LaserShield BSK13101 Alarm Starter Kit - 24-Hour Panic Button, Siren, Keychain Remote
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Product Description

LaserShield BSK13101 Alarm Starter Kit The LaserShield? Instant Security System is a family of innovative, easy to use, low-cost, security system products. The LaserShield? Starter Kit is ideal for rental homes, apartments, townhomes and condos, and is a perfect security solution for college dormitories, retail stores, offices. Placement of unit Each LaserShield? Wireless Detection Unit is equipped with a state-of-the-art passive infrared detection system. The unit's view of detection spans out from the front of the unit in a 110-degree pattern ranging over 35 feet. Delivering approximately 1100 square feet of detection. The LaserShield? motion sensors samples the ambient room temperature and will detect an intruder's body heat moving across its detection zones. Alarm reporting The Master Alarm Unit will contact the Rapid Response Moniting Service to report the following conditions- alarm, panic, low battery, and cancel. Under normal conditions Lasershield reports the fastest response time in the alarm industry, initiating a return phone call approximately 30 seconds after receiving an alarm signal.

  • Master Alarm Unit sounds a 105-decibel siren; an active and very important line of defense
  • The LaserShield Starter Kit protects any home, apartment, dorm, or small business
  • Simply plug the Master Alarm Unit into a wall outlet
  • Wireless Detection Unit is equipped with a state-of-the-art infrared detection system that
  • Optional 24 x 7 Rapid Response Monitoring Service is available thru Lasershield's
Customer Reviews:
  • Beware of this product
    Laser Shield Security System is not recommended.We have had this product for two years. It has created problems with our telephone line, sometimes "answering " our phone, despite numerous attempts to fix. Last fix was a new monitoring station that not only answered the phone line on the first ring but also left the phone line disconnected until the monitoring station was cut off. Customer service is bad--long waits (20-30 minutes.)
    Alarm was triggered once and computer called neighbor, who didn't imput code fast enough. They came to our house to await police and explain what happened. Turns out the system never contacted the police.
    Customer service offered a three month service charge credit, then billed my credit card for three months.
    Company I bought this from no longer sells these units. You can figure out why. ...more info
  • Excellent product for the money.
    Easy to set-up. The sensor had no trouble spotting me and sounding the alarm.

    Criminals look for easy targets. When the alarm goes off, they are not going to stick around and load your goods into a moving truck.

    Also, if you are home alone and you hear an intruder, just push the key chain remote panic button.

    One of the older reviews complained about the unit not working. The unit is guaranteed and he should have returned it to LaserShield for a replacement.

    As with all security systems, you must arm it when you leave the house or apartment and disarm it when you return.

    And, additional security measures should always be taken--Lock your door! Use window locks! Light up the outside of your house or apartment and be vigilant of your surroundings. ...more info
  • great product and this is not a fake review!!!!!
    I am a widow and live alone.I am very really electronically challenged.This product was so easy to set up,and works great.Very inexpensive too.It really gives me great piece of mind.Also their customer service is outstanding!!!! I wish more companies treated their customers this way.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS FOR ANYONE WHO DOESN'T WANT TO SPEND A LOT OF MONEY FOR A SECURITY SYSTEM AND YOU WANT ONE THAT WORK....more info
  • great product
    ok, i read a lot of the reviews before i purchased the starter kit and I have to say there were more neg reviews than there were pos ones. However, since I rent an apt and knew that other security companies would charge me a set up fee, I went ahead and tried the lasershield system out.

    The system was easy to set up; I was up and fully secured within an hour. I registered everything online and my system was being monitored(again, within an hour!!)

    So how good and serious is this monitoring company? Let me tell you. The next day, my pet rabbit got out of it's area (I had to put my pet where the motion monitors wouldn't detect it which was under one of the monitor) So the my pet (name: Turbo) got out, chewed the power wire of my brand new monitor in half. Eventually, Turbo set off the alarm by triggering the monitor (now running on battery) I'm telling you, they have thought about everything when lasershield designed this unit. So the monitoring company tried calling me first. I didn't hear my cell phone ring so they called the police. Around that same time, I got home and from outside, heard the alarm ringing. So I check my cell phone and noticed a missed call. I called lasershield back, they inform me they just called the police 2 mins ago. Everything looked normal (no broken windows, etc...) so I enter my apt with caution and saw my pet rabbit looking at me from the middle of the room. Right then, the cops rang the doorbell and I told them it was a false alarm. That's my user experience and right there I knew I got something that works.

