Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000- Winter Blue
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Product Description

Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse - BX3-00001 (Winter Blue) -

  • Microsoft BX3-00001 Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse (Winter Blue)
  • Scroll wheel optical mouse
  • Customizeable buttons
  • Ambidextrous design makes working more comfortable
  • Connects with tiny snap-in receiver connects that plugs into your notebook
Customer Reviews:
  • Okay at first, but then it fizzled out...
    This was my first wireless mouse, and I enjoyed the convenience of going wireless. I have had this mouse for about a year and a half, and after a while, it seemed that it would not respond. The pointer would move when I would move the mouse, but clicking would have no effect. I would have to click many times to wait for the mouse to respond. This has been happening more frequently within the last six months. I have changed the battery a couple of times, and even did so recently but that did not improve performance. Today I received the Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 ( D1T-00002 ) to replace it and put the wireless mouse away. I give it three stars because it is comfortable, compact, ergonomic, and was fun at first. But I had to move on. It was too frustrating. ...more info
  • workable
    I dont know if only I encountered this.. But it has slow reception. Rest it is a good wireless option. Its just slow in catching up signal slow sometimes which is annoying at time for a person like me who would not like to have lots of patience with mouse. ...more info
  • Great product
    I purchased this for work, and have been extremely pleased with its performance. It is very responsive, and works on any surface. I liked it so much that I purchased a second one for home and even my three year old can use it with ease. ...more info
  • microsoft wireless mouse
    I love this item. I used to have a mini mouse but it bit the dust. This mouse fits my hand so much better. It is sensitive to what I want it to do....more info
  • disappointing
    In looking at previous reviews, I was fairly confident this was going to be a great mouse. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The wireless interactivity is horrible.

    My wife ended up going to Office Depot and buying a Logitech wireless mouse which was worked fine....more info
  • It made my laptop tired.
    I liked this product. I wanted something similar to the Logitek I already had, but at a lower price. This was what I got. I was disappointed to find that it was too sensitive to use on my laptop. I think the red light (the optical part) was what prevented my laptop from going to sleep. I fought with the computer and mouse combo for two days before switching it to my desktop and returning the logitek to the laptop. It works great on the desktop. No sleep or screensaver issues. Just be aware of this if you are purchasing it for a laptop. It may be too sensitive. But the product works great and is easy to use. ...more info
  • I love it!
    I got this mouse about 2 weeks ago. I have yet to unplug the USB stick to replace on the mouse to turn off the battery. It is still going strong and very comfortable to use. I have small hands so it's hard to find a mouse that I can use comfortably. ...more info
  • Great Price
    I love my Mircosoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000. I especially love the fact that I don't need a mouse pad to use it. It works just fine on the arm of my recliner....more info
  • Excelente presente
    Comprei o mouse para presentear minha mãe e quando a mesma olhou o produto adorou. Excelente acabamento, respostas rápidas e utiliza somente uma pilha AA...indicado....more info
  • not good at long distances
    This mouse works fine when it's near my computer, but when I try to move further away it starts to be spotty. ...more info
  • Wish the receiver was smaller
    Great mouse expect for the rather larger snap in receiver. High quality stuff from Microsoft....more info
  • Great most of the time
    Well priced, easy to install and use, lightweight and durable, overall a great buy. Only problem was it would search for connectivity even though it was inches away from the USB key... Not sure what thats about but it doesn't happen often....more info
  • Great Mouse
    Bought two of these to have a spare and at 18.00 each a real bargin. Beats a touch pad and use mostly with a laptop or notebook.. My old one died and wasn't optical this one is and is much more responsive. Battery life seems much better with this one and parking the USB receiver is easy and fastand turns everything off. Nice shape and feel. Could be a little smaller for packing....more info
  • Microsoft Mouse 3000
    Nice product, Its a refurbished item and it looks new
    Pros:Rubberized side,1-AA Batt.,less battery consumption,small mouse.
    Cons: Distance between the mouse and the receiver is limited/short, put the receiver infront of your computer for better reception.

    Wireless Mouse/Keyboard made by Microsoft are not really good products your just paying the name, for Quality/Tested input devices such as mouse and keyboard I recommend Logitech products....more info
  • Very please with my microsoft mouse
    I have been very pleased with the performance of the mouse.

    I had a Logitech mouse before this one and it was not as good....more info
  • eventually just stopped working---not the battery
    I've had this mouse for about a year and a half. It worked great until last week when it just stopped working. I replaced the battery three times with newly recharged, and then brand-new batteries, to no avail. It works for a few seconds, then craps out.

    I've read this complaint a lot online since. Yes, it's inexpensive to buy and it worked well for a while. But I find it annoying that it's suddenly landfill....more info
  • wireless mouse
    Excellent produce, very comfortable. Only issues would be having to remove the USB drive and putting it on the mouse to turn it off- no auto turnoff. Also, sometimes the battery isn't recognized so you have to replace the battery. Otherwise it works great- best for the price!...more info
  • wireless mouse
    its one of the best egonomically designed mouse...its very comfy even if you work for long hours..usb adapter slot underneath is very slick.its good bargain....definitely go for it.....more info
  • Inexpensive
    This mouse is inexpensive and works great. I have been using it for one month and the battery is still good, no wire, great for travel. I have seen no real lag the pointer responce either....more info
  • Best Little Mouse Ever!
    This mouse is perfect for my laptop. It's small, and so easy to pop into the USB port and immediately begin using. Works great on most surfaces, and when there's no surface available, it fits onto the blank area at the lower part of the keyboard. Close fit, but it works. If I needed another notebook mouse, this would be the one I would buy!...more info
  • Great product!
    I bought this mouse to replace my 4 years old "Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0" from Microsoft (I used it until it went dead). I have to admit that Microsoft make good mice.

    Is so convenient that I am actually using the old receiver rather than the one that came with Wireless Notebook Optical 3000, I just synchronized them pushing both connect buttons, because the usb receiver loss some signal when plugged on the back of my PC which is near the floor, and when I want to use it with my laptop, I sync back with the usb receiver.

    The mouse is cute, a little bit smaller but I don't care. I hope it last 4 more years as my already dead Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0!...more info
  • Excellent!
    I am amazed that Microsoft has created such a fine piece of hardware!

    Purchased this July, the original batteries, running 8-10 hours five days a week, are still going strong. I've replaced the batteries in my wireless Logitech mouse (home desktop machine) three times already in spite of much less use.

    The mouse is smooth and very accurate, it can get along on lots of surfaces (but not all) without a mouse pad, and it just feels good in the hand.

    Yeah, just a mouse, but still a wonderful purchase. Highly recommended.

    ...more info
  • I like it!!
    Good product..I use it at the office and I like it compared to the usual one. It is a little smaller than the normal sized mouse but still it is comfortable to use. The only thing I found is that it does not have an on/off switch, so you will have to take the battery off if you want to extend battery life a little longer......more info
  • Mouse
    I finally got around to putting in a review on this product. Purchased over 2 yrs ago and works great. I use almost every day and have replaced the AA battery 1x. Excellent....more info
  • Great
    I recently bought a notebook computer. Didn't really mind the mouse pad but missed using a mouse. Read the reviews about this one and deciced to give it a try. It's GREAT. Makes the whole experience much nicer. ...more info
  • Nice features ONE BIG FLAW
    If I find a solution for this I will amend my review.

    The mouse is designed for portable use. Pop the USB transceiver into the bottom of the mouse and it turns off the battery. WONDERFUL. Only needs one small AAA battery. Rechargeables work great for this.

    It's small for a full size mans hand but I can deal with it as it is also small in my laptop bag.

    Response is great for a laptop but gets rough on a desktop with a desk between you and the mouse. But folks it is a PORTABLE MOUSE. Use it on a laptop and performance is fantastic.

    It won't let my laptop screen turn off. (Toshiba Satellite - Vista) Will burn forever as long as the mouse transceiver is plugged into the USB port. This only disqualifies this product for it's intended purpose.

    If I find a solution to the problem I will amend my review....more info
  • Can't say anything bad about it.
    Pros: Everything
    Cons: Can't think of any

    Well this is going to be short and to the point, after all we are talking about a mouse. This is an EXCELLENT microsoft product. Im not a microsoft fan by any stretch of the word blowing sunshine up their software rear end ( I will never forgive them for Windows Vista ) but I have to give credit where credit is due.
    There is nothing bad I can say about this mouse. It is wireles, very quick and responsive. Perfect design for the hand. I imagine it is perfect for the ladies and myself since I do not have large, ape-like hands. Battery life is incredible. I have been on the same battery ( one double A ) since I bought it and that was over a year ago and I have left it connected overnight many times. The USB connector clips on the bottom of the mouse for travel so no worries about misplacing it. When not in use it must be clipped on or you will waste battery life but like I said before, I have done that more than once and a year later no signs of slowing down.
    If you are looking for a stylish, well designed, wireless mouse that fits in your shirt pocket with AMAZING battery life, look no further. You have found it....more info
  • Good, but it's missing one feature that I'd like
    The mouse works great. It fits my hand comfortably and it feels solid. The only complaint I have is that the USB adapter protrudes from the bottom of the mouse by a small amount when it's being stored. It isn't a flush fit and it doesn't sit flat on my desk. Not a big deal, but it could be slightly better. I wouldn't say this should change your mind when choosing a product, but those with OCD might find this mouse to be a little frustrating =P

    Buy it for mobile use. You'll like it. Especially if you like the basic Microsoft Optical Mouse for desktops. I wouldn't use this one for gaming though....more info
  • It works!
    I like this wireless mouse very much for the shape and the size. It does not need driver on my Win2000 or WinXP or even the Mac, it just works.

    It could get better with a smaller receiver or with a switch to turn it on/off but it does not really bother me with the current design.

    ...more info
  • por el momento, buena elección!
    Hace poco tiempo q lo estoy usando, pero por el momento fue una buena elección teniendo en cuenta calidad-precio. ...more info
  • Wireless MS Mouse review
    This is my second wireless MS mouse and they are great. The sensitivity is just right and the ergonomics are perfect....more info
  • Probably the best wireless mouse I've ever had
    This mouse is simply superb. I've used many wireless desktop mice, some that were very expensive, and I never really loved any of them. Then I purchased this little mouse for use with my laptop which would be my new primary computer, and I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it is. It is extremely sensitive, and works great on the high-sensitivity level I use it on (only requires small area).

    Another great "feature" of this mouse is the battery life. It runs on ONE AA battery and it lasts longer than any other wireless mouse I have used. And I use it as my primary mouse for my primary computer which is pretty much on and being used all the time.

    The last thing I'd like to mention is that the mouse seems to work great on all surfaces I've tried it on. These include wood, cloth, hard floor, and many more.

    The bottom line is if you're looking for a mouse, and don't mind using a less than full-sized mouse, then you can't possibly go wrong with this....more info
  • Best wireless mouse
    I bought microsoft wireless optical mouse 3000-slate in less than $20. It works perfect..cursor movement is smooth. The design is simple. It is lightweight and wireless range is good.
    It senses the signal even from 6 ft far away from the laptop. I was just testing because I read few comments that mouse does not work properly if you are a bit away from the pc. Anyway it works good for me and I am happy to bought this mouse....more info
  • A+
    This product did exactly what I wanted it to do. It keeps a very long battery life, it has a good range, its small and compact so I can slide it into my backpack. And best of all its wireless so I dont have to mess with a cord. Also you dont need to upload a program for it, just plug it into a USB drive and your set to go. So its fast for quick use. I would for sure recommend this product to everybody. A+...more info
  • great product and service from company!
    This is a great product, well priced, and the service and shipping was excellent! 5 stars for this comapny!...more info
  • Nice mouse, convenient design
    I bought this mouse to use with my laptop at work since I kept accidentally tapping the touch pad and sending unfinished emails to people. I love the fact that it is wireless and that you can store the USB connector underneath to save your battery. So far it is working great and I can use it anywhere. My kids want them next for their laptops so it looks like I'll be buying more of them....more info
  • Microsoft Mouse
    The product arrived as promissed and in perfect shape. The package had been opened but everything was accounted for and once the battery was installed the mouse ran perfectly. I wish I had bought two instead of just one. I would buy from this vendor again with confidence....more info
  • This is an AWESOME mouse in every way.
    I love this mouse!! The fact that it is wireless along with it's comfort makes it #1 for me. I appreciate the option that at the end of the day, I can disconnect the USB adaptor from the hard drive, plug it into the back of the mouse to save the battery life and take it with me. It is compact and is compatable with all the computers and laptops I use. I also appreciate the color choices...sure beats black!!!...more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 -Slate
    One of the worst Microsoft products I have ever purchased. I cannot believe Microsoft will compromise its quality in this way. Often the cursor gets stuck. Wanted to return, but I thought after paying shipping it will not be worth....more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Notebook Mouse
    Great product for everyday smoothly and hassle free installation.

    Disclaimer: i am not a gamer...more info
  • Tiny little thing, but works like a champ!
    We had an old corded track ball mouse that basically sucked. I shopped around for about 30 min. and found this one for $20 w/ free shipping and no sales tax. Just remember to pull your receiver and put it with the mouse when finished or you'll go through batteries like crazy! Works great for us. Definitely worth the $20....more info
  • Love this mouse
    I love the design of this mouse. It is very comfortable and easy to use....more info
  • Never go for a wireless mouse
    I bought this mouse by going for the hype of this wireless device. This was my second wireless mouse because the first one gave away due to tons of issues like battery life, flickering pointer motion etc. I thought Microsoft would be good but to my disappointment this was the same as the previous device. The cons are listed below

    1.) Battery makes the mouse heavier compared to USB based optical mouse.
    2.) The pointer motion is not smooth. Depends greatly where you position the mouse compared to the wireless reception in your computer.
    3.) The mouse freezes quite often. You need to reset the mouse each time this happens.

    1.) Its portable. Other than this I cannot think of any advt of this device.

    A mouse is too small a device to have portable issues. After couple of failures using a wireless mouse I went back to USB based optical mouse and boy I am loving it. I bought a retractable cord mouse which is great. So for those tech crazy but ignorant folks who go for the hype wireless mouse is no good. For now this wired device is a lot better than its wireless predecessor....more info
  • An attractive mouse at an attractive price.
    I recently purchased a new laptop and bought two accessories to go with it.....the first must have was a mouse. I must say, if you've been looking for a wireless mouse that is superbly responsive, that is easy to set up and use, sleek and attractive, then Microsoft's little gem is what you're looking for. All you need to do is plug the USB receiver (which fits snugly under the unit when in travel mode) into your system and away you disks or complicated settings are needed - simplicity is truly bliss.

    The lack of an on/off switch may seem like a debilitating feature, but the little mouse falls a sleep if not in use, so that solves any worries you may have about low battery life...and when you do need to change the battery, all you need to do is push one button to release the housing, pop out the old and insert the new - simple....I do have one small problem to report **sigh** The scroll wheel is somewhat unresponsive at times and lags at others....but this is the only problem I've come across and it hasn't affected the overall quality of the little mouse that could. At an affordable price, with a sleek, ergonomic design, that comes in a plethora of colors (I chose Winter Blue) you can't go wrong with this little gem....more info
  • Good laptop mouse
    Have a couple users that like the small size, because they use it on their laptops. Also like the way the receiver hides in the bottom of the mouse....more info
  • Sommth as chocolate
    This mouse is a dream. It moves smoothly and gives accurate locations. Also, the USB connection is much nicer than the wired station I have for my desktop wireless mouse. It is more portable and the storage space for the connector on the bottom of the mouse is quite ingenious....more info
  • wonderful
    I just have to say this is the best cordless mouse for a laptop i have ever gotten. Was so easy to install. All I had to do was take out of package and plug in. The easiest mouse ever . I would recomend it to anyone who wants a cordless mouse for laptop. I just can't say enough about it. If i have to get another one I would get this one. I also like the idea that you can take the plug in thing and put it under the mouse to save on batteries. it turns it off at night....more info
  • Almost perfect..
    The only fault I have with it is that it has Microsoft's label attached to it. Otherwise, I swear my mobile computing life to this mouse.


    1) Soft/Effortless left/right button clicks. Other "name brand" mouses gives you this nasty hard "click" that you hear and requires much more effort. This is the only portable mouse that's "thinkpad key feel" quality. Imagine this as the mouse equivalent to thinkpad keyboards.

    2) Pefect weight and balance. Not heavy and not too light. Pefect.

    3) Contoured/shaped for small to medium palms. If you are born a ogre, please try it in the store or something before you buy it.

    4) Textured surface. The mouse surface that contact critical parts of your palm is made of soft texture that's extremely comfortable.

    5) Long battery life. Expect to change the single AA battery every 2-3 month or so depending on usage.

    6) Wireless dongle snugs tight to the back of the mouse. The latest revisions of the mouse dongles are even smaller than before.

    7) Durability. The bottom friction pads, the clear things that make sure your mouse slide smoothly, doesn't wear out overtime or come off like those other cheapo mouses. Solid build all around. Have yet to break one and I have it for years.

    8) This mouse is so well rounded, this is not just a "portable" mouse. I personally use it for my desktop as well in addition to travel.


    1) More expensive than it needs to be.

    2) Not made for and might not be comfortable with large palms.

    3) Microsoft logo attached to the mouse. But this time, I give credit where credit is due....more info
  • great
  • High Quality, but a little pricey!
    The mouse was shipped quick & delivered in under a week.

    The quality of the mouse is good and i have not changed the batteries in the past month, so that part is good too.

    it is not a TINY notebook mouse, but is not as big as a desktop mouse too, basically perfect for carry/laptop usage.

    the only negative was the price, and i bought it since i had a coupon that was expiring....more info
  • Soooooooooo much easier
    This a great item. if you are older and have a difficult time using the touch pad,this is for you. I sit in my Recliner with my Laptop and use the mouse on the arm of the chair to direct the cue and I can surf without going to places I don't wish to. ...more info
  • Works better on hard surfaces than mouse pad.
    This is meant to work anywhere but a mouse pad. I love it. It's great for travel. The color is exact to the picture online. I really like this item and would recommend it to a friend....more info
  • Works fine. no problems so far
    I haven't had the thing much longer than a month but it seems to be working so far....more info
  • Awesome Mouse
    This is one of the better mouses I've used. Responds great for being wireless. Its a very convenient tool for your laptop. I recommend this product entirely....more info
  • Microsoft Wireless USB Mouse
    I am very satisfied with this purchase. It is a very practical mouse to use mainly with laptops. The purchase price was excellent with free shipping. The product arrived in good condition and on-time....more info
  • Works well with Vista and recommended for ambidextrous people like me
    My only issue is that sometimes during use it has to be resynched. I could be typing or surfing the net and all of a sudden it starts blinking. Other than that it's very portable and fits in the laptop case. I like the ease of use in either hand. Recommended for all portable use....more info
  • Muy comodo y pequeño...pero...
    El mouse es excelente para lo que me costo (20$ en oferta)...y la bateria me ha durado desde que lo compre y es solo 1 bateria AA...el unico detalle que le veo es que al poner el adaptador usb por debajo del mouse...este sobresale un poco del mouse entonces cuando pones el mouse con la cara del laser a la mesa queda como levantado :S:..pero de resto es excelente :D

    saludos!!...more info
  • Buy a Logitech
    I thought I'd give Microsoft a chance with the notebook mouse as a change from the Logitech I use on my personal laptop. I have had this mouse less then a year and the scroll wheel has gone bad. The scroll wheel intermittently goes out and there is no longer that distinguishable "bite" when turning... then the bite comes back and it works again.

    The scroll wheel was just the last straw. Firstly, battery life is terrible. I would say between 3 to 4 months tops. It only uses a single AA battery compared to the Logitech's 2 AA. As a result the Logitech 4 times longer.

    Secondly, the mouse is very unresponsive at times. I don't know if it has a sleep mode or goes into power save mode, but it doesn't track well at times and is sluggish then "wakes up". No problem on my other mouse.

    I can't in good faith recommend this mouse to anyone. Go with the Logitech....more info
  • Does the job.
    I purchased this item for my wife. I used it a bit after setting it up and I'm impressed with the feel of it. The build quality is nice, the buttons and wheel work and feel great. The size, weight and shape of the mouse is very good. The price was right....more info
  • Nice Wireless Mouse for the Price
    I just got this wireless mouse for my new Dell laptop, and I must say this little mouse works like a charm. It is simple to use, doesn't take up much space, and needs only one AA battery. All you have to do is plug the receptor into the USB and connect them. The connect button, though, is a bit small. Other than the fact that this mouse have no programmable buttons, this product has no flaws....more info
  • Portable, reliable, comfortable, and priced right.
    This mouse appeared to be even more ergonomic than it's successor, and had come wayy down in price. Naturally I bought it and thoroughly enjoy it. I have no need for any additional precision offered by laser mice, it's a laptop mouse.

    Although everyone raved about it's ergonomics, it's not quite as comfy as I thought it would be. But again, it's a laptop mouse. ...more info
  • Fantastic!
    I have been using this mouse for around 2 weeks now and I really love it! I didn't have to do anything other than plug in the USB and it was all set to go. I like the ability to clip the USB plug in to the bottom of the mouse so I don't waste the battery and so I don't lose the plug! I was kind of surprised that it came with a battery in the package, that was nice. I bought the Dragon Fruit Pink model and the color in person is a little darker than in the picture, a kind of darker hot pink metallic. Very pretty (and my husband won't steal it) :)...more info
  • Mouseriffic
    Right size, right price, and works very well. Would buy another if I had another laptop....more info
    There is only one word to describe this mouse, amazing. It is highly sensitive to the touch which is great, long battery life, has the option to save battery power, and now comes in multiple colors. I have owned 3 now, in all different colors and continue to wait for more to come....more info
  • Perfect 10!
    I have had this mouse for just a few days and it is the coolest thing ever! And the color is great! No worries about hubby borrowing it anytime soon! It works perfectly. Glad I made the purchase and plan to purchase another one soon. Best feature is how the part that plugs into the usb port when not in use, fits underneath the mouse and becomes one unit for carrying. This stops the battery in the mouse from draining. Great idea....more info
  • Mouse works great!
    I recently bought my first laptop computer and bought this mouse to go with it as I didn't care much for the touchpad. I chose this one over a Logitech for no particular reason.

    I have had absolutely no problems with this mouse. The little transmitter just plugs right into a USB port and you are ready to go. It works well whether it is on the laptop, to the right, to the left, or on the couch with the laptop on the coffee table. Range doesn't seem to be any problem at all.

    The cursor responds very well to the movement of the mouse with no lag time whatsoever. Buttons are easy to push without being overly sensitive to touch. The scroll wheel works just as well. While slightly smaller than a regular corded mouse, it feels good in my hand -- it was not made too small to use effectively.

    I would certainly buy another one of these if the need arose, and would recommend it to anyone with a need for a wireless mouse....more info
  • so far so good
    Bought this together when I purchased Sony Vaio laptop in Amazon. The price was $19.90 and it's still cost the same. I replaced the battery once after 3 months of using it and now 3 months later the battery still works fine. The sensitivity is good and I like the size and the shape of this mouse because you can rest your fingers comfortably. The scrolls is good too....more info
  • Compact, comfortable mouse for medium to small hands
    I ll start off by saying this is my first wireless mouse in many years - I tried them back when battery life was pretty poor and range was rather short. I went looking for one after feeling annoyed by cables getting tangled and attacked by my cats while using my laptop. A quick list of pros & cons is the best way to get my thoughts across so here we go:
    - nice range of colors although the color only applies to the top of the mouse
    - quick plug & play capability: the first time I popped the receiver in my laptop s USB port the mouse worked right away running Vista Home Premium
    - good size for my hands: I m a girl, so my hands are medium-to-small I d say. My husband thought the mouse would be too small for him, definitely.
    - minimum of buttons: just left & right and a scroll wheel. That s all I need personally, but if you want a back/forward set, look elsewhere.
    - great battery life: I ve had this mouse for a couple months now and I m still on the first AA battery. Being able to snap the receiver onto the back to stop the mouse from draining whilst not in use helps immensely I m sure.

    - occasional wonky reception: I can t say I ve figured out why or how this happens, but sometimes the receiver s LED blinks and the response of the mouse is either erratic or zero. Eventually it sorts itself out, but I can t quite pin this down to line-of-sight or battery issues or something yet discovered...
    - limited range: don t try using this as a pointer from across the room because it's not likely to respond. I d say maybe 5 feet tops, maybe a bit more.
    - receiver sticks out a fair bit from the port, which makes it awkward to have on your lap and makes you worry it s going to snap off at any moment. I hadn t really considered this fact while looking for a mouse, and next time I think I will look for one with a smaller receiver.

    Because of these cons, I give the mouse 4 out of 5 stars - a rather functional simple mouse for a decent price : ...more info
  • Very Happy
    This little Mouse is wonderful and fixed all my problems with trying to use a lap top computer. It is so easy to use and as cute as a House Mouse!...more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Notebook Mouse 3000
    Product works as advertised, no set up required.
    Comfortable to hand.
    Bought a second one for my work laptop. ...more info
  • A very good mouse for a reasonable price
    What can you expect from a mouse...? Well, this one will give you that.

    Only drawback for me is it size, small for my hand. Accustomed to the MSFT IntelliMouse optical, this one looks better suited for my wife's or for my 4 yo daughter's hands. However, working w/o cables is heaven when you use your laptop and have some space in a desk....more info
  • Greatest Wireless mouse
    I bought my laptop from Best Buy and bought a Dynex wireless mouse with it. Well, after using it for a month, that mouse broke down and I had to return it to the store. Best Buy was great about it, but I couldn't just return it (it was an online order, so I didn't get an actual reciept) so I exchanged it. It cost an extra $10 (for $30, but no shipping costs) at the store, but I did want a new one anyways.
    The thing I like about this compared to the previous version is the USB adapter. The older one had an "L" shaped adapter that rotated at the joint. One thing that didn't change that I'm not fond of is the on/off trigger (it's not really a switch) that turns on while the adapter is released and off when replaced. My old mouse had a regular on/off switch as well as the trigger, but with my old one, I could get 2 weeks max on a set of 2 AAA batteries, while this one has GREAT life off of one AA battery.
    Another thing is the size compared to my old one. I kind of got used to the size of that one (it was a little smaller), while this one is a different feel, especially for the right side rubs a bit on your ring finger (since it was made to be ambidexterous), but you get used to it after a while. ...more info
  • Mouse is awesome!
    This mouse is so easy and works great. No wonder it's the best selling mouse in the world!...more info
  • Notebook savior.
    I never used my new laptop due to the stupid mouse or lack of it but now I love it, love it and it's wireless....more info
  • A must have!
    I just bought a Sony Vaio and got this little mouse at the same time. The Vaio's touch pad is not the easiest thing for me to use because I have big fingers, but the mouse is the perfect solution. However, it is also really small so it took some getting used to. It has a USB transponder that is stored in the base of the mouse when not in use which also turns it off to save battery life. You won't be dissapointed....more info
  • Mouse Purchase
    Works great, much more precise/quick than what I was using previously. Good size in my hand. Arrived quickly....more info
  • MS Optical Mouse
    Purchased this item as a gift for my wife's birthday. She was tired of the "wired" mouse she had; it was always getting in the way. So far, this wireless mouse has proven to be excellent. We've only had it less than a month but the batteries seem to be holding up well (a concern I had even tho' other reviews touted their longevity). The only feature I would like is that it could be turned off during breaks away from the laptop without pulling out the USB receiver....more info
  • Perfect
    I use this mouse with both my laptop and my desktop and it I have to say it works great with both. No software and no tricky installation make it very easy to use. Just plug it in and go....more info
  • nice mouse
    nice mouse, small size for notebook. Buttons have a nice feel. Auto-turn off when receiver is placed in mouse. Would have liked an additional two buttons, but overall, good....more info
  • Must have
    I LOVE my wireless notebook mouse! I would go crazy without it. The USB connection is convenient, and the signal is good. I wish they had a click wheel and buttons on the side, but otherwise, it is a great product....more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000
    I absolutely love this product. At first, I thought its purchase would indicate consumerism to the extreme. My Dell laptop has both a toggle mini joy stick and a finger mouse pad. With increasing age comes not only wisdom but also arthritis. The wireless mouse has offered me the experience of switching between all three options for navigating the web as well as other mundane tasks such as saving cooking files and playing freecell....more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Mouse
    I have a laptop that has the 'pad' mouse that you control with your finger. Drove me crazy. This wireless mouse is just what I needed. Thank you VERY much....more info
  • A Mouse Without It's Tail is Still a Mouse
    I'm one who rarely sees the advantage of fixing something that ain't broke. I've often thought "Why the heck do they keep trying to build a better, um, Mouse?"

    My husband purchased this Mouse for me a couple years back, insisting that it was a better option to the standard plug in.

    As far as functionality goes, it does the same thing. However it does come in handy when we've hooked the ol' laptop up to the tv to watch the newest episode of BSG via Hulu. When you can't change the energy saver time mode on the computer and need to rouse it ever 10 minutes the wireless Mouse steps in where the corded ones can't: it sits by our side ten feet away from its computer host.

    I totally agree with other reviewers about the battery life issues, but I find that even with constant use I only have to change the battery at most twice a month (thank god for rechargeables).

    Also, if it's being used in close proximity with another wireless Mouse, they tend to interfere with one another's performance.

    Overall, I like it and it's worth the money if you're looking to free yourself from the corded technology of yore....more info
  • A nearly perfect product
    This is the MS Wireless Notebook Mouse. After I wrestled it from its thick vinyl vault-like packaging, inserted the included battery, and plugged it in to a Dell laptop, it worked perfectly and is easy to customize. I have fairly large hands, but the device fits comfortably.
    I use the mouse in meetings when my computer is connected to the projector. It has enough range that it can be passed around the table (careful with this in flu season) for use by anyone....more info
  • even better than the last one
    i bought this as a replacement for one just like it. this seems almost identical but the movement and feel is even better than the last one and i liked that mouse too....more info
  • Microsoft Mouse
    Great product. This is the second one I've purchased as someone else is using my other one. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a notebook mouse....more info
  • Perfect mouse
    Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 -Slate
    the mouse is easy to use and provides perfect resolution...more info
  • Good ..not great...
    Takes a while for the reciever to latch on to the signal after you press the Connect button... till then the mouse pointer will move frame by frame... takes about 15 to 25 secs. Pointer does skip at times... other than that its a good buy......more info
  • move on
    My second wireless mouse puchase from microsoft.And my last. Behaves and functions well as promised,on both my ancient dell battleship and new macbook but beware, the fit and finish is barely adaquate to any kind of physical adversity. Unit is as delicate as an eggshell.After it emerges from its plastic blister shell, you are on your own- there is no way to protect it from any kind of travel environment it was designed to function in.My advice is to keep looking for something else!...more info
  • Died Out Of Nowhere
    This mouse was a great solution for my laptop as I have carpal tunnel however yesterday it just died out of nowhere!
    I received it as a Christmas gift so I've had it about six months.
    I tried replacing the batteries and reconnecting but it is just dead.
    I'm glad I checked here on Amazon to see that I'm not even close to the only one that this has happened to!

    Other downsides:

    - I DID have to replace the battery within the last six months so Microsoft's claim that is lasts 6+ is bogus.
    - The USB is a poor design. It sticks out so when I sit in any position other than my laptop being on my desk I have to be careful about not knocking it.

    I really did like this mouse despite the downsides - it's just so preferable to using my touchpad because of my carpal tunnel. However, now that I'm seeing that other people are having the same issues I was, I'm just going to get another brand....more info
  • Perfect, works just like my desk top model,
    I originally ordered the 6000. Canceled that after reading the reviews.
    I'm glad I did, as this one works perfect, fits like a "glove", and does it just like my desktop mouse. The range is about 2-3 feet, but I can't read my laptop screen from any farther away, so its perfect. If in doubt, and you have money enough for only one... this is it. I even went to a couple of stores and all the sales people, have said that the 6000 has lots of problems. ...more info
  • Favorite Notebook Mouse, Cool Color
    I have both the 3000 and the 4000 models. The 4000 feels a lot more sturdy, but it's too hard to use the scroll wheel button so I never use the 4000. This is my 2nd 3000, and to be honest, it was an impulse buy cause I liked the new color. My old black 3000 still works just fine after 2 years.

    I'm amazed at how long the battery lasts.

    Very infrequently, each of my 3000 mice becomes sporadically non-responsive. I have to press the "connect" button on both the mouse and the USB receiver, which isn't an easy feat....more info
  • Love it! Love it!
    I got this wireless mouse for my laptop. It was resonably priced. Received in the mail pretty fast. I did read most of the reviews before purchasing this item. Im glad I made the investment. It fits very comfortably in my hand. Even though the USB port is on the left side of my laptop and I am a right handed mouser it never lost connection, skipped or paused while in operation. Some reviewers were not crazy about the speed of scrolling but I am quite pleased with it. The scrolling nob in the middle of the right and left click does have a little bit of a bumpy feel when scrolling up and down, like if you rubbed your finger across corderoy. ...more info
  • a very good mouse
    I used to have the earlier slate model with the L shaped receiver and have always been quite happy with it. One bigger problem was that the receiver had a tendency to fall out so that the mouse would turn itself on in my laptop case while travelling. This new receiver snaps in and holds tightly. The battery life was always good - about half a year. The buttons have a nice feel and press easily. Only the middle scroll whell is a tad tougher. The new color scheme is also very nice. Over time (about 2 years), the rubber/silicon on the sides totally degraded (because of sweat) but the new one appears to be made from a different material so hopefully it will last longer. What I slightly miss is a dedicated off button on the mouse if I want to leave the receive in the PC but turn the mouse off say over night. Overall, I am very happy with it and recommend it.
    ...more info
  • incredible
    I am not a big fan of microsoft, but this mouse is a must!

    Battery REALLY lasts 6 months even when you don't snap the receiver. I almost never do that, so the wireless laser is on all the time and for the second year I only change the battery once every 6 months.

