Pressurized, Tinted Outdoor Dome Heater/Blower Mount for SNC-RZ30N Network Color Camera
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This inconspicuous dome housing specifically designed to accommodate the SNC-RZ30N camera offers versatility, easy installation and outstanding camera protection in a compact size. The pressurized housings help eliminate the effects of dust, moisture, exhaust fumes, and insects on valuable camera equipment. The SNC-ODP8T2 (75 watts (VA)) is an outdoor, pressurized, pendant mount, tinted dome housing with 24 VAC input and heater/blower.The SNC-ODP8T2 also features: Pressure Relief Valve: 3 - 5 psi; Schraeder Valve: Nitrogen input; Power, Video & Control Connector: 10-pin Souriau, hermetically sealed.