Belkin F8E550 Notebook Security Lock
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Product Description

The Belkin Notebook Security Lock protects your valuable notebook computer and other valuable equipment from theft. It features a unique locking device that secures any laptop in seconds. Simply attach the pivot clamp to the security slot found on most notebook computers, docking stations, and flat-screen monitors and you have effective physical and visual theft deterrence. Each Notebook Lock comes with a 6' aircraft grade steel cable and includes a pad-lock, two keys, and a nylon-carrying bag for easy travel convenience.

Protect your notebook computer and other valuable equipment from theft with the Notebook Security Lock from Belkin. This unique locking device lets you secure any laptop in seconds. Simply attach the pivot clamp to the security slot on your notebook computer, docking station, or flat-screen monitor, and create an effective physical and visual theft deterrent. For your convenience, this device comes with a six-foot, aircraft-grade steel cable, a padlock, two keys, and a nylon carrying bag for easy portability.

What's in the Box
Six-foot, aircraft-grade steel cable, a padlock, two keys, and a nylon carrying bag.

  • Locking device secures notebook computers, docking stations, monitors, and other electronic devices
  • Features rugged yet lightweight, 6-foot galvanized steel cable for strong protection
  • Secures any laptop quickly and easily
  • Includes aircraft-grade cable, padlock, 2 keys, and nylon travel bag
  • Lifetime warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • A must have
    I use this lock on my external storage drives. It came in handy when my house was broken into. The drives stayed put. That said, I keep an extra backup drive off site. I cannot stress how important this is, especially if your computer is your livelihood. ...more info
  • Keeps honest people honest.
    I was rather disappointed with how easy the piece that connects to the PC is able to be cut through when we lost the key, didn't take 5 seconds with a drummel....more info
  • Decent lock
    I have two notebooks, an HP and a Macbook. I bought this for the HP, which is quite a large/heavy notebook, and it's a fine lock. For the Macbook (13''), other reviews are correct, it is a bit too large, and will fit awkwardly when forced.

    I'm happy with it, though....more info
  • works like it should
    I got this lock for my iBook G4 and it works great (i.e., my computer hasn't been stolen!). At first I thought it didn't fit my computer, but after fiddling a bit I figured out how it goes into the slot, and it fits just fine. It's easy to use and I like that it comes in its own little nylon bag. ...more info
  • Very good price for a neat little lock
    Remarkable price (much cheaper than a different price for the same item also available on Amazon), and efficient delivery. Product itself is a computer cable lock that wouldn't stop a determined thief (what would?) but is enough that you're not tied to your table in a cafe. A locking gizmo fits into the security slot on the laptop, the cable locks to this with a padlock, and then you wrap the cable around something else....more info
  • low cost solution
    Different concept than other cable locks, but works ok and proved to be a low cost solution....more info
  • Works after modification
    This lock seems to work fine now. As delivered, the part that fits into the laptop security slot did not close enough for the lock to fit. I filed the part down a little to enable it to close properly. I don't know if the part was manufactured too wide to fit or if my laptop slot was too narrow. ...more info
  • Wonderful lock, but not compatible with newer security slots
    This is the best lock you can buy, provided that it fits your slot. It worked flawlessly on my iBook G4, and I have heard of other people using it in other computers to their content.

    Unlike the other locking systems, it doesn't rely on those cheap circular locking systems (the kind infamous for being broken into easily and broken off on computers and bikes). Instead, it uses an actual padlock, and a strong one at that. It isn't unnecessarily large, but it is big enough. Make sure your security slot is vertical if it is on a laptop, because otherwise the lock may force the laptop to raise slightly above the table (which is unacceptable).

    It does NOT work for new Macs that I have tried it on. MacBook, for instance. It doesn't fit properly, and even if you were to force it in bending the plastic, it forces the laptop to raise up because of the horizontal security slot.

    If you have the right kind of slot, buy this! You can even slip cords through the lock opening and prevent them from being stolen, too, provided that the end of the cord is too big to fit through (which my mouse was, so I was able to secure my mouse as an added bonus). ...more info
  • Only fits some laptops
    We bought this lock to use with a new 13.3" MacBook. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit properly in the MacBook's security slot. It did fit into the security slot of some older laptops, but we're going to have to buy one from another maker in order to secure the MacBook....more info