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- Marketing Information: AXIS Camera Recorder software offers Windows PC users basic video recording and monitoring functions for security surveillance at an attractive price level. The software enables live video surveillance on a PC, as well as the ability to record video continuously, on schedule, on alarm or when motion is detected. Product Information - Software Sub Type: Video Surveillance - Software Name: Camera Recorder - Complete Product - Features and Benefits: - Record from and view cameras at up to 30/25 (NTSC/PAL) frames per second - Image database (up to 160 GB, 40 GB per camera or 600,000 frames per camera) with recovery options - Automatic database resizing for continuous recording at low disk space - Scheduled recording on time and/or events - Advanced motion detection with exclude filter for image areas of no interest - Limit recordings to images on motion or alarm - Receive motion alerts via e-mail - All system messages on-screen, in log files and optionally via e-mail - Find specific recordings by date/time or event - Playback of recordings in real-time, or at controllable speed and play direction - Control of PTZ cameras - Up to 25 PTZ preset positions per camera for fast PTZ control - Advanced input/output control - Export single images and video sequences - Language Support: Spanish - Platform Support: PC License Information - License Type: Complete Product - License Pri

Installed on your Windows PC, the Axis Camera Recorder Software (Spanish) offers all core video recording and monitoring functionality in an economical fashion. A great solution when you need both video surveillance and recording, in combination with Axis network cameras and video servers, this versatile software takes advantage of existing network infrastructure. The Axis Camera Recorder software is easy to install and maintain, and enables live video recording to be done continuously, on a schedule, due to an alarm or when motion is detected. This software will also send you alarm alerts by email or via notification sounds, and let you search for specific recordings by date, time or event. This camera-recorder software is perfect for maintaining visual track of your hotel, service area, factory, school, home or small business where safety, security and a record are key.

The Axis Camera Recorder Software includes support for up to 16 simultaneous cameras per license, and can deliver up to 30 frames per second (frames-per-second) resolution. The image database allows up to 160 GB (Gigabytes) of memory and supports recovery options as well as automatic database resizing for continuous recording with low disk space. All system messages are on screen, in the log files, and optionally can be sent via email. Software allows playback of recordings in real-time or at controllable speed and play direction. This software also provides control of PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras, and allows up to 25 preset PTZ positions per camera for ultra-fast PTZ control. With advanced input/output control, you can export single images or video sequences.

Without a doubt, the Axis Camera Recorder Software is an easy-to-use and feature-rich complement to your existing network surveillance system. Each software license includes support for up to 16 cameras. Use of the software requires Windows NT, 2000 or XP Pro, Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, and TCP/IP support to access and configure cameras. At a minimum, this software should be run on a PC with: a Pentium 4.1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 40 GB free disk space, a CD-drive, SVGA or higher resolution monitor and a mouse or other pointing device. Cameras must be using firmware 2.34 or higher to function with software. Also, while Axis Camera Recorder Software supports English, French, and Spanish, is the Spanish-language version.

  • Provides complete solution for core video monitoring and recording
  • Locate important events through the click of a mouse
  • Get alerts via computer sound or email
  • Provides interactive control of pan/tilt/zoom cameras
  • Supports up to 16 cameras per installation license