Sony LCSVA30 Soft Camcorder Carrying Case for DVD & MiniDV Camcorders
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Product Description

Protect your camera with Sony's camcorder carrying case. Featuring a beautiful, compact design, this case will allow you to tote your camcorder with style and ease. The LCS-VA30 also permits fast and easy access to your camera and accessories so that when the moment is right you never miss a shot.

  • Stylish black design emblazoned with the Sony logo
  • Lightweight, yet incredible durable
  • Three pockets provide you with plenty of storage space for accessories
  • 2-way strap allows you to transport your camcorder either by hand or over your shoulder
Customer Reviews:
  • Great carry case
    Bought this to carry HD-SR12. Has small pockets but fits just about everything for the SR12 with 2 lens, cables, charger, etc. nicely. Took a little time for me to figure out where to place everything. But it does fit all accessories perfectly. The SR12 with the huge NPFH100 battery is a little cramped. It was delivered with a light orange colored trim which looked "not very manly". Would have returned it but had to have it ASAP. Used a black Sharpie and some liquid black shoe polish. It worked great!! ...more info
  • Sony camera bag LCSVA-30
    Received a Sony bag BUT WAS NOT a LCSVA-30
    No lables or tags
    Please BEWARE...more info
  • Looking good but its big in size
    I recently purchased every thing looks good one thing disappointed me was it is really big in size than I expected....more info
  • Great and Durable
    I like the case and it's exactly what it says. My tripod didn't fit in the bag, but I can zip it up enough to hold it in place without worrying about it falling out. Well worth the money....more info
  • Shipping?
    I do not own this bag.
    Instead I write this to address S+H charges people charge. I live in Hawaii, this is not a crime. We should not be penalized for this fact. By penalized, I mean that Hawaii is a part of the U.S.A. but we are treated like we only have one airplane to reach us, and only on every other tuesday.
    I want to order this bag. Its $25 currently. MSRP is $115. Shipping costs thru USPS is probably under $10. The cheapest FedEx/UPS/DHL is probably around $15, yet 2 different 3rd party sellers want to charge me $25 or $47 for this bag. I order lots of things online. I know that sellers are using a lower cost price and padding the S+H, but this is rediculous.
    I wrote to Amazon about shipping rates and they basically just shrugged. I guess its off to Ebay or find another bag locally for me....more info
  • Whatta Bag!
    Got this recently and I love it! Well made, roomy, and able to handle everything I wanna take. My only thing is I wish I had one more of those dividers that "velcro" into place in the main compartment -- wonder how I can get one? It would just come in handy: I have one of those Sony ECMHW1 wireless mics for my DCR-HC96, and the receiver is kinda bulky. I need a way to control in within the bag so it doesn't move out of its place, and into the spot for my camcorder. The main compartment is roomy and easy to open, but the latch is very secure. The side pouches are little harder to open, due to the strap hooks. Not hard to open, just that the hooks and rings kinda get in the way. Carrying it kinda makes me look like a tourist -- but I'm in my 50s, I don't care anymore! ...more info
  • sony does it again!!
    excellent quality, plenty of room for two cameras and accesories, easy to handle easy to store....more info
  • great buy for your handycam
    I purchased this for my Sony Handycam DCR-DVD108. Its a great case overall but I have just one gripe. It has barely enough space for all of the cords and cables that come standard with the camera. I have to carry my extra discs seperate because the space is a little tight. Other than that it is a great case....more info
  • Perfect Fit
    This bag is great; it is the absolute perfect fit for my Sony HDR-SR12. The bag fits the camera snugly with room for a few extra cables, spare battery, etc. All the bag you need!...more info
  • Nice roomy case !!!
    Very good quality (nice padding inside)
    Roomy to allow to carry extra stuff - cables, remote, extra tapes etc.