    Very smooth, soft bottons, easy scrolling....what more can I ask for? ...more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Mouse
    Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 -Slate

    My husband loves his wireless mouse! He's a salesman and uses his laptop as a GPS unit. The mouse makes it so much easier for him to input his route!...more info
  • Wonderful!
    This mouse works well, and I've had none of the "shortages" I experienced with my wireless laser mouse. Apparently, this is a lower end model than the laser mouse, but I like it much better. The gold color is beautiful....more info
  • It the best as they come.
    I have one for laptop now for three years and still going strong. And never fail to giving a
    signal out to the computer. Now I love it so much, I got another for my desktop....more info
    I am using this mouse with my desktop at work and it is ok. My only gripe is the signal strength is only about 2 1/2 feet so I have to sit as close to it and that means scooted over to the left of my desk not centered on my screen. It is kinda of annoying, but I do like the small size of the mouse....more info
  • Reliable and long battery life
    This is second Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 I've owned. First one lasted a couple of years before the left click button wore out (at least it stopped worked not sure why). Nevertheless, I liked the mouse so much I replaced it with the same model. Long battery life and very convenient to travel with. USB received snaps into the base of the mouse which completely shuts it off further extending the battery life. I recommend it to anyone that doesn't like their laptop's built in mouse device....more info
  • Owned it for a couple of years

    Amazing product.. I've owned it for over 2 years now and not a single problem. Very good battery life (I am not even careful about putting the USB reciever back into the bottom of the mouse which turns off the laser.. and yet a single AA battery lasts me 2 - 3 months of heavy use.)

    Perfect response and very comfortable. If this one ever dies, I will buy another of the same.. Note: I don't really know how far away this works as I've only tried using it on a desk and it works on any large desk. ...more info
  • You don't need a mouse pad for this....
    I got this as gift to go with my laptop Even though I don't always use it, it does work well. I'm so used to using the mouse on my laptop.

    When I do use it, I have no problems with it getting stuck or not working at all.

    The batteries seem to last a lifetime because I haven't had to change them for a long time now.

    You don't even need a mouse pad for this mouse. It works just fine without one....more info
  • Doesn't last long
    This was a great mouse until it stopped working. I got about 6 months regular use and it started skipping. Died shortly thereafter....more info
  • Great Purchase
    We purchased a notebook. This microsoft wireless mouse is great and simple to work and use on most any surface. No frills. Even comes with its own battery. Great to store and take with you on travels. Very portable. Would buy it again....more info
  • Not all that responsive
    I've had this mouse for 3 months now and ever since the purchase it lags consistently. I have the bluetooth dongle about 2ft from the mouse at all times and have replaced the battery twice. After a while, the signal will be restored and it'll work fine but will sporadically lag. Also, it takes several clicks on a link before it will respond. Not a very good product....more info
  • small defect
    I found my left click button had a small but irritating defect. If you hold the mouse 3000 up to your ear, then press the left click button near the edge you hear a click. So far so good. When you release the button very slowly you again hear the click. Then you take your finger very slowly off the button and you hear a twang. If you do the same thing with your finger away from the edge the twang does not occur. The right button does not have the twang no matter how you do it. When doing a lot of work my finger works its way to the edge and I find this characteristic highly irritating since it makes the left click seem loose. I do not know if this happens on all of the 3000's.

    I finally bought a Logitech VX Nano Notebook Wireless Mouse. The buttons work flawlessly. The USB plug is so small it can be left in the computer all the time and you do not have to plug it into the mouse to shut it off. I found you do not have to turn it off at all. This mouse has software to tell you how many days the batteries will last, which is 6 months. So no more wear 0n the USB socket with the mouse plug.

    The Microsoft optical mouse gave errors. Sometimes the cursor would move slowly across the screen by itsef. Sometime it would jump suddenly when used. The Logitek Mouse gave no errors of any sort, probably because it uses a Laser and not just an LED.

    The VX Nano has no flaws in use and feels good to use. No more tinny irritations. The Manufacturer said that moving the mouse in the power on condition can trigger it on (no mention in write up). For example, the vibration from a fan can keep the thing in the power up state. I never shut mine off and it does not seem to reduce the battery life which is 6 months. ...more info
  • I Love It
    This is perfect for your laptop or desktop. No need to install anything, plug and play! The battery (just 1) lasts forever and I leave it on all the time.
    I bought 1 for my uncle too and he loves it.

    Great product...more info
  • Ok, but doesn't last long
    I've had the mouse for about a year. It's been a good mouse for me because I travel a lot and have small hands. It fits my hand size well. However, it's now starting to flake out and needs replacing.

    Small, light and compact

    Eats through batteries quickly (every three to four weeks)
    The mouse needs to be replaced after a year....more info
  • Great wireless mouse!
    I bought this mouse to use in conjunction with my Vista-equipped HP notebook, and my experience with it has been great.

    After getting rid of my aging Dell desktop and making my laptop my primary computer, I quickly found that the laptop's touchpad was uncomfortable and limiting for heavy usage. When I discovered this mouse on sale at Best Buy for about $24, I decided to give it a shot, and it hasn't let me down.

    For daily usage, this mouse is great. The mouse itself is small enough to not be a hassle on my desk, but it still large enough to accommodate my hand comfortably. The size is also nice because it doesn't add any noticeable heft to my laptop bag.

    The grooves on the two buttons alone make this mouse much more comfortable than most desktop mouses I have used.

    It is not the most feature-rich mouse in the world (no dedicated zoom buttons or programmable keys here). However, I don't really use such features anyway, so I really can't complain.

    Battery life has been stellar. I've had this thing plugged in for extended amounts of time since I bought it about three months ago, and it hasn't run out of juice yet.

    I wouldn't recommend this mouse for any extreme usage (gaming), but for regular usage it's a great mouse. The price is low compared to similar products from other manufacturers, and the size is just right.

    Definitely a must buy. ...more info
  • Worked Great!
    Had this mouse for about 9 months- worked great! Then one day it didn't want to work all the time- sometimes it did, sometimes it didn't. A bit on the small side- which was fine with me as I have small hands; some of my guy friends that had larger hands found it to a bit awkward when using it....more info
  • Great Product!
    Works great and was easy to set up. We use laptops at work and I hate the touch pad. Using this mouse has made my computer input easier and actually enjoyable. After my shift, I simply disconnect the mouse, store the USB antenna in the bottom recess of the mouse and throw it in my locker. I got my wife one too....more info
  • Incredible Mouse!!!
    My father has a mouse like this for his laptop and it works very well, so, when I decided to get a notebook, I bought one of these too. IT TOTALLY ROCKS!!! Just plug in the wireless receiver and you're ready to go. Wireless networks don't interfere with performance and niether does another Microsoft Optical 3000. I did have a little interference with a Logitech wireless mouse, but that's only when you're using them right beside to each other. It never loses signal, is very small, but works very well, and you can turn it off by simply putting the receiver securely underneath the mouse. ...more info
  • nearly worthless
    I bought this about 3 months ago from another store. Microsoft is supposed to make good stuff, right? It has worked erratically all this time and now won't work at all. I have changed the battery several times during the past few months and again today. I went to tech support for Microsoft. Guess what? It costs $35 to get email help. More than this mouse cost!!!! I had already used their trouble-shooting guide and it didn't fix the problem. While I was looking at trouble-shooting issues, I found out that the mouse was the reason I hadn't been able to get my screen saver to work. I may never buy Microsoft hardware again. What good is the warranty if it cost $35 just to email somebody?...more info
  • Wireless Optical mouse
    Works great for me.. very convenient, very compact. I have a nerve condition which makes using my laptop mousepad impossible. This is an excellent substitute. In fact, I bought 2 more for our desktop computers. Resonably priced....more info
  • I Love This Mouse
    OK, How can a mouse be so great..?
    Perfect size! It is wireless, optic and simple - two buttons & a scroll. The only thing unique is the size, which calls to mind a small hand being led instead of pushing a rock. ...more info
  • Perfect Notebook Mouse!
    This is about as perfect as it can get... I was sick and tired of using my laptop next to my desktop with my left hand on the touch pad. I read about the Microsoft Wireless Notebook mouse in the Wall Street Journal and decided to buy it due to the review. This mouse is perfect... simply plug the toggle into the computer and put the battery into the mouse and you have connection!

    I've tried this mouse on my Vista laptop and it connects within 1-2 seconds of plugging in the USB toggle. There is no lag and the 1000 dpi is nice and precise for a "notebook" mouse.

    Only thing I don't like is the bottom sides of the mouse are a rubber like substance so if you tip the mouse a little it will catch on the mouse pad and not move. This isn't a bother but something to note for people who don't hold their mice evenly like myself.

    Definitely recommend this for laptop owners....more info
  • Microsoft - A NO for hardware
    This Microsoft hardware mouse sucks. I used Logitech before and It worked excellent. I misplaced it and bought this because of brand name and I learned a lesson. The precision is very low. I dont feel comfortable using this mouse. Now I am using touch pad instead of mouse because my hand strains when trying to move this mouse to move the cursor. Logitech works on all surfaces, soft, rough, on bed every where. This mouse needs only soft surfaces. Dont buy it....more info
  • Ehhh... Ok
    Was really good, but not great. Biggest problem was, that after about a year of use, the USB connector broke. Thep lastic broke a little bit, but just enoough so you couldn't put it into the computer....more info
  • Great mouse for a laptop
    After a lot of research, I selected this mouse and haven't been disappointed. I used free shipping and it was deliverd in just a few days. I have a Dell XPS 1530 laptop using Windows Vista. Installation was as simple as plugging it in. I had some concerns about the small size but that has not been a problem at all. I have big hands but this mouse is comfortable and easy to use. The USB connector snaps into the mouse making it very handy to take with you....more info
  • it works
    well, it doesn't do cartwheels but the battery lasts and its pretty sensitive; it does everything my previous wired mouse did; reasonable in price; everything i could hope for in a mouse....more info
  • Wow! A good mouse for such a low price
    THis mouse i bought was at 20.00.I like it cause its small, wireless and works well on a laptop and desktop.But i use it mostly for my laptop.The only thing that it don't have is a recharging dock that you can put the mouse on.But it only carries 1 double AA battery that can last for 6 months cause the mouse doesn't consume the battery power that much.If you have rechargeable batteries then you are made.This is a great mouse for a low price.Trust me you wont be disappointed. P.s. It works with XP and vista...more info
  • MS Mice are HORRIBLE!
    This is my 2nd Microsoft Mouse. Both died within 1 year. I have no idea why...never dropped them and they still died. Even the batteries outlasted the mice. MS needs to tighten their quality control...its sad....more info
  • Great mouse - the perfect size for laptops.
    I got this mouse for my laptop and it's great. I do have to hit the connect button sometimes when I first plug it in, but that's not a big deal to me. It's a great size, not full size, but not a 'micro' mouse like some of the 'laptop' mice are.

    Battery lasts ages too - you can place the dongle under the mouse which has a 'shut off' switch so it doesn't waste battery when not in use.

    ...more info
  • It works well but.......
    I purchased this to use during presentations with a notebook. Oops. Range is only about 3 feet. Guess I missed that in the research. As a close range device, it's a mouse, it's comfortable, and it works without fail....more info
  • great mouse
    I've used this mouse for over a year now and not once had a problem.
    Since the date of using it, I haven't even change the battery. I wonder how much longer it will last...
    The size is just perfect for my hand.
    I knocked one star off because the wide receiver kind of blocks the neighboring USB hub.
    It worked so well that I convinced my roommate to get one. She got one with a slim receiver, good for her!...more info
  • Junk Made In China
    I bought two of these for my college students. One of them stopped working within two weeks. I was able to replace it, but this is typical of shoddy products produced with no quality control. The consumer is the quality control. I don't like getting junk for my hard earned money and then being expected to spend the time, money and effort to get it rectified....more info
  • Great mouse... better than touchpad
    I am so glad I bought this mouse. I read the other reviews and am following their advise to make sure I discount the mouse when I am not using it to save the battery life. I am always able to connect and disconnect with no problems. This is so much better than the touchpad on the laptop. I recommend this mouse to anyone looking for a nice travel mouse for their laptop....more info
  • really good and comfortable
    it was good and really comfortable to use. nice shape . fits perfectly. was needed for someone like me whose brain doesnt work with the laptop mousepads. might be few dollars more than I would have liked it though. ...more info
  • Good Laptop Wireless Mouse
    After I got this mouse, I am moving my pointer much easier than the one on my Sony notebook. Initially it gave me (I thought so) issues on the windows where the active windows was fluctuating or going as unselected but later I found that it was not the mouse; but it was some unknown software issues with Windows itself.

    The battery life is so long I didn't change my battery since the day I bought it till now (3 months already)...

    Best performance like any wired mouse but hassle free without wires.

    Another thing I like about this mouse is the way you can transport by the USB attachment goes into the bottom of the mouse which turns off the mouse and saves battery.

    Overall, I will recommend to buy this mouse and I will soon get another one for my wife's notebook
    ...more info
  • Erratic Behavoir with Toshiba Laptops - Returning it!
    Tried to use this with both my and my wife's Toshiba laptops. Performance erratic and flaky; stops and starts without rhyme or reason; worked in some usb ports, not in others.
    Very comfortable to hold and move, but erratic acceleration and performance = pure frustration....more info
  • So good on the road, I bought 2 more for my desktops...
    This mouse does what it was meant to do-- just right.

    It is tiny, but you get over that within seconds of use. In fact, you get over the mouse itself within seconds of use-- you just use it. Move your hand to a spot on your surface, and the pointer moves there. No fancy features to deal with, no extra buttons to accidentally push. Your interaction with the pointer is thoughtless, as it should be.

    The resolution of this mouse is top notch. Response rivals corded mice. And as always, Microsoft delivers with the solid feel, fantastic wheel, and nice clicks that I've come to expect.

    Being an input aficionado, I bought the Logitech Cordless MX Laser mouse to replace this one. I thought it felt nice at the store, and I could always use a few more buttons!

    Not 3 hours later and I was back to the Microsoft. The Logitech is pretty but it misses what the Microsoft gets down pat-- pointing at stuff and clicking.

    ...more info
  • mouse review
    It works very well, is available at a reasonable price, and is a great convenience when using a laptop....more info
  • Good for the First Few Months
    I got this mouse when I got my laptop about a year and half ago. It worked great - fast reaction, fast mouse movement, this mouse had it all.

    After two or three months, the mouse just stopped. Since it has never happened before, I thought it was not a problem and tried to re-connect the mouse and the port. Even though it was a bit slow, the mouse started working fine.

    After the small, minute incident, it happened every week, then every day, and almost every time I used the mouse. Because the mouse works very infrequently, I had to set up a second mouse(wired, very small and hard to use) right next to the infrequently working mouse. This was because when I was playing games like WarCraft 3, and the mouse stopped working, I would have to switch mouse very quickly.

    Overall, very good product if you want to use for several months. If not, not the mouse for you.

    And my friend has the same mouse, and also has the same problem as mentioned before....more info
  • 1 Year 5 Months
    I purchased this item in September 06 and the right button has just given out (Feb. 08). It has performed well aside from the limited range of 3 feet and that when ever you bump the usb key it needs to be pulled out and re-inserted. The same model is available now and I will not repurchase... going for the Kennsington instead....more info
  • Broken after 2 years
    My mouse stops work after 2 years with no reason. I'm not a gamer and use it so everyday but lightly.
    However, just last week, I plugged it in my laptop as usual. The light on the receiver has never come back so I think it's the battery. I replaced the battery and it still doesn't help. So I think it's either the loose contact on the stupid designed L-shape receiver or the USB interface that has disappointing.
    My other optical mouse, the cheap Logitech wired mouse (300 Baht=US$10) one still works fine after hard uses for several years !! Next time I'd better buy cheap mouse to avoid disappointment, not Microsoft one. The money I paid is not worth the usage, even....more info
  • Excellent product
    Used to own a logitech before this, and had to replace batteries nearly every month! I've owned this mouse for 4 months now, and its still running great on a single AA battery. Plus it looks great and very nicely contoured. No problems with the optical sensing as well. I'm in here to buy another one for my other laptop. ...more info
  • poor quality
    When the mouse worked, it was great. 8 months later I get "USB device not recognized" errors with both of my laptops. Based on reading previous reviews I guess the receiver is broken?

    I don't think I'll buy this again....more info
  • Great!
    Have been using it for a while now, though only occasionally. I like it, very convenient the cordless factor. Not a great range or something, but yeah serves the purpose just fine. ...more info
  • mouse of no use when receiver breaks
    mouse good. receiver is easily broken or bent. Then you cannot simply replace that, you have to buy a whole new mouse. Microsoft says dont sell individual usb receiver. The reciever is flimsy and easily comes apart if bumped...more info
  • great mouse
    this is a great mouse, i bought it for mu laptop, nice compact size, usb receiver fits right in the mouse, takes only 1 AA battery, the only thing is if you have a big hand that might be little uncomfortable other than that great product. ...more info
  • Good at home, useless in my job office
    I used to use my mouse in my job, it was ok, the batteries lasted the first time around 4 months, but when another guy from the office bought a Microsoft Wireless Mouse Laser 6000 it started the nightmare, when he uses his mouse mine get frozen or works intermitently, I guess my mouse is not protected enough from interference, and it only happens with the other Microsoft mouse, another people in my office had a Logitech mouse and I did not have problems with mine.

    So take care, this mouse is ok for home, or in an isolated place, not for the office... unless you work alone....more info
  • The Perfect Wireless Mouse
    I'm not a big fan of Microsoft, but they did it right with this wireless mouse. I've purchased 4 of these -- two for me, one for my husband and one for my daughter. They're all in use and everybody loves them. Just the right size and it works all the time. If I had one negative thing to say, it would be about the battery life, but it is just a single AA battery so I don't expect it to last forever. Some kind of indicator about a dying battery would be nice, though....more info
  • MS Wireless Mouse
    Had it for about a month and it works perfectly. I am very satisfied with this purchase. A great value....more info
  • The only one we use.
    It's easy and travels well and it's the only one we use for all 3 computers!...more info
  • Great Mouse!
    I use this mouse on a Mac desktop computer. It's small in size but not too small like regular laptop mouses. It works well and the battery life is good. Not too jumpy on the screen. Would recommend it....more info
  • Just what I needed!
    I just read a review complaining about lousy battery life with this product -- really?! I've had mine for six months, I use it on a daily basis and it's still going strong on the original batteries (though it might be getting near the end I think). This leads me to believe that either something's wrong with the other guy's mouse or else he's setting it in a position in which it's always on and using power ... flat on my wooden desk, mine's been great, and I've had no problems. It's as good if not better than my old MS wired mouse and much more convenient. I'd highly recommend this thing....more info
  • Great mouse
    The mouse is fast, very practical, does not weigh much, and very gentle with the fingers. It gets the job done with only a one click you don't have to click it over and over like with those wired mouses. I recommend the mouse it is awesome and best of all the price is cheap compared to other mouses at the store. Great Quality!!! ...more info
  • Not quite there with the wireless technology
    While the pointer was quick to respond to movements, and accurate, the obnoxiously large "receiver" that has to plug into a USB port easily gets its signal blocked. The mouse is a bit too heavy for quick gaming that can be done with smaller mice, and while the design fits your hand nicely, you'll find yourself picking the mouse up really often. That's certainly not preferable for me, especially in quick-moving games....more info
  • Receiver easily gets broken
    The old design which has two piece receiver can be easily broken. MS refused to replace it saying 'receiver is not under the warranty'. Unsatisfactory....more info
  • Good product
    The mouse is a good size ,not so small that it gets lost in your hand but campact enough to be truly portable. Has easy set up , just plug and play....more info
  • Good Product! Great Price! Wish it had an off-switch.
    This mouse works Great! Much better than some others I've used. Of course there are
    super high-def "mouses" that work even better, but for your basic wireless mouse, you
    will have no complaints with this one.

    I use it with my laptop, and so have never really tested the range, but it has never
    faltered for me, at distances of about 3 feet from the USB-base.

    The battery lasts about as long as advertized, if you use alkaline duracell's anyway.
    I tried a cheaper battery once and it died much faster. Could be just that battery,
    but I don't know. Alkaline's are usually for high-current devices, which this is NOT.

    I just wish I could turn it off when not using it, so it would use Zero power. You can
    if you unplug the base and clip it in place on the mouse, but that is cumbersome. But the
    Battery life is pretty good, so overall it is a good product....more info
  • Excellent
    very convenient and easy to use... I didn't have to install anything or read the manual. Just plug it in and off we go....more info
  • Best Mouse I've Owned.
    I've probably had about 20 mice over the years and I have to say that this Microsoft 3000 is my personal favorite. My friend, who knows a lot more about technology than I do, swears that Logitech beats Microsoft...with everything, but I respectfully disagree with him in regards to this item. It is a much better mouse than the one I got from Logitech, and the price cannot be beat. What I appreciate most is how little effort you have to put in to move the cursor around. You just basically touch it and it goes where you want to go. I also like the USB plug as it's the size of a flash drive and never gets in the way. Further, there's no cord to the USB clip, and my computer area already is a maze of wires, lol. Overall, I think this is one of the best tech buys I've ever made. ...more info
  • Ouch
    This mouse worked great at first..... but within the first week i started having issues. The mouse refused to turn on after I removed the usb plug from the base but after some wiggling of the sensor-switch, i got it to work. Now, sometimes i have to flick my mouse really hard to get it to turn on. even if it turns on, the computer will frequently not register its connection. Based on the reviews, i have an out of the ordinary mouse.... but be wary. Would not buy again....more info
  • Wasted Money!
    I bought this mouse and I couldn't make it work no matter how hard I tried. My husband read all he could find about it on the Internet, downloaded and installed specialized Microsoft software for it but it didn't help. I can't get refund because I purchased it during a trip to NY, not in my home state. I regret buying it....more info
  • Top of the line....
    The product Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000 is tops in its class. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Great Little Mouse
    This wireless mouse from Microsoft is excellent. You simply plug the connector into any of your USB drives and're up and running immediately. There is no searching for drivers or anything! I have found it to be especially helpful with my laptop computer (that serves as a desktop). Whenever I take my laptop anywhere, it's as simple as unplugging the USB connection and inserting it into the bottom of the mouse....keeping all parts together - very convenient and no more messy cords to deal with.

    The only issue I have experienced with this product is that on occasion, the USB connector (when inserted into the bottom slot on the mouse) does not make a proper connection (telling the mouse to shut off) and the battery eventually dies. It would be much more convenient if there were an On/Off switch on the mouse. Other than that, I am fully satisfied....more info
  • Excellent plug-n-play must have!
    One of the best investments I've ever made. An absolute must for travelers or anybody else that is tethered to their laptop.

    Simple plug and go installation, no software or setup required. Very responsive, works on almost any type of surface, good battery life which is enhanced with the stowaway USB dongle in the bottom of the mouse which turns off the battery while you're on the move. The buttons and scroll wheel work just as they should...instantaneous response and very accurate. No complaints here and if its Microsoft I'll usually find something to complain about. I average about a 3 month life from a single AA battery, bring a spare for backup. 5 clicks....more info
  • Can't do without it!
    This mouse was the answer to my prayers. I bought a new laptop and was unable to maneuver very well without a mouse. I bought this product and everything changed. It gets the job done. No complications, just plug it into USB port and you are good to go. ...more info
  • Great mouse for a laptop
    This little mouse does every thing I wanted in a mouse and it doesn't have a cord that always gets in the way or tangled. I love it. It makes my time on the computer go much faster....more info
  • love the mouse
    I bought this item for my husbands laptop. He loves it.
    Just plug it in and click away. I'm thinking about
    one for my desk top....more info
  • What can be wrong with a mouse?
    Convenient in hand, immediately shuts down when the receiver is disconnected from the laptop. Nothing to complain about.
    Did not test the battery life - I'm using it for less then a month....more info
  • Good Wireless Mouse
    Installation was a snap. No problem there. Mouse response is very good. Comfortable to use (even for my big hands). Very precise. I do a lot of graphic design with a pen/tablet, and this mouse rivals that for precision. Very happy so far....more info
  • Perfect
    I bought this mouse along with a cleaning kit off of Amazon for my brother for Christmas.

    I was very afraid of paying good money for a mouse that may be too small, and I risked it. It is definately worth the buy. The battery life is fantastic and the size isn't too small, even for man hands. The fact that the USB thing attaches to the bottom while traveling is wonderful.

    All in all worth the buy....more info
  • Very Iffy
    After all the hype of the wireless mouse, I decided to figure I'd go for the best known brand. Microsoft. Come to find out, their product, which I paid about thirty dollars for, is cheap. The USB receiver broke and I found myself trying to fiddle with it to get it to work. It's really a waste of time and definitely not a good investment....more info
  • What can I say? It works!
    I've used this plug and play mouse on Windows and Mac machines without fail. The use is as simple as it looks. Without reading the manual, I was able to pop open the top of the mouse, put in a battery, and then plug in the USB dongle. No software needed. I love that the USB dongle clicks into the bottom of the mouse for travel too. Been running on the same battery for 3 months now without fail.

    I also have to commend the form factor. Usually, when a mouse isn't designed well it feels strange to hold. This one had it right, with a right-side indentation that allows the ring and pinkie finger (for right-handed users) to fall a little.

    I'd highly suggest this product to anyone looking for a simple, easy mouse replacement....more info
  • Great mouse for Notebooks!
    I love the compact size and that you can store the usb dongle in the bottom of the mouse. The only complaint that i have is that i was told that this mouse had the 4-way scrolling option and it DOES NOT! But otherwise I like the mouse a lot. I would recommend this mouse to everyone that has laptop!...more info
  • Working great with Linux laptop (Ubuntu 7.10)
    Plugged it into my Ubuntu 7.10 laptop and it works with no problems at all....more info
  • You'll love this mouse...Very Comfortable!
    I bought this for my husband...and he's had both Microsoft and Logitech before. Microsoft is his favorite, and it's a comfortable size and width for his wide hand (even though the mouse is fairly small.)...more info
  • wireless mouse
    I purchased the wireless mouse for my laptop about a month ago. Set up is very easy, and it worked right away, unlike the previous mouse where I had to press the connect buttons at least 10 times for it to start working. This mouse has grooves for your fingers, but unlike my older model desktop mouse, after I've use it for about an hour my hand starts to hurt! So it has its pros and cons. I would recommend it, good size and weight. Just be careful if you have anything wrong with your hand from being on the computer 24/7....more info
  • Excellent Mouse!
    Nice, compact wireless mouse great for my notebook computer. I use it on my computer's docking station, so I don't unplug it from the USB port ever - so consequently, the mouse is always on - which uses battery life. But if you unplug the USB each night, there is a nifty place under the mouse to store the usb plug, and that turns off the mouse. Great design!...more info
  • This mouse is aweasome !
    I had this mouse for a year, and then it broke
    Sensetivity is perfect !
    Its pretty compact, its very hard to get use to another mouse after having this on for a long time :D...more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Notebook Mouse 3000
    This mouse in theory is a good mouse, problem is the shipper/vendot ships NO software with it to indicate which version of Microsoft it will work with. Mine is very sporadic, I got frustrated after doing all the downloads needed and just gave the laptop to my wife who doesn't use a mouse....more info
  • Good
    Pretty nice mouse. You do have to reset every once (every 2-3 days), other than it is pretty good....more info
  • Fantastic!
    The mouse is easy to use and useful in tight places and IBM Thinkpads, which have those silly red dots for moving the cursor....more info
  • good laptop mouse
    Really good mouse for the price. compact but not hard to hold. I've had it for 2 months now, have not had to change battery yet. ...more info
  • wireless mouse
    Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 -Slate
    This is our first wireless mouse. It took a few minutes for us to figure out how to use it. You need to plug it in before you boot up the computer. Once that is done, it works just fine. You can save on battery power by unplugging the wireless connection and placing it back into the mouse each time you shut down the power to the computer. The wireless mouse is so easy to use. We should have done this sooner!...more info
  • Super Wireless Mouse
    The Microsoft Wireless Notebook mouse is certainly worth talking about. I use mine on a desktop at work. Smaller than your typical wired mouse, but a little bigger than a typical notebook mouse, this one will fit your hand perfectly. I bought one for myself and fell in love with it. This last one I bought for a co-worker after I became fed up playing tug of war with his corded mouse. The range is probably 10 feet or less, though I can't imagine anyone using it much more than 3-4 feet from their CPU. The battery seems to last about 6 months before needing replacement. I have not experienced any interference from other devices, and there are 10 other computers in a close proximity to mine in the office. I highly recommend this mouse. Fast Amazon shipping and only $25. Such a deal....more info
  • Disappointing
    I've had a few other optical mice and this is the worst. Every time I use it, I need to press the re-set button at least once. The cost was cheap but it wasn't worth it. Next time I'll spend a little more for a good one. ...more info
  • Smart little thing by microsoft
    I decided to get this wireless optical mouse when I got my laptop. Although I have used many optical mice before, but the wired connection always caused problems. I thought wireless could be slightly better, but I was surprised to find this HUGE difference. Not only you don't have to worry about tangled wires, but also you get MUCH greater sensitivity and also you don't have to worry about desk space. This little thing will respond even if you move it on your lap!

    Set up could'nt be easier! Just put the provided battery in the right place and plug the receiver and click! It's working. Battery life is great, I can still notice no difference after nearly 2 month of continuous use. And when you snap the receiver in place, the mouse turns off automatically. Size is a little bit small, but as far as I'm concerned, that's more a blessing than a disadvantage. I have fairly large hands, but the design of the mouse makes it very easy to fit in.

    One thing I didn't like in the beginning, although now I'm used to it. The little wheel (which acts like a third mouse button when pressed) is too sensetive, you can open links in new tabs just by mistake!...more info
  • Excellent
    Neat little mouse for your laptop or desktop. Particularly like storing USB to preserve battery power....more info
  • Good mouse
    I've been using this mouse for about a month now, and it's good. The only problem that I see is forgetting to put the usb drive into the mouse to save power. Another issue that I noticed is the mouse sometimes freezes if its too far away from the computer. My laptop's usb port is on the left, while the mouse is on the right(right handed). But please don't see this as a serious problem, cause it isn't. It has only froze about twice since I have had it. I would definately recommend this product for those who are tired of mouse cords!...more info
  • Beware of large hands and/or gaming...
    I really can't add much to what has already been said in the top reviews except to caution potential users about the size. I found it comfy for mousing around, short term. It was not comfortable for long hours, or gaming. I found my hand was cramping after a few hours of work or an hour of playing Oblivion. My hands are on the smaller side, so it was a bit of a puzzler. I can game for hours with my old MS Optical mouse. Just make sure you can take it back if it becomes uncomfortable....more info
  • It's a Great Product
    I buy this item to the Notebook of my wife, and then she look it, she said, ohhh, that great. Is very good!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Find something else
    I am not at all happy with this product. You cant move the mouse more than 2 ft away and still have it work. We use this mouse with our laptop, and everytime you move the computer on your lap, you have to reset the mouse by pushing this teeny tiny little button on the underside of the mouse by using an ink pen. Its just a complete pain. I want my old mouse back....more info
  • Started out good, and then went downhill!!
    Was ecstatic to find this mouse so much cheaper than the competitors, and thought it would be great. I love the handling of the mouse, and how light it is. No drivers to install makes this a cinch to use! I was able to use it on my desk surface, on top of books, on any surface, until a couple weeks ago, when suddenly it's not working at all. I am unable to get the mouse cursor to move properly - interesting, it works well on my lap - strange! Alos, it looks like I clicked on something but it doesn't go through, until I don't put the mouse on my lap and then click again. Very strang. Maybe if I had a mouse pad it would work. However, I don't want one, so this is being returned. Thanks amazon for making every purchase and return super easy! I love Amazon!!...more info
  • Great Travel Mouse
    Very comfortable and a long battery life. Always travel with it. Because i work outside of my office half of the time it's allways with me....more info
  • Nice comfortable mouse
    I like the mouse, it fits the hand better than most laptop mouse that i have tried. Too bad that the reception does not work if the receiver is on the left side of the laptop (i am a right-handed). But that same issue also apparent on logitech cordless mouse too.
    So make sure you have a usb extension cable....more info
  • Great mouse but died in 1 year
    It's a great mouse but how great can it be if it last 1 year. I read similar reviews....more info
  • microsoft wireless notebook optical mouse 3000
    works fine, would buy again. I particularly like the way the wireless adapter fits into a slot on the bottom...more info
  • The Little Mouse That Could!
    This is my third one of these little jewels (Give them as gifts)!
    The only thing lacking is a back button.......................more info
  • Nice, compact and efficient laptop mouse
    Bought this for my wife's laptop and have been very happy with the price/performance ratio. Easy to install & setup. Has a nice comfortable feel despite the compact size. I also like how snapping the USB transmitter into the bottom of the mouse puts it into battery-conserving mode. I'm a Mac guy, but really like the Microsoft line of mice when looking for a good low-cost mouse. Liked this laptop mouse so much, bought a 2nd one for my father-in-law's laptop!...more info
  • Happy to get rid of wire
    Its a good mouse. No problems until now. Only glitch I didn't like is: the USB connector needs to be smaller/shorter. USB port on my laptop is on the side and so I hit it many times. Seems like eventually its gonna break my USB port. This is something I would like the producers of this and any other wireless mouse to think about. Other than that, no problems, although the quality of my previous wired mouse was way better ( I kind of liked that mouse but the wire broke within 6 months due to my careless usage)....more info
  • An excellent mouse at a great price!
    After fighting with my old corded mouse for the last few months, constantly getting the cord tangled in papers, etc, I went shopping for a wireless mouse. I picked up this Microsoft mouse for only $25 here on Amazon. At first I was a little nervous because I have seen some tiny mice for laptops, but was very pleasantly surprised when I received this one.

