Sony Ericsson P900 - Cellular phone with digital camera - Cingular - GSM - urban gray
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Product Description

First impression: the sleek and sophisticated design. Look further, and you will find a lot of power and smartness underneath that handsome exterior. Video camera, PDA functionality, a 65K display, great gaming... the P900 is the perfect work companion. And it's not bad for play either. Stay on the move, yet stay synchronized. The P900 shows that mobile work is not a myth. Send and receive e-mails, download and share files and keep your calendar updated - just use your P900 like a PDA while you're on the move. Then connect via Bluetooth or Infrared to synchronize the data with your PC. Still pictures and video - the P900 does both. Share your video clips and images with your friends via e-mail or MMS. Or just save them in your P900 - with up to 16MB of user memory plus the 32MB Memory Stick Duo storage media, you've got plenty of space. Your imagery and your imagination: the P900 is a great tool for making the most of both. Think of mobile entertainment, and you think of games. The P900 is all set to give you a new gaming experience over and over again. And when a game no longer is a challenge to beat, just download a new one.To bring even more entertainment punch to your phone, the P900 comes with an MP3 audio player and polyphonic ringtones. And as the P900 runs on Symbian OS, it is open for third party applications. Simply install and run the programs that fit your needs.

  • MPEG4 Video - Video player
  • BluetoothTM wireless technology - USB support - Infrared port
  • Polyphonic sound 24 voices - Melody composer
  • Touchscreen with metal-shaft stylus
  • High Speed Data - GPRS
Customer Reviews:
  • Great all in one
    Great all in one. New software available at Handango means you can carry your office (word, excel) files with you. Memory stick duo is fine, although most of the products I use are SD card, but not a deal breaker as I have multiple card usb readers at the office and at home (Lexar has a small Jumpdrive that's good). Symbian mobipocket reader reads palm ebook reader format, so it's great for ebooks in that format. So far will not read acrobat files, but they're working on it. Before I was carrying a Sony Ericsson 610 and a Palm Tungsten T. I replaced those TWO devices with this ONE....more info
  • All-in-one
    There is nothing more you need, if you have a Sony Ericsson P900 phone. It truly does combine all needs into one device.

    First of all, it looks beautiful, and is made out of some special plastic which is hard to scratch (I've had it in my pocket with change and keys numerous times, and have not seen a single scratch). Its screen color and resolution quality is amazing. You can get rid of your family pictures from wallet and keep them in your phone. It also takes better pictures and video (with sound) than some of the other PDAs I've seen.

    Add more memory (default is 32MB), and you will fully enjoy its MP3 player, voice recording (for lectures or meetings), camera, file backup, and many other capabilities. I like using its handwriting software (recognizes your natural style) - better than of Palm. It's finally nice to be able to browse a web page in color and pictures, just as you would on your PC.

    BlueTooth is also neat to have - you can copy data and use it as a modem for your laptop while keeping it in your pocket, or even have it as a remote control for your power point slides (you can attach a laser pointer to it), and find many other utilizations for it.

    But none of the above important if it doesn't do its main function well - being a good cell phone. It has an easy to navigate menu, doesn't take more than 4 keystrokes to find and dial a number, long lasting battery, good reception, speakerphone, etc... and not much bigger or heavier than an average phone.

    The only thing I wish it had is 802.11b wireless. But regardless, it's definitely the best unit you'll see on the market.

    So, next time you see someone walking with their cell phones, iPods, PDAs, camcorder, blackberry, sound recorder and USB memory, tell them to get a P900 instead ;-)...more info

  • A very good phone/PDA
    The phone has all the capabilities of a cell phone and a PDA all in one. The camera takes pictures and videos at a resolution of 640x480 which is decent. In fact that's the resolution I get out of my handycam at the moment (though that's a fairly old camera now).

    The speakerphone is a bit weak in comparison to other phone models on the market but I feel that the bluetooth feature more than makes up for that. Bluetooth allows you to use wireless headsets and to wirelessly syncronize the PDA and contact lists with your computer.

    The only 2 drawbacks that I've had with the phone are loading times and handwriting recognition. The menus (like all Sony-Ericsson phones) take a little time to react and load. This can get a little frustrating but after a little use, I got used to it. The handwriting recognition is not Graphitti (PalmOS) instead it uses the Symbian OS and something called JotPro. Personally I was already used to PalmOS and Graphitti and still have trouble after more than a month with the writing system, but I can see how this system is more intuitive and would be easier to use for new PDA users.

    All in all, a good phone/PDA....more info