BELKIN F5D7050 Wireless 802.11g USB Network Adapter
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Belkin F5D7050 Wireless 802.11g USB Network Adapter - This is a USB network adapter that gives your desktop or notebook PC access to 802.11g & 802.11b wireless networks. What makes this adapter so special is it's size. It's roughly the size of a pack of gum, which makes it a perfect accessory for mobile PC users. Requires - Windows 98 SE, Me, 2000, or XP Includes Belkin Lifetime Warranty and free 24 hour technical support! Color - Black

  • Product Type - Adapter
  • Warranty - Lifetime
  • - Offers backward-compatibility with all 802.11b network devices
  • - Features wireless 64- and 128-bit WEP Encryption
Customer Reviews:
  • Waste of time and money
    This wireless adapter is awful. I have had numerous problems with it, something new every week, never a dull moment. For a while it's been given to disconnecting from my wireless network now and then, often just long enough to disconnect me from my IM client so that I'd miss a message, but not long enough for my client to switch to offline mode.

    Sometimes it will refuse to pick up any wireless networks within range--but there are at least a dozen around here. Sometimes it'll inexplicably only pick up a couple of them, neither of which will be mine, of course. (Incidentally, my modem/router is only about two yards away, on the other side of the wall.) It's doing that today, about every 10 minutes or so, and currently the only fix is to unplug it for a few seconds. Speaking of unplugging this thing, it's also incredibly particular about where it's plugged back in--if it's not the same USB port used during installation, it will not work.

    Lately, the adapter will randomly uninstall itself when I reboot. Yes, this means reinstallation at least every other time I turn my computer on.

    You're wasting your money up-front on a crappy bit of technology that will waste lots of your time for months to come....more info
  • Great with Slackware 12.1
    Works great with Slackware 12.1 . I'm using it with WEP. The only thing that threw me for a few minutes is that it is seen as eth1, not wlan0 or ra0. Just use the regular CL tools and you're up and going....more info
  • Identical but different
    Bought this adapter to work with a laptop that I successfully connected to a home network using an identical adapter we have on another home computer. Deliberately bought exact same version of product & software, which is why I bought through Amazon, but when received, it didn't work. Cost of returning it is prohibitive, so it's so much techno-junk now -- maybe e-bay fodder....more info
  • usb wireless adapter
    Great USB wireless great, especially w/th vista, just plug and ur ready to need to install or something.....more info
  • Only WiFi Adapter that works with Zonbu
    Zonbu supplies a service and associated service for Linux but you can get a free download of a live CD that allows you to "take over" any PC and not impact its natively installed apps.

    This is the only wifi adapter that flavor of Linux a btw...more info
  • never order this product and never buy from Belkin
    I ordered this from the Amazon. They sent me a fault device. It wasted me one week's time already and still not able to get it exchanged and returned. Their technical support guys and customer service guys are absolutely hopeless and only try to play around with you. Learn from my experience and never buy their products. ...more info
  • Bad quality, poor reception
    I bought this for my new Windows Vista PC 3 months back and this was working fine initially. After 2-3 months, this keep disconnecting and slow. I do have Norton 360 running on my PC and I am using Linksys G Router. I was not sure whether it was due to this adaptor or some firewall/security setting was causing this issue. Then, I tried D-Link adaptor and D-Link worked (is working) amazing....So, there was no issue with the PC or any security setting. The problem was with this adaptor. I would not recommend anyone buying this product. Go for either DLink or Linksys or Netgear products....more info
  • Very Good!!
    Tengo un adaptador PCI y este no tiene nada que envidiarle, este tiene igual o mejor recepciĆ³n.
    La base que trae facilita usarlo en un desktop.
    Lo recomiendo.
    Excellent grade.
    I have an adapter PCI and this has nothing to envy him, this has reception equally or better.
    The base that you bring makes it easy to use it in a desktop.
    I recommend it....more info
  • Connection drops frequently
    Installation, etc. went smoothly and it seemed like the adapter was working well. But, I noticed it kept dropping and reconnecting to the wireless hub (despite excellent signal strength) which is a show stopper when playing multiplayer games online. It's headed back to the store - and will try another wireless adapter....more info
  • be careful win98
    the product, or at least 4 of the 5 versions, work great. the 5000 series does not work with win98....more info
  • staying with Linksys
    I've learned my lesson. I'm finished with Belkin and going to stay with Linksys. As I write this review, I am STILL waiting for Belkin's "technical" support to explain to me how to remove their software from my XP machine. After switching from a Linksys wireless G USB adapter to this Belkin adapter and getting weak signal strength and slow connection, I switched back. But, the Belkin software REFUSES to be deleted. The first email to Belkin's "technical" support was poorly read, I suppose, since the "fix" was for me to use the XP Add/Remove feature. Really! My email listed that effort as my FIRST try. So, far, no response to the second email REPEATING that bit of information. And,the telephone support .... fuhgetaboutit!...more info
  • I was able to connect to the Internet most of the time.
    I used the Belkin wireless to connect to the web and it was fairly reliable. We just had to wait for the connection to be available. For a vacation or to use away from home, it is very good....more info
  • Good
    works well does what it's sapose to do
    though it did not come with a install disk but thats what the Internets for...more info
  • great if you use Windows to configure
    Install the drivers
    Uninstall the Belkin Utility Tool (it doesn't work)
    Use windows configuration for wireless

    Works like a charm! Strong 54G! Using it alongside a Belkin Wireless repeater on my desktop and it beat out a Trendnet 54G PCI Card (actually trendnet looks cool, but I've had 3 wireless cards through Trendnet and they DO NOT retain their range or connection).

    the 3002 version has many hiccups when I'm gaming - sometimes from 10 ping to 700. Even when the ping is constant it'll lag.

    I got the 4001 version from tech for less and it works well. No hiccups, runs smooth. Only issue is that when I shutdown the pc locks up. So I either have to force shutdown (hold power button) or pull out the USB stick before I shutdowna and then put it back.

    Either way, DO NOT USE Belkin wireless utility. Just uses windows wireless manager....more info
  • Convenient but dissapointing performance
    I was excited because instead of installing a PCI card, I just needed a USB stick. However, it does not work! Right next to it is another dell computer in my office. In the other room two walls away is a Belkin router. The computer with the Belkin PCI card always has a connection. But this computer right next to it with this USB stick will see the router and then constantly lose the connection. Simply does not work well, so even though I am poor I will be looking for a replacement....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    Worked ok in the same room as my wireless router, but after the router died in a lightning storm I bought a 2nd Belkin USB adapter and put the router in the center of my home. Both Belkins kept showing a strong signal, but kept failing to connect -- just like everyone else here says. They also kept disconnecting and were slow even when connected. I thought it was the new router at first, but after reading other reviews on the Belkin adapter, I realize I've been ripped off TWICE. Belkin is a good company, but makes a lousy wireless USB adapter. I was a UNIX and Windows systems administrator for 11 years, so I'm quite capable setting up a network. Funny, my Dell laptop with built-in wireless is RIGHT NEXT TO my Sony Vaio computer with the Belkin. I'm using the Dell to write this ONLINE, but the Vaio with the Belkin adapter is not connecting to the router. Buy a Linksys!...more info
  • Great Add On
    If you have a computer that needs a wireless Network Adapter..this one is great. I have had great connection, everytime, it's nice for on the fly when you are traveling. I had no problem with setup of this product. This is a great buy for the price....more info
  • Easy to Setup, Good Connection
    I bought this adapter to get my desktop online after a 6-month hiatus. I am running a NetGear G router and two laptops in addition to the desktop. After plugging the included USB extension cable into the back of the PC, then attaching the adapter, installation was a breeze. There are three walls (thick, 1940's lath and plaster walls) between the router and PC, but the signal strength is still good. It has been up and running for 3 days now, with no dropped connections....more info
  • Does not work with Vista 64-bit.
    Inside the box is a hastily added note that this device does not work with some Vista systems. It would not work on my 64-bit system. There is a Vista 32-bit driver on Belkins web page; can't say if it works or not. ...more info
  • Works fine
    I bought two, one for my PC laptop and one for my MAC desktop. I had done some research and understood this item could be configured to work with my older MAC desktop. So far, I have not been able to get it to work on the MAC. On the PC laptop, it was an easy setup and works great. Slight issue is how long the adapter is and it sticks out the side or back of the laptop about 4-5 inches. It's prone to getting bent a little, but so far the plastic cover has been flexible........but I'm still afraid of breaking it....more info
  • I will never own another Belkin product
    This wireless adapter is so bad, I will never buy another Belkin product. Since the day I tried to install it, I have had nothing but headaches with this device. Switching USB ports, using and not using the cable, multiple uninstalls and reinstalls , no dice. Never works for more than a day or two before it simply stops with no explanation. Belkin should be ashamed, and should refund the money of everyone here on Amazon. ...more info
  • Works as described.
    I don't write many reviews, but I decided to write one for this since so many people wrote negative reviews for it.

