MOBI MobiCam System
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Product Description

The MobiCam system is the most compact, portable and multi-function color handheld wireless monitoring system available. Designed specifically for easy mobility of both the camera and the receiver, the MobiCam system can be moved to any location within the home. But MobiCam is not limited just to home use -- the compact, lightweight design can be transported anywhere and ready for use instantly. Because it has a transmission range of up to 300 feet and 2.4 GHz technology, your security and peace of mind is always within sight.


  • Ultra-high resolution TFT color monitor with 2.4 GHz signal penetrates walls, floors, and ceilings, at a range of up to 300 feet
  • Night Vision with I/R Technology allows viewing in total darkness, at a range of up to 10 feet
  • Compact design lets you monitor your loved ones at any location with ease
  • Automatic, voice-activated video transmission has adjustable sensitivity
  • Camera and receiver mounts are included for added installation options, quick removal and repositioning
  • Compact camera design allows you to position and monitor small spaces, such as baby cribs or narrow shelves
  • Dual power (battery & A/C) operation of camera and monitor allow for total mobility and use anywhere in your home, while traveling, visiting family and more
  • Included A/V cable allows for connection to larger TVs or VCRs, for added convenience and security
  • Optional PC software and adapter allows for automated recording, monitoring and notification via the internet, your cell phone or pager
  • 1.5" color display
  • Adjustable camera-viewing angle
  • Low battery power indicator
  • Requires 8 "AA" batteries (not included)

The MOBI technologies 70001 MobiCam Wireless System is a simple, reliable, and highly economical solution for any basic remote monitoring needs. Requiring no installation, the 70001 MobiCam system's compact design and wireless technology allow you to position the camera and monitor virtually anywhere making it both easy to use and completely portable. The 70001's camera features automatic voice-activated video transmission with an adjustable sensitivity, as well as IR (InfraRed) LEDs (light emitting diodes) that allow you to receive a picture in total darkness, making it an ideal solution as a baby monitor or for other in-home surveillance.

The 70001 MobiCam's camera utilizes the NTSC signal system to achieve 510 by 492 effective pixels of resolution. The IR LED emitters allow this camera to receive a picture under no-light (0 Lux) conditions up to 10-feet away, while the built-in microphone allows for one-way audio transmission and enables the voice-activated video transmission feature. The MobiCam's camera includes a built-in 2.4 GHz omni-directional antenna and three selectable channels that allow you to use multiple cameras with a single monitor. This unit's compact design allows it to be placed in tight spaces such as cribs or shelves, while its adjustable ball-mount-style camera lens lets you achieve an optimum viewing angle. The MOBI 70001 camera can run on either nine-volts DC power via an included AC/DC adapter or eight AA batteries for additional portability, and has an operating temperature of 0 to 40 degrees Celsius.

The 70001 MobiCam's 2.4 GHz monitor allows for signal reception from up to 300-feet away with a clear line of sight. This unit utilizes a 1.5-inch TFT (Thin Film Transistor, or active-matrix) LCD (liquid crystal display) screen that provides you with a clear and sharp picture with 490 by 240 effective pixels. The MOBI 70001 monitor includes three selectable channels to allow you to monitor multiple rooms, and a standard A/V (audio/video) output jack for connecting to a TV or VCR. The 70001's monitor runs on batteries or via an included AC/DC adapter, while optional PC software and an adapter allows for automated recording via the Internet, your cell phone or pager.

Technical Features:

  • Signal distance: up to 300-feet (clear line of sight)
  • Signal types: 2.4 GHz wireless transmission, NTSC TV system
  • Sensitivity: minimum illumination of 0 Lux up to 10-feet
  • Effective pixels: 510 x 492 for camera, 490 x 240 for monitor
  • Camera operating temperature: 0 to 40 degrees Celsius
  • Camera dimensions: approximately 9.2 x 5.9 x 12.3 centimeters (W x D x H)
Designed primarily for indoor use, the MOBI 70001 MobiCam system deserves serious consideration as one of the easiest and most portable economical monitoring solutions available, especially for parents traveling with a small child. While both camera and monitor are freestanding units, mounts are included for each allowing additional installation options. This system is made in the USA and was the winner of the 2004 iParenting Media Award. Users should note that the camera's image sensor may become permanently damaged if exposed to long hours of direct sunlight or halogen light, so the camera should not be mounted or pointed directly at the sun or other bright-light sources.

About Surveillance Camera Technical Features
Lux rating is the measurement used to indicate how sensitive a camera is to light, and stands for the level of light reflected off a piece of paper by a candle from one meter away. Thus a sensitivity of three Lux would mean a camera could generate an acceptable picture of a piece-of-paper-sized object that was illuminated by the equivalent of three candles from one meter away. The lower the Lux level, the better the camera's ability to work in low-light conditions. The camera's resolution should be greater than or equal to the resolution supported by the system's recorder or monitor. The S/N, or signal to noise ratio, is an important measure of a camera's quality. A poor camera, low-light conditions or poor wiring causes "noise" which consumes processing power and disk space. A camera with a wide dynamic range is ideal, especially for recording areas in which both indoor and outdoor light are present. CCD (charge-coupled device) sensors provide high-quality images that are less susceptible to noise. CMOS (complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor) sensors offer less image quality, but are usually more cost-effective and energy efficient.

What's in the Box
Camera, monitor, mounting kit, A/V cable, and AC adapter.

  • Ultra high resolution TFT color monitor with 2.4 GHz signal penetrates walls, floors and ceilings up to 300?
  • Features automatic voice activated video transmission with adjustable sensitivity
  • Compact camera design allows you to position and monitor small spaces such as baby cribs and narrow shelves
  • Included A/V cable allows for connection to large TVs or VCRs for added convenience and security
  • Optional PC software and adapter allows for automated recording, monitoring and notification via the internet, your cell phone or pager
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't buying this product!
    I only used the monitor 5 days... and monitor doesn't work everday [just some time]!
    ...more info
  • Where was the FCC on this product?
    This product was perfect for us. Having a color video with night-vision is awesome. Saves you trips up and down the stairs, and lets you see what the baby is doing without having to peek in their rooms.

    However, the reception on these is not great. They interfere with everything wireless. The camera killed my wifi, and even changing channels on both didn't help. I had to move my wifi around. Everything from wifi, cordless phones, cellphones and especially bluetooth create massively annoying static.

    I hope to find a better product by my next child, because when they work properly they are very convenient.

