TRENDnet Wireless Internet Camera Server
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Product Description

Trendnet's TV-IP100W Wireless Internet Camera Server is the perfect device for remote monitoring and transmitting real-time events over the Internet. With the flexibility of IEEE 802.11b/g and 10/100Mbps LAN connectivity, the TV-IP100W functions as a video/surveillance camera allowing you to view live events with your web browser via Internet. This Internet Camera Server has VGA quality streaming video, automatic image capture and event notification via e-mail, making it the ideal solution for Internet video broadcasting applications. Mirror Feature and Anti-Flicker for more flexible Monitoring Allows for Remote Access from Web Browser for Live Image Viewing Supports TCP/IP networking, SMTP e-mail, HTTP and other Internet related protocols Supports Web configuration with password protection Powerful Windows IPView Application Software for multiple cameras monitoring, image capturing and video recording (Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP) Broad Range of Applications for Monitoring Homes, Offices, Banks, Hospitals and a Variety of Private and Public Monitoring Frame Rate - 30fps at QCIF, 25fps at CIF, 10fps at VGA Frequency - 2.4 - 2.4835GHz Antenna Detachable - 2dBi Diversity Antenna (Reverse SMA Connector) Encryption - 64/128 WEP, WPA-PSK Hardware Specifications - CPU RDC R2880, 8Mbytes RAM/Flash 2Mbytes ROM and OS RTOS Requirements - 128MB Memory, Pentium III, 266MHz or above, 800 x 600 or above VGA card resolution, Browser IE 5.0 or Netscape 6.0 or above, Application IPView Software, Windows 98SE, ME, NT4, 2000, XP Dimension - 7.7 x 3.5 x 2 (195x90x50mm) / Height 4.7 (120mm) with stand Weight - 9.8 ounces (277 grams)

  • Product Type - Camera
  • Dimensions WxDxH - 195 x 90 x 50mm
  • Weight - 277g
Customer Reviews:
  • Great in daylight
    Camera works great in daylight, but poorly at night. The ftp setup was a little tricky. For the price it is a very good wireless web cam for adding
    pictures to a website. info
  • Works ok for me
    This camera is working great for me. I've got it set up inside as a turtle cam. I had to change the default IP address in the setup and then setup went smoothly. The only problem I'm having so far is that I have to now reboot my wireless router after every power outage. I don't know why......more info
  • Great camera for the price
    Given the price, my expectations were not very high but this camera has really surprised me. Form factor is good - about the size of a 'real' camera. Construction is plastic but fairly well put together. The picture quality is decent. Configuration was relatively simple. It took very little time getting it onto the wireless network and configuring it to upload pictures periodically to an ftp server (sorry, no SFTP or SCP). Documentation is the biggest weak spot. The camera has definitely worked well for my needs....more info
  • Pretty good starter camera
    I recently bought this camera based on the price and reasonable reviews. After finally getting it working, I can see the reviews pretty much reflect the user experience: either the end user is relatively knowledgeable about routers and/or their configuration is straightforward, in which case the rating is high, or they get frustrated and give up because they can't get the configuration to work, for any variety of reasons, in which case the rating is low. Truth be told, just like PCs, there are so many possible combinations of network/router/ISP that it would be pretty challenging to make the setup bulletproof.

    In any case, let me briefly describe my setup experience, and then I'll explain my overall rating of good (3 stars). I am no network expert by any means, but I love experimenting (that is, until I tried setting this thing up). I plugged the camera into my Linksys WRT54GS router with an ethernet cable (as recommended) in order to configure the camera. The camera comes configured with a static IP of; for this to work properly, the camera and router have to be on the same subnet, so I went into my router configuration utility and changed its IP from to -- this turned out to be a big mistake. Over the course of the next hour or so, it appeared as though everything was working -- I could see the camera functioning, and was able to set various camera parameters (FTP & email server, upload schedule, etc.) but nothing worked -- the camera would not upload any pictures. I then tried calling Trendnet tech support; they answered within 2 minutes (this was around 10 PM at night) but despite being friendly, they essentially read me the info out of the manual, which was of no use. Frustrated, I did some Googling, and came across an epinions review, which led me to the solution: the router does not like to be on the x.x.0.x subnet. Thus, I changed the camera's IP to, and returned the WRT54GS to, and the FTP and email started working! Of course, there were a few other router and camera parameters I had set meantime, which probably needed also to be done, namely to port forward the FTP port (21), email (25) and alternate http (I set it to 1024, but I think the default 81 would be fine too), all these are under Applications & Gaming | Port Range Forward. On the camera, I had to put in the DNS IPs (copied from the Linksys status page, which are assigned by your ISP), the wireless security information (WEP key from the router), and FTP and email information (also provided by your ISP).

