Panasonic Remote Video Monitoring Webcam and Pet Cam BL-C10A
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Product Description

Away from home? You can now view what's going on at home or at the office with this handy little network camera.
These cameras can be viewed and controlled from a standard Web browser, video display, or even a compatible cell phone or PDA. Place them in your home, office, vacation home or almost anywhere else that you'd like to keep an eye on things, with no PC required on location!. They are easy to install and operate and require no additional software for the PC that you're viewing them on. Each camera also comes with a free Web address, which can track the camera automatically. All you need is a regular Web browser to view them on your PC, as all of the other required software, including control software (TCP/UDP) and e-mail software (SMTP), is already inside the camera. This network camera is truly easy to install and use in most cases. With industry standard automatic configuration (UPnP), the camera and your router or PC will automatically decide the best settings allowing you to access your camera without any complicated setup. Once connected, using a simpleWeb browser, just enter in your free, permanent Web address which comes with the camera and you can see and move the camera! It's that simple.
With the built-in heat sensor, the camera can be set to record and/or notify you by email when someone enters the room. It can even automatically move to a preset location when triggered, just in case someone was viewing a different part of the room.
Control tilt up to 120-degrees

  • Place it almost anywhere that you'd like to keep an eye on things, with no PC required on location
  • Control remotely using a standard Web browser, video display, or compatible cell phone/PDA
  • Built-in thermal sensor can be programmed to email an alert with an image attached when someone gets near your computer
  • Automatically upload images to an FTP server or Web page -- images can be viewed by 30 users at once
  • Plug-and-play setup makes it easy to install and use in most cases
Customer Reviews:
  • Panasonic Remote Video Monitoring Webcam BL-C10A
    I have had d-link and linksys camera's in the past and have foudn them difficult to set up for over the internet viewing and the equipment failed after a year or two. So far i have had this one set up for a month and it was easy to set up and follow the directions. It works well over the internet. All in All I am happy with the camera and the free forwarding ip service so far. Witih linksys you had to sign up and pay for the service that didn't ssem to work all the time and had difficulty setting it up to even work in the first place....more info
  • Fry and Panasonic have terrible customer support
    I ordered this Camera from Fry's online. It arrived with no AC adapter. Fry blamed it on shipping at Panasonic. They wanted to charge me for another one and return the one I had. I can not even take it back to a local Fry store. I am told by customer insult that they are 2 different companies.
    The worst part is neither Fry's or Panasonic have a forum to rate their support or their products. They can continue to provide terrible service and no one will know any better.
    I applaud Amazon for having this forum. I will order this camera through Amazon. I will also order all my online electronics at Amazon....more info
  • Great webcam for remote monitoring
    This product works as described and is easy to set up and control. Works just fine on Macs as well. Safari works fine with it....more info
  • keeps an eye on the house
    I bought this because I was going to be living in another country for a couple months and wanted to keep an eye on the place.

    It worked great, they give you a website that you can go to (with your password) and control the camera from. It moves up, down, and side to side. It does adjust for light, which worked well from dim to bright light, but it does not have any night vision, so once it's dark and your lights are off (mine were on a timer), you can't see anything. Also, it doesn't shoot tasers at anyone trying to rob the house, so if you do catch someone inside, all you can do is call the police and take a snapshot (assuming they didn't already find and unplug the camera).

    The only warning I would give is that you need to make sure you have a router within an ethernet cable's distance of where you want to put it. If you're not sure, it's probably worth springing the extra $50 and getting the wireless version....more info
  • Great Camera
    Bought 2 of these to watch over my house while I am at work. Setup is pretty easy, but be prepared to wait a minute after changed settings, many changes when you initial setup the camera require it to restart. Camera's work great together and the free use of [...] to access the cameras is nice. Setting up timers and sensor emails/ftp is pretty straight forward but will require a user to test and retest to get the settings just right.

    Pros: Price is good for a ip camera with tilt/pan. feature is a great addition to the camera package. Works great with similar model panasonic cameras.