    I'm using XP Pro SP2. I followed the instructions that came with it and installed it without issue.

    I am using the wireless client that came with it (not the Windows Wireless Network Utility). I'm not broadcasting the SSID of my network, so I set up a connection profile within Belkin's wireless client and used that to connect.

    I'm pretty close to my router (about 20 feet and through a wall), so I can't attest to how good or bad the range is.

    ...more info
  • Vista-64 Users Beware
    There are multiple hardware revisions of this device available. Only the very latest one has 64-bit drivers for Windows Vista provided by Belkin.

    If you happen to get one of the older revisions, which you almost certainly will since there are quite a few of them and no way to know for sure till you look at the sticker on the back, then you are left to hunt the arcane paths of the Interweb for a driver. What you'll find is that this device is really just a repackaged "Zydas 1211" chipset, made by a company (Zydas) that is no longer in business. The chipset can function in Vista-64 using some beta, non-WHQL drivers from a questionable Taiwanese website archive made some time before Zydas disappeared from the face of the Earth. These drivers consistently freeze my computer in some applications, indicating they are buggy at best.

    The adapter also takes up to a minute to reconnect to a WAN after waking from hibernate mode; this is completely unacceptable in a modern device.

    Bottom line: the chipset manufacturer is no longer in existence, the resume performance is poor, and 64-bit drivers are likely not available to you. Poor support on Belkin's part.

    Aside from these negative remarks, I will say to be fair that when it isn't crashing my computer it is quite stable and has good throughput and good latency. But that's only when its NOT crashing my system :)...more info
  • Don's waste your time, buy a linksys!
    I am an Apple person, so I had serious reservations about getting the Dell PC Desktop given to my wife by my son-in-law connected to my wireless network. After an hour I gave up, couldn't even get the damn thing connected via hardwire. A friend who has worked for years as an IT person, spent over 2 hrs. trying to get a wireless connection without success. He did manage to get a wired connection working. Took the Belkin back and bought a similarly priced Linksys WUSB54GC. With the same trepidation, I put the install disk in, click on the continue button, plugged in the unit to the USB and my network wireless showed up, clicked on it and AMAZING!!! It worked--no problem...just like an Apple computer! And the extender usb cord makes connecting to the back of the CPU a breeze!...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I purchased this adapter two weeks ago and have had nothing but headaches with it. It appeared to install ok into my Dell desktop. After about one hour of use the adapter would lose the signal from my router. I would reset the adapter and it would find and lock on to the signal from the router. Again after 30 minutes the adapter would lose the signal from the router. I called Belkin service desk, and was walked through a repair procedure. After this the unit worked fine for about 4 hours than lost the signal again from the router. I have two other computers with Linksys adapters, these adapers have never lost the signal from the router!
    ...more info
  • Pure garbage
    Spent hours trying to install this on my Windows XP SP2 Dell. Continual freezes, problems. Save yourself lots of time and DON'T buy this adapter....more info
  • Macintosh Users read this!
    My trusty Mac Mini Intel Duo is now almost 2 years old and has never had a problem. Mysteriously a couple of weeks ago, it started "disconnecting" from my Airport network. The signal strength would drop to zero and then in a few minutes to maybe an hour, the network would show back up on my Airport connections menu. Frustrating! I got a new wireless change. Reinstalled the change. Moved things around in the change. I changed wireless channels and about a zillion other settings on my router...nothing. Even opened the Mac up and made sure the external antenna was still "good"...nope. So I concluded that the Airport card had somehow died. My Mac was out of warranty and I didn't want to pay the $100+ for the card and then deal with installation hassles etc... So I started searching and ended up buying this "Windows only" product. What saves us Mac OS X faithful is the fact that the guts of this USB dongle are made by RaLink and my new buddies at RaLink have a Mac OS X 10.3, 10.4 (that's what I'm on) and 10.5 drivers, ready to go.

    I received my new Belkin in a couple of days, from Tiger Direct via Amazon. On the bottom of the box is a label that says "Version 3002", I didn't request anything special but I've heard that version 3000 is what you want.

    Then I hopped over to (using my Windows XP laptop of all things!) and downloaded the correct drivers. My understanding is that the 3000 series cards use the RT2500 series chip set, so I dl'd that one. There's a newer version that includes support for 10.5 (which I think is pretty astounding). Don't know what the version of the unit you'd need but I'd guess it'd be greater than 3000. I did find one of these at a local Best Buy and it had version 5000 on the box....

    I then ripped out the old internal card from the Mini (actually a fairly simple procedure really...) and ran the RALink installer for the USB device. It's a simple process of double clicking on the DMG to mount the disk image, and then running installer package. You'll also have to know your root password. A quick reboot...while it's rebooting, stuff the actual dongle in it's little USB cradle as I'm fairly certain that you should do this w/o the device plugged in.

    Open up your System Preferences and hit Network...and you should be prompted that a new Ethernet device has been installed (en1 or greater). Then pop open your Applications folder and find, double click him and it was a fairly easy process to set up a new profile, where you enter your WEP/WPA settings (you aren't running wireless without WEP or WPA are you?) and're surfing.

    It's remained connected hot for a couple of days now (I don't turn off the Mac) and it wakes up like a charm. My speed is superior to the internal card. Technically 802.11g can get up to 54 Mbps, but according to AP Grapher ( I was only getting about 18 Mbps best case. Unfortunately, I can't use AP Grapher now with my Belkin (it's still very cool for all you Airport users!), but according to the USB Wireless Utility, I'm getting 54...max speed. And it's noticeably faster when looking at trailers on or when my daughters goof around and watch youtube junk.

    I'm not a super technical Unix hacker type nor somebody that really gets into ripping apart my computers and rebuilding them for fun. Those days are long gone...but if you're struggling with your internal Airport card, this could be your ticket. It was for me!!!! info
  • Good device
    I was uneasy about buying this product because all of the reviews. I bit the bullet and bought this little guy and glad I did. I installed it on my daughter XP pro machine and wham on the internet. The installation was easy and have no problems with it. The hub is on the ground floor of my house and the unit is upstairs on the other end of the house. It's maintaining 95% signal strength and like I said no problems. It worked great for me. Hope this helps someone....more info
  • Not much range
    Does not have a good range. My laptop with inbuilt wireless modem can catch signal but w this it is unable to catch signal unless I am close to router.
    Recommend: No...more info
  • Not good for Vista
    I got this over the weekend and spent a few hours trying to get it up and running on my Windows Vista desktop. I even went to the Belkin web site and tried using the latest version of the software. At the end, I solved a few issues but had two problems that will force this to be returned:

    1) The driver was installed and the radio even recognized a few AP's in the neighborhood. But it would not recognize mine that has a hidden SSID, even with the option to do so.

    2) The software application (icon on task bar, Belkin software in Program Files) just would not install on Vista. I tried many different things, but the installer would install the driver and then stop.

