X10 Pro Personal Assistance Security System
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Product Description

X10 WIRELESS PERSONAL ASSISTANCE SYSTEM: The X10 Wireless Personal Assistance System is designed for an easy plug-in installation. Anyone who is alone and might possibly need emergency help will feel secure with the Personal Assistance System. Simply push the button on the wireless, waterproof neck pendant, and the signal activates the plug-in console to sound a built-in siren, dial up to 4 phone numbers, play a message that you have pre-recorded, and alert any number of optional X10 modules you would like. The listener can push a phone button to listen in to the home through a console-mounted microphone. No monthly monitoring service fee. Great gift for your elderly or very young loved ones! The X-10 Personal Assistance System is built around a Personal Assistance Console with an automatic dialer that calls neighbors or friends when the CALL button is pressed on the Pendant Remote. The system may be configured with any combination of the following items: Up to 16 Pendant Remotes; and additional X-10 automation modules such as plug-in lamp and appliance modules and wired-in replacement wall switches.

  • Comes with console autodialer, heart-shaped pendant, phone cord and instructions (extra pendants sold separately)
  • Dials out to up to four telephone numbers abd announces pre-recorded message to called number regardless if called the number is busy
  • The called party can press "0" to listen-in; Pressing "0" terminates the dialer's call sequence
  • Console uses one 9V battery. Pendant battery included.