    Roomy - some of you may not not want such a big bag for a tiny camcorder, especially for those occassions when you do not want extra tapes, battery etc....more info
  • love it
    I have this case as well as a smaller one. I can hold my Sony HDR-HC3 cables and some tapes with no problems....more info
  • nice!!!
    I bought this case with my sony handycam 108. This is a great product, it has plenty of room for all your cables, cds and even enough to put my digital camera, but also small enough to take with me where ever i go. pleasesd with this purchase!!...more info
  • Just right
    Perfect size for my DCR-DVD308 plus all of the cables, remote control, extra batteries, 6 blank mini DVD's and even a compact digital camera....more info
  • shipment on-time
    This shipment was bundled with another item. It arrived on-time and as described on the seller's product page...more info
  • Not what I thought...
    I purchased this case for my DCR-DVD108 DVD Handycam because it said it was compatiable. When I got it, it was huge compared to the camcorder. I would have to put other stuff in there to keep the camera from shifting around everywhere. I was thinking since it said it was compatiable it meant that the camera would fit in there nice and snug to protect it, but that wasn't the case. It is a really big and bulky case. Unless you have a big camcorder and alot of attachments you want to carry around with it, I don't suggest this case....more info
  • Awsome bag.
    I used this for a pro, camera, that has a huge lens. The bag looks sharp, and is very protective!...more info
  • handycam bag
    received bag and at first i thought it was too big, but once we fit all the stuff in it, it was just right. adequate padding for handycam protection....more info
  • Good buy....fits my cam correctly
    I ordered this product after i checked the specifications on amazon. I compared it with the ones from sony I have a SONY DCR- SR 42.
    It proved to be a good buy....has good padding and is compact enough. It just allows to carry the equipment for shooting the video i.e, the camera itself with the batteries. Its rather small to allow the dock and charger with camera. But, I prefer leaving them at home lest I losse them during travel. I would say its best for what it was intended to serve...the camcorder...more info
  • Very good product
    I bought this for my Sony DVD handycam... Though it is not too big it accommodates my handycam, my camera, about 10 blank mini DVDs and also accessories & wires..
    It looks good, has adjustable strap and is very safe for both my handycam and cam.. I love this product and it has been my best utility whenever I go for vacations!...more info
  • Good camera bag. Best Price.
    The camera case easily holds my Sony 308 with room to spare. Side pockets for charger, additional disks, etc. Even had extra space for my digital camera. Saw it in retail store for almost twice the price....more info
  • Great bag
    It is a great bag it has enough room for my video camera, my digital camera, and all of the things that go with them (e.g.s cords, mini discs, batteries...)....more info
  • El bolso está muy bueno!
    El bolso está muy lindo y es lo suficientemente espacioso para colocar accesorios, mini cd, baterías adicionales, cámaras fotográficas, etc. Altamente recomendado!. Llego en los margenes de tiempo estipulado y con un buen seguimiento del proveedor. Gracias....more info
  • Sony Camcorder Bag
    Good quality bag from SONY. The size is little bit small
    if U want to put video & camera in 1 bag like me!...more info
    This case was well worth the money. it is not bulky, a burden to carry or in the way. even when using the shoulder strap it felt like nothing. the case has many easily accesesable compartments for extra batteries and tapes and other incidentals without having to put them in an area where they could damage the camcorder.

    this was a great purchase...more info
  • Good quality case
    I bought this case to use for my Sony DSC-H9 and it works pefectly.
    It's nice looking and very good quality....more info
  • Excellent bag for your Sony Camcorder
    This bag isn't large, but easily fits a Sony hard drive camcorder,the docking station,3 filters,2 different lenses,4 extra batteries,AC/DC,Travel Charger,couple DVD media,camera remote,all the necessary cables and STILL has room for my digital camera (safely!). The walls of the case are well padded and stiff which protects all of the important items inside. It's perfect for traveling. And even loaded down, the shoulder strap is very comfortable to wear....more info
  • excellant product, excellant price
    This was very good product for the price. In the stores in was $84.00....more info
  • Sony Camcorder Carrying Case
    Nice item with adequate storage and protection for the camera without being bulky. Took it on a trip and there was plenty of room to be able to put personal belongings in it without having to carry a purse. ...more info
  • Have enough space to store you all the accessories.
    Have enough space to store you all the accessories. ...more info
    Great price. Very nice case. If you have a lot of accessores. This case is not for you....more info
  • Yes, it makes you look like a tourist, but...
    We took this bag to Hawai'i with us and it was great. We had more than enough room for our video camera and still shot camera, plus all our accessories for both. There was even room left over for wallets, cell phones, etc. It has a semi-rigid construction that keeps it from getting smashed. It's the perfect travel bag for photographers at any level....more info
  • Carrying Case
    Great Case! It had so much room. Its has great quality as well. It also was a lot cheaper on Amazon that in the retail stores. ...more info
  • Camera case
    Plenty of room to store camera, Battery Charger ,Batterys ,memory stick, & lens hood. Well made Padded well. Good case....more info
  • great bag, but needs more room for manuel
    I am really happy with this camcorder bag. The camera, all of the cords, and extra dvd's fit perfectly in it, but I wish there was more room to put the manuel for the camcorder. It looks nice and I can't find much to complain about....more info
  • Nice case for a camcorder and a digital camera
    It is a nice good looking black colored case sufficient for both a camcorder and a digital camera.It has 2 adjustable compartments in the main storage space and 3 jipped compartments on front and the two sides.The main storage space can easily fit both camcorder and a digital camera while other pockets can be used to store cables and spare batteries.It has a small jipped pocket attached to the top cover to keep small items like filters etc.It has a shoulder belt apart from a top handle.It is good buy. ...more info
  • Just what I wanted
    This case was the prefect fit for my video camera. Lots of space for cables, tapes, etc. Great protection also. ...more info
  • Nice Carrying Case
    I bought this carrying case since i was going on a trip to Puerto Rico and wanted to have a nice but small carrying case for my Camcorder.

