WT-1A Wireless Transmitter Set
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Product Description

Instantly transmit images from the D2H to your LAN computer access point using wireless Transmission technology! The ideal accessory for sports photographers, allowing freedom to work in any arena without tethering to a computer. The WT-1A attaches to the bottm of the D2H or D2X, connects through the USB 2.0 port and utilizes the battery power from the camera ( no more than 20% ). It also has eleven frequencies, to minimize the risk of interference with other wireless users. Features: Designed specially for Nikon s D2H and D2X Integrates standard technologies for secure yet flexible wireless transmission Data transmission via FTP method Wireless range up to 500 ft. (150 meters) with optional WA-E1 extension antenna short antenna at approx. 98 ft (30 meters).

  • Nikon WT-1 Wireless Transmitter Set
  • for Nikon D2-H Camera
Customer Reviews:
  • Nikon WT-1a
    I had it connected to my D2x. To set it up working, the WT-1a requires a lot of technical knowhow. If you are the average (or even pro photog)whose computer tech skills are limited, you will hardly get it done. Even if you were successful linking the WT-1A to your computer, maintaining that link in the long run is an irritant because of some glitches that happen from time to time. Transmission time is not that fast as I had anticipated. It takes time for the WT-1a to link-up and "find" your laptop. I have not used it yet with a desktop (could be faster). I had no problems transmitting JPEGs. I tried RAW files and it takes ages waiting for completion of transmission. For the $106 I paid Cameta, it was worth the try. I just wonder why other stores are selling it for over $300. ...more info