    I will admit that I am a gadget freak and probably didn't have room for one more 2.4GHz wifi device in my house....more info
  • Mobicam a waste of money
    The mobicam system was purchased for me as a gift at my baby shower. The equipment worked okay for a few weeks. After that, I can barely see my son with the monitor sitting only five feet away from him. The static and interference are absolutely horrible. I can hear my son through my bedroom walls before I can hear it on the monitor. My set came with three cameras and two receivers. One camera does not even work anymore. Do not buy this item!...more info
  • Better reception than other brand!
    I love this system. We had another brand summer infant and I always had horrible reception. I get perfect crystal clear reception throughout most of the house. The only problem area is the kitchen so I just leave it in the family room. It does make a lot of noise when the microwave is on so I just turn the volume down while using the microwave. I have had the camera for over a year now and it is still working perfect! In fact I just bought another "eye" for in my sons room and I am getting rid of the other monitor altogether....more info
  • Many problems
    I wish I had checked more into this product before buying. Almost any other household appliance will interfere with this monitor (microwave, vacume, radio, white noise sound machine, etc.) Also video quit working after 9 months...called and only a 30-day warranty.....I will be buying another MUCH better rated monitor from Amazon this time. Do NOT buy....more info
    This thing is terrible you'd be better off using your own ears you can not go any where in the house with it. it works best about 20ft away but still has static and a fuzzy picture. Don't waste time spend the extra money and getr something better you'll end up buying something new within a week any ways plus with the static you won't be able to sleep. The only thing good about this item is the night vision....more info
  • Don't buy
    I got a mobi-cam because my child didn't make noise when she woke up. My mobi-cam always had interference and static. Resolution was poor at best. Within 4 months the camera stop showing, although I could sometimes have sound. When I contacted Mobi Technologies the person told me the warranty is only for 30 days - nothing they would do. DO NOT buy this....more info
  • Don't buy
    I got a mobi-cam because my child didn't make noise when she woke up. My mobi-cam always had interference and static. Resolution was poor at best. Within 4 months the camera stop showing, although I could sometimes have sound. When I contacted Mobi Technologies the person told me the warranty is only for 30 days - nothing they would do. DO NOT buy this....more info
  • Buy a different one!
    I bought this about 10 months ago with an additional camera. The night vision only works on one of the cameras and the interference is horrible. It snaps and pops all night long and I have to move it all around to find "just the right spot".I actually have to sleep with earplugs in to drown out the noise. I live in a single story 2100 sq. foot house. I should have returned it right away, but I kept it because I had no other monitor at the time. Now, 10 months later, the volume control does not work anymore! I am now trying to find a new monitor. I love having the video monitor though, so I will look for a different brand....more info
  • Perfectly uselesss!
    I received this monitor as a baby shower gift, but it was something I had particularly wanted. I was extremely disappointed when I found it didn't work at all! There is so much sound interference it's impossible to tell if the noises are the baby or the interference. We disconnected every electronic appliance in the house (cordless phone, microwave, even turned off our cell phones) and still the interference was there. The video reception is awful, supposed to be up to 300 feet, we are only roughly 20 feet away and still the picture is terrible. I swear it was supposed to have "night vision" - forget it, non-existent. I'm off the video monitoring; I'm on-line now to buy an old-fashioned voice monitor....more info
  • I recommend ! ! !
    It's great. I hadn't any problem with phone interference.I recommend....more info
  • Inflexible & High Interference
    Because the camera eye moves only in one direction, the device had to be permanently attached on a wall across baby's bed. You have to decide whether you want sacrifice the resolution to see the entire crib (older child can crawl away from the view) or see just a part of it. We have cell phones and wireless network so static was pretty bad. We went with Graco's excellent digital iMonitor. ...more info
  • did not work off the bat
    Very dissappointed. My son (I bought this for them) hooked it up and there is so much interference it cannot be used. Audio just static and noise.

    I did find it interesting that the instructions tell you it might NOT work. Try telling this to me before I purchase thank you. This is the last I purchase equipment on-line. I will stick to books thank you very much....more info
  • Great Camera - just a couple problems
    We purchased this camera and have been using it for a couple months now. It is a great tool for watching our 20 month old son in his playroom during the day if you have to leave the room for anything and also at night when he makes noise and you aren't sure whether or not he is really up and awake needing you. Pro's and Con's: Daytime - picture pretty clear but monitor small; Night vision - you can tell if he is standing up and walking around in the crib but you can't see well enough to see if he looks happy, sick or upset; Range - I can use it throughout the house but from one end to the other the picture and sound quality suffer somewhat; Battery Power - poor so I just keep it plugged into an outlet; Mounting brackets - good; and Interference with Wireless Network - completely interfered and rendered wireless network unusuable until by brother-in-law reprogramed the wireless network to a different frequency....more info
  • beware near microwaves!!
    The box gives no warning but the first day I opened it up and used the monitor it worked perfectly until I used the microwave in the kitchen. The monitor went crazy made awful noises and stopped working completely. The next day I got it working again but it is not working that good and I think I should just plan on returning it before it is too late and I'm stuck. Other than that the picture and sound quality seemed good. ...more info
  • Great Device - Highly Recommended
    I almost didn't buy this camera based on all the negative reviews up here on Amazon, but I decided to give it shot and as it turned out I am extremely happy with this camera and would highly recommend it to any new parents.

    No it will not give you an image that is as good as your camcorder. Yes there may be some static and interference in the picture. Yes it may interfere with your wireless network (just turn off the camera whenever you go online, or if you are feeling motivated you can pretty easily tweak your wireless network so they don't conflict).

    But what you *do* get is a self-contained wireless video camera that can shoot in total darkness ... plus a portable battery powered video monitor for only $120. And it actually works and can be set up in a few minutes. That is amazing to me.

    Also there is an AV Out on the Mobi's video monitor so you can run the (included) cable directly from the Mobi monitor to your main TV set. My wife and I usually like to watch one tv show before we go to sleep, this is the one time of day we can relax and just spend time together, and it is extremely useful to be able to just hit a button on the remote and go from "Project Runway" to a real time image of our baby sleeping in the next room.

    You can also set the Mobi monitor to only turn on when there is movement - we set the little Mobi monitor next to our TV so if we see it turn on we can swith the main tv over to see a what is happening on our big screen.

    We have audio monitors but being able to actually SEE your baby is much, much more helpful. Oftentimes our daughter will fuss silently before actually waking up, so when we see her start to move around we know we need to get ready to deal with her.

    Also you don't need to be "gadget dad" to make this work. We just plugged ours in, set the frequency (A, B or C), and it was good to go.