    It had enough space for the camcorder, it's base, minidv cassettes, power cable, and computer cables. the side pockets are perfect for about 3-4 cassettes each, the front one for cables. Inside there is a space that could be used for cables/cassettes that is separated from the main camcorder space.
    On the top lid, on the inside, the is a "net" pocket in which you could keep papers, maps or such.

    It is a durable carrying case, I really felt secure with it on my trip. I was not as flashing as some so i wasn't scared of it being robed on each street corner....more info
  • dvd camera bag
    nice bag...although no mishaps have occurred...I worried that the single latch may someday provide an opportunity for an expensive mistake to occur....more info
  • Great storage space and yet not too big!
    I initially ordered this bag to store the new SONY camcorder I had just bought. But when I got the bag, I was pleasantly surprised to see so much storage space and the fact that it could hold both my camcorder and a digital camera. The side compartments are great for storing additional batteries and memory sticks. Great buy at this price!!...more info
  • I Got It All In The Bag Baby !!
    This Bag Held It All...Everything I threw @ It !
    Great bag " )...more info
  • Perfect product for the right job...
    We have two digital cameras and recently purchased a Sony digital camcorder. All three cameras w/ their accessories fit snug into this perfect-sized case. I would recommend anyone this case if they are looking to travel w/ their cameras and don't want to have different cases for each product. Great quality at an awesome price. Really satisfied w/ the purchase....more info
  • Excellent Case
    Purchased this case for my DCR-DVD405 Sony camcorder. Very pleased with the storage space and sturdy construction of the bag. Ample room for 8 cm DVDs, small battery charger, and even a small digital camera. Great for trips/vacations....more info
  • Excellent
    I just received my new bag. It was a bit smaller than I had originally thought, which is great. I was a it afraid that it would be too large for my small Sony 205. I was pleasantly surprised. There was plenty of room for the camcorder, my digital camera, extra dvds, extra battery and the cords. It is the perfect size to carry on vacation and have everything I need. It is excellenty constructed and seems very sturdy. Looking forward to carrying it and using it....more info
  • A Case for It All
    I purchased this for my son's b-day and he was
    thrilled with the amount of storage as well as the
    compactness of the case. It holds everything he
    needs with his new SONY camcorder and its
    construction is top notch. Seems so far-- extremely
    durable. A+++...more info
  • The Price is Nice!
    A well made bag and close to half the price found at local stores....more info
  • Good case
    Good spacious caring case. A little too big for my camcorder, but just enough to put on it extra baterries and tapes....more info
  • Great Product
    This case is well made, with plenty of space for all your camera accessories. Definitely a good buy....more info
  • Good Stuff
    Case is great. Good quality and features. Would buy it again...more info
  • new, good case
    just enough - a little tight as I put in 0.45X lens, DVD discs, etc.
    the internal bag (net) would better to be loose so A/V cable can be put in easier....more info
  • Outstanding bag for digital zoom cameras.....
    After I purchased a new Sony DSC-H5 digital zoom camera I realized I needed a special size bag to accomodate it's size. First purchased a Sony LCS-VAC bag thinking it would be perfect. While the camera body without the lens hood/adapter ring/cap combo fit nicely, there was no room to hold the lens accessories. Searched the net for options and finally decided on the Sony LCS-VA30 Camcorder Carrying Case. Well, I really lucked out. This is one really cool bag.

