Meet the Creeps, Vol. 1: Outrageous Hidden-Camera Comedy
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Get prepared to witness a hilarious hidden-camera comedy DVD that mercilessly puts unsuspecting people in the cross hairs of outrageous comics Jim Florentine (Comedy Central's "Crank Yankers"), Don Jamieson, Artie Lange (The Howard Stern Show), Jim Norton (Comedy Central's "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn"), KC Armstrong ("The Howard Stern Show") and their band of hilarious predators. The "Creeps" are out to make people as uncomfortable as possible while capturing it all on camera. The viewers are in on the joke. Those who they are creeping out, are NOT. "Meet The Creeps" will keep you from looking at your world the same way again. Ever wonder what an "upper decker" is? You will never look at a men's room the same way again and you'll have a hard-time not thinking of the "Creeps" the next time you bring your girlfriend flowers. Plus, an animated Jim and Don torture a telemarketer and go fishing for fatties! Also Starring: Club Soda Kenny, Gary Gentile and Chuck Mignanelli, supermodel Anna Lexington, plus many, many more of the nation's hottest comedians!

Customer Reviews:
  • Boring
    Wow this DVD sucked. I'm a big fan of hidden camera comedy but I've laughed harder at shows like Candid Camera or The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. The pranks you get in "meet the creeps" are done by guys who you would expect what they call "pranks" to be their normal behavior, so they weren't getting reactions out of people.

    You can tell the people they were playing pranks on were preassuming their behavior just based on how they look, so the reactions out of them were just lame, not outrageous....more info
  • prettty good
    the guys are pretty funny in this movie. i definetly reccomend it for your collection...more info
  • should have been better
    you watch it, you laugh a bit, you wonder why you paid $10.00 for this DVD. Should have had more norton, and more artie....more info
  • Like Jackass but with comedians
    This dvd was prettry funny, Jim Florentine (Special Ed from Crank Yankers) rounds up his comedy buddies like Artie Lange and Jim Norton to go around New York and cause trouble. Basically they do a bucnh of bad stuff and act like they dont know what theyre doing is wrong. Its Worth watching if you like that kind of comedy....more info
  • Genius and Fresh!!!!!!!
    For those of you who don't know Jim Florentine is, this DVD will surprise and shock you. He is one of the funniest pranksters on the planet. The fact that they managed to capture on video a lady freaking out and whispering to her manager their plans on how they are going to deal with Jim and his crew when they come back for more Ice Cream, is genius. Jim Norton and Kenny are hilarious, how could somebody be that mean to an autistic person and have people just stand around doing nothing? I don't know whose worst them or the people they're creeping out.. but their reactions are priceless... I mean the producer is two feet from her face shooting her with a hidden camera and she doesn't even know it.

    It's unbelieveable that all this is HIDDEN CAMERA.. I mean, most hidden cameras are either hidden behind mirrors or you have some cheesy black and white blurry image from some stupid eyeglass camera... I mean I understand that it can't look like HD or something, but they do a good job capturing everything without it looking like Blair Witch.. The editing and camera quality is really professional... plus it's got this raw and real element... Nothing's fake here.. They aren't crashing golf carts or putting a toy car up their ass. Or doing any silly skateboard stunts... Their humor is horrifying people and really pestering people the way you wish you knew how to do.. You don't hear Jim reciting some cheesy line like, "My name is Jim Florentine and I'm going to blah blah blah" He just does it and it's funny... This is the East Coast humor at it's best. There's some stuff that's censored, but I have a feeling that if they sold it themselves, it'd be a different story..

    I can't wait for Volume II!...more info
  • I Can't Stop Laughing!
    I bought Meet The Creeps a few weeks ago and I haven't stopped watching it since. I'm always looking for stuff like this and I'm glad I took a chance on it.

    I don't know how these guys can keep a straight face when their messing with people. DeNiro wouldn't be able to keep up with them!

    Looking forward to Volume 2!...more info
    The warning on the cover says it all. "This is childish and offensive". It sure is both. That's what i like about this DVD. I never heard of these guys but they are the real deal. I'm not going to watch this with my gilrfriend on a Friday night. Only because she wouldn't get this type of humor. But watching it in front of a bunch of my guy friends, it's filled with belly laughs all the way. The stuff they do on this DVD is so wrong, it's funny. ...more info
  • Outrageous, But a Bit Too Disgusting
    This DVD suffers from poor production values and too much of a "I made this last weekend because I was bored" feel. Some of the scenes are funny, but others veer off into pointless misanthropic exploits. The scene with the magazine stand was funny until the guy decided to yell about sex acts involving feces...then I just felt dirty. How is it funny to verbally and physically abuse a retarded person? It's not, but that's what they do in one of the scenes. Hidden camera stunts should be about having fun with people, but too many of these scenes are just no fun....more info
  • Awsome DVD
    This is one of the funniest hidden camera dvd's I have ever seen. I saw a clip of this on the net and I had to buy it, it's great....more info
  • Boy Wonder is wrong - this is killer!
    I don't know what the dude who calls himself "boy wonder" is bitching about, this DVD is damn funny! These guys are not trying to be Jackass. Jackass was a one-note joke...let's see how bad we can hurt or out-gross each other. On Meet The Creeps, there's something for everyone. Some segments are silly, some are smart, some are shocking and some are just plain outrageous! If you're looking for good acting on a DVD, go rent Raging Bull!

    As far as the video and audio being raw, that's the whole point. The thing that made me stop watching Jackass was that it got too slick. On Meet The Creeps, you feel like you're standing right next to these guys as they unleash their insanity on innocent bystanders!

    I'm not even a Howard Stern fan but after seeing this DVD, I'll be listening every morning!

    These guys are the Yoda of wasting people's time! Keep us the good work Creeps!

    ...more info
  • It didn't make me laugh (and that's hard to do)!
    I now understand why Howard Stern gets pissed off when people use his name to promote their unfunny garbage. As stated on the front of the DVD case, "As Featured on the Howard Stern Show", I thought this would be something really good considering I'm a Stern Fan and that Artie Lange was in this (for a whopping few minutes in 1 scene). This DVD was pretty disappointing, I felt it was a waste of money and also prompted me to write my first negative review on Amazon.
    Most of the players seem to be Jackass wannabees but they don't even come close. Nothing bothers me more than people who have stupid grins on their faces while they think they are being really funny, and they aren't. The "acting" was poor and to me, very unconvincing. I have heard Jim Florentine's work before, but I got real tired of his voice this time. It was one of those moments when you look to see how much time is left to this or how much more can I take.
    Jerky camera moves and poor audio didn't help this DVD either.
    Howard, don't let people use your name to promote such unfunny material. I learned my lesson....more info
  • Awesomely cruel comedy
    Florentine has done it again. With a video followup of his hillarious Terrorizing Telemarketers CD series, the star voice of Comedy Central's Crank Yankers has dug just a little deeper into the depths of comedy with Meet the Creeps. Norton, Club Soda Kenny, Artie Lang and others team up to brutalize innocent people with hidden camera's. Don't be fooled though, this isn't Candid Camera, as the creators say "There are no happy endings" unless your one of the Creeps or a fan like myself. This is a MUST HAVE for anyone who loves comedy taken to new limits. Well actually there were no limits here, I laughed from start to finish. Oh, and Florentine, I gotta tell you, Upper Decker made my wife GAG!!! Thanks!

    Go Cart Mike, and Brandy...more info