    So, if you can afford the $120 I would highly recommend this device. It has made us much more effective parents....more info
  • Worked for 4 months!
    This monitor worked pretty well for 4 months. We purchased this monitor and it worked well provided we were in the next room or on the same floor as the receiver. However, when we were downstairs (baby's room upstairs next to our's) the monitor was fuzzy, and had static and lines running thru. We were still able to have audio recpetion. After 4 months, the picture disappeared, audio was still operational. Not a good camera for long term....more info
  • Don't Waste your $$$$$$
    Horrible system and because we purchased before baby was born and didn't use this system until she was in her own room (at 3 month mark) - we went over the 90 day warranty and basically tuff luck is what we got from customer service....more info
  • Thank you Mobicam!!!
    We used to have a simple audio monitor. We noticed that it was not enough when our 1 year old daughter was at the edge of the stairs after waking up in complete silence. This device has been one of the best things we have acquired. Now we can see and listen her whenever she's playing in the backyard or sleeping in our bed. I wish there were some kind of mechanism to move the camera remotely as we have the camera in one of the rooms and the screen at the kitchen. Night vision is also a terrific and very appreciated feature. It's really a must have device....more info
  • Terrible product, terrible customer service.
    We live in a small 2 bedroom home so you can imagine my shock when these supposedly high-tech monitors couldn't even project a clear image from one room to the next. The fine print on the box says they are intended for "up to 300 ft, clear line of sight" and that doors, walls, etc may cause interference. What's the point in that? Who could ever be the length of a football field away from their baby with no walls or doors between them?? And if you could, why would you need a monitor? Customer service was no help. They said my 2.4 gHz phones were interfering but I disconnected them and that was not the case. They also suggested I buy their newest monitor, on 900mHz, for even more money. Terrible picture and only the sound of static when used a mere 30 feet away around a corner. Waste of money - do not buy!...more info
  • Far from perfect, including tech. support
    We have our set with two camera for over 2 years. First, I was very happy with the quality of the night vision and to be able to see my toddler sleeping instead of wondering around looking for us was a piece of mind. After 4 month, one of the camera's AC adapter broke. I called the company and they told me to get one from RadioShack. So we spent $20 on a new adapter and everything worked OK. By the way, it eats up the batteries in a couple of hours. I tried to use it overseas, but I needed a new set of batteries every day. After 1 year the AC for the receiver broke. First I tried RadioShack but this time they could not match the adapter with mine. No help from there. I e-mailed the company, they told me to call and order replacement for $5+SH (Why did they not offer this at the first time???) I called and the receptionist took my information including credit card number. It was 3 month ago, I am still waiting for the replacement!!!
    Need some improvement: longer warranty, better support, rechargeable batteries..... I had no problem with wireless network in the house, the only thing effects my system is the cordless phone.
    ...more info
  • mobi cam
    The mobi cam is nice to have a visual of the baby. It does not have the best audio becasue it creates too much static in order for me to hear her....more info
  • Love it!!!!
    We have had this for over a year now and used it in Germany as well as here in the states. In Germany we had a little interference every once in a while but we loved the night vision feature so we stuck with it. We also figured the interference came from living in a 18 family apartment building. Now that we are in the states we get a clear beautiful picture even though we are in a 2 story home. We have 2 cameras and both are working nicely. This is a great tool for sleep training!...more info
  • doesn't work with my phone and wireless network
    terrible interferance with both my phones and my computer's wireless network. couldn't hear anything but static. ...more info
  • Static, short warranty, waste of money
    We have static all night even after unplugging everything we own. I could live with that but now it has stopped working on A/C power and it's past the 90 day warranty (only 5 months old and it just sits on the nightstand)so it would cost me $60 for them to look at it. I told them that I am an electronics technician and if the would just send me the parts I would fix it myself but they don't sell parts so it's off to radio shack for a workaround....more info
  • DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT: stopped working right after the 90 day warranty
    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT: stopped working right after the 90 day warranty AND the manufacturer charges a $60 "examination" fee before they will tell you if they can repair it for an additional cost....more info
  • Works great...even with wireless routers
    We have had the Mobicam 70001 system for over a year and never had a major problem. For those with wireless router issues...just change the channel setting on the router so that it is not 1, 2, or 3. Same with the 2.4Ghz telephones. Pretty simple and easy. The biggest thing to reduce static is to turn the receiver slightly so that is aligned better with the signal. I also have ours setup with the wall mounted outdoor camera (this auto switch from day color to nightvision) and I have added two AV receivers so I can plug into the big screen TV to see both babies at once during the evenings when I am doing house work downstairs. Overall I have two 70001 systems (just bought another on 7/10/2006), two AV receivers, and two outdoor cameras that I have mounted indoors up high on the bedroom wall to see the entire crib. Great products and great peace of mind....more info
  • Do not waste your money
    We purchased this monitor last summer. Initially, I was pleased with the clarity of the picture and the sound. We did not have problems with static from our 5.8 ghz cordless phones. Our wireless router would cause some static but only if the receiver was in the same room as the router. That was a problem that we could easily avoid. The microwave would cause a little static when it was running in the same room as the receiver. For a while, my main disappointment was that the batteries lasted for about one night. As a result, it was not practical to use the monitor without the adapter.

    After about 6 months of use, the receiver quit working. It had constant static, and we could get no sound or picture from our nursery. I called Mobicam and explained the situation. They exchanged our entire monitor system despite the fact that the 3 month warranty had already expired. The Mobicam representative was very nice and helpful.