    I just picked up a PCI card that I'll use. One final item: The USB connecter was super hot after about 15 minutes of use. I would be scared to keep this on 24/7....more info
  • Don't buy with Winxp SP2
    3 Days working on this thing to work in my laptop with winxp sp2 but impossible....and believe me, i have tried all!!!! Dont buy this. I cannot return it because i live outside US....more info
  • Mostly Problems
    I've tried using this on XP and on vista. On XP it installs very oddly and I had tons of problems with it cutting out for no reason. I tried reinstalling several times but it never got any better. Now on vista I can't get it to work at all even when trying the new drivers. I'd go with a different adapter if I were you....more info
  • Works both for my 1st Gen G4 MacMini and PC's
    I could not believe my old Macmini is NOW connected wirelessly. I never thought about trying it on a Mac until I read the review (from MrKite123) for this product. My Macmini is pre-Intel, no built-in Airport card and no Bluetooth.
    I went to Best Buy and nobody there can tell me any product that will work with Mac. (Ironically I bought this from Best Buy for around 60$ for my PC). I even did some research on the internet and it is so frustratingly hard to find any information for a little wireless dongle for Macs.
    I used this for a couple of PC's before and it worked. I even had a PC on the third floor while Fios router is at the basement. Now that one of the PC was retired and the other one I decided to connect directly on the ethernet I got this dongle put on the shelf. Thats when I got intrigued by the above mentioned review. I could not tell if mine is version 3000 or 4000 so tried Ralink Drivers at first it did not work. I then read the other comments and it led me to the link I am thrilled that I can now connect to the internet and Itunes without having to bring the Macmini to Genius Bar to install Airport card for hundreds of dollars....more info
  • Don't buy this one
    I got one last weekend and tried to install it. After installed the driver onto my Win2003 server, the system started to have some delay. The CPU usage is always between 5% ~ 25% on the old Athlon XP 2600+ machine. Then I tried this device on a WinXP box, the same thing remains. I didn't really observe the on and off phenomenon on my machines, but the CPU usage really dragged down my system. After a week, I have no choice but return it....more info
  • Belin FSD7050 USB Network Adapter
    This device aids my college daughter in expanding her locations when working off the home Belkin 54G WAP. Pricing better than Walmart [that made it to Ripley's Believe it or not!]....more info
  • A dud for me
    Installed into 2.4gHz Pentium 4 machine, Win98. Does not connect to my Linksys wireless router. Router is only 6 feet away from USB dongle. The SSID was correctly read, but apparently the WEP 128 is fouled. Many other machines correctly do connect to the router. Returning this dud product....more info
  • Mac Users! Works great!
    I am baffled by all of the bad reviews this has gotten. It was simple to set up and work with once you downloaded the need USB Controller Program. I have a white iBook 500 dual USB and this works great! People kept telling me to buy the Airport Card but for $20, I picked this up. I use it with a wireless router and get great reception in my bedroom. Works great in WiFi zones. I am baffled. I have had it for well over 2 months and no complaint. I wonder if half the people on here even know how to work the equipment they buy. ...more info
  • Needs improvement
    This product works ok some of the time, but that doesnt cut it for me. My experience with the three belkin products Ive had is not good. They rarely last over a year, need to reset and often information has to be re-entered that should be stored, such as passwords. The software is cheap and faulty, and the driver warnings might be scary to a beginner. All in all, I've finally decided the sales arent worth the low quality. Go with lynksys or netgear until these guys get their act together. You'll be glad you did. Maybe their higher end stuff is better, but they probably just has more features. Netgear and Lynksys have sales too....more info
  • Worst wireless adapter ever
    This wireless adapter is a waste of money. It is VERY hard to install it, if not almost impossible if you haven't the driver CD (the drivers from the internet are even worse). But once you have installed it you will soon find out that the connection is very unstable... well, my body is able to establish a better connection than this thing. Don't buy it. It is worthless....more info
  • Belkin Wireless USB
    I was having trouble with the usual PCMCIA wireless cards on an older laptop. I ordered the Belkin USB and it worked perfect, without hogging alot of resources. I'll be buying more!...more info
  • Vista problems
    This wireless network adapter (FSD 7050) works fine with windows XP, but not with Vista. To be fair, it does not say it works with Vista on the box, but their website advertises a Vista driver which might tempt people to buy it, given that network adapters working with Vista are so rare(?). The equivalent Netgear product (WG111v2)DOES advertise Vista compatibility on the box, but you have to download the Vista driver, and it doesn't work properly. It is unstable, disconnects on idle, then resists reconnection. The boys in Tottenham Court Road reckon that no-one produces a truly Vista compatible network adapter for 802.11g, and I reckon they are right. If you have a PC and rely on wireless, avoid Vista!...more info
  • Worst software install ever
    I tried to install this on two windows XP boxes and have to say its the worst driver install experience I've ever had on windows XP, made me feel like we were in 1995 running on a brand new win95 box when drivers didn't really work all that well.

    After the install the driver wasn't even installed. I manually installed the driver and the software would start but none of the buttons were ever active, I couldn't change settings or anything, it just didn't work at all.

    It never found my router, I have two of them running, a Linksys and a DLink, another DLink USB wireless adapter works fine and my laptops both work fine using their built in wireless cards....more info
  • Blue screen of death
    I use Vista Home Ultimate. When I use this adapter, I randomly get a Blue Screen of Death and have to hard reboot my computer. This occurs from any USB port. Unfortunately, I didn't realize what was causing the crashes until after I'd thrown out the box/receipt, or this would have been returned to the store. I figured out what was causing the problem after I stopped using the adapter (for another reason) and then used it again a couple of months later. Within 3 hours, I'd had two crashes. It's pretty tough to get a blue screen of death on Vista, but somehow this thing manages it. It's now in the bottom of my 'useless cables and crud' box.

    As far as performance goes, I play online games, primarily World of Warcraft. This adapter doesn't cut it for online gaming. For basic web surfing and maybe even streaming music, it's ok. But I would get lag while playing, especially in heavy traffic areas and that's not acceptable for me! (That's why I stopped using it for a while)....more info
  • HORRIBLE!!!!
    This is my second Belkin product (my first was a Belkin wireless router) and my experience with Belkin products thus far has been HORRIBLE!!

    First off, this adapter is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS VISTA!! So if you have Vista, don't even THINK about it! There's not even an update on the website. So I gave this adapter to my roommate since her PC runs on the Windows XP OS. Everything went fine. She is not an expert at computers and she was able to install and set up the adapter without any problems.

    BUT not more than a week later, she complained that the adapter wasn't working properly anymore. It would not detect any wireless networks. And being in a college community, I was CERTAIN that there were MANY networks available. (including our own private network which she was also unable to detect).

    My experience with Belkin products is that if they stop working, unplug them, let them sit for a while and they should be good to go. So I unplugged the adapter, let it rest and when I plugged it back in, it worked fine again. We have to do this almost everyday for it to work and sometimes multiple times a day.

    But who wants to gamble with the fact that their adapter may or may not work all the time!? NOT ME!!!! I purchased a Linksys wireless adapter and after a month of having it, I have not had ONE problem!!...more info
  • Died in a couple of weeks
    I got this adapter and right off the bat it barely worked. I was a mere 10-15 feet from the wireless router (a Netgear model) and this adapter would only sometimes detect a signal. I had to frequently detach and reattach the adapter to get it to reset and detect the router. (There was a floor between me and the router, and no convenient way to run an Ethernet cable, hence the wireless attempt.)

    The included wireless network management utility is a joke. Unintuitive and ugly, too-small interface. Luckily you can turn it off and use the Windows zero-configuration utility instead.

    After a few weeks of this extremely sad performance, the adapter stopped working entirely. Just a dead fob on the end of the USB cable.

    I got a similar adapter made by D-Link and it's worked flawlessly under identical circumstances.

    I recommend NOT buying this adapter. It's not worth ANY price when it just doesn't work. ...more info
  • Belkin lies about compatability
    I have a Mac G4, and the Belkin website says that this will work to connect it to a wireless network. What they fail to mention is that only a previous version of the adapter will work on a Mac, because they don't write their own drivers. The tech support for this was rude and not very helpful. I returned the product, and I am preferring copying files to a thumb drive, and physically transferring it to a computer with internet, to dealing with Belkin again....more info
  • Nothing but trouble
    I can't take it any more, this POS is going back to Amazon tomorrow morning.

    Randomly disconnects, and it's a crapshoot when (or if) it will reconnect without a reboot.

    Save yourself a headache and buy something else....more info
  • Spotty compatibility
    I had this working fine on my old PC, with no complaints about range or driver issues. I upgraded to a new PC and can't get the drivers to work at all. It simply shows up with the yellow warning in Device manager saying it cannot load the driver and I have downloaded the correct (ver 2) drivers and tried installing several times to no avail. Beware before buying this!...more info
  • It works fine for me, mostly
    I have had this adapter for a little over a month, and it has been working fine for me most of the time. I keep it one floor below and two rooms away from the router and it usually gets two or three bars of reception out of the five possible (meaning 24-36Mbps reception, on average). On occasion, it will be unresponsive, but the problem always seems to resolve itself within a few hours (I think the key to preventing this may be keeping it cool).

    Setup was easy: I just put the setup CD in the tray, clicked a few buttons to install, and plugged in the adapter. Enter the hex key, and voila! Internet. Overall, a good value. ...more info
  • Barely worked then died - terrible software
    I decided to purchase this because I needed a cheap, temporary hookup from my desktop to my Wi-Fi network powered by a Linksys WRT54G. After running the software and plugging in the F5D7050 within the claimed 400 ft range, I received no signal at all.

    Determined to get the device working, I replaced the firmware on my Linksys router with DD-WRT, then boosted the output power from 28 to 70. Finally! I could sporadically connect to the network!

