Bosch Eazeo DVR1B1161 Digital Video Recorder
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Product Description

Eazeo 160GB Digital Video Recorder with Compact Flash Slot

The Bosch Eazeo DVR1B1161 Digital Video Recorder brings advanced digital recording and playback technology to the Eazeo color observation system. This DVR (digital video recorder) allows uninterrupted recording in either continuous or time-lapse modes for as long as a week, without the hassle of changing and storing video tapes. Operation is easy and intuitive, with simple VCR-like controls and a clear on-screen menu for setup and timer functions. A further advantage of digital recording is that it allows virtually-instant event retrieval, as well as picture or clip exportation to Compact Flash media via the built-in card slot.

The Bosch DVR1B1161 allows you to control it using a standard Web browser via TCP/IP connectivity, or alternatively with a remote control via the RS-232 interface. For security, this Bosch DVR features automatic pre- and post-alarm record modes, alarm input and output connections, and multi-level password protection for viewing and set-up functions. Capable of operating in both PAL and NTSC formats, this DVR includes one BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman, RF-type) video input for the camera and one BNC video output for the monitor. Utilizing Motion-JPEG for video compression, the DVR1B1161 can provide up to 30 frames per second (frames-per-second) and up to 720 by 576 pixels of resolution. This unit also features multiple audio connectors, TCP/IP via Ethernet RJ45 connector, 160 GB (Gigabytes) of hard-drive storage, and event log and video-loss detection. Powered by 90- to 245-volts of AC power, this DVR has an operating temperature of zero to 50-degrees Celsius.

Technical Features:

  • Signal formats: NTSC or PAL configurable
  • Video inputs/outputs: one BNC input, one BNC output
  • Frame rate: up to 30 frames per second
  • Resolution: up to 720 x 576
  • Network connection: TCP/IP via Ethernet RJ45 connector
Overall, the Bosch Eazeo DVR1B1161 Digital Video Recorder is an excellent choice for a hassle-free and feature-rich way to record video. Designed for use with the Eazeo color observation system, this DVR will help make sure you not only never lose, but can easily find critical video images or segments. And backing up your digital video has never been easier than it is with this DVR's Compact Flash capability.

About Digital Video Recorders
A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) takes video signals from security cameras and converts the video stream into a digital format for storage on an internal hard drive. A DVR also provides a user interface to remotely manage many functions of the video files and cameras, including motion detection and pan/tilt/zoom features. At a minimum, a DVR should allow multiple users to view multiple cameras remotely. Effective video compression is one of the most important considerations when looking at DVRs. The most common video compression formats used in video surveillance are M-JPEG and MPEG-4. While proprietary compression technologies may provide superior quality, their lack of compatibility with Windows-based operating systems may become an issue for archival purposes. Issues of frame rate, resolution, disk size, motion detection, compression ratio, and camera noise all effect the storage capacity of a video surveillance system. High resolution is ideal to capture details, while high frame rates are needed to capture events. Frame rates of less than 20 frames per second tend to be jerky, while rates of 20 - 30 frames per second can be adequate for most surveillance needs.

  • Superior image and audio quality through digital recording
  • Quick search by date and time, alarm events and recording list
  • Remotely view recording and live pictures with Web-based browser
  • Export pictures and clips to Compact Flash cards
  • Uninterrupted recording for up to a week, sometimes longer