    Sony has done an outstanding job in designing and manufacturing this bag. The quality of materials and construction are exemplary. It's chuck full of conveniently placed accessory compartments. The main interior has 2 heavily padded sections configured about 1/4 and 3/4. The H5 fit perfectly in the 3/4 section while the smaller 1/4 section was perfect for the lens hood/adapter ring/cap combo. The cover for these compartments features a large zippered mesh pocket.

    Inside the front zippered compartment there are 3 additional elastic pockets for batteries/memory sticks/etc. Each side of the bag has a zippered side pocket sizeable enough for additional lenses or other accessories. The back has an unzippered compartment for manuals, etc. The bottom of the bag has 2 sewn on molded protection strips.

    The bottom line is this is one outstanding camera case that I would highly recommend to anyone. Sony does do it better than anyone else!! ...more info
  • Good case
    I bought this case to go with my Sony camera about a year ago. I have been very happy. My buddy is now looking into digital camera's and he wants this same case. I teased him for a while because I had it and he didn't.

    Overall, I think this case is very good. Rugged on the outside & soft on the inside....more info
  • Very Happy
    I use this bag for my DCR-HC85 Sony camcorder, and it fits in the main compartment snugly, with a good inch-and-a-half of room left above it. That's good room to place an external mic in, like I have.
    I'm an amateur filmmaker, so I have a lot of extra camcorder accessories that I lug around. There just isn't enough room for all of it, so I bought a small case for my lenses (two lenses) and one for my batteries (4 batteries and a charger), both of which are easy to put onto this bag.

    I still love the bag, though, and it has a lot of storage capacity. But, if you REALLY have a lot of extra mics, lenses, tapes, or batteries, you should buy a bigger case, albeit at the cost of portability and versatility. ...more info
  • Great camcorder bag!
    This bag is the perfect fit. It's compact, but has more than enough room for my camcorder and all of its accessories. I even manage to fit my digital still camera in the bag along with everything else. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    This case is well made, very durable, and has plenty of room. I fit my Sony TRV280, its charger, and all the related cables inside with no problem and still had room for a small digital still camera and extra batteries. I expect that the case will outlive the camera....more info
  • Great Deal
    I got the bag for my Camcorder Sony HC42. The bag is very good, it not only accomodates my camcorder, but also my digital camera. This was a really good price....more info
  • Sony DVD Camcorder case
    I purchased this case to use with my DVD-403 camcorder after a trip to San Francisco where my other case fell apart. This case is compact enough to carry, but big enough for the camera, charger, extra DVD's and battery. I am very happy with how durable this case is and how well it protects my camera. The side pouches are large enough to fit a vacations worth of extra DVD media, so you don't have to worry about not having a blank disc the 2nd day in Disney! I would recommend to anyone, and have already convinced a friend to buy one....more info
  • Love it awesome
    This back is awesome. Its padded, holds the camera and accessories and even my digital camera.. great bag...more info
  • It is a good deal.
    This carrying case is what I am looking for. Very suitable for my SONY DVD403 Camcorder. ...more info
  • Very nice product overall, except...
    I really like this camcorder case in many ways. The only one big complaint was that it did not have a zipper. It just had the plastic lock which was nice but a zipper would have made it more secure. If that plastic lock were to break, then there is no other way to keep the lid cover closed. But the plastic piece seems to be durable enough to last a while. ...more info
  • Too big. Can hold a camcorder, digital camera, lens, wires, etc
    If you are looking for a bag just to hold one Mini-DV camcorder or one digital camera; this bag is too big. Buy something else.

    But if you are planning to carry all your shooting cameras and their accessories, this may suit you well.