    Our new receiver worked fine...for about 4 months. Last night the power/volume dial broke. The reciever is stuck in the "on" position (unless we unplug it) without any volume. It is basically useless again. I spoke with Mobicam this morning, and they agreed to replace the entire system again. While I am pleased that they are going to replace the system, this video monitor has been a lot of hassle. I would not reccommend it to anyone....more info
  • Static Static Static
    After unplugging my wireless router the video receiver continued to provide levels of static (noise) that make performance unacceptable. I'm not planning on unplugging my phone so I can watch my sleepiong child on video - may as well move to the boonies! Video is nice however without the audio, it's not worth the cash. This product is generation 1 - review again when you have your next round of babies in 2008....more info
  • Monitor Failed, company will not return email
    When this monitor arrived I was extremely happy with both the camera and the monitor. However I only used the monitor a few dozen times and the AC adapter (so we thought) failed. We purchased several adapters and still nothing. We now think that it has something to do with the connection inside the monitor. So basically we now have to use batteries. The batteries only last about one night, as you can tell we go through batteries like water....not good. I have emailed and called the company several times and I have not gotten a response. We paid well over what I would normally pay for a baby monitor. The total price including shipping was $177.95, I would expect the thing to work or at the very least I would expect the company to take responsibility and respond. ...more info
  • Nice Monitor system
    Received the system today from Very satisfied with it. I set up the camera upstairs in the bedroom and monitor downstairs in the kitchen. I use channel one since it's most clear. You need to move the monitor a little bit to get the best reception. I have a 2.4GHz 802.11g network at home and it does not interfere with it. The picture is clear with occassional horizontal lines and flickering of the image. But most of the time the picture is nice and stable. The only interference I noticed is when you turn on the Microwave oven. BTW, I have a 5.8GHz phone and a wireless home security system. It seems none of them interfere with it. Great Buy! Highly recommended....more info
  • Way too much static
    There was way too much interference. We disconnected EVERY electronic and phone device in the house and still could not get a picture without static. Refunds were handled promptly....more info
    This wireless camera does not work if you have a wireless network, which is probably everyone using I called the company and got a really poor repsonse to my inquires, they need to hire a new receptionist....more info
  • Bid Deception
    This product promises great sound and picture. It does not deliver. Static is everywhere. Even tried to shut down all other wireless devices in the house. Does not work. Would not recommend this product at all.......more info
    At first glance the Mobicam looks great and the initial reviews I read seemed good. I should have checked further. The first problem with this is the design. There is a wall mount attachment that comes with it but the camera does not tilt all the way down so if you mount the mobicam on a wall above a crib it shoots the opposing wall rather then pointing directly down to the crib. Then I thought I can somehow mount it to the ceiling, but then it occured to me that I cannot get the power cord up there. Also, the power cord is only 3 feet long, way to short to mount it high enough. I had to go out and buy shelves and install them and then strap the thing to the shelf to get it to point down.

    Then we turned it on and it killed our WIFI network.

    I am over this thing. I am going to see if there is a better one out there....more info
  • Does not work with wireless network
    The Mobicam will not work with your wireless network - channels 1 & 2 were hard to get on the screen due to interference. Channel 3 came in great....but brought our network to a screeching halt.
    Also, to use the night vision, you have to go in and flick a switch on the doesn't automatically switch to night vision. Pretty inconvenient, we returned our mobicams and are just back to the audio monitor....working well too!...more info
  • Buyer Beware Manufacturing Flaws
    Camera is very prone to interference. Fixed that problem by buying a new cordless phone system that operates at 4.8 GHZ. If you have a 2.4 GHz cordless phone do not buy or expect to replace your cordless phone. Secondly I purchased a two camera set and the additional camera had a very poor picture with a limited field of vision as compared to the first camera. Returned to Mobi and they sent a replacement which had the same problem. Next I sent them both the good and bad camera back to Mobi for diagnostic purposes and received back two NEW cameras. Now both NEW cameras are bad so now I no longer have a working camera. Buyer should be very careful about wanting to buy this product as I believe there equipment manufacturing has changed (made in CHINA) and the newer products are useless....more info
  • If You Have Electronics Don't Bother
    I purchased this after reading several good reviews. Unfortunately, if you have any electronic devices (low voltage lighting, wireless phones, a wireless network etc.) as I do, the interference is intolerable. The design is seriously flawed. The manual indicates that some interference is to be expected. A well engineered design tries to account for such interference. At least the audio portion of the signal should be transmitted wirelessly using spread spectrum in order to substantially reduce the audio noise. Good wireless phones use spread spectrum algorithms. The same could be done for the video image given the small number of pixels in the LCD image....more info
  • Overall a good product
    Only issue is running the microwave with the Mobi Cam. Mobi becomes static. We did not have any issues with our wireless as others have stated and overall we find a least 1 or 2 of the 3 channels will work well....more info
  • I really like it
    I have been using it for 8 months. I really like it. It does have some draw backs but it is worth the money. Any wireless product, without adding really expensive high tech stuff, is going to have some problems. I need it to see my son while I am around my apartment. I can see him in my apartment, when I go down to my neighbor's, and when I take my dog outside. It starts to get real fuzzy outside (down three flights of stairs and across the road), but I can still see well enough to know that he is still sleeping and is doing ok. In my apartment it works perfect except one or two little lines. When I turn on the microwave or talk on the cell it gets a little fuzzy but in all I would say it is definitely a worth wild pruchase.

    ...more info
  • Overall, We were satisfied with MobiCam
    We purchased the MobiCam via Amazon after researching several other wireless video monitors. We read lots of reviews and decided this was our best choice. We are using the MobiCam for our new baby's room. Our master bedroom is upstairs and the baby's room is downstairs, so we liked the idea of being able to monitor the baby and also the fact that would could connect it right into our tv. So far we have not experienced any interference with other electronics that are not in use. We have it plugged in close to our cordless phone (which is 5.8 GHZ) and as long as we are not using the cordless phone, there is no static, but if we are on the phone, there is some static on the screen. Some people complained about the screen being too small. It is not a large screen by any means, but it is full-color and we felt with the option of being able to hook it up to our tv, that it is not really a big deal for us. After moving to a more remote location, we have been forced back to dial-up internet service (high speed is not available), but depending on the type of high-speed connection you have, you might want to check on the interference ratings based on what type of network connection you have.
    Overall, I would recommend the MobiCam as a good investment. We have it placed on a shelf in the baby's room about 10 feet from the crib so that we can see the entire crib area. One feature that we really like is the auto-mode which will only switch the monitor on at night if the baby is making a lot of noise. This way, you aren't distracted by the monitor light when you are trying to go to sleep, but are assured that if they baby wakes up during the night, you will know about it. The night-vision is more clear than what we expected as well.

    ...more info
  • okay, but things to think about
    I have two cameras, one in the toy room for my 4 year old and one in my babies room. Mobi recommends that if you use two cameras, set one on A and one on C for better reception. I had a Summer Infant monitor for years before switching to Mobi.

    Pros: The picture is very clear, in color and night vision. I love that I can carry the monitor to the basement while doing laudry. My husband even took it outside while he was washing the cars. No problems with interception, noises, or lines running through the screen

    Cons: The picture is small (they tell you this, so don't be surprised). While replacing batteries (the mobi seems to really go through them quickly) the battery door broke off only after a couple of times. I now secure it with a big piece of tape. The cameras work best when almost completely horiontal. I wanted to look down on my sleeping baby, instead of trying to see her through the slats of the crib, but if you attached the camera high on the wall, the lens won't move down very far. On the Summer Infant you can move it very far in any direction. Maybe I am doing it wrong, but I just couldn't figure it out. Overall, I do like the mobi better than the Summer Infant.
    ...more info
  • Friggin SWEET!
    To provide some background, I live in a townhome in Northern Virginia where people have wireless networks on either side of us. We use our own wireless network extensively (typical Linksys 2.4 GHz) and we own a cordless phone (Uniden 5.8 GHz). The Mobicam Wireless System works fantastic in our house! I am incredibly impressed with the quality of the video. The screen, while small, works well and if I need a larger view then I can just use the AV jacks with the television. I'm glad I didn't allow some of the other reviews on this board prevent me from purchasing this system! Also...few things are cooler in this world than infant-surveilling-night-vision!! I mean, c'mon people! It's night vision! For babies! That's cooler than monkeys juggling bananas!
    Being that I'm 9 months pregnant I had more than ample opportunity to play around with the night vision function (during my vampiric hours of insomnia) on the camera and it works great despite the bright nightlight we have in the nursery. Like most cameras, an interior camera works best facing away from the light source (window during daylight) but you can adjust the brightness on the monitor so that's not too bad. This is definitely worth the big bucks:) I am very pleased:) ...more info
  • WARNING... please read before using this monitor
    I just received my new monitor, so I can't say yet how I'm going to like it long term but found something out when setting it up that made me come post IMMEDIATELY.