    After a few days, I could no longer connect. I ordered the large, unsightly antennae for my router hoping this would improve signal between the Belkin and the Linksys. After attaching them to the router, I see a stronger signal but still cannot connect.

    One large factor contributing to my nighmare is the fact that Belkin's included software is horrible. It makes no sense. I can never reproduce the magic formula to connect (reboot? reinstall software? unplug and reattach the USB device? enable/disable Wireless Zero Config?). I have given up and decided to spend the big bucks on the Linksys USB adapter.

    Meanwhile, I have two Dell laptops which have connected EVERY time to the Linksys from farther away with no problems at all!...more info
  • dont buy this
    I bought this about 4 months ago. At first it worked ok(2-4 bars) but after a month or so the signal started to get weaker and weaker to the point where it didnt pickup any signal at all. Now it does'nt even work. Ive tried it on serveral computers (installing and uninstalling) but it still does not work....more info
  • Worked for 7 months, then died -- driver software is subpar
    Didn't install properly on WinXP SP2 initially, so had to mess around a lot to get it working. Then after about 7 months of mostly trouble-free use, it just died for no reason.

    The adapter itself is fine because it works on other machines, but the driver and support software that comes bundled with it are very poor, and I was not able to get it working again even after reinstalling Windows XP!

    Driver support from Belkin is very poor. Take your business elsewhere....more info
  • Works for me with Vista
    Just bought a new Dell with Vista Home Premium. Have version 3 of this adapter. Tried to install the driver for this version from the Belkin website, but Vista couldn't install it. Decided to go ahead and install the software/utility, even though the product states it is not compatible with Vista. After installing the software, all I had to do was connect to the network using the Network and Sharing Center. It's worked flawlessly for a week now, with good signal strength. No problems when restaring the computer - it automatically connects to the network. Haven't had to unplug the adapter. Vista cannot find the Belkin Utility, however, which is probably a good thing. Very satisfied so far....more info
  • Works great on my mac clamshell G3
    I have an old clamshell G3 without an airport card using OS X.4. My computer tech told me it would be impossible to get wireless internet without spending $60 or more on an airport card from another clamshell computer. He was wrong. This is a viable option. I installed a driver from the support page of Belkin's website (I used the one for 10.3), and bam! I had a wireless connection to the internet. I'm so glad I found this!...more info
  • Mine has been just fine ...
    I've had mine for about 6 months now and am very pleased so far. There are Pro's and Con's, but for the price and the ease of use I'd buy it again, most likely.

    I've got a Belkin Wireless Router, a Sony Laptop running XP Home and this card plugged into my USB port. That's it, I set her up in a few minutes and POOF I had a wireless network.

    Granted, I've got to nudge her to wake her up every once and a while, but for the most part it's no big deal at all. This thing is 2 rooms (40-50 ft.) away from the router, too (I guess 3 or 4 walls in between them).

    So it works fine for me....more info
  • Do not buy.
    When I brought it back to Walmart, the customer service person exclaimed "Not another one of these!"

    Yes it's a lemon. It worked some times, but never very well.

    Good idea - bad product. I'm going to try the Linksys version.

    UPDATE: I got a linksys. It works great.
    ...more info
  • Solved my issue
    Lightning blew the ethernet port on my IMAC. I couldn't track down an old airport card, so I thought I'd give this a shot. The Belkin stick connects my old mac to internet for $36. The connection is pretty slow but liveable. You'll need to find the drivers on the net. My kids are happy, so that's all that counts!...more info
  • Belkin Wireless Adapter- it works.
    The wireless adapter works just fine. Occasionally you have to disconnect it, and then reconnect it in order for it to work, but for the most part I have had no problems. It's a very good buy for the price....more info
  • You get what you pay for.
    This is an ok product. It does what it needs to do most of the time. sometimes I have to disconnect it and plug it back in for it to work. Also it isnt very good with pickin up the signal. I have to rearrange my room sometimes if my roommate moves her computer cause the signal will be lost if it is moved even a foot away. The first one i had broke the second day so i got another one in place. i havent had a problem with it too much lately. It is an alright product for the money....more info
  • The other reviews are correct
    I've purchased and attempted to install three of these adapters. One of them was on an older Dell laptop,installed without any problems at all and connected seamlessly to a Linksys WRT54G router with WAP encryption.
    The problems really started showing when I tried to install the second and third adapters, both on desktop computers running Windows XP SP2. The software installation was a breeze, but when I plugged in the adapter - nothing happened. Connect to network...which network? Scan..who? What?
    It looks like this adapter has a very, very short range and doesn't work very well a wall or two in between the routers. It would see the router and connect - to drop the connection and not find one. But then it would find it again, and on and off.
    Never really worked as expected on the desktops, so I've given up. I've had to disconnect them and reconnect them multiple times. Downloaded the updated software from Belkin's site, and still have connection issues with the desktops. The laptop works fine as long as I don't take it one room away from the router.
    Avoid at all costs please. I've used other wireless devices with the same router that I'm trying to connect and they work fine - a few rooms away and all.
    Spend a few more dollars and get something worth the money spent. Spend less time troubleshooting and more time surfing.
    Good luck....more info
  • No longer works with Macs
    Newest version is 4000, and I tried today, 2/26/07 with latest Ralink drivers on a mac powerbook with no luck - device was not recognized. Am looking for another usb adapter that uses the Ralink 2500 chipset....more info
  • Extremely poor quality
    This card, when it worked at all, was a hit-or-miss proposition. Many times, I would have to repair the connection, switch preamble modes, or restart the computer to get it to see either the Belkin wireless router or the Linksys wireless router. This was even when the router was no more than 20' away.

    Second, it was impossible to get the card to work with my Toshiba laptop. After downloading three versions of the driver (there are 4), one finally worked, but was unable to pick up the school network, which is nice & strong.

    If the card is removed from, or falls out of, its USB slot, it is not uncommon for Windows to "forget about" the card, and ask you to reinstall the driver upon putting it back in.

    I finally smashed the card against the wall. It works as well now as it did then. If I could give this thing zero stars, I would....more info
  • terrible belkin
    I bought this adapter from the local BestBuy store and found that it was malfunctioning. There as no power light coming on the adapter. After 3 hrs and 4 phone calls to the Belkin Customer Service I found this out. Then I went to the store and got a new one. This had the light but the drivers provided for install were not right.
    The Belkin technical support is nothing sort of "cheats" and "idiots". Request to be transferred to the level 2 support and they will cut you off. I wasted like 2 days and 8 phone calls and ulktimately am back to square one trying to get a new adapter. Never buy Belkin again....more info
  • Works perfect!
    I'm not any expert in the computer world. But this product it is very easy to install. The range is very strong.
    I'm very hapy with this product!!!....more info
  • works well, wish it had better range...
    I have some doubts that this product gets anywhere near the 400ft range it advertises, but it works nonetheless, and really considering that my router is in the basement and on the other side of the house, I figure I ought to be grateful that it works at all. I do suffer from fairly frequent disconnections, but I suspect it's related to where I have things in the house, no so much the product. In fact, I can usually view numerous wireless connections used by my various neighbors that this device picks up. Install went quickly and easily on my winxp pro sp2 machine. It's compact and conveinient to hook up to the desktop and laptops as needed. Can't complain, especially for the price....more info
  • Good bargain
    This little adapter goes on sale or has rebates quite frequently, so you can get it for $9.99 or sometimes free. With that in mind, it is a good product for the price. It works fine, and sets up quickly. I have had two of these for 3 years or so now, and they have worked well on a number of different computers with Windows ME, XP Home and XP Professional

    The Belkin software that comes with it, however, is not so great and is not easy to understand. Install the drivers, but forget about the Belkin software. It's better to use the Microsoft Windows software.

    Also, the Belkin router that I bought with it SUCKS. I use a Linksys router. But as far as a cheap wireless adapter, you can't go wrong with this.

    ...more info
  • Mediocre at bes
    I have had this Belkin USB Wireless connector for about a year. I have very mixed results. When at my ranch where there are no other wireless internet devices around it works just fine. But when in a big city (like Dallas) and trying to use it at a friend's home where they have a Linksys wireless router it is a hit-and-miss proposition. I am only 20 feet from the Linksys and about half the time I have to Repair the connection to get it to work. Others say they have the same problem. I went for cheap and I got what I paid for. I am going to go to CompUSA or some place and get a better branded product. ...more info
  • Great product
    easy to install, works superbly with no hassle. Sometimes, windows start behaving stangly while trying to find the adaptor, and the wireless networks needs to be repaired. I do not think this is a product fault, but rather Window's...more info
  • Burned out.
    Had this for about four months before it totally quit on me. I've tried installing it on multiple PCs with both driver versions but Windows will no longer recognize the device even when it auto-detects it.

