Norazza DD3001A CD and DVD Data Destroyer
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Product Description

Norazza has led the way in the development of innovative accessories through an unyielding commitment to produce only the highest quality products. Norazza represents one of the most complete lines of premium quality photo, video and digital accessories available today.PRODUCT FEATURES: The Data Destroyer damages disks on both sides, leaving your unwanted DVDs and CDs unreadable; Prevents unauthorized use of data stored on discarded CDs and DVDs; Eliminates the risk of corporate and identity theft; Destroys 15 disks per minute; Compact and easy to store and use.

  • For use with CDs, DVDs, VCDs, and mini discs
  • Destroys up to 15 discs per minute, 1 at a time
  • Damages discs on both sides, leaving data completely unreadable
  • Helps guard against data and identity theft at home and in the office
  • Easy-to-use front button controls
Customer Reviews:
  • CD/DVD Data Destroyer
    Product works very well. Fits quite nicely on the desk, a rather small footprint compared to some devices. It is very quick and takes just a few seconds to destroy the data on the disk. It is much better and cleaner than a device that shreds DVDs/CDs. I have used both types and prefer this method over any others. I tried to read the data back on several CD's that were run through the device and it could not read anything. Very efficient for the price....more info
    do NOT buy if you have small children in the house. do NOT NOT NOT. ended up being the costliest gadget I ever bought....more info
  • Perfectly destructive!
    I received this item a week ago and am very pleased with it. The only downside I have found is that when it first pops what I assume is the seal over the CD/DVD, the resulting noise is a VERY loud POP for such a little machine! Suggestion: Wear headphones and listen to music while you use it!

    Otherwise, it is perfect! Discs are perforated with numerous little holes; data recovery would be nearly (or perhaps totally) impossible. After running my discs through this, I have no qualms about throwing out my old discs from backup sessions.

    *Note* Do not expect it to shred your CDs/DVDs the way paper shredders do. They will still be entirely round, but top and bottom will be -very- perforated! ...more info
  • Anyone concerned about their privacy, should own one of these.
    NRZDD3001 Data Destroyer, CD/DVD Data Shredder, Processes up to 15 Disks/Minute
    I purchased this item on 3/8/2008 & received it on 3/12/2008. It's everything it's advertised to be. It waffels both sides of the DVD or CD destroying the data & rendering them unreadable. It's relatively quiet & compact, taking up little room on a desk. It's simple to use & the fact that it doesn't actually shred the CD/DVD's causing a mess, is a plus. No more protective eyewear & work gloves. Also, the price is right. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Works great. Includes 5 free software programs. 2 coupons.A+
    Works very well. I ran my CD and DVD "test subjects" thru about 10 times and the discs would physically start to curl up, like a potato chip.

    Which would further prevent any attempt to read them.

    Of course, I was just playing around with this new toy, but I think just once thru the unit will really mess up any chances at recovery of data.

    Also, my box, bought via Office Depot included FIVE software titles: [reportedly worth $149.99]
    1. Hacker smacker - firewall
    2. Stop Spam
    3. Internet Cleanup
    4. Stuffit - standard edition
    5. Restore it 3

    And 2 more bonuses:

    1. FREE subscription to the spamslicer program [Home edition]
    or $50.00 off the business edition.
    [I'm not going to type it all out, but details of what spam slicer is and the program available to anyone that buys this unit, are available at (...)].

    2. ID theft prevention - (...)


    I think this item is more than sufficient for the home and/or small business user.

    Norazza company offers larger data disc destroyer units for folks that need to destroy massive quantities of discs, on a regular basis.

    2 thumbs up !...more info
  • Great Product , fast delivery - instant solution
    I was looking for an innovative product that could quickly and affordably destroy a large number of cd/dvds. I work for a small business and we have lots of disks to be destroyed on a regular basis. This was an instant solution and very affordable. We are so pleased that we plan on making it mandatory to have on everyone's desktop! DON'T HESITATE, BUY IT NOW!!!!...more info
  • I love this product! Everyone should own one
    I work for a small business and we can't afford the risks of data theft. Having this unit has put my mind to ease, especially since I work with very sensitive data.

    If you love gadgets, this is an extremely cool product to have. Its sleek and within seconds destroys your data. Its very compact and heavy duty, so its durable and can easily fit in a home office, as well as any place at work. You just insert the disc and within seconds thousand of tiny imprints are made on both sides of the disc making the disc unreadable.

    This is a great product because it securely destroys the data without having to shred the disc and having shattered broken pieces of plastic everywhere. For anyone who has owned or operated a disc shredder, they are very messy. This is an excellent alternative. Is so quick and easy to use, anyone can operate it.

    This should be a household requirement, as much as any other appliance in your home.

    I received my Norazza Data Destroyer within a couple days of placing my order which was very fast service.

    I strongly recommend this product for personal as well as for business use!!! ...more info