    Cons: Multiple restarts while setting up or making changes(minor issue), limited online support/how-to's....more info
  • Great Security Monitoring Tool and Software
    Having just purchased a Security Camera/DVR all-in-one system, I am now more impressed with this Panasonic. I wanted a system that would record when my PC was turned off, so I bought one of the "all-in-one" systems. The software on that system is abysmal, which gave me newfound appreciation for the tools bundled with this Panasonic. First is the built-in web server, which allows you to view and control (pan and tilt) the camera over the Internet, if you have your network configured correctly. Plus, there is an included utility, "Network Camera Recorder" which lets you schedule and review video recorded to a Windows PC. You can slow down and speed up while you are looking for the miserable yahoos attempting to steal something from your property.

    The camera can also upload JPEGs to an FTP server, which can provide a backup source of data.

    Finally, the clarity of the image on this camera is far superior to the cameras that came with my security system, although they are both advertised to be 640x480.

    The only real drawback is that this camera cannot be installed outdoors....more info
  • Panasonic webcam is easy to use and cheap
    You get a lot for the money. Easy setup, automatically negotiated with lynksys router, external website activation and monitoring worked first time. Still trying to figure out how to get it to send me an email of the picture when an event triggers. I may buy the wireless version next since this one was so easy to install. I routinely check my front walkway from the office. Great for checking on packages being delivered....more info
  • Excellent Basic Internet Camera
    I have installed this camera in a control room to oversee the activities. The installation was a breeze and it works as well as expected. The setup and operation is completely intuitive.

    This camera does not have a zoom, nor does it have a wireless connection. This is a *good thing* because it makes it completely simple. I like the lack of a zoom because you cannot zoom in on precisely what people are doing.

    The internal web server is quite good. It has lots of easy-to-understand configurations and options.

    The low-light performance is only "okay", It made beautiful images in my well-lit family room at home, but the heavily back-lit images in the control room are less than stellar.

    Overall, if you don't need a zoom or wireless, this is an excellent choice for a stand-alone internet camera....more info
  • cabin watcher
    After reading all the connection problems with wireless IP cameras , I decided to purchase the wired ver. (BL-C10A panasonic). I was very pleased with the easy setup and dns service included for the camera . I currently use this camera in a cabin , so I can look in and see the temp. inside and look around. This is simpe remote monitoring , as hookup took less than to get up and running. I do not use the emailing feature presently .
    Pros : simple to setup and get running over internet
    price is reasonable
    images are the best for a camera this cheap
    using viewnet (dns service) very easy
    Cons : wired to the router
    no included light leds (but at this price)
    must use timer to reset ip camera (cheap house timer every 24hrs)...more info
  • Good value
    I have been using Axis 205 internet cameras to monitor my business locations. I decided one location needed a pan and tilt camera, so I gave this product a try.

    I found the BL-C10A to be a good product. If you follow the instructions carefully it will setup nicely. I had some trouble getting it to play with my AT&T 2wire router, but that turned out to be a router problem. (I found that this camera wouldn't work in 'dmz' mode, but will work if you tell the 2wire that it is a web server).

    The camera hardware is first rate. Panasonic provides a free dynamic dns, a very nich touch.

    The camera is supported by Beausoft's Netcam Watcher.

    The documentation is adequate, but not great. Axis cameras are far better documented than this product. The web page view from the camera is a little clumsy, but workable. Note to software developers: There is no documented api for this camera that I could find.
    ...more info
  • Great camera
    Used this camera in a carport for security and am very happy with it's performance. Opted for the hard wire since the camera is to far away for wireless to work but works fine with LAN over AC. Night vision is a little rough until the motion lights come on but images are clear after that. Camera interfaces nicely with third party software for monitoring. ...more info
  • Works great with Mac OS
    This review was originally posted by JC for the Wireless version of this camera. I'm adapting here his suggestions for the wired version.

    Don't be fooled by the documentation that states "Windows Required". It will work fine on your Mac OS X. Here are step-by-step instructions for setting it up using a Mac (don't worry, the steps go by quickly!):