    Once the setup was complete, I successfully tested the upload by FTP and email, both worked fine. The view and image quality of the camera is exactly as others have described: limited (narrow angle) view, pretty good in daylight, poor in low light conditions. However for the price, I feel this is a fair trade-off, and rate it good, especially at the $100 price point. If I could figure out how to make it stream, that would make it a real winner....more info
  • Easy to setup and MAC friendly
    I love how easy the TRENDnet Wireless Internet Camera Server ( TV-IP100W Version C1) was to setup! I had it up and running in minutes. I mounted it on the front of my house in a Security Labs SLH-320 Weatherproof Camera Housing and monitor it using SecuritySpy Software ( from my Macintosh. It even allows me to view it remotely from any browser, even from my iPhone! I even hooked it up using EvoCam ( with no problems....more info
  • OK, Support Sucks!
    Its been two weekend's since I have been trying to get this thing working for remote viewing and am running out of patience. The tech support sucks! All they do is blame Comcast (ISP) or the wireless router (Linksys). Their documentation and KB both are below standards. I am no naive with technology or networking but it is still a pain getting this setup. The picture quality looks OK for the price paid....more info
  • Didn't work!!!!!
    I recently bought this item and could not get it to work at all. I could monitor from inside my home, but couldn't access it at all from outside my home. I tried everything from port forward to DMZ Server and nothing. I emailed tech support with my issues and all they did was send me links to things I already tried and it didn't work. They said they didn't currently have anything posted to specifically support the TV-IP100W network issues. Why would you sell a camera and not have the proper documentation to support all troubleshooting areas?...more info
  • great value for the price
    We have gotten a lot of entertainment out of this camera, watching our cat while we're away from home. It took some work to figure out how to make port forwarding work with my Airport hub, but once I got that figured out, using the camera is very straightforward. I like that I can just plug it in anywhere in the house and rely on the wifi connection. At this price, I'm even considering buying a second one....more info
  • So So ...
    For the most part, this product is and works as advertised. It was easy to setup and get going. Even streaming the video over the internet was very easy to do. I was however not very happy with the picture quality. It seamed a little too pixelated and dark. Also I highly recommend that if you are getting one of these, spend a little extra and get the one with sound built in. It's worth it....more info
  • Very Nice Internet Camera After You Stumble Through Setup
    I now own two TrendNet Cameras. One wireless and one wired. They work virtually the same and for my money, the wireless is the best buy. (and I just ordered another one).

    -The dynamic DNS feature makes it easy to publish to the web and view from anywhere.
    -Alternate ports are nice and are essential for sharing multiple cameras from the same site.
    -The user interface is not horrible, but includes very little help.
    -I can't see any difference in performance/quality from wired/wireless.
    -I love the automatic upload feature!
    -Fairly good image quality (see CONS)

    -Very worthless user manual.
    -No good explanation of some of the features/tools.
    -You are on your own if you try to do something fancy. You can do great things, but it is by trial and error.
    -If you are trying to monitor outside (through a window), the changes in shade/sunlight really aren't handled well. Hazy days look the best.
    -The initial setup requires a lot of network knowledge unless you are using defaults on your router (192.168.0.x). WHY NOT JUST USE DHCP?!
    -The wireless uses the same IP as wired and that is not explained anywhere....more info
  • A camera with a bad personality and poor work ethic.
    Some quick points:
    I bought two of these and there is a marked difference in image quality between the two. One gives a very good quality image and the other one gives a very poor image. I picked these over linksys products based upon reviews giving them a more favorable image quality. Here I would just add caution that there is enough in product variability that such claims can not be reliably made.

