APC BIOPOD Biometric Password Manager (USB)
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Product Description

APC Personal Biometric USB POD is a simple and secure way to remember passwords. It includes: CD with software, USB cable, user manual.

  • 3-Step Plug and Play Setup
  • Authentec TruePrint Sensor Technology
  • Fast User Switching for Windows XP
  • Limit access to computers
  • FCC Part 15 Class B Approvals
Customer Reviews:
  • XP great, Vista a-no-go
    This product does what it says; it has been around for a while and works flawlessly on XP, yet Microsoft nor APC have made any advances in releasing a Vista driver. If you are planning on using for XP, it's a good cost efficient biometric reader, yet if you plan on upgrading to Vista anytime soon, might as well never consider this one. ...more info
  • Finally this works wih VISTA...
    You will have to contact APC at 1-800-800-4272 they will send a link to download BETA software that does work with Vista. Mine is installed and working again. YEAH!!!...more info
  • APC Fingerprint reader
    I found that when my finger was cold it wouldn't work as well. It also took several tries to get a green print. Especially, the older it got, the longer it took to get the green print. Now it has finally died. I loved it, except for these problems! It's really nice to have an item like this. I'm going to look for a different brand this time....more info
  • Timer saver
    I've owned this item for about a week and I am very happy with it's performance thus far. I'm using it on a 2 year-old laptop running Windows XP.
    The price was reasonable (paid about $35) and set-up was a breeze. Once I enrolled my fingerprints I was off and running!!
    I do a significant amount of on-line stuff so as you can imagine, the passwords I've accumulated could fill a small notebook. Of all the sites I have to access with user login and password, there are only two (2) that this item does not seem to work with - CryptoHeaven and MSN messenger. Not sure why, but If that's the extent of non-inoperability issues - then this item has easily impressed me.
    It saves me time, keeps things secure as can be (at present day) and it has impressed me enough to now look into the Biometrics home security door locks.
    I actually enrolled 3 fingers and thus far after having tried to fool it with different fingers and other people's fingers it has withstood the test with flying colors:-)
    It's small (about the size of a car remote), lightweight and since i travel quite a bit I have yet to see how rugged it is, but as long as you protect the sensor - I would suspect it should travel well.
    My only beef so far, too bad the software didn't come with a variety of voices to choose from - would have been kinda neat or even cool to hear a woman's voice or a voice in a different language.

    ...more info
  • Can't live without it
    I run my own company, and have over 100 different logins and passwords for various websites. Were it not for the APC Biopod, I'd spend more time looking through my files for the login and passwords I need than actually doing my job.