    A week prior to this I had been running it on a Linux box where I had to reboot about once a day in order for it to work again.

    Seeing as my router is Belkin, I thought I wouldn't have any problems. Big mistake; I'm going for a Netgear device this time around....more info
  • No WEP
    I bought one of these so I could move the old computer up to my son's room. It's running Windows Me, but so what? Belkin says that's supported.

    I can get it to work when broadcasting my SSID, I can get it to work when not broadcasting my SSID. What I can't get it to do is work with WEP, either 64 or 128 bit. Called up support, they said "Me has no diagnostics. You can return it to the store."...more info
  • Saves you time by not connecting to the internet
    The only good thing I can say about this product is that it is the perfect parental filter because your children will never be able to access the internet with it.

    I bought this product because it was relatively cheap and I mistakenly somewhere connected in my brain Belkin with good products.

    I took this thing home and spent a couple hours attempting to connecting it to a wireless network that I have had no trouble connecting any other wireless card to (several different brands). After finally get it connected, it would not stay connected for more than 15 minutes at a time without dropping and then not being able to find the network.

    I took it back and bought a no-name wireless adapter off the internet that I have NEVER had connection issues with.

    I have rarely found a product that was absolutely a complete waste of time and money, and had zero redeeming qualities. Buy anything other than this device. Every hateful thing that all of the reviews have stated are absolutely true....more info
  • Software does not work
    Do not buy this item - The software does not work and tech support will blame your router or somthing else just to get you off the phone. The lifetime warranty is worthless too....more info
  • Inconsistent
    Frequently disconnects for no apparent reason, even with a Belkin router. You then have to "repair" the connection to get it working again. The strength isn't that great either - usually "poor" to "good" from one room and 20 ft away.

    I wouldn't bother with this kit - there's nothing worse than an weedy, intermittent 'Net connection....more info
  • I hate it but I love it slightly more..
    The short of it: If you can't trouble-shoot your own equipment then forget this thing. It's plug and play on the surface but evil lurks somewhere, inside the unit or the drivers, not sure.

    The Good:

    -Performance is great.

    -Keeps trying to connect to the neighbors network so the range is super (and their network is G only, not sure where their router is but at the minimum 30 feet through 2 walls, a wood fence and lots of foliage).

    -Nice long cord (5 feet or so) and docking station so can be positioned sorta wherever.

    -Simple to setup, follow the instructions and 'boom', connection!


    The Bad:

    -You get what you pay for in this case.

    -'Boom', connection! may require a little fiddling in Device Properties but that's standard so not really a 'bad'.

    -Keeps trying to connect to the neighbors network wiping out the SSID in device settings (finally had enough and told them how to change and hide their SSID and things good now).

    And the ugly:

    -Using the boxed drivers V1.0.0.0, utility version V1.0.7.4, firmware V1.0.0.0. Had the thing for a month now and twice already the drivers, for no apparent reason, froze the system and on hard reboot WinXP would lock up to instant black screen while booting and would only boot in Safe Made with networking disabled and normal mode only if the actual USB connection was physically disconnected, not just the stick removed from the base. Fixing this requires booting into Safe Mode minus networking or normally with the plug unplugged and removing the drivers then rebooting and re-installing the drivers. Updating drivers could help the problem but finding them on their website is sorta a nightmare all its own for time limited people.

    -The SSID wipe never happened until the the first freeze and won't go away.

    -Prior to the first freeze, on a couple occasions the software would claim the device wasn't present unless I unplugged the stick from the base and plugged it back in.

    -Device won't run without the shipped software after the first freeze. Can probably fix that but don't have the time.

    Summary: There's flaws, it's cheap, works fantastic for the most part but when it don't work, at least in my case, nothing else works either. But compared to the card it replaced I still love it. But if you've ever called Tech Support to try and fix a problem then buy something else because this will be a pretty shrink-wrapped box of pounding migrane waiting to happen. Just my opinion....more info
    If you have a XP machine with SP2 do not buy this adapter. It's such a pain in the next to install, and whats even worse is that belkin doesn't provide support. I had to download RAlink drivers, install it, uninstall it, copy the files to another directory, modify the .inf file for the card, and reinstall it... If you have no idea what i'm talking about.. stay away from it.. i just threw my out and bought a Linksys adapter (owned by Cisco) which worked awesome....more info
  • An exercise in futility
    Go ahead and buy one of these. Then, you can sit there and try to connect to the wireless router for about three hours. Then, once it finally connects, you have approximately five minutes to get yourself online to write a bad review for it before it conks out on you. I have to constantly disconnect it from the computer and then reconnect it, disable and re-enable it with Device Manager, and a whole slew of other things just to get it to work for a few minutes. In addition, you will sometimes have to reinstall the drivers even if you replug it in to the exact same USB port. I've never had this problem with other wireless adapters. In short, avoid this adapter....more info
  • Easy Setup
    This was my first experience setting up a wireless network or any network for that matter. I bought this adapter along with the Belkin Router from walmart. The instructions on the software was easy to follow, considering my router's user manual was missing. I've read the horror stories from other reviews, but I haven't experienced any problems with this adapter. I guess it is easier to use this adapter with a belkin router. It also might be because i am using this adapter on a desktop.

    Also, the belkin wireless monitor software was a bit confusing, because i was unfamiliar with the terms. I found it easier to get on the network by enabling Windows Zero Configuration (WZC) on the software. The belkin tech support wasnt much of a help, i ended up figuring it out myself. ...more info
  • Intermittent freezing and faulty driver installation
    This product was easy to install and supports very high speeds compared to my previous device. However, it causes intermittent freezing of my computer (requiring a reboot), especially when downloading information from two web sites at once. So ... I tried to install the latest driver. However, the Belkin web site provides drivers in an installer package (an EXE). I downloaded the installer and ran it. As one of the final steps, Windows has to install the driver for the device. But Windows couldn't find the driver, and I looked all over and couldn't find out where the installer put it. So I am back to square one....more info
    Okay, so I bought this product, and of course, I didn't check these reviews. Silly me.

    First off, I don't really have any problem with the adapter. Don't use their software, just enable Windows Zero Config (XP).

    Second off, my signal strength seems decent (2 of 5 bars) for the distance I am connecting from. Two walls and a driveway separate me from the router. (No, I am not stealing internet, it's my landlords router, he said it was okay.)

    Third off, when I try to connect the second adapter to the second computer, they both go screwy. Connected at first, then disconnected, tried again, immediate disconnect, then that pretty little green LED light stops working all together.

    Fourth off, don't even bother calling their tech support. I saw someone saying in a review that they don't speak English. They do, just poorly. Eventually, after trying to understand what this guy said, I just said, "Umm... Yeah... I'll try that... bye."

    So, to sum up, don't buy it. Buy something else. You'll thank me later....more info
  • Great buy for mac users
    I'm on a G3 ibook and never thought I could get in on the wifi fun w/o spending a fortune on an airport card. This little gadget has solved all my problems and it only took 10 minutes to set up. If you're on OSX panther or tiger, refer to the review "Attention mac users" for complete and easy set-up instructions. Don't bother reading the enclosed instructions or inserting the setup CD. Just download the driver and voila, you'll be up and running in no time. I have not encountered one single problem in the 2 weeks that I've used this product. My only complaint is that I had to go to the Amazon review page to figure out how to make it work on my mac. So I'd have to say that Belkin tech support is pretty awful. They don't even mention the fact that their product works on a mac.

    If you're looking for an affordable way to get wifi on your ibook, I'd highly recommend this product. Why should we be left out on the fun!...more info
  • Terrible
    I couldn't get a consistant link with my AP, which was in the other room. My other wireless USB non-Belkin products work just fine. When I did get connected I always had good signal strength but it would then just drop me!!

    I also couldn't seem to set it up for Ad Hoc mode. Maybe it's possible but I gave up after spending way too long on it.

    ...more info
  • skip the Belkin, you can do better..
    I bought at Best Buy for $39.99 but later exchanged for something else; this Belkin had some annoying quirks...:
    -USB wouldn't recognized on bootup/restart sometimes, had to unplug/replug USB.
    -sometimes would roam around and connect to neighbors' wireless networks!
    -the Belkin Wireless Monitor Utility isn't very useful, doesn't allow you to specify a default network.
    -Belkin support website only had a PDF manual, and 2 Belkin Monitor Utilities for download: version 4000, and regular? doesn't describe any further. No drivers or firmware available.