    I use it to carry ALL of the following and it still has space:
    1. Sony Mini-DV camcorder DCRHC42
    2. Sony DSCP200 digital camera
    3. Wide-angle lens for camcorder
    4. 2 sets of extra batteries each for both cameras
    5. Chargers and their wires
    6. mini tripod
    7. Head cleaning cassette for camcorder
    8. Two extra mini-dv cassettes for camcorder...more info
  • Great for my Sony Cybershot M1 camera
    My camera fits perfectly in this camera bag. Highly recommend....more info
  • Good deal
    I thought the price for this camera bag was a good deal. It has enough room to fit all the accessories we have for our camcorder (batteries, tapes, power cords, adapters, etc..). I would recommend this camera bag....more info
  • This bag is great for local use, but not practical for travel...
    Actually, I like this bag for short trips. It is nice-looking, compact, and is large enough for a few batteries, the camera, and lens cloths -- the camera fits snugly so it's not bouncing around; however, for REAL travel (which I needed it for), it isn't practical at all. I don't have the room I need for the extra lenses, etc. I bought for my Sony DCSH1. It would be great, however, for the smaller Sony cameras w/o many accessories....more info
  • Excellent Case!!!
    Excellent Case!!! Especially for the price. Fits the mini-camcorder, all my cables, power cords and batteries nicely. No room for the manual, but I don't mind. I like the compact size and fact that there are 3 pockets to store my accessories. There was a larger bag also listed to purchase, but I didn't want something so bulky. This bag is very durable and made with good quality. Would definitely recommend it. ...more info
  • Nice Camcorder Bag
    My Sony Camcorder only takes up a corner of the bag, but by the time you add tapes, power supply, batteries, other take alongs and special cables, it all fits quite nicely. Very satisfied....more info
  • Very handy
    Very handy if you have a camera or camcorder w/accessories. You will be spending your money very wisely for a fraction of the price....more info
  • Fairly good
    I will use it to hold my DCR DVD92. It's enough to hold my canon
    camera and the battery.
    ...more info
  • A very useful bag
    I use this basic compact bag to cary my DCR DVD 92 Camcorder and my digital camera. It is very sturdy, with just enough spaces for all the spare batteries, DVDs, memory cards and chargers. I think it is perfect for a small camcorder but you may want to look elsewhere for a larger camcorder....more info
  • Perfect
    My bag was perfect for my Camcorder and all the cords and accessories that I have. It even had room for my 35MM Camera. I'm real happy with it. ...more info
  • good but not for me
    thisis a really nice peice. But i actually wanted one for my DCR dvd92 and frankly its lil too big for that:)...more info
  • Mini DV Camcorder Case
    A very nice DV Camcorder case by Sony. Nice storage, however Sony could have made the rear storage compartment on the outside bigger.
    AL/. VA...more info
  • Very nice and protective - Almost like leather
    Sony's carrycase for camcorders is unbeatable bang for the buck. Since I have a compact camera, I can fit it most of my stuff into just this one case.

    Definitely recommend this one to anyone interested in getting a case....more info
  • Too big for today's cameras but a good bag overall
    I don't know when this bad was designed but it's far too big for 2005+ video cameras. I'm able to put 5-10 DVDs, a DVD video camera, a digital camera, and all the chargers in the bag. The quality of the bag and shoulder strap are excellent....more info
  • Excelente!
    Sobre todo para quienes gustan de llevar muchas cosas junto a su camara de video. Es un bolso relativamente grande, donde una cámara nueva de tamaño estándar (P.ej, una Sony DCR-DVD403) no ocupa mas de un 50% del espacio disponible. En él, caben perfectamente bien todos los cables, discos, baterías, y en general todo aquello necesario para transportar la "estación de grabación portátil". El material es de muy buena calidad, resistente y liviano a la vez. Sin embargo, no lo recomiendo para quienes buscan un bolso discreto o pequeño, ya que este se hace notar por su tamaño. Resulta ideal para llevar a viajes largos donde se necesita autonomía. ...more info
  • perfect bag
    This bag I might say is slightly big for the DCR series of MiniDV handycams but the usefulness compensates for this. This bag is very much worth what you pay for. I have a Sony Mini DV handycam which fits in almost perfectly along with all the other accessrories like charger, cords, tapes, etc. The extra pouches on either side is perfect for holding tapes while pouches in the front and inside hold the cords very well. There is a movable velcro partition inside which can be moved about inside and fitted according to your requirement. ...more info
  • Cant complain..!
    Fits my DCR-DVD403 perfectly along with all the accessories that come with it (cables, DVD's, power cords, etc)

    Sony's style is undeniable, the case looks very good.

    check pricegrabbers for a $5 rebate thats available on this item :).. ...more info
  • Good Experience
    While I was doing my first shopping with Amazon I was worried about the quality of service and quality of goods.

    But the proffessionalism and the quality of goods delivered took those worries away. It was neatly packaged to minmimze any effects of shock.

    ...more info
  • To Big
    I find this case to be a little to big for the 301. ...more info
  • Beautiful case at this price.
    This case is very good as in the brand name sony always delivers quality products in other electronics categories. I bought it keeping this fact in mind, and I am pretty happy with this case. Worth the price...........more info