    I am using it for my desktop, and it is the perfect size for me, fits very comfortably in my hand, and tracks perfectly. No more annoying jumps across the screen. I had to slow it down a bit in the control panel, as its initial speed was a bit fast, but now works beautifully.

    Another definite plus is that there was no setup. I opened the packaging, put the battery (included) in the mouse, plugged the USB receiver into a port, and 10 seconds later my mouse was working perfectly! A great buy!

    PROS = Low cost, nice size, good tracking, instant functionality with Windows XP.

    CONS = None I can think of. ...more info
  • Dont waste money on this cheap and yet breakable model
    At first everything was ok for 2 months but after then i had trouble with connecting usb reciver was not working. I did not understand the reason. my older logitech mouse is still working although i bought it 2 years ago. it made poorly and it just stop working this week. it is not dependable and no long term investment. It was my first microsoft mouse experience and i will never buy again unless they make dependable mouses not for just two months. I wish they made it dependable otherwise it is a great comfort having it....more info
  • Barely good
    This is a very nice item, moreover it works well only if the usb stick is right in front of the mouse. If your usb ports are on the rear of the computer, then you have a bad reception, and the mouse won't work well or pretty slow....more info
  • Wireless Mouse
    I like the sise of this mouse, and the usb connector is smaller than some.
    The only bad thing I have to say is the battery does not last as long as they say it will. They said 6 months, it lasted maybe a month. I like the responce and the mouse buttons, it fits my hand well....more info
  • Great portable mouse, BUT!!!!!!
    This is a great mouse for use with a laptop. However, I am on my fifth one in four years. They work great when they work, but after about 9 months to a year, the USB transmitter dies and you need to replace the mouse. One or two bad ones might be an anomaly; five is a trend. Just be prepared to buy a new one every year....more info
  • Simply the best.
    This is the fifth wireless mouse I have owned and it is without a doubt the easiest to use, longest lasting, most comfortable wireless mouse I have encountered....more info
  • a bargain for a wireless mouse
    I have had this wireless mouse for more than a year. I have had no problems with it. It doesn't use a lot of power. 1 AA battery last it for months and I used it all the time every day. A great bargain for a wireless mouse that doesn't require additional software download. Just plug and use. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Simple, Efficient, Quick
    I purchased this mouse to be more productive while traveling with my laptop. It does exactly what I need... simply, efficiently, quickly. I snap the bluetooth dongle from the bottom of the mouse, turning on the mouse. I slip the dongle into a free USB port on my running laptp and within 1.5-2.0 seconds the dongle is recognized and the mouse is fully functional....more info
  • Works Great
    Works Great !

    But it's not a bluetooh mouse. (I searched on the Google and I ended up with this mouse but it's not a bluetooth one.)

    Otherwise, it just works fine and battery life is really long.
    ...more info
  • Very comfortable
    I actually got this for my Mom and she loves it! I've used it a few times and it feels really nice, but is a little small for my hand and doesn't provide enough palm support over long gaming sessions. Also, the wireless makes it seem a little less responsive, but I'm used to the Logitech G5 and other gaming mice that sell for 3x this amount and aren't nearly as portable. ...more info
  • Stopped Working after 2 Weeks
    The mouse worked fine, except a little jumpy for my taste, for about two weeks and then stopped working entirely. I changed the battery and still couldn't get it to work. I called Microsoft and asked to return it, rather than replace it, because I had originally purchased it mistakenly thinking it was a Bluetooth mouse. They were polite and understanding over the phone and assured me I would get my money back....more info
  • small, responsive, easy to use and setup
    Mouse works well. Battery last pretty good. Small issue sometimes with switch that turns of mouse to save battery sometimes doesn't work. I suggest carrying an extra battery, if it is critical that you have the mouse. ...more info
  • Good Mouse
    This is a great product. It does everything I expected. It doesn't come with a sack or case, but that's not important for me....more info
  • Better than expected
    Prior to buying this mouse, I read the reviews on line and found them helpful in deciding to buy the product. I love this wireless mouse!!! I bought it specifically for use with my laptop. Worked very well from day one, and I was impressed that batteries 'were included' The smaller size does take some getting used to....more info
  • Great even on a Mac!
    I got this mouse well over a year ago, and it's still working great. I think I may have only changed the battery 4 times, and it does everything a mouse should do. The grooves for your fingers are surprisingly comfortable, though the scroll wheel does have an annoying click to it.

    For those with a Mac, the right click does work which is very handy, and because the scroll wheel also acts as a 3rd button, you can program it right in the system preferences to activate Expose or any such program, again, extremely handy.

    For the money, it's a great mouse. ...more info
  • good little mouse
    small but good. roller button on top accidentally engages when i scroll. very sensitive.. takes getting use to but not bad....more info
  • Works great
    I have had the optical mouse for about a month and I am very pleased....more info
  • I should have seen it coming.
    I originally bought this mouse for myself and made the mistake of showing it to my wife. Well I then had to buy myself another because I lost the first one to the boss. Great product, easy to setup and use....more info
  • Efficient and effective
    I originally purchased this mouse to experiment with a wireless mouse. I didn't expect a long battery life, but to my amazement it hardly consumes any current at all. I had one NiMh 2.6 Ah AA in the mouse for about 1 month running non-stop. I kept forgetting to put the receiver back into the mouse to turn it off, but it still kept on trucking. I figure if I recharge the battery once every 1-2 months, the mouse will be golden. This is totally worth it to lose the restraint of the wire!!

    Long Term Testing Update:
    The battery life is surprisingly good using a NiMH AA battery. I have found that the middle scroll wheel button is sensitive. Sometimes a slight twitch will cause it to "double click". Another quirk is that if an application is hogging up CPU time (even on a Core Duo processor), there is noticeable lag between mouse movement and the cursor as if there's some type of congestion in the USB to CPU network. However, these two quirks do not change my overall rating whatsoever....more info
    I was leary of this, but my daughter talked me into it and I am so glad. Now I can sit back in my recliner to play computer games. Easy to plug in, easy to take out, easy to use!...more info
  • somewhat good for the price
    This item is a good deal with the price.

    Long battery life
    Plug-and-Play, no need to setup anything

    The wheel button makes a VERY irritating noise when turns
    Stops working sometimes, then you need to push the small button underneath to reset...more info
  • Great Little Mouse
    Bought this mouse for my new Laptop and I'm glad I did. I was a bit skeptical because of the one or two negative reviews (I usually don't read all the positives..what's the point???) but I'm glad I took the chance. So far the battery has lasted over a month of regular use. The mouse sensitivity is great and it looks cool!
    The only thing that surprised me was that it doesn't work on a glass topped table. My work desk has a plexiglass cover to it that is 1/4 inch thick and though the desktop itself is wood colored the mouse's optical eye will not work. No problem though, I just slide a piece of paper under the mouse and it works! It's just a small flaw and I'm just mentioning it to let you peeps out there know that it isn't perfect...but overall, I highly reccommend this mouse....more info
  • great
    works really well..For the price you can't go wrong...No need to tangle yourself with a corded mouse...more info
  • MS Wireless Mouse
    Great little mouse. I wish it was bluetooth but other than that I have no complaints. I just pugged it in and it works. The size is fine, not like some that a just to small for my hand. Response is great....more info
  • Bulky but very good
    I have had those tiny mouses that are supposed to save space but my latest, an HP was terrible, consumes batteries like crazy and you have to keep it closer to the antenna to keep it going. NOW THIS MICROSOFT has a directional antenna and therefore has better reception and you can work your mouse from 1 feet away. It saves your battery because if you don't use it it will go to sleep....more info
  • Great companion for laptops
    Ive had this wireless mouse for some 6 mnths. I love it, have no complaints. Price was good, easy to install. Tired of finger thumping your laptop?? Buy it. You'll love it....more info
  • Wireless Mouse
    This wireless mouse is fabulous! Very convenient and easy to use with my 17" laptop! ...more info
  • Easy to connect.
    I wanted a plug in mouse for use w/ a Gateway Laptop for easier use of the pointer. The touchpad on that machine is OK, but obviously not as fast as use of this mouse.
    So I gave this a shot. The main thing is that it connects without hitting the connect buttons, and then it STAYS CONNECTED. I've had troubles with that in the past with other wireless mouses, but this one's no problem. The feature where you clip in the USB plug under the mouse for storage or travel not only keeps you from losing the plug, it seems to be what starts the connection....more info
  • Optical Mouse 3000
    It does exactly what I wanted it to do and I'm quite happy with it....more info
  • College Students might think twice
    The mouse is decent, but decent at best. The battery seems to last, and it does what I want: functions without a wire. But there are two problems with it. 1) the range is TERRIBLE. I am a righty, but I have it on the left side of my desk, because my tower is on the floor and if I move it to the middle it doesn't work as well. 2) My roomate's desk is right next to mine, and her wireless mouse interfers with mine. Hers doesn't even react, but mine barely wants to move or click if she uses hers, or has used it within a half an hour or so. Not ideal....more info
  • Wireless Mouse
    Nice little mouse, not too big or heavy. Responsive and without wires it is a pleasure to use....more info
  • Good portable wireless mouse
    I have used this mouse with 3 different laptops now, including a new Macbook Pro. I have had no problems with it whatsoever!

    I have not had to adjust the toggle EVER since I bought this unit. The only time I have had any issues is when the battery starts getting weak, and then once the battery is replaced it works perfectly again. Long battery life as well.

    Yes, it is sort of small, but all laptop mice are small. This feels much better than the Logitech I purchased as a back up when more than one laptop was in use. I switch this one between them rather than use the Logitech, I like it that much.

    I have carried this in my backpack, and moved it around so many times I cannot count, and I have never had anything happen to make it not work. Not sure why others have had such a difficult time.

    I am actually getting ready to buy another one so I don't have to switch back and forth between my Mac and Sony laptops. I love this mouse. I have also not had any hand discomfort using it for hours (sometimes up to 10-12 hours) at a time for school stuff.

    After using this one and going back to my fullsize one for my desktops, the fullsized one feels uncomfortable and clunky. Why not 5 stars? The rubberized coating on the sides where the thumb and last 2 fingers rest started bubbling and coming off. Otherwise it would have been 5 stars....more info
  • Cordless Mouse
    A convenient product for any laptop where you would rather not have your fingers do the walking. A good price as well....more info
  • Good-Died In Four Months Though
    I expect my mice to work reliably and to be comfortable (and portable when it comes to notebook mice). This one did all of that for its limited lifespan. It conformed to my hand, and the reciever tucked neatly in the slot built into the mouse. It worked flawlessly, and linked quickly to other computers I linked it to as well. However, after about four months of use, it decided to work sporatically, then not even connect to the reciever. I think this had to do with the reciever, not the mouse itself. Otherwise, not much to say about it. Buy it if you just want it for a short term thing, otherwise there are better options.

    PS: Battery life was great-I never had to replace the battery once during the 4 months....more info
  • This rocks!!!!
    Great little mouse. I love the way the USB stick stores in the bottom of the mouse and turns the power off. Neat. Have not had it long enough to make any battery life statements, but the mouse itself rules....more info
  • great product
    What can i say...
    i always trust in microsoft products, had one similar before and love it! that was one of the reasons why i bought it again, as a graphic designer i need a mouse with great precision and this mouse has it! and the shape is very confortable!
    i recommend it!!
    ...more info
  • Mousey Mouse Rocks the House
    This mouse is awesome! The battery life is great and it plugged right in and worked the first time! Mousey mouse rocks the house! ...more info
  • I worked for 3 days and then failed
    I worked for 3 days and then failed. Please let me know how do I return this item.
    ...more info
  • The perfect mouse for a perfect price!!!
    It has everything that I wanted: small for my notebook, wireless and a low price but with quality!

    There's one thing that wil be good to come with the mouse: a case!!! so you can carry on without scratching it....more info
  • One great little mouse!
    I've now purchased 3 of these little guys for the office. Everyone loves their fit to the hand and the ease of use. No problems thus far. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Chunky, but works
    I wanted a smallish mouse to toss in my laptop bag and thought this would be the ticket. It is, however fairly thick and doesn't fit real well in a travel bag. It works pretty well (I'd suggest a mouse pad for better pickup) and fit's the hand. The bluetooth connection is quick, although I did have to re-set (marry) the doggle to the mouse a few times. I like that the doggle snaps into the underside of the mouse when travelling....more info
  • Amazing battery life
    I have both versions of this Microsoft wireless mouse - Winter Blue and Slate. Just in case you're wondering: they are identical except for the colors, so you might as well choose which ever one is on sale. Of course if you need two wireless mouses, then it is best to pick one of each color. This way you can ensure that when you operate both mouses in close proximity, their wireless transmitters will not interfer with each others.

    What I found surprising is that this wireless mouse consumes very little power when it is in low-power standby mode. When you move the mouse around, the LED light brightens up, and current cunsumption jumps to about 25mA briefly. But once you stop moving the mouse, the current soon drops to only 0.4-0.5mA. Therefore you can expect a single AA alkaline cell (typically rated at 2800mAh under light load) to last for about six months, even if your never turn the mouse off. This kind of battery life is simply amazing.

    If you want to use rechargeable battery in this mouse, make sure you choose the latest generation of "ready-to-use" low self-discharge cells (such as Sanyo Eneloop or Rayovac Hybrid). Don't even bother with older generation 2500mAh NiMH cells from Energizer or any other brands, because those cells will completely self-discharge within a few weeks.

    One final remark: This mouse can be used under Windows XP without any software drivers. However, it is best to install the IntelliPoint 5.0 (or later) mouse driver from Microsoft. It gives additional customization features, plus a battery status monitor from your PC.
    ...more info
  • Very nice mouse...
    Good: smaller size, good fit. Pretty color -- goes with my VAIO silver and purple. Not so good: wheel action is clunky compared to my Logitech mouse wheel; packaging is the absolute worst to get into. Couldn't cut with scissors, finally made slit in bottom but couldn't pull open, so passed to husband who ripped it open -- the receiver part flew out of the package, hit the wall and landed under the stove with the greasy dustbunnies! hope it's okay -- seems to be...oh, movement up and down page jumps occasionally (not problem w/Logitech). I purchased for my laptop but am giving it a trial run at my desktop -- it won't replace the Logitech tho, am pretty sure. ...more info
  • great product
    i love this product. although my laptop has it's mouse i really prefer this wireless one when i'm at home. you gave me such a great deal too. how could i pass it up....more info
  • Good Mouse
    This mouse is amazing for the money. It has the click wheel, the optical wireless works great, and the battery life is not bad either. Just a solid product....more info
  • Excelente producto.
    Muy buen producto por un excelente precio. Es verdaderamente Plug and Play, no se necesita reiniciar el sistema para que funcione de una vez.
    Además es muy portátil sin perder la comodidad o el control....more info
  • Good mouse
    I have not had any problem with this mouse whatsoever. It is working great. I own this mouse for about 6 months. My only gripe is that the USB plug can be prone to be broken off if you are not careful when using in a labtop....more info
  • good value, smaller than average
    This mouse is smaller than the average mouse, so it takes a little bit to get used to it. Otherwise it's a good buy....more info
  • doesn't even work
    the mouse doesn't work. I'm now trying to get refund or replacement. after trying several batteries and making sure it's the new mouse that doesn't work, i'm sure it's the mouse that died on me after 1 day of use....more info
  • A Great Mouse
    This mouse works great and the battery seems to last forever, highly recommended,I also gave one to dad on Father' day. Go for it you will be pleased....more info
  • Darn good little mouse
    I usually dont' care/think about stuff like mice, but I have to say this little guy is the MOST comfortable mouse I've ever used. Nice contours, supports the hand well and great button feel. In addition, it has NEVER had syncing problems (in contrast with my logitech mice, which lose connection all the time) and has a nice antenna storage slot on the bottom of the mouse which also turns the mouse off. Plus, takes only ONE AA battery which has lasted for a really long time. Try it, you'll like it....more info
    Can't believe how comfortable a fit this is to use. I guess that's why they call it ergonomics. Outstanding Wireless Notebook Mouse. The best thing is when you're done, take your USB Plug-In and it snaps on the underside of the Mouse for storage and ALSO shuts off the battery of the mouse to save battery life!
    Excellent. Thanks Microsoft....more info
  • love this mouse
    plug it in and it works.
    nice small size.
    no cords - no muss - no fuss!...more info
  • Good thing
    I liked ,but not used it much. FOr those who have difficulty with thouch pad can benefit. Its not the best Microsoft product, but I guess it serves the purpose except for its price, a little high for it...more info
  • Best mouse I've ever used
    I love this mouse! I got it to go with my laptop, but I almost want to carry it with me and use it any time I'm using one of the three or four other PC's in my life.

    I like a mouse that has a light click feel. Most better Logitech mice have a good feel and this one matches those. My previous favorite mouse was that old Microsoft white mouse that had the large back-end. . .can't think of the name of it, but it was a ball mouse. The 3000 matches the original Microsoft mouse plus being an optical mouse puts the icing on the cake.

    The scroll wheel of the 3000 is good, but I've used mice that had a better feel.

    The size is just right. Compact enough to take along but big enough to use for extended periods.

    I also like the fact that the USB dongle/plug/transmitter stores in the bottom of the mouse AND when you snap it in the storage slot it cuts off the power so the battery is not continuously drained. Very thoughtful.

    Need a notebook mouse? Look no further...more info
  • Excellent product
    It's really what I was looking for! Easy to go from a meeting to other. ...more info
  • Very Fragile
    I bought one of these about a year ago, and it stopped working about 6 months later. I bought a new one, and it stopped working yesterday. It's otherwise a nice little device, but it gets expensive replacing them every 6 months. This time I'm going to buy a wired mouse for $10 less....more info
  • Sure beats touchpads ...
    This mouse and the laptop mouse from Logitech are absolutely terrific innovations. The wireless USB will be the next hot thing but it's here now with this mouse and it works flawlessly. Plug in the USB adapter to a USB port, put batteries in the mouse and it works. No settings required. Just use it and enjoy it....more info
  • Notebook nouse
    Wonderful edition for a notebook. Works great with good battery life. Easy to pack to take along....more info
  • Small Mouse Nimble Performance
    I just got this mouse 24 hrs ago, but I have to say I love it. I am 6' tall with not small hands, when I first used this mouse it is kind of undersize, needs some time to get used to it. After using this mouse surfing the Internet for a few hours I am totally get used to it. I can use my fingers instead of using my wrist to operate it. With the price under $20, it is a great buy.
    I let the receiver plug into my laptop for several hours a day, the red light of the mouse is always on, just want to see how long will the battery last. (I only snap the receiver into the mouse before I go to bed.)...more info
  • Essential for mobile workers
    A small USB mouse is essential for mobile workers and I have to say I really like this one. The contour feels nice on the hand and is comfortable to use with my small hands. I didn't have to install any drivers, which was an added bonus; Windows just picks it up and works like a charm everytime I plug in the USB adapter (considering this is a Microsoft product I would expect no less). The only thing I wish this had is a back/forward button on the thumb rest like some other mouses have....more info
  • Great Little Mouse For Your Laptop!!!
    Another gadget and I do love gadgets. I may not use every gadget everyday but I sure do love this one. this wireless mouse is great and you can use it on just about any surface. It works just as advertised!! I got it from my brother at Christmas and what a thoughtful gift it is for Gadget Freak !!!!
    ...more info
  • SUPER Awesome! Small! Portable!!
    Bought it from 3Dtech.. it's very nice design, small, portable.. Needs 1 AA battery. REALLY long battery life. I have 2 PC's, and it works on both. Windows XP and Windows Vista. Very nice... Works on laptops (notebooks), and also on desktops. Has reciever, (USB 2.0).. VERY NICE!!!...more info
  • Wireless mouse
    This mouse is very versatile. It is a very well built mouse and is very useful. The only problem with this mouse is the battery power, however it is one of the longer lasting battery life batteries, it is still very short....more info
  • Great Mouse!
    What more can you ask for? Its a really good buy; however, if you're looking for the top of the line laptop mouses, get one with at least a laser eye. I have one of those too and they work great and on almost all surfaces....more info
  • Very reliable Mouse
    I've bought two of these for my laptops now (I hate not having a mouse for laptop use). This one installs in a snap, and the optical receiver snaps into the bottom of the mouse when not in use, so they arent lost. Nice size -- not as large as a full-size mouse, but also not as tiny as some of the other laptop mouses that are so easy to misplace...good buy for the money....more info
  • Functional and Easy to Use
    Very functional and easy to use. Smaller than the average mouse - which makes it perfect for transport and for use with a lap-top. ...more info
  • Great mouse, but .....
    I was very happy with this mouse and did not even consider it when my screen saver stopped coming on. I called "Dell On Call" and asked if they could fix it for me. The first thing they asked was if I were using a Microsoft 3000 (or 6000 I think) mouse. I said yes.

    Turns out it's not compatible with Microsoft XP or Vista in terms of the screen saver. You have to pull out the USB plug to get the screen saver to work. He said Microsoft is working on "a fix", but in the meantime if you like your screensaver, steer clear of this mouse.

    So I bought a Logitech and it works beautifully. I gave this one to my husband who isn't very tech saavy (worse than me) and can live without his screen saver....more info
  • Just everything allright
    Works perfectly for notebooks, battery lasts, no need of another software, may be used with bluetooth...more info
  • Great product!
    I've been using this mouse for almost 2 years now and it works wonderfully. Batteries tend to last a full year with heavy usage. I also love the horizontal scrolling feature (particularly in MS Excel). Finally, there are web surfing buttons for "forward" and "back" which are invaluable!...more info
  • Perfect
    Plug in the USB connector to your laptop/desktop, and the mouse is ready to go. I chose the blue one over the black one, simply because everyone's hardware is always black. The winter blue color just adds a little pizzazz to one's work space....more info
  • If your wireless you gotta have it
    For those who are used to a mouse with a desktop, this travel device for notebooks is a must have. Microsoft did itself proud with a solid wireless mouse...more info
  • Looked good but...
    Looked good but only worked for 1 day! Replaced batteries and that didn't help. Had to return....more info
  • 2 "Models" - Watch what you're getting!
    I adore this mouse! I have very small hands, and it "fits" just perfectly! I use it on my desktop and laptop computers.

    The problem that some are experiencing with it just one day not working has to do with the receiver piece. MS made these with 2 different receivers - one an "J" shape, and one a straight stick.

    The "J" shape receivers have a problem where if you happen to turn the piece all the way around a couple of times (very easy to do if you're not paying attention when you put it away), it snaps the wiring inside the receiver.

    If you get the straight receiver, you should never have this problem.

    All in all, I LOVE this mouse!...more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000
    Pretty cool. I'm not a "puter geek" so I can't speak personally for the range or quality of performance, but it's fun to play with anyway!...more info
  • Microsoft wireless mouse
    I like this product because it is small. You can use it in either your left or right hand. I used it for my laptop computer and it worked....more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000
    Shipment of the Mouse was a little convoluted but acceptable. I received an email that the Mouse was on back order and it would be shipped as soon as they received their equipment order. But the next day it arrived via USPS.

    As far as the mouse goes it works GREAT. The only problem I have is that when the USB signal receiver is plugged into the USB port on the left side of my laptop, I keep bumping it with the mouse as I am a leftie. Other than that, all is good!!...more info
  • a wasted purchase
    purchased this mouse as a replacement for my laptop mouse which stopped working. unlike that mouse, this one only seems to want to work on a pad or similarly textured surface. Its not at all what I want as a laptop mouse and i find that now, a month after buying it, I dont even use it and that its just easier to use the laptops built in pad....more info
  • Marvelous Mouse!!
    I bought this mouse purely by accident. I am so glad that I did. I have just about worn it out using it so much. I just replace the batteries with rechargeable batteries and push the connect button and away we go again. I love it!! My daughter is looking for one to use at work after she saw mine....more info
  • Average Mouse for an Average Price
    I am a little biased since I use the M/S Wireless Optical Desktop 4000 keyboard and mouse at work. Overall a decent mouse, but it does have signal problems often enough that it can become annoying. A second annoying factor is that the left and right mouse buttons do not have the same tactile feel; one has a solid "click" when depressed while the other has a much smoother feel when depressed. You may also need to adjust the mouse sensitivity or speed since it tends to be sensitive and fast. It has an average size for a notebook mouse. Overall a decent mouse for the money....more info
  • It just DIED on me.
    I was loving this mouse -until one day, it just died on me. It stopped working altogether. I moved it around to 3 computers, changed batteries, reconnected several times, rebooted machines needless to say, and became very disheartened. I threw it away and am not buying this ridiculous mouse anymore!...more info
  • Suitable Notebook Mouse for Big Hands, Long Fingers
    Within just 10-15 minutes of comparing the Logitech V450 with a Microsoft 3000, I noticed that the 3000 simply feels more natural, more substantial, and more supportive in my large paw than the V450. (The V450, however, feels like it's heavier and thus a smoother tool to use, probably due to taking 2 AA batteries vs. the 3000's 1 AA battery.)

    Here might be some reasons why the 3000 fits better to me:

    - The front (button) half and the rear (supposedly palm rest) half of the 3000's top surfaces slope at a greater degree than the V450's.
    - The tallest point of the 3000 probably is shorter than the V450's, but is situated more towards the buttons than the V450.
    - The 3000 appears oh-so-slightly taller than the V450 along the front edge, above the buttons.
    - The side rubber grip surfaces also feel better with the 3000.

    This combination of very subtle physical dimension differences somehow seems to give the 3000 an edge over the V450 for big hand / long finger support. I have more places and ways, in more hand positions, to adequately "rest" my 4th and 5th fingers with the 3000 vs. the V450. Also, wheel scrolling with the V450 feels crippling-- which can't be good, since that's my clue that prolonged usage may result in lovely things like CTS and what-not. Strangely still, the V450 is the longer mouse, with a taller 'peak' and a longer button surfaces.

    Although the Logitech V450 gives me more of a kick, because of the laser precision tracking (mouse movements feel more organic than the 3000-- and I could probably make good use of it on glossy Starbucks tables), of the battery metering, the weightiness, the cool, slick USB micro-receiver (*half* the size of the 3000's ugly one!) that slips surreptitiously into the slick, black underside of the V450, and that the V450 actually comes with 2 AA batteries!, and its superior fit and finish over the 3000 (the fit and feel of the 3000 seems it was injection-molded out of some sub-par industrial-strength manufacturing process), I must *very reluctantly* go with the 3000, even though I'm not the biggest MSFT Hardware fan.

    So, there you have it, You Big-Hand Notebook User. ...more info
  • Easy to Use
    Here is one of the easiest wireless mouse for a laptop! Just plug the USB in and that gets the signal from the mouse! Nothing needed to download or apply to your computer. When you're finished the USB plugs in the back of the mouse, turning it off. It takes one AAA battery.

    You can use run the mouse on any hard surface (book, tablet, etc.) and it works! It's medium sized, so that unless you have huge hands or very small ones I don't see a problem.

    Again, EASY to use! I run WIN XP, on a laptop and just plugged it in and away I was within minutes of opening the package! Actually, opening the package took me longer!...more info
  • Another bad design from Microsoft
    I owned this mouse for two weeks and can't live with it any longer. I'm going to return it tomorrow.

    To be fair, it gets the basic features you want for a mobile mouse: small form factor, long lasting battery, snap-in receiver, auto shut-off.

    It just doesn't perform good enough to fulfil its basic responsibility as a pointing device.

    It firstly comes to me the bad design in cursor tracking. I quickly got lost in pushing it around. I couldn't get a solid feel of moving cursor to the destination I commanded. It's rather quite spongy and floating in the air. My palm and wrist struggled to fine-tune my muscle to make it cooperate and got strained quickly. I believe I might be able to get use to this after two or three months of use. But I just can't bear it for all other problems listed below.

    Then there comes the buttons. The buttons feel flimsy and weird, unlike another other mice I tried: logitech, microsoft intellimouse/wheelmouse/basic mouse. The worst thing is it's hard to keep it in place while double-clicking. It ends up turning my double-clicking into dragging frequently.

    Optical tracking: it doesn't perform very good if not the worst (comparing to the notorious basic optical mouse from microsoft). It skips a little bit on my desktop (textured wood surface) but stalls a lot. This might be improved if I use a mouse pad. But it doesn't sound like a good idea to carry a mouse pad around with a laptop computer. I think I should buy a laser instead.

    The last and minor complaint is about the build quality: the upper-rear piece (battery chamber cover) got a sharp edge and kept scratching my palm.
    ...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    So great - how did I ever live w/out a cordless mouse before?!?...more info
  • Good performance, not as comfortable as full size mice
    Function and Performance wise, this mouse is hard to beat. I just popped in the battery and plugged in the USB receiver and it started working immediately. The battery switches off when you put the USB receiver back in the base of the mouse. The fact that your receiver plugs back into the mouse, is very convenient to carry the mouse around.

    Look and Feel - The mouse looks good and is solidly constructed for a notebook mouse. The only inconvenience (not specific to this mouse, but others in this category) is their size. I have a Logitech desktop wireless mouse and keyboard and it is so much more comfortable to use. The smaller mouse are not as heavy and therefore not as comfortable to use. (comparatively only).

    If you want a small notebook mouse, this is the one to go for.
    If you normally work in one place, go for the full-size wireless mouse. (Where the usb receiver / charger is always sitting on your desk)
    ...more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 -Slate
    A recommended item for ones lap top computer. Much easier and comfortable to use than the mouse on the key board pad....more info
  • Excelente para diseñadores graficos
    Altamente recomendado para cualquier diseñador grafico que tenga una laptop. No es necesario instalar nada, simplemente se conecta y el Windows XP lo reconoce al instante.

    :: Respuesta instantanea a los movimientos
    :: Botones suaves
    :: Puede ser usado "casi" sobre cualquier superficie
    :: El conector USB es pequeño y no incomoda para nada
    :: El conector USB se guarda dentro del mismo mouse
    :: Facil de abrir para colocar la bateria (AA)...more info
  • the best
    Simply the best companion to your notebook! Why burden yourself with the trackpad....more info
  • great little mouse
    this is a great compact mouse that has smooth movement. easy to use and super convenient for laptop or desktop....more info
  • works well
    The mouse works well with my ThinkPad T40. I can use the trackpoint when on the go but I still prefer a mouse when working at a desk or table. A couple of observations: I don't like the wheel -- it is not smooth-scrolling like my other desktop MS wireless mouse. The wheel feels cheap and plastic with no inertia. There is no sofware in the box but you can very easily download it from MS. I didn't even see a mention that you might want to download software for it in the 10-language pamplet that came with it. It did work without the intellipoint software on windows XP pro with no problem. I really hate those plastic packages that things like this are packaged in -- even with a strong pair of scissors I still feel like I have been though a battle and lost by the time I get into it. There is a battery in bottom of the package if you are brave and strong enough to get to it...

    DavidB...more info
  • great
    this is a great little DEVICE.
    just plug it in and go, no problems.
    very very sensitive, this may throw some people off at first, but then you get used to it and its great....more info
  • Poor workmanship
    this mouse suffers poor workmanship. the wireless usb adapter suffers from loss of connectivity at random times and is a trial to get work there after....more info
  • Great wireless mouse
    I love the mouse ... it has worked great and has survived being dropped twice from 2 to 4 feet. It works very smoothly and I would highly recommend it!...more info
  • very unreliable
    Clearly the quality control on this product is terrible, since some people report a good experience with it. Mine worked fine for about 2 months, since then it's erratic, which of course means unusable in practice.

    Also, I found that I heartily disliked the fussy design of the key storage -- if you don't get it in exactly right it doesn't turn off the switch....more info
  • Decent mouse, but has problems...
    I ordered this mouse after our Dell stock one crapped out a while back. I loved it, because it was my first wireless mouse and it was very comfortable. It tracked great, had a quick (almost transparent) response time, and it felt pretty solid. I felt it was a 20 dollars well spent.

    Unfortunately, I discovered later that the mouse somehow keeps the screen-saver from appearing. Suspicious, I took the transmitter out of the USB slot and plugged a Mac USB mouse in there, set the screen saver delay to 1 minute. Bam, there it was. Plugged in the wireless mouse, waited 10 minutes. Still no screen saver. Clicking "Preview" on the Screen Saver subsection of the Display menu puts up a screen saver, and it stays on as long as you don't touch anything. But it refuses to turn on by itself. I've gotten into the habit of turning off my screen every time I leave the computer, to keep the screen from burning in.