    I'm running Windows XP Pro SP2, all updates.

    I exchanged for a D-Link WUA-1340 ($39.99). Works, with none of the annoying quirks that the Belkin had....more info
  • Complete Junk!
    The software installs easily and the supplied utility is decent, but the unit has poor sensitivity compared to my wireless PC Card and most annoyingly it constantly disconnects and reconnects, sometimes several times a minute, even when the signal is fairly strong. ...more info
  • Avoid at all costs
    I bought this adapter and returned it four days later. Initially it worked well (as it should have, since the access point was only on the other side of the wall). But the adapter would disconnect from the network at random, sometimes after a few hours, other times after a few minutes. Each time it disconnected, the only way to reconnect was to uninstall the software and hardware, and then reinstall them again. On the rare occasion the adapter did work, the software would forget its WEP settings after a reboot, and the key would have to be manually re-entered (so many times that I have it memorized now). This adapter failed so many times that I had to reinstall it everytime I sat down to use my computer.

    Belkin's website support for this device is a joke. It lists three versions of the device, but doesn't tell you how to distinguish between the one you have and the other two. This leads to trying all three drivers, none of which will fix any of the problems with this horrible piece of hardware.

    If my only options were using this adapter and running cable down my hallway, I'd be breaking out the wire crimpers. The D-Link WUA-1340, with which I replaced the Belkin, costs the same amount of cash and works much better so far.

    Bottom line: Do not buy the Belkin F5D7050. It'll just leave you with spotty operation and quite a bit of wasted time....more info
  • Oh Belkin, how I loathe thee
    Worked fine... for 4 hours. Then it just died. I knew Belkin (and D-link) were 2nd-class networking brands but still bought this in spite of myself. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess. Listen to everyone on here and buy something else -- if you don't have one problem mentioned you'll have another. Don't be surprised if your Belkin decides to spontaneously combust. Horrible product. ...more info
  • Not worth it
    I guess that I'm another who has to add a negative review for this hardware device.

    I went to download the drivers for this device (whose ID is clearly printed on the device itself) from the Belkin web page. Downloaded no problem. After installing the drivers in the default "Belkin usb" directory, I plugged in the wireless device, and told WinXP just where to look...the old "Belkin USB" directory.

    Lo and behold, WinXP didn't find any appropriate drivers in this directory.

    Remove, uninstall.


    OK, let's read the README document. I've got the latest version of Adobe.

    Whoops, Hmm, I guess the driver installation file has a bit of a problem with the documentation file, too.

    I guess I'm just astounded at the problems that I'm reading about with this device, including what one reader said about the card not being compatible with Service Pack 2 (Is that real? Sounds too incredible)

    My advice, steer away from this card. Caveat lector....more info
  • Grumpy user
    Installed OK on XP but the signal to noise ratio is not good resulting in slow connections and drop outs. Had no trouble real trouble connecting to my WRT54GL rinning DD-WRT other than signal. Other g devices give much better SNRs. The software is also a bit flakey. Next time I will buy Linksys. I was in hurry as my NIC died on my PC so bought the first think I found in WalMart. This will be consigned to the junk box :-(...more info
  • Not as easy as it should be, but it can work
    I also had difficulties with the install. The Belkin website now lists a version 3 of the driver that finally worked for me, even though the device wasn't marked as version 3. If it still doesn't work, clear your registry of anything related to Belkin and try again.

    It does reinstall the driver if you plug it in a different USB port, but it's mainly just a matter of hitting OK a few times, after you have the correct working driver.

    The included USB extension cable makes it easy to place where you get an optimum signal....more info
  • This DOES work on Macs and PCs!! Even the latest, version 4000.
    I ordered this item on Amazon thinking there were solutions out there for mac os x since this uses Ralink chips -- one of the Ralink drivers would work. No! Ralkin drivers work for versions 1000, 2000, 3000, but not this latest version 4000! That is because apparently Belkin switched chip manufacturers! The new chip is the ZyDAS zd1211. You can get a driver on the Zydas website for macs and PCs. THAT is what you need to get this to work, just follow the instructions here: . It DOES work, keep trying! That said, it's not necessarily straightforward, so if you don't like the ~10 min of tinkering or don't feel that you are capable of it, there are other solutions out there for you....more info
  • Great little device!
    Just got this in a local store (would've gone through Amazon - much cheaper, but it was needed immediately.)

    Using a laptop with WinXP SP2 + all the patches, this thing works great. My laptop has 3 USB ports (all of which are USB 1.1) - contrary to other reviews, this little USB plug DOES work in each USB port without any problems. After you install the software and plug it into the initial USB port, Windows will automatically install the driver for each additional port - but it works flawlessly in each.

    I was going to get the PC card version (PCMCIA), but from the specs on the box, this one has twice the range. I'll probably use this in my home computer after vacation since it's incredibly easy to setup and use, and have had no problems whatsoever.

    Would recommend to anyone looking for a USB wireless Network Adapter!...more info
  • Not the best choice
    BELKIN F5D7050 Wireless 802.11g USB Network Adapter has some deficiencies. The worse one is that it only works on the USB port you first configure the devise, It won work on another port. It also seem to be incompatible with the Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router I have. I Do not recommend to use it with a Linksys router, it did not worked for me....more info
  • Would give it -1 stars if that were available.
    Bought this hardware for 40 bucks at BB. I have some experience installing networking equipment. However, I have no experience installing networking hardware that doesn't come with drivers.

    The folks over at Belkin are proving worthless. This is the shoddiest job I've ever seen from them. To top it off, if it could possibly get worse, they don't even have the fix on their website. I googled this problem and found tons of horror stories like the ones you're seeing on this site.

    If you were smart enough to read the reviews before buying, you just saved your money. As advertised,this product is indeed light and compact thus it can't even be used as a paperweight.

    2 thumbs down!...more info
  • Attention Macintosh Users
    I have an older iBook that requires an original Apple Airport card. Unfortunately these are no longer in production. They can still be purchased new online for $150-180 if you look for them, or you can get a used one from eBay for $100-150 or so. Couldn't see going those routes so I picked up one of these babies and it works flawlessly with OS 10.4. Belkin doesn't make drivers for it but you can get the driver at the Ralink Technology site ( The Belkin adapter that I received from Amazon is version 3000, and it uses the RT71W driver. It's the one listed at the very bottom of the list of Macintosh drivers, dated 2006/01/25. When you open the box for this adapter, take the Install CD and the Quickstart Guide and all that other Windows-related stuff and throw them straight in the trash. Download and install the driver mentioned above and it'll prompt you to restart afterwards. Then go to your Network System Preferences pane and select Ethernet Adapter(en1) as your connection method. Plug the adapter into an available USB port (1.1 or 2.0, either one will work), then launch the Ralink Wireless Utility that you'll find in your Applications folder. And suddenly - hey yer smokin'! Been connected by cable for over three days now via a wireless Linksys router without a single disconnect. You can do it, too... ...more info
  • Works fine
    I have been using this device for quite awhile now and have no problems to speak of. Installation went fine and have had no problems connecting to the router. I am running win 98se on my laptop and would by this product again....more info
  • Do NOT buy this
    It will waste hours of your time and deliver disappointing results especially with Windows XP...more info
  • Great little wireless device
    I don't have many quarrels with this wireless network adapter. Originally I was a bit upset in having to buy it, as the PCMCIA network adapter I had previously mysteriously disappeared into the depths of the house. Soon after, though, I began praising the day the last one disappeared.

    The version I purchased included as base stand, and extension USB cable, providing me with the ability to position the adapter in different ways. This would have to be the single biggest advantage of this adapter, in my opinion.

    Because the last card was PCMCIA, I was limited in the placement of the lap top, and because I use it all over the house at sometimes great distances, the network would become very unstable. With the addition of this adapter, and the ability to position it somewhere else than directly beside the laptop, I usually do not experience inconvenience now.

    The only quarrel I have was the software instillation. Though the adapter currently works, I am unable to start the machine without the adapter's management utility causing an error and needing to shut down. I have two PCs and three laptops in the house, and for giggles I installed the adapter on all of the systems, resulting in the same error. I downloaded new software, and again, faced the same problem. I had to come up with a work around of moving the error window down to the WAY lower right-hand edge of the screen so it doesn't interfere with any work.

    Other than that, I love the adapter, and would recommend it to anyone. It definitely out-performed the D-Link adapter I had previously.

