OPENHOUSE H460 Audio Interface In-wall Plate
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Product Description

The OpenHouse H460 Music Distribution System delivers quality audio to as many as 4 rooms over a single Cat-5 connection to each location. The system can be expanded with additional hubs for distribution in up to 12 rooms. The H460 comes with an interface wall plate and distribution hub. The wall plate delivers audio to the hub, which distributes audio to each location. The perfect partner to the H460 is the OpenHouse H470 (#182-716), a rotary-knob Amplified Volume Control, designed for use with Music Distribution Hub. The H470 provides 15 watts of total power to the speakers. Cat 5 wire is used from the distribution hub to the H470 volume control. From there, speaker wire for both the left and the right channels provide the signal path to each speaker. IR control of the system can be utilized by adding an IR target (#180-766) next to the volume control, which can be wired to the system via the Cat 5. The H460 provides the perfect enhancement to structured wiring by delivering background music to the home. H470 Amplified Volume Controls sold separately. Snaps into the OpenHouse grid in seconds.

  • Single audio source input wall plate for music distribution hub
  • Stereo RCA audio inputs
  • 2 IR emitter outputs
  • Decora? Styling