AXIS 206W Wireless Network Camera (0201-004)
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Product Description

The AXIS 206W Wireless Network Camera is so small, you can place it in virtually any indoor location. The built-in Wi-Fi 802.11b wireless connection also gives you the freedom to place the camera where it's needed - not where the network outlet is.Backed by the industry's largest base of application software, the AXIS 206W is a cost-effective solution for securing and remotely monitoring offices, shops and other facilities over the local area network or the Internet.The AXIS 206W provides crisp and clear image quality using advanced signal processing and the latest, high quality CMOS image sensor, which can capture images in light conditions as low as 4 lux. The camera provides Motion JPEG images at up to 30 frames per second in all resolutions up to VGA 640x480 pixels.With a free Dynamic DNS Service, a multilingual product interface, a built-in Web server for remote viewing and management, and the AXIS Camera Explorer software multi-camera management on a PC or PDA, the AXIS 206W is easy to set up and use.

Customer Reviews:
  • Axis 206W: Best image quality in the price range!
    I own multiple low and mid-priced video network cameras, including two Axis 206W's, the Panasonic BB-HCM311A, BL-C10A and the Toshiba WBK11 (I know, "Geek!"). The 206W has a better quality image then the other three I mentioned (the 206M is even better... go to the link at Axis and check out the computer lab at the U of Helsinki... absolutely a great image!). However, if video recording by timer or movement is important to you, look to the Panasonic products, and their free Beta version of their video recording software. Though the image quality isn't as good as the Axis, both the lower cost, or mid-priced Pan-Tilts from Panasonic work very well with their outstanding recording software. The Axis recording software is pretty lame and not ready from prime-time use (they have a good recording software, but it's like a $500 commercially targeted product... YA RIGHT!). Oh, the Axis, since it is wireless, is pretty susceptible to L.O.S. from walls and distance, resulting in dropped connections on a fairly regular basis for me (weekly, commonly requiring me to re-connect to it via USB and my notebook and re-initialize it via provided software... SUK!)

    So, if you gotta have wireless, and gotta have high image quality, go with the Axis. But if you can run the cable, and value good recording, reliability, and Pan& Tilt, go Panasonic and don't look back! (Panasonic also makes these in wireless, if you are willing to pay more, for less reliability but wireless convenience)

    Bottom line: after a year of using all of these, I rarely bother with the 206W's anymore, since the reviewing of the recordings of movement in my house (the "Dog & Cat show") is paramount for my needs, which the Panasonics do nicely, remotely from the office.

    I think the 206W's will be seeing Ebay shortly!

    Good luck! ...more info