    But, because of the software, and the difficulties I experienced on the website attempting to get new drivers, I have to give this product a 4 star review....more info
  • Inept.
    Software installs but then device refuses to start (code 10 error), Windows XP and latest drivers.

    They don't care, why should you.
    ...more info
  • Worked great for me.
    Bought 3 of these bad boys for my roommates, fiancees and mine computers. They worked great. Easy to install and work flawlessy, even with heavy loads of uploading massive graphical files and things of that nature. They are all different computers with different components. The one is a dell and the others were built by myself with optimal components at the time...These work fantastic...MUST BUY!...more info
  • Do yourself a favor, go with Linksys
    Terrible terrible terrible.

    Very easy to install. That is when the trouble starts. After I restarted my computer, network settings were erased. Tech support doesnt speak english, and doesnt help.

    The very low price lures you in, but after fooling with the thing for hours you will realize you should have just gone with Linksys to begin with. Save yourself the trouble....more info
  • Good product -- but worth the price?
    I have five children enrolled in cyber school, so this fall I had to hook up five more PCs to our wireless LAN.

    I purchased two of the Belkin USB adapters at $33 each, and three Zonet ZEW2501 USB adapters at $9 each. I figured I'd use the more expensive Belkin adapters in rooms farther from the router, and the cheap Zonet adapters in rooms closer to the router.

    After some tests, I discovered that both brands of adapters worked equally well. Frankly, I wish I had just bought 5 of the cheap Zonet adapters!

    I must point out that the Belkin adapters come with a nice extension cable and a fancier case than the Zonet. (The Belkin has a nice click-on cap to protect the USB connector if you're carrying it with you on a trip). But considering that I have found no difference in performance, I'd pick the slightly uglier Zonet adapter as a better value....more info
  • It works on my Win2000ProSP3 PC!
    -I have this Belkin F5D7050 for over 1 year; I purchased it at one of those holiday double rebate sales. I paid $9.99 plus sales taxes from the big "computer store in USA".
    -It is working while on top of my refrigerator connected to a an old Celeron 433 (on the floor) with Win2000Pro in the kitchen to allow internet use while spending time cooking. Unwatched pots boil faster.
    -I feed it a signal from my Belkin F5D7231-4 router hooked to my OptimumOnline cable internet.
    - Using [...] as a speed test, the Belkin wireless signal downloads in excess of 3.5 Mbits/sec and uploads in excess of 600 kbits/sec. That is on the old Celeron 433. Try it with your rigs.
    - I have never tried it with WinXP, sorry but with Win2000 it works great for the price I paid....more info
  • Doesn't even make a nice paperweight
    I'm not sure wether its the harware or the software but this device is useless. I am running a freshly installed Windows XP. When I brought it home for the first time and installed the drivers, it crashed my system. I took my computer back to the store where I bought the Belkin and after a day of work they managed to get Windows to recognize it. It worked OK for a bout a month with occasional software crashes and glitches. Software included is quite awful. When I re-arranged my desk and plugged it into a different USB port it stopped working completely. I tried everthing, installing and re-installing software and various tricks suggested by other users on the web...nothing. Software won;t even load up now, windows refuses to recognise it and when I do installation through windows hardware wizard, it crashes. Now when I plug-in the unit nothing even happens. After two days of trying I gave up and assumed it as a loss. Stay away from this one if you are running Windows XP....more info
  • Only for non XP machines
    Just a few words to say how disappointed I am at the performance, or lack of, on an XP machine.
    The F5D7050 works fine on the Win2k OS but AVOID if you are using XP.

    The drivers install on XP but give a variety of error codes, depending upon which version you are using and the BELKIN Tech Support have been totally ignorant to any emails.

    I eventually bought a Linksys WUSB54G which was very simple to setup and worked immediately.

    Hope this review helps....more info
  • Wont work on some PCs
    bought 2 of these and have tried to get them to work on 3 different WinXP PCs and laptops, so far only one PC works with it, but will only work when it it is installed in the exact same usb port as it was when software was installed, if I move it to another USB port on the same PC it will not work. Other 2 PCs would not work at all with this device, installation finishes and the device shows a yellow 'cannot start' status in Windows hardware device manager....more info
  • Works fine but few problems
    It will drop connections once in a while, can't complain yet.

    Big problem:

    The c:\program files\belkin folder opens up
    everytime at pc startups ! It is not in the startup folder,
    it is hidded inside perhaps as a service.
    Waiting for their email reply to my
    how to remove it question.

    jim...more info
  • Consitent Dropping
    I see from some of the other reviews that I'm not the only one having problems with this adapter dropping the connection. Using it on a Dell laptop and started out ok. I tried updating the driver which turned out to be a big mistake. Hasn't worked correctly since then, even after uninstalling the "new" driver and re-installing the old. Now the connection drops if I leave it idle for more than a few minutes.

    The only caveat is that I am also having problems with the laptop, although I don't know if it is becasue of the Belkin software or some other cause. ...more info
  • Dittos re Dropping off the line
    I had essentially the same problems as an earlier reviewer with the Belkin 5FD7050 USB adapter on a perfectly good system running WIN 98SE. Spent (wasted) a day downloading newer drivers and on the phone with very nice tech support personnel. Finally, we got the drivers to load properly and the desktop utility to connect to the web. Browsed a bit then worked for one hour with clients. Upon return, had an error message that I had improperly removed the USB device.... Then spent another two hours trying to get the thing to be recognized again, before seeking reviews on line (with another computer). Wish I had read the earlier review before wasting all this time....more info
  • Horrible Software + Sporadic Connection = Bad Overall
    I bought one of these for an old iMac (Rev A Bondi, no Airport slot, Mac OS X 10.3 Panther). First, the software provided on the CD and available for download @ online support is awful. It doesn't tell you where (or even *what*) drivers are installed, and the generic App for selecting network options is so worthless it's laughable. (Disclaimer: I have worked as a network admin, so I'm not just bashing something I don't understand).

    After a couple hours of playing with it, I finally got it to see my wireless network and connect successfully. It stayed connected for about 90 seconds and then abruptly dropped for no apparent reason (plenty of signal strength, no other devices interfering, etc.).

    At that point I gave up on the Belkin drivers and tried some generic RALink Mac OS X drivers (Belkin uses the RT2500 chipset for the F5D7050). After many more hours of reinstalling, uninstalling, restarting, praying, etc., there was no improvement in performance.

    Bottom Line: This device finds my wireless network with no problem, but it will *never* stay connected for any length of time. Random drops and sudden disconnects. What a waste.

    I'm returning it....more info
  • Buy Belkin at your own risk!
    I purchased a Belkin Model FBTOO1 version 2 Bluetooth adapter and attempted to install it on my system. When I had problems configuring the adapter, I called Belkin Tech Support, where I was told that if I had Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed, they wouldn't help me. Their device was not designed for Service Pack 2. Their solution: uninstall service pack 2. Obviously, that is not an acceptable solution. So I'm stuck with this adapter that I can't use. Belkin won't replace it, I can't return it to the place where I purchased it because it's open. So, my solution: Learn from this. Don't buy Belkin products. They have absolutely no care or concern for you, the consumer. ...more info
  • Less painful way of installing this Belkin
    The reason for only getting a 3 instead of a 5 is because of the following problem that I have encountered in the past on this network card. I have found that following the instructions provided by Belkin can lead to numerous problems. The installation way that I use on installing them are much easier for XP machines that I deal with.
    1) place cd in tray, cancel or close the belkins welcome/install
    2)connect it to a usb port
    3)when XP comes up with the install screen, let it search the
    driver from the cdrom (or you can manually select it from the
    X:\drivers folder on the cd(of course X: being your cd drive))
    4)Let it complete the installation (*some computers ask to reboot
    after installation is done,it is best to do this*)
    5)depending on your network, you might have to configure your IP,
    DNS, Gateway, and any Security or other settings you are
    running at this time.
    It takes longer to type this out than it does to do the installation. Doing this way has given me less headaches than trying to deal with Belkins software and the error codes an terminal problems running their wireless config software. (The wireless software is an 'aweful'ly close version and layout to the Linksys WUSB11 ver 2.6 adapter software. I might experiment with that later on this Belkin's). Once the install and setup is done, it operates at a relatively good signal in and around my house and yard. If not for their wireless software problem, I would have given it a 5 star rating instead....more info
  • The software come wtih the device is really bad
    Thd software come with this device sucks! I installed/uninstalled it three times, I even go to their website to download the driver cause i doubted the CD come with my adapter was bad. but the driver i downloaded from their website was as bad as the CD one. You even can not see some menus correctly. They displayed as wierd characters. Since I bought it very cheap after rebate, dont want to return it....more info
  • Solution for code 10 with Belkin F5D7050 on XP

    When you install the Software from the Installation CD of BELKIN F5D7050 Wireless 802.11g USB Network Adapter when it finishes, indicates us to Plug the Adapter. The Windows XP detects it and tells us to install the Driver.