    1) Plug-in camera to AC and hold down the "reset" pin with a pen. My computer would not recognize the camera until I physically reset it.
    2) Connect the camera via Cross Over Ethernet cable to you Mac.
    3) Temporarily give your Mac the manual IP address and subnet in the Network Prefs.
    4) Connect to the camera using Safari at address - you should be able to see the settings page now. Choose username and preferences, but say "No" when it asks if you want to "access from the internet". This will make it try to find your router (which is not on the network) so don't do it.
    5) Enter in Safari once again and it should take you to the Network Camera page. You should have access to the camera controls after you click the "Single" tab at the top of the page. But we're not done yet.
    6) Click the Setup tab on right side of the tabbed toobar.
    7) Click Static IP to load the static ip address page for the camera
    8) Uncheck the "Enable" checkbox at the top. This is for Windows setup.
    9) Enter an IP address in your wireless network. My network is 192.168.2.x so I gave my camera
    10) Enter your router's address in the Default Gateway field. Example: If you don't do this, your camera will not be accessible from outside your wireless network!
    11) Enter your ISP DNS server address, otherwise you won't be able to send automatic e-mails when trigger events occur nor use the viewnetcam service from Panasonic
    12) Click Save.
    13) Disconnect the ethernet cable from your computer and connect the camera to the router using a REGULAR network card (not the same cross over).
    14) Unplug the camera power, replug camera power (to restart it)
    15) The camera should now go through it's blinking light procedure and if all is well you'll get a solid green light.
    16) Go to your Network Prefs and set your computer back to connecting to the internet
    17) You should now be able to access your camera at the address
    18) Your router blocks traffic from the internet to your camera so you cannot view the camera from outside your network. To access your camera from the internet you'll neet to open a port on your router that maps to your camera. This can be done by setting up a "Virtual Server" (aka port forwarding) on the router. See your router's instructions for mapping a virtual server to your camera's IP and port.
    19) Configure the remaining settings (date & time, email triggers, etc)

    Happy viewing......more info
  • Great Camera
    A great camera ata nice price. I got one on eBayt and had it set up in my livingroom in less thatn 5 min. I was so excited I got another one and a wireless one. At this time I have two set up for testing and panasonic has a great program built into the cameras so I can watch both as the same time with very good light, color and motion.

    The is a great addition and makes it super simple to access the cameras from anywhere.

    With a firmware update I also got a 10X digital zoom.

    Overall a great camera!...more info
  • Good camera, but beware of modems with "hidden" routers
    The camera worked well once I overcame the problem caused by the Westell DSL modem used by Verizon. It worked well on the local network but not over the Internet. The problem was the Westell modem has a router function built into it, which prevents the external router (which has the camera attached to it) from doing the "port forwarding" required by the camera.

    The Panasonic tech knew what the problem was right away, but I went through 5 Verizon tech support people before I found one that could give me the instructions to disable the modem's router function and configure my D-Link router to work with it. After that, the camera was able to automatically set itself up to access the internet. Other modems may include this router function....more info
  • Horrible cameras
    I was so impressed with the reviews here that I bought 3 cameras all at once. I was so very disappointed that I returned all 3 the next day. The picture quality is very bad and the accompanying software was just as bad.

    I recommend the Trendware USA TV-IP300. I have 3 of them for about 4 months now and are still very satisfied with them. (This time I bought one camera first to test before buying the other 2.)...more info
  • Just Exelent !!
    The Best IP Camera for the price, easy to install, easy to use...more info
  • Poor Tech Support
    I bought the Panasonic camera to monitor my house while I was out of town. The camera worked with the local software provided, but did not work using the Internet as promised. I tried to contact tech support numerous times and I get directed to a website on how to port forward my camera using my router software. Now that I successfully port forward my camera it still does not display on the Internet. Tech support is clueless and helpless. What a waste of $200, this camera is now collecting dust and is worthless. ...more info
  • Nice little camera.
    The camera itself works great. Best of all, you don't have to use IE to view the image. Works with Firefox as well. The only thing I didn't like was the weak ethernet/power port cover. They even add a slip of paper warning you about the ease with which it will break. I didn't see the slip until it was too late. When you remove the little cover to access the ethernet and power ports, be *very* careful. Otherwise, it's a great camera. I have mine wired to a wireless bridge, so it is essentially a wireless camera I can locate anywhere in the house....more info
  • Excellent product
    This camera works quite well and I am very happy with it. I use it on a home network and any computer can monitor the video - even laptops on my wireless 802.11g network (connected to a router and a WAP). With the free "viewnetcam" DNS service I can access it while away on travel. Fairly easy to set up but like all networking equipment some knowledge of IP's and ports is necessary. I recommend changing the default port.

    Motion detection does not work when pointing the camera though a window, like you might do to monitor your front porch. And their "Network Camera Recorder" software is rudimentary at best.

    If you want true software Motion Detection, there is shareware available that works well with this camera. Eyecopia is one example that works well.