    My only recommendation is that if you buy this product, you should also purchase the OmniPass software bundle. I had significant problems with the included software, and buying the full OmniPass package cleared everything up....more info
  • does not work with Vista
    As others have noted, this is a nice piece of hardware. . . except that the company STILL hasn't released a driver for Microsoft Vista. I'd been using it for years with XP and was very pleased, but it became worthless when I bought a new computer. If the company isn't committed enough to the product to release current drivers when necessary, why would anyone buy it? Note that the comparable fingerprint reader from Microsoft is about the same price....more info
  • Manage your passwords with ease
    I have this product for more than 2 years now and I love it!
    It is very comfortable to use, the software that comes with it allows you to capture all sites with password (the tool recognize those sites authomatically and you have also a manual option). The fingerprint recognition is outstanding and it free you from the need to remember your passwords (but remember to make a copy of the password vault and save it in safe place just in case).
    One point to notice - this product does not have currently support in Vista (at least did not have such the last time I have checked)....more info
  • Software Compatibilty Woes Mar Nice Tool
    If you have ANY chance of upgrading to Windows Vista, you will want to avoid this product like the plague. APC seems to be unwilling to put pressure on SoftEx to come out with a Windows Vista version of the biopod's software. If you are sure you will use Windows XP forever, then at least don't pay full price for this, like I foolishly did....more info
    Works as I expected and without any install problems or sign in problems. It however, at times, does not recognize some password detected events when it should and sometimes it seems that it forgets passwords already memorized. This is the exception rather than the rule, however when asked it acknowledges the fingerprint readily and this is a good thing....more info
  • Great solution for passwords!
    Biopod Password Manager was easy to install and does a fine job in signing in for almost all of your passwords. It is easy to use and more than one person can use the same reader. It does have some difficulty in logging into sites where the login is a pop-up or other complicated login, such as Quicken updates. All in all, I highly recommend it and it is hard to find such a great helper for such a low price!...more info
  • Excellent password and security manager
    The APC BIOPOD is easy to set up and use. It provides great security for just the basic computer use, as well as fast password sign on secure sites and password protected web site accounts.
    I like the ease of use and the faster sign on capibilities to internet sites and would recommend it to others. Also a fair purchase price....more info
  • It goes part of the way
    I was hoping to have a solution that lets me just log in with a single fingerprint. This was not the solution.
    The APC biopod as fingerprint reader hardware seemed to be solid, however the Omnipass software that it was bundled with to manage login and authentication was just lacking. In order to log in, it was still required to perform the Windows ctrl-alt-del, and punch in the username. There was no way to configure the whole login process to be driven by just my fingerprint.
    Attempting to find out from APC tech support how to configure it left me frustrated at the lack of response. I had to directly contact Softex (makers of the Omnipass software) several times to clarify the requirements, only to be told that logging in directly with just a fingerprint couldn't be done.
    If that's what you want, go get the Silex fingerprint reader, or maybe the IBM fingerprint reader. Both of which will let you log right in without having to do the ctrl-alt-delete.
    ...more info
    I purchased two of these devices and both are working as intended. I am running one at home and one in the office and have not encountered any problems. With the hundresds of passwords I have for personal accounts and the hundreds of passwords for work stuff these things are a huge time saver and a true blessing. ...more info
  • Buy it Now, or Wait Another Three Months
    Don't know if this thing works.
    Bought it, a couple of months ago, then was advised, by the "support services," to Wait until the next quarter, before updating. Seems the company - which sells the hardware, and the company - which has the software - are under separate contracts. Only so much download time is alotted to the download servers, for each yearly quarter.
    So, unless one wishes to upgrade something-or-other (Spell that "More $"), don't even bother buying the thing, until just before the end of any yearly quarter.
    Even then, aggressive representatives will try to suck more money from you.
    This is another case of a product, which was released, before somebody did the appropriate R&D on the aspects of the thing.
    To put it another way: Windows XP is the most popular program being hyped on the market. I have that system. Haven't been able to get assistance, from either company, for more than just a few weeks. I'm told the original program was developed for windows 98 . One needs the upgrade, for Windows XP. That is all. Play your own odds.
    I challenge rebuttal - kept the emails.
    Good luck to y'all, and God Bless!
    ...more info
  • Use it everyday, for everything!
    I have used this device everyday for the past year and a half. I have many computers, and even got the Microsoft version of it (which sucks...I don't use it because it's just annoying).

    This is simple, quick, customizable and does the job. My minor grip - it annoys you to sign in...sometimes on sites I don't want to sign into. There should be a kill-switch so when you are on a site you can basically tell it not to bother you. F1 maybe?

    Otherwise, this is a great time saver - don't hesitate!...more info
  • APC Biopod
    Hardware seems to be OK. However, it is shipped with a downllevel (3.50) version of the software which does not support Mozilla Firefox....more info
  • Junk
    Don't buy this junk. I installed the hardware and the software with this device and could not get it to scan my finger print. I looked for help or support from both the hardware and software makers, but none was available. If cars worked like most computer technology, we would all be still walking....more info
    I've used this for about 3 months. At first, it seemed to work fine except for secure sites which it did not recognize at all. Then suddenly after 2 weeks of use, it failed to recognize my print. That corresponded to a software upgrade. I had to reinstall the device. Again it worked fine except for secure sites but after a sofware upgrade, I was again locked out and had to install the software again. Just today (7 May 06) another software upgrade killed its recognition capabilities. I'm tossing it out! Only can recommend it if you do not want software upgrades. It is the omnipass software which is the problem!...more info
  • How to use with Firefox.

