X10 AM466 Appliance Module
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Product Description

  • Plug-in module allows control of appliances/lamps from anywhere in the house using any X10 controller
  • Works with fans, air conditioners, coffee pots, stereos, TVs and lamps
  • Compatible 15A, 1/3 HP and 500-watt appliances
  • Features:
    • Plug-in module allows control of appliances from anywhere in the house using any X10 controller
    • Works with fans, air conditioners, coffee pots, stereos, TVs and more
    • 15 amps, 1/3 HP, 500 watts
    Customer Reviews:
    • X10 AM466 Appliance Module
      This is just the item needed to control the christmas lighting outside. With the use of x10 module's we can change the display with out have to go out and move cords or unplug move the cord around and reset the timers. By running a few extra cords then hooking them to X10 you just sit it the comfort of your home and change the display....more info
    • A few things about X-10
      If this module (or any other X-10 module) doesn't always work or won't work in certain receptacles it is probably due to weak signal strength and/or interference. There are many web sites that explain this and how to remedy the problem. Electronic ballast energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs can render X-10 systems completely inoperative. Some computers, cell phone chargers, battery powered drill chargers, etc. can also cause X-10 to act unreliably. The problem applies to the X-10 system in general, not the AM466 module in particular. The module does make a loud mechanical "clunk" when its internal relay operates. I use several of these to control holiday lighting displays so they all turn on and off with the press of a single button, regardless of their location in the house. Very convenient and versatile, especially when used with the wireless controllers or the computer interface module. ...more info
    • Loud, Don't always work

      They work good enough for most applications, but don't work everywhere in the house all the time. X10 is known to not work in everyroom with every plug. You might find it doesn't work for plug far away from switch. Loud click noise during switch is not too classy.

      ...more info
    • Great device
      I have many x10's in my home. After 15 years an x10 appliance control died. I am buying 2 more,...more info
    • X10 AM466 Appliance Module
      These are extremely useful and very reasonably priced modules. I've used them for a wide variety of tasks such as turning lights on/off, starting/stopping small appliances, even controlling large 1200 watt heaters. I have about six of them, and after several years of service, they're all still functioning. I highly recommend these units!

      Of course, you need some kind of X10 controller to control them....more info