Crosley 302 Desk Phone CR60-Black
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Product Description

Whether for its beauty or its brawn. The Crosley 302 Desk Phone is surely a conversation piece in any setting. The Crosley 302 Desk Phone features the nostalgic rotary dial but actually functions with push button technology. No more waiting for that rotary dial to make its excruciating slow rotation.

  • Rotary Dial Fashion Plate with Push Button Technology
  • Flash/Redial
  • Ringer Volume ON/OFF Switch
  • Tone/Pulse switch
  • Earpiece Volume Control
Customer Reviews:
  • modern retro
    love this phone. it is substantial, has an old fashioned ring and circular "dial" with touch tone buttons. just what we were looking for. ...more info
  • Not recommended!
    Start exercising your arm muscles before buying this product. The received is very heavy. I purchased this phone for my 81 year old aunt since she had always used rotary phones. She can barely hold the receiver!

    I am not too impressed with the design - looks like a cheap imitation and not like the real thing....more info
  • Nice Nostalgia Phone
    Phone arrived quickly. Looks great. It's of sufficient weight that it doesn't slide around when using it. Nice nostalgic ring to it though I wish the volume had more adjustments. All in all very happy. ...more info
  • Crosley 302 -- made me Cross!
    The hardwired 7' cord is silly for a wall phone. I was intending to put a 25-50 cord on this given that's what it was intended to replace.

    The other issue is the ringer....they attribute the "meek dingk" ring to having too many phones plugged in which decreases volume. Hmmmm....the ORIGINAL BELL wall phone that was replaced didn't have any problem with decibels.

    While the looks and heft are nice, it doesn't make up for the other deficiencies. Conclusion: NOT WORTH the purchase price....more info
  • Excellent Product
    This is the heavy duty, easy to hold, desk phone with the familiar old-fashioned ring. The flash and redial features are incorporated in the face plate. This is a great product....more info
  • Great retro phone!
    For anyone who wants a wonderful retro phone (i.e., not sure the era of it but it seems very 30s-40s to me), this is it. My grandmother had one of these and it certainly looks and feels authentic. It is substantially heavy -- the handset has weight to it, just like her old handset. We have an old house with a phone nook so this looks just perfect. I thought the price was pretty reasonable too. We also have the wall phone counterpart to it in our kitchen and that looks and feels great too.

    The only potential downside to the phone is that everything is hard wired into it (i.e., you cannot change out the handset cord or the wall cord if it becomes damaged or you want something shorter -- it's that authentic!) Hence, if you are going to do a lot of stretching of the cord, sitting far away from the phone, etc. it could potentially pose a problem down the road if the wiring becomes loose due to wear and tear. That being said, any electrician's repair shop could probably fix it and whose to say that will even happen. Crosley has been making phones for years and their products are solid and well made. In my opinion, the benefits certainly outweigh any concern associated with this aspect of the phone. I would highly recommend it and the wall unit to anyone interested in this classic look. ...more info
  • Retro Charm, Sturdy, Fully Functional
    if you're looking for an old fashioned phone without the dialing action, this one fills the bill. great sound quality, nice weight, good button response, and so far, no glitches. it even has flash & redial buttons cleverly disguised in the center of the keypad. no caller id lcd or phone number memory, but that would really spoil the retro charm. we use an antiquated ameritech caller id machine with it, and the two get along fine....more info