    I have to say, I wasn't too sure after reading all the neg reviews but this system works great for me....more info
  • lasershield = "laserdud"
    I read the ad and purchased the system through Costco since they have a rep for an excellent price/value relationship.

    Rating the unit-

    Set-up = A. easy to read and follow instructions
    Components = D.
    a).Transmitters are physically large in relation to their function/operation. They are easy to spot by intuders.
    b). base station. Alarm signal is loud enough to be a
    nuisance. Perhaps it was designed to incapacitate intruders through laughter.
    c). Sensitivity = F

    I placed the 2 sensors in logical locations and "broke into" my own house with the system armed. I assumed that the intruder would come during the day. Any intruder with half a brain would see the sensors - they have a big red LED on the front.

    Sadly, I was able to get by the sensors and gain access to all of the house by using very slow deliberate movements. It bears mentioning that I am 6'5" 250 lbs and that I moved within 5' of the front of one of the sensors without setting off the alarm.

    Once I had decided to return the unit, I started moving more naturally to see what the threshold was for me to be detected.
    I was not impressed, to say the least.

    It is true that it would be hard to leave the house carrying
    a TV or a sofa but intruders easily could have walked off with small valuables /jewelry/cash. In fact, without installation of a third sensor they could have opened the garage door and carried 1/2 of the first floor.

    Unless your prospective intruders are remarkably clumsy, or ride (remarkably clumsy) elephants, there is no way this system would detect them.


    ...more info
  • Fake reviews
    I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon and always read the reviews. Almost all of the reviews for this device sound fake, placed to boost the rating of the product. If LaserShield thinks they need to post fake reviews to sell their products, I'd be very skeptical about the quality of what they're selling....more info
  • I think this product is cool
    I bought this product about three months ago and it has worked great for me. I am a 23 year old guy who lives alone in my apartment. I have never thought about buying an alarm system because alarm companies usually don't serve apartments and the ones that do seem to be very expensive for my budget. Lasershield solves these problems because the product is affordable and it offers monitoring that I can afford. This is great! Whenever I move the product and service will come along with me to my next location. I can control the alarm system with my cell phone in order to arm or disarm when I forget to turn it on before I leave. This is cool!!!...more info
  • LaserSheild Home security
    I have not yet purchased a LaserShield, but I am considering it. A friend told me to purchase it. In reading reviews I came across Ross Mendel's. After reading all the reviews I found two that were negative. I checked to see how many people on Amazon frequently rate other products and found many do not. The ones that seem to spend a lot of time rating lots of products seem generally negative. I have a friend who frequently uses Amazon and posted only one review after purchasing a product. That product was LaserShield. Ross seemed to invest a lot of energy and make a lot of assumptions writing about a product he seems to have never purchased or used. I called LaserShield to inquire about the people who placed negative comments. I cannot yet attest to how honest LaserShield is or isn't, but they told me there was no record of purchase or service to either of the people who placed negative comments. It is intesting that someone like Ross invested so much time focused on discrediting all these people sharing their stories of actually using the product. If I made my own assumption it might be a competitor is trying to discredit some genuinely happy customers. There are some very credible 3rd party endorsements about the product on the LaserShield website and google.
    ...more info
  • Home Security
    I have been using this product of over a year. This system was easy to set and operate. It took about 20-30 minutes to plug in the units and activate the monitoring service. This system has added a level of security for me and my family that never existed before. We turn the system on and off by our wireless key pads. It is so simple to use. The value of this system far execeed other products in the market at two or three times the price. I would strongly recommend this product for both home and office use. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!!!!! ...more info
  • Question the authenticity of these reviews...
    I was curious about this product and was amazed to see so many "perfect" reviews. I seldom see so many great reviews for any product on Amazon, so I decided to see what other reviews these people have posted. I found out that these positive posters have not reviewed ANY other products (except one person who reviewed a book)... Typically, Amazon buyers review more than one products, plus the reviews will find something negative to say about a product, even if the overall review is very positive. But these reviews sound like they were written to sell the alarm, rather than to honestly evaluate the product! My educated guess is that these are not authentic reviews at all, but instead were posted by someone who profits from the sale of this device. Take a look at the reviews (written before mine) to judge for yourself....more info
  • Works Like a Charm
    I've only had the system a few days, but I'm very pleased with the set up and how easy it was to activate. My three dogs do not activate the system with the pet guard in place. I've had a hard wired system in the past at my previous home that cost me three thousand dollars for installation because of all the doors and windows. This is really the way to go. This system does exactly what it says it will do.