    for someone with experience setting up wireless cameras this may or may not be an easy setup. I don't fall into that category, and setup was laborious for me, and the written instruction provided by trendnet is poor. If you want to put positive spin on this, despite the inadequate instruction included by the manufacturer I was able to set up the cameras successfully after an hour or two with the aid of the internet. my take is that the setup is more problematic than it should be. below average.

    my chief complaint about the camera is that it does not run like it should, and the included software is horrid. you have two means by which you can program the camera. the first is by connecting directly to its IP address and changing settings directly, and the second is by using the IPview software that is included. Honestly I do not know which one of these works, because in practice the camera only sporadically recognizes the changes. For instance you supposedly can control one of the two led lights on the front of the, on (blinks when camera is active), or dummy (blinks randomly). Thats an easy test, and the cameras largely fail to recognize the instruction. The most concerning problem i have with the camera is that the motion detection almost never works, and I'm beginning to wonder if the IPview software must be turned on to use this feature. A camera pointed at a door always fails to capture me entering or leaving...defeating the whole purpose. If i stand infront of the camera waving i do manage to get an image.

    my experience has been below average, not to say that my results are representative. I am hopeful that with third party software these cameras can be converted into average preformers....more info
  • Took a bit of configuring but working great now!
    I bought 2 of these cameras for nanny cams after comparing via reviews of a bunch of other cams online. I had a ton of trouble initially but found out that the problem I had was with my modem/router (Westell Versalink) rather than the cameras themselves. I had them working initially both-the email settings and the live video internet viewing but the cameras kept popping off my network. I finally called my ISP-ATT and had them send me a new router(2wire) and reconfigured everything and the cameras have been online and working great. I think I may buy 2 more to check on my dogs too! However...if we were rating Trend Net tech support....they would get 0 stars. Absolutely HORRID tech support! Not only do they not know what they are doing but they give you a case number and tell you they are going to call you back within 24-48 hours and NEVER do! This happened to me twice. So basically, if you ge these must troubleshoot yourself....more info
  • Great Cam Love the thing
    I got one to "play with" around the house the monitor from my office. Love the thing! The most difficult part was poking the hole in my firewall (Linksys) but that was really simple too. I don't need sound or panning capability so this is great. Pics are fantastic. If it has a drawback it is that the zoom in the Java mode flickers but that would probably work out with some tinkering. I plan on putting in 3 or 4 more of these as security monitors and to observe the wildlife around the house during the day. See my pics I have posted. ...more info
  • Easy to use
    This is an easy to use wireless webcam. It took a little messing around to get it set up to upload pix to my FTP, but now it's been working great. Very cool toy. :)...more info
  • So so camera server for $100+
    Required some network technical expertise to get the camera to work. Quality is Ok for $100+ toy....more info
  • Excellent value, great picture quality, careful setup required
    I purchased this camera to experiment with a home security setup. Rather than purchase an integrated security system and get stuck with software, cameras, etc, that I don't like, I decided to test some shareware software and go the route of IP cameras. Since wi-fi allows easy access anywhere within my house, IP cameras should work great. I spent several weeks comparison shopping and settled on the TV-IP100W based on its resolution (640x480) capability and wi-fi. I figured about $100 was a good price to test drive a home security system with different sharewares.

    I was very pleased in that I had it operational via lan in 5 minutes. The wi-fi took a few minutes of tweaking with the router to make sure everything worked. I configured my router to always assign the same IP address to the MAC address on the camera and this worked great. I could only get WEP working, as the WPA seemed to elude my efforts. I stuck the camera up near a window overlooking my front lawn and entrance way and was amazed at the quality.

    I ran the camera for the last 5 days continuosly and have had no problems. I've noticed the camera has some really good quality even at dusk and sunrise, but once the sun is down the camera is very poor and the image highly pixellated. Overall, this camera is exactly what I need and I plan on ordering two more, and am considering a fourth upgraded outside model with IR-LEDs and an external housing.

    2008-02-29 It's been one month of continous power-on operation. The camera has never failed to function properly. The images are superb and exceed my expectations. I'm ordering 2 more today to put onto the network and test their viability as well. Given other folks reviews and their quality concerns, I'll post again later as to my experiences.