    While it's true that the software packaged with the device is only compatible with Internet Explorer, there is a way to make it work with Firefox (sort of). Simply download the Firefox extension called IE Tab. This extension allows Firefox to open websites of your choosing with Internet Explorer. The beauty is that it opens these sites within a Firefox tab so it's barely noticeable that IE is being used. Unless you want to fork over the extra money for Omnipass 4.0, I think this is the best solution for Firefox users.

    ...more info
  • Worthless
    I purchased a Biopod in March of 2006. Received brand new unit that included Omnipass software version 2.09. This software version released in 2004.

    Contacted company that produced the software and they refused to upgrade to their latest version (v4) that had been released a month earlier unless they charged me the upgrade fee.

    The version of software that comes with the Biopod (v2.09) pretty much only works with Internet Explorer and other Microsoft software. The new version (4) supposedly works with Firefox and several other non-Microsoft software programs.

    I recommend you avoid this product due to old software. I returned mine and am ordering the IBM Fingerprint Reader....more info
    I purchased this product because of the APC name. I am very happy with their UPS product line for home and office. I am sure the hardware for this unit is manufactured to APC's standards, however, I am disappointed in the software they have chosen at least the version that ships with the unit (Omnipass by Softex). It makes mistakes more times than it gets it right. One annoying thing to me is if you have more than one login for Windows XP a lot of the time the software will switch users and log me into another account. On which by the way, I do have have passwords set. There is a more recent version (V4) of the Softex Omnipass software on Softex's website which might have the bugs worked out but I would have to pay for it. By the way, the latest version of the Omnipass software says it supports the Firefox browser. All in all I like APC and will continue to purchase their products but am lukewarm on this one. I have not tried any others so I cannot say how this one stacks up against other offerings...more info
  • Hardware ok, lousy software, no Firefox support
    I recently installed the PC card version of this finger print reader in my laptop. Install went smoothly. It takes some getting used to getting your finger on the sensor the right way. The software is a resource hog and prone to random crashing. But what irritated me most of all that I found out the hard way that the only browser supported is microsoft intercrap explorer. If this software would support firefox I would have given it 4 stars. Lousy techsupport. Good hardware killed by software that is plain BAD. NOT recommended....more info
  • Works Great!
    Although I didn't buy it through Amazon, I thought I'd write something quick since it looks like it's been a while since anyone's commented on the BioPod.

    I bought mine at Walmart for about $50 (dumb, I know!) and use it at work. I'm in the IT department, so I was able to get one for R&D. Some of our users have literally dozens of passwords they have to type in for various systems and web sites, and although I only have about 10, it's great not having to remember them. I just have to remember to bring my fingers with me. :o)

    The unit works great. I use it to log into our Windows network on my XP machine and to log into several vendor web sites. As long as I'm using MS Internet Explorer, it works flawlessly. It does not work at all with Firefox, which is the only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5.

    We are continuing to look into the security of these types of devices, as most of them come with disclaimers that they shouldn't be used with online banking sites, etc. I don't know if they are admitting a possible security problem or just trying to cover their behinds. Conceptually, I still find fingerprint scanners to be infinitely more secure than writing passwords down on Post-It notes or on pieces of paper "hidden" under keyboards.

    ...more info
  • works great
    I've been looking for a better way of remembering all my passwords for a while. The most reasonably priced units are the APC and the Microsoft brand, I went w/ the APC because Microsoft's has a red lighted ring where you put your finger and I figured this would be distracting since our computer is in the bedroom.