    My verdict: If you don't mind turning off your screen every once in a while, it's a great mouse. If the annoyance of having to mess with your display outweighs the benefits of wireless-ness (and for me, it almost does), then just get a normal wired mouse and you won't have these problems....more info
  • Cool Little Mouse
    I went cheap the first time I bought a wireless mouse and I ended up with pretty bad strain on my wrist and batteries being worn out in about a day's use. Just a pain. This time, I bought this MS mouse - also relatively inexpensive - but SO MUCH BETTER! Feels great in the hand, the batteries are going strong after a month and the on/off feature (snap back in USB stick to turn off) works like a charm. Nice product!...more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Mouse
    I ordered this for another employee and he is very happy with it....more info
  • works ok....for a short while
    I have owned two of these now. Each works fine for about a month and then something happens with the usb receiver that causes it not to work properly. Its like something happens that makes it unable to connect after youve taken it in and out of a usb slot for a month. Then what happens is you have to constantly jiggle the receiver to get it to connect properly. After a while its not worth the trouble. So if you dont mind investing $30 every 2 months for this mouse, then go ahead and purchase.. I dont know if other mice are the same way, but I will consider a return to mice with wires if they are....more info
  • Great Mouse
    I use this for my laptop and sometimes for my desktop. Just plug and play installation. No need to download/install drivers. Perfectly sized and portable. Very satisfied and I highly recommend it.
    ...more info
  • Great performing medium size mouse
    I use this for my laptop - tracks well using the arm or seat fabric of my sofa. This isn't one of those micro things. I would say it's a "small-medium"... a bit smaller than the standard size mouse. Perfectly sized and portable. No glitches so far. Very satisfied....more info
  • The best mouse I've ever had
    I love this mouse, the size is perfect. It works for desktop computers and the wireless feature is perfect for notebooks. The color is pretty cool to, it is very comfortable. And all that for $20+ OMG!!!...more info
  • Get one
    I wasn't sure if this mouse was as good as the reviews. I tried some others and found the lacking. This one tracks flawlessly on most surfaces and has a quality feel. You won't be sorry if you buy one!...more info
  • Smooth Rodent
    I bought this mouse to replace my previous destroyed wireless mouse. I've had absolutely no trouble with this mouse. It's great and very convenient. No wires to recharge means no rechargeable batteries, but the long battery life more than makes up for it. This mouse is purely plug-and-play. Very convenient. I've switched from my laptop to my friends' laptops very quickly with it. I recommend it highly. I'm even using it right now. :)...more info
  • Works just fine
    Neat mouse, works instantly when receiver plugged into USB slot. Only thing keeping it from getting 5 stars is awkward system of turning it off by putting receiver into underside of the mouse. I haven't had it long enough to assess battery life but it's been over a month so far....more info
  • Great little mouse
    I bought this mouse to use with a laptop when travelling. It works great and is much more handy than the fingerpad on the laptop....more info
  • My wife loves it
    After struggling with the idiot pad on the laptop my wife is thrilled at the new portable mouse. Another great Microsoft product!!!!...more info
  • Convenient!
    Great mouse...I wish it had an on/off switch to save the battery...IT IS GREAT HOWEVER!! will not be disappointed!...more info
  • Review of Microsoft Wireless Optical Notebook Mouse 3000
    Excellent compact product. I have had it for 4 weeks now and I have bought a second for my dad as well. Such a far cry from the bulky mice of the past with big USB receivers - the receiver for this one fits right underneath the mouse for easy transport. A sure winner....more info
  • I'm Happy with my wireless mouse
    Very easy to use, confortable the battery it lasts a lot, perfect in size for a Laptop ...more info
  • Perfect size. Good battery life and precision.
    A good mouse is very important for productivity. In my opinion this product has a great value for its precision and battery life. The size is perfect for me, allow me a good grip and sensitive movement and clicking, and compact enough to carry on with my nb case....more info
  • It was an okay mouse when it worked.
    I've had this mouse for about a year now. I hesitated on spending the money, but figured the Microsoft name meant quality, so I went for it. Unfortunately their mouse is buggy just like many of their applications. When it worked it was comfortable, easy to use, and I especially liked how the receiver snapped into the bottom of the mouse when not in use. Unfortunately getting it to work was a headache. It ate batteries and I usually had to hit the 'connect' button to make it recognize that it was connected. Today it apparently gave up the ghost and is working no new battery or fiddling seems to be bringing it back. Sad. Based on this experience, I don't see another Microsoft Mouse in my future. ...more info
  • Send it Back
    So much for this mouse. Used it three or four times, it stopped working. Changed battery. Worked for an hour. Changed battery again. Worked for a couple of hours. Then nothing.

    Not worth the time it's taking me to write this review.

    F+ (The plus is for it's feel, which is just right for me and my Sony Vaio laptop.)
    ...more info
  • Love it, mostly
    I bought this mouse to use with my wireless notebook. I like the fact that it's small, and the battery life is good. Only complaint, when you put the USB antenna thing back into the little indentation on the bottom of the mouse (you can see I really know the technical names of things!), sometimes it doesn't stay, and you have to make sure it's pushed in or else the battery won't shut off. Only other thing that would make it better is more buttons to act more functionality, but hey, it's a mini mouse....more info
  • Love it
    This is a great mouse, has worked perfectly for me, is very small and compact, comes with batteries, and overall has a good design. also, i usually have my laptop and my desktop literally right next to each other, and i have a Microsoft wireless mouse for both of them, and this one never interferes with the desktop one!!!! pretty sweet....more info
  • Microsoft Wireless
    Very I am satisfied and contents with my purchase. Thank you very much....more info
  • Convenient and compact performer
    Amazon offered a great deal if added this mouse to my order of RAM for my laptop. It arrived very quickly and safely. Installation was a snap, no drivers needed (running a Dell Inspiron 600m with Windows XP Pro). I found the diminutive size to not be much of an issue. I have average sized hands with long fingers, but found it comfortable even with extended use. Pickup range was pretty good. I was able to get it to operate at a distance of 4-5 feet from my laptop. The battery life (so far) has been great. It takes just 1 AA battery. I've accidentally left it on for several nights and it seems no worse for wear. Motion and tracking are smooth.

    My only complaint is that every now and then the on-screen cursor is glitchy and moves with a staggered motion. I attribute this to it either competing with the wi-fi in our house, or the existing bluetooth receiver on my laptop is fighting with the mouse's receiver. A quick fix is just to press the reset button on the bottom of the mouse and it's good to go.

    If I had to get another of these I certainly would. It's much better than using the touchpad....more info
  • Not so good
    This mouse disappoints me. It feels cheap and not very comfortable in my hand. The tracking motion also doesn't feel very good for some reasons. Signal lost sometime. I end up using my old mouse now....more info
  • Nice button feel, portable design, could use a third button
    I bought this mouse a few months ago to use with my laptop when I'm not sitting at my desk - I have a larger wireless mouse connected to my docking station, but it is not convenient to use while I'm sitting on my couch.

    It was easy to set up - starting working as soon as I plugged the USB connector into my laptop (I did load the software later on). The button feel is comfortable - you don't have to press too hard, which I've found to be a problem on some other mice. The mouse tracks smoothly even when I'm rolling it around on my uneven couch surface (most of the time - sometimes I'll need to use a mousepad). The scroll wheel also has a good feel to it and moves smoothly and precisely. I also like that the USB connector snaps into the bottom of the mouse for when it's not in use. This saves the battery life and makes it easier to store or take around.

    A few qualms: The mouse is a little small for regular use at my desk - I prefer using my standard-sized mouse there. Also, I do wish that there was a programmable button that I could use for double-clicking. (The Microsoft Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000 has a programmable button, but the main buttons did not have as nice a feel, and the side button was difficult to use due to its placement, so I returned it after only a few days).

    Bottom line: If you are looking for a comfortable, portable, basic, and inexpensive wireless mouse, this is a good choice. I plan to buy another one to for work to use when I take my laptop to meetings or to the computer lab....more info
  • Good for the money (bit I spent $10)
    This was a replacement to a horrible piece of technology, a Logitech mouse. I have to say, though I have a couple problems with it, I'm pretty much satisfied.

    Setting up and storage is a breeze. I wish I could turn the mouse off, though, since I have it plugged into my desktop when I'm not out and about. The USB connector, if it jiggles in the USB port, will start flipping out and the mouse will only work about 50% of the duration of each second.

    And, lastly, its range is very limited.

    So in other words, it's not the worst of mice, but it's not the best either. I recommend continuing to shop for a mouse until you find a good, rechargeable, longer-range one for $30 or $40. Yes, it will cost more, but a mouse is the kind of thing you should never have to think about, it should always just BE there. And that is the failing of this mouse....more info
  • May not work with Vista
    My wife got a new laptop with Vista Home Premium edition on it. So I bought her this wireless mouse, to go with the laptop. We could not get her laptop to recognize this mouse at all or ever get it to work, even though the package said that it was Vista capable. So i gave her my logitech mouse and it worked perfectly. So now I am using the microsoft mouse on my laptop. So far no complaints....more info
  • Cable is better
    I don't know if is me or the wireless mouse. I recommend to buy with cable.I already put this mouse in my garage sale....more info
  • Wireless vs. corded mice
    After owning this mouse for a while now, I can justifiably say, it's still the Greatest Mouse I have ever owned. It uses only one AA battery, and has a removable USB plug that fits into the bottom when not in use, shutting the mouse off, and saving the battery life. I use rechargable batteries and replace a recharged battery in it once a month. I use my computer 16-19 hours a day too. By far the greatest cordless mouse I own....more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000
    Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 -Slate

    I purchased this item for my Wives Gateway Computer, unfortunately, the USB port is down at floor level and apparently to far away for the mouse to work properly. She wanted it for doing her card game to get higher scores. The range of the mouse, if greater than 3 feet, would have worked nicely for her. So, instead of returning it for credit, I am using it with my HP Computer. I set aside my wireless mouse purchased at Radio Shack to use the Microsoft Mouse because I like it's features and ease of operation....more info
  • Installed and works perfectly
    It installed and worked perfectly, even after unplugging, reinserting, and coming out of hibernate....more info
  • Great Wireless Mouse for Great Price!
    Very pleased with this product! Simple to use!...more info
  • Overall decent product, somewhat chintzy in areas
    The mouse is great for those like myself who hate the little touch pads or the pencil eraser mice on laptops. If you must have a mouse for your laptop, this one will serve you well. It is a bit chintzy in areas like the battery cover, and the USB dongle, but it's the perfect size and price. I just wonder how long it'll last a heavy user....more info
  • Very good....
    Very good. Easy to set up. It can be used anywhere....more info
  • HP Pavilion DV6275US 15.4" Entertainment Notebook PC (Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5600, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, SuperMulti
    Everything should operate as wireless. Just the right size for great and fast use....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I am so very pleased with the wireless mouse. I highly recommend using the wireless mouse instead of the mouse pad on the computor. My tendonitis is much better....more info
  • I Love It
    Usually I hate Microsoft hardware, but this mouse is very nice. People at the office are always saying how "cute" it is so maybe that's a downside, but whatever. Works real well, but the range is crappy....more info
  • Used product sale indicating that they are new
    I bought 7 supposedly mouse new, but i when verifies the product, i see that 2 of them were not of equal model that i which it buys, that was used and they did not work.
    I'm report to this situation at seller, but say to me that i must send product. I do not live in United States for that reason the shipment is very difficult.
    This reflects that to buy in amazon you must live in the United States else you buy depend of the luck.
    The seller does not let any alternative to me to recover my money or the merchandise. I demand an answer to him to the seller ...more info
  • great portable mouse
    I bought this mouse more than two years ago, and I love it. I was travelling every week for work with a laptop, and this mouse is a great way to keep my wrists off the edge of my laptop as I work for 10 hours/day. The responsiveness is great (never had it jump or not respond), and it works great with my Dell Latitude D600 as a plug and play device (never had any problems with the mouse not being recognized after I plug in the USB adapter, which hides neatly on the bottom of the mouse or the computer freezing after I plug it in).

    Also, the battery life is great; I use it every weekday and can only remember replacing the battery once since I got it.

    A very solid choice......more info
  • Great item; great price
    We are very happy with this item. Does all we ask and small to tuck away while traveling....more info
  • great wireless mouse
    there was one little minor thing that i didn't like about this mouse, you must unplug the usb connector and place it back into the moust to turn it off. i'm not sure if that's how most wireless model mouses work, but that's sort of a nuissance.

    now that i have the con out of the way, there's only perks. the fact that it doesn't turn off doesn't make it a problem with battery power. batteries last quite a long while in these. (I have 2) it has a nice compact size, very reactive (no time delay), good middle scroll, and just plain comfortable. that was the stipulations for me liking the mouse and even though i had to adjust the screen setting of the pointer (way too fast preset), i wouldn't even consider that a legitimate problem. i highly recommend this mouse....more info
    I use my notebook everywhere and this mouse works great on a variable of surfaces (except glass). It is very durable and comfortable to use. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a wireless mouse. My 7 month old is unable to destroy it and it fits in my pocket = ) You will love it....more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000-Slate
    This si the second one I've owned. My friends own the same model. We would all buy it again. ...more info
  • The mouse died in 2 weeks
    The mouse started off working great and within 2 weeks the mouse died. What a rip off!...more info
  • great buy!
    I needed a mouse for my new laptop with windows vista (since so many things aren't compatable yet). This works great. It's compact for travel and haven't had a problem yet. Totally worth it!...more info
  • great mouse
    Very solid mouse. It is small yet fits nicely in my hand. Movement of the mouse is very accurate on the screen (I've only used with Windows XP). Other wireless mouse I've tried has been too fast as the default speed, but this one has a good default speed. It is very accurate and has good range (have not had a problem with it going out of range of my notebook, or desktop). My one gripe is that I wish the USB receiver fit inside of the mouse rather than fitting into a slot on the bottom of the mouse. I have not had a problem with it falling out, as it seems to fit very snugly and securely, but if I traveled with it I could see it possibly coming loose of the mouse.
    Great mouse, I definitely recommend it....more info
  • Exelent
    es muy practico para las laptop y facil de usar por no tener cable...more info
  • Love it!
    My hands are small and I had some difficulty using the old microsoft mouse, then I bought a small mouse of an unheard brand just because it was little. Turns out it was too little, almost got carpal tunnel syndrome. When it finally quit working I decided to go for this one. Wow what a difference. It's not too big but it's not to small either. It's size is perfect for my hand. Plus the receiver is small and when you travel (wich I do a lot) you store the unit on the bottom part of the mouse and that is pretty convenient. The fact that it's really plug and play is a plus. Take a look at my customer images above so that you can have a better idea of what I'm talking about....more info
  • Microsoft Wireless mouse for notebooks
    Easy to use and easy to install. Worked immediately with no problems. Very nicely put together....more info
  • My 2d mouse broke within a year of use
    I do not recommend this mouse. After less than 1 year of use, the USB part does not work anymore (the reason is that the connection is loose). I liked the mouse and bought another one - the same happens in less than 4 months. I think it is a bad product and I will never buy it again. ...more info
  • Good product
    Sometime my laptop doesnot detect the mouse, then i have to restart the laptop or replug in the mouse USB....more info
  • I am satisfied
    I purchased this mouse (Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000)
    1.5 month ago. It was with AA-battery. Regardless of everyday using. It battary still works. Good precision. Good quality....more info
  • Thanks
    Thanks for having it in stock and your prompt delivery. It does as advertised....more info
  • Great purchase!
    I bought this for a Christmas gift for my brother-in-law and he loves it. Good size and easy to handle....more info
  • the range could be better
    everything is okay with this mouse....
    the range could have been a little wider though.......more info
  • Great Fit Optical Mouse
    I ordered this item as a replacement for a more bulky optical mouse attached to my laptop. The Mouse 3000's USP adapter is smaller and fits into a slot located at the bottom of the mouse when not in use. The mouse itself fits well in my hand and is easier to use. Great product and good price....more info
  • Excellent mouse
    The mouse is small which is great for traveling don't mind using it for work at home. The one AA battery hasn't died yet and i use it pretty regularly to game for 7-9 hours. ...more info
  • Very good complement for you laptop/notebook
    Its as important as the carry case for the laptop, when you go on travel you will be happy to have this help when need use mouse. Ease to carry and good shape and style....more info
  • Excelent
    That wireless mouse is exactly what you can expect of that kind of product. Very, very, very easy to install, we don't need to do anything install the battery and connecto. It's very confortable....more info
  • Using this mouse on a Power Mac G4 desktop (2001-2003)
    This mouse might be good for notebooks or laptops. I tried it on a 2006 apple IMAC desktop and it worked fine. However on my older Power Mac G4 there were problems which are probably more to do with using a wireless mouse than this mouse in particular but I can't say for sure. Problems on my older Mac:

    1) when clicking and dragging a title bar to move a window the mouse will often minimize the window instead, very annoying, I had not even gotten close to the minus or plus symbols and was staying completely in the blank section of the title bar with the pointer

    2) I was not able to click and drag a large rectangle over several icons at once to select them all at once- normally you can do this

    3) I could not highlight part of a line of text without selecting the whole line, other mice can do this touch but not with this mouse on my older Mac

    Since, I've gone back to a wired mouse, no problems. Current Macs should be fine with with wireless mice and these new wireless mice seem to be replacing wired versions....more info
  • Does everything it's supposed to
    The mouse works well: the motion, the action of the buttons, the scroll wheel, all good. Reliability is not an issue (as of one month). The case feels solid. Installation on XP was a non-issue, I just put a battery in the mouse and plugged the USB antenna into my computer, and it started right up. The mouse body has a place to store the antenna when not in use and inserting it there is the only formal way to "turn off" the mouse. However I leave the antenna plugged into the computer most of the time, therefore I never "turn off" the mouse, and as such I was originally concerned that the battery would run down quickly, but after one month of ownership the original battery is still going strong.

    The only issues were very minor: once when I plugged in the USB antenna the computer didn't recognize it, so I unplugged it & plugged it in again and it worked; no big deal. Also, the USB antenna sticks out about two inches and if you set your laptop down on an uneven surface you have to make sure it's not resting on the antenna in any way, or conceivably the twisting force could damage your USB port. Just be careful.

    Overall the mouse is great. I recommend it highly.
    ...more info
  • Bad design
    This mouse, while cute and easy to carry, has a huge design flaw. The USB plug is hinged, and in no time at all, mine stopped working. (The design has improved since then -- a USB plug that snaps into the bottom of the mouse is very convenient, but just make sure it is one straight, solid piece, with no hinges or moving parts.) The USB plug started losing the connection sporadically within six months of my purchase and in less than a year it had failed completely. It has a three-year warranty, so I called Microsoft and they are refunding my money....more info
  • Decent/Not that Bad
    I got this mouse at Staples because I wanted a gaming mouse (something so that I could play fast in Starcraft)
    I was intrigued by the "battery-saving" feature of the mouse....
    It's smaller than most mice and has very smooth tracking
    Plug and Play compatible- let it run as USB Human Interface Drive don't install windows drivers- they are crap

    However, wireless signal goes bad if you put the mouse at a distance greater than about a foot
    Battery power goes down pretty fast....I went through about 20 batteries in the span of 2-3 weeks i think....
    and this has an affinity for oil (don't use while eating greasy foods).....I actually had to tear out the plastic covering.....

    -Wilson...more info
  • I know it's Microsoft, but...
    It's a Microsoft product. Beware the corporate demons. LOL!

    that said, this is a great travel mouse. Small, but not too small for my large hands, it has a comfortable and easy to use feel. The USB connection tucks away easily and turns the mouse off to prevent battery drain. The mouse will seep when it is not moved , also preventing battery drain. Wakes up instantly with no noticeable delay.

    NOT A GAMING MOUSE! THis is a general purpose mouse, it is not a high resolution gaming mouse. Gamers will not be happy with this, this is strictly productivity mouse.

    Word of advice for all wireless mice and keyboards: Get rechargable batterys! This mosue typically lasts me about a month per battery, but rechargables pay for themselves pretty quick. :)...more info
  • Convenient Inconvenience
    The mouse works great as expected and is super sensitive. This is my first wireless mouse and I purchased it for the convenience of not being restricted by a wire. However, the fact that the transmitter has to be disconnected from the USB port and placed in the bottom of the mouse to shut the power off and save battery power is very inconvenient. It doesn't make any sense that the mouse was not equiped with an Off/On button so that the transmitter could be left plugged in. There is a tiny button in the recess where the transmitter is placed to turn off the power. It would have been much more convenient to have just a small On/Off button instead, so the transmitter could be left plugged in. ...more info
  • Love it
    I have used several wireless mice for my notebooks and this one is by far the best! Very lightweight and really like how the buttons and scroll work or "click." Great size too. Going to order another one for my home computer right now. Only wish it came with a protective case/bag like my old Logitech did....more info
  • NOT Blue Tooth
    Item always comes up when you do a blue tooth mouse search. This is NOT a Blue tooth mouse. ...more info
  • Compact and Accurate
    This is a great little mouse. The pointer response is quick and accurate, something which I have had trouble with wireless mice in the past. The price is right (got mine for 19.99) it usually sells for 29.99. Plug and Play, just wait about a minute after plugging in the receiver for it to start working, no drivers needed right away. You can download the software from the Microsoft website which will allow you to customize buttons for applications and to know your wireless signal strength and battery level if needed. I bought this today, and have already thrown out the receipt and the box it came in because I certainly will have no need to take this little gem back. Take it from and computer guy, this little thing just works great. ...more info
  • Really great for the price!
    I ordered this for my fiance as a Christmas present. He enjoys bringing the laptop into the living room and is always having problems loading up the mouse and the cord. This particular wireless mouse from Microsoft works GREAT with laptops as the receiver is just a small USB plug that sticks out maybe an inch or two. It works great, we've had it for over a month and so far have not needed to change the batteries.

    ...more info
  • Great Mouse
    Easy to work with and tracks very smooth. Great quality. Feels solid despite its small size....more info
  • Great hardware
    Very precise, robust, light-weighted, ergonomic.

    I could use two more navigation buttons, but this product is superb....more info
  • I spend HOURS a day using this useful and trusty mouse
    This little Microsoft mouse rocks. The far-and-away cool feature is that the small USB connector piece stores very easily in the base of the mouse. I travel a lot, so it's great to pick up the mouse, unclip the USB connector, plug it into my laptop and be ready to rock.

    It's not to big for constant travel but it's not too small that it is hard to use and you might as well use the crappy touch pad on your computer.

    If you need a travel companion BUY THIS MOUSE NOW! and don't spend another valuable minute searching around trying to figure out which mouse to buy.

    As a side-note, I outlasted my first version of this mouse. I got it several years ago and it was designed ever-so-slightly differently. It traveled hundreds of thousands of miles with me and I must have dropped it 20 times. It kept on working until the end, when I finally retired it so I could get a new one that wasn't as beat-up from it's time on the road with me. As a matter-of-fact, I hope I don't also look so beat-up from so much travel, but I guess I still keep working too.........more info
  • Choppy scroll wheel and wireless issues!!!
    I purchased this mouse a couple of weeks ago. The first thing that I noticed is that the scroll wheel has a very choppy feeling. I use a Logitech for my desktop and it has a very smooth operating wheel in comparison to this microsoft mouse in which the scroll feature clicks with each turn or operation of the scroll wheel. If you are use to scrolling down on web pages you will find that you will undershoot or overshoot when trying to scroll to a certain point on a page. The 2nd problem that I ran into was connectivity issues. When I plug another USB device in, it seem's that communication is speratic with the mouse and I have to unplug and replug the XMITR into the USB port (several times) to get it to operate smoothly. Recently I went out of town and after owning this mouse for only a few weeks I found that it was having connectivity problems (even within 1 foot of my laptop). I messed around with it for about half and hour trying to get it to work properly (pointer was jumping around the screen and acting speratically) I finally I threw the mouse across the room. It may seem a bit childish but after purchasing a name brand mouse and having it perform like a china made import in addition to having to go back to the integrated laptop pointer, to say the least I was a bit upset. Although I may consider giving it another try if I excahnge it, I may compare other brands and or models due to the bad scroll wheel design. If you use the scroll wheel a lot and your mouse has a pretty smooth feel to it then you will know what I mean the first time you try this model. ...more info
  • Much better than using a touchpad
    I just bought a new HP laptop computer. (The core duo is a whole lot faster than the old 500 MHz PII in my old Dell!) The reason I purchased this mouse is that with the new laptop, even at the fastest mouse setting, I have to slide my finger back and forth over the touchpad several times to get the pointer from one side of the screen to the other. (It has a wide screen monitor.) So, I decided to get this wireless notebook optical mouse. This is my third wireless optical mouse, one from Logitech which I use on my "office" computer and one which is part of a Microsoft Wireless Desktop which I use on the computer attached to my home theater system.

    On the good side:

    1. Microsoft represents that the battery will last for six months. This is a great selling point for a mouse which travels with a notebook 'puter. The battery in my other M/S mouse does last forever, so I do not doubt that this one will last.

    2. The receiver which attaches to a USB port is small, only about 2" long, has a nice green light to tell you it is plugged in correctly. It can be plugged in the front USB port on my desktop when the Logitech is charging in its base.

    3. The USB connector fits snugly on the bottom of the mouse for storage and traveling, and turns off the mouse when in its holder, saving power and battery life.

    4. The mouse is small and fairly light, so it is easy to carry around and stow in a laptop case.

    5. There was no need to load drivers. Windows XP simply found the "human interface device" and away we went.

    On the negative side:

    1. It is small and light. It takes a bit of getting used to because it does not fit comfortably in the palm of my hand.

    2. The cursor speed is significantly higher than any of the other pointer devices I have. This can be annoying, particularly with the laptop. There are times when I need to use the touchpad to control the cursor. This means adjusting the mouse speed from the control pannel every time you switch between the touchpad and the mouse.

    Like all MicroSoft mouse devices, it appears to be solidly built, and its small size is appropriate to the purpose for which it was made .. as a portable mouse for use with a portable computer. It does what I need it to do and I do not regret spending the $30....more info
  • Great mouse for a laptop
    Is mouse is small, but easy to use. Great for a laptop. You can get this to every place you want to go....more info
  • Laptop Ease
    I'm a novice laptop user and this mouse makes life and surfing so much easier...more info
  • Smaller than expected
    The "notebook" mouse is much smaller than the regular desktop mouse. While perhaps this makes it more convenient to transport, I think it really eliminates any "ergonomic" quality to the mouse. Having used the regular sized mouse, the nice fit to my hand was what I was looking for....more info
  • Very good mouse
    I use this mouse with my Toshiba laptop and it's been excellent. The batteries last forever. The wheel feels a little loose but not a big deal. ...more info
  • This Thing is Awesomw
    I just got my mouse today. I plugged into my labtop and was off. I didn't even open the instruction booklet. It works everywhere; I have mine on the carpet in my bedroom and it works perfectly. It's small enough to fit on my laptop itself (Sony Vaio) and the color is pretty cool. It response very well. I used a friends wireless mouse and it never seemed able to keep up with me. The receiver fits right into the mouse. Great buy for anyone who has a laptop and needs a good mouse.
    ...more info
  • Works well
    This mouse works well on Windows and Linux systems. It is a nice size for use on both a Laptop and Desktop....more info
  • good mouse with little details
    works good,though the range is pretty short and the receiver sticks out of my notebook quite a bit. besides those two details it works fine....more info
  • Nice features
    Painless configuration, nice feel, handy storage for the laptop transmitter built in to the bottom of the mouse, when inserted automatically puts the mouse into sleep mode, to conserve batteries....more info
    I bought this mouse after my logitech wireless started being less responsive. This new mouse is small but not so small as to be uncomfortable in the hand.

    **Originally I gave it 5 stars, but I would CHANGE IT TO 3 STARS because of one flaw: IT STOPS YOUR SCREENSAVER FROM TURNING ON. **

    I couldn't figure out why my screen saver stopped turning on, and my monitor never went to sleep, until I unplugged this mouse and it started working again. I tested the theory on a friend's computer who has the same mouse and it's the same problem. Unless the mouse is unplugged, the screensaver does not turn on. We both have PCs, I have Windows XP and he has Windows Vista - so that's a big problem with the mouse.
    Other things to note:

    -- The picture of the USB connector seems to be wrong - it's actually just the little stick part - there is no piece that folds up. I see this as a benefit because it means the entire unit is even smaller, plus reception is still great. I have my USB connector plugged into the left side of my laptop and use my mouse with my right hand on a rolling keyboard holder, and the connection still remains strong. There is no skipping around or anything resulting from spotty reception.

    -- The laser is very strong and doesn't need any special surface to work properly. I've used it on a multitude of desks and it doesn't seem to matter; there is consistent good performance.

    -- There are no small buttons at the top which you could use to go "back" on the internet, unlike the earlier model.

    -- I didn't have to do anything to connect it - I plugged it in and it worked with Windows XP.

    Overall, 3 stars because it's a good product except the screensaver problem....more info
  • This wireless Notebook Mouse is incredible.
    I am completely happy with my purchase.

    This mouse is extremely easy to use. I use it with my Dell Latitude D610 and haven't had any problems!...more info
  • Optical Mouse
    Very easy to use. Plug it in and it works. I like how the antenna clips in to the bottom and hides away. ...more info
  • Great addition to laptop
    Works as advertised...easy to setup...nothing to install...only downfall you have to remember to unplug USB adaptor or battery will remain running....more info
  • Great product
    This is an excellent, reliable product. I have two of them and they work great and very easy to use....more info
  • Good but a little bigger than the reviews seem to suggest
    I wear size medium in gloves (winter, golf), or alternatively, use 4.5" in tennis racquet grip size. But I've found this mouse sitting just a bit too high. My wrist had to be cocked in an uncomfortable angle.

    Otherwise, it functions well- smooth control, and solid feel.

    ...more info
  • The best I've ever owned
    I got this mouse today, plugged it in and it worked perfect. I love plug & play items like this. I used to own a Targus mico-mouse. It was good too for a wired product but it stopped working after a year.

    This one is new so I don't know much about it's longevity. But the size is perfect and it response it super crisp. Oh yea, did I mention PLUG & PLAY?

    Love it!...more info
  • very convenient, works as promised
    I really like this mouse! Been traveling with it for a while now and it great....more info
  • too small
    works perfectly but for a big man it's occasionally too small to handle...more info
  • Happy mouse
    I just replaced my wired mouse with this one. At first, I was reluctant of purchasing a wireless mouse since I have a bad experience before where I need to replace thebattery every 2 weeks but thisone it's amazing it's been 2 months now and still haven't change the battery. My only disappointment, i think the product was not new anymore when I got it, it was wrapped in a bubble wrap and there are scratches at the bottom four corners. Otherwise it works very well....more info
  • Point and Go:
    Great product ! Works very well. Light weight and comfortable to use....more info
  • Excellent Product
    Excellent product. It is ergonomic, Uses A single battery size AA, and itself is not consumed with rapidity. Very good weather of duracion of the battery.
    (Excelente producto. Es ergonomico, Usa una sola bateria tamaño AA, y no se consume con rapidez. Muy buen tiempo de duracion de la bateria)...more info
  • Wireless Mouse
    Great mouse - but when plugged into my dell notebook, the screen saver won't EVER start. I always need to unplug it from the USB 2.0 port. But the mouse itself is great....more info
  • Great mouse for the money
    I love this mouse. It is very easy to use, and I love how it turns itself off when you put the usb connector back in the bottom. It keeps the pieces together and ensures that you aren't running the battery out. I still have yet to find a surface it doesn't work on, mostly using my couch cushions!...more info
  • Good mouse, great price, delivered fast
    Good mouse, great price, delivered fast - took only a few days to get here. It's a little bit bigger mouse than I'd hoped for, but works just fine....more info
  • Great mouse
    I bought this to use with my laptop and it worked so great I have since bought a second one for my daughters computer. Especially appreciate the small size that fits most comfortably in smalller hands. Battery life is good even if you don't use the nifty battery shut off device....more info
  • i love it
    I love this mouse. The battery life is pretty amazing, i have been using it for months on the same AA battery. I love the way the usb fits into the mouse makes it so handy for carrying. I highly recommend it and many of my friends have bought this mouse and also been happy.,...more info
  • Great!
    This mouse works great is smaller so it is more comfortable to use. Very nice not having it attached to a wire that pulls. Overall very satisfied....more info
  • Little but "Big"
    This USB optical mouse is the cats meow. I don't like moving the curser with my finger and this little jewel really comes in handy. Just plug the reciever into the USB port and your good to go. When your done take it out and push it into the bottom of the mouse for storage. Saves the battery that way also. Smaller than normal but big on perfromance I like it big time ! :)...more info
  • Best mouse for laptop
    This is my second mouse for my laptop. My first microsoft wireless still works, but the turn on switch gets stuck and it just got annoying. Other than that, this is a good size for a laptop. It is full sized enough to feel comfortable for hours of use but not too bulky to fit in a laptop case. I really like the ease of plugin. Just take the usb fromthe back of the mouse, plug it in, and you are set to go. The battery life has been great and I use my laptop every day, mostly all day. My battery on the first mouse would last several months, so I am hoping for the same from this configuration. I would not normally buy microsoft peripherals, but I wouldn't trust any other wireless mouse with my laptop after using this for 18 months....more info
  • Watch out for software, if you're on a Mac.
    Have several of these little mice, like them alot. But with this last one is bought, it's software SEEMS to be the culprit behind my window contents having epileptic fits. (You will know it if you see it, started two days after I installed and got progressively worse.) Mac techs tell me OSX has its own drivers that will operate it just fine. DO NOT INSTALL their software!...more info
  • Great Little Mouse
    For what I use it for, is Great keep it with my laptop, don't have all the bells and whistles but it works great pc or mac...more info
  • ms wireless notebook mouse
    I really like this mouse since it shuts itself off and is compact. Very nicely done....more info
  • Eh...
    This mouse worked fine after I first got it, then just stopped working a few weeks later. About two months after that, after trying to find a solution to my problem through Microsoft's website, it just started working again. This mouse is good when it works, though it gets choppy sometimes when you move it or the computer- it has to resend the signal or something....more info
  • Very Nice
    The mouse is small but, not too small. It fits perfect in my hand and is very portable. This was a great choice....more info
  • Very nice mouse
    Very nice mouse, it works fine and gives the freedom of the wireless and its very neat because it doesn't have any wire....more info
  • Great but......
    I love the wireless mouse but I am a lefty. I have the buttons switched within the control panel but they will not switch on the mouse. At home my right click is a right click, and at work my right click is a left click! ...more info
  • Excellent product
    We have used this mouse for a couple of months now, and have not experienced any problems. Our grandchildren love it for playing games rather than using the touchpad on our notebook. Easy to install and haven't changed batteries yet....more info
  • Best one yet, but not much competition
    In elapsed time of use, this one has outlasted the 3 previous models put together. For some reason, I've never gotten more than about 5 weeks out of one, but this one's going on 4 months now. I didn't go 5 stars because it's just doing what it's supposed to do. Nevertheless, it's the best one I've had....more info
  • size does matter
    I am fully pleased with this product. It has a long battery life, and the size of the mouse gives it the portability that is almost a requirment in this modern age....more info
  • Not happy with this product
    Got it to use it with my laptop. The USB port is on the left hand side, and I'm a right-handed person, but once I place the mouse to the right of my laptop (right next to it), it doesn't get any signal, and doesn't perform as a mouse should. So it turned to be pretty much useless for me. Do not recommend it for the right-handed people with left-sided USB ports....more info
  • Perfect Mouse
    Plug in the USB receiver, and go. I have had the mouse for about a week now and it works flawlessly. The buttons are solid and the thumb-wheel has just the right tension and responsiveness. ...more info
  • Works great for me!
    I bought this just before a vacation trip where I knew I'd be using my laptop in various settings. I like to play games which involve a lot of mouse pointing activity. This mouse worked great - I found that I could run it over just about any surface - like chair arms, couch cushions etc....more info
  • Smooth Mouse
    I have this mouse at work and loved it. So I bought one for myself. Its really smooth and fast. Note that it is medium size. Good for laptop or desktop....more info
  • Bad position tracking
    i faced problem using this mouse from day 1. the mouse pointer just jumps from place to other. it has bad tracking. and when u click the pointer moves away from the place where u clicked. its light weight though n easy to carry....more info
  • Optical Mouse
    I use a laptop computer with mapping software in my class C motorhome while traveling. The computer sits above the passengers seat on an upper shelf. Before the wireless mouse I had to unhook my seat belt and get up to change things like zoom level. Now I can do it all from the drivers seat. It works great!...more info
  • Well-handling and battery efficient
    Bought this mouse because I wanted to get rid of the wires. Does a great job. I had comments from visitors how well it handles. Battery lasts an eternity, even when I am not switching it off (by clicking the USB-dongle back into it) frequently. The only thing I would have appreciated would have been a longer range. You cannot take it much further than 5 feet away from the USB-antenna....more info
  • Good Mobile Mouse
    Works great on smooth surfaces. Not so great on fabric and carpet, which makes sense. Feels a bit small in the hand, but makes a great mobile mouse. ...more info
  • Best one yet
    This generation of Microsoft optical mouse is the best yet. This mouse exhibits none of the "usual" bad bahavior of other optical mouses such as "wandering" on uncertain surfaces, etc. The tracking is accurate and it works on every surface I've tried so far. Highly recommend....more info
  • Poor battery use
    Doesn't work with rechargeable batteries at all. I've tried nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride and neither work. Even using good quality alkalines, the mouse will only work if the battery is very fresh. Lightly used batteries that hit the top of the scale in my battery tester fail to work in this mouse. A number of times I've jarred the wireless module loose in my bag and found my batteries "dead" a few days later. Heavy users should be prepared to remove the battery before putting it in your suitcase and to buy alkaline batteries and replace them once a month. The mouse is nice, but the pain of the battery issues just isn't worth it.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Product.
    Portable, long bettery life, small but extremely efficient. I love this mouse and use it most of the time....more info
  • I Love this product
    PC Review (consumer?) award can't be wrong? This is why i bought this product. I have been using it for almost a year and it works so great. Portable, long battery life (one time i did not snap the receiver properly on the mouse, and it still worked) and no wires and software installation. It is so economical for my laptop computer, plus it's tiny size comfortably fits my small hand. I bought another one (with the non-removable part on the receiver) for my husband. Works on his Mac, too. This mouse replaced my wireless Targus mouse which broke after just one use....more info
  • Misleading: not bluetooth
    This mouse popped up when I did an amazon search for "bluetooth mouse" However when it arrived I couldn't get it to work with my computer's internal bluetooth module.

