Global Cach¨¦ GC-SC1 Contact Closure Sensor
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Product Description

The Global Cach¨¦ GC-SC1 contact closure sensor detects the open-and-closed status of a pair of isolated contacts, such as a relay or switch. It is ideally suited for detecting contact closure on drapery controllers, thermostats, security contacts, and door strikes. Its circuitry provides a rapid response to contact closure (4mS) with a slow response to contact opens (75mS). This eliminates false triggers due to contact bounce created by mechanical contacts coming together, such as push buttons or relays. The Contact Closure Sensor requires +5V to operate and provides a logic level output representing the contact closure state. The Contact Closure Sensor is connected directly across the contacts, with the open/close state to be determined. There is no polarity to the wiring. The Contact Closure Sensor can be plugged directly into the Global Cach¨¦ GC-100 Network Adapter connecting the sensor to the network. Additionally, the Contact Closure Sensor will work with other controllers that provide 5V power and accept digital logic (TTL) input. The Contact Closure Sensor connector is a standard 3.5mm stereo jack.

  • Detect Contact Closure on your Switches
  • Determines open-and-closed status of isolated contact pairs
  • Ideally suited for thermostats, security contacts and drapery controls
  • Dimensions: 1" x .75"
  • Cord Length: 3 feet (approx.)