    All in all a very good product....more info
  • Very impressive Network Camera
    I purchased 5 of these cameras to operate as a security system for our office building. Setup was a breeze and so far they've performed very well.

    For my application, I had to find & purchase outdoor weatherproof housings that would fit, wire my own PoE (Power over Ethernet) adaptors, and set up a recording software & web access tool. Individually, you can log into each camera directly from the internet. But using a separate software tool makes the task much simpler. The free software panasonic provides for the cameras may work, but it is severly lacking in features. I like Netcam Watcher Pro, and WebcamXP for multi-camera setups. Neither is free, but both work very well.

    I'm successfully running 2 of the cameras on approx 150'-200' of Cat5 cable carying power along the same line. Supprisingly, it was able to boot up and operate without moving to a larger power supply. I'm still waiting to see what happens the next time we get Sub-Freezing temperatures (after all, they wern't designed for outdoor use, yet they're working well so far!)...more info
  • BL-C10 comparison with other net cams
    I have two BL-C10A's and love them. Great hardware and software design - very professional - they blow away my DLink DCS-900 and the Veo Observer I also have.

    The only downside - use caution and contact tech support if you plan to flash the firmware. I had one fail the process while connected in my network and it rendered the cam INOP.

    ...more info
  • Works Great Easy Setup
    Setup was easy. From opening the box to working locally and on the WEB within 15-20mins. Install could not have been easier. DNS service included free. Signing up took 5mins and my camera was on the Web soon after. Even went to the support site and upgraded to the latest f/w. Nice had package for monitoring our vacation home. ...more info
  • Excellent little cam, networking was a major headache
    First the camera:
    + Loving the pan and tilt
    + Works well over a home DSL connection - adequate refresh rates in both 320 and 640 modes
    + Viewnetcam service is a lifesaver - much easier to remember a user-selected URL (e.g., than a cryptic IP address
    + Nice ability to disable the light showing the cam is in operation - not very stealthy if someone in your home knows that the camera is on by looking at the indicator light
    - No audio (I knew this up front)
    - No zoom (knew this too)

    If that was it, I'd say this is a great value and might even give the camera 5 stars.

    However, the whole point of a security webcam is to access it when you're not around and this is where Panasonic fails miserably. User manual is too simplistic to be of much use if you need to manually configure your router for port forwarding. I learned more about routing tables, forwarding ports, static NAT and a host of other things than I ever wanted, or should have needed, to learn in order to get this working. This despite the fact that my router supposedly supported uPnP (plug and play). I split the blame across Panasonic (poor manual / instructions), Westell (horrific wireless router) and Verizon (my DSL provider who told me they don't support, and can't help me figure out, port forwarding using my Westell router). Where did I get this router? Verizon of course! I didn't have a choice.

    So all in all, I'd give 5 stars for the camera, 0 stars for Verizon, 1 star for the panasonic manual and 0 stars for Westell. Also Google wasn't much help in finding an answer, let's give them 2 stars on this one....more info
    Excellent in every aspect. Very nice support from Panasonic and the viewcam software. I have added four more at my house and they are still going strong....more info
  • Success!
    I chose a Panasonic camera on the basis of the reviews I saw here. I too am very pleased. The camera pretty much sets itself up with the installation CD, after it's connected to the power and the network (Cat-5 cable not included!). For streaming video available on the internet, outside of the LAN firewall, certain network configurations are necessary and would be automatic with a router with UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) capability. My router is the current SBC DSL Modem/Router (the OfficePortal 1800HG) and it doesn't seem to have UPnP. I thought I was in trouble. But the camera immediately appeared on my network device list with its own IP address, and I was able to make its firewall settings open for a web server. I could then reach the camera over the internet using the IP address, even without using Panasonic's free service. But at that point started to recognize the camera and I was able to use to rename the IP address.
    I can allow full internet access, or restrict access to specific users. And the pan and tilt can be controlled from anywhere on the web. It's really possible to keep an eye on things from anywhere. The control page allows for watching and controlling multiple cameras -- from anywhere! I'm thinking of buying a couple more of these. ...more info
  • Great Camera
    This is an amazing little camera. I purchased it to watch what my dogs do during the day from work. It has great clarity, super easy to operate, works great in low light conditions and has a free internet monitoring system (via panasonic website). Super easy to hook up; basically plug and play. I plan on buying a few more for mounting in and around my house. A great little camera....more info
  • A great buy!
    Now when I first was searching for internet cameras, I looked at different options from different vendors and narrowed down a list of features: quality of the video, internet accessible, home security, and of course the price. Before purchasing any products I like to read the user reviews because the end users are the best critics. This camera defiantly meets all of these qualities and more. The video quality is great for a lower end internet camera and very happy that I got a one that you can control. This camera offers a WIDE range of viewing. Setting it up on the internet was a breeze. I could launch the camera from any location that was internet accessible (however never tested over dial up). The email features and motion detection is a great way to keep informed of activity when your away from home as well you can setup an ftp connections to upload snapshots at a specified time. One of the greatest features is you don't have to your home PC running to use the camera. It has its own built in web server and connects directly to your home network.