    I plugged the camera into my daughters nursery and turned it on channel 3, came out to the living room and plugged in the monitor unit.. and went to switch it to channel three... channel one all static as it should be, however channel two had a perfectly clear image of a nursery, but NOT MY DAUGHTERS!!!! Our nextdoor neighbor has a son, and I was looking at what I'm sure is his nursery... talk about a creepy feeling knowing I was looking into the neighbors sons bedroom (and I'm guessing would be listening to if the happened to be home and in the room) since that means that if they change their channel they will be looking/listening in on OUR daughters nursery. I'm not sure what I'll do next, if I'll keep the monitor and hope they don't change channels or what.

    That said the picture is amazing, haven't tested it for sound yet... but since I can pick up our neighbors nursery I'm guessing my range will be just fine for our own inside or outside the house.

    So... great monitor, maybe to great... you decide!...more info
  • Okay, but with some problems
    We ordered this camera for our 10 month old's room + an additional indoor camera for our 4 year old's room. It interferes with our wireless internet capabilities and we can't do anything online or email when the cameras are on, despite the channel setting. When one camera is on and the second one isn't, it works great. When they are both on, I get lines going across one image with a "ghost" image of the other camera blended in. I used to get a clicking sound, but that has gone away. I can't put the receiver monitor anywhere near the microwave or use my cell phone around it or it's complete static. So, I do use it but mostly at night when I'm going to bed and not using anything that might interefere. Hope this helps....more info
  • Do not buy this!
    Don't bother buying this product. Any other product in your home that runs on 2.4 ghz will interfere with the reception. I even turned my wireless network off, and still received horrible reception and sound....more info
  • Excellent product!
    We've been using the Mobi for 6 months now and just love it. I'm not sure how people live without it. Like many new moms, I sometimes need to just watch my daughter breathe. I don't want to wake her by going into her room, so I just look at the Mobi. The screen may be small, but you can actually see the little ones breathe. We have a 2.4 Ghz cordless phone and a wireless network and don't have much problem. We did have to set the camera and receiver to channel 3 beacuse there was too much interference on 1 and 2. But it works perfectly on channel 3. In fact, I can talk on the (cordless) phone while surfing the net on my laptop, all the while knowing that my girl is safe and happy because I can see her on the monitor. Even when set for night vision, I can tell if her eyes are open or closed.

    It's not perfect: battery consumption is quite high. It can eat 4 AA batteries in a few hours even in the auto mode (I just bought a couple of rechargeable sets). The receiver is also heavy and awkward to carry around. But it's quite stable on a level surface. And the screen is small, but very clear.

    After reading the reviews, it's obvious that the Mobicam doesn't work in every situation. I decided to give it a shot. I'm glad I did. ...more info
  • Amazon Sends USED cams
    Watch out! I paid for a NEW Mobicam from Amazon and received a USED unit. The seal had already been opened on the packaging and the units inside were clearly quite old and used (lots of wear and tear). Be careful about buying online from Amazon!!!!...more info
  • mobi cam and outdoor
    IMHO- don't do it unless you live in a 2 room house. the outdoor cam is weak and doesn't do night vision as advertised. the ReCam software is not responsive to motion. if you are going to use it between bedrooms it might be ok, but we got it for outdoor surveillance and are Very Disappointed. the outdoor cam is NOT WIRELESS and it doesn't pass thru 3 walls. Take care and learn from my mistake. I really wanted to like this system. I contacted getmobi directly and they didn't want to help me. ...more info
  • works for me
    I don't understand all the static issues but it works fine at my house. Like most homes, I also have cordless phones and wi-fi internet connection and the mobicam works like it should. I give it 4-stars only cuz I wish the screen were bigger. But overall, I'm satisfied with my purchase....more info
  • Buyer Beware
    I bought this to monitor my newborn once we put him in his own room (which was a few months ago now). I decided on the mobicam b/c it was recommended in baby bargains as a good video monitor. We had a lot of luck with most of their recommendations, but this one was a very bad decision for us. We decided to put in the extra cash to get a good video monitor, but to our disappointment it was terrible. We don't even have any wireless devices in our home and the static was still horrible. There were permanent lines across the screen and the monitor flashed these bright lights at night that would scare me to death. I give it one star b/c of the high price of the item. If I'm investing that much money I expect a high quality item and won't settle for anything less. I sent the mobicam back to the manufacturer for review and "repairs" two months ago and have not heard anything back from them yet. I was really excited when I thought they may be able to fix my problems with the mobicam but it isn't looking very promising. I was happy w/ their customer service when they told me they would take a look at my unit for me at no charge, but then they took my unit and I haven't heard anything since. I'm actually writing this review b/c I was online looking up a customer service number to ask them why I never heard any feedback about my unit. If you had any luck with this product you are very lucky....more info
  • Serious interferences with Wifi 802.11B networks
    It might be a great product in isolation but I confirm the feedback about interferences with Wifi 802.11B networks. The Wifi signal generates lines on the monitor screen and a clicking sound that continuously triggers the automatic voice activation. Conversely, the monitor's interferences prevented any communication among Wifi devices in home....more info
  • Works great, even with all my other wireless devices
    This is a great product. I also own the baby camera by Sharper Image and I like that one as well. The picture is very clear and sound is excellent. The night vision is very, very clear. (Better than the Sharper Image model) It is very simple to use, setup only took 2 minutes after opening the box. Basically you just plug it in and it is ready. I also like the fact that you can add other cameras and still use just one monitor. Just press the channel button and I can switch between my newborn and my toddler in their separate rooms.