    The Windows XP, search for the newest driver for that Adapter on the machine, and selects his own driver "PrismaXP.sys", that in theory is the best, but it has the problem that it doesn't work.

    When we have finished the Belkin software installation, and had closed all windows, we continue and PLUG the adapter, the Windows XP will detect it, but when it ask to install the software, take the option to select manually the driver, and select the driver located on the Driver's folder on the CD.

    The Adapter wil be succesfully installed with 100% functionality.The fact, is that I'm sending that message through it.

    I hope that will help you with that problem. see you.



    The problem in Linux is only that there aren't linux specific drivers for that adapter. Well, if there aren't drivers on linux, we will emulate the windows drivers, je je je!!!

    There are 2 posibilities to do that:

    1.- The LINUXANT

    Paying a License of about 25 $, you have the a 100% functionality and an easily WEB configuration (Tested with The 30 day free trial license)


    That is a free sourcecode project, but it is a bit uncomfortable than the LINUXANT. It is a command line program and there is an available manual on English in the LINK:

    with tha instructions to make the installation. When it finishes, to use the Adapter is as easy as write:

    ndiswrapper wlan0

    Or another wlan if you have more than 1 wireless adapter....more info
  • belkin doesn't provide firmware updates for this
    I don't understand why belkins doesn't provide any firmware upgrade on this device. The device has 0.5 version of firmware shipped. Usually developers would name their release 0.5 when they are not sure if that software works yet. They have shipped it and there are no firmware upgrades. Reasons for wanting to upgrade firmware i get intermittent failures on this whereas my IBM thinkpad that has built in devices continues to stay on the very same network in the very same room. Must be belkins device fault.
    I got this for like 15 bucks after rebate, so I am keeping it.
    But best names in consumer network are really SMC and Cisco (linksys) and perhaps D-link as well.

    ...more info
  • Works fine with Linux and ndiswrapper
    I'm a linux user. I bought one of these adapters because Belkin has traditionally had good products, and all of the products that I've dealt with have been fairly linux-user friendly.

    While there is currently no native linux driver for this adapter, ndiswrapper works well with the drivers supplied on the CD.

    I have only had 3 problems while using this adapter. First, something about it and linux support for USB 2.0 doesn't seem to mesh well together, but it works fine when attached to a USB 1.x port.

    Second, to use ndiswrapper with the driver supplied with the device requires that the kernel use 16k stacks. I had to patch and recompile my kernel to get the driver to work.

    Third, I have had issues with slow DNS look-ups. These are somehow related to the IPv6 protocol, and may or may not be related to the adapter itself. After disabling IPv6, this adapter has worked very well for me....more info
  • Bad software
    Provided sofware doesn't work with Windows 98 / XP. Unable to get the adapter to work with Win 98.
    Using XP its reliability is very low: random software errors. I've got it to work using XP own wireless control software, not the Belkin one provided....more info
  • Don't buy this item
    I was on a business trip and decided that I wanted to use wireless instead of a RJ45. I bought this item and spent about 2 hour trying to get it to work. No dice. I have A LOT of experience setting this type of stuff up and never got stumped before. I got a Code 10 Error. I still got it after I updated the drvers and opened up some IRQs. I returned the item and bought a linksys wusb54g v 4. I was up and running in 5 minutes. Buy the Linksys...more info
  • Honestly, this adaptor is bad.... REAL BAD.
    Installed drivers, plugged it in, nothing. Uninstalled, rebooted, installed drivers, NOTHING. Googled it and found tons of stories you have read here.

    I like what a couple other people have said.

    "Buy this for someone you hate." It's terrible...

    I've had other Belkin products in the past and I'm surprised at how bad this thing is.

    The few people on here that gave it 4-5 stars will probably win the lottery next week because they are the luckiest people I know.
    ...more info
  • A budget card, you get what you pay for
    A cheap and dirty 802.11g adapter, but then you get what you pay for. Have had problems with range and the radio seems to fail when it has to travel through a single wall. My connection also constantly drops, and then re-connects after a few seconds. Although sometimes i have to reboot for it to reconnect.

    I also use Linux, and this thing refuses to work full stop. No drivers no support no nothing. If you use linux dont buy this card. If you use Windows, buy this card if you're on a tight budget, but if you can afford that little bit more, your time is worth those extra dollars....more info
  • Best 54g USB adapter I can find
    This is the best 54g USB adapter I can find.
    1) Easy to install on my XP.
    Follow the instruction and a piece of cake.
    2) Good Range
    Most of the cardbus wireless adapters have poor range
    because they don't have enough antenna to external exposure.
    This adapter can be extended to the window by its external
    USB cable.
    3) Good management software.
    The included software is very good to manage the connection
    and monitoring the signal strength.
    4) The only drawback is that adapter is too big to fix to my
    notebook connector. I must use the external cable.

    I earlier tried to buy Linksys USB adapters but they are
    too costly. I also wanted to buy either Microsft or Buffalo
    but they were both out of stock. Anyway I am very happy with
    this Belkin.

    Last tip: Buy only Broadcom chipset 54g based adapters and
    the Atheros chipset based adapters are best to avoid....more info
  • good performance, runs hot, sort of cheaply made
    I've been running these adaptors on my home network for a few months now:

    1. setup is very easy and pretty idiot-proof. It even comes with warning labels so users don't screw things up. as the in-house "network manager" this is important, people don't come running to me with problems.
    2. the built in software is quite good and shows all the options easily (encluding WEP encryption)
    3. speed is fast when used with a belkin wireless router (haven't tried with other brands)

    1. this thing runs hot. I usually have it hooked up to a USB cable/stand (included) to keep it away from my laptop, i am concerned about the heat.
    2. It's big; on certain laptops you can't use it without the cable/stand because it blocks adjoining USB ports and/or the power, which is annoying.
    3. one of my original units literally fell apart, but belkin sent a new one very quickly. I was quite impressed with customer support, but less impressed with the 1 hour wait for service on the phone....more info
  • Works great on my home network
    Bought my young daughter her first PC and wanted an easy way to get her on our home network and sharing our high speed internet connection. This was a perfect solution. Drivers installed on Win XP without a hitch. The adapter picked up our network instantly and after entering my routers security settings, she was online within minutes. Great product, especially with the lifetime warranty and mail-in rebate....more info
  • Still not work after 4 hours of my work
    Bought one in Compusa at only 10 bucks after rebate. Went back home and started installing software by following the instructions in the manual. The driver is not certified by MS and this is mentioned in the manual. That's fine, hit Continue Anyway and installation went on. At the end, I was asked to plug in the device. XP searched driver for this new device automatically and again I had to click Contniue Anyway. Then it reported a Code 10 error.

    Uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it. Still not work. Disable Ethernet card and tried. Same result. Called the technical support on Sunday and was helped by a lady. She instructed me to do the same steps that I have already done: uninstall, disable, restart, etc. She asked me to use the driver on their website instead of the one on the CD. I used the newest one on their website at the beginning, which has a time stamp of 11/2003 -- they have not released any update for more than a year.

    Finally she asked me to go back to the store and make an exchange. But no thanks, I did a return. Think $10 a wireless-G USB adapter a good price? I wish they could pay me $10 an hour to figure out how their crappy driver works.

    My case is not the only one that upsets Belkin customers. My friend bought the same thing on the same day -- for the same reason of course. She did make it through the driver installation step. But the Belkin Wireless Network Utility always froze while searching for an available network. After killed most processes this application still did not respond to a mouse click. Too bad that she couldn't use the device even though she did not get a driver problem.

    I gave her a ride to the store to return the product so she can at least save some gas. Like the guy said in the other post: buy this for someone you hate. hehe.......more info
  • Doesn't work with Tivo
    My husband bought this item to work with our Tivo and it doesn't work with it....more info
  • Rubbish
    This device has wasted hours of my time because of its useless and completely un-intuitive software and interface. This offers, to beginners at least, a completely mystifying series of menus and titles that tell you nothing about how the device works or how to get it going. It looks cheap when you buy it but the real cost comes later - when it sucks away the hours of your day without working and without giving any clue as to why it isn't working. Buy it for those you hate....more info