    The APC is VERY easy to set up and use, it's worked flawlessly since the day I put it in (3 month's now). You can't go wrong for $40 bucks. Give it a try, you'll love it....more info
  • Not what I thought it would be.
    If this product fits your needs, then it probably rates 5 stars. It may be a great accessory, but my experience was not so great. First of all, just the process of setting up the passwords was more involved than the roboform system that I have been using. The biggest problem of all, however, was the fact that it can be used with only Internet Explorer. I never saw any mention of that until I had the packaging torn open. I use Firefox, almost exclusively, so this item now sits here doing nothing at all. Fortunately, its cost was low....more info
  • Hardware OK, Software flakey
    I bought two of these a while ago. While the hardware seems to work o.k, the software is a memory hog, and stops working repeatedly in both PCs. Support information on the APC site for the software is sparse, and the Softex website (the company who provides the software) hasn't been updated for a few years.
    Also, we experience many false negatives (failure to recognize a registered finger) for the younger users in my home. I plan on trying the Microsoft reader next. The sensor is made by a different company (digitalpersona vs authentec for the APC), and I understand that it uses a different technology. It also seems to be better supported by Microsoft....more info
  • Works Great
    I bought this to put on my kids computers, to keep them from using each others accounts. Even my 5 year old has no problem using it. After seeing how useful this device can be I'm going to have to buy a couple more.

    I had no trouble installing this device (On Windows XP Pro SP2) takes about 5 minutes and 1 reboot and your logging onto Windows and accessing websites using only your fingerprint. Using this also makes it easier to use more secure passwords and not having to remember things like G5hT38yS(not a real password). Encrypting (and un-encrypting) files is as easy a a right click and placing your finder on the reader.

    This product is well worth the money I spent, I am planning on buying 1 for every computer in my house now!...more info
  • APC Should be Embarassed
    The device is actually a product of Softex, Inc. APC is just putting their logo on it and reselling it. People are supposed to feel comfortable buying it because of APC's name recognition and (up to now) good reputation.

    The device does work - basically. Compared with Microsoft's device, fingerprint recognition is awkward. I find that I sometimes have to adjust my finger position several times before it will "recognize" me. The Microsoft device appears to be far more tolerant of slightly different finger placements.

    When used on Windows XP, the Omnipass software that accompanies the device integrates with that operating system's Fast User Switching ("FUS") mechanism. So if you have multiple users (as for example in a family), you can enroll each person and have Windows automatically log them on to their accounts just by recognizing their individual fingerprint patterns. You can also do a Quick Switch from current user to different user just by placing (different user's) finger in the sensor. This is way more slick than pressing the "User" button on a Logitech keyboard or doing the old Windows+L key combination.

    Unfortunately the Omnipass software is really flaky. When used in a multi-user environment on Windows XP with Fast User Switching, the program will crash / become non-functional quite rapidly after doing just a few switches between users. For example I alternated today between my main account (index finger) and my test account (middle finger) on Windows XP switching back & forth about 3 times. That's it - the program has stopped working and will not work again until I reboot.

    I had two problems open with APC back in the spring & summer of 2004 dealing with this product. The APC support staff seemed completely ill-equipped to address / understand the issues - perhaps it's because APC is just "fronting" the sale & distribution of the product for the real vendor Softex Inc. In both cases they kept closing my problems every 30 days (their problem management software) even though I was waiting for a response from them and the problem was unresolved. I never did get resolutions and my dialogue with the APC support engineers left much to be desired. I basically had to "teach" the engineers how the product is supposed to work, explain what it does, and then explain why it's not working properly. Really...

    Anyway my perception is that we're just in the early days of a flood of such devices / biometric recognition security software solutions. I think the devices by APC & Microsoft that are out currently are just the initial volleys by the software/hardware vendors. I'm sure that there will be far more robust solutions out in the next 6 months. My recommendation - avoid this product (even though it's cheap - less than 50% of what I paid for it 1 year ago).

