CHANNEL VISION C-0434 Ksu Phone Distribution System
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Product Description

If you have a Channel Vision or Leviton structured wiring distribution panel in your home or business, you can use this system to distribute up to eight CO lines to 10 rooms or locations in your space. The KSU Phone Distribution Module is a connection board designed to interface and connect individual phone stations with the KSU control unit. Punch down the incoming lines in the 110-style jacks and/or connect RJ45 lines on the clearly labeled CO Line Inputs section of the board. The module has 10 punchdown ports to connect to rooms; optionally, you can snap in the Converter PCB - 110-To-RJ45 to connect using RJ11 connectors.

  • Provides simple interface between individual stations and the KSU control unit
  • Up to 8 CO lines input via 110 punches
  • Optional RJ-45 connections
  • 10 station side connections via 110 punches
  • RJ-11 and RJ-14 outputs for single and two-pair system compatibility