    I use cable internet and Linksys router and was very easy to setup. You can use UPnP or setup your own port forwarding. Most residential ISP will block port 80, but this camera can be set up using a different port to allow access from the internet. Using Panasonics is a nice way to personalize your camera on the internet using DNS and it's FREE!

    The only con about the camera is the manual could be a little more informative, but you can always go online and find out what you need to know. My friends who seen the camera and controls are considering purchasing one for themselves. Now since this is my first internet camera, I can't really compare to others but if you're looking for a good buy, this is the camera for you.
    ...more info
  • great camera
    Really remarkable for the price, I'm going to buy at least one or two more to put up around the house....more info
  • Full featured and worth every penny
    Ok... so I did some research for IP cameras and I ended up buying the Panasonic. To my surprise, it performed above and beyond my expectations for a camera in this price range. You can setup remote viewing and even control it remotely. I tested the remote viewing in Switzerland and it worked beautifully. A bit slow on the refresh, but it was half way around the world.

    I haven't tried multiple cameras but I will soon.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Camera, Excellent Value.
    I purchased this network camera to keep an eye on our cats while we were vacationing and just to check in on the house. I was very pleased by the quality and ease of use the camera has.

    Setting up the camera was very easy and I had no problems.

    The camera's clarity is incredible for its price range, considering that it also pans and scans (with great range of motion).

    Speaking to clarity, when the camera moves in any direction, the motors makes a little noise... Not obnoxious or anything, but curious cats had to come check it out each time we moved it while away. Using the snapshot ability on the camera, we got some of the best pictures of the 'kids' we've gotten from any camera when we were there in person.

    The camera worked flawlessly - what a great way to ease your mind if you have good internet access where the camera is and where you'll be.

    Highly recommended... I'm writing this review because I'm back to order another for different part of the house. :-)...more info
  • Great product
    Just received my camera. Setup was a breeze.
    I have not yet used the Dynamic IP service from Panasonic, but I think it will work fine as any other service of this type.

    The automatic PnP function did not work trying to configure my Linksys router. A minor nuance if you do not know how to setup your router.

    Image quality is very good, but not excelent. The camera has a little trouble working on the white balance, but the provided controls on the browser application let you adjust, so no problem here either. Again, image quality is way above webcams, better that other network cams on the price range, but below than higher ticket net cams.

    A nice feature is that you can set up to 4 positions (there are five already preset: camera corners and home position), so you can easly go from checking the door to the desk, etc. in one single mouse click.

    Althoug it is designed to be set on a fixed position, on my tests I hooked up to a mini-tripod. By accident, I pull the network cord making the camera fell to the hard floor from about 5 feet. Nothing happened to it.

    For the price, it is a highly recomendable PAN/TILT Camera.

    Enjoy....more info
  • Not too shabby...
    I am not an expert on webcams but I have done a lot of research. My main computer is a Windows XP machine but I wanted to view webcam images on my Mac Powerbook and cell phone. First of all, the price is right, about half the cost of a Toshiba camera I was thinking about. Set up was automatic with my Linksys router. Image quality is good and has several settings. It has some nice features that are easy to use. You have to play with the confusing buffer/transfer/email settings for a while so you don't get overloaded with email. Motion is often blurry. For Mac users, Safari and IE will not work on your free Panasonic web page. Firefox will. On my i500 Palm Smartphone, WebPro browser doesn't work but Blazer will. It works great with Snappermail too. So far, I am happy with my purchase even though it doesn't have sound, wireless, or weather resistance....more info