    Lastly when you use a product like this - to store passwords to financial & other websites, I think one needs to confirm that the software used can be trusted. (See Microsoft, Symantec & other vendors' Trusted Computing initiatives). I have found - from time to time - strange Internet activity on my computer that seems to be related to Omnipass's "WebLink" software update capability. The endpoint for the traffic is neither a site at APC nor at Softex Inc. but what appears to be an end-user on a high speed Internet service somewhere in Texas. Sure, it's probably just checking my version with the currently released version of the software, but in the back of my mind I'm wondering - "are they harvesting the passwords from my Omnipass password vault"? Well basically it seems strange......more info
  • Love this!
    I had no problem installing the product and it immediately went to work to remember my bank logins, my palm, email and everything else I've tried so far. I'm using WinXP SP2 and it works great!...more info
  • Cool AND useful
    I decided a while ago that $20 was the golden price for fingerprint scanners - the price at which they are worth their cost. However, I got impatient and I'm glad I did. I managed to get my Biopod for $40 including shipping and it has been worth it simply in cool factor. Fortunately the annoying voice files are easily replacable (/Softex/Omnipass/Sounds/) and I have gotten plenty of compliments and "wows" from people in my dorm when my computer asks me in a female British accent for "biometric authorization". Just find one of the many text-to-speech sites out there with an interactive demo, and record your own sound files. As far as authorization goes, I have not seen a false positive from my other fingers or my friends' fingers, and the only time I get a negative is when I scan the wrong part of my finger. The Biopod recognizes my finger from a pretty good range of angles and different placements.

    Cool factor aside, the Biopod has saved me a lot of password reset e-mails. It's not secure to use the same password on lots of different web sites these days and it was getting really hard for me to remember them all. When the bundled Omnipass software detects a password field in your active window it prompts you to enter your username and password in the window (for the last time), click on the Omnipass bubble that popped up, and then click on the window containing the fields. From that point on, whenever you visit that site you will be prompted for your fingerprint and logged in. On some sites with certain types of login methods, Omnipass will only be able to fill in the information, not automatically submit it as well, but I have found this to be very rarely the case. The Biopod is a huge time saver. Also, not that I have much cause to use it as a college student, but the encryption feature of the Omnipass software is pretty cool and I'm sure it's useful for those with sensitive data, whether you are hiding it from competitors or your parents.

    I'm running XP Home SP1 and had no trouble setting up, installing, and enrolling. I've noticed no slowdown in any way whatsoever since installing the software, although admittedly not much slows down an Athlon 64 3000 and a GB of RAM.

    I would strongly reccomend the Biopod to anyone looking to store their passwords, protect sensitive data, or just indulge their geeky side. If you want to wait for it to be $30 I wouldn't blame you, but it's a great little device....more info
  • Why didn't I get this sooner?!?!?!?
    I use Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 2, and had been using a virtual wallet to keep track of all my passwords. This product almost completely eliminated the need for the virtual wallet. The Biopod was up and running and was enrolling fingerprints in no time with absolutely no problems.

    There are a few minor issues that are easily overcome:
    The default audio instruction is annoying ("Place your finger on the sensor") -Switching to "Beeps only" is much more palatable.
    File encryption is a little slow. But hey, at least the files are secure!
    The software doesn't work with some websites, such as banking sites. When using Internet Explorer, I get the notice saying that it is "Safeguarding my information" and replaces my ID and Password with asterisks. Remembering one or two passwords is a lot easier that 100!

    I would recommend this product to anyone using Windows XP and wants to stay secure without memorizing a lot of passwords.
    ...more info
  • Great Idea, but not for Windows 2000
    This thing is a terrific idea, but I can't get past the enrollment set-up where it asks for my current Windows password. I'm using Windows 2000 on my Dell desktop and had several contacts with their tech support. A nice guy made suggestions, but the enrollment procedure still gives me an error message saying it doesn't recognize my Windows password or user name. I want my $50 back....more info
    The driver is very unstable and the softwae crashes on a regular basis. Save your money until APC clean up their act....more info
    I, like everyone else, has too many passwords to remember/keep straight/ whatever....this device not only completely eliminates that problem, PLUS...keeps them more secure than when i used to keep them in a file on my computer. I do not know what kind of service the other guy got, but when I called my call was answered right away, problem solved (not with the unit with a shipping problem). A+...more info
  • Not too bad
    I have had my 'BIOPOD' for over a day now and it is working fine. The setup was easy on my XP laptop, and got it going in about 10-20 minutes. It is very small and lightweight, and gives a very accurate reading. The manual for it is very helpful, and shows pictures of most of the steps. The ecryption part works well. APC Customer Service however was not good at all, in my opinion. Overall it was an OK buy for the money, but it could have been better spent....more info