AKG Acoustics PR-40-AV Wireless Lavalier UHF Microphone Audio Kit.
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Product Description

The PR 40 diversity portable receiver has been designed specifically for ENG and mobile video recording use. In conjunction with a wireless microphone, the PR 40 will solve any sound problem that may come up on location. Place the wireless microphone and transmitter near the sound source and mount the PR 40 on the camera. This puts both the microphone and receiver right where the action is, with full mobility and no cables getting in the way. The MP40 MicroPen: The WMS 40 Series MP 40 MicroPen is an incredibly versatile wireless microphone. Hardly any bigger than a ball-point pen, the MP 40 is incredibly easy to use: just put it in your breast pocket and switch it on. You can even remove the tiny lavalier microphone from the transmitter body and use the lavalier clamp to fix the microphone closer to your mouth. The cable is long enough to allow you to hide the transmitter in a pocket. The MP 40 is also an excellent handheld microphone for interviews and other ENG applications. The high-sensitivity C 407 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone has been specifically designed for speech pickup. The MP 40 features a noiseless on/mute/off switch and input gain control for ease of use. Integrated charging contacts allow you to charge the battery quickly and easily on the optional CU 40 charging unit, without having to remove the battery.

  • PR 40 diversity
  • Extremely light, rugged portable receiver
  • Two folding antennas
  • Four Level Diversity system for reliable reception
  • On/off switch with battery/status LED