    When I re-did the search on Amazon, I noticed in tiny print that the results were "sponsored links" and not the actual results. Very lame!

    The whole point was that I didn't want a dongle sticking out of my computer.

    If you think this is a bluetooth device, you are mistaken. Amazon shouldn't allow non-bluetooth devices to pop up in bluetooth searches....more info
  • Love /Hate Relationship
    Love this mouse when it is working. Have had two and both died on me after about six months. Think I will try another model or manufacturer this time. But, I LOVED this mouse!...more info
  • Great Price- Great Product
    I have had this microsoft mouse for a while. It is working fine and I am satisfied with the quality. I think this is the best you can get for such a price....more info
  • I LOVE this Mouse -- even on my Macs!
    I bought this mouse to try out with my new Dell laptop because I really hate the two-button touchpads on laptops. I'm very happy with it. Nice comfortable grip, great positioning of buttons and wheels. The only thing I don't like about it is that silly USB receiver that needs to be inserted in the computer to use it; why not take advantage of the computer's BlueTooth technology like Apple's wireless mouse models do? In any case, it works great with my PC and my Mac laptop. Highly recommended....more info
  • just OK
    This mouse works fine but it lacks in durability. The weakest link is the USB adapter. If upon bump. it on anything it will quit working and it is quite bulky & has a weak hinge. The Logitech 4450 is a bit more $ but it is much more durable. The USB adapter is smaller, more compact, & no hinge!...more info
  • Scroll wheel a little clicky
    I bought one of these and I think that it is a great product as others have
    mentioned. It is light (lighter than my other wireless mice), small, but not
    too small and moves smoothly on the desk.

    The only minor complaint that I have is that rolling the scroll button up
    makes a clicking sound. Rolling it down doesn't. I don't know if this will
    go away with time. I generally like quiet equipment so this is a bit of an
    annoyance when I'm at my desk though it may be a non-issue on the road as
    there is usually a fair amount of ambient noise in places with public wifi....more info
  • Love this hard-core mouse!
    I absolutely LOVE this mouse. It is very functional, extremely mobile and extremely resilient. I have dropped it from numerous heights, it has had to deal with lots of tough environments, including liquid spills and tough luggage travel. It is the best mouse I have ever had, and I am buying an extra one just in case!! :)...more info
  • It died on me, but I really like it...
    I bought this same mouse 6 months ago - I used the heck out of it and it died a few weeks ago. It just quit working for no apparent reason. Now, I really liked this mouse - especially for use with a laptop because it is ultra-portable with a nifty little place to store the USB. Despite doing extensive comparison shopping for my next mouse, I decided on this one again (not sure if that says more about me or the mouse...). When it comes down to it, this mouse really suits my needs, I know what to expect from it, and it is inexpensive. I may have to lay out $22 every 6 months, but at least the intervening months are not spent grumbling over a mouse that I am not satisfied with....more info
  • Nice while it lasted
    I bought this mouse a couple months ago to use with my MacBook Pro. I loved it, until a couple days ago when it decided to stop working. It's not connecting to the USB adapter any more. I changed the battery and tried the Connect button, and nothing. Sad, isn't it?...more info
  • Potentially a very nice mouse, but...
    Well, I'm no expert on computer mouse, but I have a fair experience on many variety of mouse from Mac Plus' square-one to trackballs, and now I have this notebook wireless mouse. Typically, my concern is the shape of the mouse because I have relatively small hands. And as for the size, this one fits my hand like a grove. Thus, it may be tad small for folks with larger hands, though.

    Overall, construction is solid. There's no cheap feeling to the mouse and all the mechanics worked fine out of the box. Wireless reception is pretty good. I even tried putting my computer under my desk and it worked pretty well. And you can put the wireless antenna on the belly of the mouse when it is not used (and it is only way to turn the mouse off... ). Also, since it has only one AA battery inside instead of two find in many of other wireless mouse, it is lighter (not as light as wired ones, though). Since other people mentioned about how good this mouse is, so, I won't expand this section in here.

    But besides all the good stuff, I'm not using this mouse any longer. The reason is its touchy behavior. First of all, there were problem with jumping cursor. When I tried to click on a link, it jumps and click on the other. I consulted Microsoft website and installed new IntelliMouse software. The problem is kind of fixed. Now it does not jump as much as before, but cursor still does not move as I intend to. It overshoots or undershoots by several pixels. I thought I may get used to it, but no, even after almost three month of use, I just cannot figure out how or why I miss the intended target! I tried it on three different computer (on desktop, laptop, and even Mac), tried various mouse settings, and the results were the same. Thing is, if I use other mice I own, I do not experience the problem. Also, by default, the cursor moves fast. If you use a touchpad on your laptop which tends to move cursor slower, you may need to change setting when you are not using the mouse or vise versa. All these touchiness could be affiliated only with the unit I own, but I thought it is worth mention to the others....more info
  • FYI - Receiver is no longer adjustable to 90 degrees
    I received a previous version of this mouse as a promotional gift from Microsoft, and since have not been able to separate myself from it whenever I travel. It is the most "plug and play" piece of hardware I have ever purchased for a pc (noteboook or otherwise) -- no software installation or complicated setup necessary. It of course does not have the bells and whistles that the Logitech Revolution series mice have (ie. tilt wheel/side to side scrolling, customizable buttons, and easily-accessible forward/back buttons for fast and efficient web browsing), but for basic functionality, this mouse simply cannot be beaten. As a travel companion, it is extraordinarily lightweight and low maintenance -- with its snap-in receiver, there are no worries of ever leaving for a business trip with unnecessary weight or having to account for multiple devices/attachments just to make offsite work more tolerable (ie. why bring a mouse when just using the laptop's touchpad was a better option than having to worry about one more thing to keep track of?). This mouse, however, has me spoiled -- I even use it while working on my laptop at home, sitting on my couch (the optical laser even works quite well on the surface of a leather couch!). The soft-touch buttons and scroll wheel are also amazingly easy on the hand when doing a ton of repetitive movements. One thing of importance to note, however, is that the version I got from Amazon does *not* have the same adjustable receiver that my promotional version has. While the receiver still easily and conveniently snaps into the bottom of the mouse, it sticks out quite a bit more than the adjustable version does, and resultingly would also not work as well with notebooks that have a vertical (as opposed to horizontal) USB port. Nevertheless, this is such a great mouse I felt compelled to have more than just one....more info
  • I love this... , can't do without it
    I bought this mouse about 14 months back!!! And it's been working great!

    1. Nice design
    2. good looks
    3. ergonomic
    4. I use it almost 14 hours a day, and need to charge/replace the battery like once in a month
    5. good range: i did not need to buy a RC because of this.
    6. light weight/small
    7. Can rotate the USB transmitter by 90 deg, hence will work even if you have vertical USB slots on your laptop.

    1. would have liked it more if it had an internal battery and some way of charging it through the USB connection. I use a rechargeable battery, and need to charge it monthly.
    ...more info
  • Great while it lasted...
    I bought this mouse eight months ago and was quite satisfied - until last week when it stopped functioning altogether. I really expected a better product and durability from Microsoft. I've since bought a Logitech VX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks and love it.
    ...more info
  • laptop mouse
    I like it, works nice. This mouse is small & comfortable on the hands....more info
  • Microsoft Witreless Optical Mouse 3000
    Very easy to use. Comfortable size. I would recommend this product if you don't need advanced "bells and whistles"....more info
  • Needs Redesign
    Mouse does not glide smoothly on some surfaces due to the large depression on the bottom of the mouse designed to hold antenna.Mine would not glide smooth on rubber mousepad or plastic nor my corrian counter top. The idea is good however because when you insert the antenna the mouse turns off. This being said it may deserve 5 stars if the correct surface is used....more info
  • Cheap Hunk of Junk
    This was the worst purchase of any type of computer hardware that I have ever made. It felt very light and flimsy, the definition of cheap plastic. Not just the construction but the performance was terrible. It would work perfectly for about a half hour and then go on a break and do NOTHING for about 10 minutes. This was very very frustrating. Maybe I was just unlucky and received a defective one, but I wouldn't take that chance again.

    I wish I could give this device a worse rating, somewhere around -4 would be much more appropriate. ...more info
  • Most needed laptop accessory
    Upon buying my notebook computer, I immediately purchased this mouse. The touch pad on the laptop is sufficient for basic navigation, but for heavy use, especially web browsing, an external mouse is a must. The mouse has an USB adapter that clips on the bottom of the mouse for convenient storage when not in use. Mouse works fine even several feet away from laptop. The curved buttons that fit your fingers make using this mouse very comfortable to use for long periods of time. I highly recommend this devise for greater laptop productivity & enjoyment.
    ...more info
  • wonderful
    a great mouse! perfect size, nice features. Simply plug it in and it starts working! Seems to be well made. To install the battery you have to push in the silver logo button on the back end of the mouse really hard. Then the casing top pops off.

    however, for some reason, at least on my hp laptop- when this is plugged in the screensaver will not come on if left there. I need to unplug it if I'm gonna be gone for awhile.

    I love this winter blue color, I'm so glad that I chose it. I have only had this for a couple months, but it works fantastically. I just hope it lasts as long for me as some of the other reviewers have said it lasted for them....more info
  • Great Wireless Mouse.
    Use this mouse every day for over 2 months. I've never had to reset it, and I find it to be very accurate. Battery life seems to be great as well,(haven't changed mine yet). Travels really well with the USB receiver mounting on the bottom of the mouse.
    Highly Recommended!...more info
  • Works very well
    I bought 2 of this and its works very well in my home and in my office....more info
  • bad quality
    I bought this item like 2 months ago, and now it's broken. I'm sooo frustrated.

    I 'd not recommend buying this item....more info
  • Muy pero muy bueno
    Muy pero muy bueno, es mejor todavia que el primer dvd que salio de esta gira ...more info
  • Of Mice for Men this one is Great
    This is a great mouse. The size is perfect because it isn't too big or too small. Also, the battery lasts forever. I've had the mouse for over a year, I use it every day and I still haven't replaced the battery. I liked it so much that I got one for my Mom when she got a laptop. She's a flight attendant so she travels all the time and she really likes the mouse too. Good portability and functionability....more info
  • Great product
    Product works great, fits nicely in my hand, but I do have small hands. Battery life not that long though. Otherwise worth the money....more info
  • MS Optical Mouse 3000
    The mouse works very well. The transmitter stores nicely in the mouse body. I would like to have the wheel full function though....more info
  • Optical Mouse
    The mouse works fine. It does appear to work less consistantly when there is not a direct line of site from the USB port to the mouse....more info
  • A good notebook mouse
    The Optical Mouse 3000 is extremely easy to use. It doesn't require software and is comfortable and accurate for general use. Battery life is ok, averaging about 3 months....more info
  • Great mouse and sturdy, too!
    I bought this mouse for my kids' computer, since my 6 y/o gets very frustrated when a wired mouse won't move where he wants to. Installing this was a breeze, and it worked immediately. (Good thing with an impatient kid waiting.) We've been using it for 3 months on the same battery, and despite being tossed on the floor, whacked with a book and deluged with several spilled glasses of milk/juice/whatever, the thing still works. (I don't recommend trying to repeat our results, however.) I'm so impressed with the one I bought for the kids that I'm getting one for my own computer....more info
  • My roommate's broke, then mine broke!
    My roommate's mouse broke (she had the older L shaped receiver)... and I thought it was because she's bad with technology. But I'm a computer junkie who knows how to take care of her technical equipment... and even mine broke (a few months later, I had a straight receiver). It just gave up on me. Not a battery issue. More like a connection issue.

    Now I read all these reviews about it breaking on people. Well, I'll write back when my other roommate's break, and when my cousin's break.

    Don't get me wrong... but it was great while it lasted. Less than half a year. Gonna go back to my Logitech. That never broke on me....more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for
    This is exactly what I was looking for! It's the perfect size for my hand, and fits just fine into my laptop bag. The receiver fits right into the bottom of the mouse which is extreamly clever... I love that. I have never seen such a better value for an optical mouse like this one.

    The only thing that gets to me is that it's not exactly the same color as it appears to be on the computer screen. It's a little more navy than I expected, but I'm being extreamly picky here.

    It's also very very sensitive, which is both good and bad. I will have to get used to it, but I'd rather it be more sensitive than not enough.

    GREAT PRODUCT!!...more info
  • Great for a while, and then not so good
    This was a great mouse for about the first year I owned. After one year is when all of the problems started. The mouse now loses connection sproadically and sometimes it doesn't want to connect at all. I have changed the battery quite a few times and that doesn't seem to help. It is very tempremental, and I have now given up and am shopping for a replacement.

    So, a word to the wise - in my experience the mouse will work great for a while, just be prepared to replace it in a year or so....more info
  • Nice basic mouse, once you get it on.
    I have been using this mouse for over a year now and it runs pretty smoothly. Normally the mouse is within a feet of the sensor and sometimes I enjoy sitting back and using the mouse scroll about 2 feet away, scrolling down webpages.

    One problem that I had with this though, was the little switch that turns the mouse on/off when you place the sensor back under the mouse. Perhaps its just my mouse, but aparently it was loose the first day I got it. Each time I first use it, I have to fiddle w/ the loose switch until it actually turns on.

    But other than that problem, this mouse is smooth and lasts quite long with my duracell ultras (about 1-2 months of daily usage). It's relatively light and fits in my medium sized hands....more info
  • Good mice like Jerry !!!
    It performs very well. Best value for your money.
    Scroller is bit rigid, but that doesnt make it any bad. ...more info
  • Could be better
    This mouse is actually about 2/3 normal size, which makes it more portable than a normal mouse but fits my hand reasonably well. Once the battery is fitted in, the mouse is significantly heavier than a normal mouse which takes some taking used to but is not a problem for every day use.

    I like the fact that the receiver slots into the mouse itself for storage, and this also turns the mouse off which helps conserve the battery energy, but on the other hand I would have appreciate a separate switch which would enable me to turn off the mouse without slotting in the receiver, because I often leave my laptop on sleep and it's a pain in the butt to pull out the receiver and slot it in every time.

    The tracking is just slightly laggy which takes some getting used to but is not an issue unless you're a gamer (which I'm not). However I have a major beef with the scroll wheel, which is fairly stiff, i.e. the smallest rotation possible on the wheel only scrolls down a tiny bit, which means that it takes more turns of the wheel to scroll down. This means that scrolling takes up more effort than in usual mice.

    I'm giving this 3 stars because it's good enough that I'm willing to keep it and use it, but on the other hand if I would have gotten another mouse if I had the chance to choose again. ...more info
  • Light, small and cheap! Perfect for notebooks.
    I got this mouse two weeks ago through Amazon and so far it has been perfect. The weight and size are just right for a notebook, since you do not want to be carrying extra weight everywhere you go. Besides I think this is the cheapest wireless mouse you can ever get (I paid about $22 for it). It connects almost instantly the moment you plug the USB receiver (with Windows XP).

    I also just read a customer review complaining about the USB receiver, the fact that you had to fold it and the size of it. Microsoft must have recently changed the design, because the USB receiver in the one that I got is now a single piece -smaller than the one shown in Amazon's web pictures- that snaps on the back of the mouse when not in use (the previous design also snaps on the back of the mouse).

    One thing I have not tried, though, is the battery duration, but I am sure, as other reviewers said, that it could be longer than 6 months (it depends on how much you use it, anyway).

    In summary, great product, I really recommend it. ...more info
  • NOT Good Long Term
    I have had my mouse for about 8 months and it is broken. The "L" shaped design for the thing you hook to the computer is the problem. I will call it a receiver. It you stow the receiver too many times into the mouse it starts to break. Over time the receiver doesn't receive.
    I would not recommend this product. It's better to have a straight receiver.
    ...more info
  • Reciever designed by people who don't know design
    I just have a problem with the design of the reciever. I bought this at Best Buys and I returned it instantly. I think people who think that functionality must be incorporated into design and that functionality must be obvious will like it. I rather not have it fold and be so obvious that in order for it to be a proper antennae, it must fold. I think tech geeks will probably think it's cool. I think the folding antennae does add to the reception distance (maybe by inches), but I don't plan on using my mouse 10 feet away from my laptop.

    Also, I would have liked a rubber scrollwheel instead of cheap plastic.

    I ended up getting the Logitech V200. The reciever of the Logitech simply is a stub. And it works fine. Looks like a memory stick. No folding, no green light, no moving parts, no odd shapes for it to be bumped in to and break easier, just a simple little stick that protrudes a bit. 1 year battery life on the V200, not sure about the MS mouse. ...more info
  • Small yet perfect
    If you want to free up space on the desktop, get rid of wires or carry with you while traveling this is perfect. Responsive, comfortable to use; I highly recommend.
    ...more info
  • Good mouse, but poor battery life - needs a new battery every 10 days
    When I first got this mouse, I was very excited that I can say goodbye to wires and the dust collection.

    - Good mouse, responds well to movement, clicks and double clicks
    - Ergo styling : Even though not as much comfortable as a bigger mouse, it is decent enough, I have been using it for 4 months now and I feel comfortable
    - Compact size : fits in a laptop bag without causing a bulge

    The mouse in two pieces, the mouse itself and a wireless transmitters that you plug into the computer. When not in use, the transmitter (which looks like a USB drive) latches into the mouse and switches off the mouse and thus saving power.

    When you want to use it, detach the transmitter from the mouse and this will power on the mouse and starts communicating which the transmitter which is connected to the computer.

    The way I (or any lazy computer professional) would like to work is to keep the transmitter plugged into the computer for the full time we work during the day (8-10 hours) and then at the end of the day before I pack my laptop, I unplug the transmitter from computer, latch to the mouse and packup.

    But, the problem is that if the mouse is 'powered on' for 8-10 hours a day for 5 days a week, the battery (Tried duracell and energizer) lasts only a week to 10 days.

    If you want to extend the battery life, power off the mouse by latching the transmitter back to the mouse whenever not in use like during lunch breaks, meetings etc.

    But I do not want to do that, will wait till a smarter mouse comes up that can manage its power well. I am not using this mouse for now, switched back to my wired mouse....more info
  • Great response, compact size
    Overall, I really like this mouse. I hated having wires tangled at my desk, so I went ahead and purchased this one.

    First off, it DOES come with a battery, but they hid it in the bottom corner of the package. So dig deep, I almost threw away the packaging with the battery still inside!

    The mouse is three-toned deep blue, silver-gray and metallic lavender. It respondes really really well, so it'll take some time to adjust to if you're coming from a corded mouse.

    The only real issue I could see with it, is its compact size. The mouse sits comfortably in my hand, but it's still a tad too small - and I'm a petite girl! My hand span is only 7 3/4 inches. If you're a guy, I would probably go for a larger model. Additionally, it doesn't come with a carrying case. So make sure to store it in a cushy place.

    Overall though, I really really like it - and you sure can't beat the price.

    Now for a wireless keyboard......more info
  • Great in between sized wireless mouse...
    Having purchased a laptop, I immediately wanted a mouse that could easily travel with me and not be connected by a wire. So, I purchased the MS Wireless 3000.

    With XP Media edition installed, the mouse was easily recognized by the system once I plugged in the included USB transmitter/connector. Terrific! Adjusting the settings was easy using the control panel too, no different than any other mouse.

    The signal from mouse to transmitter, or visa versa, is magnificent. Not that I would use the wireless mouse anywhere further than a few inches from the laptop, I took the mouse across the room and scrolled it across the textured walls of the hotel I was staying. The signal was still strong and I was able to navigate the entire screen from nearly 15 feet away from the laptop. Not practical, of course, but a nice example showing that if you have a lot of items stacked around the laptop, you'll be sure to have a strong signal to to maintain uninterrupted mouse functions (my only question would be if each unit on the market has a unique signal -- I wonder if someone else owned the same mouse while we were, say, in a coffee shop somewhere, if there would transmitter conflicts).

    The cons I could come up with were two, and these are purely subjective. First, if you accidentally knock the USB tranmitter connector, you might lose signal temporarily causing the mouse performance to stagger a bit until the system recognizes the mouse again. The second is the middle wheel button on the mouse. Works great, and rolls well, but when rolling, the graduated clicks of each turn are a little less fluid than, say, the full size Microsoft wireless mouse I also own. Again, purely a subjective comment -- the wheel and the mouse work perfectly.

    Summary: The Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 is a good sized compact mouse that is not too small to handle, but convenient enough to tote around. Looks great too, if that matters, but performance is top notch! I recommend it.

    P.S. I have the version of the mouse that seems to have a smaller USB transmitter than the one pictured. My box is dated 2005 and also notes "Now with High Definition" on the box. I assume the smaller USB trans is upgraded from the larger version seen here from reviews dating back before this 2005 product version. Just FYI....more info
  • 5 Stars........
    Been using it for 2years and never any complaint. working great.
    kiran...more info
  • Like most people say, it is a winner.
    Runs right out of the package, and works great. However, you can purchase it for MUCH less at Office Depot....more info
  • It works just fine
    When I bought this wireless mouse, I figured it was pretty good quality because it was made by Microsoft. Indeed, I've used it just about everyday since I bought it (in July) and it works just fine. I have not had to change the batteries even once thus far, and the precision of the optical mouse is very good. The size of the mouse may be a bit smaller for those with bigger hands, but for me, being 5'5", this was not a problem. I would recommend this mouse to others....more info
  • Simple & Easy!
    The reason I bought this item was that the scroll wheel on my previous wireless mouse stopped scrolling. I purchased this one for it's simplicity. As soon as I plugged it into my laptop . . it started working immediately. I have Windows XP on the laptop and it worked instantly! Small and compact in size. I recommend this item!...more info
  • Great Mouse, Amazon's price is cheaper than Target.
    This is my second Microsoft mouse, I had the one in the picture before. That one stopped working, I think my kid dropped it too many times. I purchased the new one now and found out it has more features. Also, the same mouse was about $5 more at Target and Walmart. I also have a similar Microsoft one for my desktop and am happy with that one too. ...more info
  • Not as good as it was....
    I bought this to replace the same model from 2 years ago, which had the jointed receiver, and was beginning to have trouble holding the signal. That was a really good mouse, despite the lack of extra buttons. Now, the range is barely 12'...and it matters if your USB connection is on the left, as mine is. I can no longer use this on a side table, with the laptop on my lap - 18" is too far. On the plus side, works right out of the box with Mac OS X. ...more info
  • I will never use another mouse again...!!
    The Greatest Mouse I have ever used. Kirk was right, I will never use another mouse again...!!...more info
  • Glad to be fully wireless now!!!
    Should have purchased this mouse several months ago when I bought my laptop. The mouse feels great and is easy to use. Microsoft did a great job with the ergonomic design. I'm still using the same battery that came with the mouse, and I've left the mouse on several times overnight. It's great not to finger tap my laptop anymore!!...more info
  • wireless usb mouse
    Works great. Very small and convenient. I think the battery saving feature is great....more info
  • Best mouse
    once you use this mouse you wont want to use any other...more info
  • Wireless Mouse
    I am very pleased with the product's features. It is compact & fits snuggly in my briefcase without getting in the way. It is also very responsive when it is used. Originally I had difficulty controlling the jumping but learned that if I connect it before I turn my laptop on, the jumping disappears. ...more info
  • Nice Product
    This is a great mouse the only thing lacking is an on off switch
    I use it on both my desktop and laptop but I like to leave the usb connected when I use the desktop so I wedge a pice of plastic in the mouse to turn it off and save the battery...more info
  • New USB receiver fixes problems
    The most important feature to mention is that Microsoft has replaced the repair-prone adjustable USB receiver with a smaller one (no moveable parts) that looks like a flash drive. The new USB receiver DOES NOT look like the one in the product pictures, as it does not have the moveable section.

    Great size - fits in my hand well, and is incredibly comfortable. Also fits nicely (along with the laptop power cable and adapter) into the pocket in the form-fitting CaseLogics computer sleeve I use for travel.

    This is now a great mouse for laptop users, which is, after all, the target market. Desktop users may find the mouse to be a little less convenient, especially if their USB ports are fairly inaccessible, since the USB receiver has to be removed from the computer and plugged into the bottom of the mouse to prevent power drain. Laptop users will love this mouse, though!...more info
  • New USB receiver fixes problems
    The most important feature to mention is that Microsoft has replaced the repair-prone adjustable USB receiver with a small receiver (no moveable parts) that looks like a flash drive. It DOES NOT have the rotating section shown in the product pictures. This should solve all of the repair issues mentioned in so many other reviews below.

    Fits my hand very well - incredibly comfortable. I have had no reception issues, and the precision control is quite good. I highly recommend this mouse for laptop users, which is, after all, the target market. Desktop users may find it somewhat less user friendly since you have to remove the USB receiver from the computer and plug it into the bottom of the mouse to prevent battery drain. If your desktop USB ports are not easily accessible, this could be an issue. Laptop users will love this mouse, though....more info
  • Was good for some time
    The mouse was working fine in the beginning and then started acting up. I thought it was the battery, it wasn't. It seems that the mouse looses the connection and the cursor wouldn't move....more info
  • The Perfect Wireless Optical Mouse
    Purchased as an upgrade to my laptop's touch pad. Great product from Microsoft. Easy to set-up. Works nicely with my Toshiba Satellite. Simply plug and play. Perfectly responsive. Has just the right blend of looks and functionality. Fun to use and much more practical than a touch pad. Would recommend to anyone considering a quality wireless optical mouse. ...more info
  • May be small for larger hands
    I am a over 6' tall and have larger hands - my hand curls over the top of the mouse in such a manner that I guide the mouse strictly with my fingers - my palm and lower hand does not contact the mouse at all while it is on a flat surface. This contributes to a slight hand fatigue after an hour of use.

    The mouse appears to be well built and it seems like it will last a while if it's not abused. It would be rather easy to break the USB receiver if it's jacked into a laptop as it sticks straight out. I have not had pointer problems, like skipping, as others have reported. The current picture listed (as of 7/27/06) does not reflect what you will be shipped - the USB signal receiver resembles a thumb drive not the curved profile that is displayed.

    Update June 2007 - sure enough I accidently broke the protruding, USB receiver! Now I got a black paperweight. Beware the protruding, Pinnochio's-nose lookin' receiver!...more info
  • Great for students
    I bought this item in the summer of 2005 to use at school with my laptop.

    ~ Size - it will fit in your backpack or pocket without a problem.
    ~ Easy to use - no downloading/installing necessary, just plug it in!
    ~ Receiver - snaps right into the bottom of the mouse so you'll never lose it! Also you can rotate a piece on the receiver to align it with the level of the mouse.
    ~ Battery life - I've had it for over a year and have only changed the battery once.
    ~ Cordless - I've used it many times when making powerpoint presentations, it's very handy to walk around with and just click and move on!
    ~ Durable - someone else mentioned that they wish it had a carrying case, I definitely disagree. This mouse doesn't need one! I've dropped it several times--once so hard that the top panel and the battery popped out--but it worked fine when I put everything back in its place.

    ~ Connection - it's not a very strong connection between the mouse and receiver, I've found that if the mouse doesn't have a direct line of sight to the receiver, it sometimes doesn't work.
    ~ Random behavior - a few times when I plugged the receiver in the mouse didn't connect. All I did was unplug and replug it and it worked fine though.
    ~ Size - some people with larger hands my find that's it's too tiny and uncomfortable to use. I suggest going to Best Buy or somewhere else to feel the different mice before purchasing them....more info
    I have had this mouse for 3 years now and it has not failed me yet. I like the size because it is portable but yet it is bu enough to use, unlike thse miniture mice where you use two fingers to operate. I lke this mouse's ability to story the wireless reciever in the bottom of the mouse so that you have a less likly chance to loose it. i also like te scroll wheel because it isn't to intense. Overall i LOVE this mouse!!!!!...more info
  • Great
    Great mouse for laptop. Much easier to use than the touch pad. Great price and quality. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Great mouse for a Mac
    One of the only downfalls of Macs, in my opinion, is that they only come with one-button mice. However, contrary to popular belief Macs DO support right-click, a very handy tool, I'm sure we all agree. All you need is a two button mouse that hooks up through USB and there you are.

    This mouse is especially great because of its portability. Obviously, being wireless helps in that regard, but the really neat thing about it is its snap-in reciever, which is about the size of a nail clipper, used to hook it up to the computer. This means that you don't have to fool around with a giant reciever when carrying your laptop around. In fact, there's not even any need to take it out. It doesn't add any extra weight.

    The quality of the mouse is top of the line. It's small, and feels very comfortable in your hand. It even has grooves in it for your fingers!! I've never had any problems with freezing, loss of signal, etc., and the battery life seems very good.

    I highly reccomend this mouse for MacBook users like myself....more info
  • Bad product
    My usb port was about 1.5 feet from the mouse and the mouse still did not pick up the signal. Tried it out with 2 sets of mice and the same results. Went back to Best Buy and got a logitech (V200) that worked right out of the box ...more info
  • Works great!
    Great mouse - lightweight, great for travel, battery lasts a long time with constant use. Love it so much I bought another one for my home computer. Never had a problem!...more info
  • New model not as good
    Unlike the product title, the reviews here are meant for the Wireless Optical Mouse, which looks identical, but not the newer 3000 as indicated by the name. While identical looking, they are vastly different. The 3000 has an improved 6-month battery life (which is the only plus). The new model removed rotatable antenna on the USB dongle, which is really bad. Even short distance, these mice still experience interference every now and then. With the older model, you can rotate the antenna and get a better reception instantly, but with the new model the only option is to try to move it to another USB port. The 3000 model also has "improved" tracking precision, which means very erratic unprovoked spantaneous movements of the pointer in real life. Lastly, the wheel is not "clicky" as the older model and much tighter. Overall, most of good things which made the older model very popular are no longer in the newer 3000 model....more info
  • Great mouse
    I've owned previous versions of the Microsoft wireless USB optical mouse, and this is the best yet. Importantly, the transmitter has been improved and is NOT the fragile L-shaped thing pictured (at this writing). It's now I-shaped (no moving part) and is much sturdier. Anyway, it's always gratifying when a piece of hardware just works, and this is just such a piece of hardware. I plugged in the transmitter, put the included AA battery in the mouse, and Windows XP did the rest. Seamless. No drivers to install, no problems whatsoever. I was mousing in 10 seconds. As for the people who complained about its limited range, that strikes me as unreasonable. It works from five feet away, and I can't imagine why you'd need that much....more info
  • Awesome laptop mouse. Works perfect and fits in your hand like a glove.
    I have had this mouse for two months and it has worked flawlessly. I use it on a daily basis since I am a mobile worker and so far it I have not had to change the battery and I like it better than the Logitech mouse I have on my desktop computer at home. I like it so much that I even bought another one for my wife and I may soon replace my Logitech cordless desktop mouse with another....more info
  • excellent buy
    Mouse works great. I've used the same battery since I bought it, over a month ago. Use it all the time....more info
  • Good ergonomics and no problems........for about 6 months.
    As with a couple of other reviews, I really enjoyed the feel and ease of use with this mouse. However, I do remove the usb device and plug it into the back of the mouse to save on batteries on a daily basis. I recommend getting rechargeables so that you will always have fresh batteries waiting and they generally last much longer. Now to the negative part. The mouse has worked flawlesly for about 6 mos. with no issues whatsoever until today when the usb sending unit completely went blank and stopped working. The computer would not recognize the device anymore. I have five usb ports and none would recognize the mouse so I tried on two other laptops and it failed with both of them as well. So, I will spend another $20 to buy another of this same unit, but I will handle the usb sending unit with a little more care this time and hopefully get more mileage out of the unit. Overall a great mouse, but the constant connect/re-connect wear and tear to the usb port eventually will wear this unit out. So I recommend not doing a lot of twisting and bending of this part and you should have a long term unit that will last....more info
  • Terrific traveler, long battery
    This is a terrific mouse if you want something tiny to stick in your travel bag, just in case. I say "just in case" because after a few days of solid use on a biz trip, my hand got a bit cramped because of the small form factor.