    The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the viewing area is a little small (smaller than the Sharper image camera). For example, when I put it on my 3 month old while she is in our bed I can see all of her but when I put it on my toddler in her crib I can only see half of her. So if she moves to the other side of her crib, I lose sight of her. (I could probably see more if I mounted it on the wall)

    I read other reviews and saw that others had trouble with this unit while using a wireless network, cellphone or cordless phone. I have used all of the above with my device next to me and haven't had any trouble. ...more info
  • ok
    Helpful, but not amazing. Neat product. Batteries run out in one day. Often is like an old t.v. set where the line keeps going through the picture. Sound carries lot of static. Performs best when not running the microwave or near my computer. (If I sit at my computer I can't simultaneously watch baby.) Did learn how my dogs get stuff off the kitchen counter. Can't wait to get a remote control car and duct tape the camera onto it so I can patrol the house from one spot....more info
  • Big problem with all wireless devices
    Hi we got ths monitor as a gift for our son it is cool, but...
    the monitor screen is small but it is not a problem we have wireless conection in our house and we have 2.4 GHz phones. As soon as you bring the monitor near any of that devices it starts showing white lines across the screen and make noises. So you almost imposibble to hear the baby or to see anything clear. otherwise it is Ok....more info
  • 0 stars, piece of junk
    What a piece of junk, all I can say is:
    No range and all static!!...more info
  • Mobi Cam to the rescue
    These products are great, as they simply allow me to retain an acceptable level of privacy for my elderly handicapped parents.

    My father is partially paralyzed from an August '04 heart surgery (experiencing multiple strokes) unable to walk or stand without assistance, however consistently attempting to do so. He was caregiver for my mother afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease prior to his surgery. She is no longer allowed to cook.

    I've experienced an extreme ease in operation that allows me to remain in my office area, etc while allowing them to continue their relationship literally as if I was not here. The monitor is totally portable so I can keep up with them as I move about in or out of the house. I can monitor whether they are in a room together or when they are in separate rooms-at will, via sound or sight. I also use these when traveling with my parents (separate hotel suites, etc). The extra eyes now allow me to obtain some quality sleep. Besides, who wants to follow their parents in/around the house all day?

    I actually have 4 indoor cameras and 1 outdoor camera for a sitting porch. So let's see..........Pops is napping while watching tv in den, while Momma is running some water in the kitchen sink.

    I am very pleased. ...more info
  • Not perfect, but essential for new parents!
    I bought the MobiCam before my kid was born, and now that he's 5 months old, it is still my most used gadget.

    I never use the color option, I always have it on infrared, because it is a much clearer picture, as far as distinguishing details.

    When he is asleep, it is nice to be able to see that he's still on his back, and has not rolled over on his stomach and suffocating silently. I cannot imagine not having a video monitor, I would be running to his room every time I heard any movement...

    That said, things could be improved:
    1. No rechargable battery. This unit takes four AA batteries, and it drains them pretty fast (within 1-2 hours). I highly recommend getting rechargeable AA batteries (2 sets) and a charger. Then alternate charging them while using the backup set. Why they did not include a rechargeable batter is beyond me (probably cost).

    2. Does not work well with a wireless network. I use 802.11g, but I still get some interference from my network, and have to move the unit around to get a clear spot. If this is an issue for you, look up the Color Video Monitor by SummerInfant ([...]).

    All in all, I highly recommend this unit. It is built solidly as well, as I dropped mine on tiled flooring, several times, and it still works like a champ....more info
  • Total Waste of Money
    We purchased this camera to see our twins about 6 mos ago. After doing tons of research on different video monitors we decided to go ahead and spend the money, it would be worth it to be able to watch our babies. We were not 100% pleased from the start. Right out of the box the reception was terrible. Even at 50 feet, I can only see them about half the time. The sound is so bad its useless - we have to use our sony audio monitor to hear them. Then last night came the kicker, the mobi cam (receiver)died on us. We've determined its the electrical components inside that have shorted out. We've only had it turned on for approx. 12 hours the whole 6 months that we've owned it and now its dead. We've always ran it on ac power and never used the batteries. We've tried to trouble shoot it and we've determined we can't fix it. We purchased this camera thinking it was top of the line - but I would not recommed it to anyone! Its a waste of money. I am now going to have to spend another $200 on another camera. ...more info
  • Not just for's great for elder care as well.
    I purchased this system to monitor my grandfather's activity in the middle of the night. He gets up and roams around and I never knew what he was getting into...that is until I set up this system. I've got three cameras so that I am able to see if he's out of his bed and the other 2 cameras are in the kitchen at different angles.

    The low lux works very well, but I can't stand the hiss of the voice part of the monitor so I had to turn down the volume. I purchased a motion sensor from Radio Shack and strategically placed it between his chair and his bed. Whenever he gets up a buzzer (or clicking noise) sounds and I know it's time to check the Mobi Cam to see what he's up to.

    Yes...there will be interference with the monitor from time to time. The microwave causes unbearable static, but fortunately it isn't running all the time. There are also faint shadows that pass across the screen, but that doesn't matter so long as I can be sure he's safe. ...more info
  • beware of interference
    I have not tried another monitor yet so I don't have much to compair it to. The monitor worked fine in the house but when I went outside, no more than 200 feet away, there was only sound and a grainy, unreadable picture. The instructions state that the camera/lcd should work up to 300 feet depending on obstructions. It didn't. I do live in an area where airplanes fly overhead on occasion, so there may be some interference from that....more info
  • Not perfect but still great
    I've have the Mobi in use with 3 cameras and 2 monitors since my daughter was 2 months. It's great but not without flaws.

    I've not tried it with a wireless network but I can see that it'll likely NOT work. I have plenty of experience with wi-fi and reception can be tricky on its own. I expect it's almost a guarantee your wi-fi will clash with the Mobi and make both useless.

    I have both 2.4 ghz and 5.8 ghz multi-handset phone systems in my house and yes the Mobi goes wonky when cordless and cell phones are in use. But soon as I end the call, the Mobi reception returns to normal. (Normal ranges from impressively clear color visual to a constant horizontal line across the screen or slight static.) Since most calls are of short duration and the Mobi monitor isn't on all the time, I don't think it's a huge issue.

    My home is 3 levels, all concrete - very unfriendly to various wireless reception. I've tried all the best cordless and cell phones and still experience some reception problems in the house. My daughter's room is on the 3rd floor. Both the color camera and the IR camera transmit adequately to the monitor on the 2nd floor and passably to the camera on the first floor. There is static on both monitors. At bedtime, the monitor is set with the volume just loud enough for me to hear a moderate cry, which keeps the constant static hum so quiet it doesn't affect my very sound sensitive husband's sleep.