    2008-11-30 It's been 10+ months of continuous operation of 4 cameras. I have all four corners of my house monitored looking out thru windows. The cameras haven't lost any quality of picture or had issues with continuity of service. The i-Catcher Console software I'm using continuously polls each camera 4 times a second capturing imaging information and also publishing to an integrated web service giving me remote access to all 4 cameras via the web. I'm very pleased with the cameras.

    My recommendation to folks is to start simple, plug into the lan jack and get it running there. Disable any ip blocking software like Norton. Also, if the router only allows certain ranges ( to then you'll have issue accessing This is not the cameras fault - it's your routers. Start there and get each piece working. You'll have these kinds of problems anytime you add IP devices to your network....more info
  • Lousy Tech Support
    Trendnet strikes again. Probably a decent camera, but if you are trying to have someone connect to it from the internet, good luck! I've been working on it off and on for 3 weeks and their tech support is worthless. I've gotten more help from Google searches than from these idiots in TS. Takes 3 days to get a stupid one-line answer from them on email. Take my advice and buy something else!...more info
  • Running like a champ
    I'm using mine as a baby cam. Also, I have it put a picture on my ftp server every 15 minutes, and run scheduled (AT command) batch files to copy the newest jpg to a known file name. Then, I or my family just click the link ( and look at the latest picture.

    I use and some software to keep my home computer's IP updated there. This lets me remotely use a domain name instead of IP address.

    To initially configure it, I had to change the IP of my other computer wired to my router to 192.168.0.x I then configured the wireless camera for and put in the WEP code.

    I have a web server on port 80, so I configured it to also use port 81 (which I put in my browser as :81 after the URL.) I told my Linksys router to send port 81 (and the higher ports the camera uses) to

    It's nice just being able to move it around and plug it into the wall outlet....more info
  • Security Plus
    Easy to set up. Good sensitivity. Works well in low light. Have used other cameras costing much more. This camera for the price is a real bargin....more info
  • Very good camera, awful service
    The camera works very well and the picture is clear. As daylight leaves the picture quality diminishes rapidly. Very good light is required. The problem with Trendnet is the service. I needed to configure my computer and router. It took 1-2 days every time I wanted to speak with someone and if I had to speak tho an agent a second time there was another 1-2 day wait. I am not a tech person and remote access required several settings to be correct. It took me over week to get enough support to get the cameras to work as described. The product manuals assume a certain level of knowledge that I would suspect the average camera installer doesn't have....more info
  • Great Value!
    Easy setup - had it working in 5 minutes. Pretty good application for your windows pc also -- goes out and finds video camera for you to logon and make adjustments to the setup. I have it pointed outside - thru a window and have had no trouble in the 4 weeks it has been online. I even see cars go by at night (headlights fly by) -- it's been very valuable to me as I am on the other side of the world from my normal home right now....more info
  • needs strong wi-fi signal
    Works like a charm -- if you have a strong wi-fi signal at the device....more info
  • excellent picture
    I have four of these, they work quite well. Won the earthlink top 10 webcams with them. The only possible problems you might run into is that they may be a little sensitive to AC line noise. I have two installed in a rural area where the power is not the cleanest I have seen, and about once every couple of weeks one or the other hangs up and has to be reset. I finally bought some timers and power them off once a day. Two others I have installed in a little better area have no problems at all. They do have motion detection, but it appears to be PC based and so you can't have the camera email a photo when it detects motion unless a PC is hooked up.

    I also have a linksys camera and these cameras are 100 times better, although the linksys will email you a video clip when it detects motion, although the motion detection is so insensitive as to be useless (on the linksys).

    These cameras will email a snapshot on a schedule, but not a video clip. They do have a built in ftp client and upload an image on a schedule, and this feature works very well. To see an example image, check these are the cameras in the rural area....more info
  • Simple, effective, compatible
    Works great, right out of the box, compatible with all browsers I've thrown at it, Safari, Firefox, Explorer. Good wireless range. If you're looking at DLink, stop it! Get the Trendnets. I've several WIFI cameras, and these give you the least trouble. Linksys is pretty solid, but only works with Windows, basically. Also loses it's mind occassionally. The Trendnets have neither of these problems. ...more info
  • Overall a good item - would buy again...
    I've bought two of these and am about to get two more as simple webcams set up around our business for customers to view. The wireless is very good and the interface, though a bit clumsy, is easy to understand.