    But if you just need something for minimal use, this is a great mouse. I've had the same batteries in there for nearly a year now and it's still going strong.

    The range is pretty short for the wireless connection, but I've never had an issue with it (after all, how far do you need to be to do your mousing??)...more info
  • Don't do it!
    As first use, the mouse seems great. But soon you will see that it makes the cursor on any word processing program jump around, especially email (Outlook Express). This causes typos that you don't know about until you spell check. the spell checker can't catch them all, especially syntax errors. Google the product and you'll see the same complaints. Might not sound like much but you will end up flushing it just to get this evil product out of your sight.
    ...more info
  • Good product
    I bought this mouse 3 months ago and it's been great so far. I just changed the battery after 3 months for the first time today and I use my laptop daily so I'm happy with the battery life(1 AA). It's nice that you can put the receiver into the mouse for storage and it also serves as an off switch but for those of us who rarely travel it's not so convenient to have to unplug the USB receiver each time you power down just to save battery life. I wish it had a normal on off switch or an idle timer to power down after inactivity.

    The best feature for me is that it's not too big and not too small. It fits my palm well and has a nice responsive feel.
    ...more info
  • It worked great and then died on me
    This was a fantastic product (while it worked), but for some reason after a year it up and quit on me. I've read other reviews that it may be an issue with the USB, but whatever the problem is, it's annoying! I expected a Microsoft brand mouse to last for a lot longer. When I contacted Microsoft they told me there was nothing they could do since the warranty was up....more info
  • remember everyone.....
    Before you think that your mouse has stopped working, try changing the battery! Mine started working sporatically, and then not at all, even though the red light on the mouse and the green light on the reciever was on. For some reason it didn't even come to me to change the battery- I guess I put the one battery in when I first purchased it and then just forget that it was even powered by battery!

    Otherwise this has been a good little mouse. Recommended (that is if it keeps on working!)...more info
  • malfunctioned after 4 months
    I bought this mouse 4-5 months ago and it worked pretty well until now - suddenly I started getting intermittent problems as skipping and non-responsiveness, even with brand new battery. Today I finally removed it (I may try it later again but I doubt it is going to work) and plugged back the old wired mouse. I like the ergonomics of this product, but 4 months is too short lifetime; I will not bother to buy another one....more info
  • Starts out good, doesn't last
    I liked my first Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse I bought a year ago to use with my laptop so much that I bought two more within the last six months, one for my desktop and one for my business use laptop. The mouse has great features, I liked the small "tail" and the especially the fact that the tail can swing to multiple positions to accommodate other USB plug-ins. However, that swinging tail doesn't seem to hold up for long. All three of our mouses (mice) are experiencing the same problem with losing connectivity to the PC, we can wiggle the tail or turn it to another position and it may, or may not, light its little green "good to go" light. Very, very aggravating, we expected better from Microsoft branded products....more info
  • Broken
    For no reason whatsoever, this product broke after I had used it for less than 4 months... I did not get my money's worth. ...more info
  • Good mouse for travelling
    I would recomend this product. It tracks well and buttons are nice. The rubberized sides feel nice too. Mine is a 2006 build, which comes with a different receiver then the one pictured. It doesn't have the extra movable piece at the end, but instead is just a stick, smaller then an average flash drive. I saw that one reviewer said there is no available software to program the buttons and that is true if you are looking for extra features, but Windows and Mac have the capacity to swith the buttons for left-hand users. In windows just go to "control panel" > "mouse" and then click the check box for switching the configuration to left handed mousing.

    Good Tracking
    Good signal distance for a notebook mouse
    Scroll Wheel works well (but see cons)
    Small and Compact
    Attractive design
    Small USB Receiver


    Small for big hands, but you have to know this when you buy it. It's for travel so being small is kind of the point.

    The scroll wheel works well, but it is the type that clicks, I was hoping it would have a smoother action to it, but I didn't have an out of box model to try out. This is a personal preference, but overall the functionality is exceptional and much better than many mice I have owned/used.

    So 4 stars, because I don't prefer the scroll wheel....more info
  • Awsome notebook mouse
    I really like this mouse. It is the perfect size (not too small, but not as big as a reg. mouse) and it gives you a place to put the usb part when your not using it (so you dont loose it). I have had NO problems at all with this mouse, and I am very picky about mice. And, it only uses one battery. I have been using mine every day at work for several weeks now (full work days) and sometimes at night and I am still on the same battery. No regrets buying this product, i would recommend it.......more info
  • This mouse is great
    Smooth and fast motion, comfortable, compact. No wires for my cats to chew, they "killed" my last mouse. I've already recommended it to several people....more info
  • Stopped working after less than a month
    I bought this mouse because of all the great reviews. However, I had a different experience. It was great at first, although you couldn't use it on a magazine surface, or on cloth... But, less than a month after I purchased it from TigerDirect, it stopped working! My computer just doesn't recognize it, and the little light on the end of it doesn't light up anymore. Three days ago, it was working intermittenly... and two days ago, it worked the same way... and today it's out of business. What a waste of money. I'm definitely going back to the wire, and staying away from Microsoft mouses. I don't recommend this mouse....more info
  • Fantastic product with one small fault...
    I absolutely love this mouse. While my Sony VAIO (also purchased off of has a decent trackpad with scrolling capability, I needed one to allow me to work more efficiently. The Microsoft Wireless Notebook Mouse does exactly that for me. I have had no issues at all with range however I do use it only about a foot to two feet away from the receiver hooked into the notebook, but still, works great. It's a solid mouse wiht a decent heft to it so it doesn't feel cheap; I've been using it for about two months frequently and have not needed one battery change, so that is saying something.

    The only issue I find with this mouse is that the scrollwheel on it clicks in way too easily. For those of you that don't know quite what I mean; you know how you can down click the scrollwheel on most and then just use the mouse to change which direction? Well, it's often very easy to down-click the scrollwheel when you don't want to. Not a huge issue, but kind of annoying when you're in a hurry and you accidently hit it and your place in the document or spreadsheet has gone wonkey...

    All in all, well worth the money; Microsoft knows how to make good user-input devices....more info
  • Great mouse from Microsoft
    The size of this mouse was ideal for me, since I travel a lot and I don't have much room in my bag. The mouse has nice hard and soft plastics which give it a nice feel. I really like that the USB adapter plugs back into the mouse. Great mouse, no complaints, excellent price. Shipped within 2 days.

    ...more info
  • Great mouse for laptops
    Works great but the cost is a little on the higher side. You can probably find cheaper ones on sale.

    And windows sometimes doesn't boot when the USB receiver is still into the slot before booting - shows a hardware problem. Could be because of Windows, never know....more info
  • Not bad, but scroll wheel is noisy & cheap.
    I just received this mouse and it seems to be pretty decent, but there is a problem with the scroll wheel. Every time I scroll up it makes a loud clicking noise and feels kind of cheap. Scrolling down seems to be fine. Tracking accuracy is acceptable, but not great. This will work fine if you use it occasionally to carry to meetings, but I wouldn't recommend using it as a primary mouse and I definitely would not recommend using it for gaming or graphics applications. ...more info
  • It broke!
    This was my second cordless optical mouse I purchased for my laptop after the wheel broke on my first. After about 2 months, my laptop stopped recognizing the usb device and then the usb stopped communicating with the mouse alltogether. Hoping it was still under warranty, I attempted to contact Microsoft tech support, but they didn't seem to recognize the number of my product. I now have a new logitech mouse that works fine that was about the same price, but a much better value. I would not purchase this mouse. ...more info
  • Great mouse for your laptop
    I purchased this mouse two months ago when I received my laptop and began working on a BIG project. I have been putting in 12 - 16 hour days and this mouse has been awesome. The size of it is just fine, its not too small and not too big. And its still on its first battery (duracell); considering the amount I've used it, its doing great.

    Good size, battery life is looong, scroll wheel feels nice, pretty responsive, decent range (I dont use it outside of 2 ft but who does?), plug it in and its instantly working, USB adaptor stores very nicely into the bottom of the mouse (which also shuts it off).

    The USB adaptor has a hinge that feels flimsy. It hasn't broken or anything bad, but I just personally make an effort to be careful with it because it doesn't 'feel' very robust.
    And the muuse wheel, although it feels nice, is alittle loud, but I am being picky here.

    Great mouse for the money. Works great, stores very easily in a laptop case, great battery life, etc. I love it and am very happy I purchased it....more info
  • An almost perfect solution
    I've been using this mouse now for several months. This is my first wireless mouse and I must say I am pleasantly surprised at the accuracy and range. It's a nice size, even though I must admit going back and forth between this mouse with my laptop and the full-size mouse on the desktop can sometimes be painful. it travels well as I only use it with my laptop and it is still running on the same battery I put in it on day one, so kudos.

    My one real complaint is that the touch wheel is a bit over sensitive. Sometimes when I am scrolling with the wheel the mouse decides that I clicked it and goes into scroll lock which can be a bit frustrating.

    Overall I really like this mouse and should I break it or lose it I'd definitely get another one. If someone held it for ransom, I just might consider paying it.

    A side note to developers: Someone should really devise a way for the USB transmitter to communicate to the laptop touch pad that the mouse has it under control so it [touch pad] can take a nap. There are times that the fact that the touch pad is still active while the mouse is in use that the touch pad will reposition the pointer at the slightest brush and it's infuriating. That's all....more info
  • Not bad
    I have purchased 2 of this mice for about 1 month.
    They are easy to use and free of wire.
    But you can not get the mice's power off unless you take the sigal radiator off from the laptop then put it into the bottom slot of the mice. or you have to get the battary out of it. otherwise, the light of the mice will always on----wasting of the battary!
    if there has a button on the mice to turn the power off, maybe better. ...more info
  • Travel Mouse
    It just works! Problem free - the best kind of accessory. I use it every day and have never had any problems. It has a nice integrated design...more info
  • Broke easily
    I only had this product for a couple of months and the USB transmitter broke. It has a hinge that is supposed to make for better reception regardless of the orientation of the USB port. Logitech has a simmiler product that has no moving parts and has been working well for me.
    ...more info
  • A perfect mouse
    During the last 10 years, this is the best mouse I've ever used!! A comfortable design with basic functions and fair price; I strongly recommend this model to everyone. However, for big-hand users, be careful of small-size mice, they could be uncomfortable for you....more info
  • Perfect Mobile Mouse
    This mouse works exactly as I thought it would. Good product at a good price. I am thinking of getting a second for my wifes laptop. ...more info
  • Nice little mouse!
    Great deal for the money. Battery did not seem to last very long. Plug and play was a no brainer. ...more info
  • One needs an on/ off button to extend the useful battery life.
    We need an on/off button to use when one does not use the optical wireless mouse. Otherwise it uses up your battery power during not use.

    Is there already such a feature developed/available in the market for this product? One gets tired of opening up battery section save battery life.
    ...more info
  • Very good mouse.
    Aside from the mouse being slightly undersized for my adult male hand, the design is excellent. I especially like the way the connector plugs into the bottom of the mouse to turn off the mouse and save battery power. Also, the lack of a leash on the connector is a plus when using a laptop....more info
  • wireless mouse
    This is a really great mouse. Fits the hand good and has a very long battery life. I prefer the Microsoft over the other brands because of these features....more info
  • A Great tool!
    I got this wireless mouse to help with my laptop. I don't have problems using the touch pad on my keyboard, but I found that I was having carpal tunnel-like symptoms in my arm from using my thumb on the touch pad and my pinkie on the enter button--it was just too much strain 10-12 hours a day. This wireless mouse is so easy to use and I can take it with me anywhere.

    You do, however, tie up a USB port. I have never had any problem switching out my flash drive or printer for the mouse--but, if you only have 2 ports and they're always in use, you might consider if you can easily switch things in and out....more info
  • Works Great
    Very handy little device for a great price. It gets rid of that bothersome cord....more info
  • worset mouse i have ever usd
    this has to be the worst mouse i have ever used not only did it stop working at all just after one month but when i called microsoft and asked for a new one they told me that it os out of stock and i need to wait 1 month before i can expect my replacement.
    microsoft not having a mouse in stock what a load of crap....more info
  • Bad Design. Look for some other mice
    I bought this product in January 2006. It worked great untill the USB dongle stopped working apparently for no reason. I didnt dropped it or did anything that could have broke the USB dongle. This is my second bad experience with Microsoft Hardware. I will stay away from Microsoft's hardwares hereafter. ...more info
  • BOYCOT this product!!!
    Kinda harsh heading, I know. But I am on my 2nd mouse of this particular design. Great idea! HORRIBLE design! And I think they designed it this way knowing what would happen so as to increase sales.

    So what happened?? The USB dongle broke both's all in the design. The dongle is essentially 2 peices, and the outer peice pivots (maybe for better communication with the mouse?...nah!!). The problem with the pivoting part is that it goes so far, and then breaks. The wires BREAK internally if you go beyond that point. Did Miscrosoft implement some kind of safety stop on the housing? Of course not!!


    They do make another one that is one peice...I will probably exchange my broken one for this (if I can - it's been a few months).
    ...more info
  • BOYCOT this product!!
    Kinda harsh heading, I know. But I am on my 2nd mouse of this particular design. Great idea! HORRIBLE design! And I think they designed it this way knowing what would happen so as to increase sales.

    So what happened?? The USB dongle broke both's all in the design. The dongle is essentially 2 peices, and the outer peice pivots (maybe for better communication with the mouse?...nah!!). The problem with the pivoting part is that it goes so far, and then breaks. The wires BREAK internally if you go beyond that point. Did Miscrosoft implement some kind of safety stop on the housing? Of course not!!


    They do make another one that is one peice...I will probably exchange my broken one for this (if I can - it's been a few months)....more info
  • Awesome Mouse
    If you have an average sized female hand or a small hand this mouse is a perfect fit. I've seen other mouses that were too small. This one is about a two third the size of a normal mouse. It has a really good connection and will work on almost any type of surface. I personally really like the fact that it is blue....more info
  • Very Confortable
    I had my doubts at first because does not have Bluetooth. is very conforatble and the price is great. I have no regrets....more info
  • Good enough to be your main mouse
    A comfortable, small, very portable wireless optical mouse that turns off when you stow the tiny receiver on the mouse to conserve battery power. I like this mouse so much it has become my everyday one for all my computers, not just my notebook....more info
  • this mouse is not good
    it is not sensitive, very slow and time consuming to move the cursor on the screeen.

    I have to return it....more info
  • Great Mouse, Great battery Life
    I've used this thing for over 3 weeks now and have yet to change the batteries. Most of the time its sitting idly while I study my HW. I'm surprised its stayed on this long. Amazing battery technology I tell ya. This thing is also quite rugged. Its tossed into my backpack on a daily basis. I carry around 20 lb's in my backoack and its probably been in less than ideal situations pushed up against books, pens. Buttons still work great after all this....more info
  • Excellent
    Excellent mouse, been using it for months with no problems. It's smooth moving, fits my petite hand well, wish it came with a carrying case....more info
  • mediocre product
    It works okay. I bought 3 for my company, 1 became defective in the first 3 weeks. The other 2 still work, but not flawlessly. I just bought a logitech LX7 to replace the broken one. It's significantly more responsive....more info
  • Beneficial!
    This wireless mouse is a must have for both laptops and desktop computers. With the small USB adaptor fitting inside the mouse itself for storage and its ability to rely on a single battery for months, what else could be better? This product is suggested for anyone who has difficulty using the touchpad on their laptop computer or for someone who is simply sick of the clutter of wires. P.S. - Great addition to Excel! ...more info
  • Mouse review
    The Microsoft Wireless Mouse is great to use. The only problem I have is that sometimes it takes a few minutes to recognize that I am moving the cursor. Overall, great buy....more info
  • Wireless Microsoft Mouse
    I love this mouse - The technology has worked well for me (no set-up problems - just plug-in and go!). The fit is great for my hand. I like how the USB adapter snaps in the bottom of the mouse. Only drawback is the size if you're looking for a smaller travel one but I wanted the full size....more info
  • smart mouse, great price!
    this is a really handy and smart little thing, the connection is really well, no need for install any software, and never made a mistake, so far! works great on different surface too....more info
  • Small, but not too small
    Finally, a compact mouse that's actually ergonomic. Great design with the 'snap-in' USB transmitter....more info
  • Doesnt seem to be the best, but it is.
    I was going thru many mouses when i purchased a laptop and required a highly mobile, battery saving, and comforatble one. Although other brands like targus had mouses, this microsoft mouse has many great qualities and at the price its pretty much a sure sale.

    The mouse itself doesnt seem to cheap, and thats a prety shallow observation, but it doesnt feel like you could smash it in your hands if you were frustrated. (me with computers means frustraton.)
    Its got a really good feature of shuting off automatically when you return the reciever unit which snaps in to the bottome of the moouse. The reciever unit doest really get in the way as it moves itself away from the USB port so you can have both USB ports used without one blocking the others entry.
    The mouse has the standard 2 button and scroll wheel, downsized of course for mobility but works really well.

    Its comfortable on the hand, you sort of cup the entire mouse, and press down not with your finger pads, but the middle of your fingers (but any method could work). I would absolutely tell someone to get this mouse, because i am really satisfied with it.

    Sure its not the smallest of the bunch, but it provides a very good compromise of mobility, affordability, comfort, and ease of use.

    Just plug in the usb reciever and your set to go! Battery included!

    ...more info
  • Flawless, but bring the batteries
    I have had this mouse with my laptop for almost a year. I have zero complaints about its performance. It is smaller than most wired mice but bigger than those ridiculous laptop mice some people use. The clicking performance is perfect and I like the wheel, although as mentioned by other reviewers, the ridges on the wheel may bother some. The only con is that I have to keep a battery charger in my office because a battery lasts less than two months in this thing and when the battery goes, it goes fast. I've taken this thing all over the country in my laptop bag and it has not broken although that may be luck, as I could decimate this thing with a tack hammer....more info
  • Cool
    Great mouse! I love that the USB connector fits right into the bottom of the mouse and also turns it off. Great value for the price....more info
  • Best notebook mouse ever
    Just the best available out there.
    Convenient size, long battery life, good ergonomics and very clever design of dongle that snaps into mouse when not in use thus disabling it.

    I highly recommend this mouse....more info
  • it maybe the best wireless mouse
    i got this mouse from wal-mart bout 6 months ago(it was a little cheaper there, i got the only 1 thats left,cause i think most people think its a good mouse and thats why theres only 1 left). after i bought it, i just plug it in my usb port, and it only took about 2 seconds for my laptop to install and use it ,but it doesn't take time to load after that.i went about 5 feet away with my mouse from the reciever and i'm still able to control it. this mouse is a bit small for people who have big hands, but i think that won't be a major problem.the mouse came with a battery, it lasted bout 4 months after consecutive use.this mouse is also good for playing pc games.i play alot of videogames and i think that accuracy is 1 of the most important element and this mouse is probably 1 of the most accurate mouse i have ever seen,it has never drag the mouse across the screen like my other mouses did. this is a very good wireless mouse, but the reciever broke for no reason after i used it for 5 months. i dont no why it happened,so i decided to get another one soon cause this mouse is a must have!

    hope this review helps. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    My wife uses this mouse on her laptop and she loves it. It has worked fine ever since she plugged it in. She likes the feature of installing the USB receiver into the bottom of the mouse when its not being used....more info
  • Great product and great price
    This is a great mouse. even though others are called wireless, this one truly is. Others have a wire that leads to a transmitter that sends a signal to the mouse. This one just has a small transmitter that plugs directly into the USB port. When you're not using it, you can store the plug right in the mouse (which also turns it off and saves battery life).

    The only drawback is that I find it a little small for everyday use, (I use it everyday anyway) but I guess that what makes it great for travel....more info
  • Awesome Wireless Mouse
    I own a laptop with a docking station, but I never seem to be using my laptop at the docking station! This mouse is great because it is so portable. The wireless remote stores in the bottom of the mouse. No software required, just a USB connection. I love it....more info
  • Without problems at all...
    I'm a very practical person... the mouse either works or not... this mouse works. Plug it into the notebook or desktop and it works perfectly, just like a regular mouse but without cables!...more info
  • Great Mouse
    I am not going to write a book here, just going to share my experiences with this product.
    First of all, I purchased this mouse because of my disdain for the touchpad on my laptop. I wanted a wireless mouse, and after reading the reviews, settled on this one. And I have not been disappointed.
    Installation is plug and play. Very simple. It took me a while to figure out where to put the battery in the mouse, but I did not read the book, and once I figured it out, it was very easy. In my experience the battery lasts at least a month. I have had this for four months and replaced the battery three times. In my opinion this is pretty good, considering you can plug the receiver into the mouse to shut off the mouse (turning off the battery), which is something I have not done. I cannot speculate too much, but one double A (AA) battery will run the mouse for a month. To me, that is pretty efficient.
    I have had no problems with the receiver. It plugs into a normal USB port, and so long as you aren't trying to use the mouse from across the room, it should work fine. I have had no problems.
    The only problem (and hence the 4 stars for not being perfect) is that the third button, the scroll button, is too sensitive. It may be my rough touch, but occasionally when I scroll, it decides to use the scroll button as the third button and use the "super scroll" (I do not know what it is called, but you probably know). Time makes it more comfortable, and that is my only real problem with this product.
    Other issues to note: I have accidentally sent this mouse on a couple hard trips to the ground (flight of stairs) and there has been no effect on its performance. I do not know if durability is mentioned in the description, but I have been rough with it, and have had no problems.
    Aside from that, the size may put off some users. I have had no problems with "mini" size (in fact I can no longer stand larger mice). It fits well in hand, and I have no problems manipulating it.
    Overall, I think this is a very good product, durable and practical, a must have for users who hate the "touchpad." (Sorry for the book)....more info
  • High-Pitched Noise
    It emits a faint but high-pitched noise from notebook (not the mouse itself) when mouse receiver is connected. It will drive you nuts if you work in a quiet room. Other than that, everything works well. ...more info
  • Nifty solution
    It's always gratifying when a piece of hardware just works, and this is just such a piece of hardware. I plugged in the transmitter, put the included AA battery in the mouse, and Windows XP did the rest. Seamless. No drivers to install, no problems whatsoever. I was mousing in 10 seconds. As for the people who complained about its limited range, that strikes me as unreasonable. It works from five feet away, and I can't imagine why you'd need that much....more info
  • Very Nice
    Very Nice and comfortable, can't imagine using my PC without this mouse, even though it is a notebook....more info
  • Great Notebook Mouse
    Install battery, plug receiver into a USB port and go to work. Would have been nice to get the software with the mouse but it is easily downloaded from Microsoft. Great mouse at a great price....more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Mouse
    This is a very good wireless mouse for laptops and it is very light and convenient to carry it anywhere. You can also hide the receiver below the mose when not in use, also saving the battery life ...more info
  • Best Choice for laptops !!!
    Well I was looking for a mouse to use with my dell laptop because I hate laptop touch pads and they are terrible to play games. But I didn't wanted to spent much money( I spent $20 in this one). So I decided to choose this product over the logitech version. And I tell you that was the best decision I've made.

    For a very cheap mouse it is amazing , It is small and portable, and the performance is astonishing.

    I play games with it and its always perfect, I can play in any surface and the optic device still works perfectilly. The battery last very long im using for over a months about 4 hours a day and I didnt had to change yet. The USB is very small and one thing that I love is that you can attach the USB port under the mouse !!! It's amazing !!!

    If you are looking for a low budget laptop mouse I would choose this !!...more info
  • Broke after short time
    This mouse only lasted about two months - i changed the batteries etc but the receiver itself is not giving out a signal, so i guess i am just sol. i do not recommend it at!!!...more info
  • Mouse is great till usb jack broke.
    The mouse worked perfectly, the wheel button also works perfectly, unlike the buttons on my replacement notebook optical laser mouse 6000. I left the usb dongle plugged in, and put the laptop in its case and it stopped working. It started to say usb device not recognized. The new laser mouse 6000 has a different usb dongle that is one piece instead of 2.

    This mouse also has a better wheel button (good for middle clicking) than the newer laser mouse 6000 which is erratic.

    The wheel scrolling, and mouse positioning on the newer laser mouse 6000 is better than this mouse....more info
  • Love it!
    I purchased a new notebook computer this Fall and after using the mousepad, decided that I missed my mouse. After doing some research and reading the reviews on Amazon, I selected this one. I love it! Easy to use and the size is perfect for my hand (which is not too big). ...more info
  • Looks cool but overrated
    Okay, on first impressions, this mouse comes out as a very neat gadget.

    * Small, compact in size.
    * Works with AA size battery as opposed to a charging station.

    * Having worked with Logitech's MX700, the wireless reception of this Microsoft mouse is definately horrible. The mouse becomes unresponsive once in a while.
    * If other people are using the same mouse in the vicinity, the signals get distorted and you occasionally loose control on the pointer.
    * Definately not recommended for gaming, as I've found out. Buy the Logitech one if you want a responsive mouse.

    In a nutshell: Its small, compact, portable ... Thats the only value it has. The functionality part is rather unimpressive....more info
  • Mouse worked only for a short period
    This was a really nice mouse....everything I expected! However, its lifespan left me with a lot to be desired....not even 2 months past before this item just quit working. Now I am forced to purchase something new once again. Perhaps this item is still under its warranty, but prior experience with those situations led me to write this review instead. "Word of mouth" is a very powerful tool for consumers to alert others of inferior and defective products!...more info
  • Very good, basic mouse.
    I have had this mouse for about a year now (scince I got my gateway laptop) and works fine. Now, I dont travel much, laptop mainly stays in my room so I dont know how it travels. I personaly like it because its very responsive. I dont have to move my hand all the way across my desk to have to click on search msn which is nice.

    Very Responsive
    Battery lasts of a long time
    Small enough to fit practicly anyware
    USB 2.0 Plugin fits convinently at bottem of mouse
    USB is realitively small
    Battery takes single A++

    Gets slightly dirty easily.

    I highly suggest anyone get it for Sony Vaio Laptop or Dell XPS 400, works great for everything....more info
  • mouse Range
    As I saw someone ask about its range.
    this notebook mouse'range about 3feet or less(from the manual)

    but in desktop wireless mouse would range just 6feet or less(from manual) but I used desktop wireless mouse and it seems to range more than 10feet to me....more info
  • Great for the road warrior, but one flaw.
    I purchased this mouse about a year ago because I travel a lot. I am very happy with it for many reasons.
    1. Only requires 1 battery
    2. Switches off when not in use and receiver is inserted
    3. USB receiver fits into the mouse so you don't have to carry two pieces
    4. It's small but not too small (and optical and wireless of course).

    Improvements I'd like in the future but aren't needed.
    1. The battery cover and release button seem a bit weak, but I never had a problem with it though so I'd say it's negligible.
    2. Would love a 4th back button!

    1. The USB receiver is a bit flimsy. It was designed to pivot in case you need better reception, but I always thought it looked like a weak point. After 1 year, I have found that to be true. The receiver now has a weak connection due to the swivel point and if I bump it, the light flickers due to the bad connection and the mouse stops responding. I have to unplug it and put it back in to fix it.

    I do realize that I don't treat my electronics as nicely as I should and I have to pack up the mouse every day and travel on planes every week, but I'm still dissappointed that it's starting to fail after just a year. However, considering my situation and treatment in mind and the fact that I otherwise love the mouse, I still give it 4 stars....more info
  • My Favorite Mouse of All
    In my years of using a mouse, which goes back to the mid-80's, I can safely say that I have owned no less than 20 and have used no less than 40, of which two-thirds have been unique, this is my favorite.

    Although possessing long fingers and reading that a larger mouse would be more comfortable, this has not proven to be the case. I have always preferred the smaller mice. This smaller mouse fits my hand perfectly and has never felt awkward. I can not think of a time that I have even noticed the mouse; which is how it should be. I did not race to jump on the wireless mouse when they hit the market since I never felt a tail to be a nuisance. But now that I have a tailless mouse I'm hooked.

    I have used some of the recent mice with additional buttons and found them to be awkward and left me prone to errors that took longer to undo than any time saved by correctly using them. I am happy that this mouse has retained its simplicity of 2 buttons and a scroll wheel/button.

    I've been using this mouse on my laptop both in its mobile and docking station setups for 7 months and have only replace the battery once. The weight of the battery is not noticeable to me but the use of a better Teflon type material for the coaster feet is warranted.

    My one gripe about this mouse is the faulty design of the micro-switch that is supposed to disable the unit when the transmitter is placed into the bottom. This feature only works if I press it in very hard. If I pick up the mouse the transmitter will slip out a bit and the LED will turn on again. When traveling I have to wrap a rubber band around it to keep it in place. This is why I did not give the unit a perfect score of 5. Microsoft has been in the mouse business long enough to not overlook such a design flaw. Mass-produced items like this cannot be designed with such fine tolerances. Most probably work just fine. Mine just happened to be the one out of a hundred that doesn't.

    Microsoft has an almost perfect product here and needs to avoid improving anything but the above switch problem. Even the color scheme is hard to beat.
    ...more info
  • Very Poor. Don't buy this product.
    I bought this mouse for the presentation. But, if the distance between mouse and access point is more than 4 feet or there are some obstacles between them, the mouse will not work. This is just a garbage, not a mouse. Don't buy this....more info
  • Still the best
    I got this mouse about a year ago. At the time, it was the best for ergonomics, portability and performance. After giving mine away to someone yesterday, I have been looking for a new one. I thought something better must have come along in a year but don't look like that is the case.

    The Logitech V500 that hides the receiver completely inside looks promising because its low storage profile but its ergonomics is very poor. And, its high tech scroll panel is completely hopeless. If I wanted to use my finger tip to scroll, I can just use the touch pad on my laptop.

    I also looked at the new MS 6000 laser laptop mouse. Looks promising and has the same ergonomics as my old mouse but the rubber keys just doesn't work. It seems that when MS put the rubber grip on top of the buttons, it completely destroyed the feel of a mouse button as you know it and expect. It takes significant effort to push the buttons and there is something else intangible about it as well. I actually have to think about how to push the button every time instead of just doing it.

    May be I should wait for the new Logitech V400 but I am worried that its 2.4G will interfere with my WiFi like my old 2.4G cordless phone. I end up having to buy a new 5.8G cordless phone so my WiFi doesn't drop every time the phone rings.

    I never experienced the on/off problem someone else complained about when you store the receiver. The only problem I had after a year is that the swivel part of the receiver became a little loose. I never had to turn it for better reception anyway so as long as it doesn't fall off, I am ok. So, it looks like I have to stick with this old mouse, again
    ...more info
  • Mediocre at best.
    There is nothing spectacular about this mouse. The problem with most of these reviews is that they were written when the mouse was very new, therefore the hype plays a huge factor in the user's opinion. I've been using this thing for four months now, let me tell you how it really is.

    When it was new everything was great. I didn't have to use my terrible laptop built-in mice so I was happy. After about one month of use, I started to notice something... whenever I removed the receiver from the built-in dock on the bottom of the mouse (which is a nice feature by the way), the mouse would not turn on. When the mouse was new, as soon as the receiver was removed the optics instantly turned on. You see, there is a small black tab that pushes in within the docking area that tells the mouse whether or not the receiver is inside. After one month, I had to push this tab in and out repeatedly in order to tell the mouse that the receiver was out of the dock.

    Now, (four months later) it does not turn on at all. This small black tab has completely destroyed itself, and every time that I want to use the mouse I have to open up the battery cover, take out the battery, get a paperclip, and push the tab out from the inside to turn the mouse on. This really, really pisses me off because sometimes I have to screw with it for five minutes or more to fix it. Don't think that I have a lemon, because I know of two other people who have the exact same problem with the exact same model. Coincidence? Unlikely.

    Now the worst thing is that I can't fix this thing because M$, in their endless efforts to make more money, have sealed the mouse shut instead of using screws, so there's no way I can possibly open this thing and fix it.

    Another gripe that I have is that the receiver is large and bulky. I don't know why the hell they made it so big, probably because M$ can do whatever they want and nobody can do anything about it (except write bad reviews). I have a laptop lock for my IBM, and this receiver kind of gets in the way of the cable. They planned ahead and made the tab just long enough to extend past the lock, but it still gets in the way.

    There are good things about this mouse though. It's small, relatively comfortable, and the signal is very good. There's never any skipping and I never have to reset the mouse. Also, it lasts a hell of a long time on one AA battery, which is nice.