    The system's portability is very handy. I take a camera and monitor to the grandparents house or to friends and find reception generally very good even in large wood frame houses. My cousin's 900 mhz sound only monitor is more staticky than the Mobi in her one level 1,200 sf wood house. The Mobi is also very useful that it operates on either battery or adapter.

    I can't live without the visual function now that I'm used to it. From the beginning I tried to train my daughter to stay in her crib for a while after waking. I hear her wake but can see that she's ok. Early on, as a first time mom I couldn't tell the difference between crying to make noise vs crying and wanting out of the crib. The visual monitor helps me see that my baby is fine. She's now 1 yr old and upon waking in the mornings, she can be left to play in her crib for almost an hour if necessary. And I usually wait 10 mins after she wakes from her naps before getting her out. I don't believe I would have been able to do this as well with a sound only monitor. Occasionally she will wake with a cry, but then return to sleep after a few minutes. Without the Mobi, I would have gone into her room and unknowingly waken her.

    I don't understand people complaining about the small screen on the monitor. This isn't a tv! And the small screen helps keep the monitor portable. I didn't go with the Summer monitor because it was so big it was like having a second tv in the room. The Mobi's monitor shows what's happening well enough and you can always connect it to your tv if you want a large image.

    Although I don't usually use the sound-activated feature, it's functional when I have. Again, it isn't perfect but it gets the job done.

    I had to return a monitor that suddenly died after three months. I called Mobi in LA and got very friendly service. They sent me a new replacement monitor, but mistakenly sent it regular courier instead of rush as I asked & paid for. When they realized their mistake, they sent another one the next day on rush and told me just to reject delivery of the first one when it arrived.

    The Mobi system isn't perfect. If that's what you're expecting, you will be very disappointed. I can certainly see why its flaws annoy some people. But overall it's pretty good and serves its purpose. Although more costly than most baby monitors, I think it's worth the price. And despite various reception bugs it's pretty good value for the money. I now give the Mobi as gifts to expecting friends.

    ...more info
  • fun and easy to use
    I love this monitor because I have a peace of mind when my son is sleeping in his room which is far from my own room. Before this monitor I used to get up to go to check on him at least 3 times during the night. The screen is a little small, but it works fine for me. Some times I hook it up to my TV to get a bigger picture. Static is a given since its wireless but its no big deal, I can still see and hear my son....more info
  • Absolutely Terrible
    Unit received had unbearable interference. Sent unit to manufacturer at my cost, they sent back a refurbished unit that had the same inteference problem and a defective shut off switch. I would not recommend this product at all. Purchased the "summer" brand product, works like a charm....more info
  • Not worth the money
    I bought this baby wireless cam thinking that it would be just as wonderful as all of the posts I read about it. I was WRONG. I have wireless internet and I'm unable to use the internet while the monitor is on, or even pluged in!! Even when the computer is turned off, there is still static in the monitor. A horriable ticking sound . Then only good thing about this item is the picture. The picture quality is great in complete darkness, the only down fall is the line going through the monitor. Other than that it isn't great. All in All, I am back to using the audio monitor. Waist of money!!!...more info
  • Nice video system BUT does not work with wireless network
    This wireless video system arrived and seemed perfect...until I turned it on. Our house is full of 2.4Ghz stuff like cordless phones and a wireless network. Sad to say the receiver didn't function well at all in this environment--so many static lines and jumps that it was virtually worthless. Other than the fact that it was not designed to operate with simple wirelss items that the majority of American homes now have, it does seem to be a sweet little wireless video system. Perhaps if you live in a vacuum in the middle of no where it would be perfect to keep an eye on the local wildlife... :O)...more info
  • Makes Nap Time A Breeze
    I bought this product originally to watch my newborn, but it has proven to be a godsend with my 2 year-old! I bought the MobiCam Wireless System two weeks before I was due with my second child to test it out. I found out that the reason my toddler was not taking naps was because he was riding his crib rail like a horse and playing with his toys. As soon as he hears me come up the stairs to check on him, he lies down and covers himself with a blanket! I would have never known why he couldn't fall asleep if it weren't for this product! Also, the night vision feature is worth its weight in gold for making sure that my toddler is safe and sound without running into his room every hour.

    I would have given the MobiCam Wireless System 5 stars except for the interference. It is a 2.4 GHz system so if you have a cordless phone that is also uses a 2.4 GHz signal you will have lines that go across the screen and hear static. The solution for me was to unplug my phone during nap time, and later to upgrade my phone to a 5.8 GHz system instead. It is worth it for the great reception and long range! I looked into a similar product from Summer Infant Products and this had a far better range and picture quality. The option to add an additional camera or two is really great too. Now that is has proven itself with my toddler I will get another for my newborn!
    ...more info
  • Too much static, doesn't work with batteries
    We bought this item after reading all the great reviews. We were so disappointed when we put it together. The screen is to small, besides that, there is so much static that we can hear what's going on with the baby or see clearly from the static dancing screen. The monitor doesn't work at all with batteries in (So much for handheld); it only works when plugged in with adapters. Very disappointed over all. Send back and looking for something different in the store. ...more info
  • Mediocre Camera
    Works adequate as a baby monitor and if you have straight line of sight for short distances. If you plan on using this indoors the coverage is limited in scope providing a great deal of interference. As for the 1.5" monitor, lets just say that I have 20/20 vision and it makes me strain to see what is going on. Best to connect to a TV or monitor to enhance viewing capability. If you really have a legitimate source to monitor, I would recommend that you spend a bit more money and purchase a cctv camera....more info
  • Peace of mind
    We got this cam because we have a split plan home & we can not hear our baby cry from our room. It is great. We mounted it first on the crib & then when he was able to crawl around, we moved it to the wall. We secured the wire to keep him safe. While we watch TV at night we plug the Mobicam into out ports in front of the Tv & keep our son in picture-in-picture. We have gotten to see so many things that other parents miss out on. Plus, when he is silent we do not need to rush into his room to check his breathing. We just switch the Picture-in-picture adn there he is 36" big! I use the monitor alone at night. The screen is small as some said, but I wouldn't be able to sleep if it were any bigger. There is a special button you push to make the screen go dark until it hears a noise and then it turns on. This is great for night time. You can have the camer in color during the day, but night vision is in black and white. (I don't know any night vision that isn't) It is true, while running the microwave & on the 2.4gz cordless phone, the image gets distorted. So, when the monitor is on I use a 900 mhz phone. That solves the problem. This camera is worth the money. My son has been sleeping thru the night since he is 8 weeks old and I know this camera had something to do with that. ...more info
  • Sorry to say
    After all the favorable reviews I am sorry to say the MobiCam is not that great. The screen is way too small (and needs to be at eye level).The unit should be recharging batteries when plugged in (no ability to charge at all). ...more info
  • no night vision, no color
    We just received this product and the night vision does not work and the picture is only in black and white, not color as promised. Very dissapointed.