    ...more info
  • Instant and quick installation!
    The shipment arrived immediately and I was impressed with how fast I installed this system on my own! I highly recommend this system to people who cannot afford the expensive and complicated home security systems. It's a great product for people who want to protect their homes without much hassle and big money....more info
  • LaserShield in Utah
    I have used the LaserShield system for years. It is so easy to use and gives us peace of mind when we leave....more info
  • LaserShield Security System is by far the best
    I have tried 4 different security systems over the last 20 years and have found LaserShield the easiest and most reliable system to install and to use. It has given me control of the monitoring service notification process by allowing me to update the emergency contact information at anytime over the Internet. It gives me the flexibility to have local law enforcement notified or to just notify me on the cellular phone, allowing me to make the decision on what should be done next. Great system and with no false alarms as encountered with the previous systems that I have used.
    ...more info
  • Bought this instant security system for my office
    I bought a Lasershield Security System to protect my small office which has expensive computers and valuable client files - I got my monitoring service activated right away, and I have to say it works just great! The keychain remote arm/disarm is very simple. My wife went into the office without disarming, and the monitoring service called me immediately to notify of a breach in security - this works as good, if not better, than our ADT system in our last house - much easier anyway not having to punch in a code everytime. Highly recommend this product, and I am going to get another for my new house....more info
  • Affordable piece of mind
    My son's girlfriend and her roomates recently had their college apartment broken into. They were obviously very upset about the incident, especially since the thief targeted many of their personal items. Unfortunately, there are a lot of weirdos out there. Upon finding out about this, I purchased them a Lasershield unit. I checked with my son to find out how they liked it. The girls indicated it was very easy to set up and test. They were extremely happy to have the added security in light of what had happened. I plan to purchase another unit for my wife's sister who lives in a small apartment with her 4 year old daughter. This product is perfect for such applications. Thanks Lasershield. ...more info
  • Finally, professional security for renters!
    I'm a single woman who has been renting for quite sometime. Security has always been an issue, especially since I can't install anything in my apartment. I bought the LaserShield security system about 8 months ago. It's amazing how simple it was to set up, I was literally done in 20 minutes! Not once have I had a break in or false alarm. I am so pleased with this product that I bought one for my parents as well. They are just as happy with it as I am. Thanks to LaserShield, I now know that my family and I are protected 24/7....more info
  • Even I could do it right!
    Even I could do it right! I'm not a real technical person so I was skeptical at first. I've always had trouble figuring out how to use alram systems. Our neighbors were burglarized recently. I was leaving town in a few days so I thought I would give it a try. I ordered it on Tuesday and received it before I left town. I had everything set up, including the web signup in about a half hour....whew. I was surprised how easy it was! I turned it on and tested it to make sure it would be watching while I was gone. It worked great! I set it and left town. When I got back, all was safe and sound. Thanks to everyone at Lasershield, feeling safe at home really made my trip better....more info
  • Rock Solid Security
    Bought one of these systems 2 years ago when the company was beta testing. Worked well, but a little quirky at first. Their customer service department was always there to answer questions and sent me two new upgraded systems without me having to ask! I just bought the new X3 system they launched nationwide with and I have to tell you- AWESOME. Got it set up in two minutes. Sensors have twice the range. I have a detection unit in my basement that transmits well over the stated range, including through walls to the third floor. Tested my keychain remotes from my neighbors house across the street. Panic buttons worked great. Nice job. Never had a false alarm, not even from our cats. It's like going from an original macintosh to a brand new Apple Powerbook. The new look ties well with our home too and we couldn't be happier....more info
  • Useless Piece of Junk.
    Alarm system works better as a paperweight. Handheld transmitters don't have enough range to be useful, infrared detector false-alarms constantly (and alerts the monitoring service, who calls the cops, who charge a false alarm fee in my community). Customer service from company is essentially nonexistant.

    Units are cheaply made in china.

    Don't waste your money....more info