    The bottom line is, I'd go for a different mouse. I actually just ordered a Logitech V500 for $25 (which is cheaper than this thing) and supposedly a lot better (we'll see)....more info
  • how far is the mouse's operation range
    Hi friend
    I just want to buy this stuff and wondering what the working range is, 6ft or 20ft? thanks...more info
  • SURE you can program the buttons
    Previous review that you couldn't program the buttons is in error. Intellimouse allows you to program the buttons, and Intellimouse 5.x continues the feature in which you can do so with specific settings for specific programs. E.g., have the middle/wheel button show/hide all tools in Photoshop. VERY useful. (I think Logitech did this years ago, and MS "borrowed" the idea.)...more info
    I just received my mouse and it's great. I previously had the Targus Mini-mouse but the stupid cord on it broke after only 3 months of use and I paid the same amount for it as this one!!! This mouse is much better---it feels nice to use and the clicking is very soft as compared to my laptops scroll pad. My friend has had hers for the whole year and it's still working great. The fact that the receiver clicks into the bottom of it it also handy for travel---as I am constantly moving about between home and my school classes. I would highly recommend this mouse....more info
  • Great Mouse, But It's Dieing
    I've had this mouse for about a year now and I find that it has now begun to die. After a year of constant usage, the reception in my mouse is getting bad. However, the battery life, and overall comfort of the mouse is awesome. I just wished that it would last longer then it has. Durability maybe the problem here but I don't know. I would suggest this mouse, but I would also like to warn that often when I used the mouse outside my house I would get interference often....more info
  • Best notebook mouse I've tried
    Before buying this one, I looked at about 15 other corded and cordless notebook mice. I own a kensington pocket mouse and a targus mini, both of which are very uncomfortable to use. The Microsoft is the only mouse I found which didn't become annoying and uncomfortable after a half an hour. It is taller, or thicker than other mice which is why I think it's more comfortable. It is very accurate, even when used on a wood table for example. I like how the usb receiver piece is small and fits into the mouse when not in use. It is sort of like a bluetooth receiver, only usb - a very cool feature.
    Definately a worthwhile purchase if you travel and use your laptop a lot and if you hate the touchpad (as most people do.)
    In my opinion it is the best mouse for notebooks that's out right now. ...more info
  • convenient little mouse
    Some good features...

    × It's very comfortable for a small mouse
    × Easy to hideaway and take along with your laptop
    × USB plug connects to the back of the mouse when not in use
    × The battery life is excellent, one AA battery every 4 weeks - and I'm on my laptop over 8 hours a day.

    The only problem I have with this mouse is the lack of explorer buttons (back and forward) that are in the thumb location of the larger desktop mouse models. Other than that I think it's definitely the best notebook mouse available....more info
  • Interferance
    I've had this mouse for about 6 months and have only replaced the batteries once. I just bought another one for a work laptop and now a co-worker who has a different Microsoft wireless mouse can control my pointer from her cube (about 4-5 feet away). Yet standing right next to it, I cannot control hers. We are assuming that my receiver for this mouse is grabbing signales from very far away. Frustrating.

    But I do love the mouse. Just wish there were a way around this!...more info
  • A good mouse at a great price.
    I'm a fairly mixed bag when it comes to peripherals, but Microsoft stands up there with the best. This mouse comes in really cheap for it's purpose and it stands and delivers for the money. For that lone I rank it 4 stars. It tracks well, works great with both Linux and Windows, and the battery life is quite nice.

    A few minor negatives: The antenna could stand to be a little less obtrusive both in use and when tucked away. It's not bluetooth. There really could have been a couple mini-buttons for programability (back, forward, calc, music, etc.) and it's a touch on the clunky side (much too tall for it's size). Even so, I find it quite useful when I need to do anything requiring a steady hand on my laptop such as graphics work. It's also a nice break from using the pencil eraser or touchpad.

    I doubt you'll find anything this high quality for the price. Everything else in the 1/4 C-Note range seemed like junk to me (and also no bluetooth, lack of buttons and not the best shape). It's the leader of it's price-pack....more info
  • no left handed support
    I am left handed this mouse is not. It is useless. Would have been nice if seller had told me before I bought. Buyer beware....more info
  • Good product
    I have this product, I own a labtop with a very good touch pad my labtop is an acer computer. The reason why I bought this mouse is because is easier to play games with a mouse the with your finger. It works great, the only reason why I did not gave it a five starts is because it does not have a forward and backward button in it. If you have windows xp you won't need to download any software is just plug and play....more info
  • The best mouse ever!!!
    I bought this mouse about a month ago for use with my brand new Dell Inspirion 6000D. This laptop was very nice, but I do not like to use the touchpad on the computer. I decided after a lot of research to buy this mouse. It was rather small and had a small USB reciever that did not get in the way. After use of the mouse I have decided it was the best purchase I have ever made. Although many have complained that the mouse is small, if you have an averaged size hand it will be perfect. It is a perfect fit for me. The mouse was also cost efficent for being a wireless mouse. I mostly use this mouse at my desk in my dorm room. My computer is mostly stationary so using the mouse there is perfect. If anyone is looking for a great wireless mouse that is not too expensive you will not miss with this one....more info
  • A true gem
    I purchased the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse from Amazon some time ago. It may be an understatement to say that this an excellent accessory.

    It works flawlessly, and it is very easy to take along together with my laptop. I can use the mouse AND the touch pad if I want to. There are a number of accessories for laptops out there. In my opinion, and after my experience, this wireless optical mouse should be at the top of any list just for its usefulness, quality, and reliability.

    It may be a little too small for guys with big hands, but it was designed to be taken along and to travel with it. So, it is a price to be paid in exchange for portability.

    I hope this helps someone to take an informed decision.

    Good luck !

    GeeJay ...more info
  • Works Perfectly!
    This mouse which I have bought recently through Amazon works relaly good. The USB which is attached to the computer fits in the mouse when not used. Also, the wireless works a long distance and is fast and easy to operate....more info
  • Nifty Wireless Mouse
    This small wireless mouse worked well right out of the box. All I had to do was plug the transmitter/receiver into a USB port on the back of my laptop, insert a battery into the body of the mouse (one AA size) and start using it! It couldn't be any easier - no software involved.

    The mouse works well with my laptop and appears well made and should hold up for lots of usage. My only complaint is that it does not have any programmable buttons that you can use for functions like "back" in your browser - if it had that it would be perfect for my purposes.

    When not in use the small transmitter/receiver can be stored in a recess in the bottom of the mouse. When it is stored there it also turns off the battery power for the mouse. Good design....more info
  • A great all-purpose mouse
    This wireless mouse is a great buy at this price. It is just the right size to fit comfortably in your travel briefcase or back pack and yet large enough to give you a comfortable grip on the mouse.

    The USB connector conveniently fits on the base of the mouse (which also disconnects the battery power) and a high quality AAA battery was included(which surprised me). The fit and finish of the mouse is great and the plastic and other materials used feel comfortable....more info
  • Great portable mouse for the price
    I have a notebook computer with a trackpad and a eraser-type mouse. And while I am pretty good with both, the track pad gettings tiring to use and the eraser makes my fingertip sore. And of course, neither have precision nor the track wheel.

    This is a great product, esp as the price has come down. Easy to install and use (at least on Windows XP). So far, comfortable and certainly portable.

    Well done....more info
  • Excellent choice
    This is my first cordless mouse for my laptop and I am very satisfied. All I had to do was put in a battery, plug it into my laptop and it was ready to go. It has a great response time (almost zero lag)and fits my hand even though it is small. I definately recommend this product....more info
  • Not just for laptop's.
    I received this mouse for my laptop. It was so great, I also use it with my desktop. Who in the world still uses a wired mouse anymore? It fells better in your hand than a desktop mouse. Everybody in the office now is getting one! Thanks you Microsoft!
    A. Wright
    Visalia, CA...more info
  • Great Mouse
    This mouse works great i have had no problems with it at all and its plug and play so i just plugged the usb into my computer and in 20 seconds it was loaded and i was ready to go....more info
  • Excellent - here's why...
    I use this mouse all day at work with my Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook. I like it because:
    * It is very responsive.
    *The button clicks softly with little noise (unlike the Logitech notebook mouse).
    * It is smaller than a regular mouse, but not microscopic like some other notebook mice (comfortable for all day use - I'm a 6' male with average sized hands).
    * I like the way the receiver fits into the bottom of the mouse when it is not in use.

    However, it should include a small pouch to store it in (Logitech includes a small zippered bag for their notebook mice). I end up tossing it unprotected into my awesome notebook case (Briggs & Riley).

    Overall, I am very pleased....more info
  • Excelent product!!! Just a Little lack of distance
    This Mouse is awesome. Nice design, perfect weight and nice space for adaptor in the back.

    I pushed the mouse so far from computer and stop working at 2 meters (jejeje). Probably nobody works so far from pc.

    enjoy it!!...more info
  • Great wireless mouse!
    This is by far the most accurate and conveniant wireless mouse that I have used. The battery last forever. Well worth the price....more info
  • As it gets older
    I bought my optical mouse about a year ago. I was very happy with my puchase back then, but as I began to use the mouse I started to notice one glaring problem. The clip used to secure the wireless conector to the back of the mouse (thus shutting off the battery) just doesn't hold tight enough anymore. Therefor it leaves the battery on and the batteries lasts about a week before your replacing them again. Perhaps Microsoft needs to work out a few kinks....more info
  • Simple, great...
    Nothing fancy, very basic. The design is simple but effective and practical, exactly what I was looking for....more info
  • Not so bad...
    MS Wireless Mouse is good and comfortable. Its smaller size is appropriate for most notebook users. It is however not the most ergo-comfortable mouse especially if you plan to keep using it for a long period of time without lifting your hand. But I guess it is the best bet among the likes of its price....more info
  • sweet ass mouse
    I like this mouse better than any so far. It might be a little small for those with a large hand. I really like that tactile feel of it, is a little "grippy" so it stays with your hand with no sliding.
    I think you'll enjoy it
    Tim in Kalamazoo...more info
  • Great Mouse
    I used a lot of different mouses and this one is definitely the best for traveling. It is small and beautifully designed. I only used it for 1 month so I do not know how long a AA battery will last, but my friend confirmed it is up to 3 months even you leave the transceiver attached to the PC or Laptop. By putting back the transceiver to the bottom of the mouse will turn it off and conserves battery power.

    What I would like is a smaller transceiver like that of the Kesington model 72117. That wireless mouse is also a good ergonomic design but the sensitivity is not as good as the Slate mouse.

    If you have a big hand you may not like it. Great mouse for traveling....more info
  • Absolutely excellent
    I picked this mouse up this morning for my laptop to replace my Belkin.

    I am completely satisifed with this mouse and I'm pretty picky about my mice.

    Responsive, fast, only 1 battery required (they even give you one).

    Good job Microsoft. Great great product!...more info
    This is one handy gadget. It works exactly as described. Movement is quick and decisive. Same battery now for well over 2 months, and I use it a lot. Only draw back is having to remove the wireless transmitter from the USB port in order to turn it off. A slide switch might be a little more convenient, but this way you always know where the little bugger is. Size may be small for some, however it fits my hand well and I can use it a good distance away from my computer....more info
  • Good product when compared to others in the same price range
    Met my expectations:
    1. not too expensive.
    2. it's plug-n-play
    3. the usb receiver can be attached to the mouse when not in use
    4. mouse response is good.

    The only little concern is that the mouse could have been a little bigger/longer so that the inside of the palm can completely rest on the mouse as opposed to just part of it....more info
  • A solid value for notebook users.
    I researched for weeks looking for the best notebook/travel friendly mouse before settling on this one. This mouse is ergonomic, the battery life is good, the wireless response is adequate, and it's small enough to fit in a laptop bag without being "too small" for extended daily use. Key features lacking in this mouse are an on/off switch and rechargable battery which apparently can only be found in the giant non-portable or micro "hand mangler" varieties. Size-wise this mouse is a happy compromise. Very pleased with my purchase!...more info
  • Great Mouse
    This mouse works great. The wireless range is excellent and its design is very stylish. I have had no problems with it at all....more info
  • Best Mouse Ever for 4 months
    I got this mouse in June 05' and was very impressed with the design and ease of install. After 3 1/2 months of heavy use the receiver only works intermittently. If I bump it at all the receiver loses power and I have to unplug the replug it in a few times until the light comes back on. I realize there is a certain life to these products and my mouse is used constantly but previous Microsoft wireless mice have lasted more than a year with similar use. I am planning on getting the same model to replace this one and hope that it was just a manufacturing flaw.

    Overall if the new mouse performs equally well for a longer time, I will not hesitate to recommend to all who will listen.
    ...more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse
    I got the mouse that I ordered from the way I expected it. I have been customer here for a long time and till now I havent had any problems. The shipping was normal, the mouse was in great "new" conditon as had to be... eveyrhing seems to be fine. I recommend other people shop here to ;)...more info
  • Super Product
    This is the perfect mouse - small enough to tote around yet large enough to feel like a real tool in my hand. Only bluetooth would make it better, but without that the small USB receiver is wonderfully compact and pops into the bottom of the mouse for travel. Battery life is pretty long - I have used this mouse extensively every day for almost three months and I just changed the battery for the first time yesterday. ...more info
  • Satisfactory.
    I like this mouse pretty much. It is easy to install and use. The shape fits my hand perfectly....more info
  • A+ Great for the road warrior.
    So far so good. I really like the fit and feel of this mouse. It only takes one AA battery. The sides have a good rubbery feel to it that lends it to a good grip. Highly Recommended....more info
  • Smooth and Compact. A+
    The Microsoft mouse turned out to be a great travel companion. The textured grips on the side provides a good grip. It actually feels better than the full size Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0.

    The mouse LED sensor works just as well as the full size version and the hide-away antenna with shut-off-when-not-in-use is nice also.
    ...more info
  • A good mouse for people on the go
    I've had mine for a couple of weeks now, and I can't imagine using a mouse with a cord ever again. I've always had perfect signal, and I've always had optical quality precision.

    It may not be the best choice for a desktop machine, but for a laptop... I won't be using anything else for a while....more info
  • Great Mouse!!!
    It worked great right out of the box. The reception is strong and the mouse tracks accurately. I would recommend it primarily for traveling vs. full-time use due to its small size. It doesn't sit comfortably in the palm of your hand like a full-size mouse does....more info
  • Reliable and Compact
    Good looking mouse, with great responsiveness and comfort for pretty much any generic laptop work. I'm not a gamer or graphic artist, so for me the mouse is perfect for the work I do on a daily basis. I've had no issues with the battery, which was my only concern originally. The usb adapter fits nicely into the back of the mouse during travel, and the mouse fits well into any one of the little pouches on my laptop case. When I bought it, there was a rebate, so for $20, it's impossible to go wrong, even if you buy it as a backup mouse....more info
  • Works well
    Works very well, not a problem at all. Very smooth mouse operation on a variety of surfaces including paper with text.

    The size and shape are good as well. It fits easily in my hand and I really don't notice that it's smaller than my normal mouse....more info
  • College Mouse
    This was purchased for my son at college. The only thing he had to say about it was that he liked it very much!...more info
  • I'm happy....
    I've had no problems with this product. Just plug it in and go. Especially love the battery saving feature on this mouse. It was worth the money. ($30)...more info
  • A Great Buy!
    This notebook mouse is a fair price and has worked perfectly since I purchased it a few months ago. The most difficult part was getting it out of the packaging. I like everything about the way it looks, the way it feels, and the way it operates. Absolutely no complaints so far. I'm not sure how long the batteries should last, but I've used this mouse everyday (8 hours or so per day) and haven't had to replace the battery yet.
    I especially like the feature that allows the transmitter to be popped into the bottom of the mouse for storage and doing this also turns the mouse off so the battery life will be prolonged. This design assures that both parts are always in one place. The transmitter doesn't get lost in the bottom of my notebook bag. ...more info
  • Great, but not perfect.
    The mouse is great. Everyone has talked about the size of the mouse and how if you have a large hand you won't like it. I disagree. I have a huge hand and I have had no problem.

    The only gripe I have is that it has trouble connecting at times. Especially in a classroom where other people use wireless mice. Make sure you never sit next to someone with this same mouse, you'll have resort to your touchpad.

    But all in all for its normal use its great. Better than a Kenningston I use to use, and at least as good as what Logitech has to offer....more info
    This is not just a laptop mouse, it is the best mouse for a desktop as well. The battery life goes well beyond 6 months (single AA battery) and never had a problem whatsoever. there is no installation, a true plug and play. I bought 3 so far, use one and gave the others to my family members. Don't miss out, and never worry about yuor mouse performance again!...more info
    The mouse skips - not smooth at all like most others.

    I "reconnected" over and over, and even though it showed a good connection, it never worked properly. I think it's defective technology.

    I read the positive reviews and perhaps it just doesn't work well with my particular Dell Inspiron 9300 running XP. However, I think most people don't know enough to care.

    If you need precision mouse operation, do not get this. If you don't mind a choppy skipping mouse connection, get whatever.

    I have used a standard Microsoft wireless IntelliMouse and it works fine. I'll try bluetooth to see if that works better... ...more info
  • I like it
    This mouse works really well and runs off of only 1 AA battery that seems to last a while. My only trouble with it is that I feel like I am breaking the USB attachment... but I may just be paranoid about things breaking since I usually am. I also wonder what the real difference is between the blue mouse and the black mouse, considering there is a slight price difference. My Boyfriend has the black one, and they seem to be exactly the same. But, overall I like it alot... very compact and the USB part stores underneath and turns it off to save on battery life. ...more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse - Slate
    Not too large, not too small, just the right size to hold with my hand.
    Easy to use and convenient to carry around.
    Complete freedom and don't have to worry about the cord attached to the mouse....more info
  • compact and thoughtful design
    Completely wireless, functions well, the USB connector fitting into the bottom of the mouse when not use is cleaver....more info
  • Nice but short range
    Nice design and feel, single AA baterry is an advantage, the only 2 things I didnt like about it were: the USB transmitter, its large for a tiny mouse like this & it has a short range (in case you connect your laptop to your TV to watch movies, you wont be able to keep your laptop away)....more info
  • no compatibility problems
    Logitech mouse drivers screwed up my laptop and did not function well with the touchpad when the mouse was not connected. I have no such problem with this mouse. I esp. like the way the receiver fits into the base of the mouse which turns off the optical sensor of the mouse when you are not using it....more info
  • Works like a charm
    Just plug it in to a USB port and Windows XP immediately recognizes the mouse and away you go. Feel of mouse is fine although it is smaller than a normal size mouse. The only con about this mouse is that you must unplug the USB transmitter to turn it off but other than that it works great....more info
  • Nice mouse for two weeks
    Nice little mouse, my wife and daughter both loved it until it stopped working after a couple weeks, twice. That's right, I figured the first was a fluke, so I returned it and got another. Same thing happened. The light that says "link" just wouldn't come on, so I think the problem was in the antenna, not the mouse, as the optical laser would still come on. Too bad, because it really is a nice mouse....more info
  • Worked fine for two months
    I bought this mouse in June. It worked fine for two months and then it started to act up. My computer guys say it's time for a new one. Very disappointing!...more info
  • Very nice for the price
    Bought it for my wife's laptop. Works great and never had problems with distance away from the laptop. The only thing I would make better is how the USB transmitter snaps onto the base. It protrudes out when snapped in, and is not very snug. Easy to knock off the base when storing it away....more info
  • Wireless Mouse
    The best wireless mouse because it doesn't waste the battery when it's not in use.
    ...more info
  • Microsoft has done it again!
    This mouse is a great little add-on for anyone looking for a wireless mouse for their notebook computer. Its light, has great range, great battery life, nice jog wheel for scrolling... no complaints here....more info
  • Good Alternative to Logitech Notebook Mouse
    I bought this optical mouse as a replacement for my first generation Logitech Notebook Mouse. Whereas the Logitech mouse experienced serious deficiences in signal reception (even from less than a foot away) and battery life (compared to other Logitech wireless mice), the Microsoft mouse has effectively served as an excellent replacement.

    The mouse is well designed and comfortable to use since it conforms well to my hand. Its AA battery has lasted for a good amount of time and battery replacement is simple to do. It's small and fits well inside the pockets of a laptop bag/backpack. The snap-in receiver onto the bottom of the mouse reduces the risk of misplacing it and reduces its overall profile.

    However, the Microsoft mouse software is non-existent, as it uses Windows for its settings. I would've liked to have some acceleration settings like in the Logitech software. Also, unlike other Microsoft wireless mice, the scroll wheel isn't of the smooth non-clicking type. My final criticism is that the mouse lacks an on/off switch. Although the mouse turns off when the receiver is attached to the mouse for travel, I prefer to keep the receiver attached to my notebook when it is also used as my primary computer.

    Overall, a well-designed mouse with very minor issues caused by using a Logitech mouse for so long. It would be nice to integrate those features in next iterations....more info
  • Works great, but in the end, too small
    This product really does work great. Just plug and play and holds the reciever under the mouse for storage. Uses 1 AA batt and last a long time. Everyting is great and for my laptop, works perfect. Nevertheless, if you have the storage, I would get a normal mouse that is cordless with USB for a laptop. It's so small that my mits have to stretch and arc over the top more and it puts more strain on the top of my hand than I would like during extended use. However, I am also 6'3", 195lbs, and a high school teacher and so I have reasonably big hands and if you are a person who is smaller than I, you might find it perfect. And if you are very small, like a child, this mouse if fun and nice and you should ask your parents to buy it for you....more info
  • Excellent
    Plug and play with no fuss.
    Also, for anyone interested in tweaking the settings for this mouse, go to your control panel and click mouse. There should be a list (if you are using a laptop there will be atleast two) then select this one and alter whatever you need. I have mine customized perfectly on a laptop running XP. I would buy it over again in a heartbeat!
    Hope this helps. ...more info
  • excellent
    I love the product. It moves like a dream. It is just the right size and it fits in your pocket. ...more info
  • Great idea!
    I love the design of this mouse,especially the snap in receiver, that fits under the bottom of the mouse when not in use,this way you will never lose it. Would have given it 5 stars but the mouse is not sensitive enough....more info
  • Review of microsoft wireless notebook optical mouse
    I was planning to buy a wireless mouse and after doing enough research I bought this mouse. It easily fits into my hands and works amazingly fine. It's very easy to install and works with one AA battery. I'm using it for past one month or so and I'm still using the battery provided in the pack.

    I bought this for $25 and it's worth for that money....more info
  • Super Notebook Mouse
    Great mouse for notebook use. A bit large, but works flawlessly. MS hits a home run with mouse!!!!!!...more info
  • Weak Signal
    The signal doesn't transmit vary far and only when there's a fully-charged battery in it. I dumping it and looking for another wireless notebook mouse....more info
  • Mouse to Go
    This item works very well and is comfortable in my average sized palm. EZ set up with Plug -n- Play. They recommend you take out the battery when travelling in a plane which I wasn't expecting. Excellent product for the price after rebate....more info
  • Swell
    I love the product, very easy. Just plug in the connector and push the connect button under the mouse, and you're ready to go. No Installation necessary. I would recommend lap top user to have this. The price is a great deal. ...more info
  • The perfect product
    This it is the perfect product... has the suitable size and the
    weight, in addition to being a piece of hergonomía and simply
    excellent unique design......more info
  • Hampster Works Out of Box!
    I've been using this wireless hampster for 2 weeks straight after getting a new notebook here on Amazon. I think they should start calling wireless mouses "hampsters" since hampsters don't have long tails (cords). Plus I like hampsters, they're so cudly and cute. Anyhow, this works just as advertised. Just plug and play. I take this to work with me daily and it's nice to use the mouse, ahem hamster without wires. The range is about 10 feet which is better than the MS Wireless hampster for my desktop that uses 2 batteries. I like the turn off feature to save batteries when the USB is plugged into the bottom of the device plus it keeps the parts from getting lost. Did I mention I also do a lot of Photoshop work on my notebook? Don't worry about precision because this thing is very accurate and I sell the photos I retouch. So far I've been using it 3 weeks straight as my main pointer (don't use touchpads much) and the battery is going strong. Even the die hard Microsoft haters or those that are against cheap foreign labor (made in China) will be converted by this product. ...more info
  • Great Mouse -- Just what I wanted!
    This mouse is a replacement for a competitors product. It is a definite improvement. Packs up in a much smaller area, Has better range, Isn't bothered by a steel desk that drives the "other" mouse nuts. Doesn't need to be reconnected or restarted each time it's turned back on. I would definitely purchase this mouse again!! ...more info
    I'm on my computer all day every day. Batteries last forever. As far as the rest goes. Hey it's a mouse. it works perfectly fine. I just love the battery life....more info
  • Ditto
    I really don't have much to add to what have been said by other reviewers... okay just couple of things:

    1. I couldn't install this mouse on 98SE. I searched and found that problem installing USB human interface devices is quite common. Although some claimed success by copying the necessary drivers to the system but it wasn't the case for me. I suspect everything had to be right the first time when Windows is installed so you are really at the mercy of the computer manufacturer. If they didn't do it right you are going to face an uphill climb. With all that said, with XP all I had to do was plugging in the receiver. Hotswapping is no problem also.

    2. My test indicates that the receiver is good within 3' and it doesn't matter if it is in a line of sight or not, i.e. it can be behind your computer if your port in the back.

    3. I found this mouse to be the perfect size. It just hides in your palm. I really don't have to move my hand much to use this mouse. Very comfortable. I use this mouse exclusively. My other mouses are now at the tech toy grave.

    4. Last but not least, Microsoft screwed me on the rebate! I submitted everything they asked but still they sent me a reject notice saying I didn't do this and that. BS in its purest form! It is only $5 and I sent all my originals, so it doesn't worth my time to fight it. So make copy of everything before you submit the rebate form. I am tempted to take away one star because of this, but fair is fair, this is a great mouse which deserve a 5 star rating....more info
  • Cool Mouse but not a cool price
    Well, I have no complaints about the device until now, It has met all my expectations about a Notebook USB mouse, It's light and compact(the reciever fits into the mouse when you are on the GO), the usage is pretty smooth and precise, the battery life is good(about 6 months on a AA battery,that's what I heard from my friends) so it's pretty decent.

    But I'm unhappy coz Microsoft mentioned a different rebate amount when I was buying it but I recieved a lesser amount after I bought the product.

    Overall it's a compact companion for people on the go....more info
  • Easy setup and works well
    I used the online reviews to make my decision when purchasing this mouse. They were right on. When the mouse arrived, I simply plugged in the USB receiver and put the battery (provided) in the mouse and that was it. The mouse works well and I haven't had any problems. I am very satisfied with the product performance, ease of setup and price....more info
  • Good mouse but a little too small
    The mouse works flawlessly; I have one major problem with it however. It is too small for my hands. ...more info
  • V.T.
    This is a very good mouse and the price for it was very good too. The erognomic design and hence the handleability is excellent, especially since I have small hands.
    The way the receiver fits under the mouse makes it very compact to carry and is perfect for laptop users.
    ...more info
  • Excellent mouse. No problems at all.
    I have large hands and this mouse is a little smaller than standard dekstop mice, but I found it comfortable and very responsive. It worked perfectly right out of the box with no software installation required. I would recommend it....more info
  • great mouse!
    this is a great mouse. i have used other wireless mice that wouild lose contact; but this one gives me no probs....more info
  • Great unit... while it worked
    Purchased the mouse for work and used it daily at my desk with an HP notebook. It was very easy to connect and worked flawlessly for about 5 months until summer started and the laptop started getting packed up and hauled to the lakes. After a couple of weekends, the receiver began to act up and wouldn't connect unless it was rotated to 90 degrees.

    It's now 3 months (and a few more weekends of travel) later and the receiver won't connect at any angle - even after attempting to manually connect using the "connect" button on the bottom of the mouse.

    Except for the fact that this one's now a stylish paperweight, I preferred working with the mouse instead of the notebook's touchpad. I'll probably break down and buy another as it beats swiping at a touchpad. I just hope the second one has a longer life expectancy....more info
  • nice mouse
    I have used Microsoft, Logitech, and of course lots of other mice here and there. I have loved Logitech, and I am writing from a desktop that sports my Logitech trackball, which I have used and enjoyed daily since '98. Logitech trackballs have been my best answer to wrist fatigue. But I am quite impressed with this little wireless Microsoft mouse, and I think it is exactly what I need for my notebook. I bought the mouse specifically because I thought it would fit my palm better than the flatter Logitech wireless notebook mouse, and it does. I would say that in the notebook mouse market Logitech has not sufficiently addressed ergonomics. This Microsoft mouse is very fine, very accurate, very comfy. I have not had the mouse long-only a month, so things may go awry, but I think I've got a winner here. But for now, all controls are perfect, fatigue level is low, and cool level is high. Clickety-click, scroll-scroll....more info
  • plug it in and go
    This mouse was so easy to use. I just plugged it into a USB port and it was ready to use. Like any optical mouse, you have to have it on a blank surface like a piece of white paper or a solid color mouse pad, but I thinks its great....more info
  • Excellent mouse!
    Its so easy to setup and it comes with nice! It fits well in the hand, works smoothly and is easy to click. Looks beautiful too. Another good thing is that its juts plug-and-play - you don't have to switch it on or reset the base and the mouse everytime like you have to do with a lot of other wireless mice....more info
  • Initial love followed by rapid disappointment
    I originally purchased the logitech V500 oh so superslick wireless mouse, but had second thoughts so I went looking for another wireless mouse and fell in love with the feel of the MS mouse in the store, but after just a few minutes actual use, I knew the MS mouse was going back.

    The ruberized surfaces on the sides rather that gripping my thumb and fingers, actually felt slippery. Also, because of the size of the side indentations, there was no clear place where my thumb and fingers go.

    Now, I know that sounds counterintuitive. That should mean I could comfortably hold the mouse several different ways. But combined with the slippery feeling of the rubberized side panels, it just felt like the mouse was wouldn't stay where I wanted it.

    Now surprisingly, the logitch v500 with its metal side felt more secure. First of all, my fingers didn't feel slippery. Also, the V500 has smaller indentations for your thumb and fingers on the sides, which kept the mouse in a better position for me. Of course, this also means that there is less flexibilty in the hand positions the v500 would accept - but it worked for me.

    - Great initial tactile impression.
    - Love the finger groves
    - Great mouse height, fits well in the palm of the hand, better than the shorter mice
    - Nice clicky mouse wheel

    - Slippery sides
    - large receiver dongle
    - cheap feeling build quality (esp. compared to the V500 metal finish - which is more expensive, so it should have better build quality)
    - poor range (this has already been discussed so I won't go into it any furter)...more info
  • smart mouse
    Update: September 2008: Bought a second one for another computer. First one is running great and I am not surprised that this one is still the best selling wireless mouse on Amazon.

    This is my first wireless mouse. I bought it to use with my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop. I bought it after quite lot of RnD over all available wireless mouse that suits latops. I am glad that I made such a good decision.

    -Small & cordless
    -Soft clicks
    -Very good battery life (uses single AA)
    -Receiver fits in the slot beneath the mouse.
    -Small receiver. Doesnot block adjacent USB port.
    -Receiver is flexible & sleek.
    -Looks very cool.
    -Comfortable in use.

    -None so far....more info
  • Great mouse, only if you make sure the antena has signal
    This mouse is super easy to install. Actually I don't even need to install it because Windows XP takes care of it automatically. But at first the pointer on screen doesn't move with the mouse. I thought I had a defective one. But later on I discovered where the problem is: you have to turn the USB receiver 90 degrees to make sure it has signal! Ever since that this mouse works great. I would give it 4.5/5 if I could because the wheel doesn't feel that great when you have sweat on your finger....more info
  • Nice product, though short RF range
    I bought this mouse and it seemed to be OK although some reviews were not favorable. I started using it and one thing I did not like was the short range of communication among the USB plug and the mouse, I used a new alkaline AA battery but I thought that the real reason is that the mouse RF is weak. I thought I could use it for presentations in big rooms but it was not intended for such distance. Besides that the product is nice....more info
  • Decent mouse for a laptop
    1. Comfortable for it's size
    2. Plug&Play on XP
    3. Range is so-so, any obstacles signif. reduce the range
    4. Very good battery life
    5. Recommended
    ...more info
  • A perfect mate for my Laptop
    This is a product specially designed for notebook and laptop computers. It has a perfect balance between small size and functionality....more info
  • Good Mouse
    This is a great mouse overall...perfect for laptop use. The only reasons that I did not rate it 5 stars was I was hoping there would possibly be some side navagation buttons and a little better connectivity range.
    Overall a great optical mouse for on the go users...more info
    Excellant Tool; Moderately Priced; and It is nice not to be tethered....more info
  • Great -- But not for gamers
    I just bought this mouse to go with my brand new laptop. It works great! I love the snap-in receiver because it allows for less clutter in my laptop case, plus it'll be much harder to lose!

    I knocked off a star because this mouse is not good for games. There is a small delay from the time you move the mouse to the time it reflects on the system (games or not). This is much less noticable in regular windows apps and shouldn't bug anyone, but if you play FPS games, you're not going to like it.

    The delay is not caused by the laptop or the game as the laptop is a highly upgraded HP Pavilion zd8000 and the games work great with a corded USB mouse. I bought this system with the inent of developing games on it so I may end up returning the mouse and getting a Logitech with Fast RF. I own the mx700 and there is no lag in the mouse or keyboard so not all wireless mice are affected.

    Still.. if you don't play FPS games, Buy it! This mouse really is great for the money!...more info
  • Microsoft
    The wireless mouse is excellent, I have not had any problems with this mouse. it smooth and works like a charm and even with the battery it is not heavy. I'm glad I made this purchase. I've used several wireless mouses and microsoft is the best...more info
  • Best friend your laptop could have
    Once again, Microsoft makes a great peripheral. I loved their Optical trackball and heard a firsthand recommendation on this mouse so I had to try it.
    I love this thing. Most wireless mice are nice and all but this thing is just neat. The small size makes for great portability, but it will tire my hand out after a lot of use. Fortunately, I usually don't use it long on the laptop.
    Drivers need not apply. You can install the Intellipoint drivers and that may get a double-click out of your wheel, but that aside, just plug in the wireless module then you're up and running. The other added bonus is that when you are done you simply plug the wireless module back into the base of the mouse and it turns itself off. This should greatly increase the life of the AA battery that powers it.
    This is not the cheapest of the laptop mice, and I mean that in both respects so you know where the money went.
    Once again, I think their software needs some work, but they seem to have mice down.
    If you're looking for a nice portable mouse to accent your laptop, your search ends here....more info
  • Nice but ...
    This little guy works as advertised and is compact enough to throw in a slender computer bag.

