Stuffbak Protection for Portable Products
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Product Description

Nine labels and tags cover walkmans, headphones, pagers, cell phones and other stuff you leave behind!

We've all had that "sinking feeling" when a cell phone (with phone book), camera (with images from an important event), laptop (with your confidential information) or key ring (with a $200 remote entry key or USB jump drive attached) goes missing... the panic ensues and the scramble begins. If you're lucky, you'll get it back (about 5% of the time). If you're smart, you'll protect your valuables with StuffBak and raise the recovery odds to over 75%.

StuffBak is a loss protection and recovery service designed to protect today's important mobile devices and data. StuffBak high tech labels are designed for even the smallest electronic devices. Each label is uniquely serialized to provide a convenient and confidential identification method, and includes a recovery service that makes it easy and rewarding for finders. In operation since 1999, StuffBak has successfully reunited thousands of owners with their lost items ("A Wise Investment" USAToday, June 2004).

Here's how it works:
1. Purchase the appropriate value pack to protect your assortment of portable assets (keys, cameras, PDAs, laptops, cell phones, sports equipment ... and more!)
2. Attach the labels to your items and register at no additional charge at
3. Relax! Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing you've linked your items to the largest international recovery service.

Finders contact StuffBak via toll-free number or our global internet site ( Owners are contacted immediately, and StuffBak facilitates the return of the item. The finder is always thanked with a $20-value product reward (plus your optional cash reward). You pay only a small recovery fee of $14.95 (plus shipping charges if required).

What do you have to lose? Remember, it's not just the item itself but the data inside that is priceless. Next time, will you be lucky or smart? P