    I contacted MOBI directly and they had the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. I will never, ever do business with them. Thankfully, Amazon was great and made it simple to return the monitor and they issued a complete refund immediately. Please do not do business with MOBI. I wish I could give zero stars but one is the lowest option. Pitiful product and CS.
    ...more info
  • Great Concept but item flawed
    I was so excited to find this monitor and after reading the reviews thought it was going to be great!! However, once I recieved the monitor and tried it at home, I relized that I was not so lucky after all. The picture and sound was incredible. The night vision was unreal.. however there was this white line that went thru the picture continuously and caused a static sound. I tried it at several locations in the house and all had the same result. So now I am on the search again. ...more info
  • Buyer beware...
    We live in New York City and purchased this after our son was born. Unless you are willing to unplug your cordless phones every time you want to use this monitor, you can forget about getting any kind of decent reception. Additionally, even with the phones unplugged, the static is still unbearable to fall asleep to at night and the picture comes in and fades out at random. For a lot less money, though without the video picture, Graco Ultra Clear Monitor works like a charm. ...more info
  • Better than expected - helps me assess baby's sleep habits
    I read most of the reviews for all the video monitors. In the end, I chose this one because of the night vision (I keep my son's room v. dark even during the day), portability and the more or less good reviews. I was nervous about the comments about static, but figured I'd return it if it didn't work.
    My son's room is on the opposite side of the house, behind 3 closed doors, with the kitchen, living room and 2 bathrooms in between his bedroom and ours. I have a portable phone (900 mhz) and microwave in between our room and his too. There was/is some, but very little static. The night vision picture is CRYSTAL CLEAR and I love that you can adjust the brightness of the picture. I found putting the monitor up a little higher than, say a night dresser, got rid of the static. I have a short armoire about 10 feet from my bed that I put it on and NO STATIC. In the living room I put it on the fireplace mantle rather than lower and the static (which there is very little of) goes away. The picture is so bright and clear that I can also wake up during the night, throw on my glasses and glance at the screen and get a quick shot of him sleeping. MUCH better than wondering what is going on when I hear him make noises at nighit - now I knnow and can sleep better! The sound is amazingly clear, almost too clear b/c I can hear his breathing now! I actually had to turn the sound down pretty low so I wouldn't hear his breathing adn every little movement, that is the only drawback, but not a serious one. The best thing about this is I have been able to watch my son fall asleep and sleep during hte night and this has helped me assess whether or not he needs his swaddle, if he has any problems getting/staying to sleep, the fact that he is trying to roll over in his crib, etc, etc, and in general it helps me determine with more confidence if his fussiness and/or crying is serious. The good sound monitors (i.e. wiht less static)are about 50 bucks, but I figure since my son is soo far away from our bedroom and always will be, the extra $$ is worth it because we will probably use this well into toddler years. Also makes for a great nanny cam I figure.......more info
  • Go's everywhere!
    I live in China and asked my mom to give us this as a gift. It's the best! We purchased the correct adaptors for where we live, and natuarally it eats up batteries, so we use rechargeable batteries when we need to move about the house. I can hear every little sound my baby makes and can see if his cry is just a dream he's having or if he really needs me. It's super light weight and the picture is super. Now we can take take it on vacation when we visit Europe or the states. Thanks mom....more info
  • Must have for parents with fussy infants
    We just had our daughter three weeks ago and tried out the audio monitor for Fisher Price. Nothing but static. Then I started researching monitors since we were going to buy a new one anyway. I found this one as an option that is mostly only available online. Target carries online, but had a waiting time of 6 weeks or something ridiculous like that.

    Anyway, the basic specs on this were what intrigued me. 2.4GHz frequency, and infrared mode for total darkeness viewing. Our baby is pretty fussy, and you never know if she's awake and fussing, or just fussing as she's half asleep. So it was going to be a major plus to be able to see her.

    It was the 2.4GHz that scared me at first. It's the same frequency as WiFi, and I have a wireless setup at home. We decided to go ahead and buy this. I was very pleasantly surprised. With the monitor sitting right next to my wireless laptop, I can see some noise, but it's only sporadic. So that was not an issue at all. The nighttime viewing is awesome! With the camera kept upto 6 feet away, it can clearly pick out the baby. And now we can see all that she is doing in *total* darkness. Needless to say, the audio monitor works great too!

    If you are able to afford this, I would consider this a must have. ...more info
  • Doesn't work with a Wireless Network
    I was really looking forward to having a monitor so I could see my son at night. When I started using it the monitor had lines running through the picture and I couldn't hear anything. The manufacturer said that it doesn't work when you have a wireless network. I was really disappointed so I sent it back. I bought the Handheld Color Video Monitor by Summer Infant. It works great with my wireless network and my 2.4 Ghz phones. It doesn't work very good with other 900Mhz phones or controls according to the manual. ...more info
  • Very pleased
    We wanted a camera to watch our kids while they slept to make sure that they were ok rather than always walking into the room. I read the reveiws and the description and realized the monitor screen was small, but I wanted audio and a color camera. I am very happy with the product. I can see just fine, and the night time vision is great. Of course it's not DVD quality video, but I would definitly recommend this for anyone who wants a video. And it's portable! Yes, a little pricey, but for a color camera/monitor/night vision/and audio it's great investment. Later when they are older, I can use it anywhere in the house....more info
  • Best Baby Monitor

    * It's great to be able to see your baby as well as hear what's going on. :)

    * Easy to reposition cameras and take the monitor with you

    * More than one camera linked to one handheld monitor. It's wonderful to be able to toggle between my two year old and 6 mo old napping in different rooms :).

    * Night vision provides a clear picture in low/no light

    * Great reception (at my house anyway :P)

    * Able to connect the monitor to the TV

    Two minor things that could be improved:

    * I think it would be more helpful if the switches on the camera were on the back or top instead of the bottom so you don't have to pick up the camera everytime to turn it off or change the setting - or even better if you could control the camera (on/off/night vision) right from the monitor :)

    * You have to keep it plugged in if you want to use it all night. (not sure about the auto setting - don't really use it)

    If you're looking for a baby monitor, this is a great one - I bought it with an extra camera. :)...more info
  • Very Useful Baby Monitor
    I love my MobiCam. I got this as a gift thikning I would rarely use it, but it actually does come in handy. It's so convinient to have. I can go anywhere in my house, and watch my child. The color screen is fabulous!...more info