    The only disadvantage is the lack of a replaceable/interchangeable lens, or an option for a wide angle shot....more info
  • Not bad for the price
    Bought this item as a nanny cam. And overall it has been okay for the price. Just a few issues I had:

    1) The camera's IP is defaulted to So you have to make sure you're on the same network in order to configure it. I had to reconfigure my router/network to 192.168.0.XXX domain. I have several computers and printers on the network with static IPs (that's not 192.168.0.XXX), so everything had to change just to access the camera in order to reconfigure it to my network preference, then I had to revert my router and all equipment back to its original setting. A bit of a pain, but workable.

    2) The actual GUI interface into the camera is poor and looks absolutely nothing like the User's Guide. Either they forgot to install the latest firmware on my camera or its false documentation.

    3) The biggest problem is that I can't access the camera's Video mode from outside my router. I can get to the static images it takes, but when trying to utilize the applet or ActiveX control from the internet, it just goes blank. I think the applet might not have been written to recognize port-forwarding. So I'm just stuck with looking at a still image and manually hitting reload on the browser for an update. No live-video ... bites.

    4) And of course it's not a wide angle lens, so your viewing area is very limited. But I guess that's what you get for the price.
    ...more info
  • good for the price
    The camera sends out reasonable quality video in daylight, with low light performance being pretty bad, but I don't think you can reasonably expect more for the price. The setup was straightforward, and went without a hitch. My only real quibble is that the lens angle is extremely narrow. You can't use this as a security camera, as you'll never be able to see anything close to an entire room. I note though that there aren't any (at least that I can find) wide angle network cameras without going into a price range that I can't really afford, so I'll stick with what I have....more info
  • Great WiFi Home Camera, works perfect on the mac
    I recently installed this in my one bedroom city apartment - with very little hassle and easy setup. The installation of the program is a breeze for anyone who's managed a simple home router (linksys, dlink, etc) - with static/dynamic options, and web viewing configurations. Initially I was afraid viewing the system remotely would be limited to the spawn of web development known as activex, but they offered a cross browser java version as well. It does offer some remote saving features if you have your own server, but it's continuous, not motion based; I recommend Ben's Security Spy Software (SecuritySpy for your search, run you about 20-30 dollars) for those of you looking for a simple at home, mac, method of surveillance. My only gripe has been that it doesn't handle light too well... and at times it can make a picture washed out or too dark - but I expect a simple camera like this to not be near that flexible, and it does what it does much better than many of the other cameras in this price range (and I've taken back Linksys and D-Link ones prior to purchasing this one). Recommended for anyone wanting a decent home security system in the $100 price range or close too it. ...more info
  • trendnet camera
    Assembly was easy,didn't need the manual.Had no problems accessing the camera from my pc.Picture was very good considering the low resolution and if there was enough light.Configuring the camera was very easy.I was unable to access at first it remotely but after contacting the online support,who was extremely helpful, I was able to view the camera's homepage.But since my comapany has firewall restrictions,I was unable to view a live picture but the online support was able to.Overall it's very good camera....more info
  • Good replacement for D-Link DCS-900W
    I bought this camera after the transmitter in one of D-Link DCS-900W wireless cameras died finally.

    The TV-IP100W seems to have very similar if not identical hardware as the D-Link DCS-900W with a few added features such as picture email and FTP.

    The TV-IP100W was very easy to configure and I got it up and running in just a few minutes. It seems that TrendNet has done a better job with the hardware and software design than D-Link.

    The web interface of the TV-IP100W looks very similiar to its D-Link cousin and it works the same with the open source "motion" software.

    Image quality is as good if not a little better than the D-Link model.

    The lens of the TV-IP100W seems to be more susceptible to glare from light sources that are near the field of view. I may have to rig up some sort of cowling to keep the glare from my front porch light from interfering with the picture.

    I bought this camera instead of another D-Link DCS-900W because I was tired of the finicky nature of the D-Link DCS-900W. So far it seems to be of similar if not better reliability.

    The last word is that it doesn't look silly like the DCS-900W. The TV-IP100W actually looks like a camera and will probably fit in camera housing much easier than the D-Link model...more info