    The only reason it didn't get a 5 is because the full-size brother that I use on my desktop has two buttons on the side that cause my browser to go forward or backwards - I VERY nice feature when surfing....more info
  • Great Mouse!!!
    If you like wireless mouse and you are a mobile user and hate your built in laptop mouse, well this is the mouse for you...The shipping is almost instant from amazon, and once you get it just plug and play, it comes with the battery included, the ergonomics is flawless and the side rubber grip is an exelent touch, I recommend this mouse 100%...more info
  • Fantastic !
    I have tried what seems like every notebook mouse available and for compatibility with my Sony system the ms wireless notebook mouse is the champ for my money. It fits well to the hand (no I will not be dropping my wireless intellemouse from my tower) but I sure won't stop using my new notebook version. I love the mouse and the way the receiver fits into the mouse and turns off the use of the battery. Should give long life before it needs a new one....more info
  • Very convenient
    I love this mouse. I have a laptop and travel a lot and I think it's great. I was reading a previous review and she couldn't change the buttons to work for a left handed. By going on the microsoft website for this mouse it does have a software to download to change features on the mouse, although not needed unless you want to change anything. As for a carrying case, there should be one, but I just bought a little camera case and that works fine for me. Overall I think it's a very good purchase....more info
  • The Best Mice Around
    If you are comparing Logitech and Microsoft, the choice is simple as Microsoft makes the best consumer input devices around. I just feel that ergonomically that MSFT makes the most comfortable items, and I don't use any other keyboards/mice other than theirs.

    ***** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...more info
  • Great product, except for multiple unit cross-interference
    I have absolutely no complaints about this mouse, when I'm using it alone. When I'm sitting at a table with my colleagues, however, several of whom have the same mouse, it can be virtually unusable, because of interference between the units. It behaves like an old trackball mouse in those situations, which can be very frustrating.
    ...more info
  • What a piece of crap!
    I bought this about 3 months ago an it was great and then it stopped working. Had to change batteries in 2 months and I was not using the mouse that much. Also, after using this mouse for a few hours, your hand tends to get tired. Again, it may be more comfortable for larger hands. ...more info
  • Very unreliable - Now unusable!
    I am so dissappointed in this mouse. It worked fine for the first several weeks, then it started working intermittently. Now it is not working all together. I am so dissappointed in the quality of this product. The receiver that snaps to the bottom of the mouse has become loose. And the scroll wheel is so deepy embedded in the mouse that it does not give you enough surface area to even move it. A friend of mine also bought this mouse and had similar problems....more info
  • Bad Design
    The reciever sticks out of notebook. If yo uhave your USB slot on back face, that will break the reciever when you tilt the notebook. Mine just stopped working after 2 months. Bad choice...more info
  • Stopped working after 3 weeks
    I happily used this mouse for 3 weeks. It then stopped working!

    It will respond sporadically, still; like if you try to use it, then it will move the cursor around on the screen a little bit. Also, if I click the mouse 5 times, it may register one of those clicks. But in other words, it doesn't work. I tried changing out the battery, but it doesn't affect it. It's still broken.

    A co-worker also had the exact same experience. We both recieved our mouse as a company gift, so we don't have a reciept, or anything to be able to take it back......more info
  • Wireless Is Much Better
    I bought this mouse 6 months ago to use with my laptop. It is very responsive and comfortable. The only time it is not responsive is when it's used on a glossy/shiny surface (ex. desk with glass top, glossy book cover) those cases, it can be quite unresponsive. However, once I realized the cause, I just grab a piece of paper to place on those surfaces. I've also used the mouse on other computers and have been able to plug in and use with no other steps required. After 6 months, I'm still on my first battery (I do usually unplug it anytime I'm away from the computer for more than just a few minutes). ...more info
  • Awful Experience
    This Microsoft mouse stopped working after 4 weeks. The wireless connection would drop off. The rubber sides have started to wear off. I had the Logitech Cordless Notebook mouse for 12 months and it still works great. I am going back to Logitech. ...more info
  • Stopped working after 2 months
    My mouse stoppped working after 2 months. Very poor deisgn for the USB attachment. It sticks outside the notebook and by mistake if you tilt the notebook it damages the reciever....more info
  • it works fine
    It's small and a little uncomfortable in my big hand but it does what a mouse should do....more info
  • This is a great great mouse!
    I have small hands. So I have absolutely no problem with this mouse. It is compact, fast responsive, and may I say it's beautiful too. I have used it for two months, no need to change battery yet. Definitely 5/5!...more info
  • This wireless notebook mouse work flawlessly
    I have just purchased this wireless notebook mouse today and I am very happy with it.

    i) installation...what installation? Opening the retail package is the most difficult step. Once you free up the mouse, pop in the included AA battery, and insert the USB adapter to my notebook, it's done!! Simple as that.

    ii) My USB ports are in the back of my notebook. However, there is no problem with the mouse. It's very responsive and feel no difference from any other wired mouse.

    iii) The feel on this smaller mouse is great. Since my hand is not big, it is just right for me.

    Overall, I have no complaint so far but very happy with this microsoft wireless mouse.

    ...more info
  • Very Good Mouse, but...
    there is one little drawback: the rubber on both sides where you rest your three fingers (provided your index and middle fingers are on the buttons)changes color to be kind of green-yellowish. Anyone else has the same experience? Except for this, I'm very happy with the mouse.
    ...more info
  • Traveler's dream-come-true!
    What a GREAT wireless mouse! It took me longer to open the package than it did to start using it! Installs in a snap (at least for my Mac) and works wonderfully. Works great on my desk (a dark one). A great size! Big enough for everyday use but small enough to fit into my notebook case! The cordless reciever fits snugly into the bottom of the mouse for storage and also turns the mouse off to conserve battery life. I am VERY please with this little wonder!...more info
  • A great mouse!
    I absolutely love this mouse! The location of the USB ports on my laptop made a corded mouse difficult to manuveur, so I decided to try cordless despite the negative things I heard about the Logitech cordless mouse. It is much less jumpy than the other one I used, and I don't have to pick it up constantly to untangle the cord. Windows XP detected it immediately, so there was no installation or driver hassle.

    So far I have gone three months on one AA battery, and I love being able to snap the USB connector into the back of the mouse when I travel with my computer. Definitely worth the money!...more info
  • The scroll button sucks!
    I bought this today. Overall feeling is better than the Logitech wireless notebook mouse, which I bought and returned.

    1. Snap in RF receiver, easy to carry
    2. Feeling is pretty good for this size
    3. Left and right button clicks siliently
    4. Only one AA battery, lighter than Logitech's one

    1. The scroll button is worse than Logitech's. It is loose, you can move it from left to right or right to left. Scroll down is fine, scroll up makes a lot of noise. Should not be my individual experience, I actually replaced one and it is the same.

    2. The driver cannot be installed if you have Logitech's mouseware installed already. I prefer using Logitech's mouse when my notebook is docked, but as said earlier, I had bad experience with Logitech's notebook mouse....more info
  • Great Mouse, but not for big hands
    This a great little mouse for laptop users. Its also very durable and takes a decent beating. The scroll wheel is pretty nice and clicks along, but the mouse is small and I would not use this for long term use at say a desktop. In that case, get a full size mouse for comfort.

    Still, a great product, great battery life (1.5 months) now and is instantly recognized by the computer...more info
  • Great li'l travel buddy
    I was a little worried about this mouse because my laptop's (Dell Inspiron 700m) only USB ports are on the left side, so I thought I might have issues using the mouse over on the right. Well, it works great, even when my the mouse is several inches "in front" of the receiver. The mouse is very precise, movement is nice and smooth, contoured buttons are very comfortable, scroll wheel feels good, the rubberized sides are a nice touch -- overall, an excellent little mouse which I highly recommend....more info
  • Excellent mouse!
    I've owned this mouse for over 2 months, and I love it! It works on all but the blackest of surfaces. I love the way it stores: the connector just snaps into the bottom of the mouse and turns it off at the same time. This is a great little invention......more info
  • I love my mouse!
    I have been using my Microsoft BX#-0001 Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse (Winter Blue) for two months now. I use it for several hours a day and have not had to replace the AA battery yet.

    It works fine; it is very easy to use; installing it was a snap (just plugged it in), and it gives me more freedom in all of my web posting, browsing, searching, etc. as well as reading and writing emails.

    A great little fellow just the right size to fit in either hand. Never has had interference once. And easy to store. You just unplug the adapter off the back of the P.C. and store it in the mouse. This turns off the battery and saves that.

    I was lucky to get it on sale, but even at the present price it is a good deal.

    I would recommend it to anyone but especially to those who have any kind of neck, hand, or shoulder problems and find it uncomfortable to use the touch pad on their notebooks....more info
  • The best notebook mouse I've ever had.
    This is absolutely the best notebook mouse you can find at such a low price. I bought this one with a rebate and I got the rebate check in less than a month! Of course I would still buy it even without the rebate. The only thing this thing need to be improved is there should be a switch to turn the mouse off other than the one comes with it. ...more info
  • Wonderful
    I tried a number of corded and cordless mice for my notebook, and I settled on this one. It works. Plain and simple. The design is elegant (particularly the feature for storing the receiver at the bottom of the mouse). The mouse performs extremely well, even on some relatively difficult surfaces.

    ...more info
  • A joy to use, Battery life is better than expected so far
    I like using this mouse in my kitchen so much that I am getting a couple more -- To use at work and in my office at home (I hope that the transmitter range is sufficient). I don't have large hands so I actually enjoy using this mouse more than the larger, regular-size Microsoft mouse products. Since I only need the left and right buttons and the roller thingy, I don't need the extra features that the regular mouse products offer.

    I've been using this mouse since Christmas and the battery life is very good -- I haven't replaced it yet and have never "turned it off" be putting the transmitter back under the mouse. Since I use this with a laptop on my kitchen counter all the time, I am pleased that the battery life has been so impressive.

    Finally, I have always had the transmitter on the opposite (left) side of the laptop from where I use the mouse and it works just fine and I have never had a problem. So I am surprised that the other reviewer had to use a USB extension to get his mouse to work properly.
    ...more info
  • Perhaps the Ideal Laptop Mouse!

    I've had this mouse for a couple of weeks and am very satisfied with it. There was no software installation. I simply plugged the wireless receiver into an available USB port, put a "AA" size battery in the mouse, and turned on the computer. The mouse started working just as Windows XP finished loading.

    It may be a little small for really large hands, but it fits my hand (medium-size male) perfectly with my palm resting on a mouse pad for comfort. In fact, it feels better than most I've had in the past (desktop or laptop). And the mouse fits into a side packet of a laptop case very nicely. As others have pointed out, the USB receiver fits into the bottom of the mouse when traveling.

    The buttons are shapped well, as are the rubber side grips. The two large buttons feel solid, but the center scroll button is a little noisy and doesn't feel as well made. But, that center button works as well as the other two.

    Since I've only had it a couple of weeks, I don't know how long the "AA" battery will last yet. However, I'm using my laptop mainly as a desktop, used many hours each day, and the original battery is still going strong. To insert the battery, press the silver button directly below the "Microsoft" logo and the top pops off (the release button is designed to look decorative). At that point, one will immediately see the battery holder.

    The wireless feature works flawlessly. In fact, if one had really good eyes, one could operate the computer from the other side of a room. Yes, I've actually tried that, with the mouse moving the cursor around the screen with no problems.

    I just read one of the other reviews where a lag was mentioned. I've seen nothing of this. In fact, after reading that review, I sat here moving the mouse slowly, quickly, tiny movements, short movements, long movements, and so on, with no noticeable lag. The cursor moves exactly as the mouse moves.

    All in all, I think anyone would be satisfied with this mouse.


    UPDATE: I wrote the above in February 2005 and have continued to use the mouse since (now Aug 2006). It is still performing well and the battery mentioned in the review above lasted through about 2.5 months of routine everyday use. I have since purchased a second mouse for my desktop computer, which is also working fine after about four months. The following is in response to issues raised by other reviewers.

    To Edwin A. Pell III (New York), the mouse fits identically in either a left or right hand. To reverse the buttons, open the "Mouse" control panel and select "other pointing devices" in the drop-down menu listing your laptop's touchpad.

    Again, to anyone wanting to ADJUST MOUSE SETTINGS, use the "other pointing devices" selection in the "Mouse" control panel.

    To A. Mazakov (Fairfax, VA), the mouse is not sealed shut. The screws are located under the four black adhesive feet on the bottom of the mouse. Pry the feet off with a knife and stick them back on when finished with your modification.

    To Denis Dolgachev (Ann Arbor, MI), you do not have to disconnect the mouse each night. The mouse enters a battery saving mode when no movement is detected for some time, allowing batteries to last upwards of two to three months (depending on usage) with a continous connection. In other words, you really only need to disconnect the mouse when you want to move or store the computer.

    Those mentioning lags, delays, or choppy movement should check the "Mouse" control panel settings or for things interfering with USB devices. When setup and operating properly, there is no latency behavior whatsoever with this mouse. Movements are fine and precise. The only normal delay is in the split second when the mouse recovers from the battery saving mode after periods of inactivity....more info
  • Good cordless mouse.
    I really like this mouse. It's a convenient size, is nice and light, only requires 1 AA battery (included), and works very accurately and with no delay. I've heard that sometimes cordless mouses don't work as well with the USB transmitter on the opposite side of the laptop. I have not found this to be the case. So far the mouse has worked equally well at any proximity to the transmitter (within reason). The one draw back is that the transmitter is a little big compared to the smaller Logitech transmitters, and in order to turn the mouse off to save batteries you have to disconnect the transmitter from the USB port and clip it into the bottom of the mouse. On the flip side, this clip-in feature is very handy for travelling....more info
  • Excellent portable mouse
    Excellent mouse for occasional mousing on your laptop. Mac and PC compatible. Is a little small, so after a few hours you wrist may begin to hurt. The only problem I have is that the "dongle" reciever doesn't always fit into the bottom securly, and may not switch off the mouse. Also, no mouse cover like the logitech.

    Overall I recommend....more info
  • An awesome little mouse
    The trackpad on my parents' laptop began to exhibit sensitivity issues, so they picked up one of these little mice. I've had battery-life issues with other wireless mice, and I didn't think that a mouse so small would be comfortable enough for extended use.

    Thankfully, Microsoft addressed my concerns. First, the wireless receiver snaps neatly into the base of the mouse when not in use, shutting off the sensor (and making for a neat portable package). Not quite a proper on/off switch, but an ingenious idea nevertheless. My full-size IntelliMouse Optical is still a better fit, but given the size, I can't complain. It felt fine in my medium-sized hand. I suppose it would be a little awkward if you have larger hands, but not totally unusable. And of course you get all the benefits of optical technology. The sensor is a little off-center, but this doesn't seem to affect accuracy at all.

    Anyway, I picked one up for myself. If you're a laptop user in need of a pointing device less awkward or problematic than the built-in track pad or "eraser head" pointer, you should too....more info
  • The best mouse I have ever used.
    I work 10 hours a day on-line, and I'm very demanding when it comes to my gear.
    This is the most comfortable mouse I have ever used.
    A great feature about it is the fact that it has great reception. Other small wireless mice that I have used tend to have bad reception if the RF connector is far away, not this one. The connection is as good as a wired mouse. It does not interfere with my wireless router, Bluetooth connection or wireless phone connection.
    Another bonus is the fact that it uses only 1 battery. 1 battery lasted me 3 months.
    A very smart buy if you ask me....more info
  • Best mouse I have
    This is the best mouse I've ever owned. I have the larger full size wireless explorer at home and its way too "heavy" feeling. This one feels great for being smaller than the usual mouse. Very compact but very useful. I'd give up my laptop before I'd give up my laptop mouse. ...more info
  • Fine mouse..and not a little bitty one!
    My mouse has worked pretty seamlessly in the couple days I've had it. Accuracy is fine, and installation was quite painless, though it did require taking the batteries out and replacing them once. The mouse is larger than it appears in the picture - a little smaller than a normal mouse, which actually makes it very comfortable for extended use. This worked out very well for me, as I was a little afraid of getting a tiny mouse that would not work well for everyday use (I use this laptop as my main machine). Certainly recommended if you're looking for portability without having to sacrifice comfort or untangle wires all the time.

    Update: Now been two months, and it's still great....more info
  • Excellent Wireless Laptop Mouse
    My mouse came in the mail today. Take that into account when you read this, as I cannot attest to it's long term performance. That said, I have been pleasantly suprised so far with the product. After reading multiple positive reviews, I thought it would be good, and I can truly say it is. Installation was simple (plug and play). I don't know why I suffered for so long with my built in Synaptics Touchpad. The size is small, but I like it. A good comparisson would be the original XBox controller versus the newer/smaller type S. Bigger is not necessarily more ergonomic. I also can't believe that I waited so long for an optical mouse. Movement is smooth, very smooth. I highly recommend this mouse....more info
  • Great mouse BUT...
    I've always been partial to Microsoft Mice. I love the ergonomics and design, and this mouse is no exception. There is one major issue with this mouse and it will only effect some users. Specifically, right-handed users with usb ports on the left side of the laptop, or left-handed users with usb ports on the right side. This is because the wireless received does not work well if the mouse is used on the opposite side of the receiver. My laptop doesn't have ports on the back so I don't know how well it will work in that configuration. I do love everything else about the mouse so much that rather than return the mouse I use a usb extension cable to relocate the receiver to the right side of my laptop.

    - Ergonomics
    - Style
    - Battery life
    - Receiver snaps to mouse when not in use and turns of mouse automatically

    - Mouse doesn't respond well if used on the opposite side of the laptop from the receiver.
    ...more info
  • I love it!
    I'm a computer junkie, i have to admit that I fall for every gadget and gimmick that comes along when it comes to computer hardware. This was no exception. I recently picked up a new laptop and thought i'd compliment it with a new mouse. Whilst shopping, I noticed this little fellow on sale and thought what a great idea... the usb transmitter snaps in to the bottom of the mouse (also shuts it off so its not burning up the battery). Unfortunately the store that I spotted it at had sold out! I asked the clerk and he said the things were flyin off the shelves. Figured it must be worth a look so I went a few doors down to a competitor and found one.

    Great thing about buying hardware from the evil empire (Microsoft), is that it pretty much all works without downloading new drivers. Plugged the USB transmitter in, snapped the included single AA battery in the mouse (its located under the top cover btw if you dont like reading instructions like me), and it fired to life. Nice smooth tracking, worked on all surfaces i tested except for the actual screen of my laptop.. hehe

    All I cared about was to have an ultra-portable mouse that was wireless and worked well. I got the great bonus of, good price, easy to install, great function, perfect compatability. If it had two tumb buttons for fwd/back on web browsing, i'd write microsoft a thank you letter....more info
  • Great portable mouse!
    I'm a computer junkie, i have to admit that I fall for every gadget and gimmick that comes along when it comes to computer hardware. This was no exception. I recently picked up a new laptop and thought i'd compliment it with a new mouse. Whilst shopping, I noticed this little fellow on sale and thought what a great idea... the usb transmitter snaps in to the bottom of the mouse (also shuts it off so its not burning up the battery). Unfortunately the store that I spotted it at had sold out! I asked the clerk and he said the things were flyin off the shelves. Figured it must be worth a look so I went a few doors down to a competitor and found one.

    Great thing about buying hardware from the evil empire (Microsoft), is that it pretty much all works without downloading new drivers. Plugged the USB transmitter in, snapped the included single AA battery in the mouse (its located under the top cover btw if you dont like reading instructions like me), and it fired to life. Nice smooth tracking, worked on all surfaces i tested except for the actual screen of my laptop.. hehe

    All I cared about was to have an ultra-portable mouse that was wireless and worked well. I got the great bonus of, good price, easy to install, great function, perfect compatability. If it had two tumb buttons for fwd/back on web browsing, i'd write microsoft a thank you letter....more info
  • Fantastic Mouse for Laptops - Strongly recommended
    This is an ideal mouse for someone who travels around with their Laptop or Notebook computer. It is extremely small, light-weight and well-built. The industrial design on this product is amazing. Plug the connector into the USB connection and you are ready to use it. The connector slots into the back of the mouse, shutting off the power. The only [slight] down-side is that it's relatively easy for the connector to pop out of the back of the mouse, so take care to ensure that this does not happen. Overall a great product, well worth the price. Go for it. You will not regret it!...more info
  • 10 STARS!!!
    This is a great little mouse that is design specifically for travelers and laptop owners!!! I travel with my laptop at least once a week and this is a must have. It only needs 1 AA batt and much lighter and comfortable than Logitech mice. In fact, I had previously bought a Logitech notebook mouse(the one that had touch sensitive wheel for $70), but was very disappointed with the comfort and battery life. I made an exchange with the Microsoft notebook mouse because it was ergonomically designed and was much more attractive with longer battery life. Both of my kids have laptops and i bought one for each :) they love it!...more info
  • Must have !! -- excellent product !!
    My second wireless optical moue after Logitech 931152-0403 Cordless Optical Mouse. Much better than the Logitech mouse as it lighter and "soft"buttons.

    Highly recommended for laptops. Even though it has a "connect" button, never had to use it. Just plug and play installation. No need to download/install drivers. Used it with Win 2000 and Win XP.

    Pros ::

    * Solid responsive mouse
    * Soft buttons
    * Cordless so no tangled wires around you
    * Optical so can be used on ( just about ) any surface
    * Small USB receiver
    * * Used it, without any issues, with my wireless internet connection
    * Easy to replace batteries
    * Single AA battery

    Cons ::

    * Might be small for a person with large hands &/or long fingers
    * NO carrying case. Even though the adapter fits *in* the mouse. It could help to have a carrying case as well.
    * Not aware of any way to program the "buttons" ( for "left handed" persons )...more info
  • The best wireless mouse for the notebook!
    Purchased this mouse last week and it has exceeded my expectations! Windows XP picked up the mouse without any problems and the optical sensors are able to pick up the slighest movement. The best feature has to be the snap-in receiver which not only acts like an ON/OFF button but save spaces as well. Oh, batteries are also included with the mouse. Overall, great product!!!...more info
  • Mighty Mouse!
    This little mouse is the best I have ever used. As soon as I plugged in the usb receiver, windows xp picked it right up and I was using it right away. The battery (included) goes in the top of the mouse. You simply press the silver button and the blue panel behind the buttons pops open. Also, the receiver fits in the base of the mouse. The best thing about this is that when the receiver is snapped in, it shuts off the mouse. No need for an on/off button. Another thing I love about this mouse besides its sleek, comfortable design, is the way it works on multiple surfaces. -- couch cushion, newspaper, jeans leg, arm of the chair, you name it. I tried it all over the place. As far as distance, I only have used it about 10 feet away from the unit. It was neat to shut down my mobile machine with it across the room. Not too big, but not too small. Just right....more info
  • AWESOME Wireless Notebook Mouse!
    This is by far the best mouse I have ever used with a notebook. The size is perfect. The USB connector for the wireless fits right into the mouse itself for storage. And it works beautifully! I will never again have to use the eraser or touchpad on my laptop, and I can take this little mouse with me anywhere! Buy one - you will love it!...more info
  • best notebook mouse, period!
    I need a small and portable notebook mouse for my newly acquired notebook computer. I am not good with touch-pads. So I did research and tested around and here is what I found:
    1. Wired mini-mouse are okey. But its demand for mouse pad and wire gets in the way.
    2. wired mini optical mouse are good. But again, wire limits me.
    3. wireless mini optical mouse is the best fit. But unlike its desktop cousins, a good one is hard to find. There is matter of design, egonomic, battery, power conservation, and connectivity. I tried many brands, most are okey, but none impressed me until I got this.

    It is small, yet egonomically well designed so that it feels good in my hands. Very comfortable. It only requires one battery, and conserves power well. Its receiver can be mated to the mouse to shut it down and for ease of carry. It simply works just by plugging in, no fuss.

    Overall, I am very happy with it....more info
  • Optical works GREAT
    I have had several optical mice - and one other wireless optical mouse before this one.


    - Optical works BEST out of all other optical mice i've used (including the MS wireless optical mouse with 4-way scrolling - up/down and left/right)
    - scroll wheel 'clicks' - unlike the other ms optical mouse i had - which has a wheel that rolls smooth when you use it - this one clicks as you scroll up or down - VERY nice to see they put that back into the mouse!
    - mouse shuts off when reciever is placed into the mouse - to save battery
    - Instantly works the second you plug the reciever into the computer
    - pretty comfortable even for my average male sized hands.
    - Battery cover is actually the blue piece behind the buttons! - the silver decal is pressed in to release the top - VERY nice design in my opinion!


    - Reciever does not fit flush on the underside of the mouse

    The only thing i would do differantly - would be to illuminate the scroll wheel with a blue led! (i am going to look into customizing my mouse with a blue led hooked up to a spring loaded switch under the reciever holder section - for optimal battery life - and attempt to give this thign some cooler looks!

    otherwise - a perfect mouse for my dell inspiron 700m which is a 4 pound portable laptop! - these two together are perfect for the college techie!...more info
  • Truly Awesome Mouse
    I travel with my job and use a laptop all the time. I received this mouse for a present, and I have to say it is a truly awesome mouse for several reasons. 1) Ease of installing - all you have to do is plug the adapter in a USB port and you are good to go, with NO downloading or anything. 2) The adapter fits in the bottom of the mouse when you are finished for easy packing. 3) The mouse is a perfect size for my hand and fits nicely in a pocket in my laptop bag. As I said, I travel with my job and have used many different kinds of mouses (mice?), and this is the best one I have ever used. I am very satisfied with mine....more info
  • Great design and features, simple set-up
    A mouse is such a basic computing tool it is easy to assume all such devices are pretty much the same. In other words, how much functionality is there in the first place to improve on? In the case of the BX3-0000x, apparently a lot.

    First and foremost, there's the wireless feature, which follows the standard rule of less (wires) is more (ease of use). Then there is the smaller size, which increases mobility and storage value. Smaller isn't always better, of course. I have a micro MS mouse that I have used for close to a year, but it borders on being too small for my tastes. However, the size of the BX3-0000x is perfect as far as I'm concerned.

    In judging most computing devices, the bottom line for me is usually how easy it is to set up and start using. No worries here. The "getting started" brochure is actually a waste of time and material, because with my Dell notebook and XP operating system, I simply plugged it in and never gave it a second thought.

    What really sets this product apart is its strikingly simple and intuitive design. It starts with the wireless aspect (I will never use a wired tracking device again if I have any choice in the matter), the USB receiver that snaps into the bottom of the mouse when not in use (no more frantic groping around the bottom of my laptop case), and the power-saving feature that automatically turns off the battery when the receiver is attached.

    At less than $30 with rebate on Amazon, this adds up to a great value purchase, too. The only problem is that both my daughters and my wife each want one now....more info
  • Great Little Mouse
    I just got this little mouse for my laptop, because it's compact and wireless. The mouse runs on a single AA battery, and should last for a while. I run my mouse in a Linux envoirment, and everything works right out of the box.

    My only complaint is the RF mouse does lag - compared to my Logitech dual optical. But compared to other wireless mice, it's very responsive. Though don't expect to do a lot of photo editing or gaming. ...more info
  • Great design and features, simple set-up
    A mouse is such a basic computing tool it is easy to assume all such devices are pretty much the same. In other words, how much functionality is there in the first place to improve on? In the case of the BX3-0000x, apparently a lot.

    First and foremost, there's the wireless feature, which follows the standard rule of less (wires) is more (ease of use). Then there is the smaller size, which increases mobility and storage value. Smaller isn't always better, of course. I have a micro MS mouse that I have used for close to a year, but it borders on being too small for my tastes. However, the size of the BX3-0000x is perfect as far as I'm concerned.

    In judging most computing devices, the bottom line for me is usually how easy it is to set up and start using. No worries here. The "getting started" brochure is actually a waste of time and material, because with my Dell notebook and XP operating system, I simply plugged it in and never gave it a second thought.

    What really sets this product apart is its strikingly simple and intuitive design. It starts with the wireless aspect (I will never use a wired tracking device again if I have any choice in the matter), the USB receiver that snaps into the bottom of the mouse when not in use (no more frantic groping around the bottom of my laptop case), and the power-saving feature that automatically turns off the battery when the receiver is attached.

    The only problem is that both my daughters and my wife each want one now....more info
  • Great wireless mouse- best I've used so far.
    This little mouse is awesome! Took it out of the box, popped the USB receiver in my laptop and it was ready to go- worked flawlessly. The receiver snaps onto the back of the mouse so it's very easy to travel without worrying about losing it. The only reason I am giving it a 4 star instead of a 5 is because it does not have a power button and I am worried it's going to drain the battery when I am not using it. Of course, I could take the receiver out of the computer but then that does not seem very practical and defies the whole purpose of a wireless mouse. I would have liked it to have some kind of a button to shut the mouse off when not in use. Other than that, it's great....more info
  • Best wireless mouse
    This is by far the best wireless mouse I've used so far. I had Logitech's wireless mouse, but it was too big, heavy, and it had sharp edges... Microsoft mouse is much lighter because it holds 1 AA batt compared to Logitech's 2 AA... the shape is perfect for my hands and the receiver snaps on the bottom of the mouse!! My old Logitech mouse didn't have this feature and I had to carry it seperately!!! :( Plus, the price is perfect for what I'd spend on a mouse. In fact, I bought 4 more as christmas gifts....more info
  • I like it. No big qualms with this product.
    I've owned it for about a week and it has worked right out of the box on my Windows XP Dell 700m without any driver installation. It works perfectly with the receiver within a few feet and line-of-sight, but of course with some interference, the signal becomes intermittent. I cannot comment of battery life, but it shouldn't be a problem with some 2200maH NiMH batteries. (btw, it comes with a single Energizer AA). I like the fact that the scroll wheel now clicks like the Logitech mice. I believe the older Microsoft mice just had a smooth wheel. I would like to have a couple additional buttons by the thumb for going back and forward in browsers, but I knew that going in on the purchase so I cannot complain too much. The mouse is small and comfortable, but I'd like it to be a little more thin so I can stow it awhile easier. Also, it would have been nice with a carrying bag. But, at the end of the day, I think it is a great product....more info
  • Looks and feels great but ...
    I owned this mouse for 1 week and ended up taking it back because I could never get it to stay connected. I believe the USB connector was faulty since I tried it on several computers with the same result. Since the other reviews look positive, I can only assume I got a "lemon", but I'll stick with my Logitech I bought as a replacement - almost as cool and worked great on the 1st try.

    On the plus side, the handheld portion of this mouse felt comfortable and I really liked how the USB connector stored in the underside of the mouse - great for portability when traveling. Too bad I couldn't get it to work consistently. ...more info
  • Great mouse with a few flaws *Edited - No flaws to speak of!
    I've tried three or four wireless mice and have never found one that I like at all - they've either been floaty and unresponsive, or included ridiculously bulky wireless base stations that completely defeat the purpose of having a wireless mouse at all.

    This little Microsoft mouse solves these problems very well - it has razor-precise responses and communicates with the computer through a relatively small USB stub. The mouse itself is small, but not by any means uncomfortable. The USB stub snaps into the back of the mouse when it's not in use, which is a great idea and makes it truly portable (about the size of a small digital camera).

    The only problem is that the mouse doesn't have an on/off button on it, which makes me worry about battery life. The mouse does switch off whe the stub is snapped in (it has a tiny pressure switch like you'd find on a telephone), but there's no way to turn it off when you leave your desk is you don't unplug the USB connector. Maybe this doesn't actually effect the battery life very much (I've only had it for a few days), but I would have appreciated a manual on/off (and, as another reviewer already said, a carrying case).

    All in all, though, this is a great wireless mouse for portable or stationary applications. Microsoft may have its problems as a corporation, but nearly every Microsoft mouse I've purchased has been great, like this one.

    EDIT, March 2005 - I complained about the lack of an on/off switch, but this mouse has lasted for MONTHS on the initial battery. It seems to go to sleep when you're not using it, so there's no need to worry about switching it off to conserve battery. Truly an excellent mouse, I would give it five stars had I known this initially....more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse - Slate (BX3-00008
    Microsoft or who ever makes this for MS has done it again! This is a geat little mouse. It fits in my laptop case, it plugs into my USB port,and it works fine! It is very compact,the USB antenna stores under the bottom of the mouse. Very quick to set up and use. I really am not able to use the touch pad very accurately. I waste too much time trying to get the cursor where I want it, so having the wireless mouse is great. Feels very sturdy and the size is very workable. I give it 5 thumbs up!...more info
  • Wow
    This mouse is just great. The reviewer before me pretty much covered all the major points. It has a much nicer feel to it than I thought it would. The material on the sides is great for grip, and overall it's just a reliable piece of equipment. I'd recommend it for anyone who either travels often or is short on desk space....more info
  • Must have gadget for for frequent travellers...
    My second wireless optical moue after Logitech 931152-0403 Cordless Optical Mouse. Much better than the Logitech mouse as it lighter and "soft"buttons.

    Highly recommended for laptops. Even though it has a "connect" button, never had to use it. Just plug and play installation. No need to download/install drivers. Used it with Win 2000 and Win XP.

    Pros ::

    * Solid responsive mouse
    * Soft buttons
    * Cordless so no tangled wires around you
    * Optical so can be used on ( just about ) any surface
    * Small USB receiver
    * * Used it, without any issues, with my wireless internet connection
    * Easy to replace batteries
    * Single AA battery

    Cons ::

    * Might be small for a person with large hands &/or long fingers
    * NO carrying case. Even though the adapter fits *in* the mouse. It could help to have a carrying case as well.
    * Not aware of any way to program the "buttons" ( for "left handed" persons )...more info