Achiever 12 sheet Micro-cut Shredder
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Product Description

Security Special! Fast, Efficient Shredder. Protect your home and business from identify theft. This high-performance, durably built Achiever CCS-5000 shredder is ideal for home and office use. Stop info and identity thieves in their tracks. Take temptation away from wandering eyes. Shred confidential documents and credit cards quickly and easily with the Achiever CCS-5000 cross cut. It's the perfect shredder for financial documents, phone bills, credit card slips and bank statements. The attractively styled Achiever CCS-5000 shreds at 7.5 feet per minute! Buy now at our incomparably low price.

  • Micro-Shred Size 3/8 X 1/4
  • 9.0 Gallon Basket w/ casters
  • CD, Credit Card & staple Shredding
  • Safety Switch auto turn off when basket is removed
  • Thermal protection from over-heating
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Shredder
    I purchased this shredder for use in the Communications area of a hospital. This machine receives heavy daily use and has been in service almost 2 years now without any problems. I highly recommend this shredder for medium office and certainly any home use....more info
  • Great small office machine
    We have been using the Achiever 12 sheet micro-cut shredder now for over a month with no complaints. It gets used daily and I love the ability to feed junk mail through without having the open it. The "12 sheet" part may be a bit misleading but i have had no problems feeding 8 or 9 sheets at once. The small micro-cut means we'll be emptying the large bin a lot less often as well.

    Overall I would recommend this product to a friend (in fact already have)....more info
  • The best confetti shredder around.
    Achiever Maximum Security Heavy-Duty Cross-Cut Shredder - Achiever shredder CCS5000 confetti, and the SCS/6 stripcut were designed to handle 12 sheets of 20 lb paper at a time. The shreds are approximately 1/4" x 1/4". It is a heavy unit that comes in 2 pieces, top and bottom. Basket holds 1000 sheets of paper before you have to empty it.

    We have 4 of them in our offices since the year 2000 and they are still as quiet as brand new. It is true that it has a plastic gear that will loose teeth if the paper jam is severe. This does happen at times and we learned that if it jams, DON'T THROW IT IN REVERSE. This is when the gear pops. Pull out the jam by hand from the front or from inside.

    We have shredded DVD's, Credit Cards and on occasion staples and paper clips. If common sense & good office practices are used, this unit will last for a very long time.

    Shredder Depot. in Miami, FL [..] have replacement gears and also baskets and other parts. They do repairs and even do a head swap at a reasonable cost.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Home Shredder
    This shredder cross cuts to the size 1/4 x 1/8 which is why I say Excellent in the title; yes it say's it shred 12 sheets of paper, it might don't try it. Use 4~6 sheets it great- home use only and oil it when it gets noisy. ...more info
  • Fantastic Product
    Absolutely best shredder for the money. Bought the same one years ago and have had zero problems....more info
  • Best Buy for security purposes. Does what it's supposed to.
    This is the only shredder i could find after 2 weeks of researching online and locally, for under $800 that can do "true' cross-cut confetti shredding (3/16" x 1/4"). I can see where it may be flimsy if you tried to put too much paper or something plastic in the shredder. I never run more than 5 papers papers thick through this badboy and it's worked like a charm for 3 months now. I am not using in a busines setting, just @ home. The first couple of days I shredded a box full of paper, no jams or problems, but now I probably only shred a stack of paper per week.
    I purchased online for cheap. Upon recieving the unit, oil was leaking out the backside, no big deal really. I called customer support, got through right away and they told me it was normal from the rigors of shipping. Great purchase as the strip shredders out there are a JOKE for privacy/security purposes.

    Update: I see this unit is available again through Amazon's partner, TigerDirect. Just wanted to say that after 2 years of regular use (about once or twice a week), this shredder is still doing its job quite well....more info
  • Great shredder at a low price - very small size shreds
    This is a great shredder. I had one for years and purchased another one of these last year. If you look around, you'll see other "cross-cut" shredders are really strip shredders. Check the size of the shred you get; this one is very small and works better for confidential documents. Finding a shredder that makes this small of a shredd is very difficult.

    Like any piece of equipment, you cannot abuse it. Just run it like the manufacturer says and you'll have no problem. You can't buy a shredder and run it for a long time straight with no rest, for example....more info
  • Can't rate any lower...
    This is a piece of junk shredder. Had only a little while before it broke. Found out that the main drive gear is plastic and when it breaks, you are out of luck as no parts for these units are available. I suggest you look more before you buy this one....more info
  • Service
    Received in 9 days and broken the following week...Home Depot only gave 14 days return policy. now I was past their return policy date...Poor service from Office Depot..Tried to return to store but could not!! After much discussion I was able to have Home depot pickup and return; but I purchase thru Amazon and now I don't get the state tax credited to my account.....more info