Nikon SC-28 TTL Coiled Remote Cord Camera Flash Accessory
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Product Description

9 Feet / Comes with two multiple flash terminals, making off-camera TTL flash control easy / Compatible to SB- 24,25,26,27,28,50dx,80dx,600,800

  • Total Dedication Between Digital or Film Camera and Flash Using ISO Shoe Connection.
  • Replaces SC-17 TTL Cord.
  • Has Two Outlets for TTL Connection of Two Additional Flashes.
Customer Reviews:
  • great product...excellent seller
    Item arrived in great condition and as described. Would definitely buy from this seller again. Thank you....more info
  • nikon flash cord sc28
    the product is as advertised and is of the quality of the manufacturer reputation. it works well....more info
  • What I needed
    This product works great. I don't always like taking pictures with my SB-600 flash attached and this was the perfect item for me. I use it along with colored filters to give that "special effect" on models and it looks awesome....more info
  • Great Cable
    The cable is well made works great. Not a knock-off. I'm using it with my Nikon D80 and an SB-600 flash....more info
  • It's a cord...
    It's a cord and it works to get the flash off the camera. What else could it do?

    It seems to be built well and it has given me no problems. ...more info
  • Great Accessory
    I use this cord to do Strobist shots with my Nikon D40 and SB-400 speedlight. The SC-28 gets the flash off camera and allows the simple and inexpensive SB-400 to be used in either iTTL or manual mode (w/D40) down to 1/128 power. Getting your flash off of your camera is the single most important thing you can do to improve your pictures. ...more info
  • The extra $$$ is worth it!
    I needed a remote cord for my D80 & SB800 when I purchased a "flip frame". I considered buying a non-Nikon cord, but upon close examination of the photos of the cheaper cords, I noticed that there are no strain reliefs (the little rubber covers)on the ends of the cord. Also, there was at least one report where an owner destroyed the cord and damaged his camera's hot shoe in trying to get the cord off.

    I ordered my cord from Cameta Camera (highly recommended) and was impressed when I opened the box. The coiled cord is heavy duty... no wimpiness here! Also, both connectors fit perfectly. The connectors appear to be fastened with screws (not glued)... working in electronics, this leads me to believe that if the cord does break, I stand a good chance of making a repair.

    Bottom line... Buy this product even though it may be pricier than some of the non-Nikon cords. In the long run, you won't be disappointed!...more info