Parrot EZDRIVE Easy Drive Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit
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  • Works well
    My hubby has this in his plumbing truck. His cell phone is linked to it so he can use it hands free. It is extremely noisy in the truck when he's in travel. You can definitely hear the background noise when talking to him, but still hear him as well.I imagine that it might work a lot better in a car. My husband would purchase it again though. In fact, he's purchased another for a backup. ...more info
  • Nice concept - poor sound quality
    While a very attractive concept, in use the sound quality of these units for the caller who calls the Parrot EZDRIVE is rather muffled and difficult to understand. I purchased two of them for each of our cars and they both have the same problem (so it is not because of a defective unit). Also the voice prompts for answering the phone and ending the call do not seem to work. But most importantly, the sound quality for the person at the other end of the call is far from acceptable....more info
  • You only need to smarter that a rock to use this.
    I have had this unit for over a year now and it is an excellent unit and it DOES what is suppose to do. Maybe the person reviewing this earlier had a bad unit. (Or over exaggerated his review) But, as long as your not driving a 55 chevy with dual noise making exhaust, or not playing booty music full volume, the noise cancellation feature of this unit is fine. I do have problems with it sometimes in the summer when driving at highway speeds with my windows down. However, raising the window fixes it with no problem. I also use a motorola v710 and the bluetooth profile works exceptionally well with the EZDRIVE. The menu system can be a bit cumbersome when using it while driving. The volume controls and other function on this unit work okay.

    Some people can't get ANYTHING to work, simply because they are just electronic zombies. And their response to their frustrations is to give the product a bad review. All in all the unit does what it is advertised to do.'

    CT...more info
  • Don't expect to use while driving.
    Works ok if your are parked along the side of the road. Noise cancellation does not cancel out road noise. Callers on either side can not hear the conversation when driving at moderate speeds. The volume control on the unit does not work. It does not increase the volume of the phone. The speaker phone capabilities of my Motorola V710 phone work as well if not better than this add on....more info