due to the scarcity of reviews for this new model and the poor reviews of the older model. I took a chance and couldn't be happier with how this sucker performs.

    This device works by transmitting a signal from your MP3 player (or other music device) to an FM radio frequency that is not being used by a broadcast radio station. One major drawback of most cheaper transmitters is that they only allow you four pre-chosen frequencies on which to transmit your signal. I live in Chicago, where most of the FM dial is occupied by one radio station or another. With just four pre-determined frequencies, chances are good that they're all already occupied by a radio station. This is not an issue with the Tunecast II, as it allows you access to the full range of FM frequencies. There's also a four station memory function which allows you to find and store the four frequencies on your dial that work best for you. Very nice touch.

    One trick I've found that helps in finding a good frequency in the car is to retract the antenna. This helps a lot to filter out any stations with a weaker signal, particularly those at the lower end of the dial.

    Sound quality is very good, but obviously it's going to be limited by the quality of your radio and speakers. For me, the primary advantage is that I can listen to my MP3 player in the car. For all the radio stations we have in Chicago, I've always had a heck of a time finding anything I want to listen to. Not anymore.

    In short, the Tunecast II is one of the costlier FM transmitters, but you get what you pay for and this is money well spent.

    I can't believe I forgot to mention this, but the Tunecast II goes further in justifying its higher price by including a power adapter that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter. This is a huge plus because these things go through batteries like a monkey goes through bananas....more info

  • Awesome product, well worth the purchase
    I'm not sure why Amazon and even the Belkin website indicate that this item hasn't been released yet. I just bought it 2/6/2004 @ a Best Buy store in Columbus, Ohio. They had several in stock of the new F8V3080 unit.

    Let me just say now that this product is an awesome purchase. I was very leery at first to buy it based on the limited reviews of this new model and the sub-par reviews of earlier models. I'm very glad that I spent the $49.99 to get it though. With this model you get the whole spectrum of FM stations to broadcast on. Even living in a capitol city (like me) there are at least a few stations that are unoccupied or are too far away to broadcast clearly.

    What really blows me away about this unit is the sound quality. I am very conscience of sound quality and can easily tell when the music's quality has diminished. However, with this unit it is hardly noticeable. There is the ever-so-slight fuzz in the background that you get from any radio station but I've noticed so far that if you max out the volume on your MP3/CD/MD player then it cuts down on the fuzz noise.

    For best results I've also noticed that it's good to first surf the radio and find a station that is nothing but fuzz or not broadcasting very clearly. Keep your radio tuned to that station and then turn it off. Next start up your MP3/CD/MD player. Once the music starts the FM transmitter will kick on, and then you can turn on your radio. Starting up the transmitter/mp3 player when the radio is already on seems to make for some odd interference. As far as range is considered this unit seems comparable to previous units. I've tested it in my car and with my home radio. To get great reception you still need to be within 10 feet.

    For my review above I am using the F8V3080 FM transmitter with a Sony NetMD MZ-NE410 MiniDisc player/recorder.

    Well hope this has helped, make sure you go out and buy one today!...more info

  • This is the FM transmitter you're looking for
    I've been looking for a decent FM transmitter to go with my iRiver iHP 120. After buying and returning four different units, including the low-end Belkin, I came across this one. It quite simply blows the others out the water for car and home use. The flexibility to choose any frequency is awesome. The sound quality isnt perfect. But what do you expect using standard FM signals? It may be one of the more expensive options, but if you've got the best mp3 jukebox, you gotta have the best transmitter....more info
  • Recommend Tunecast II
    This product does exactly what it says. Turns my minidisc player into an FM signal so I can tune in while in the car.

    Nice and compact, highly recommend it....more info